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Castiel Novak's dad, Jimmy, just got engaged to Dean Winchester's mom, Mary. Both teens were invited to the engagement party to meet their future step-brothers. Sam was still living with John, so he hadn't met Castiel either. Both Winchesters walked into the restaurant, looking around for their mother, spotting her, they head over to say hello.

"Hey, mom." Sam and Dean say.

"Hey, boys. Have you seen Jimmy lately?" Mary tilts her head to look around the boys' head.

Both shake their heads, and walk away. Their mom doesn't seem to care too much about them, it's all Jimmy this or Jimmy that, they are a constant reminder of John and what she doesn't wanna remember from her teenage marriage gone wrong.

Dean sits down at an empty table, Sam follows, and sits beside his older brother. They keep to themselves, not really wanting to be here, but it would seem impolite or rude if Mary's boys weren't at the celebration. After an hour, Jimmy pushes a tall, wiry teen around Dean's age into a seat opposite from Dean and Sam.

"Seat here and don't cause any more trouble, Castiel." Jimmy walks away, finding his way to Mary.

Dean perks his ears up at the name. This must be the future step-brother. He nudges Sam, smirking. He is a total dweeb.

Sam looks up from his Treo, playing a game. He notices the boy and smiles. "Don't be mean. He looks nice."

Dean just snorts and thinks up a plan to torture the unsuspecting dweeb.



At the wedding reception, the boys are told to be on their best behaviour, but of course Dean can't resist having some entertainment. He flicks water at Castiel the entire evening, and kicking him under the table.

Cass just sits quietly at his assigned table, watching his dad and step-mom dance and laugh. He is annoyed by the constant kicks and water being flicked at him, but figures it's the hazing required to enter the family. He was not entirely pleased to hear his dad was re-marrying. When he first met Mary he thought she was nice, but he hasn't spent any extended period of time with her. Just the occasional holiday.

Cass snaps after an hour of being kicked. "What is your problem with me?"

"I don't like you." Dean shrugs, flicking water at him.

Cass sighs and gets up from the table, leaving the chair in the way, so Dean can't follow him. He heads to the washroom, to calm down his nerves. He doesn't understand what he did to Mary's son to make him so persistent on annoying him. As Cass stands in front of the mirror, Dean walks in.

Dean follows his step-brother to the washroom, it was just too easy to guess where he was going. He walks through the door and walks up to the urinal. Castiel watches him skeptically. He finishes up and goes to walk out.

"Don't you wash your hands after you use the toilet?"

"Nah, my dad's a marine." Dean continues to head for the door.

"I don't get it. Explain." Cass tilts his head.

"Marines learn not to piss on their hands." Dean smirks and pats Castiel's shoulder, pushing him aside to leave.

Castiel just looks at the teen, as he walks away. What a weird thing to say. Was it a reference to how much he doesn't want a new dad? Castiel is so confused, it's not his fault their parents got married, why take it out on him? Cass looks at himself in the mirror once more, than walks back out to the party.

Cass makes sure to keep his distance from the Winchester boys for the rest of the evening, hiding out near the bar.



After Jimmy and Mary return from their honeymoon in the Bahamas, Jimmy and Castiel move into the Winchester home, at least it was the Winchester family home until Mary got it in the divorce and now changes her name to Novak, she wants to rid herself of the Winchester name, but unfortunately her sons' carry the name and Dean has the same striking personality. She does love her sons, but she can't seem to be around them, she'd rather not watch Dean follow in his father's footsteps, swooning all the girls into his bed.

That night she mentions to her husband her concerns for Dean. Jimmy suggests that if Mary is uncertain about Dean, he could go to the same school as his son, Castiel. It was a boarding school in Fort Worth, Texas. Castiel seemed to enjoy going there and it gave Jimmy the freedom of not worrying where he was and what he was doing, his entire itinerary was controlled from the time he woke up, to the time he went to sleep.

Mary was uncertain, she could just imagine the antics Dean would get into, but once he's there, the school can cope with the attitude problems. She wanted it to be resolved, free to start her new life, with her new husband.

