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The Chosen Two, With the Chosen Guts

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Faith belched heavily.  That was the last of that fucking onion thing.  She took mental stock of what exactly she'd eaten to prep for the sex session.

A whole box of Fiber One bars over the course of the day, for bulk.  Greasy burgers, greasy fries, a double side of coleslaw for the cabbage.  A reuben, for more grease and more cabbage.  A good pound and a half of boneless buffalo wings.  Literally just a pint of refried beans.  And now two shareable onion appetizers from this godforsaken nightclub.

She was so bloated she'd had to change into her baggiest sweats, which would no doubt still get B hot, and she'd nearly gagged when she crapped after lunch.

She started her walk back home. B had better be happy to see her


"You're taking the room next door!?" asked Buffy.

Jenny sighed.  "I know.  We promise we'll give you privacy, but we need to be close by to perform the ritual that's going to disperse the succubus's energy once you two weaken it."

"Giles is going to be with you, though.  He doesn't know!"

"And he won't."  Jenny said, not breaking eye contact.

"So, Faith and I do our part, and you, what, burn incense and chant?"

"Starting at 8 PM tonight, yeah."

Buffy sighed.

"You want to talk?"



They were silent for a bit.

"I like her, Jenny.  I actually like her."

"That's good."

"I think I might actually be ready."

"Good. Here, take these." Jenny handed her a pair of chokers that looked like they came from the mall.


"Protection.  I don't know how much you plan on doing, and please don't tell me, but these should keep you from getting any sort of infection."

"We don't have any S.T.--OH!"  Buffy's cheeks were aflame.

"Again, please don't tell me exactly what you plan to do with, um, your excretions.  But I figured you should be free to go, um, all out."  Now Jenny was blushing.

"I...I don't know if I want to."

"And that's OK."

"So.  I'm really gonna have crazy sex to save the town?"

"I guess you are.  Go get 'em."

Buffy smiled.  Hopefully Faith was feeling as ready as she was.