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Bad Conscientious

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"A huge fire blazes in the government building downtown-"



"A large fire stops traffic as it causes an explosion in the government building.  .  ."



"Suspected villain activity of arson downtown in the government building-"



"What's going on?" People were shouting and screaming as the fire blazed, blocking all traffic from continuing on its way to work and school. There was a large explosion in the government building that did not look like a normal gas explosion. Heroes were late to the scene, only knowing to start putting the fire out. 



Izuku Midoriya was late to school today because of the fire. He watched as smoke made the air dark and the small explosions that blew up windows on the inside. He did not really have a way to help, considering his ability could not put out the fire. Izuku looked around carefully before running to the alleys behind the building, wondering if he could help people to escape. 



You stood in the middle of the wreckage, watching as pillars and walls fell down to the fire you started. A person was draped over your shoulder as you carried them out, tossing them out the second floor window into the alley. They fall would only bruise them, not kill them. You tried grabbing as many bodies as you could, but knew it was useless to find everyone. You hoped the heroes would put out your fire before it hurt more people. You bit your lip, feeling slight guilt over the lives that would be lost in this event. You jumped out the window and landed on the pavement beneath, not spotting anyone behind the building. 



Izuku stopped in his tracks when he saw a girl jump from the windows with her hair in flames. He was about to call out to her when he saw someone else with a terrifying aura come down the alley. He had not seen anyone like this before. 



"I grabbed the guy told me to. It won't be long until those heroes put out the distraction." You spoke, looking down at the twelve bodies. The man with dark hair and scarred skin looked around at all of them. 



"What's this?" He asked, kicking the arm of a random woman you had pulled out of the fire. 



"I thought they were important, Dabi. The guy was in a meeting, so I grabbed everyone there just in case." You answered, rubbing the back of your neck as your hair fell back down into strands. Izuku was silent, falling back behind the dumpster he was hiding behind. What was he witnessing?



"Useless. I don't know what Tomura sees in you. Kill them all." Dabi stared at you, crossing his arms. You played with the frayed edges of your sweatshirt, awkwardly. 



"I thought that's why you were here. I brought them out for you, so kill them." You answered. The coldness in your voice made Izuku cringe, wanting to do something. 



"Do it yourself." Dabi said. "Or else Tomura will have a reason to crush you." He tossed you a small knife, which you caught clumsily.



"I.  .  ."



"Either kill them with that or flay them. Don't make me do it for you." Dabi turned around, walking away. You gulped, watching him disappear. Izuku stared at you, wondering how you'd go about it. You leaned down with the knife, looking at the man you were told to grab. You regretted grabbing the other people now. Gulping, you turned his face away from you and plunged the knife deep into the back of his neck. Izuku gasped, putting a hand over his mouth as he watched. You couldn't be anymore than a year older than him. Blood was everywhere, all over your hands and the ground. You coughed and gagged, trying to ignore the smell. 



"It's for the better." You muttered, going around and doing the same to the rest of the people you had wanted to save. Izuku fell back on the ground, seeing true evil as he watched you go about killing the innocent people. He froze when he heard you whisper to yourself. 



"I'm so sorry." You whispered, looking at the dead around you. Izuku felt like he was about to throw up. He saw the confliction of not wanting to do what you were ordered to do. 



"You don't have to-" He accidentally blurted out. It only took a split second for you to be at his throat with the bloody knife. 



"Watching? How long have you been here, kid?" You growled, the sad look in your eyes was gone. It was replaced by anger and power. 



"I-I.  .  ." Izuku tried to find his words, but he felt terrified. 



"Dabi would want me to slit your throat like I did them. Do you want to die?" You growled. 



"You didn't want to.  .  ." Izuku croaked, seeing you flinch. You pulled your knife away from him. He had seen too much. You should kill him. You should.  .  .


"Get out of here." You took a step back. "Get out before he realizes I let someone live." You ordered. 






"I'm not doing this for you!" You exclaimed. "If he found out, he'd kill me." Izuku watched as your body shook. He started to move and go away from the scene he just saw. 



He had witnessed someone forced to be bad. 

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"Who is aware of the incident that happened this morning at the government building?" Aizawa asked the class once it started an hour late. Students got late passes considering it was not their fault for being late. 



"There was a fire at the building, right?" Denki asked, seeing the story on the news and radio. 



"An explosion started it." Kirishima added. Izuku was silent as he listened to kids talking about it. None of them had witnessed what he had. The look in your eyes and what you had done haunted his thoughts. 



"It was an attack that was started by a villain. Not a petty one, either." Aizawa said, pulling up an article and pictures to show the class. "Some of you may not know this, but twelve bodies were found behind the building, their throats slit." There was a number of gasps and murmurs going around the classroom. Izuku was silent, though. "True villains are those who kill so easily." Aizawa shook his head. 



"I'm sorry."  Izuku could hear your whisper in his head. 



"Do it or there'll be a reason to crush you." 



He couldn't just blurt out that it wasn't your fault. How would everyone think of him, then? He let you kill twelve people without intervening. 



"What drives someone to do something like that?" Iida exclaimed, loudly. Aizawa sighed. 



"Most of the time, there is no way to say." Aizawa answered. "Although, this could have been a team effort. Someone started the fire with a quirk, but the bodies were not burned. Class is dismissed." A lot of he class was shaken by the news, even though some did not show it. 



"Midoriya." Aizawa called as the boy tried to leave the classroom. Izuku stopped packing his bag and walked over to the teacher. "The building fire was on your route to school. You seem quieter today." Izuku was surprised, not used to Aizawa asking personal questions. 



"Yes. That's why I was late." Izuku nodded. 



"Did you see something when you were there? You didn't seem surprised by the news of the murders." Izuku flinched when he heard that. 



