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So Glad That I Found You

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"Never could I breathe love if I did not first learn to inhale a little bit of chaos." 

- Christopher Poindexter 


Louis hates the sound birds make in the morning. It makes him feel so calm, peaceful. It gives him the illusion that it's going to be a relaxing day ahead, as if he doesn't have to go to work.

He doesn't mind teaching at the nursery; he loves teaching and being with the little kids that always manage to put a smile on his face. It's working later in the evening that he's not too fond about.

Working at a fancy restaurant has its perks; higher paycheck for one. He needs it to pay for his food and flat among other things. Teaching pre-school doesn't really pay much. His friends who work at the restaurant survive just fine but they don't have a struggling Mum and sisters to get back to. That's why he has two jobs.

His Mum never said a thing about the financial state back home but Louis knows how much his Mum works to take care of his sisters. That's why he decided to help take care of that too. Working at the restaurant doesn't earn him much more either, but it helps a bit. The first thing he usually does when he gets the paycheck is pay his part of the rent and then send half of the money he has left to his Mum.

She always calls him to let him know how grateful she is whenever he does that. She also always tells him that he doesn't have to do that. But Louis says he lives just fine with it, and he wants to help.

It's a good thing, the salary. But it doesn't mean that he wants to deal with rich people who treat him like shit just because he doesn't own half a quarter of what they have in their pocket. Every night, there's always going to be a customer that's going to put him through a hard time doing his shift. Can't really say he's not used to it, but every once in a while it tends to make him feel shitty. About his situation, his finance, and about himself.

Being an Omega doesn't really help much. If anything, it makes it worse. The flirting, the grope, then the insult that comes when he rejects them. It's tiring and annoying and Louis is barely holding back from punching the Alphas in the face.

He's never punched an Alpha before but he really doesn't want to start figuring out the consequences now. Besides, if he even so much touch them in any provocative way, he would probably lose his job and Louis won't take that risk.

So whether he wants to or not, Louis stumbles into the bathroom and starts to get ready for the day. By the sounds coming from the kitchen, it seems like his flatmate, Alex, is already up and about. Alex is always the early riser and he does all the cooking.

After one accident, both of them know not to ever send Louis in the kitchen again. He couldn't cook to save his life.

When he's dressed in a cream slacks and blue shirt, Louis goes into the kitchen and quickly takes a seat in front of Alex at the small dining table that houses four. Alex has made pancakes and bacon for today, making Louis' stomach grumble and he doesn't hesitate to grab a plate.

"Ready to teach those kids some ABCs today?" Alex smiles at him when he sits down.

"Yeah. And then work at the restaurant after. Ugh." Louis sighs, pouring himself some tea.

Alex is helping himself to some bacon. He leans forward a little, forehead creased. "Maybe you should look for another job. I mean, someone can only stand that kind of treatment for so long."

"I know Alex. But I don't think I have time for a job hunt. Besides, I doubt there's any open job that pays as good as this around the nursery. I can just walk to the restaurant at least after school ends." Louis takes a bite of his pancake, trying to ignore the worried look his Beta friend is sending him. "I'll be fine. I promise. If anything gets out of hand, and I doubt it will, I'll look for another job straightaway."

Alex doesn't look like he believes him, but he relents anyway with a nod. "Okay, just tell me if you need anything. You know I'll be here for you."

Louis smiles, grateful. "Thank you, Alex."

"Hey, Louis. You're early today." His colleague, Brad, greets when he walks through the back door, giving him a big smile.

Louis hangs his coat by the door and nods. "Yeah, I had no extra work today so I decided to just head straight here. Is it crowded?"

Brad shakes his head reassuringly. "Nope. But I think it would be later, as usual."

"Alright." Louis goes to his locker so he could change into his waiter suit, making sure to style his hair into a quiff so that it'll give him a little of a posh look. He also dabs a bit of perfume on the inside of his wrists, making himself presentable before he walks out.

"Table 4, mate." Andre, another waiter tells him as he brushes past Louis into the kitchen.

"Thanks." Louis sends him a smile as he glances at the table mentioned before grabbing the menu from the counter and heading towards his customer with a friendly smile.

It's a group of four people, two of them are Alphas with an Omega and a Beta. Louis ignores the looks he receives from the gawking, unmated Alphas and hands out the menus. It's nothing he's not used to. One would think these rich people would at least have some professionalism.

"Good evening, my name is Louis and I'll be your waiter for today. Can I get you anything?" He keeps his voice light, professional but warm.

The Beta girl smiles. "Can I have a glass of water, please?"

"Me too." The Omega says, nodding at Louis before she starts going through the menu.

Louis acknowledges their orders and takes a deep breath before turning to the Alphas. "What about you both? Can I get you anything?"

One of them smirks at him. "Yes, you."

Louis internally rolls his eyes. Here it starts.

"Remind me again why we're going for this dinner?" Edward drawls from the driver's seat, his arms crossed while he leans back with an uninterested look on his face.

Marcel makes a tsk sound from the back, still fixing his hair using the rearview mirror while he glares at Edward. "It's our birthday, Edward. We deserve a little kind of celebration."

"Okay, yeah. But don't you think we should celebrate it with other people? Doing it just among ourselves seems a little pathetic, doesn't it?" Edward quips back, raising an eyebrow at his brother. "Besides, our birthday was two days ago."

Harry chuckles in the passenger seat, smoothing down his dress shirt and turning to their eldest triplet. "Come on, Edward. Loosen up a little. We haven't spent time with just the three of us for a while now." He tilts his head with a grin.

"We just sat down and worshipped each other's body three hours ago." Edward rolls his eyes.

"It's not the same, brother." Marcel replies, irritation clear in his voice. "Can we go now? How much longer do we have to sit in the car?"

"Thought you'd never ask."

"We were waiting for you, idiot." Edward shoots him a look and Marcel shifts back bashfully.


"Come on, I've already made a reservation." Harry quickly climbs out, bouncing on his feet as he closes the door and waits for his brothers to do the same. "Liam says this place is really good."

Edward makes sure all of the doors are closed and none of their stuff is left in the car before he locks it. "Well, so far every place he recommended is fine. So he still has our trust." He shrugs, walking off first towards the restaurant. Harry and Marcel always wait for him to lead the way. They never start walking first or go off alone unless they have Edward's permission. It's not even a necessity, they've just fallen into the habit and each of them is fine with the roles.

"Yeah, Liam has a really good taste. I wonder how he knows where to go everytime." Marcel voices, his hand keeps touching his hair and trying to fix it, as if he's constantly worried about it.

Edward catches his wrist mid air, leaning in to brush his lips across Marcel's, sighing into his brother's mouth at the familiar taste. He pulls back to stare intently at him. "You look fine, babe. Stop trying to fix anything."

Marcel blushes, nodding as Edward releases his wrist. "O-Okay."

Edward walks away but Harry holds Marcel back, smiling as slips an arm around his brother's waist and draws him in for a kiss too. "When we get home," he tells Marcel. "I'm going to show you just how fine you look right now."

The blush on Marcel's face reddens and he looks around to see if any passerby heard. "Harry." He whines quietly.

"Come on, you horny bastards." Edward summons from the front door of the restaurant.

Harry chuckles. "Tonight, then, brother." He whispers to the youngest.

Marcel sighs as Harry takes his hand in his and leads him to where Edward is standing. Their older brother rolls his eyes but opens the door, letting a giggling Harry walks inside with Marcel in tow.

Edward sometimes feels like maybe their Mum dropped Harry too much on the head when they were a baby.

"Reservation under Styles, please." Harry says with a charming smile to the host, releasing Marcel's hand so he could brush his hair back.

Edward rolls his eyes; always looking for attention, that one. As if he doesn't get enough from the attention Marcel and Edward give him. Whenever they forget to bask him in love - or so Harry said - the boy would go over to either of his triplet and whine about not "getting enough love for the day" and then Edward would kiss him until he can't breathe and the idiot would get a sappy smile on his face, demanding a cuddle that only Marcel would submit to. Idiots.

"Oh yes, of course Mr Styles. Please follow me." The host says in a clipped, professional tone that makes Harry pout before he walks off, expecting them to be trailing after him.

Harry turns to Edward and whines. "He ignored me."

"Yeah, not everybody loves to see your frog face like we do, Harold." Edward mutters, nudging his brother forward. "Walk, please."

Harry obeys, getting a hand on the back of Marcel's shirt to guide the way while they follow the host so that he could still look at Edward. "Our faces are the same. If I'm frog, you're frog too." He's still pouting.

Edward flicks Harry's mouth with a bored look, making his brother yelp and bring up a hand to nurse his lips. He soaks in the glare Harry sends him.

"Here's your table. Your waiter will be out in a moment. Have a seat." The host stops them at a table quite near the back, Harry having reserved one that is a little secluded since he knows how much Edward likes privacy.

"Thank you." Marcel says as they all take a seat and the host walks away.

"At least you love my frog face, don't you?" Harry snuggles up to Edward's side, giving him a show of his perfect set of teeth.

Edward rolls his eyes, something he never cease to do whenever in the presence of his dumb brother. "Why don't you seek love and attention from someone that would actually grant you them?" He motions to Marcel sitting next to Harry.

"Exactly, Marcel gives me enough love and attention. I don't need to ask anymore." Harry simply says, stroking Edward's chest and dropping a kiss on his brother's neck.

"Why haven't we disowned him yet, Marcel?" Edward drawls to his brother, yet his arm curls around Harry's waist.

Marcel shakes his head. "I've wondered that too many times myself, brother."

"Hey, don't be mean."

"Stop whining, you child." Edward flicks Harry's mouth again when he pouts exaggeratedly.

Harry slaps his brother's hand away. "That's the second time tonight, Edward. You have to kiss it better now." He mumbles and puckers his lips towards Edward.

"You're disgusting." Edward retorts but leans down anyway to gently caress Harry's lips with his own.

Marcel clears his throat, shifting in his seat. "Maybe we should've just stayed home after all."

Harry jumps back in his seat. "No! We're celebrating!" He says in far too much enthusiasm for Edward's liking. Marcel only stares at him fondly. "Where's our waiter?"

