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A Song of Ice and Fire

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Flea Bottom is stinking with shit, dirt and mud as Griff wakes up from his bed. He can smell it from the window of the second floor of the inn he's staying called the Whore's Son. He got up on his modest bed, and turned to look at himself in the broken mirror hanging opposite his bed that's made of straw and bamboo.

Fifteen years old and standing taller than anyone else his age, he is naked as his name day as he look at himself in the mirror, Griff dyes his shoulder length hair with blue color but the hair below his waist suggest that his hair is silver and he can see that his purple eyes has a dangerous glint on it.

'This will soon be over,' he said as he dress himself with a simple white sleeves shirt, with belted breeches the color of mud, a worn out boots and putting on a yellow coat. He also tucked in a hidden dagger on his waist. He knows that he lives with dangers lurking on every side and if it comes to him, he will be ready to slash and cut, and possibly kill.

He made his way to the door of his room, locking it and walking down to the narrow corridor where occupants of the inn are giving him a strange look. They will never try to bother him, the inn keeper have given a firm order not to fuck with him and when he reach the main hall, the old inn keeper nodded at him in which he returned it with a small smile.

The Whore's Son is located at the mouth of Flea Bottom so Griff was quick to find his way to the Street of Sisters, it was not crowded as of yet and it led him directly to the Guildhall of the Alchemists, then turning to a corner to find his way towards the Muddy Way and there the brothel where he is working at is located.

He went inside and even in the morning hour, the patrons of the brothel are never absent and all around him, Griff can hear the music of moans and grunts and cries of both woman and man. Hanging on the walls of the narrow corridor entrance that will lead him to the main hall are the tapestries of whores with porcelain skin on the left, another one has an ebony skin on the right, pleasing men with a blurry face and when he arrived at the main hall, he saw Lord Baelish, the owner of the establishment talking to a prostitute.

Petyr Baelish also called Littlefinger is the head of the insignificant House Baelish of the Fingers. He serves as the Master of Coin to King Rhaegar Targaryen since being endorsed by Lord Jon Arryn of the Vale five years ago to the council because of his excellent work as in charge of customs of Gulltown.

As Griff approach him, he saw that he is wearing a bright green cloak, revealing nothing underneath but his exposed hands, neck and head. He is a short man of slender stature and has a sharp features, a small pointed beard on his chin and dark hair with threads of grey running through it.

When Lord Baelish saw him coming, he smiled but Griff noted that his eyes didn't.

"Griff," he said, his gray-grey eyes seems always be cunning and dangerous, "you're early today."

"I was, m'lord," he answered, trying himself to smile.

"Do you care to join me in breaking fast?" asked the Master of Coin and Griff reluctantly nodded his head.

Lord Baelish whispered something on the prostitute he's talking to and after that, he led the way to his room on a circular stair beside the door of the main hall that will lead to one of the many pleasure rooms.

Upon arriving at the second floor, they made their way to a candle lighted hallway and at the end of the corridor, Lord Baelish opened the door of his room.

It was the biggest room in the brothel, a bed with a canopy is in the middle, opposite the balcony that overlooks the street below and Griff can already see the rays of a morning sun from the east. At the one corner is the mahogany table with three stools around it and on the table, Griff can see a bowl of fruits and a glass of wine.

"What will you have, Griff?" asked Lord Baelish.

"I'm going to have whatever you will have, m'lord," he replied and Littlefinger gave the slightest hint of smile.

"Well then," he said with a nod, "Ros! Come here!"

Seconds later, a young red head girl with a freckled face entered the room; she has a slender body and wearing a see through fabric.

"My lord?" she asked, she side glance at Griff, and smiled.

"Give us bacons, sausages, boiled eggs and a good arbor wine to wash it down," said Lord Baelish, "and tell the guards that no one shall disturb us."

Ros gave a meek nod and left, closing the door behind her while Lord Baelish offered Griff a seat.

"Some of my clients are asking for your price," said Lord Baelish, taking the seat opposite to him.

"Are they?" Griff replied with a hint of pride, "who are these clients and how much is my cost?"

Littlefinger strokes his pointed beard before responding to him.

"The cost is high and tempting," he answered with a nod, "and the clients are noble lords and ladies who wish to see you private if you agree," then he raised his eyesbrows, "one of them is a Stokeworth, fortunately for you, it's the first daughter of the lady of the house."

Griff thought about it for a second.

The Stokeworth's are regular visitors of the Red Keep and has influence and power, he said to himself.

"When will it be?" Griff asked him.

Lord Baelish gave a satisfied smile.

"Once you're ready," he answered, "you need to train first."

"I don't need to," snub Griff, "I know how to do it."

At that Lord Baelish shook his head.

"I don't doubt that," he answered, "but you need to because it's expected of you," he paused, "you need to train and remember that you should ask questions carefully."

Griff stared at him for a moment, thinking about all the things he said.

"I will be careful," he nodded, "and you should too."