"I.  .  . I couldn't stop them. I saw it and I.  .  . didn't do anything. She didn't want to." Izuku muttered, hanging his head in shame. He heard Aizawa shuffle his feet, sitting down in his chair. 



"How many?" Aizawa asked. 



"Two. She started the fire and the guy made her kill them." Izuku looked up, his face pale. 



"Do not pity those who do evil." Aizawa sighed. "Don't dwell on this for too long."



"She was my age!" Izuku exclaimed. "She was as old as me." This new information caught Aizawa's attention. He looked up when he heard that, staring at Izuku. 



"What did she look like?" Aizawa asked. He started pulling files out of his desk and grabbed a small picture. "Like this?" Izuku took the picture and looked at it carefully. It was the same girl from before. (E/C) eyes and (H/C) hair. She looked conflicted, just like she had seemed when he had met her, jaw set. 



"Yeah! How did you-?"



"We got wind of an organization recruiting young people to help them. She was involved in petty villain activities and went missing two years ago." Aizawa took the picture back. "I found her once, but she got away with the help of someone else." He noted, glancing at the image. "This new information could help find her again. If we find her.  .  . she's still young enough to change her course of action and conscientious."



"Do you think she'd ever become a hero instead?" Izuku asked quietly. 



"That's not up to us. Just forget about her, Midoriya. It'd be safer that way." Aizawa said before letting him leave the room. There was no way that Izuku was going to let this go anytime soon. He knew that your choices were not your own. 






"Let go, let go, let go!!" You screeched loudly, feeling the skin on your wrist start to disintegrate. Tomura took his hand away from your skin, letting you fall back on the ground. You laid there and cradled your arm, tears streaming down your face from the pain. 



"Tomura.  .  . that's enough. She's learned her lesson." Kurogiri said, standing behind the bar and fixing a drink together. 



"Learned her lesson? Trying to get out of the job I assigned for you. If you keep pussyfooting around your job, your arm will be next." Tomura threatened, going off to have his tantrum. Kurogiri came out from behind the bar and grabbed your arm, pulling you up roughly. Dabi just sat in his seat, pretending that nothing just happened. You followed Kurogiri into the back room that all the drinks were held. It was cold back there. He tossed a wet rag over to yourself, going through a cupboard. 



"Clean yourself up. Tomura was serious when he said he'd take your whole arm off next time. I'd prefer if he didn't. You're better with two hands." Kurogiri grabbed some bandages and some disinfectant, pulling up a chair in front of you. 



"I prefer if he didn't, too." You sniffed, wiping your eyes vigorously before wrapping your wrist in the rag. 



"I can't stand up for you all the time. You're a villain." Kurogiri reminded you, taking the rag and started to wrap up your wrist. You seethed and cringed from the pain of your skin disintegrating. 



"I know." You muttered, body tensed up.



"So start acting like one." Kurogiri said harshly, pulling hard on the bandage, which made you wince. "It's not convincing when you cry when you kill someone." 

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You pulled your sleeves down more over the injury on your wrist, grabbing treats and some candy for Tomura. You never frequented the same corner store more than four times, that way you wouldn't be considered a "regular".

"You can take your hood off indoors, you know." The cashier said when you brought the items up. The hood was merely on to take attention away from the good sized bruise on the side of your face.



"I'm fine." You muttered, placing the money on the counter. "Thanks." You said quickly, leaving the store. When you took a step outside the door, you ran into a boy, causing you to lose your balance a bit. 



"Watch where you're going!" You exclaimed, hood falling off your head. The boy who stood in front of you was the same one you saw two days ago behind the building. You froze, taking a deep breath. Izuku stared at you, a bit afraid at first. He noticed the bruise on your face and glanced at the bandage on your wrist. 



"Are you ok?" Izuku asked, suddenly. You scoffed, turning around. 



"Piss off. I don't want to see you again." You said, quickly jogging away from him. Izuku watched after you, wondering what had happened. 






"Do you know where the bank is?" Tomura asked as you handed him his candy. 



"Which one?" You asked in return, deciding not to hold against him that he messed up your wrist.



"This one." Tomura pointed at the screen of his computer.



"That's the one that's down by the grocery store. Yeah, I know where it is." You nodded. "Mission?" You asked him. 



"More like redemption." Tomura said, making you gulp. "Blow it up. I need you to get some cash from it and then blow it up. Do it on your own this time. Today." He said, pointing to the picture. 



"I'll do it." You nodded. "I'll do it by myself. You can trust me, Tomura." You responded. This was your last chance and you knew it. 






"Alright.  .  . calm down.  .  . You can totally do this. Just find the gas pipes and make it explode. There aren't that many people in here.  .  . it won't be like last time."  You thought to yourself, wringing your hands together as you stood in the bank. The gas pipes weren't hard to find, being down the hallway that the bathrooms were. You took a breath and looked around, hitting the pipes. You heated up your hand and placed it on the pipe. The hissing noise grew louder and louder before you heard a yell. 



"Don't do it!" You turned to see the boy from earlier. He looked like he had run all the way here. 



"What the-" You heard the gas ignite and jumped away from the pipes. "GET OUT!" You screamed, tackling Izuku to the ground when the explosion occurred. You hugged him to the ground, feeling the flames hit your back and start all the wood and papers around you. Groaning, you got up, taking your sweatshirt off. There was a whole in the back and you ran your fingers over the burnt spot, flinching. 



"Get out of here, kid. I mean it! This whole place is going to come crashing down." You said, pushing Izuku up from the floor. There was screaming and the fire was fast to move. Izuku grabbed your uninjured wrist.



"You need to get out, too." Izuku said, trying to pull you along. You heard the creaking of the upstairs floor and your eyes widened. 



"Get out of the way!!" You screamed, shoving Izuku out of the way and he slid on the floor. 