"Do you ever stop whining?" Edward says gruffly.

Edward and Marcel freeze suddenly, making Harry open his mouth to ask but his body seems to do the same and suddenly he understands as the scent fills his nose.

It's an Omega and he smells so good it's sinful. Harry's eyes snap up around the restaurant to see the most beautiful person he's ever seen walking towards them. He's got the most magical blue eyes that bring away the brightness of the world with them when they disappear to let his eyelashes flutter in the most sultry way in their natural being before the cerulean blue eyes appear again.

Each step the Omega takes feels like a wave of his scent that washes over them and it gets more and more intense the closer he gets. All three pair of eyes are watching him closely now, yet the steps don't falter at all. Harry subconsciously hold his breath in as the Omega stops at their table and sends them the most brilliant smile ever, as if he's not drowning Harry and his triplet in his delicious scent.

"Hi." Oh God, his voice sounds like the angels are singing down at him from the heaven. "I'm Louis Tomlinson and I'll be your waiter for tonight."

They all stare at him while he hands out the menus and places one in front of each of them, as if they aren't staring at him like he's the Messiah.

Suddenly Edward clears his throat and the rest of his triplets sits straight at the sound, quickly brushing off their body reaction to the omega's scent as they open their menu and start flipping through it.

There is a short moment of silence before the triplets realise that they still have yet to reply to what Louis has said. As usual, Marcel would get too tongue tied and stutter when he's nervous and Edward would just be angry when he can't control himself so it's up to Harry to take over the situation.

"Yeah, I'd like some green tea milkshake, please. Edward would like coffee, and Marcel wants sparkling water." Harry says with a bright smile, casually introducing his brothers and pointing at them respectively to their name.

Louis raises an eyebrow, an action that takes the triplets a little by surprise and would've caused an uproar if it was intended for an Alpha but the triplets are too enraptured by the Omega that they couldn't give a damn.

"Do you want anything for appetizers, Marcy?" Harry asks to his triplet, making his brother glare at him for the nickname.

Marcel shakes his head, huffing quietly and Edward rolls his eyes.

"I'd like a fruit salad, please." Harry says politely, his dimples making appearance as he shoots the cute waiter a smile before going through his menu again.

"Alright, do you want me to come back later or are you ready to order now?" Louis, God even his name sounds cute, asks in a timid voice.

"Maybe you should come back later. I don't know what to choose." Harry says in an upset voice, pouting again.

Edward flicks his brother's lips, something he does out of habit now. Well, usually if Harry pouts his lips, he's entitled to kiss it off but he doesn't think Harry would want that when they have an audience.

He really doesn't expect Harry to turn to him and pouts even more, clearly expecting a kiss from his older triplet.

That goes out the window then.

He can see Marcel's face and clearly the boy is thinking about how dysfunctional his brother is and he can't help but agree even if he's making an annoyed sound before pecking Harry's lips twice, making his brother giggle.

Louis' eyebrows threaten to disappear into his hair but he makes no sound and merely just nods when Harry turns back to him. The waiter checks the order in his hand before proceeding to walk away.

"That is just out of the world." Harry says quietly as they stare at Louis' bottom and the way his hips slightly sway while he walks away.

A slap lands at the back of his head.

"Ow!" Harry rubs the spot, turning to glare at Edward whom he expected it from. "Why did you do that?"

"What?" Edward looks positively upset and bares his teeth. "It wasn't me. Baby brother did it."

Harry confusedly turns to face Marcel.

"You deserve that. Of course you would embarrass me in front of someone like that." Marcel hits him again, just for the sake of it.

Harry scoots his chair closer to Edward and swats away Marcel's offending hand. "Edward, he's bullying me."

"If you pout again, I'll cut your lips off." Marcel threatens, pointing his finger at a giggling Harry.

Harry merely grabs Marcel's wrist and kisses the pointer finger erected at him. "Who would suck your dick, then?"

"Edward will."

"No, I'm not. Fuck off." Edward protests dryly, but it is obvious to them that Edward has amusement dancing in his eyes.

"I'll suck my own dick, then." Marcel says, determined not to let Harry win.

Harry widens his eyes at something behind Marcel before holding a hand against his mouth and bursts out laughing. Then there's a delicate voice speaking with obvious hesitation. "Um.., should I come back later?"

Marcel sputters as he turns to face Louis who looks like he's desperately trying not to laugh. "I, um..."

"Trust me, mate, I'd rather not know." Louis giggles as he places the respective drinks in front of each of the triplets.

He completely misses the way the triplets stare at him fondly, jaw slacked and eyes widened. Louis looks so cute and soft while he softly giggles into the back of his hand, hugging the tray to his lower torso. Harry wants to write sonnet and songs and worship the heavenly sound Louis is making right now, preferably while cuddling the Omega to his chest.

It seems that even Edward is captured by such a beauty sight in front of them. Marcel has this lovestruck expression on his face and Harry is sure his own is not that much different.

The petit Omega is still smiling that his eyes crinkle, blushing a little when the Alphas keep staring at him like that. "Are you lots ready to order now?"

"Yes." Edward answers, his hand pinching Harry's thigh so the boy would snap out of it and get back to their pending dinner.
"Oh, yes!" Harry jumps in his seat, quickly agreeing with Edward as he tries to go through the menu again although he's been doing that for the past five minutes.

Edward orders himself a steak, his favourite, while Marcel asks for grilled salmon. And Harry just has this crestfallen look on his face while he scowls at the pictures of food staring back at him.

"I still don't know what to eat." Harry growls, petulantly knocking his fist on the table.

Marcel rolls his eyes as he hands his and Edward's menu back to Louis. "A baby biscuit would probably do for you."

"Hey!" Harry pokes his little brother, his face lighting up when Louis chuckles.

Edward flips Harry's menu and points at the page. "Don't you like this one? Order it." He says, tugging at Harry's earlobe to get his attention.

"Okay." He nods with a bright smile, pecking his brother on his jaw before turning to Louis and ordering himself the pasta.

When Louis walks off again, Marcel leans back on his seat and glares at Harry. "You are the worst, Harry."

"It's okay, brother." Harry reassures with far too much joy as he strokes small circle on Marcel's chest with his pointer finger. "I think he just finds me funny." 

Marcel smiles softly, bumping his head gently with Harry's. "Yeah, probably." 

Harry's grin is wide and blinding. "Exactly. Now come here, you haven't kissed me all night long."

"Your constant desire for attention is annoying." Marcel snickers but tugs Harry forward by his tie, making his brother fall onto his lips with an "oomph!"

Edward watches Harry's hand flattens on Marcel's chest as he rubs him under the fabric coyly. He doesn't have to look to know Marcel is reaching behind Harry to cup a cheek, making the second triplet whine into the youngest mouth.

"Want you." Harry murmurs into Marcel's mouth, his tongue licking into the parted lips.

Edward doesn't know whether to throw himself or his triplets off of a cliff while Harry tries to get Marcel to finger him in public. He knows both of them have a thing for exhibitionism kink but that doesn't mean they have to get it on everywhere they go.

"If you both started fucking here, I swear to God." Edward growls, irritated beyond compare.

Harry pulls off of Marcel and his eyes are clouded with lust, though he makes the effort to shoot Edward an embarrassed look while he squirms to hide his bulge.

Marcel is fixing his skewed glasses, pulling them off since they have fogged up in the middle of the heated snogging session that is far too inappropriate in public.


Louis wipes off a new layer of sweat from his forehead as he stops to catch his breath. The room is cold but he is sweating heavily, his heartbeat refuses to calm even after he's taken a few deep breaths.

He's never reacted so strongly to an Alpha before, or to be more specific, three Alphas. He was so giddy out there, giggling like a school girl with a crush in front of them.

Usually he's able to suppress any biological reaction in his body no matter how attractive the Alpha is but tonight, everything he knows about self control seems to be flying out of the window.

Maybe it's because they are attractive and there are three of them. And they seem really nice. They didn't even flirt with him, they flirted with each other. It's not hard to know that they're triplets, they all look the same. Except with different appearances. But their body language also says that they're really comfortable with each other. Probably far too comfortable if Louis must say.

There's Edward with curly hair reaching past his shoulder. His eyes are wide, dark green and the colour is really beautiful but his gaze is really cold. He looks really calm and collected though Louis can tell he won't want to mess with someone like Edward but somehow he looks also fond of his brothers. Edward gives him a weird vibe, though. Louis can't exactly be a judge of that since he doesn't know him but Edward interests him deeply.

He knows the other one is Marcel. The one with short, curly hair and glasses that would've made him a nerd in school but all Louis could think when he looks at him is hothothot. Marcel resembles Edward a little in the sense that he's a little collected but from the intense blush Louis got just now, Marcel is probably shy too. Louis wonders if he's shy in bed as well.

He suppresses a shiver, feeling his slick starting to form and quickly cutting off any train of thoughts that leads that way.

Then there's the other one. Louis doesn't know his name but he's weird. He's got these lanky limbs and an air of happiness he brings to the people around him. He's always smiling and cheeks always dimpling, as if none of the thing in the world bothers him. Louis wonders if he's high. He's got the same eye colour as Marcel, bright green that are just as beautiful as Edward's. Though, his curly locks only stop past his neck.

He would love to think more about the triplets but suddenly Erza is calling him and why should he imagine the triplets when he can see them in real life?
Louis carefully heads over to the triplets table again, flicking his hair to the side when it gets in his eyes and blushing once he sees that they are already looking at him even when he's not halfway there.

He secretly regrets changing into this pair of pants instead of the one he was wearing just now. That one hugs his curves just right and shows off his asset. Well, too bad.

Probably next time, then. Hopefully there'll be a next time.

When he walks over, he gives them a bright smile, acting as if his body is not reacting to the presence of three handsome Alphas before him. He just wants to abandon everything and submit to them and - whoa. Okay where did that come from?

"Food's here." If they notice his voice is a little higher, none of them say anything.

"Louis, right?" Edward suddenly says, his voice grave deep and it automatically sends shivers down Louis' spine. He squeezes his thighs, screaming at his body for betraying him like this.

