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Take The Heart I Never Wanted To Give

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"You can't do this!" Dean shouted in outrage.

"No, Fuck that!" Sam snarled angrily.

John Winchester knew this would happen. The minute the proposition had been brought up and the decision had been finalized by his royal council, he knew his sons would protest. He was, however, vaguely surprised that neither of them had made an attempt to commit mass murder by killing every last one of the royal council members who sat around the long table in the royal courts where they were currently having their argument. The council listened intently to the loudly bickering family, most of them looking either extremely uncomfortable or slightly intrigued. John pinched the bridge of his nose, shutting his eyes, and let out an annoyed sigh.

"The decision has already been voted on. It is final. Even if I wanted to change my mind, it is what's best for the kingdom. We need this alliance." He stated simply, his dark eyes opening slowly to once again look at the angry expressions of his two oldest sons.

"Tough shit," Dean spat, "I'm not gonna be mated off to some fucking knot headed alpha I've never even met before. I'd sooner cut off my own hand." Dean growled out, his fists clenched so tightly to his sides that they resembled the pale color of the moon.

"And I refuse to mate with an omega who doesn't want me. I will not partake in the trading away of an omega to me as if they're a piece of property. Ever." Sam said angrily with the same ferocity as his brother.

A laugh bellowed out from one of the council members, Alastair, an older looking man with cruel and dark eyes that bore straight into Sam and Dean's. "You two speak as if you have any choice." His eyes shifted so that they focused solely on Dean, "You especially have no say, omega Prince. You will be mated to whoever we deem you to be mated to. Hell, if we saw it fit that you be mated to one of us, you would still have no say." He said, his cracked lips pulled back in an unfriendly smirk, revealing yellow stained and chipped teeth.

Dean bristled angrily, flecks of electric blue flashing in the irises of his eyes in place of their normal emerald green. Alastair had been attempting to get his knot inside Dean ever since he presented at the age of  sixteen. He was always finding ways to stealthily grope his ass, or sniff him invasively, and even at one point he got as far as to try kissing him. That attempt, however, had ended Alistair up with a nasty scar that stretched from his hair line to the bottom of his lip. After that he had lessened his attempts on him. Yet he still regularly harassed Dean, and called him filthy words when he would pass by.

"Hold your fucking tongue before I rip it from your mouth, Alastair." Sam snarled next to Dean. His brother stood but a few inches taller than him, though he was only twenty-two and Dean twenty-six, he appeared even larger and more threatening with his hackles raised, teeth bared, and eyes glowing a bright amber.

Alistair glared coldly at the tall alpha prince, a retort heavy on his lips, but he instead  gave him a bow of an apology, "Apologies, your Highness." Alastair  said, a sneer carefully concealed in his eyes.

Sam didn't respond but continued to narrow his eyes briefly at the offending alpha before turning his attention back to his father. "Father, I'm asking you not to do this. Dean doesn't deserve to be given away to some random alpha he's never met and I don't want to take away the liberty of an omega who doesn't want to marry me."

"Besides," Dean spoke up again, his anger dampened but not completely eradicated and his eyes returning to their normal green, "I've never even heard of the Novak family. What could they possibly possess that we need so badly?"

"They offer protection from barbarians that have attacked our lands in the recent months." John said to his eldest son, a pinch of irritation lacing his rough voice.

"We can protect our lands just fine from barbarians without their help." Sam defended.

John narrowed his eyes at his youngest son, "Not of recently, we cannot. Barbarians have been attacking us more as of lately. We can't risk another attack without the proper protection. The only thing they ask of me is to provide one of my omega sons to anyone of their three alpha sons and one of my alpha sons to—as they say—tame their wild omega son. Since Adam is still too young of an omega to offer up, Dean, you will be mated to one of Naomi Novak's children: Michael, Lucifer, or Castiel. It is up to them who you will be mated to. Sam, since you're my only alpha son, you will be given her son, Gabriel, the only omega. That is all the will be said about this topic today. We will discuss this further tomorrow when they arrive here." John said with finality.

"But, Father—" Dean pleaded.

"Did you not here me, boy?" John snarled, the sound echoing through the large expanse of the room. "See yourself from my sight, now."

He fixed his narrowed gaze on Dean, his eyes flashing yellow in an attempt to get him to submit. After a moment's defiance, Dean reluctantly began to lower his eyes in submission, the anger returning full force to settle in the pit of his stomach, "Apologies, Father." He mumbled quietly. He quickly made his way out of the large royal court room, swinging the door open, Sam hot on his heels.


Dean stormed down the hallways of the castle, struggling to keep the angry shout that threatened to burst from his throat. He stopped when he got to the bottom of the large intricately designed stair case that led up to the other six floors above him. He sat down roughly on the black marble steps and dropped his head in between his legs, hands clasped tightly in his short cropped hair and his breath coming out in small shaky gasps as salty tears slowly cascaded down his lightly freckled cheeks.