"Wait! What do you-" Izuku stopped when the ceiling caved in and all the debris and burning wood crashed down on to you. The floor creaked and crashed once it hit. Izuku ran towards the gaping hole, feeling himself start to sweat from the heat. The building was coming down a lot faster than he had expected. Your quirk was powerful. 



"Midoriya! What are you doing here? I told you to wait outside!" All Might came through the wall, carrying three people. Izuku had pointed out where you were headed when he had seen you again and called All Might to inform him about your potential plans. 



"She.  .  . she's down there!" Izuku pointed down the hole. "We have to help her! She saved me!" Izuku yelled. All Might looked between Izuku and the hole. 



"I have to get these people out. I don't have much time. There are more heroes coming to put out the fire." All Might started moving to the front, carrying the people. Izuku watched after his mentor in disbelief. 



"C'mon, please!" Izuku screamed, looking down the hole. There was so much smoke and dust, too much for him to even see the bottom. He refused to move, needing to help you. Izuku looked up, seeing firefighters taking out the major fire sources. He waited a moment until the smoke cleared, seeing the debris at the bottom. 



"You have to wait here." Izuku jumped when Aizawa appeared by his side. "All Might told me about your plans to stop her. Stupid. I'll go search the wreckage. Go. Outside." He shoved Izuku in the direction of the door. Izuku was hesitant until he saw Aizawa drop down. 



Aizawa pulled blocks of wood and metal beams off of a pile, seeing blood pooling in the wreck. He pulled more and more until your arm fell out. Your bandage had come loose and he saw the disintegrated part of your skin. He pulled more off, needing to find the body. He pulled on your arm, feeling a body move. Another beam out of the way and your body fell through. Aizawa stared at the state you were in. A broken arm, a metal rod in your leg and blood all over your face. You coughed and wheezed, trying to find air. Your eyes flickered open, looking around for a second before closing again. Aizawa sighed, putting the handcuffs on your wrists before pulling you up. 



Izuku was waiting outside the building, eyes widening when he saw what Aizawa had brought out. You looked practically dead. His eyes fell on the handcuffs on your wrists. 



"Did you have to?" Izuku asked quietly, even though he was well aware of the damage you could do. 



"She's a villain. It's for everyone's safety." Aizawa responded. "Even if she saved your life."

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Dabi leaned against the wall, waiting for Tomura to enter the room before tossing the communication necklace on the table. Tomura chewed his taffy, twirling the necklace in his fingers.


“Kurogiri’s little flower got caught in an avalanche of debris. I’ll be surprised if she survives, but if she does. . . those heroes have her now.” Dabi’s arms remained crossed, looking over at Kurogiri. The room was dead silence.


“She’s not the snitching type. If she says anything we’ll know and she knows that we can be anywhere.” Tomura said, pulling out another piece of candy. “Who’s going to be my errand girl now?”


Dabi scoffed, rolling his eyes at how light Tomura was taking this change of events.




Recovery Girl had taken care of the majority of your injuries, but left a few of the major ones alone. That was so you weren’t fully recovered to escape. You laid on the bed, a bandage on your forehead. Your eyes slowly opened, only getting the sight of the blurry room in front of you. You tried to move your hand up to touch your face when you heard the chink of the handcuffs on both of your wrists.




“Fuck. . .” You muttered, trying to pull harder, but felt the pain in your arm. Your eyes fell on the boy who was sitting next to your hospital bed. It was the same boy who had been following you practically everywhere.


“What are you doing here? You don’t even know who I am.” You muttered, letting your head fall to the side. Izuku perked up when he heard you talk, rubbing the tiredness out of his eyes.


“You’re awake? How are you doing?” Izuku asked, obviously worried.


“Answer my question. Why do you care?” You asked, jerking your arm.


“You didn’t want to kill them. I saw it in your eyes.” Izuku started, catching you off guard. “You don’t have to be evil.”


“You don’t know that. You don’t know anything. My quirk is bad. It can’t do anything worthy of being called good.” You clenched your hand. “It’s always been bad. Always hurt people. It can’t do good, so I can’t do good.” You responded, looking at the palms of your hand.


“You can be good! All it takes is for you to try.” Izuku responded, leaning over to you in his chair. “You can be a hero, you know.” He told you, a smile on his face. You stared at him, not sure if you were hearing him right. You felt your eyes starting to water, rubbing your shoulder against them. Never in your life had anyone said those words to you before, only the opposite.


“Why. . . why are you like this? I hurt people. . .” You muttered, rubbing your eyes. You flinched when Izuku’s hand grabbed your own.


“People told me that I couldn’t be a hero, but I’m going to become one.” Izuku told you. “You can be one, too.” He nodded, gripping your hand. You bit your lip, wiping your eyes when you heard that. You turned your head, refusing to let someone see you like this.


“(Y/n) (L/n), correct?” You looked up quickly when you heard someone calling your real name. There was a dark haired man standing in the doorway. “Midoriya, go outside. All Might is looking for you.”


“But, Aizawa-”


“Go. I need to talk privately to this one.” The man gestured to you. Izuku sighed, getting up from his seat and leaving the room.


“So, how do you know my name?” You asked, very cautious of this new man. You peered at him, not sure why he looked familiar to you.


“Twelve dead, 123 injured from your past attacks. It’s hard to believe that you’re working alone.” Aizawa said, reading off the file he brought with him.


“What’s that? Why do you have that? How do you know me?” You bombarded him with questions. Aizawa put his hand up to stop you from continuing with your questions.


“I should feel offended that you don’t remember me, considering I’m the only one that’s had a record of coming in contact with you.” Aizawa sighed. You thought for a minute before the memory clicked in your brain and you groaned loudly.