"Y-Yes." He almost whines his reply.

Edward leans forward, his gaze stoic and face unreadable. "Could you bring us some wine?"

Louis nods his head, not trusting his voice.

"Edward, your meal looks delicious!" The one whose name Louis does not know says excitedly in his seat while Louisfocus not to accidentally drop their meal as he places them carefully on the table.

Edward swats the boy's hand away when he tries to steal a chip. "Back off, Harry."

Oh, his name is Harry. Louis ignores the urge to try and see how it rolls off his tongue.

"Mean." Harry points his tongue out before looking excitedly at his own meal. "Thank you, Louis!"

Louis flinches and nods, blushing red while he serves Marcel the salmon he ordered.

"Is there anything else I can get you?" Louis wonders aloud, blinking repeatedly at the sight of Edward's tongue peeking out to catch a drop of gravy from the steak hanging off his fork. Red, wide tongue.

Oh God.

Louis tenses, waiting for their answers.

"I think we're fine now, don't forget the wine though." Harry reminds.

Louis couldn't be on his way much faster.

He knows that maybe they'll wonder about their wine taking such a long time but Louis needs to calm himself. He's got no time to wank so he just has to take a couple of deep breaths and think about dead things.

When he returns with the wine, Edward only has a quarter left of his steak, Harry's looks barely touched and Marcel is only halfway through. They give him a smile while he pours them the wine. Well, except Edward; he just acknowledges Louis with a nod.

He tries not to linger too long to stare at his beautiful customers but God knows Louis drags his stay just a little.

When he makes sure they won't be needing him around anymore, Louis makes to walk away but someone from another table calls for him.

It's a girl from a table of three, two males and a female Alpha. Louis suddenly longs for the triplets fond looks instead of the hungry, lustful ones being directed at him right now. He doesn't let his guard down, though, quick to go over to the customer.

"May I help you, Ma'am?" Louis asks politely, the female having the one calling for him just now.

"Yeah, I would like to have some more caviar, please." She smiles at him politely, showing no look of interest at all. Louiscan sense that she's mated and gives her a curt nod in acknowledgement with a small smile.

Louis turns to the other two still staring at his body as if his clothes are offending them. "Do you gentlemen need anything?"

"Yeah, I need to know what time you finish tonight." One of them, a red hair with a pierced nose licks their lips, makingLouis shudder in disgust. Of course they take it the wrong way and thinks he's shivering in pleasure. He wants to choke them when their smirks widen.

Louis shakes his head, trying to be as polite as he can. "I'm sorry, but I'm afraid I won't be available tonight."

"Why not, lovely? It's not like you're mated." The other one, black haired with earrings says.

"Well, I'm not interested." Louis makes to walk away, shaking his head when a hand circles his wrist and tugs him back to the table.

"Jake, leave him alone!" The mated female Alpha hisses, dropping her cutleries.

Jake, the red haired who grabbed Louis scowls at his company. "Stay out of this, Sarah. You have little Gina to get back home to."

"Please let me go." Louis says, trying to stay calm before he does something stupid like punch the guy.

"Come on, pretty. Surely you want to come home with us tonight. Let us show you how lovely you are." The black haired cooes.

Louis panics a little. Catcalling, flirting and groping is normal, but never does any customer grip on him so he couldn't escape like this. And it's not a big deal to Alphas whenever Omegas get treated badly. They could care less. The number of Omegas has increased rapidly for the past two decades and it's not uncommon to hear about an Alpha having two or three Omegas.

Since the number of Omegas risen, nobody has really cared about them that much if the Omegas don't belong to their nests. Louis has heard too many times of the cases where Omegas get raped and killed afterwards because of unmated Alphas on their ruts. At first people sort of freaked out, but now hardly anyone bats an eyelash. People think it would help balance out the eco-system.

So Louis wonders if anyone would really care if he gets beaten up or taken away right now. If anything, people would probably get upset over the fact that there's a commotion disturbing their dinner time.

His employee probably wouldn't bother too since the manager is an Alpha and is likely to find a replacement soon enough.

Jake drags Louis so he is standing between Jake and his black haired friend. "Release me right now." Louis hisses, trying to push Jake's hold on him off but his friend quickly grabs his other wrist and pins it to his side.

"It's okay, lovely. Let us have a little fun at least, if you don't wanna come home with us." Jake tries to assure but it only make Louis feel like kicking him in the face.

The female Alpha, Sarah, glares at her company. "I command you to release him now, Jake, Gordon."

"Don't touch me." Louis tugs his hand, his Omega strength no compare to the Alphas' hold.

"Loosen up a bit, Sarah." Gordon rolls his eyes.

Louis flinches away when Jake's hand touches his thigh. "Get away from me!" He raises his voice a little.

Jake and Gordon laugh. "Such a feisty one, this is."

"I'll say this one more time. Release me." Louis threatens, wishing he still has the pocket knife but no, unfortunately it was in his other pants in the locker room.

When the hand on his thigh doesn't go and only seem to roam further, Louis thinks he has no choice but to act.

He crouches down and tugs both of his hands down so the two Alphas holding his wrists get pulled forward towards each other and knock their heads together. Once the pain register in their brain, both of them release Louis' wrists to nurse their throbbing head.

Louis smirks, getting up and quickly scurrying away. He doesn't miss the impressed smirk Sarah throws him. It feels good to be able to do that but that doesn't mean that he isn't shaken by the roughness of the two Alphas, doesn't mean he's not scared.

When he gets to the kitchen, his colleagues quickly walk over to him. Amelia is checking his wrists while Brad gets him some water and the other fuss around him.

"Lou, are you okay?"

"That was so badass."

"You should've just kicked their asses, Lou. See how they get beaten up and no one gives a shit."

"I'm so glad you're okay."

"I'll ask Damien to take that table for you from now on."

"Do you need a moment?" It is Oliver who asks him that and he releases a relieved breath, nodding vigorously at his friend.

"Yeah, yeah, could really use a smoke right now." Louis admits, a little out of breath as he sends grateful looks at them. "Need a moment alone, just for a minute."

Several people patted his back and he also gets a few hugs. "Take your time, buddy. We'll cover for you."

Louis couldn't get to the back door fast enough. When he is out of the building, Louis releases a shaky breath. He slips his hands into his pockets and walks, not really knowing where to go but he needs a walk.

He probably only managed to walk a few blocks before he's sitting down on the alleyway and tears are streaming down his face before he is sobbing his heart out. He can still feel the grip on his wrists, making him scratch at his skin, still wailing as he tries to get rid of the feeling, rid of the redness and pain on his flesh.

He tries to act strong, powerful to rid of unmated Alphas but the behaviour only encourage them, somehow. But if he's polite and submissive, they still take advantage of him and Louis doesn't know what he should do.

He didn't ask to be an Omega. He wanted to be an Alpha so he could find an Omega that he could protect, love and care for. So when he presented as Omega himself, Louis knew not to expect to find a decent Alpha for himself. It's hard.

Even if there are, it's difficult to tell. He's tried to get on with a few Alphas before, all of them behaving like normal, respectable gentlemen but once Louis tries to test them with patience, their true colours show and he'd almost got raped too many times himself.

So Louis told himself that it would probably take a miracle for him to find an Alpha for himself. Because he has lost hope and trust for the Alphas.

The Styles Triplets look nice, though.

Louis shakes away the little voice in his mind. It always starts like that. First he thinks the Alpha is nice, he agrees to go to date with them, they get on, bla bla yada yada yada, and then they go berserk the moment Louis says no to sex.

He doesn't really want to get his hopes up, but the Styles Triplets really caught his eyes and he knows it'd be a long time for him to let that go. It's the best anyway. He needs to protect himself cause no one will.

Louis sits there quietly, his wrists red and bleeding from his scratching while he hugs his knees close to his chest. There, at least the pain he feels now is only caused by himsel. He sniffs every now and then, wiping the tear that decides to come with it.

When he feels better, his head isn't clouded and his heart doesn't tug in his chest anymore, Louis carefully brings himself to stand up on shaky legs. He stays there for a moment, just taking a deep breath and trying to get a grip on himself.

The moment he starts to walk, he is thrown to the ground and two shadows loom above him.
"Well, well, well, you're not that sly after now, are you?"

Louis gasps, turning to find Jake and Gordon staring down at him. He doesn't waste a minute and scrambles onto his feet to make a mad dash but he is barely moving before he is down on the ground again.

"Nowhere to run now, sweetie." Jake grips his legs, tugging Louis towards him.

"Get off me!" Louis gets a hold of Jake's head and digs his nails as deep as he can into his scalp until he draws blood.

"Son of a bitch!" Jake bellows, using his own grip to draw blood from Louis' arms too. The moment Louis groans in pain, Jake slaps him hard across the face, sending him flying back to the ground. "Gordon, be a good mate and hold him down, will you?"

"No!" Louis thrashes as Gordon grips his arms above his head while Jake works to roam his hands all over Louis' thighs. "Let me go! No!" He cries out, tears springing in his eyes again when Gordon reaches down to palm Louis through his pants, making his dick fill up against his will. "Fuck off! Let me go! Please!"

"Nobody's going to listen to you, bunny." Gordon smirks down at him, pulling his shirt out of his pants while Jake undoes his button.
Louis sobs loudly, clenching his eyes close and listening to the sound of his pants unzipping. He shudders with his wails as he waits for dirty hands to pull his pants down.

But it never comes.

Suddenly all hands on him are gone and he hears loud, deep growls that make him shiver. Louis wonders what's happening. Have more Alphas came for the taste of him? He can't open his eyes to find out, he doesn't want to see who would be the ones to ruin him. So Louis lies there, sobbing while fights happen around him.

A wary hand touches him on his shoulder and he flinches, letting out a heart wrenching sob. "Please." He begs quietly, wrapping his arms around himself.

"Oh dear." A hushed, gentle voice says quietly. "I'm not going to hurt you." The hand migrates from his shoulder to his hair, brushing back his fringe in such a soothing way that Louis can't help but lean into the touch. "Louis, can you open your eyes for me? I promise no one would hurt you."