He felt someone sit down silently next him, he looked up with red rimmed eyes to see his brother who stared ahead with a stoic expression, his lips pressed tightly into a thin line.

"Why would he do this? I thought we had finally gotten through to him," Dean whispered in a defeated voice.

Sam didn't say anything immediately. He merely sighed and tentatively wrapped an arm around his older brother, pulling him closer to his large frame. "I don't know, Dean." Sam said finally, "I just...don't know."

Dean slowly lowered his head on Sam's shoulder and let out another shaky breath of air. Sam rested his own head on top of Dean's and just sat there in silence, wordlessly comforting his equally distraught brother.

"I wish mom were here." Dean murmured quietly. "She'd be able to fix this."

Sam felt a small twinge of loss at the mention of their mother. Mary Winchester had died shortly after giving birth to their younger brother, Adam, when Dean was sixteen and Sam was twelve. Sam himself was very close to their mom but not quite like his older brother had been. She had been Dean's rock and biggest supporter. Losing her was the probably the worst moment in Dean's life. John had been even more distraught at his wife's passing. He was once a kind-hearted and noble man. But without Mary's words and presence to guide him, snakes like Alastair began to whisper into his ear and get in his head, ultimately poisoning his mind and making him into the bastard of a man he was today.

"I know. Me too." Sam replied just as quietly.

"Dee? Sammy?" A small voice called out quietly behind them. Sam and Dean turned to see their baby brother, Adam, slowly descending down the stairs to meet them, concern etched in his baby blue eyes.

"Hey, Buddy. What's up?" Dean said quickly wiping his eyes and flashing a blinding smile in hopes to mask the fact that he was distressed.

"Are you okay? You smell sad." Adam said worriedly. He climbed into Dean's lap, staring up at Dean curiously.

Dean shared a look with Sam before shaking his head, "I'm okay, Adam. I'm just a little mad at Dad right now."

"Why?" Adam asked.

Dean sighed dejectedly, not wanting to have this kind of discussion with Adam. He knew eventually he would have to have this discussion with his ten year old brother but he wanted to avoid it as much as possible and spare Adam his innocence while he was still young. "Dad is being unfair to me and Sammy. He made a deal with the queen of another kingdom that involves me being given to one of three of her alpha sons after they compete for me. And Sammy is being given her omega son, but Sammy doesn't believe in offering omegas to alphas."

Adam's eyes widened in fear as he looked to Sam and then Dean and back again, "I'm an omega. Does that mean he's gonna sell me to an alpha?" His eyes began water slightly and his bottom trembled lightly, "I don't wanna be given to an alpha."

"No." Sam sternly, scooting closer to his older brother and grasping Adam's cheeks so he could look his baby brother in the eyes. "No, that's not gonna happen, Adam. We won't let it." He would sooner kill his own father than allow him to offer Adam up to some perverted alpha. He failed at keeping that from happening to his older brother; he'd be damned let that happen to his baby brother.

"Nothing like that is ever going to happen to you, okay?" Dean said fiercely, his arms wrapping Adam up in a tight hug.

"You promise?" Adam whispered against Dean's neck.

"We promise." Sam and Dean said in unison.

"Okay. I believe you guys." Adam said with a yawn.

"I think it's time for you to go to bed, kiddo." Dean said standing up with Adam in his arms.

"Not sleepy." Adam slurred into Dean's neck.

Dean chuckled and gently stroked his baby brother's back. "Yeah, I'm sure. Come on. Off to bed with you. I'm probably going to bed too. It's been a long day."

Sam followed after him as they descended up to the eighth level of the castle and into Adam's room. He pulled back the oversized yellow duvet and placed Adam gently on the king sized bed, draping the duvet back over him and laying a chaste kiss in his dirty blonde hair. Quietly slipping out of the room, he closed the door behind to join Sam in the hallway.

"He's conked out for the night." Dean said tiredly.

Sam nodded and rested a hand on Dean's shoulder. "We should probably get some sleep too."

Dean nodded and moved to make his way down the hall to his room. Before he could get far, Sam gently grabbed his wrist to turn him around.

"We're gonna fix this, okay? I promise." Sam murmured.

Dean shook his head and let out humorless laugh, "You can't promise me that, Sammy. You and I both know the only way we're gonna get out of this is by fighting him."

"Dean, you don't know—"

"Yes I do, Sam." Dean said with a frustrated sigh. "He won't kill us, he's not stupid, but he'll punish both us severely for it and that's gonna effect Adam. I can't have that. I won't let him get dragged into this. I promised Mom I would protect him and you." He sighed again and squeezed Sam's shoulder. "We'll worry about this more tomorrow, okay?"

Sam relented and nodded saying 'good night' to his older brother as they both made their way to their respective rooms, the future of tomorrow's events heavy on their minds.