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“Figure it out Lafayette. I will support you no matter what, but, if the rumors are not put to rest, you could lose your position. See you tomorrow.”
Lafayette threw his phone to the ground after he ended the call. George only wanted the best. Lafayette knew that, however, what George wanted was outrageous. The phone call started out pleasant, the two sharing how their days went and plans for the extended break while the senator sorted out the new gun laws. George had invited Gilbert to dinner with him and Martha. Lafayette knew how awkward it was for the Washingtons to have to drag him around on their date nights. That led to George wondering if Lafayette had a partner yet, leading to the two of them discussing the difference between dating someone and just fucking. Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, or more commonly known as ‘The Republicans who could not shut their fucking mouths for five seconds’ , were, as always, spewing hate-filled lies to the press about the chief of staff bringing hookers to the oval office, and the press ate it up. People Lafayette have never heard of were ‘coming out’ as his secret lovers who he would pay for casual sex almost daily. Even though he told George that everything Jefferson and Madison said was a lie, he told Lafayette that the rumors could taint his reputation permanently. By the end of the phone call, Washington said to just find a friend who would be willing to say that they were dating Lafayette the entire time to give the press something new to frenzy over. However, right now, Lafayette needs a drink and his friends.

He scrolled through his contacts until the perfect trio came into view.

KissMeImFrench: Mes amis, I need you. Tres vite!!

GreenEggsandHamilton: But I am in the middle of debating with someone about the new laws and how they truly will help our country prosper

TailorSwift: Sending Jefferson nine tweets that are all at the maximum character limitand calling him “filthier than that shade of pruple he was wearing in the other day” does not count as debating

GreenEggsandHamilton: All my points are valid and I have twenty more

TailorSwift: Also, I am out with Peggy so I cant help you tonite

KissMeImFrench: Si-vous plait!!!

TurtleMyAss: Answer the door

Lafayette dropped his phone and ran to the door of his apartment. John stood in his light blue pajama pants and black tank top. He was playing something on his phone when the door was opened. He looked up once the door was open and smiled at the frenchman. “Hey. What’s wrong Laf?”, he said as he placed one arm on Lafayette’s shoulders. Lafayette grabbed John’s arm and dragged him to the living room. In there, an open bottle of wine sat with no glasses on the coffee table across from the loveseat. John took a seat on one side of the couch while the host went into the kitchen to get some glasses.

“ You ‘ave ‘eard the sick rumors about me,non?” Lafayette yelled from the kitchen.

“Which ones? I heard one that you and Jefferson are secretly the same person and just switch out every time something new happens. And another about how you and Alex sent Madison a letter pretending to be Jefferson confessing his undying love”, John said. Lafayette came back into the room with two glasses and an unamused look on his face.

“You Americans. With your lies. Only one of those is true by the way”, he said. His French accent became thicker whenever he got emotional.” Washington called me and told me about ‘ow the press is saying I am bringing prostitutes into the oval office. Now, people are coming forward and saying I am their, ‘ow do you say, ‘infant father’. I ‘ave been ‘ere for ten years and I ‘ave never ‘ad sex with any person that would lead to a child, John. Washington says they might remove me. What should I do?”

“Baby daddy, Laf”, John said and suppressed a laugh as he pat the spot beside him. Lafayette sat down after putting the glasses on the table and laid his head on John’s lap. Finger began running through the frenchman’s hair, something John knew calmed his friend down. “ Do you remember when me and Alexander broke up, and Angelica had to find a way to tell the press?” He did.Washington was just elected president, and asked Alexander to be Secretary of the Treasury. Alex said yes without asking John beforehand if he wanted to move to D.C. full time. John had a stable job at a local shelter in New York City,but he was willing to give it up to support his boyfriend of five years. Six months into living at the capital, John began to notice something was going on with Alex. He would come home either late and disheveled or not for multiple days. No more date nights. They even began sleeping in separate rooms: John in the bedroom and Alex in his office. Finally, John came home to find Alexander and Maria Reynolds, some reporter, in their bed.

John moved in with Lafayette after this for a few months and would not leave his room. The poor boy was heartbroken.

John was dragged out of bed every day by Lafayette to make sure the boy ate. Tissues were abundant in the apartment. Occasionally,John would crawl into bed with Lafayette and pour his heart out about the plans he had for his future with Alexander and how they were gone. Every time, they would go to sleep holding each other.On John’s last night in Gilbert’s apartment, he looked more at peace with himself. After two months of living together, they had found John an apartment to live in about five minutes away from Lafayette, and John also got a job as a veterinary technician that was a quick walk from the new apartment.

“ You helped me through the darkest time of my life. And now, I am going to help you”, John said, looking Lafayette in the eyes.

“What are you going to do, John? “, Lafayette asked.

A smile grew across the freckled boy’s face. He moved his hands to grasp Lafayette’s cheeks and said,” Say I have been your boyfriend for the past three years”.

The room was silent. A light tapping from raining hitting the window was the only sign that time had not froze. John’s eyes remained locked with Lafayette. The frenchman’s features went from confused to shocked. At one point, Lafayette saw John as attractive. Before Alexander joined their friend group, Lafayette was going to try to be with the boy. After the breakup, Lafayette saw John as a friend who did not need to be taken advantage of. Lafayette’s mouth was dry, and for once, he had not response. He could not even laugh it off. The way John was looking at him proved that he was serious.” What?” was the only phrase Lafayette could muster after a few long minutes.

Life flowed back into John as soon as Lafayette spoke. “Simple. All you need to do is say that you could not have brought any prostitutes to the oval office,because that would be cheating on your love. If you have been dating me for the past three years, how could any of those be true. Say you have wanted me since we met but you kept silent until one night. Say we have been in love ever since and that we did not tell anyone to protect your image and because I was not ready for another public relationship. Embellish it. Do whatever. Just say we are dating. The press will eat it up, the rumors will die, and Washington can not remove you based on the rumors. Trust me.” John’s hands moved rampantly while he talked, causing Lafayette to grow more and more enthralled with the idea. He could pretend to love John. They could date.

“ That could work”, Lafayette said, sitting up. He turned around to face John. “John Laurens, will you be my boyfriend until your government stops riding my behind”

Laughter shook the room.” I will be your boyfriend until my government stops riding your ass”. The two broke down into fits of giggles. Lafayette grabbed the bottle of wine on the table and pour it into the glasses. John casually sipped his while Lafayette downed the glass.

It was around midnight when they stumbled into the master bedroom. John ran into Lafayette’s dresser while taking off his clothes, knocking over various pictures and other trinkets. Lafayette watched this while he stripped into his boxers for bed. The two collapsed into the bed once John told Lafayette to stop putting furniture in front of him. He told John to stop hitting the furniture and go to sleep. Soft snores came minutes later. Lafayette reached down for the comforter and pulled it over the sleeping boy. He slowly moved in and let his lips meet John’s forehead.

“Je t’aime, mon coeur” were his last thoughts before he went to sleep.