“I remember you. . . You broke my arm a year ago!” You exclaimed.


“You went missing two years ago after our first meeting. I didn’t mean to break your arm the second time around.” Aizawa said. “Do you remember when you first met me? You told me that your dream was to become a hero one day. Don’t know where you did a full turn to become this.” He gestured to you. Turning your head, you refused to look at him.


“Within the next 24 hours you will be put on trial for the crimes you committed. And you’ll be given a sentencing that will be fair.” Aizawa said, picking at his nails. You turned back to him and gulped. If you weren’t put on death row or away for life, you’d definitely feel surprised. “Midoriya. . . the boy who’s been following you, insists that you’re a better person than we’re giving you credit for. Especially, considering the fact that you almost died trying to save him.”


“He didn’t deserve to die.” You blurted out. “He’s a. . . a good person and I couldn’t bear the thought of him dying.”


“What about the other twelve?” Aizawa asked, crossing his arms.


“They didn’t. . . deserve anything. I thought if I brought them out, they’d live. I didn’t think I’d be forced to take care of them. I didn’t. . .”


“Want to. I get it. Be prepared for the worst. And don’t even try to get away.” Aizawa warned, leaving the room. You gulped, realizing that you were more scared than when Dabi forced you to kill.


“Fuck my life. . .” You muttered.

Chapter Text

The interviewing process was finally over and you laid in your bed, waiting for any news to arrive about the verdict. You had to speak with six different heroes and the police. You answered all the questions honestly, but remained quiet when they asked about who you had been working with. All you could do was to just wait.

“Fifteen year old female with a dragon quirk that has murdered twelve people. Why are you making this more complicated than usual, Aizawa?” The head of the trial asked, looking at the basic information. It was very simple. You killed people. That was that.

“According to a student who has had some contact with her.  .  .” Aizawa looked over the paper he had been scribbling on. “She did not kill willingly. She was threatened to murder the twelve or else she would be the one murdered.” He sighed. “Doesn’t it strike you odd that someone of her age would be running with a group like that? Especially, since she wanted to become a hero?”

“What are you arguing for here?” The head asked, cracking his knuckles.

“I’m arguing against her going to prison for life. Against her being put on death row. I believe that she has potential to be a great asset if we were to.  .  . reteach her ideals.” Aizawa said, twiddling a pen in his fingers. “At this age, children are like plastic. They’re extremely malleable, so this is the opportune time to change her train of thought for good.”

“What’s your reasoning that she isn’t too far gone to be helped?”

“The twelve deaths are weighing on her heavily.” Aizawa argued. “She still has a sense of right and wrong. I will relay to you, what she told us.” He started.

“What happened that made you turn out like this?” Aizawa asked, crossing his legs.

“That’s a really rude way to phrase that.” You scoffed.

“You’re not getting any more innocent.”

You sighed, turning your gaze back to Aizawa, hating the idea of spilling your guts to him. “I hurt someone.  .  . close to me. My parents didn’t even trust me after that. When everyone keeps telling you that your powers are dangerous, you eventually believe it.” You explained, remembering the harsh things other kids had told you.

‘That quirk belongs to villains’

‘How are you going to be a hero with a quirk like that?’

“How’d you find the group you’re with?” Aizawa asked, crossing his arms.

“They found me. One member brought me in, saying I had potential. That was two years ago.” You said. “I’m on thin ice.  .  . if they find out I’m alive.  .  . I’ll definitely be killed this time.”

“This time?” Aizawa rose a brow.

“I hesitated too much with the bodies last time, so I got punished.” You looked down to your hurt wrist. “I get into trouble a lot because I’m not as confident as the others are. If I messed up big.  .  . that’s it for me.”

“Why do you stay with them if they treat you like that?”

“Where else would I go?”

“What does All Might and the others say, since you’re representing most of the information?”

“All Might can’t bear to see her die or put back out on the street, but he can be too lenient. The others asked questions similar to mine to make she sure she’s not bluffing.” Aizawa responded. “Why are you asking me when they were all in here before me?”

“To see why you’ve taken on the bulk of this case, Eraserhead.”

“She has great potential to be of help and service if she’s given the chance. C’mon, and that’s coming from me.” Aizawa sighed. “She’s not deserving of the punishments you have in store. Let me take her under the wing of the school, teach her about heroism.”

“How do we know this isn’t a set up? She murdered twelve people.”

Forced to murder twelve people. She was bullied and taken advantage of by villains, not to mention abused and tortured. It’d be cruel of us to put her on death row.” Aizawa argued.

“What type of precautions would you take to make her stay in line?”

“I have a list written down.”

“You do realize that if something happens because of her.  .  . on your watch.  .  . she will be killed.”

“On my watch?” Aizawa asked.

“You’re arguing for her life, so you should be more than ready to take it into your hands. You’ll be assigned her legal guardian if we go along with your plan.”

“What about her parents?”

“We may know her full name, but nothing has come up in terms of family. For the time being, you’ll be her legal guardian.The task of watching and observing her, though, will be split between you and the other teachers at the school. You’ll also be responsible for putting her down if necessary.”

Aizawa looked as unbothered as ever, even if it was a facade. “.  .  . Understood.”

Chapter Text

“Oh, thank god.” You said, smiling as the officer in your room unlocked the handcuffs on your wrists. You rubbed the red marks, reaching up to itch the side of your face. “I’ve wanted to do that all day.” You sighed. Your eyes widened when a new pair of cuffs clicked on your hand.

“What?! Aren’t I free to go?” You asked, looking up. You gulped nervously when you noticed that it was All Might that had put these new cuffs on your wrists. Strangely, there were no chains. “What’s with these?” You flinched when you felt a small shock and a spot on the cuffs turned green.