Louis shakes his head, his body still shuddering with the effect of his sobs although he's only reduced to sniffs now.

"Louis, please. I won't hurt you. Open your eyes. I promise, nothing is going to hurt you. Please look at me." The voice begs, still in a low, gentle tone. Louis notes the hint of desperation in his voice though.

He doesn't really think too much about it. Louis takes a deep breath and his eyelids slowly flutter open. His vision is blurry so he takes some more time to blink before it clears and he sees Marcel crouching as he stares down at Louis.

"M-Marcel?" Louis croaks, his throat sore and his voice is barely there. The hand in his hair doesn't stop stroking.

Marcel nods carefully, watching every twitch of Louis' face. "Hey there. You're safe now. Don't worry. We won't hurt you." He promises, massaging Louis' scalp softly.

Marcel's voice is really soothing and sincere so Louis nods. "Okay." He says weakly.

"Can you get up for me, darling?" Marcel asks softly.

Louis takes a moment to reply. "Okay." He says again, the arms around himself loosening so he could slowly push himself up to sit. Marcel's hand quickly steadies him once he's in a sitting position.

His head spins a little but other than that he's fine. It's only then that he registers the heavy smell of blood and two other presence beside him and Marcel.
Louis doesn't hesitate to jump into Marcel's arms when the unknown two start towards them. Marcel falls back onto his bum as he cradles Louis safely on his lap.

"Don't worry, that's just Edward and Harry." Marcel says in his ear, brushing his hand up and down Louis' back.

When the curly heads appear in the light, Louis visibly relaxes. Edward has a murderous look on his face but Harry just looks like something pains him. Both of them are rushing towards him that he could barely contain the flinch when both of them crouch in front of him where he's wrapped in Marcel's arms.

It is Harry who speaks up first. "Did they hurt you?" He asks, voice surprisingly very gentle.

Louis shakes his head.

"Your wrists." Edward simply states, nodding at Louis' hand clutching to Marcel's shirt.

"No. That's.. I-I did that myself." Louis admits in a tone barely audible to the three Alphas.

Marcel gasps. "But why?"

It makes Louis' eyes shine with fresh tears and he buries his face at Marcel's neck. "They, they gripped me too tight. Don't want to feel anything they left on me."

Edward growls at that, jumping onto his feet.

"It's over, Edward. They're dead anyway, nothing you can do." Harry says firmly to his brother.

Louis' eyes widen as he turns to gape at Harry. "Who-Who's dead?" He stammers, fearing he already knows the answer.

Edward smirks. "Those sons of a gun that were very disrespectful to you, kitten." He says, crouching back down to tapLouis' nose and making the Omega shiver. "Ripped their throats myself." He claims proudly.

And only then Louis registers the blood on Edward's and Harry's shirt, soaking them as if they just bathed in red. It makes him gasp, quickly reaching out to touch them both.

"Are you two hurt?" He asks in panic, trying to find any gash or tear on the Alphas' chests.

Harry shakes his head, gently pushing Louis' hand off. "No, we're fine."

"It's you who needs to be looked at." Edward says with a tone of finality in his voice, giving no room for Louis to protest. Not that he wants to.

"Can we take you to ours, Louis? We have a doctor friend who can check up on you. Then we'll send you back home." Marcel asks politely, the light tone of his voice letting Louis know that he can absolutely say no.

He wants to, he doesn't want to separate from the triplets just yet. Mainly because they make him feel safe. Although he tries to tell his conscious mind that that's probably because they just took him out of a bad situation and that doesn't mean they can't cause him trouble.

"How do I know you won't hurt me?" Louis asks timidly.

Harry suddenly burst out laughing, shocking all of them. "Sorry for startling you. I just remembered that one time spaghetti came out of Edward's nose." He sputters before going into a full blown laughter.

"Harry, what the fuck." Edward hisses, kicking his crouching brother so that Harry falls onto his side. He's still cackling like a mad man so Louis figures Edward didn't do it to hurt.

Eventually the air is lifted and Louis chuckles quietly at the sight of Harry howling like a maniac at just a memory that his siblings clearly take no humour in.

"You're the worst." Marcel snickers before paying attention to Louis again. "Can you walk?"

Louis bites his lower lip. "Yeah, I think so."

Marcel helps him to stand up and he does so shakily but finally is able to stand on his own. The moment Louis steps forward, his legs give out underneath him and he stumbles forward into Edward's blood soaked chest.

"Ewww." Is the only thing Louis manages as he pulls back to spit out to the side while Edward supports his weight.

Harry seems mad enough to be checked into a mental hospital and Louis worries for the state of his brain.

"Is he....okay?" Louis asks, motioning to Harry who's rolling on the ground, clutching his stomach while Marcel seems to struggle not to just step on his brother.

Edward shakes his head. "He didn't grow past the mental age of five." He grunts, looking down at Louis. "Guess I have to carry you, then?"

Louis blushes but nods and a second later Edward has him in his arms bridal style as he starts to walk, leaving his brothers behind.

"Thank you for saving me." Louis murmurs quietly, carefully pressing his nose into Edward's collarbone. Even with the smell of blood, Louis can tell Edward smells nice.

The Alpha says nothing, just continues to walk and Louis feels so comfortable, so warm and safe that he unknowingly falls asleep to the sound of steady beating of a heart.


Chapter Text

They are all quiet in the car during the journey that Marcel drives home, Harry seated next to him and Edward in the back, a sleeping Louis in his arms. Usually Edward is the one who drives, but the moment Harry tried to take Louis from Edward, he had whimpered and clutched tighter on the Alpha's shirt, curling his body into a ball and burrowing his face farther into the crevice of Edward's neck.

That left them with no choice so Edward had silently got into the back seat and they were on their way.

The journey is not for too long, though it takes more than a half hour since their house is quite far from townn. It's all because of Edward who treasures privacy like no others. Harry and Marcel are always so fond of their brother anyway, so none of them cares as long as Edward is happy.

Despite the short journey, it feels like they are travelling longer because of the tense silence filling the car. It gets them slightly suffocating but none makes the move to say anything.

Louis doesn't loosen his hold on Edward, still clutching the front of his shirt while he sleeps.

When they approach the tall, elegant gate of their compound, all of them silently release a breath. Marcel doesn't waste any time to drive past the entrance and park in their garage.

Harry has already called for Liam the moment they started driving so it is no surprise to see their friend in the living room the moment they walk in.

Liam takes one look at the triplet and quickly jumps onto his feet the moment he notices the Omega in Edward's arms.

"Bring him to the room." The brown eyed Alpha says, not hesitating and spinning on his heels before he is rushing away. He barely spares a backward glance since he knows the triplets won't waste a bit before they're following him.

Once in the room, Liam flips the light switch on and quickly grabs a stethoscope on the counter. Edward quickly but gently places Louis down on the bed, retracting his arms after the Omega is lying down and moving to take a step back. The moment his body warmth leaves Louis, the Omega flinches in his sleep and clung to Edward.

"No." The plead he releases in his sleep sounds so broken yet Edward works to pry off Louis' fingers on his shirt.

"Edward, you don't have to." Marcel says, placing a hand on his brother's arm. He gets no reply, the oldest triplet ignoring what he said and tugging off Louis' hold on him.

The Omega starts crying when he's lying alone, not even noticing the tears in his sleep.

Harry's heart constricts in his chest and he pushes Marcel to the side, quickly standing by the bed and hushing the sleeping man. "Shh, it's okay. We're here." He whispers soothingly, brushing Louis' hair back.

Louis visibly relaxes the moment Harry touches him and his cries subside into whimpers before he's completely quiet.

Harry stays close to his side and shoots Edward a glare, making his brother wince with the icy stare he's got settled on him.

"Um..." Liam interrupts in a reluctant voice, making a start towards the Omega and looking at the triplets as if he's asking their permission. When Edward gives him a nod, he is by Louis' side in no time, standing opposite Harry and checking his heartbeat. Once done and he's sure that there's nothing serious, he puts his stethoscope away and turns to Marcel while he observes the Omega. "What happened?"

The addressed Alpha straightens, taking a step closer to stand near his brother. A hand rises to fix his glasses before he speaks. "He was attacked, but I don't think they managed to do anything. But, we'd," He spares a glance to Edward who gives him an encouraging nod. "We'd like you to check if there's any major damage. We just want to know if he's fine."

"Okay." Liam tilts his head, holding Louis' hand up. "And his wrists?"

Marcel clears his throat. "Well, Louis sa-said that he didn't like how it was like t-to still feel the Alphas' hold on him, so h-he did that to himself." Once he finishes talking, Marcel turns to stand by Edward's side, seeking comfort in his brother's hold. Edward doesn't hesitate to wrap an arm around Marcel, dropping a kiss on his forehead. He knows it's a little intense for his brother.

Liam seems satisfied with that answer and proceeded to continue checking the Omega. When he's done, he stands straight again and give the Alphas a reassuring smile. "He's fine, mostly. I'll have to treat his wrists and his knees. He probably fell at some point so I should take a look at that. It would also be likely that he would be a little traumatised about the whole situation when he wakes up so I need you three to be a little easy on him. Hmm, I think that sums it up." Liam looks at Harry and Edward warily. "Should I take a look at you both too?" He gestures to the blood soaked shirt clinging to his friends.

"Oh, don't worry, the blood's not ours." Harry shakes his head, grinning.

Liam's face forms that of a look of a mother disapproving of her children's behaviour. "What did you do now?"

"Did you really think we would let those fools get away just like that?" Edward raises his eyebrows, a little offended that Liam would think such lowly of him.

"You shouldn't do such a habit of killing people like that, maybe they would learn to be better had you let them live." Liam murmurs, pulling out some clothes to clean Louis' blood with.

Harry chuckles. "Only you would think that way, Liam."

"Hey, Niall's an Omega, right?" Edward suddenly speaks up.

Marcel gasps. "Edward, you've finally made a beneficial observation for once. I thought you'd never use that brain of yours!"

Louis doesn't even move in his sleep when Harry howls with laughter. Even Liam can't hold back a chuckle.

