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Estelle and Dot's Adventures in Pocketville

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The Fudo family was waiting with Cherry to pick up the kids from the airport after their flight to leave France and come back home. While they were waiting, a familiar blonde woman with her older brown-haired son and two twins who both had blonde and brown hair were walking along.

"Atticus?" Sabrina smiled. "I thought that was you."

"Hey there, Sabrina." Atticus smiled back.

"What brings you guys here?" Mo asked.

"Harvey had a tour and he's coming home today," Sabrina smiled back. "What're you all doing here?'

"Picking up the kids from visiting Darla and Urchin in Paris." Atticus said, then noticed the kids. "Hey, Jackson, hi Samantha, hey, Tabitha."

"Hi, Mr. Fudo." the kids greeted.

"Mr. Fudo, is it true that you are as strong as a god?" Jackson smiled.

"Oh, you could say that," Atticus chuckled. "Some might say even stronger, like stronger than your Uncle Drell."

"Cool!" Jackson smiled.

Atticus chuckled as he waited for the incoming flight from Paris.

"So, um, do the twins know about your M-A-G-I-C?" Mo asked the blonde woman.

"Do you think maybe Akito and Estelle would like to help tutor them on it?" Sabrina whispered. "They're almost ready for Magic Training classes back when we were in high school."

"Oh, they would be delighted." Mo smiled.

Sabrina smiled back. One flight finally came and there was Harvey.

"Dad!" Jackson and the girl twins beamed, running to their rock-star father.

"Harvey!" Sabrina beamed and ran to her husband, wrapping her arms around him and suddenly kissing him on the lips which caused their kids to cover their eyes.

"Eeww..." Jackson and his twin sisters recoiled in disgust.

Atticus and Mo giggled to them.

"Okay, Sab, we better stop before the kids become sick." Harvey teased.

"Come on, guys, let's get some pizza since Dad's home." Sabrina announced.

"Yay!" the Spellman kids cheered.

"See ya guys later!" Sabrina called as she left with with her family.

"See ya, Sabrina!" Atticus and Mo called back.

Sabrina smiled, then left with her family.

"Paris's flight should be here any minute now..." Mo took out her pocket watch.

After a few minutes had passed, the Fudo siblings finally arrived with their luggage and pets.

"Oh, dears, you're home!" Mo beamed.

"Hey, Mom and Dad," Akito hugged his parents first. "Aunt Darla and Uncle Urchin say hi."

"Did you kids have fun in Paris?" Atticus smiled to them.

"Yep and I have a surprise!" Estelle smiled.

"Oh?" Atticus and Mo smiled to their daughter.

"Go ahead and show them, Sis." Vincent said.

"Oh, I dunno, should I?" Estelle smiled shyly. "I mean... How would I do it?"

"Sis, you Ponied-up in Pocketville and then in Paris." Akito said.

"Ponied-Up?" Mo and Atticus asked.

"Yeah, I don't know how, but it happened when I saved Dot from Princess Eva with Kate, Princess Ava, and Magic's help." Estelle said.

"They won't believe you until you show them your new transformation." Akito said.

"I just don't know how it happened, but I got excited somehow..." Estelle shrugged. "My cutie mark also glowed from my Equestrian form."

"Your Ponied-up form happens when you are showing your true self." Atticus said.

"That explains a lot," Snow White said. "By the way, mind if we visit my brother? I hear he's going to London with Jon and Odie."

"Sure." Atticus shrugged.

"Purr-fect~" Snow White chuckled to her owner's parents.

"Ooh, nice pun." Scruffy said.

"What pun?" Snow White then asked.

"Never mind, we're outta here." Dot said.

The Fudo couple then took their kids and their pets into the car to get home.

"So, Dad, any cases?" Akito asked in admiration.

"Nope." Atticus shook his head.

"So we can have some family fun?!" Akito asked.

"If you'd like." Atticus smiled.

"YES!" Akito beamed.

"Wahoo!" Scruffy smiled.

Akito and Scruffy laughed as they were eager to spend some time with the man of the house. Atticus smiled to their excitement, feeling very much the same way.

"Nothing could ruin this moment!" Dot smiled.

"I hope you kids are ready to get home, I made a special dinner." Mo smiled.

"Ooh." The Fudo siblings smiled.

Atticus and Mo smiled back. They soon went back home to get ready for dinner.

The End