“You’re not free to go.” Aizawa said, tiredly. “The council listened to your story and decided that your heart can change.” When you heard that, you felt like a great weight had been lifted from your heart.

“What does that mean?” You asked, calming down a bit from your outburst earlier.

“It means that you are enrolled in U.A as of now. If you step out of line, that shock you felt is about 1/100 of a normal shock. Your bracelet is green right now.  .  .” Aizawa motioned to your bracelet.

“Green means the shock you receive will only immobilize you. When it’s not lighted, it’s off. When the monitor is red, then the shock you will receive is fatal.” All Might explained. You stared at him, not believing that you were meeting this guy. You know Tomura hated him and his smile was slowly starting to bother you. You looked down at the light weight cuffs on your wrists.

“These also track your whereabouts, so we can see where you are at anytime.” Aizawa picked at his nails, looking bored. “Along with All Might and myself, the teachers at the school will be monitoring you and what you do in class.”

“Do I have to do like check-ins or something? Don’t tell me I’m going to be handcuffed to a teacher or something.” You scoffed.

“There will be check ins. If you’re late, your leash will get tighter.” Aizawa looked at you now with a very powerful stare. “Try your powers.”

You looked down at your hand and heated it up, bringing it to flames. The cuff beeped and a painful shock went throughout your body. A scream ripped through your throat and you fell back on the hospital bed. It stopped, but you could still feel the spasms in your limbs.

“I see you’re still awake. That wasn’t full power. You understand what’s at stake now, don’t you?” Aizawa asked, arms crossed. All Might looked uncomfortable with the amount of pain you had just endured. You were only a child.

“Where will I.  .  .”

“Stay? At the school. There are special arrangements being made. You are not allowed off school grounds. If we notice you improving in any sort of way, then we’ll reward you with having a larger perimeter or other types of arrangements.” Aizawa answered, watching the last few spasms leave your body.

“I’ll pick you up tomorrow morning from here to start at the school. Do you have anything against what I just said?” Aizawa asked. Your mouth hung open a bit, but then you shook your head.

“Good.” Aizawa nodded, walking out of the room with All Might.


You fidgeted with the cuffs on your wrists as you walked beside Aizawa. The discharge process from the hospital took longer than you thought it would, but you were happy it was over.

“We could’ve taken a car.” Aizawa grumbled, keeping his hands in his pockets. The cuffs you wore were on green at the moment. You shook your arms a bit as you walked. You usually wore a backpack that had a book and paper in it, but that was left with Kurogiri. You missed it.

“I like walking. Besides, it might be the last time I walk out here for a bit. I walk everywhere.” You said, looking around. This backpack you were given was not like yours. It was a lot heavier with more supplies and you did not like it.

“Stop fidgeting so much.” Aizawa groaned. You looked over at him.


“It’s annoying. Why can’t you stay still like other kids?” Aizawa glanced at you.

“I’m pretty sure I’m still dealing with the aftermath of that shock from yesterday.” You told him, rubbing your hands together.

“Just so you know.  .  . none of the kids in here know about what you did or who you are. Only the adults. As of right now, you only have one friend in there.” Aizawa mentioned, coming up on the school.

“A friend? I haven’t met anyone yet.” You said, surprised by what he just said. You looked forward and saw a familiar boy standing by the entrance of the school. He looked a bit nervous, like he was waiting for someone. He looked up and noticed you with Aizawa, offering a small wave. You shakily waved back, surprised by his attitude.

“It’s (Y/n), isn’t it? I mean.  .  . That’s what I’ve heard Aizawa-sensei say, but I don’t know what you want to be called and-” You saw how fast Izuku started to spiral down with his incessant muttering.

“(Y/n). (Y/n) is fine. I never caught your name, though.” You said, holding onto your backpack tightly.

“Midoriya! My name is Midoriya Izuku. I’m happy that you came here.” Izuku said, his face turning a light shade of pink. “You made.  .  . the right decision.”

“I don’t know which one would have been a better decision. I chose this because it’s in my  best interest.” You responded, which caught Izuku off guard.

“Stop being a pessimist.” Aizawa patted your head. “Seriously. Learn from your choices. Don’t condemn yourself for them.” You looked over at him and nodded.

“No one’s going to like you if you’re a self-loathing pessimist.” Aizawa shrugged, walking through the gate. You heard a beep and the cuffs turned off. “Hurry up in here before they turn back on.” He called. With Izuku, you jogged passed the school entrance and into the main building. Another beep and the cuffs were monitored on red.

“This is where it’s real. You use your powers, you’re dead. You cross outside the school entrance, you’re dead.” Aizawa said, walking to class 1-A. “Understood?”

“I understand. Step out of line and dead.” You repeated back the basics of what was going to happen. Izuku’s mouth dropped. He knew they were going to be strict, but not fatally.

“After class, find a teacher to check in with.” Aizawa said. “Doesn’t have to be me.  .  .” He hoped it was not him. “Just someone.”

“All Might’s a teacher here?” You asked, curiously.

“You won’t see him that much. If he follows you around, it doesn’t mean anything. Go to class before you two are late.” Aizawa shooed you away.

“I guess we have the same classes.” Izuku smiled a little, obviously a little flustered. You stared at him for a moment, seeing that he was getting embarrassed easily.

“Yeah. I guess you should guide me around. Since it’s my first day and all.” You responded.

“O-ok!” Izuku said enthusiastically.

Chapter Text

The look on everyone’s face was that of surprise and interest when Izuku walked into the classroom with a new student. And even more so since she was a female student. Aizawa was already at the front of the room, eyeing you carefully. You looked around the room and then went to go stand by Aizawa, waiting for him to instruct you.