"Twat." Marcel squeaks when Edward hits the back of his head. "Shut up, idiot. What I meant to say is, Niall should come over tomorrow. If Louis wakes up surrounded by a group of Alphas after just being attacked by two, he would probably go bonkers. Maybe if there's another Omega, it would make him feel a little calmer and safer." Edward explains, his tone still dry and face emotionless.

"That's really thoughtful, Edward." Liam says, smiling until his eyes are merely slits.

"Fuck off." Edward rolls his eyes and makes to exit the room.

Marcel smiles fondly at his leaving brother before turning to Liam again. "So, there's nothing to worry about?"

"Nope." Liam confirms. "I'll just treat his wounds and we can get the maids to help clean him up, then he just needs rest."

"Alright." Marcel nods, relieved. "Would you like a hand, Liam?"

"That would be great."

After making sure Louis is okay, they've requested for their Beta maids to help clean him up and change him into more comfortable clothes and put him at the guest room. When everything is settled, they decided that too much things have been happening for the night and it's time to call it a day even if it's still early. That's how the three of them are in bed, already doing their night routine and getting ready to sleep.

"So, would you like to tell us what happened back there, Edward?" Marcel asks quietly.

He barely finishes his question before Edward replies. "No."

"Oh come on.." Harry whines, rolling until he's lying on top of Edward, mouthing at his neck. "Tell us."

"Get off me, you slut." Edward grunts but makes no action to remove him.

They were having their dinner when they saw Louis being harassed. Harry and Marcel were ready on their feet to go and stop what was happening but Edward stopped them and told them to go and sit back down. Harry almost punched Edward in the face, his Alpha instinct telling him to go and protect the Omega. But suddenly Louis was knocking the two Alphas head together and skipped away. Harry had never been more impressed.

They then had continued with their meal. Since all of them were excited to get home early for exciting activities, Harry had instantly asked for the bill once they finished eating. He was a little disappointed that Louis hadn't come back out at all but he didn't voice it out. One could tell his triplets felt the same way too, if their faces and the imploring way they kept glancing at the kitchen door was anything to go by. The moment the waiter left to get their bill, Edward tensed in his seat. Harry and Marcel didn't even get to ask anything before their oldest triplet was out of the door.

Marcel disappeared too, in pursuit of his brother and Harry had to struggle to pull a few hundred notes and dumped them on the table before he was running after them.

He had followed their scents and the moment he got close, he can tell that there was a mix of other Alphas' scents and then there was the sweet, intangible smell of Louis. But when he arrived, he saw Edward pining two Alphas by the throat against the wall. They're the ones who were giving Louis a hard time at the restaurant. He looked to the side and Marcel was crouched over a crying Louis and as soon as he put two and two together he saw red. Harry barely even noticed it when he grabbed one of the Alphas in his brother's hold and ripped his throat apart.

He wonders how Edward knew what happened and where to find Louis.

So that is what him and Marcel are trying to get out of the older brother. Harry sits up on Edward's stomach, knowing that his weight causes nothing but annoyance.

"Why won't you tell us?" He demands, pouting while he crosses his arms.

Edward rolls his eyes. "What's the point in that? He's safe now, isn't he?"

"Yeah, but it doesn't hurt to let us know about it." Marcel pipes in, fitting himself to Edward's side. "We're really curious."

Edward sighs exaggeratedly, making Harry giggle although there's nothing absolutely funny about it. "I noticed when the Alphas left. I thought they were going to let it rest. And then I just heard him. That's it. And then all I could think of was how he's in danger and there's nothing that ever made me angrier. I barely noticed what I was doing, all I knew was that I had to get rid of the danger. I had to keep him safe."

Marcel and Harry are quiet for a few seconds before the latter speaks. "Why didn't you let me and Marcel stop them at the restaurant?"

"Because Louis didn't look that scared. He looked like he got things under control. He clearly was, but not when they attacked him when he's vulnerable." Edward is trying to keep himself unaffected, ignorant. But Harry and Marcel knows better by the hitch in his breath.

"Vulnerable?" Marcel inquires.

"What the bloody hell were you two doing? Were you that focused on the meal?" Edward asks in disbelief.

"Heyyy, we were hungry." Harry pokes at Edward's nipple.

"He was crying when he left. Should've known it wouldn't be safe."

"Edward, it's not your fault." Marcel says quietly. "Besides, you got there on time. We saved him. You saved him."

"Yeah." Harry nods. "If it wasn't for you, he wouldn't be downstairs sleeping soundly. God knows what would've happened."

Edward doesn't reply, merely lets Harry takes his hand and strokes a soothing thumb on the back.

"You know.." Harry speaks up, his voice suggestive. It causes Edward and Marcel to perk up. "It makes me all hot and bothered looking at you growling and snarling the Alphas just now. You were so sexy."

Marcel groans, not turned on or anything, he just can't believe Harry would say such a thing after a serious and tense moment. But he can't say he isn't interested in the outcome. "Yeah, I agree." He murmurs, snuggling closer so he could latch his lips to Edward's neck.

"I'm surrounded by animals." 


The first thing Harry registers when he wakes up is the sound of birds chirping. He blinks sleepily, pushing himself up on his elbows to look around. The sun has already risen, filling the room with bright rays of sunshine that are making him squint. The warmth that curled around him last night isn't there anymore so Edward must have gotten up. The sound of his voice coming from downstairs confirms Harry's theory.

He focuses a little, trying to figure out what his brother is saying but Edward has stopped talking and Harry can hear Liam and Marcel's voice. It's only then he noticed that he's alone on the vacant bed.

Harry stretches while he yawns, letting out a contented moan while his bones pop. His body is so sore, especially below the waist but he loves it, loves the way it deliciously ache everywhere. 

One look at the clock tells Harry that it's only eight in the morning. Surprised, Harry gets off of the bed with a smile. He doesn't expect to wake up so early but now that he's up, there's no way he's going back to sleep.

He walks off towards the shower after grabbing for a towel. When he stands in front of the mirror, Harry observes the bruises his brothers left on him and lights up. He's always loved being the canvas for Edward and Marcel to paint on. 

After showering thoroughly and washing his hair, Harry quickly dries himself and dresses up in a black t-shirt and a pair of sweatpants. Once he's dried his hair, Harry quickly makes his way down.

Following the voices he hears, Harry quickly makes his way into the dining room where his brothers and Liam are.

"Morning." He greets, touching Edward's shoulder and quickly dropping a chaste kiss on his brother's lips when he looks up. Edward rolls his eyes but says nothing as Harry moves to kiss Marcel next. The Alpha gets so clingy and cuddly the morning after.

"Morning, Harry." Liam says with a chuckle as the addressed man walks over to kiss him on the forehead. "Had a nice night, then?" He teases.

Harry takes a seat and nods with a beam. "Yeah, very satisfying." He confirms, winking cheekily and sending Liam into a full blown laughter.

"Here." Marcel places a plate filled with two toasts, eggs and bacon. He'd lathered the toasts with butter and strawberry jam, knowing that's how Harry would want it.

Harry rewards him with a kiss on the cheek. "Thank you, always so lovely to me."

"Yeah, he didn't kiss you twice last night when you were a clingy fuck." Edward drawls, clearly jealous eventhough his face says otherwise.

Liam laughs louder. "I don't even know why you bother, Edward. He treats you both just the same. It'd be a miracle if you ever find an Omega. They might think Harry's a wannabe that would take their place."

"Heyyy." Harry drags out, picking up a bacon. "I'd love for the three of us to get an Omega. It'd be good to have someone to care for."

"Says the bloke who can't even take care of himself." Marcel mutters behind the rim of his cup.

"Excuse you." Harry pokes at his brother.

"Liam, have you called Niall yet?" Edward suddenly asks, his face showing that he's here but his mind is elsewhere. They all know that he's keeping tabs on the sleeping Omega, ready to tend to him when he wakes up.

Liam nods, sipping on his tea. "Yeah, he's on his way."


"Hey, uh.." Liam clears his throat. "Listen. I didn't want to say anything last night but I figured I could talk now."

"Yeah, out with it." Edward grunts, tearing apart his toast before shoving it in his mouth.

Liam chuckles sheepishly. "Right, okay. You're, well, you three are going to be twenty six next year. Haven't you ever thought to settle down?"

"Of course we do." Marcel nods, eyeing Liam as if he'd just insulted their mother.

"But do we really need one? Could we afford to have one? I don't know if we're capable." Edward shakes his head. "Besides, who would want us, Lima?"

"And which omega would agree to three alphas?" Harry pipes in, serious. "The last time we tried to have an Omega on our own, you know what happened."

Liam sighs heavily, rubbing the back of his neck. "Yeah, I guess so."

There was one time where the three of them had sat down and discussed about getting a mate. Of course they had fooled around but as they grew older, they realised that they should properly talk about it if they were to find a mate soon for each of them.

So the three came to an agreement. They would stop hooking up with each other and go find a mate for themselves.

That's what they did.

Except that it didn't work out at all. Harry was the first one to try and bring a girl back home, wanting to introduce her to Edward and Marcel before he would take things forward. Too bad that Edward didn't even want to see her. He was pissed, staying in their room and struggling not to start destroying the furniture the moment she stepped into the house. Even Marcel was very reluctant to go and see her.

Harry thought it was just because of the girl, but he quickly cut things off with her.

When Marcel brought a bloke home, Harry understood what Edward felt. He couldn't stand it, the thought of someone else taking away one of his brothers. Just thinking about it made Harry want to puke, claw his eyes out so that it would at least get rid of the horrible feeling in his chest. He had begged to Marcel on his knees with tear stained face for him not to continue with that relationship. It was all very dramatic.

And they just knew that it's the three of them or none of them.

"But.." Liam says again,the excitement in his voice close to non-existant but the triplets still detected it. "What if an Omega wants you three? What would you do then? Would you agree with it?"

Marcel snorts. "Bring us forth the aforementioned Omega and then we can talk."

Suddenly Edward shoots out of his chair, disappearing out of the kitchen and shocking the rest of the people in the dining room.

