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Thread of Destiny

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"This blows. I had plans for this break. I can't believe dad's dragging us to the lake and this early in the morning. I should be sleeping." He yawned.

"What plans? Lock yourself up in that car shop?" Sam teased.

"Shut it, dork."

"It's just for three weeks, Dean."

"This is like a year in my mind." He mumbled, stuffing clothes into his duffle bag. "You think they'll let me stay here while you guys head up there?"

"Last time you stayed home you almost burned down the house."

"How was I supposed to know the ceiling would burn like that?" He said as he shrugged his shoulders. "At least it didn't burn down. I should get some credit for that." He sat down on his bed and sighed. "Oh well, I guess I have no choice then, huh?"

"Dean, Castiel is coming too. Mom wants to make sure I pass this prep-ACT test."

"Poor guy getting dragged into this. I am so glad I survived that. Dude I wish you luck, though. You're only in the 8th grade. You have three more years of that crap."

"BOYS! Let's go! Your father is waiting for us in the car."

"Coming!" They shouted back before finishing up their packing.

"Let's go Sammy."

Once outside the boys loaded their things into their dad's trunk. The ride would be long and Sam wasn't looking forward to it. "Hey Dean, you should bring your car." Sam suggested when he opened the door to the backseat. He wanted their dad to hear.

"That's a friggin' good idea." It would save him and Sam from the long ride in the car listening to ACT talk. "Hey, you guys don't mind right? I can pick up Sammy's tutor and we can follow you guys up to the lake."

John just grinned. He didn't mind. At least Dean wasn't trying to talk his way out of the trip. "Hurry up. Get your car outta the garage." He said as he pushed the button on the opener.

Dean smirked. "Come on, Sammy." The brothers wasted no time in fleeing towards the garage. Dean backed out the 1967 Impala and Sam closed the door back before slipping into the passenger’s seat. "Good plan, little bro." Dean chimed.

John honked motioning for Dean to follow him to Castiel's home.

They arrived at Castiel's home about 20 minutes later and Sam got out going to knock on the front door. Dean stayed in the car and waited. He had been there plenty of times but not at 6am in the morning.

A brunette woman answered and smiled at the boy. "Good morning, Sam. Castiel will be down in a moment." She stepped aside and let him in. "How are your studies going?"

"Good morning Ms. Naomi." He replied, questioning why the woman seemed so wide awake that early in the morning. "Castiel has been testing me on everything for the practice ACT so it's going really good." He said, answering her question.

"That's wonderful. I'm pleased to hear that."

Castiel came down right when his mother was about to speak again. He planned to get out as soon as possible.

"Hey!" Sam said to the blond.

"Good morning, Sam." He said as he moved over to the front door. "I'll see you in three weeks, mother."

The woman just nodded and watched the two head to the Impala. Sam found it weird at how formal Castiel was with his mother. They seemed like strangers to one another, almost like a business transaction. There wasn't even a proper goodbye.

Dean popped the trunk and watched Sam slide into the backseat. "He all set?"


Castiel loaded his things into the trunk before closing the door. "Hello, Dean." He said softly as he got in. He felt awkward going on this trip with someone else's family but at the same time he was happy to be away from home. He didn't get along with his mother very well and he really liked the Winchester's. They treated him like an actual teenager, not an employee. Then there was Dean. The older Winchester was popular and seemed to be good at everything. He always thought Dean wouldn't give him the time of day if it weren't for the fact that he was tutoring Sam but he found out that he was wrong.

Dean didn't care about popularity. In all honesty Dean didn't even realize how it happened. He was kind of rude- no he was rude, obnoxious, and obsessed with his car and music. Kids at school were far from his mind. Castiel didn't talk to Dean often since he was the quiet and shy type who spent his spare time in the library.

"Hey Cas, you'll like the lake house. It's quiet. You're always at the library right? It's just like that but with water." He said, turning onto the freeway following his parents.

Castiel went wide eyed for a moment. 'Cas?' He thought to himself. That was the first time someone called him that. It was sort of… nice. Wait! How did he know that he was always in the library?

Yes Dean didn't seem like the type who valued studying but he was smart when he applied himself. He spent more time at the library than he cared to admit though. "I see you there all the time when I'm there."

Castiel smiled and nodded. "Um, Yes. I like the library. It's quite relaxing."

"Too quiet for my taste, the roof is a great place to chill though." It's where Dean got most of his homework done.

"I have never been up there. They say no one is allowed. How did you get past the alarms?"