The next day, Mary and Jimmy decide to break the news to Dean. Mary makes pancakes, Dean's favorite, she's trying to play to Dean's good side. Dean stumbles down the stairs and makes his way to the kitchen table; Castiel is already sitting at the table, drinking his orange juice.

"Morning Mom… Jimmy, Castiel." Dean mumbles, rubbing his eyes.

"Dean, don't call him that." Mary places a stack of pancakes in front of Dean.

"What his name? What should I call your new husband? Certainly not Dad!" Dean scoffs and picks up his fork, pouring syrup on his pancakes.

"Something with more respect." Jimmy states.

"Respect is earned, man." Dean stuffs his mouth full of buttermilk pancakes. "Great breakfast, by the way Mom." He manages to speak between chews.

"Listen boys, we have some news." Jimmy states. Mary gets out of her chair, to walk behind her husband and places her arms around his shoulders, squeezing gently.

"Great, only part of the family for like a week and already speaking like you have control over me." Dean mumbles into his plate of pancakes.

Cass hears him and smiles.

"What you smiling at, nerd?" Dean says, mockingly.

"DEAN! That's your brother." Mary retorts, angrily.

"No, he's not, Sammy is my brother! And he'd rather live with Dad then you! My own brother abandoned me." Dean shoves his plate away and storms out of the kitchen.

"Well that went great, didn't it?" Jimmy just shakes his head, Dean is going to be an attitude problem right from the start.

"He is angry, very angry, at me, at the world." Mary kisses her husband's head.

Cass looks down at his plate, trying his best to be invisible, he doesn't want to get the anger end of his dad's temper.

"Well, I guess we'll tell you now, Dean is going to be joining you at your school."

"WHAT? NO!" Cass loses his calm and jumps out of his chair, causing it to tip over, in his outburst.

"Castiel, stop acting like that, you prolly won't even have to see him, it's a large school." Jimmy will not be talked to like that, not in front of his wife. A son is supposed to show his father respect.

Cass looks down at his feet, why the hell would his dad do that. What did he do to deserve that kind of torture? He was looking forward to going back to school to get away from his asshole step-brother. Now he has to put up with the attitude, even at school.

After a tense few minutes Castiel walks back up the stairs to his new room, which was Sam's when he lived there. Dean hates that Castiel got Sammy's room. He walks up to Dean's door and knocks. He waits a few seconds, doesn't hear movement and walks away.

Dean ran to the bathroom, locking the door. God damn adults, thinking they can control him. He is fifteen, there wasn't a person in this house that knew how much he hated it here. In the house he grew up in, watching another guy sleep in his father's bed, kissing his mother and talking to him like Dean was his son. It was so unnerving, especially when his brother bailed on him, a few months ago, after hearing about their mom's engagement. Sammy left and his mom obviously didn't want him around anymore. How did his life get so messed up? Castiel is a nerd, like Sammy, but he grew up with Sam, Castiel is someone that was shoved on him, not family.

Dean spends his morning hiding in his room, listening to some classics, air guitaring to the solos.

Mary lets Dean calm down; she tries again when Castiel comes down to ask her something about Dean's enrollment at his school.

"Mary, when was this decided? Dean being enrolled in my school. He is awful to me here and now he will be awful to me at school. Why would you do this?" Castiel is keeping his voice calm and even, trying to explain his concerns.

Mary sighs, Castiel is supposed to be the level headed, responsible one. He is just as temper-mental as her own son. "Listen sweetie, your father and I want to… have some time to settle into married life, and you boys could use some bonding time, as brothers. Dean really is a good kid, at least he was when he was younger."

"I don't care if he's a friggen angel. He can't come to my school. I hate him, he's selfish, stubborn, pig-headed and arrogant. I don't want him anywhere near my friends or my school. I will never forgive you if you send him." Cass is so upset, he is shaking.

"I don't care, you are fifteen and your father suggested it, talk it out with him." Mary turns and stalks out of the room, finding Jimmy hiding in the garage.

"Honey, your son is having a bitch fit 'bout Dean going to his school." Mary steps into the garage, closing the door behind her.