"What's gotten into him?" Liam asks, a horrified look on his face while he places a hand on his chest.

Harry pauses for a moment, then grows to his feet too, seemingly at the same time that Marcel notices. "Louis's awake." He says calmly, pushing his chair back and quickly making his way to the guest room, Liam and Marcel hot on his heels.

When they get there, Edward is leaning against the wall beside the bed. The Omega is rousing awake but he's not fully up yet. Edward doesn't take his eyes off of the feathery haired man but Harry knows his brother notices their entrance.

Harry walks over quietly and kneels on the floor, sitting quietly while he waits for Louis to wake up. He turns around for Marcel, finding him mirroring Edward's pose beside the eldest triplet himself. Liam just settles on standing in the corner.


The first thing that registers in Louis' brain the moment he wakes up is the blinding light above him. He whimpers quietly, slowly turning his head to the side and blinking repeatedly so his eyes could get used to it.

Once his vision clears, he looks to the side and he sees Harry watching him quietly, a worried expression clear on his face. He notices Marcel and Edward, the former has the exact expression as Harry's while the latter just stares at him like he's bored.

He frowns when he realises he's in bed, sitting up quietly and patting his chest to see if he's still in his clothes. When his hand grips a fabric on his chest, Louis sighs in relief. The moment he looks down, he screams.

"Louis, Louis, what's wrong?" Harry asks panickedly, jumping onto the bed next to him and trying to calm the Omega. Even Liam looks dumbfounded from the corner.

The moment Harry tries to touch Louis, his hand gets slapped away and Louis scoots back, away from him. Harry's face falls. "What did you do to me?" Louis snarls, but fails to sound angry and fierce. He just sounds broken, vulnerable and weak. The sob that follows his question and the accompanying tears don't make it better at all.

"What do you mean?" Harry asks confusedly, his face frowning at the sight of the Omega crying in front of him. He hears Edward huffing.

Louis lets out a small sob, cupping his hand on his mouth. "Did you, did you do anything to me?"

Marcel seems to understand what he's talking about and quickly takes a few steps closer, making Louis jump back. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to startle you." He takes a step back. "But I swear, we didn't. We didn't do anything. We didn't touch you at all."

Louis doesn't look like he believes in what Marcel is saying but he's listening. "Where are my clothes? Who changed me?" He demands agitatedly.

"Our maids. We have Beta maids and, we asked them to change you since your clothes got dirty." Harry rushes his words to explain, lifting two hands to show Louis he means no harm.

Louis falls silent for a moment, staring at all the faces in the room, even the Alpha he didn't notice at first in the corner. When he's sure that none of their faces shows that what Harry and Marcel are saying is untrue, he relaxes a little. 

Harry looks terribly worried, if not offended that Louis would expect that of him while Marcel looks like he just wants Louis to trust him. Edward doesn't give a shit and the unknown Alpha just looks confused.

"Where am I?" He asks, a little grumpily.

"In our house. I asked you if you could come here and you said okay. Do you remember that?" Marcel replies softly, prompting Louis' memory.

Louis does remember that, remember the gentle touches and how safe he has felt surrounded by the three Alphas last night. He especially remembers how comfortable it was being in Edward's arms. "Yeah." He replies delicately.

"Do you need anything?" Marcel asks in a friendly tone, and if he thinks it's going to make Louis relax then he's right. Marcel speaks in such a soothing tone, one that can probably calm Louis down in a moment of life and death.

Louis nods timidly. "Is it alright if I have a glass of water?" He asks, feeling really weird for asking anything from an Alpha.

Marcel makes to move but Edward's voice lets him stay where he's seated.

"I'll get it."

"O-Okay." Marcel stutters, unable to hide his disbelief. His brother has been acting really weird, as if he has a dilemma within himself. One moment he's attending to Louis and making sure he has everything but then he'll withdraw himself and hold himself back. Marcel doesn't understand, but he'd need to have a talk with him. For now, he can only watch quietly while Edward leaves the room to take the water Louis asked for.

"So, um.." Louis ducks his head, scratching his temple. "Who's he?" He asks, gesturing to the brown eyed, mated Alpha who still has yet to move from where he's stood for the past minutes.

Marcel smiles. "That's Liam. He's a doctor, but we're good friends so he's been our doctor for quite some time."

"Oh." Louis nods, then he seems to notice the bandage wrapped firmly around his wrists just tight enough not to cut his blood flow but serves it purpose as well.

Harry's fingers hover gently on the fabric separating their skin, and when Louis looks, he might have thought that the Alpha is in pain. "I don't know why," Harry starts in a barely audible voice. "But it hurts me to know you did this to yourself. Please don't ever do that again?"

Louis doesn't know if it's the genuine tone in Harry's voice or if it's the look on his face that proves how sick it made him to know that Louis had hurt himself or maybe it's the way Marcel stares so solemnly at his hands that he nods. "Okay, I promise." His heart immediately beats faster at the smiles on the identical Alphas' face.

Liam perks up. "Ooh, he's here." He suddenly says, eyes a little unfocused. Louis senses that it's another Omega. "Love, we're in here!" Liam calls out loudly.

"Liam's pack and ours are close so we called for his Omega to come and keep you company. Is that okay?" Marcel brightens as he tells Louis, his face brightening up much like Harry does when he's happy and Louis can't help but smile.

A scent fills his nose, one that feels familiar. It makes his stomach churn and he's momentarily thrown back to the past before a figure finally appears at the door with a loud, booming voice speaking in an Irish accent that feels familiar to Louis' ears. "Wey hey, ya shower of cunts! What have you done no-" The blond Omega stops dead in his track at the threshold, his eyes widening and blood draining from his face as he stares at Louis with disbelief plastered all over his face.

Louis gasps, tears pricking at his eyes and his heartbeat picking up when he takes in the person at the entrance of the room. "Niall!" He is already flipping the duvet off and jumping onto the floor, running across the room at the same time that the blond reacts and surges towards Louis all the same.

"Louis!" Niall shouts and then Louis slams against him, hitting warm, solid chest and arms that instantly curl around him tightly it is suffocating him and he bursts out crying at how much the pain proves to him that this is real. It's Niall. He's hugging his best friend.

"It's you." Louis sobs, pulling back and gripping both sides of Niall's face. The Irishman's face is red, eyes puffy as endless tears stream down his face. "Oh my God, it's really you." He gasps out, placing kisses everywhere on Niall's face that he could reach; his cheeks, his nose, his forehead, his eyes, his lips, his jaws.

Niall's cries grow hysterical, causing Louis the same effect. Both of the Omega wailing and crying make the Alphas in the room feel like jumping over to them and pull them apart so Liam could calm his Omega and Harry and Marcel could soothe Louis down but they don't want to ruin the moment. It seems like the Omega are sharing an emotional moment and Liam doesn't look like the urge to comfort his Omega is too strong, so he figured that they're not that upset, just overwhelmed.

"I missed you so much." Niall croaks in between sobs, returning the gesture and kissing Louis all over his face, lingering on his forehead before he's burying his face at Louis' neck, the brunette Omega doing the same.

Louis clings to Niall, both of them slowly collapsing onto the floor, still holding each other tight until they're both sitting in each other's embrace. "I thought," Louis takes a deep breath, voice thick with emotion. "I thought you were dead. Greg told me, I thought." And then he is crying again. "I thought I lost you, Ni. Why did you do that to me?!" He pulls back to push Niall on his shoulder and chest.

Niall shakes his head furiously. "I didn't mean to. Louis, I swear to God I didn't. I'm sorry."

Louis just throws himself onto Niall again, hugging him tightly, both of them gasping for air after the tears.

"I love you so much." Louis says quietly, but everybody in the room hears him.

Niall nods, kissing the side of Louis' head lovingly. "And I love you. So much."

They sit there, slowly calming down, the sobs subsiding and the tears start drying. Louis and Niall didn't even notice Edward coming in a few minutes ago, too wrapped up in their little reunion.

Once the Omegas are breathing steadily and only sniffles are heard, Liam clears his throat. "So, um, should I be jealous?"

Louis starts crying again when Niall bursts out laughing at what Liam said, the familiarity of it washing over him and he buries his face at Niall's neck.

"I'm sorry." Louis laughs quietly, wiping the tears at the corner of his eyes. "I'm not usually this emotional."

"If you didn't cry, I would have been offended, you twat." Niall slaps the back of his head, making Louis mewl in pain and pouts at him. "Don't give me that face, or I'll bloody shove you onto the wall."

"Don't you dare do anything to that pretty face." Edward snaps, then his eyes widen when all eyes turn to him, as if he hadn't mean for that to come out.

Louis flushes red, hiding his face at Niall's chest.

"Ya think he's a pretty little thing eh, Edward?" Niall teases, poking Louis' ribs and making him giggle, trying to push his hands away.

"Shut up, Niall." Edward and Louis say at the same time, making the rest of the occupants in the room snicker.

Niall raises his eyebrow at Louis, prompting his best friend to flick at his forehead.

"Arsehole." Niall mumbles, scowling at a grinning Louis while he nurses his head.

Louis tenses, flushing red again as he untangles their limbs and hesitantly grows to his feet. He doesn't look up while he walks towards where Edward is standing with the glass of water he requested in hands. The Alpha says nothing when Louis stops in front of him, just holds his hand out and Louis ducks his head  when he takes the glass from Edward's grip. He seems to hesitate for a moment, then stretches on his toes to brush his lips briefly against Edward's cheek. Both their faces heat up and Louis quickly walks away, grabbing Niall by the arm and dragging him out. He ignores the cackle in his ear. 

Liam bursts out laughing when the only people left in the room are the Alphas. He receives confused but amused looks from the middle and youngest triplet but not from the oldest. Oh no, if looks could kill, Liam would be six feet under by now. "Sorry, sorry. I just find it funny."

"What's funny, Malik?" Edward prompts angrily.

Liam rolls his eyes. "It's Malik-Payne." He corrects irritatedly. "I've just never seen anybody behaving like that with you. Except Harry, and maybe Marcel when he lacks of attention."