"Oh, I always am," answered Littlefinger smiling to himself, "last night I watched Prince Daeron playing with his cousins and close friends at the yard," he paused and Griff watched him intently, "the young prince is sweet, he let his cousin Arya Stark win on their little play," Littlefinger waited for him to say something but when he didn't, he continued, "I was with the queen when they are playing, and she told me that the King plans to marry Prince Daeron to Arya Stark."

"How about his oldest son?" asked Griff with nothing but contempt on his voice, "do they mention him?"

"The queen?" asked Lord Baelish with a frown, "Queen Lyanna is a loving mother to their children especially his dear son, the Crown Prince."

"I don't mean that Crown Prince with an ugly long face of Stark's," countered Griff disdainfully, "I mean Princess Elias son, Prince Aegon Targaryen."

Lord Petyr Baelish gave him a searching look, his lips almost smirking.

"Queen Lyanna didn't mention him at all but King Rhaegar," he paused, his satisfied smile creeping on his lips again, "King Rhaegar would often ask about Prince Aegon's well being in private," then he inquired his head, "do you know that on his son's eight name day, the King was supposedly see him in secret?"

Griff shook his head.

"Yes, it's true," said Littlefinger with a nod, "Lord Varys told me about it, Princess Elia and Prince Doran agreed to the letters sent by His Grace but it didn't fell through because Prince Oberyn was against it."

All of a sudden the door opened and Ros with a handsome young man entered, carrying a silver platter and on it, are their breakfast.

Ros gave Griff another quick glance before they left him with Lord Baelish for the second time.

"Let's eat," said Littlefinger and the two of them shared breakfast in silence until Lord Baelish himself break that silence, "Ros likes you," he commented after chewing and swallowing the bacon.

"I know," answered Griff, "is it true? That the Crown Prince is gone to the Reach?"

Lord Baelish nodded.

"He's off to visit Highgarden," he answered, "Lord Mace Tyrell has insisted the visit since the announcement of the betrothal between the Crown Prince and his daughter, the Lady Margaery, he is accompanied by his cousin Robb Stark, and a dozen more companions as well as Ser Arthur Dayne, the Lord Commander and Ser Myles Mooton are with him as well."

Griff has heard about these dozen companions as well. They are sons of lords who declared for King Rhaegar on his war with his father, King Aerys.

"How about King Rhaegar?"

"King Rhaegar is busy running the realm with his Hand, Lord Jon Connington," answered Lord Baelish simply, "they don't have an idea about the affairs of Dorne and even the Spider has no knowledge about it," he paused frowning, "strange," then he offered a cunning smile.

"When will they travel North?" asked Griff as he finished the food on his plate.

"Probably after the return of the Crown Prince from Highgarden," answered Littlefinger, his fingers tapping the table as he wipes his mouth clean with a white cloth, "only Queen Rhaella will remain on the Red Keep."

"Even Princess Daenerys will come with them?" asked Griff, surprised.

Lord Baelish nodded.

"Princess Daenerys will go with them, she seems to be fond with the Crown Prince," a playful grin formed on Littlefingers lips, "and if you can only see her walking through the festivities of the castle, she politely smiles and talks with respect but her eyes says otherwise," he paused, "she's been angered with the visit of the Crown Prince to Highgarden, poor girl."

Griff put the thought of the princess aside for now.

"How about Lady Sansa?" he asked him.

Lord Baelish frowned at him this time, but his eyes remained interested and curious.

"What of her?" he asked him, searching his face.

"Did Lord Stark already accept the betrothal with Joffrey Baratheon to his precious daughter?"

"I didn't hear any news about that," admitted Lord Baelish, "I only heard that Harrold Arryn and Willas Tyrell are vying for a betrothal to the Lady Sansa."

"Sansa Stark must be delivered in Stormlands," he muttered more to himself.

That ended their talk and Littlefinger excused himself after to attend the morning council meeting at the Red Keep but before leaving, he instructed Ros to stay inside his room with Griff.

"Teach him the ways," he told the prostitute before leaving to the Red Keep.

Ros remained standing at the door staring at him, minutes after the departure of Lord Baelish while Griff made his way near the entrance of the balcony; his eyes are set on the walls of the castle that can be seen above the Muddy way.

"M'lord?" asked Ros and Griff finally turned around to face her.

The girl has a certain beauty about her and Griff likes her freckled face and also her smile. As he walked towards her, the prostitute remained frozen on her feet.

"You're going to teach me?" he asked in which she nodded her head, "so what's the first thing to do?"

"Go in the bed, m'lord," she answered almost nervously.

He obliged and went for the bed as Ros made her way towards the edge.

"It's not your first, m'lord?" she asked as Griff made himself comfortable sitting upright in the middle of the bed.

He shook his head.

"Do you know how to pleasure a woman? The sweet spot inside us?" she asked as she removed her clothes, slowly and Griff's arousal arrived in his thickening manhood.

