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Obligatory Shirtless Scene

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Deku felt like he’d been in the hottest sauna on Earth. His shirt was wetter than the time he took a dip in the swimming pool that one time 3 years ago and the sweat flowed on his skin. Running in the summer was a good and bad idea. Good, because it was a great way to enjoy the beautiful days.

Bad because all that sweat was a pain to wash off.

Even worse, Ochaku was coming over for a study session.

“Oh, Izuku! You’re back!” Inko hadn’t heard her son come back in. Sping onion pieces scattered on the cutting board facing away from Deku. Inko scanned her son up and down and noticed the massive sweat stains spreading across his sleeveless shirt. “Oh! I guess you had quite the run, huh?”

“Yeah, I guess,” he sheepishly replied. “I need a shower.”

“Oh, of course!” Inka replied. “I’ll leave a clean set of clothes out on your bed, okay?”

“Thanks mom,” he said before going into the bathroom.

Inka went back to prepping dinner while Deku got washed up. He must have been there for a while. That was some run! She checked to see if he’d come out every now and then before going back to work.

Her back was turned when Deku left the bathroom for his bedroom.

Not 30 seconds later, she heard a knock on the door. Laying her knife down, she moved to the front door, opened it and gently gasped at who it was. “Oh! You must be Ochako!” she said.

“Hello!” Ochako said while bowing. “Is Deku home? We were supposed to study for our math test.”

“Oh, I completely forgot about that!” said Inko. “He went for a run earlier and is taking a shower. Why don’t you wait a few minutes?”

“That’s fine!” Ochako replied.

Inka welcomed her inside. Aside from the TV, Ochako didn’t hear anything. And now Inka noticed it, as well. “Oh! He must be out of the shower.”

“Where might he be?”

“I left some fresh clothes in his room, so I think he’s there,” said Inko. His room, the one with the nameplate, was clearly advertised. 

Ochako knocked on his door. “Hey, Deku?” She didn’t hear an answer. She knocked again. No answer. She shrugged, not even thinking about the possibilities beyond the other side of the door as she opened it. She froze.

Deku had his shorts and socks on, but not his shirt. The taught back muscles were plainly visible under his skin and when he turned around, she got a good look at his scultped teenage chest. Her mouth gaped wide open, and so did her eyes. Her face turned tomato red and a small amount of blood trickled out of her nose.

She also made a squeaking sound that caught Deku’s attention. Next he turned bright red and covered his chest with the All Might shirt. “HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN THERE FOR!?” he shouted.


“CLOSE THE DOOR!” Deku shouted, which Ochako did.

Her face was still bright red when she said aloud to herself, “Oh no. He’s hot!”