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Hey baby boy (stop spinning me around and around)

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"Yoongi! I hoped you would be here!"

Yoongi smiles shyly, tucking briefly into the warmth of Seokjin's arms and ducking away before his hyung can scold him about his jacket being too thin or the frayed hem of his jeans or the beat-up state of his Nike's. Seokjin's smile is warm, giving his shoulder a squeeze as Yoongi wanders off to the kitchen to find Namjoon. Seokjin has always been kind, welcoming, inviting Yoongi into his home whenever Yoongi is too tired or too tipsy to walk home, when he doesn't have enough food in his fridge for the night or whenever he's simply bored. The occasion today, though, is a welcoming party of sorts for a mutual friend.

He doesn't avoid him on purpose, or anything. Jung Hoseok is a dance student from Gwanju, somehow involved with Namjoon's production company and somehow closer friends with the rest of the gang than Yoongi ever managed to become within the first 3 months of meeting them. Yoongi's only met him a handful of times, unconsciously shrinking in on himself to make himself smaller, less noticeable, stepping behind Namjoon or Taehyung to become less of a target to Hoseok's sharp gaze, a sly smile playing at the corners of his mouth. "He's like, a literal ray of sunshine, Yoon, you'll like him when you get to know him better," Seokjin assured him once as they walked down the block to some bar, a few months back when they were first introduced, petting a hand down Yoongi's back when Yoongi purposely fell behind the group so he wouldn't have to walk next to Hoseok. He didn't mean to be rude. Hoseok seems to tower over him, his presence filling up entire rooms and swallowing Yoongi whole. Yoongi's a bunny, after all, he can't help feeling vulnerable, especially around African wild dog hybrids like Hoseok. He can't help the way he shakes a little when he talks to Hoseok and the way his voice makes his knees weak and the predatory glint in his eyes making Yoongi ache.

Namjoon is at the kitchen counter, sipping some pretentious cocktail drink he brags about having mixed himself and Yoongi smiles gently, nodding along to whatever Namjoon is telling him.

He can feel him there, Hoseok, watching him from the kitchen isle with curious eyes. Yoongi curls in on himself a little, unconsciously, hunching his shoulders in to make himself smaller. He grabs his beanie out of his back pocket on instinct, pulling it onto his head to protect his ears and keeping them hidden underneath his hat. Hoseok is gorgeous; he's let himself notice when he gets the chance to look at him long enough, but the younger always seems to catch it, mirroring his gaze, and Yoongi always turns red instantly, turning away and hiding off in the edge of the crowd until he can find an escape. He's got dark, dark brown hair, a little shaggy from neglect and long enough to skim along his eyelashes when he looks up. The freckles spattered across his face and neck are equally dark, spotted here and there and particularly dense around his cheeks and nose, down his neck into the back of his t-shirt and along the back of his arms, and he's heard Taehyung and Jimin laugh about the dense constellations of freckles down his back and thighs, matching the spots on his tail.

Yoongi laughs at something Namjoon says, hiding his open mouthed smile behind his hands curled into fists in the sleeves of his hoodie, and Hoseok's ears visibly perk up at the sound, his tail smacking against the cabinet door he's standing next to as it wags, and Yoongi's cheeks flush bright pink in embarrassment and surprise. "Um, I've got to-I'm gonna go find Jimin, I'll catch you later, Namjoon-ah."

He hurries out of the kitchen after Namjoon gives him a warm smile and he shudders bodily at the shrill laugh Hoseok barks out, cackling at something that Namjoon says, and Yoongi wishes he wasn't so easily frightened.



A couple hours later, a few drinks in his system, Yoongi finds himself sitting in a circle gathered in the living room, sipping on something fruity Namjoon mixed up for him and feeling considerably more relaxed. He even dares to steal a couple glances at Hoseok, not looking away instantly when Hoseok stares back, and he's all fuzzy inside, proud of himself for staring openly at the curve of Hoseok's heart-shaped mouth. It could also be the alcohol, but Yoongi likes to think he's getting a little more confident. Or at least not petrified of the fact that he's sitting a mere 10 feet across from Jung Hoseok.