“There’s a seat open in the front next to Shouji Mezou.” Aizawa pointed out the very tall boy with four too many arms. You walked over and sat in the seat, putting the backpack next to the desk. You glanced back and noticed a very short girl behind him and felt bad for her. Aizawa started teaching a lesson, ignoring the curious murmurs of the students. Like you expected, they were all curious about the new student that just showed up. Aizawa realized that the kids would keep chattering and sighed.

“(Y/n), stand up.” He said. At the sound of your name being called, you did as you were told and stood up.

“This is our new student, (Y/n) (L/n). She just transferred here today. Be welcoming.” Aizawa said briefly, gesturing for you to sit back down. Now, there was only a bit less murmuring, but you could still hear them talking behind you.

When the class was over, you inwardly sighed in relief. It had been a while since you had been to school. Kurogiri had attempted to get you school, so you could become “a well educated” person. The attempts were never successful, considering you had a cloud as your “parent”.

“Where’d you go before you came here?” You turned your head as a few people practically crowded around you. The boy asking the question had tall, red hair and a big grin on his face. You were not used to talking to other kids, considering who you were always around.

“I was.  .  . homeschooled.  .  . at home.” You mentally hit yourself by how stupid that statement sounded. Of course you get homeschooled at home.

“What’s your quirk?” A boy near the back of the room asked. He had his feet up on his desk and was looking at you insignificantly. That look made you feel pissed off.

“Pyrokinesis.” You answered, deciding not to be phased by him. The boy narrowed his eyes when you answered so casually.

“Deku, who’s this new friend of yours that you came with out of the fucking blue?” The boy said loudly over at Izuku, who cowered back.

“Deku.  .  ?” You muttered to yourself. “Is that your nickname?” You asked, looking over at Izuku.

“It means worthless because he can’t even control his fucking quirk. It’s like he got it yesterday.” Bakugou scoffed at him, making Izuku frown.

“Well, I’m not the best-”

“Stop.” You said, suddenly. “He’s not useless. What kind of jerk are you?” You glared at Bakugou. The other kids in the class were quiet, wondering if a fight would break out.

“You’ve been here for one hour and you think you run the class? You must just be another pebble if you’re sticking up for him.” Bakugou got out of his seat, crossing his arms.

“You’re such a bully and you’re trying to become a hero? I don’t know what Izuku’s done, but I think he has the heart of a hero. You, though? I don’t think so.” You retorted. Bakugou looked pissed now that you were sticking up for his nemesis. Izuku stared at you, not understanding why you were sticking up for him against Bakugou.

“(Y/n).  .  . You don’t have to get into a fight or anything.  .  .” Izuku tried to stop you from arguing any further. He knew Bakugou would get violent and he was scared of you getting hurt from using your powers.

“You shouldn’t let him bully you! Stand up for yourself!” You exclaimed, looking angrily at Izuku. He was taken aback by your change of behavior that he was speechless. He did not know what to say to you, if anything.

“(Y/n).” You stopped when you heard a very stern calling of your name. Aizawa stood by the door, watching the event. “Step outside.”

The class all went back to their seats, still quiet. You walked outside of the classroom, very sullen. Aizawa noticed how childish you acted, looking like a guilty kid. He was amazed by how quick your attitude seemed to change.

“He started it.” You could not take the judging silence.

“Calm yourself down.” That was all Aizawa said as he went back in the classroom. You stood there for a minute, getting your thoughts straight before following. Izuku watched you enter again and noticed the sullen look on your face. He frowned, seeing the fire in you put out. He decided right then that he hated that look.

Chapter Text

“(Y/n)-chan, do you want to sit at lunch-” Izuku started to ask when he came over to talk to you.

“Why do you let him call you that? Don’t you ever stick up for yourself?” You asked, looking up at Izuku intensely.

“No, no! It’s.  .  . it’s fine. My nickname has different meanings.” Izuku tried to explain. “Bakugou says it means one thing, but I think it means ‘you can do it’!” He exclaimed, happily. You stared at him for a moment.

“Are you that much of a pushover?” You deadpanned. Izuku sighed, hanging his head. “It’s cute.” You added, suddenly, a light blush on your cheeks. “I like that you changed the meaning around.” Izuku blushed when he heard you say that and it did not help that you had a little pout on your face.

“Do you want to eat lunch with me, Iida and Ochako?” Izuku asked again, his hands behind his back. You thought about it for a moment.

“I’d like that.” You smiled, standing up from your seat.

“Not so fast.” Aizawa stopped you from walking out of the classroom. “You’re eating lunch in the staff room.” Your face fell when you heard that, but you understood why.

“Alright.” You muttered, disappointed that you couldn’t go to the lunchroom with Izuku.

“Can I come with?” Izuku asked out of nowhere as you were leaving. Aizawa scratched his chin, not sure what to do with Izuku now.

“I guess you can.” Aizawa shrugged, making you walk next to him in the hallway. The teachers in the lounge were surprised when they saw you and Izuku come in. They were all up to date on who you were, but they were curious as to why Izuku was also trailing behind you and Aizawa. They assumed he did not know any better.

“Wait here. I’ll grab a lunch for you.” Aizawa said, leaving the room for a moment. You sat there awkwardly, painfully aware of the stares from the teachers.

“Who’s that guy over there? He kinda looks like-” You pointed at All Might, who was reading a book in his normal form.

“That’s just a substitute teacher!” Izuku quickly said. “He’s here everyday.” He explained, knowing the issues of All Might’s normal form. “So, you get school lunch?”

“Yeah.  .  . Well, I don’t exactly have a home to go to.” You shrugged, waiting patiently for your food.

“O-oh, right. Sorry. That was a stupid question.  .  . I should have been more considerate. I need to work on that. How rude.  .  .” Izuku started muttering to himself over his lunch. You blinked, reaching your hand out and putting it on his.

