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Clarke the Captive

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A few days later, Clarke was given a break when Gustus dropped by the healer’s hut to tell her that the Commander had to handle business that morning, and would not be needing her to escort the woman on a walk. She would be lying if she said she wasn’t disappointed. She’d become rather used to the routine of the past week, and had found enjoyment in the stoic Commander’s company.  

Trying to figure out what to do with her day, Clarke decided a visit to Octavia was in order. She walked up to where Octavia and Lincoln had pitched their tent amongst the others that had arrived with the Commander. The brunette girl was bent over, rolling up a bed roll and tying a piece of twine around it.

 “Whatcha doin’, O?” Clarke asked her friend.

“Hey, Clarke.” Octavia greeted her.“Packing.”

 “Packing? Why are you packing?”

 The brunette sighed, straightening up. “Indra came to talk to Lincoln today. Her decision still stands.”

 “What do you mean?”

 “Lincoln gave up his place in Trikru when he chose me. He's had some time to heal up, and we gotta to leave.”

 “Are you serious? That's ridiculous! You helped save Lexa! That has to mean something to them.”

 “Helping to save the Commander,” Octavia emphasized the title, “or not. It doesn't change anything. We’re outcasts.”

 Clarke fell silent. She could understand a thing or two about restrictions placed on someone against their will. She herself was technically still a slave.

 She sighed. “When do you leave?”

 “Tomorrow morning.”

 Clarke nodded, staring off, and fell silent. “I just got you back, O. I'm going to miss you.”

 “I know, Clarke. Me too.”

Clarke stumbled from the grouping of tents. Her eyes couldn’t help but begin to water, and she wiped at them almost violently. She felt foolish for thinking that things could be like they used and the illusion that had made her think she could have the luxury of her friend was taunting her. She could feel the empty hole of loss ripping back open once again.

 Vision cloudy and caught up in her thoughts, Clarke didn’t notice she was walking straight towards a large group. Looking up last minute, she was able to stop herself from smacking right into the Commander.

“Clarke, hello.”

“Hi.” a dusting of pink covered Clarke’s cheeks.  “Should I begin to think you regret taking up my offer?”

The brunette let the slightest smile reach her face. “I assure you, that is not the case. I have been handling business.”

“Of course.” Clarke smiled back. “I was only joking.”

“Right. I am on my way to my tent, if you’d like to escort me.” Lexa recovered.

 The two walked at a slow pace, the Commander’s guards falling behind them. Lexa forced herself to look straight ahead, instead of caving in to her urge to stare at the blonde woman next to her.

“Pardon my curiosity,” The Commander spoke up. “but you seem… off today.”

Clarke sighed. “I’m sorry, it’s nothing, Commander.”

“Ah, I don’t believe that for a second.” Lexa chuckled. “You do not have to tell me, but perhaps you should. It would be a danger for you to perform your healing duties while distracted.”

Clarke smiled at the Commander’s attempts to lighten her mood. “My friend, the sky girl that helped when you were ambushed. She and Lincoln have to leave.”

Emo laik splitas.

Sha.”  the blonde replied sadly.

Lexa nodded, and the two continued walking. A shift in the atmosphere became apparent, as soon as they started walking again, and Clarke was confused by it. The Commander was an unnerving woman in general, but the odd silence that had fallen over them was amplifying the feeling.

“I’m having dinner tonight.” said Lexa, the sudden need to clear her throat arising. “I mean of course I am having dinner, but perhaps you would like to have it with me. In my tent.”

Clarke’s eyes widened. “Oh?”

“Please. Consider it my thanks to you for healing me.”

“Well, I guess I’d be honored.”

Neither Anya or Indra had any idea what the Commander could have possibly wanted. All they had been told was that she had wanted to see them, and they were to report immediately to her tent.

Dangerous thoughts swam through their heads. Were they going to be under attack? Had something happened that they now had to answer for?

As the two women entered the tent, they were relieved to see that Lexa was seated at the table, and not her throne. A sure sign that whatever she had to talk to them about was not severe.

“Please. Sit.”

“Heda, I assumed we had discussed everything in our earlier meeting.” Indra spoke, as she and Anya took their seats facing the Commander.  

“This has nothing to do with the training statistics. Do not worry.” The Commander assured the darker woman. “It has to do with the scouting mission I have assigned to you both.”

“Lexa, it has not been but 2 days since you gave your orders. The first set of our scouts have just left.”

“This is not a revision of my orders, but simply a strong suggestion.”

“And what is this suggestion?” Indra asked skeptically.

“The two outcasts. Lincoln and the skai girl, Octavia.”

“They are soon to be on their way, I assure you.”

Lexa shook her head. “They are to stay.”


Lexa raised her hand. “Our goal is to find the rest of the skai people. Octavia is a sky person and may be able to help aid us in our search.”

Indra sighed, and nodded. Anya laid her hand on Indra’s arm. “I know you were betrayed by Lincoln’s decision to stand by the skai girl, but give him a chance.”

Lexa could see the turmoil of emotions behind Indra’s eyes as the darker woman looked at her. The yearning to accept her fellow clansmen back, and the still present feeling of betrayal were battling it out, but Lexa knew Indra would still follow her wishes.

“You are dismissed.” Lexa said and waited until Indra stood and made her exit. She looked at Anya, who had not moved from where she was seated.

“What brought on this change in your orders?” Anya asked, eyeing Lexa skeptically. “Would it have anything to do with your spending time with Clarke?”

The Commander scoffed. “My decision has nothing to do with Clarke.”

“Mhm.” Anya nodded, rising from her seat.

She did not believe the other woman for a second but decided she would not push the matter. Her former second was known for withholding thoughts when it came to emotions, and over the years Anya had learned it was easier not to ask at all.

“When are you expected back in Polis?”

“I have sent word that I will return when I feel it is necessary.”

“I see.” Anya clasped her hands behind her back. “Would you join me tonight for dina?”

Lexa faltered. “I cannot. I have already made plans.”

“These plans would not involve a certain blonde healer, would they now?”


“I have said nothing. Just a question.” Anya smirked, raising her hands. “You are moving quite fast this time, aren’t you?”

“I am merely going to share our plans with Clarke.”

Ste kefa, goufa.

Lexa rolled her eyes.

Emo laik splitas - they are outcasts
Ste kefa, goufa - be careful, child