"Alright, it's Jimin's turn now, Yoongi, you go," Seokjin says, and Yoongi takes a sip from his cup.

"What the dirtiest thing you've ever tried in bed?" Yoongi asks, and he's proud of the way he doesn't blush at the words coming out of his own mouth.

Jimin giggles excitedly, like he's been waiting for weeks for an excuse to brag about this. "I can take Jeongguk and Taehyung both in my ass."

Namjoon scoffs a little. "I've seen both of you, that's not that impressive. When you can get Taehyung to fist you, then I'll be impressed."

"We're working on it," Taehyung says with a wink, and Jimin laughs happily, Jeongguk blushing softly beside him, his hand riding up Jimin's thigh. "So, what about you, Yoongi hyung? What's the dirtiest thing you've ever done in bed?"

Hoseok's gaze rests heavier on him than Yoongi thinks he can carry, and when Jimin giggles out "Probably sex with the lights on," Yoongi finally does blush, because he hasn't even tried that yet.

"I've, um, I 69-ed once," Yoongi stutters out, and he's met with an impressed little noise from everyone in the group. He feels like a fraud just saying it, 'I've 69-ed' makes it sounds like Yoongi got to sit on his partner's face, getting eaten out and tongue-fucked while he sucked on their cock. It was actually 10 minutes of blushing, tangling limbs and arranging Yoongi on top of his partner, having his hole licked gently while Yoongi rested his cheek on their thigh, moaning and gasping softly. He got too shy after long and he never tried it again.

"Not bad, hyung, not bad at all," Jeongguk says, giving him a little slow clap that Jimin and Namjoon join in on, and Yoongi's cheeks are so warm, he's glad the lights are low. Hoseok is studying his face and Yoongi can see him, out of the corner of his eye, can't look at him or he might do something embarrassing, like moan, or cry.

"Yeah, I'm, um, I'm gonna g-go get another drink," Yoongi mumbles, and he avoids eye contact with the rest of the room as he eases himself up, his beanie falling off his lap and onto the floor as he scampers into the kitchen.

He told Hoseok, well, he told everyone, but Hoseok, Hoseok heard, Hoseok knows that Yoongi got himself naked and wet and let another bunny lick out his hole, maybe get his fingers inside him and prepare him to take a cock and Hoseok has the mental image now, of Yoongi with his ears fanned back against a mattress, a cock being driven in and out of him and Yoongi has to stop when he gets to the kitchen, steady himself against the countertop and squeeze his legs together in an attempt to ease the flood of blood rushing down between his legs. It shouldn't be a big deal, it shouldn't be a big deal, it should not be a big deal but Yoongi can hardly breathe, trying to hide his anxious little whimpers and suck in deep breaths. God, what if someone asks Hoseok what 'the dirtiest thing he's ever done in bed' is. Yoongi could be missing it, Hoseok could be in the other room right now talking about some orgy and Yoongi is missin-

He turns around and runs straight into what feels like a brick wall, firm and towering over him and Yoongi very nearly falls all the way back onto his ass, but the brick wall turns out to be Hoseok and Hoseok has his arms wrapped around him before he can hurt himself any further. "Hey, hey, hyung, you okay?"

Yoongi lets out a distressed squeak, instinct telling him to curl in on himself and keep his neck protected and run away whenever possible, but Hoseok keeps one arm curled around his waist, holding him against his torso as the other hand braces his shoulder. He's never been this close to him before, always kept his distance; Hoseok being short tempered and loud and obnoxious and owning whatever room he steps into, but now the wild dog is holding Yoongi pressed up against himself and looking at him with worried eyes, void of their signature amusement, and it's not till then that Yoongi realizes that he has his knees buckled, and if Hoseok wasn't holding him, he'd have fallen straight to the ground.

"I'm-," Yoongi squeaks, his voice breaking into a higher pitch, and he's grateful that Hoseok doesn't point out the crack in his voice or the way he steps on Hoseok's feet no less than three times as he struggles to regain his footing. "I'm alright, I'm, um, thank you."