“It’s no problem. I’m not offended.” You told him, breaking Izuku out of his trance. He glanced down to your hand on his and blushed.

“Alright! I-”

“Hands to yourself.” Aizawa said as he came back over, setting a tray of food in front of you. Your attention was to your food now, taking your hand away from Izuku to hold your tray of food. You started chowing down on it, hungry as ever. He sat down in his own spot, away from where Izuku and yourself were sitting.

“You must be hungry.” Izuku commented, eating his food at a much steadier pace than you were. You looked up at him, rice sticking to your face.

“How’d you know?” You said, jokingly, making him blush again.

“Well, you were just-”

“Calm down, Izuku. I was just teasing you.” You quickly told him to stop him from over analyzing it. Deku scratched the back of his head, awkwardly when you said that.

“Who do you sit with at lunch? I mean, you obviously had friends back there.” You decided to change the subject quickly.

“Oh, yeah. I sit with Ochako and Iida. We usually sit in the cafeteria. You should meet them!” Izuku said excitedly. You laughed a little when you heard that.

“You think so?” You asked Izuku, looking at your food.

“Of course! I mean, we’re friends, so you guys should work!” Izuku reassured you. The word “friend” caught your attention. You barely knew Izuku and here he was, claiming you as a friend.

“My first friend.  .  . We’re friends, Izuku.” You nodded. Izuku blushed when you said that, scratching the back of his head. “Do you mind if I call you Deku.  .  . like the “you can do it” way?” You asked.

“I’d like that.” Izuku smiled.

Chapter Text

“(Y/n)-chan! Are you doing anything after school today?” Ochako ambushed you in the halls. It had been a week since your first day and things were going much smoother. You even befriended Izuku’s friends and were now able to sit in the cafeteria with them. The teachers were less hesitant of you, actually making conversation now.

“After school? Why?” You asked, shutting your textbook. The boundaries were still the same; no leaving the premises.

“Iida, Deku, and I are going to the mall after school! You should come with us!” Ochako exclaimed, excitedly. You gulped, rubbing your hands together.

“Sorry, I can’t. I have.  .  . to study. I keep getting distracted by Shouji’s arms.” You said, trying to find a good excuse.

“Aww, bummer. They are distracting, though. Good luck studying!” Ochako hugged you tightly. Your body tensed until she let go and ran off. You sighed, wishing you could go out places with her and other people.

“Are you coming with us?” Izuku asked as he passed by you in the hall. You brought up your arms, showing the bracelets with the red light.

“I don’t really get to decide that.” You said, bringing them back down.

“Oh, I’m sorry! I totally forgot.  .  . I should have told Ochako something.  .  .” Izuku muttered to himself.

“There’s nothing you can tell her without making it worse.” You responded, walking down the hall. “I’ll see you tomorrow.” You waved. Izuku watched you turn a corner in the hall before running off to go with Ochako and Iida. You went back to your room, one that was not in the same area as the other dorms. You did not have a roommate like everyone else. There were locks on the door that turned on at 8 p.m, so you could not leave the room until morning. Only staff could access the locks. You laid down on the grey sheets, staring up at the neutral colored ceiling. An idea popped up in your head.


“You get almost five hours of free time after school and you use it to steal?” Aizawa and Present Mic had caught you sneaking out of the art room with buckets of paint and now you were in trouble.

“I wasn’t stealing, I was borrowing. I was going to put the paint back when I was done.” You said, picking at your fingernails. .

“What were you going to use it for? That’s a lot of paint. Were you going to paint a mural?” Present Mic asked, tapping the buckets with his foot.

“Well, kinda.” You answered, honestly.

“What?” Aizawa asked.

“My room is so plain. I just wanted to splatter the walls a bit.  .  . to add some color.” You explained. You were leaning against the wall in the hallway, not looking guilty in the slightest.

“Why didn’t you ask?” Present Mic asked, putting his hand on his chin.

“I thought it was ok.” You shrugged. Present Mic and Aizawa turned around the whisper to one another.

“This is going to be like teaching morals to a toddler.” Present Mic whispered.

“I know. She doesn’t see the wrong in her actions. She has potential, though. .  .” Aizawa muttered. You tried to look over their shoulders.

“I can hear you guys.” You lied, crossing your arms. They both turned around.


“Put those back-”

“Bring them back after you’re done.” Present Mic interrupted. You grinned, quickly grabbing the paints and running off.

“We have to be strict.” Aizawa narrowed his eyes.

“Just give her a longer leash, Aizawa. Besides, she wasn’t hurting anyone.” Present Mic shrugged. Aizawa groaned, walking away. Present Mic decided to check out what you were planning to do, walking over to where your room was. You had pulled your bed out and started putting different colors on the walls. There was red, blue, green, purple and yellow.

“What are you painting?” Present Mic asked, making you look over your shoulder. You already had paint on your face.

“I’m trying to draw a lion. It’s really crappy, though.” You said, just having a yellow circle with a mane so far. He stood in the doorway, watching you make the lion on the red wall.

“It’s great!” Now that made you jump. You had forgotten that this guy’s indoor voice was the same as an outdoor voice.

“Why are you just standing there? Aren’t you guys supposed to be acting like I’m normal student? Do you do this to other students?” You asked, splattering blue paint on a wall.

“You are not a normal student.” Present Mic responded.

“I’m constantly reminded of that, you know. Not being able to go outside this school, to hang out with people, locks on my door, these fancy bracelets, check ins, weird looks from teachers.” You said. “I mean, I know I was evil and all, but.  .  .” You paused for a moment. “Fuck this, I don’t want to spit out my life story to you.” You grumbled.

“How rude of you! You can leave the school perimeter as long as a Pro Hero is with you!” Present Mic informed you.

“Don’t you guys go home or something after school?” You asked.