"Well buddy, some rules are meant to be broken. Live a little. Those alarms are a joke. A monkey could disarm them."

"Explains how you got in, Dean." Sam joked.

"Who asked you, shorty?"

Cas just smiled awkwardly and looked out the window. 'Live a little...’. He wasn't sure he had ever done that but hey, anything was possible.

The lake house was beautiful. It had three floors; the first had three bedrooms with bathrooms inside of them. The second had two bedrooms and one bathroom, and the third had the master bedroom and a bathroom. The third floor was where Mary and John stayed. The cottage was located in Wisconsin and took about 10 hours to get there from Lawrence Kansas. John built it right after he and Mary had Dean. They went there for the holidays mostly but it was great for vacations. The cottage was 6 miles out from the town and surrounded by water except for the road that led into town. Only after 10 hours with five stops they had finally arrived. The vacation was just beginning.

"Alright boys," John started. "Let’s get this stuff unpacked. Dean, show Castiel up to one of the rooms and help him unpack."

"Sure thing," He closed the car door and popped the trunk. "Come on, Cas."

Castiel nodded and grabbed his bags. He liked that nickname that Dean created for him. It was something new that made him feel accepted. "This place is beautiful, Dean." He nearly whispered as he followed the other teen up the porch steps.

"Yeah, if you like this kind of stuff." He pushed open the front doors and looked back at Castiel. "You should stay on the first floor with me. All the bathrooms are inside the bedrooms." He cooed. "Plus Sammy likes having the second floor by himself. He calls it his 'moose flat'. Dork." He laughed and walked down the long hallway and stopped at the room next to his usual one. "Alright, I'm right next door so if you need anything, don't knock on my door." How helpful. He didn't mean it but in a way he did.

Castiel just nodded. "Understood."

"Hey man, I was just kidding around."

"I see."

"Dude, you need to loosen up some." He took Castiel's bag and tossed it onto the bed. "Yeah, we can unpack later. Let's go swimming. You're way too fucking serious. It's break, man. Not finals."

"Um...well--" He was cut off by Dean dragging him out of the room and back to the front door. This wouldn't end well.

"Hey, dad! I'm gonna take Cas and show him around the area."

"Be back for dinner." Mary shouted to him.

"Gotcha!" He grinned and dragged the tutor around back. "There's this little spot that leads to this cool secluded waterfall. It's not huge but it's pretty awesome."

Castiel followed quietly. He didn't exactly know how to say no to Dean...then again he wasn't sure if he wanted to say no. He didn't feel like such a robot with him.

The lake extended further than anyone could actually see from the road. Through the woods and the small opening between the rocks, there was a crescent shaped closed off area. The waterfall was the entrance and the exit. "See, I told you. This place is bad ass." He grinned and climbed down the stones to the flat ground. Castiel followed closely behind. He was in new territory.

"C'mon, there's more under water."

Castiel shook his head quickly. "Um, out here is fine."

"C'mon, you first," Dean grinned and tossed Castiel into the water. Castiel didn't even have enough time to react. He knew he should have said something sooner.

Dean watched him hit the water and sink under. He waited for a moment but only saw bubbles hitting the surface. "Cas?" He was starting to panic. "CAS!?" He kicked off his shoes and pulled off his shirt before jumping off the elevated cliff and dived under. Dean saw the blond sinking down even further. He felt like a terrible person for forcing him into the water. He reached Castiel in time and wrapped an arm around the others waist and swam back to the surface. He was seconds away from sinking down to the darkest parts of the lake. "Cas, hang in there buddy." He got him back to the rocks and pulled him out of the water. Talk about a rocky start to a vacation. 

Dean performed CPR and mouth to mouth resuscitation for a minute or two before Cas spat up the water he inhaled.

Breathing heavily he rolled over into his side, coughing.

"Are you okay?!" Dean asked his hand on his shoulder.

Castiel just nodded.

"Look man, I'm really sorry. I didn't know you couldn't swim." It probably would have helped if he had of asked. "You alright?"

“I am fine. Don't blame yourself. I should have told you before you brought me here."

Dean just leaned over him, watching closely to make sure he was in fact okay. He didn’t want any visits to the hospitals on the very first day. His dad would be pissed. “Fuck you scared the shit out of me.”

Castiel pushed up onto his elbows and glanced at Dean. They were so close. He swallowed thickly and looked off to the side. “I’m sorry.”

“Dude, you really need to stop apologizing for everything. Not your fault.” He smiled softly and pushed hair out of the tutor’s face. “You want to head back?”

“No. I like it here.”