Hoseok's mouth quirks up for a moment, but he obviously isn't convinced yet, removing his arm from around Yoongi's waist only to wrap his hand around Yoongi's shoulder, and Yoongi's mouth goes dry at the strength in his grip. "Are you sure, Yoongi?" he says, and Yoongi just stares, breathing shallowly in and out of his mouth as Hoseok brushes his cool hand along his face, pressing against his forehead, his cheeks, his neck, brushing his hair out of his face and making Yoongi's ears twitch in excitement.

"Y-Yeah," Yoongi breathes, and Hoseok nods, keeping his hands loosely on Yoongi's small frame, holding him still as he steps around him to get the cabinet. Yoongi feels a wave of guilt crash into his stomach; he's probably in his way, inconveniencing Hoseok who probably just wanted to come in here to get a drink and not make his way through an obstacle course. Yoongi gets ready to duck out of Hoseok's arms, making himself scarce, but Hoseok's grip tightens a hair and Yoongi freezes in place, lets himself be jostled around as Hoseok leans over him to open a cabinet. "You wanted a drink, right? That's what you came in here for?"

"Uh, yeah, yeah," Yoongi mumbles, turning around to face the cabinet, and a shock of arousal runs down his spine when Hoseok leans up against him, his thigh pressing into Yoongi's tail. "Oh!" Yoongi moans, loud, and he claps his hands over his mouth a second too late, the sound of his voice seeming to echo around him.

If Hoseok notices, he doesn't let up, adjusting to let his hip grind against the bunny's tail, and Yoongi can hardly breathe, arousal pooling in his gut so quickly it borders on painful. He can feel himself clenching and unclenching around nothing, his hole throbbing and aching and he's beginning to leak through his boxer briefs, squirming uncomfortably. "Hoseok," Yoongi whispers, hoping the other will notice his distress before he soaks through his blue jeans, but Hoseok simply pulls two cups down from the cabinet and lets his other hand fall from Yoongi's waist, petting his tail gently as his hand brushes by.

"What did you say you wanted to drink, Yoongi-yah?" Hoseok asks, his tone nothing but polite, resting his hand on Yoongi's hip, and Yoongi's breath catches in his throat, choking out a little whimper as his hips rock forward against Hoseok's thigh on their own accord. He's so embarrassed, but once he gets started he can't stop, can't help himself, and he stumbles back out of Hoseok's reach, tripping on his own shoes as he goes. "I'll pour it for you, it's not a problem."

"Thank you, but I, I can't, ah," Yoongi mumbles, looking anywhere around the kitchen except Hoseok's eyes. He catches sight of Hoseok's hands, his fingers, wrapped around a simple glass cup, and Yoongi needs to get out of there right now. "I have to go pee, th-thank you, Hoseok-ah."

If he were any more coherent, he would've heard the low chuckle Hoseok lets out as he leaves the kitchen, accompanied by that self-satisfied little smirk, would've been hyper aware of the way the rest of the gang's concerned eyes followed him as he speed walks through the living room to get to the bathroom down the hall. He doesn't notice, though, not with all of his animal instinct to be hyper aware of everyone and everything around him, and it's just a testament to the strength of one of his other animal instincts, to get himself undressed and bent over and fucked as soon as possible.

It's not super convenient, to absolutely need to be sated every time a flash of heat flickers inside him. Yoongi scrapes by most of the time by simply avoiding sexual situations, avoiding what he knows will get him excited and wet and begging to be fucked in 10 minutes flat. Certain situations, though, certain people, aren't always avoidable, and it's becoming routine for Yoongi to lock himself away in a bathroom stall whenever he has to be around Hoseok, pressing his fist to his teeth and getting himself relief in the most convenient way possible.