“Not all of us! You can ask for things like paint and to go outside.” He said as if it was the easiest thing in the world.

“Thanks for the advice. You can leave now.” You shut the door with your foot. Present Mic deadpanned as he was booted out.

“I see some of your habits don’t change.”

You whipped your head around to the mirror by your tiny dresser. There, instead of your own face, you saw a shadowy one looking right back at you.

“Kurogiri.  .  .” You muttered.

“It’s been awhile.”

Chapter Text


You stared at the face that looked back at you. No contact or anything with your group until now. You did not know what to do. All you knew was that you did not want them to come here.

“Cat got your tongue?”

“I didn’t know you can project images into mirrors. I feel like I’m in fucking Snow White.” You responded, putting your fingers on the mirror. They passed through and you quickly pulled them back.

“My apologies. This portal is not strong enough to pass your body through. What have they done to you? What have you said? We moved locations since your capture.”

“They healed me up.” You responded, quickly. “It was either become a student or be put on death row.”

“Smart. Shigaraki could use someone on the inside.” When that was said you froze. How were you going to explain your sudden change of heart?

“I can’t do that. I don’t.  .  . these students are completely innocent. I’ll only give information if it means they won’t be harmed.” You said, shakily.

“What’s with this new change of heart? Have you forgotten who took you in? Who’s educated and taken care of you? Your quirk is destruction. There’s no way you can use it to help. What have you told them?” Kurogiri’s voice rose, making you take a step back.

“I refused to pass on any information. Kurogiri.  .  . I can’t hurt innocent people. I’ll never tell them anything about you all, but I can’t help you.” You said, quietly.

“Betrayal? You know what that means, (Y/n).”

“Tell Shigaraki that if he wants me dead, he’ll have to come get me himself.” You said before lighting your hand on fire and smashing the mirror with your fist. The green light beeped loudly, sending violent shocks through your body. You gasped, being sent to the glass-covered ground from the shocks. You tried screaming from the burning pain, but the lights went out as you tried.


“-ey.  .  . wake up!.  .  .-chan! Are you ok?” You heard a worried voice screaming. Your eyes slowly, painfully opened. Everything was blurry. Your ears were ringing.

“(Y/n)-chan! What happened?!” Izuku shook your shoulder. He turned over and started shouting for someone. Your ears hurt from the ringing and you felt blood under your nose.

“What happened here?” You saw Aizawa walk into the room, giving it a once over. His eyes stopped when he saw you on the ground and all the shattered glass. “She activated her quirk.  .  . That’s probably why the mirror is broken.” He muttered to yourself. Your eyes rolled back before blinking a few times.

“Kuro.  .  .” You murmured, blood on your lips. Aizawa and Izuku’s attention was grabbed, looking to you.

“Kuro.  .  . giri.  .  .” You muttered, breathing slowly. The door was open and you saw other kids standing out there.

“What happened to her?” Ochako asked, worriedly. Your sudden yell had gained the attention of other people in their dorms or wandering around. It was Izuku who had found you first. Aizawa looked between the situation and the students outside. Many of them were shocked and surprised.

“Everyone go back to your dorms!” Aizawa ordered. The students started at him for a moment. “Go!” He yelled. The students scrambled away, going back to their dorms.

“That means you, too, Midoriya. Go.” Aizawa said. Izuku was helping you into a sitting position.

“But-” Izuku started, wanting to know what happened.

“Go. You’re no different than them.” Aizawa said, sternly. Izuku let go of you and left the room. Everything was still blurry and your ears were still ringing a bit.

“What happened?” Aizawa asked, sitting on the edge of your bed. You shut your eyes tightly and then opened them again.

“I.  .  . He was here.” You said, head splitting in two.

“Who was here?” Aizawa asked.

“Kuro.  .  . He.  .  . He picked me off the street. He was my partner.” You murmured, putting a hand to your head. You felt a couple sharps around your face.

“He was in here? How? What’d he say to you?” Aizawa asked, needing the information.

“No.  .  . in the mirror.  .  . He was there. He said.  .  . they needed an inside person.” You paused, looking at Aizawa’s face. It was stone still. “I said no.  .  . then he said they were going to.  .  .”

“Going to what?” Aizawa was a bit brash.

“Kill me next time they found me.” You said, looking into his face. “I smashed my mirror.  . . using my quirk.” Aizawa took a breath after he heard that.

“Is that the truth?” Aizawa felt like he needed to ask.

“Why would I lie about this? I don’t like electrocution.” You said, wiping your nose.

“You’re lucky it was on green.” Aizawa said. “I’ll take you to the nurse to rest in there. Someone will clean up this mess.” He grabbed your shoulder, pulling you up.

“Everyone saw.  .  .” You muttered.

“Yeah. They saw you on the ground.” Aizawa nodded.

“I’m so fucked right now.  .  .” You murmured, rubbing your face.

“That’s an understatement. If what you said is true, and the League of Villains wants to kill you, you’re putting the rest of the students in danger.” Aizawa said. You gulped, not sure what you were going to do. The idea that Izuku or anyone else might get hurt made your stomach churn.

“What do I do? Please don’t send me to jail. Do you know what they’ll do to me in there?” You pleaded. “There has to be another way to-”

“You’re not going anywhere.” Aizawa said, rubbing the bridge of his nose. “We won’t let some brat die just because they made bad life decisions.” Your eyes widened. “But what we will be doing.  .  . is warning the other students. They need to know what’s going on in case the worst happens.” He decided.

You took a breath, head still spinning from the electrocution. You felt dizzy and all this information was hurting your head. You were worried. All your friends that you had made. Would they still feel the same about you now?

“Let’s get you to the nurse.” Aizawa kept his hand on your shoulder to steady you. Everything would be dealt with tomorrow. Whether you wanted it or not.