"Wait, what does that mean?" Edward glares, and any other person would be terrified with that look but Liam just laughs, already used to the triplets' antics.

Liam shrugs. "Like he doesn't care about your personal space or boundaries or whatever. I'm just saying that he's probably attracted to you. And that's a good thing."

"It's not actually impossible for him to be attracted to me, Liam. I'm an Alpha, he's an Omega."

Marcel and Harry have huddled closer, trying to decipher what Liam is trying to say. They whisper between themselves, talking about it for 0.2 seconds before Harry redirects the topic and suddenly they're discussing ice creams toppings.

"Other Alphas, yes, not you Edward. All Omegas I've seen you interact with so far either wants to be away from you or kill you." Liam sighs.

Edward snorts, rejecting what Liam is saying. "Why is it a good thing, Liam? Pray do tell?"

"It's a good thing, because, he's attracted, to all three of you." Liam speaks as if he's talking to a child, feeding the flame of fury in Edward's chest.

What Liam said catches the attention of the couple of the triplets and they turn to him in surprise.

"Say that again?" Marcel requests.

"I think he likes the three of you." Liam repeat with a grin, clasping his hands behind his back.

"No." Edward growls. "I'm not allowing this to happen."

"What?" Harry almost snaps his neck when he looks at Edward. "Why not? You care about Louis!"

"He's an Omega, that's what Alphas feel around them." Edward scolds, making Harry whine and steps back, upset. "We don't know him, Harry."

"If that's the case, rape shouldn't be an issue." Marcel quips, fixing his glasses and settling Edward with a challenging look. "Admit it, Edward. He's a potential mate. Maybe we should give him a try."

"And Louis doesn't have a say in this?" He hisses, curling and uncurling his hands into fists. The urge to punch Marcel in the face is there but he holds it in, not wanting any violence in the house when the Omega is around.

Fuck, why should Edward care that much anyway?

"Don't be dumb, Edward. Of course we're going to ask him first."

"Stop, just stop fighting. I don't like this." Harry growls our a protest, tugging frustratedly at his hair.

Edward groans, his blood boiling. Why is he so angry? "Enough! We're not talking about this anymore." And before anyone can do anything, he dashes out the door. 

"Edward!" Harry calls, trying to run after him but Marcel grips his wrist. "Marcel, don't. He'll run off."

"Let him." Marcel says soothingly, rubbing his thumb in circles on the back of Harry's palm. Harry slumps dejectedly, eyes already pricking with tears. "He'll know to come back when he wants to. He needs time to himself. You know how he is."

"There's always so much drama in this house, I wonder how the Betas live." Liam shudders, still slightly stunned at the scene happened in front of him just now. Even though it's just a small matter compared to other things that's occurred before, it always amazes Liam how much drama the triplets can cause.

"Oh trust me, Liam. They feed off on it."

Chapter Text

"Here you go." Niall says as he heaves himself down on the seat next to Louis, one of the warm mugs in his hands is transferred to Louis when small hands curl around the porcelain and grab it away from him. He watches his best friend sips on the tea quietly while looking over the whole living area. It’s a big hall complete with posh furnitures and expensive decorations that perfectly serve their purposes to make the area look cosy but luxurious at the same time, and he doesn’t blame Louis for being in awe of the interior design. He almost shit his pants too the first time he came here. Smiling as he’s thinking of the old times they used to spend together, it suddenly physically hurts him to think of how it must have pained Louis when the lad thought he was dead. He sits straighter, downing half of the content in his mug and shaking his head at the heat that pools in his chest. "You deserve an explanation."

Louis pauses, takes another sip, and leans back on the comfortable cushions of the mahogany sofa before he nods. He cradles the mug on his lap, careful not to let the content spill. "Yeah, I do."

"It's been what, six, seven years?" Niall guesses, his forehead creasing with his attempt to remember.

Louis clears his throat. "Ten, ten years." He corrects him, but there's no spite behind it.

Niall flinches, eyes meeting Louis' in horror and abrupt sadness. "Lou.."

"You didn't even write me, or gave me any single hint or a sign that you are alive." Louis let out exasperatedly. "Greg knows that you weren't dead all this time?"

Niall nods solemnly, going back to stare at his mug, swirling the tea around.

"Hey, don't do that. You're here now, yeah?" Louis slowly moves closer until their shoulder touch, making the Irish relax a little and he offers Louis a weak smile.

"Okay." Louis had to strain to hear his reply. "It's actually a funny story. I was walking home after that party at Stan's." Niall starts in a steady voice so Louis shifts until he could sit facing his friend.

Louis remembers that night, he had offered to walk Niall home but the blond declined, saying that he'll be fine. He also didn't want to burden his friend since Louis' house was nearer to Stan's so Louis would be taking twice the length of the journey to his house if he walked Niall first. So Louis had let him go, making Niall promise to text him once he's arrived.

An hour after Louis got home and he still hadn't received a text, he tried calling for Niall. He texted him, called him, but nobody answered. When he called for the God-knows-how-many time, it went straight to voice mail and Louis knew straight away that something was wrong.

So he had sneaked out, running along the path Niall would take when he would go home, calling out for his name. Louis' heart had dropped when he stepped on something on the pavement and it was Niall's broken phone. Louis knew because the sticker of a smiling unicorn is looking up at him. Louis had put it on Niall's phone one day as a joke, but Niall said it reminded him of Louis a lot so he never took it off.

Judging by the state of the phone, it was already destroyed even before Louis stepped on it. So Louis ran straight to Niall's home, his hands scrambling to call Niall's older brother who answered him with a groggy voice since it was late at night.

When Louis told him what happened, Greg said he'll take it from there and told Louis to go home. Louis knew he could do nothing else because if he tried to help and if somehow anything reached Niall's father, he wouldn't want to imagine what would happen.

Niall never told him, not a single tear in front of Louis about his father. But he knew the bruises and the flinches weren't caused by Niall falling. Nobody was ever that clumsy. And him never inviting Louis over to his house just made it more obvious. Niall's father was abusive, yet Louis never really had a solid proof to confront Niall about it.

So when the next day Greg called him and said Niall was gone, Louis was in disbelief. Greg told him that Niall was attacked by an Alpha, and that broke Louis' heart because he probably could've saved Niall if he hadn't let him walk home on his own. He had cried and screamed and wailed, thrashed around the house until Jay came over and hugged him and he cried into her shoulder until he passed out.

So Louis didn't understand what happened. There wasn't many people who went to the funeral. Greg kept it really small. Louis didn't go cause he couldn't do it, couldn't see his best friend being lowered into the ground. Who knew the same best friend would be sitting in front of him now?

Niall's voice brought him back to reality. "Liam tried to attack me that night. He was supposed to take his suppressant but somehow he left it home before he travelled and his rut took over. I was a virgin Omega walking alone at night so it was quite inevitable, really."

"I was really scared, and I tried to call you when I ran, but Liam got me, threw my phone away and just dragged me into his car. I couldn't scream, couldn't move while he drove. He brought me to the house he was renting. It was scary, the house was secluded and everything was dark. He cut off the engine, got out and opened my door, then he scooped me into his arms in the gentlest way possible." Niall chuckles quietly at the memory. It makes Louis smile, glad that his friend is able to tell the story happily. He hopes nothing bad happened and everything's happy until the end. "It only got weirder from there."

"What happened?"

"So he's in his rut, right? When we arrived in his bedroom, there were handcuffs and ropes on the bed and I was super freaked out because of course I thought he was going to rape me. But then Liam locked the door, put me down and he lied on the bed before handcuffing himself to the bed post."

Louis stares at Niall with a shocked expression, jaw slacked and gaping. "Wh-What?" His question prompts Niall to cackle with laughter.

"Exactly! I was confused, I mean, is this twat on crack or something? But then he blushed and said 'Can you tie my legs too?'" Niall slaps his knees a few times, still howling with laughter. Louis could almost feel the irritation radiating from Liam in the room. He couldn't help but giggle a little. "I was scared and pissed and confused at the time, so I just did what he asked. It didn't occur to me at that time that the Alpha was tied up and I could just run away."

Louis rolls his eyes. "Of course you didn't."

"Shut up." Niall laughs. "Then he just asked me for a cuddle while he goes through it."

Louis' jaws would be sore by the time this story is done cause he's staring at Niall with his mouth in a big O again. "A cuddle?"

"Yeah!" Niall nods, his face red with how much he's laughing. "Of course I said yes, have you seen those puppy eyes he has?"

"So you just cuddled until his rut passed?" It sounds even weirder coming out of his mouth.

Niall sips his tea. "Nah, I couldn't even stand an hour before I was begging him to fuck me." He shrugs. "Have you seen him, mate?"

"Yeah, couldn't exactly blame you for that." Louis says quietly, both of them cackling in the silence after that. He turns to Niall after finishing his tea. "Doesn't explain why you had to be dead, though."

"Yeah, about that." Niall scratches his head. "Liam bonded me that night."

"He what?!"

Niall blushes. "He was in rut, I was overwhelmed and I didn't realise that I was asking for him to do it, to bite me. It was overwhelming that he just did it. Both of us didn't notice, and it was only when Liam pointed it out at the end that it finally occurred to me." He pauses. "So Liam asked me to come with him. He apologised repeatedly for bonding me but I was the one who asked for it. He wanted to be responsible. And I just agreed. He looked like a nice lad, I was super pissed, and I didn't want to go back home ever again in my life."

Louis falls silent, then. "Yeah, you never told me about that."

"Yeah, I.. I'm sorry." Niall puts his mug away and pulls Louis into a hug, the omega quickly returning the gesture. "My Dad drank a lot, he's always drunk. After Mum was gone, he blamed me for it. He said the car crash was my fault. But I know it wasn't. I didn't think so back then, though. So when he started beating me up everyday because I 'deserved’ it, I just took it. Because I thought I did."

"Oh Niall." Louis hugs him tighter, the urge to just comfort him and tell him that nothing would ever be his fault is there, but he knows it'd just refresh the old wounds. So he keeps his mouth shut.

