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Estelle and Dot's Adventures in Pocketville

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Akito, Estelle, Vincent, and Felicity were in Paris, visiting Eloise as they had promised. Darla and Urchin were on the couch together as Darla looked extremely exhausted as Skipperdee crawled to her feet.

"You okay, Darla?" Urchin asked his wife.

Darla yawned. "Up all night at a photo shoot, they wanted me to be a guest star."

"It's not Pierre again, is it?" Urchin asked angrily, knowing how the French man used to keep her away from their daughter back in the Plaza Hotel days when Eloise was six.

"No, not this time." Darla sighed.

Urchin gave her a back rub to soothe and relax her. "We should have some alone time."

"Oh, but what about the little one?" Darla asked. "Eloise is in the backyard with Weenie and her cousins."

"I'm sure they'll be just fine." Urchin assured her.

"Hmm..." Darla hummed.

In the backyard...

Scruffy, Snow White, Bartok, Dot, and Weenie were looking to their owners.

"Okay, let's see which one of you can jump through the hoop like a circus pet," Eloise said as she took out a hula hoop. "Weenie, show them how it's done and JUMP!"

Weenie backed up, slightly nervous and let out a nervous whine.

"He's a bit nervous." Estelle said.

"Oh, come on, Weenie..." Eloise said to her dog.

Weenie wasn't too sure.

"I'll do it, I can go through a hoop no problem!" Bartok spoke up.

"Okay, Bartok, you try it." Eloise decided.

Bartok spread his wings out and flew through the hoop and laughed at himself. "Tada! I used to be in the circus, ya know."

"Cool." Scruffy, Snow White, and Dot smiled.

"I'm awesome." Bartok laughed at himself.

Weenie pouted. "That's 'cuz you have wings."

"Spoilsport." Bartok folded his arms.

Estelle felt pretty bad for Weenie and where she then heard a song being sung, but she couldn't find the source of it. Weenie sighed as he felt insecure about himself.

Darla came into the backyard. "Eloise?"

"Mother!" Eloise beamed to her mother, so glad that they got to see more of each other these days.

"Could you watch your little sister for a bit?" Darla asked. "Mommy and Daddy are going to spend some alone time together upstairs."

"I'd be happy to." Eloise smiled.

"Thanks, dear, we'll be upstairs if you need us, word of advice, try not to need us." Darla smirked rather lustfully.

"I shall try, Mother." Eloise smiled.

Darla hugged her daughter. "Thank you."

Eloise smiled back to her mother. Darla then went into the room as a shy young platinum blonde haired girl with brown eyes with a black headband walked out, appeared to be wearing a school uniform with a blue jacket, black tie, and plaid skirt.

"Hi, Giselle." the others greeted Eloise's younger sister.

"Hi, guys..." Giselle shyly waved.

"What's up?" Vincent asked.

"Um... I think I see a bird..." Giselle looked up to the sky.

The Fudo siblings and Felicity sighed slightly to her response, even Felicity was catching up to modern lingo.

"No, Giselle, they just mean how are you?" Eloise told her little sister.

"Ohh, I'm doing fine." Giselle smiled.

"We're doing tricks, why don't you try one with Weenie?" Eloise handed the hoop to her little sister.

Giselle took the hoop and came to the family dog. "Uh... Here, Weenie..."

"So, Eloise, what's it like having your parents around much more?" Akito smiled to his younger cousin.

"Oh, it's fabulous!" Eloise beamed, then sighed. "I do sometimes miss being at the Plaza with Nanny, Bill, Charlie, and everyone else there... But maybe I'll go visit sometime for old time's sake, they can meet Giselle."

"Yeah." Estelle smiled.

"Come on, Weenie, come on." Giselle smiled

Weenie was still nervous.

"You can do it, just give it a try!" Giselle encouraged. "Atta boy!"

Weenie then stood up and tried to jump through the hoop, but got stuck on one end of it and dangled slightly.

"Come on; you're almost there." Giselle smiled.

Weenie then hopped off.

"Oh, it's so magical to talk to animals..." Eloise smiled to her visiting cousins.

"I wonder if we'll get to go to Pocketville," Estelle agreed as she hugged Dot. "I've heard about it and I've always wanted to go."

"Same here." Dot smiled.

"My puppy and I forever and ever, that's all I want." Estelle smiled.

"Estelle and I forever and ever, that's all I want." Dot smiled back.

The two then nuzzled together with giggles.

"Girls..." Vincent sighed as he had a nail file while his cat was on a fluffy pink pillow. "Manicure, Snow White?"

"Please." Snow White purred poshly.

Estelle and Dot started to hear the song Estelle heard earlier get louder and where they started to glow. The others looked shocked.

"What's happening?!" Giselle panicked for Estelle and Dot.

Estelle and Dot then seemed to vanish.

"Estelle!" Akito cried out.

"What was that?" Snow White wondered.

"That was unusual..." Eloise commented. "Where do you suppose she went?"

"Hmm..." Akito went over to his backpack and took out a spell book given to him from his father and looked through it to see if it had the answer of what had happened to his twin sister and her dog.

Meanwhile, Estelle and Dot appeared at a fountain. Estelle and Dot blinked in surprise of their sudden new location.'

"Estelle, what just happened?" Dot asked.

"I-I-I'm not sure, Dot..." Estelle seemed just as lost as her puppy did.

The two of them then got off the fountain to take a look around where they were. It looked like a very beautiful utopia, at least, it did so far.

"Wow, this place looks so beautiful." Dot smiled.

"It's like something out of a dream or a fairy tale book..." Estelle agreed as they walked together.

"Maybe they have something for us to eat." Dot smiled.

Estelle laughed and was about to tease Dot for being hungry, but she then held her stomach as it lightly growled. "Oh, I see what you mean..."

"Looks like great minds think alike." Dot smirked.

"And stomachs." Estelle smirked back.

"Well then, let's go and find a place to eat." Dot smiled.

"Hopefully there is one." Estelle nodded as they walked along.

As they walked, little did they know, they were being watched.

"Could she be the one we were looking for?" a voice asked the other.

"I expected someone else, but she speaks with her canine companion." the other voice replied.

"Just like Kate, but she doesn't have the Ocean's Heart, how is that possible?" A third voice asked.

"We better do some research on this new girl with her canine." the first voice suggested.

"Yes and find out how both of them got here after the Friendship Ceremony." The second voice said.

"Agreed." the other voices agreed.