His brain is fuzzy and his mouth feels like cotton, but he distinctly feels the way his jeans rub against his tail as he pushes them down, and he fights back a whine as he sets his elbow on the bathroom counter, resting his forehead in the crook of his arm and leaving his ass bent out and exposed. His hands are shaky, as is his breathing, and he reaches back one trembling hand to slide through the mess of slick leaking out of him, rubbing the pads of his fingers against his hole and holding his breath as he pushes one finger all the way in. He's shy about making noise, even alone in his bed, and he hopes silently that he can make himself come before he's really gone, rutting against whatever he can find, the countertop maybe, and his inhibitions are completely forgotten. Yoongi blushes at the thought of his friends hearing him whimpering and moaning from out in the living room, blushing harder at the way his cock jumps, still caught in the front of his briefs.

He slides down onto his knees on the floor, and it's easier this way, pressing the side of his fist against his mouth and sliding two more fingers into his hole, jerking his hips up and down to ride his fingers. It's good, not like being held down and fucked, but it's so good, and a couple minutes later Yoongi is gasping out quiet little moans, cumming in spurts in his briefs and leaving them sticky and wet against his cock. He takes a moment to wash his hands, check himself in the mirror, and walks out with his heart racing and his cheeks flushed pink. He's got to get out of here, got to thank Seokjin and go home before anyone notices the wet patch in his pants, in the front and the back.

"Looking for something?" a voice calls out, and Yoongi jumps, turning behind him like a deer caught in the headlights to see Hoseok's silhouette at the end of the hall. His ears are perked and his tail swings lazily behind him, his hands tucked into his pockets, and it's not fair how good he looks simply at ease. It's not fair that he gets to be at ease at all, Yoongi thinks, his heart rate picking up even faster in Hoseok's presence.

"I was, um, S-Seokjin?" Yoongi squeaks, and Hoseok gives a curt nod. The line of his jaw looks sharp enough to cut, like the rest of his features.

"He ran to the store to get ice. Do you..?" Hoseok trails off, one eyebrow raised, and Yoongi shakes his head hurriedly, stuffing his hands into the pockets of his jacket and holding them down over the wet spot in the crotch of his jeans as he walks towards Hoseok, eager to get out the door.

With Hoseok standing in the way, the door might as well be a mile away. "N-no, I'm good, just, um. Tell Seokjin th-thank you, I gotta, I gotta get going."

"Alright," Hoseok chuckles, stepping aside to let him pass, and Yoongi can feel his eyes on him all the way to the door. "Catch you later, hyung."


The next time Yoongi catches him, they're at the corner store at the midway point between their houses, and Yoongi hangs around in the dairy isle and unnecessary twenty minutes, watching Hoseok's head bob around the shop over the top of the shelves.

He really needs to get home, he'd only gone to the store to pick up something for dinner tonight, but he'd gotten caught up, like he always does around Hoseok; and when those perky speckled ears duck down out of sight and disappear, a flash of panic jolts through Yoongi, standing on his tip toes and whipping his head around in search of the hybrid.

"Hi, hyung," Hoseok chirps, and Yoongi whips around, heart racing and eyes wide. Hoseok laughs, bracing a hand on Yoongi's shoulder so the frightened bunny doesn't tip over. "You look pretty today."

Yoongi blushes, heart still pounding in his chest, but he manages to make eye contact when he murmurs out a greeting. "It's good to see you, Hoseok-ah."

The wild dog smiles, gesturing at the 12 pack cradled in his left arm. "I'm just here to… collect."

Yoongi smiles softly, and he turns back to his grocery cart, leaning his forearms on the handle and strolling forward slowly, making sure Hoseok keeps up behind him. "Yeah, I was hoping to pick up some ice cream." Yoongi can practically feel Hoseok's tail begin to wag harder as the tension diffuses, and when Yoongi stops in front of the frozen food, Hoseok is right there beside him, opening the door so the two of them can peek in.

"You got a favorite flavor?" Hoseok asks, leaning in a little closer, his nose brushing the tips of Yoongi's hair. "Maybe… bunny tracks?"

Hoseok raises an eyebrow at him, a pout on his face, and Yoongi honest to god giggles, hiding his face in the crook of his arm. Hoseok smiles, giving Yoongi's hair an affectionate little ruffle, and Yoongi leans right in to the touch, letting Hoseok comb his hair through his fingers and pet his long ears. "Bunny tracks sounds good."


