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Their Story

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Hey Jungkook, come here. Taehyung called.

An exhausted Jungkook answered him. What, I thought it was your turn to cook today.

Yeah it is, you don’t have to remind me, this is different. Taehyung groaned. This is the new MV of the rookies from JYP.

And? Jungkook questioned with his brows raised.

 You know they will ask you to do the dance, so try to learn it because you’re gonna have to anyway. Taehyung said nonchalantly.

Oh my god why do girl groups keep releasing songs everyday? Can I just have a day off please? Jungkook cried and mentally cursed the day he accidentally said he liked to learn girl group dances to hid the embarassement when people found out he knew the Nobody dance. To his defense, it was Nobody, everybody know how the dance to Nobody. Maybe he should not have freaked out and blurted a lie that will hunt him for the rest of his life.

He clicked on the MV anyway, because he knew there was no way out. He tried talking to his members and manager hyung about clearing the misunderstanding a million times already, but the reaction to his dancing girl group songs was so good, nobody wanted to let it go, to let him go.

What kind of title is “OOH – AAH hage”? Does it even make sense? He signed. OMG music these day. Then he signed again remembering his own songs. Whatever sells right?

Watching through the MV, he was surprised to notice that it was quite catchy and good, you know most of the time the song is just one of the two. The dance seemed pretty easy so he found himself enjoy the song without too much burden at the back of his mind.

The chorus came, and she caught his eyes. The first girl to sing, and also the one to sing the first part of the chorus. So she must be one of the main vocals then. He thought and felt kinda impressed. Normally vocalists and visuals have their own strengths and positions in the group, meaning vocal and visual rarely go together. He himself is an exception, which called for the nickname Golden maknae. It was still quite embarassing for him to be called by that, but he was proud of himself, certainly.

So she’s another one, huh. He chuckled. The other girls were all really pretty, he admitted, but she was still the one stood out the most. Must be the chorus. He thought and started to watched the dance more carefully to remember it. Normally he only learnt the choruses, so he had to kept replaying her part. It did not help that he got distracted every single time, by her smile.

Why are you smiling all the time? It’s not even a cheerful song. He groaned slightly, not really irritated.

After giving the girls another thousand views, like a dedicated fan, he finally got the dance down. It was easy indeed.  So he honestly didn’t know the reason why he came back to watch the MV everyday. He also honestly didn’t know why he scroll down to the comment section to look for that certain comment where all the members’ names were listed out either. Well, maybe not entirely honestly though.

Her name was Nayeon.