Jimmy rolls his eyes. "He is acting out, he hates that we got married and will take it out on anyone he can bitch to."

"I can take my son being a bitch, but I thought your boy was a perfect gentleman, what changed?"

"We actually got married and made him move, he doesn't feel I give him any time of day and now he has no escape from his home life. You know typical teen drama." Jimmy shakes his head, frustrated with the teenagers.



Dean hears a knock at his door and gets off his bed to turn down his music. He hears another knock and figures it's the asshole father replacement, trying to assert his power, even though it's Dean's house, not his. He opens the door to see Castiel standing awkwardly, shifting from one foot to the other.

"What you want, dweeb?" Dean tries to shut the door, but Castiel inserted his foot in the door frame. "Go away, Castiel. I don't do brotherly crap."

"Like I would ever want to spend time with such an inconsiderate asshole." Cass scoffs and pushes the door open with his shoulder.

"What the hell?" Dean backs up, letting Castiel in begrudgingly.

"You are the worst thing to happen to me! Tell your mom, she can't do it, I won't stand for it." Cass starts ranting, getting it all off his chest, before Dean can get into the conversation.

Dean just stares at his step-brother, in a daze. He has no clue what Castiel is talking about, but he sounds really pissed, whatever this news was or is.

"What the hell are you babbling 'bout, dweeb?" Dean just plops down on his floor, sifting through his music collection, sprawled across the carpet.

"You don't know? Dammit! Your mom and my dad decided I wasn't tortured enough at the wedding, or at home. They think I deserve to be taunted by a pompous asshole, while at school too!" Cass is shaking, his fists clenched, nails digging into his palms. He can't think about the pain in his hands, he hates his life too much and it's all Mary and Dean's fault.

"What you talking 'bout? Who's a pompous asshole? And why do I care? You leave in a week, leave me alone and I'll leave you alone. We don't need to be friends, just suffer through the shit life we are now forced with. I won't talk to you, do me the same."

Cass turns, opening Dean's door. "Oh no, I'm not the only one leaving in a week, so are you. Congrats pompous asshole, you go to my damn school now!" Cass slams the bedroom door.

Dean just stares at the door, what the hell was that about? His school? He goes to a prep school in Texas. Then he thinks it through. "FUUCKEN BITCH!"



Dean storms out of his bedroom, going straight for the kitchen. "MOM, WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO?"

Mary hears Dean yelling from the garage. She takes a deep breath, preparing for the argument she thought she was going to have this morning.

Dean watches his mom walk into the kitchen, with her husband right behind her, head held high. What a bitch, acting like she decides Dean's life.

"I guess Castiel told you." Mary states, as if she is discussing the weather not her son's school change.

"Since when am I going to that nerd's friggen school?" Dean glares at the stupid man holding his mom's hand.

"Dean, that's no way to talk to your mother." Jimmy steps in front of Mary protectively.

"Don't you get into this, it's bad enough you live in my house, don't push your luck." Dean's nostrils flare in rage. He punches the wall, trying to keep from hitting the one person he blames for it all.

"This is not YOUR house, mister! It's mine."

"Like fucken hell it's yours. You get a good lawyer and suddenly you think you can take everything important, including my happiness!"

"Your father was the one that signed over the deed. I didn't coerce him with a lawyer." Mary lets her new husband's hand go and steps up to get in Dean's personal space.

"I am not going! You can't make me!" Dean gets right in Mary's face. They are nose to nose. Jimmy steps in, separating them, feeling the tension.

Castiel runs down the stairs, hearing the raised voices. He is angry at his dad, but he won't let Dean get physical.

Dean can't take his world spiraling out of control, he sits down in a chair. When he sees Castiel come running, he is shocked, he thought of Castiel as a push-over, he looks anything but at the moment. There is anger in his eyes, he looks just as ready for a fight as Dean does. This stops Dean short, maybe there is more to his step-brother than he initially thought. He is loyal to his dad, even when his life is thrown in an uproar.

Dean looks at his mother, she is leaning against the counter. Jimmy stands between the threat and his wife. As if he'd actually hit his mother, he scoffs, gets off the chair and heads for the door. He makes it to the park, sits on a swing, moving himself with his feet still touching the ground.