Yoongi is right behind him in the checkout isle, but Hoseok sticks around to carry his groceries and walk Yoongi the rest of the way home, stopping just shy of Yoongi's apartment door.

"Thanks, Hoseokie, I-I appreciate it a lot," Yoongi mumbles, looking shyly up at him through his fringe, and Hoseok sets his grocery bags down on the carpeted floor, making Yoongi's heart stop when he leans forward to press his lips against his forehead, one hand cradling the back of Yoongi's head.

"You put on a nice show a couple days ago, back at Seokjin's place," Hoseok murmurs against his hair, and Yoongi's knees buckle just barely, whimpering out a broken little moan. "Do you always think about me when you play with yourself, Yoongi-yah?"

"Hoseok," Yoongi cries out softly, and Hoseok brushes his thumb against his ear as he draws back, a dark glint in his eyes. He suddenly looks a lot more like the predator hybrid that he is, and Yoongi shivers.

"There's a party at Donghyuk's house tonight, you should come if you feel like putting on another show for me, yeah?"

"Yeah," Yoongi breathes, nodding softly, and he can't hide the blush creeping up his cheeks or the way he struggles to breath properly or the way he fidgets with his tail behind him. "Yeah, maybe I'll be there. I'll, I'll look for you."

Hoseok smirks, an edge to his expression, and he shoves his hands in the pockets of his jacket as he turns to leave. "'Bye, hyung."

"Goodbye," Yoongi mouths, but the words don't quite leave his throat, and the moment Hoseok disappears behind the elevator doors, Yoongi takes his groceries inside and slumps against the door as it shuts.



8 hours later, Yoongi isn't at the party of some music producer he barely knows, instead tucked away in the safety of his bed, curled up on his side with his hand beneath the waistband of his pajama pants, fisted loosely around his cock. Going to a party is a big emotional investment, especially without someone like Jimin or Seokjin to hold his hand through the entire thing, but Hoseok's words echo through his head like a scratched record.

He's never been with anyone like Hoseok, anyone not like himself. All his past partners have been bunnies, like him, with the same petite frame and build and smaller cocks and gentle mannerisms; and all the sexual encounters he's ever had have been soft kisses and gentle touches and inexperienced rabbit fucking in the missionary position, hushed little whimpers and moans panted into each other's mouths. Hoseok scares him, in the way that Yoongi knows that his teeth are sharp enough to tear his throat out and his hands alone are big enough to squeeze him in two, and somehow it's still not enough to keep Yoongi from unlocking his phone, hovering his thumb over the call icon on Hoseok's contact as he begins steadily pumping his hand around his cock.

On one hand, Yoongi is by all definitions of a good boy. He's not promiscuous or licentious or corrupt. On the other, Hoseok makes him feel like he could be.

Yoongi squeezes his fist around his cock, worrying his lip between his teeth to hold back a moan when his phone rings. It's Hoseok, of course it's Hoseok, and of course now Yoongi doesn't hesitate to answer, putting his phone on speaker and sitting up and back onto his thighs so he can rub his fingers against the seam of his hole. "H-hello?"

"Yoon," Hoseok drawls, and his dialect is more prominent, his pronunciation slurred and his breathing hard. "Hi, sweet pea."

Yoongi blushes, slowing his hand down. His dick gives a jolt at the sound of Hoseok's voice, and Yoongi squeezes his eyes shut, taking a deep breath. "Hoseok, are you, are you at the party?" He asks, and it's a dumb question but Yoongi is willing to say anything to get Hoseok to keep talking in that deep rumble.

"I am, I'm, I'm a little drunk, I… hoped you would be here tonight," Hoseok admits. "Did you get shy on me?"

"Yeah," Yoongi says, barely above a whisper, but Hoseok grunts out a little acknowledgement on the other line and the sound makes Yoongi's insides flare up.

"How was your day, bun? What did you and that cute ass of yours do?"