"I know," he answered as his labored breathing came and Ros now crawling towards him.

"Well I guess this will be so much easier then," she said now on top of him, she found his manhood already erect and she gave him a wink before unfastening his breeches and sucking down the length of his cock with expert tongue and mouth.

Griff closed his eyes as the warmth of her mouth enveloped him and soon after she stopped, making his eyes flutters open, looking at her with lust.

"You're eyes are purple, m'lord," she noticed, "it's just like King Rhaegar's and Prince Jonothor's."

He smirked at her.

"How did you know? Have they visited this brothel frequently?" he asked her.

"No," she shook her head, "when I was younger I would often visit the castle and see them in their expensive garbs, tunics and crowns and Queen Lyanna would often set out charities for the poor folk of the city and visit orphanage with Prince Jonothor."

It seems like the Stark Queen knows how to play these games as well, Griff said to himself.

"Why are you visiting the castle?" he asked her.

She is still on top of him and while they are talking, she's continually stroking his hard cock.

"I was named by Queen Lyanna, m'lord," she answered almost surprising him, "she promised my mother that everything I need shall be given to me so while growing up, we were given food every time our bellies are empty and coins when we need it the most."

"So why did you end up as a prostitute?" he asked her curiously.

She smiled at him

"It's because of Lord Baelish," she answered him, as she slowly long stroke his cock, "he is a man of persuasion, m'lord," she paused and Griff saw on her eyes that there's a hint of warning on it, "he always gets what he wants and he wants more."

That whole day and night, Ros practiced him to the arts of making love. She mostly edged him to a point that he begged her to let him cum and she did, his first was spent on his sweet little mouth, swallowing the sticky liquid like it was some delicious meat. It was nightfall when he woke up from the bed of the brothel to find Lord Baelish standing on the balcony and when he heard him stir, the Master of Coin turned to look at him.

"Tired?" he asked him.

"Yes," Griff's voice came out as a sigh, "any news?"

"The council talked about the visit of Prince Aegon to Storms End this morning," answered Lord Baelish, "and when I voiced out that an alliance is brewing between the regions of Dorne and Stormlands, Lord Mace Tyrell dismissed my warning, saying that House's Targaryen, Tully, Arryn, Tyrell and Stark are stronger than the rest of the remaining great houses, and he made note that Theon Greyjoy is a companion to the Prince, taking it as a sign that House Greyjoy is on their league."

"Did you tell them about Sansa Stark?" Griff asked him.

"Yes," he answered with a nod, "I told them that an alliance with House Baratheon will be beneficial to the realm and by urging Eddard Stark to betroth his daughter to Joffrey, but I saw the blank expression of the King," he paused for a moment, "after all, he was almost killed by Lord Robert in the last battle at the Riverlands and I also made note of the frequent visits of Lady Cersei, I told them that Cersei is still a Lannister and by betrothing her eldest son to Sansa, Lord Tywin's allegiance will be one of the prices," he smiled, "Grand Maester Pycelle favors my words, and some of them are seems to be convinced."

Griff nodded his head, thinking that the seeds that were planted must bear fruit soon.

"How about Prince Viserys return, is there any news of the ship carrying him? Dorne is eagerly waiting for him, especially Princess Arianne Martell," he said.

"I'm afraid there's no news about the fate of Prince Viserys on his voyage," answered Littlefinger, "but Varys said to the council that Prince Viserys ship didn't dock to any of the Free Cities except Pentos."

"Where could that fool Prince be?" Griff asked more to himself and at the back of his mind, someone said that Prince Viserys is probably dead.

"I trust you learned a thing or two with Ros?" he asked Griff changing the subject.

He stood up from the bed and puts on his clothes as if he's alone in the room, in the past, he grew up with male companions, and he didn't mind being alone with Lord Baelish and the Master of Coins seems not to mind either.

"I did," he answered putting on his coat, "she is good."

"I know," answered Littlefinger with that satisfied look of his, "I told Lady Stokeworth that you agreed," he paused, pouring wine on a cup and offering it to him, "I told her your private affair with her will be held after a fortnight."

Griff drinks on the cup, the wine taste sour on his tongue.

"We can set it tomorrow if she likes," he told him simply, "she's a slut anyway."

"Tomorrow?" asked Littlefinger stroking his beard and Griff thought that it's obscene, "it's too soon, maybe a week from now," then he sat on the stool, "I also told someone that you are open for business."

Ros is right, said Griff to himself as he studied the small slender man, Littlefinger is cunning and all business, Griff wonders how much money this man will get by bargaining him to his clients.

"You know well I am not up for business like one of your prostitutes," he told him with a danger on his eyes.

Lord Baelish smiled casually, as if he is hiding something.

"Oh but you will if you know who's our special client," he told him.

"Then who is this special client?" Griff asked him and this time, the Master of Coin smiled showing his full teeth.

"The lord Hand," he answered him, "Lord Jon Connington."