Castiel has been walking for what feels like hours, when he notices a lone figure at the swing set of the local park. He sighs, that's where Dean went. He walks up the path and sits next to Dean in a swing.

Dean looks up when he hears the swing beside him move, stupid kid found him, good for him, it's not like he was trying to run away.

"What you want Castiel?" Dean just looks back down at his feet.

"I understand your anger, but you have to admit, back there in the kitchen you looked like you were going to hit someone. I don't know how things were done in your home before, but I won't let you hit someone, even when it's our parents." Cass drags his foot across the gravel, nervously.

"I know. I may have underestimated you. I'm sorry. I wasn't gonna hit 'em. I'm just pissed this was decided without me, or I guess you either. Since it affects you, as well." Dean looks up. Castiel is holding his posture, oddly.

"I know the feeling." Cass stops swinging himself.

"Why are you sitting like that?" Dean tilts his head.

"Ohh…um…no reason…" Cass trails off.

"Castiel, did he hurt you?"

"No, he didn't lay a hand on me." Cass gets off the swing and walks toward the playground.

"Holy shit! He doesn't put his hands on you, but obviously he hurts you." Dean follows Castiel to the twirly slide.

"NO Dean, stop! Please…" Cass can't even keep eye contact. "Leave me alone."

Dean has a new understanding of why Castiel obviously hates him. Dean has tortured Castiel this entire time, thinking Castiel was a spineless geek, but Castiel has actually been beaten into submission. Words can hurt just as much as physical punches.

Dean walks back to his house, he has to make it up to Castiel. Even after being treated like crap by his dad, he was willing to defend his dad in a fight, that's sick and twisted. He apologizes to his mom and heads up to his room, to pack. He will go to the stupid school and he won't complain about it. Maybe life will be better away from his mom.



Castiel didn't mean to let Dean know. His suffering was supposed to be in silence, he was tough enough to take the emotional abuse, it wasn't new to him. He sits on the slide, watching the sunset, knowing when he gets back he will be in trouble for missing dinner. He had to play the good son for a few more days, the happy family life, that's what his dad called it.

He sneaks into the house, surprisingly the back door is unlocked, that is not like his dad, must be a mistake. He creeps up to his room, slips in and flicks the light on. Sitting on his bed is a note and a piece of apple pie. Another odd thing, this is getting creepy. He walks to the bed and picks up the note.

-I saved you pie. Life is better with pie -

No name, must have been Mary, but why? Mary didn't give him the impression of caring, she was indifferent to her step-son. He was starving, too scared to return home for dinner. He ate the pie quickly and got into his PJs, he ventured to the bathroom to brush his teeth and go pee. When he gets to the door, he sees the light on and tries to run back to the safety of his room. He is too slow, the door opens, sending bright light cascading across the hallway, Cass turns around, giving the deer in the headlights look.

Dean walks out of the bathroom, notices Castiel frozen, in fear. Holy shit, this kid is skittish. "Hey Castiel, relax, it's just me. Jimmy has his own bathroom."

Cass swallows loudly, he knew that. He stands there for a second, awkwardly, then walks past Dean to use the bathroom.

"Did ya get the pie?" Dean asks, as Castiel goes to close the door.

"What? You left the pie? You were in my room?" Castiel is speechless, why was Dean being nice? He almost misses the asshole he met a few months ago, almost.

Dean nods, stepping into the doorway and closes the bathroom door behind him. He watches Castiel fumble with his toothbrush, applying toothpaste and starting to brush his teeth.

After an uncomfortable silence, Cass looks over at Dean, who is staring at him. "What?"

"Nothing, sorry, I'll leave." Dean opens the door and leaves. Why did the kid look so horrified that Dean was in his room? He shakes off the thought and hops into his comfy bed, knowing he will miss it when he leaves.

The week passes without incident, Dean keeps his temper under control. Castiel is quieter than before, not saying more than the expected polite greetings to Dean or Mary. He never actually acknowledges his dad, Dean notices.