Yoongi laughs softly, tucking his cheek into his shoulder on instinct. "I-I went to the grocery store, with you, Hoseokie, and I-I took a walk and made dinner and took a bath," he recites, pointedly leaving out the part where he arranged himself underneath the faucet of his bathtub, letting water run over his cock while he tugged at his nipples and sobbed Hoseok's name. "I wanted to come by the party to see you, but I-"

"I can't stop thinking about your pretty pussy, hyung," Hoseok moans on the other line, and Yoongi freezes, his heart stopping and his hands trembling. "God, I'm, I'm fucking my hand and I really wish it was your tight little hole."

"Hos-Hoseok," Yoongi whispers, and he's so wet, sliding the hand around his cock down between his legs, pressing a finger into himself.

"Are you blushing, hyung?" Hoseok asks, and when he laughs it's pitched low and breathy, and Yoongi shuts his eyes to try and concentrate on what Hoseok looks like, probably pressed against some bathroom door with his hand down his sweatpants. "I bet you're all pink and cute, huh? Is your pussy pink too? Huh?"

Yoongi shudders through deep breaths, fucking himself hard and blushing harder (Hoseok was right, of course he was right, Yoongi feels like his face is in flames) at the soft slick squelches, the bouncing of the mattress, he little sounds he pushes out of himself. "Y-Yeah," he manages to choke out, and the little groan Hoseok rewards him with has him on the verge of incoherency.

"God, I wanna fuck you so bad, you're just begging to be used, aren't you?" Hoseok rambles, and Yoongi can hear him fucking into his own hand on the other line now. "I'd fuck you so hard, I'd cum so much and stuff you with my knot and breed your pretty little pussy, until you're sobbing, you'd fucking love that, wouldn't you?"

Yoongi can't answer, can't bring himself to formulate a sentence in his head other than Hoseok has a knot, of course Hoseok has a fucking knot, and he's so, so gone, stuffing as many fingers as he can fit into himself and panting as he rides his hand. Hoseok has a fucking gorgeous knot, that would fuck him open and fill him up so well, plugging him full of cum and stretching him open and Yoongi has never wanted anything so badly.

"I've never been this messy before for anyone, I'm fucking dripping, hyung," Hoseok moans, and his breathing is getting harder, too. "You're wet, aren't you? Are you making a mess all over yourself?"

"Uh huh," Yoongi gasps, and he's so close, his orgasm pooling in the pit of his stomach and pulling at the base of his cock.

"You'd love it if I bred you, huh? Want me to fuck you and knot in you until you're too tired to stay awake anymore? Would you let me keep fucking you?" Hoseok pants, and Yoongi sobs, squeezing his thighs together as his orgasm climbs down his body and forces itself out, leaving him shaking and whimpering Hoseok's name and hiccupping into his pillow when he hears Hoseok groaning out his own orgasm on the other line.

"Hoseok," he coos, and the hybrid grunts in response, his head hitting the door behind him with a resounding thud.

"Fuck, Yoongi, you-," he mutters, and Yoongi busies himself with cleaning up the mess he made while Hoseok recovers; easing his sullied pillowcase off his pillow and tossing it onto the floor, and pulling off his pajama pants to wipe up the slick smeared down his ass and thighs, tossing them as well. He's desperately comfortable, curling up in the warm spot in his mattress, and he lets out a soft little hum to let Hoseok know he's drifting. "You're so hot."

"You should go home, Hoseok-ah," he mumbles, and Hoseok lets out a chuckle on the other line.

"I should probably let my knot go down first, but y-yeah, I have a ride."

Yoongi's eyes fly open in recognition, and this is real, Hoseok is real, with his knot and his big hands and his freckles, and Yoongi is a little breathless, even as his eyes drift shut.

"You know, I'm, uh," Hoseok begins, and Yoongi lets his eyes flutter back open, humming softly to urge him on. "You know where I'm staying, at Seokjin's. You should drop by sometime."

Yoongi nibbles his lower lip, tightening his fingers in his bedsheets. "If I'm not too shy?"

Hoseok chuckles, and it's the last sound Yoongi fully registers before he drifts off. "Only if you're not too shy."