"So when Liam said he would take me away, take me to London with him, I said yes. Cause I didn't want to go back. I called Greg using Liam's phone and told him everything. I didn't want our father to come looking for me, so I told Greg to tell him I was dead."

"How did he convince your father, though?" Louis wonders aloud.

Niall smiles tightly, none of it reaching his eyes. "Turned out he didn't care. Said he was glad I was finally gone."

Louis couldn't even react before a growl resonates in the living room and Liam appears before them, pointing strictly at his mate. "No, don't you dare feel like that while I'm still alive. I want you, Zayn wants you. You're care for, you're needed. Don't you dare feel like you're unwanted. Your husbands love you more than enough to make up for the love he didn't give you." Liam falls onto his knees in front of Niall, grabbing his hand and holding it tightly. "It kills me every time you feel like that, Ni."

Niall smiles lovingly as he releases Louis and kisses Liam sweetly on the mouth. "I know, just can't help but feel that way whenever I think about him."

"Then don't think about him." Liam hisses, glaring at Louis for bringing up such a thing.

Louis holds his hands up. "Sorry."

"Hey!" Niall laughs, slapping Liam's shoulder. "Don't threaten my best friend."

Liam relaxes, blushing and throwing an apologetic look at Louis, making the omega burst out laughing. "Yeah Ni, I understand why you did it. I would run away with him in a heartbeat too." Louis teases, winking at the alpha, causing Liam to blush even redder.

"Yeah, now go away. Let me finish my story." Niall says, pushing Liam off and turning back to Louis as if he didn't just make his Alpha tumble back onto his bum. "So Greg held a fake funeral for me, claiming I was attacked bla bla bla and the only thing left was my leg. I think he watched too many crime films. It’s not like Alphas eat people, for Merlin’s sake."

"But why didn't you tell me? Why would you let me think that I could've saved you if I just sent you home that night. I felt like it was my fault." 

Niall sighs. "Because you would drop everything and run to look for me to make sure I wasn't truly kidnapped and being held hostage. You're always dramatic."

Louis wants to protest but he knows what Niall said is true, so he just settles for hitting Niall on the arm. "Dick."

"But you're here, that's what important. And I would buy you ice cream everyday until you stop feeling like it's your fault that I 'died'." Niall laughs. "When I think of it again, it is because of you that Liam managed to take me and give me the most wonderful family ever. So, thank you, really."

Louis nods, then, laughing. "Yeah, when you put it that way. I would've probably beat his arse."

Niall turns to Liam. "You better be glad he wasn't there. Louis used to carry a pepper spray and put it up people's nose. He was ruthless."

Louis' stomach grumbles out of nowhere before he could speak up, and he quickly wraps a hand around his middle, his face flushing while he smiles bashfully at Niall. "Sorry."

Suddenly another two strong scents of Alphas are heavy in the air, making his head clouded. In seconds, Niall is pushed away. Instead it is Marcel who sits next to him, and Harry sits on his other side, both of them staring attentively at him with worry obvious on their faces but none of them touching him. Louis appreciates that they are respecting his space. His heartbeat picks up, though and he doubts the Alphas can't hear that.

"Are you hungry?"

"Would you like something to eat?"

He squirms under the attention, the blush growing to his neck. His palms are starting to sweat. Harry's eyes are bright and green when their gazes lock and Louis' heart skips a beat. He can barely recall that he has a question to answer. "Um.., breakfast would be good. Just show me the way, and I'll get them myself."

"It's okay." Harry shakes his head. "You just stay here."

"I'll get it." Marcel offers, already standing up.

Louis' eyes widen. "No, I'll get it myself. And I'll make you breakfast too."

Marcel and Harry laugh, not allowing Louis' blush to fade. Even Niall is laughing along. Liam just sits there, admiring his omega.

It's Niall who takes pity on Louis' confused state and choose to speak. "Louis, no Omega does any work in this house."

"What? Why?" Niall's statement does nothing but double his confusion.

Marcel stares fondly at him. "It's what the Betas are for, silly."

"We've hired Betas to help with housework." Harry explains, grinning at Louis.

"Oh.." Louis frowns. "But that's what omegas are supposed to do. Take care of their Alphas and cook."

"Right, but these people are weirdos. Besides, I get to relax all day, the Betas get high salary, and the Alphas are taken care of. Everybody wins in this house." Niall leans back on the couch with a contented smile.

Louis relents, still frowning. "Okay, then... But doesn't mean that it's not weird." He says, then crosses his arms and turns to Harry. "Do the Betas get treated nicely?"

"Yeah, payment is always on time and they're allowed to have their leaves and we never yell. Well, Edward did one time because the new Beta accidentally went into his office." Disapproval crosses Harry's expression, as if he disagreed with Edward's action too. "But other than that, I don't think we give them any reason to dislike working here."

Louis nods, as if satisfied with the answer. He's all for equality for the oppressed. "Okay, then."

"Alright, would you like your breakfast now?" Marcel smiles carefully.

Louis nods, placing a finger on his chin. "Hmm... I think I'm going to ask for something special."

"Anything." Harry promises.

"Then, can I have some cereal, please?" Louis asks politely, blinking at the Alphas as if he's the most innocent thing ever.

Niall cackles from behind Marcel on the couch.

"H-How's that special, kitten?" Harry asks, a smile still on his face but his expression is twisted in confusion.

Louis scowls. "How dare you?"

"Umm..." Harry widens his eyes, looking to Marcel for help when Louis rises so he's eye to eye with Harry.

Niall is bent over laughing.

"Just because you have a lot of money and get to decide whether or not you want a steak or lobster any time of the day, does not mean that all of us have the same financial luck like you do." With the the last three words, he gives each a jab to Harry's chest, speaking in a low growl. "Some of us barely eat for days and we are extremely grateful even with a slice of bread. And sometimes one slice has to last through breakfast, lunch, and dinner." He continues poking at the firm skin.

Harry gulps. "Is that how your life is?" He asks regretfully.

Louis scoffs, following it with a shrug. "Used to be. When I was in uni. It's not bad now."

Marcel and Harry share a look.

"Doesn't mean I have to abandon my cereal just because I have some extra cash in my pocket." He says, annoyed. Suddenly he sits up straighter in alert, making the Alphas around him jump back at his sudden movement. "Oh my God!"

"What?! What is it?" Marcel asks in panic, grabbing Louis' arm.

Niall just keeps himself entertained at the interaction between them.

"My babies!" Louis shrieks.

"Babies?!" All of them question at the same time.

"No, no, the children, my babies! The nursery!" Louis flails around, trying to release himself from Marcel's grip.

Someone clears their throat from the door and Louis stills, all heads snapping to the direction of the entrance to find Edward leaning by the door frame with his arms crossed.

"They know you're not coming in today." Edward informs, his dark green eyes boring into Louis' blue ones. It sends shivers down the Omega's body.

"Edward!" Harry says excitedly.

"B-But how?" Louis is confused. In the midst of it all, he had definitely forgotten that he still has a job to get to. Not to mention that he had just disappeared last night from the restaurant. All of his colleagues must be confused. He'd be lucky if he still has a job.

"The office called this morning and I took it. Told them you're not well, so don't worry about it."

Louis' face softens and he sends Edward a small smile, nodding his head. "Thank you, Edward."

Edward gives him a curt nod and then disappears up the stairs.

"He doesn't talk much, does he?" Louis questions to Marcel, who's still staring up at the top of the stairs.

The mentioned Alpha smiles reassuringly at him. "No, he doesn't. Mostly he just speaks among us, not to outsiders."

"Okay. Can I have my cereal now, please? Or should I go and get it myself? I thought the Omegas are supposed to be special here." Louis honestly doesn't mean for that to come out that sassy since the triplets don't deserve that especially that they were nice to him. He's getting more comfortable now, and that means his sassy side is coming out. Judging by the way Niall is laughing at him and Harry looks like he's just been slapped while Marcel looks horrified, Louis knows there's no way to take it back.

"He's a feisty one, isn't he?" Liam says, his eyes mere slits where he's still smiling amusedly at Louis.

Niall nods. "Yeah, the only time Lou is polite to an Alpha is when he's working."

"I'll go get your cereal." Marcel announces.

"I miss polite Louis already." Harry pouts while Marcel goes to the kitchen to fetch the cereal Louis has demanded.

Louis rolls his eyes but God knows he's so endeared. "Edward's not here to kiss that away, stop making that face."

Niall and Liam burst out laughing at Harry's offended expression, making him scowl at his supposed friends.

"Here you go." Marcel has returned with a bowl in hands, and he bends over in front of Louis to hand the China to him.

Louis smiles, cradling the bowl to his chest and pecking Marcel's cheek before he starts to eat.

He misses it when Marcel stumbles back, finding a couch to sit on. His hand touches the skin where Louis kissed, the blush tinting his cheeks inevitable when he looks at the Omega eating his cereal passionately while also giggling with Niall and Liam.

He doesn't notice the weight on his lap until Harry is wriggling on his dick and he scowls. "What is it, Harry?" He doesn't even try to mask his annoyance, his hands settling on his brother's waist to assist him. 

Harry curls himself into a ball, trying to make himself small as if he doesn't have long, gangly limbs that knocks on everything when he's clumsy. "I like him." He says timidly, voice small.

Marcel sighs. "Me too."

"Let's court him." Harry says in earnest, eyes wide and eager. Marcel can't help but smile and peck him on the mouth.

"But Edward said.."

"I know. But he's lying if he says he doesn't want to." Harry shoots an upset look at the stairs, knowing Edward is listening to them.

Marcel nods knowingly. "We know him better than anyone. Of course he wants to. He likes him, and I've never seen him behave this way around an Omega before. It's kind of interesting, don't you think?"

"Yeah, and I know Liam is right. Louis doesn't look like he's scared of Edward." Harry murmurs thoughtfully.

"But that doesn't mean Louis would agree to us." Marcel says, the idea making him sad. "Look at him. He's perfect. He must have had other Alphas trying to court him before, and he's not mated nor does he have a partner. That means he's said no to other Alphas. What makes you think he'd say yes to us?"

"Because he likes us?" Harry raises an eyebrow.

"So you're saying that he's never liked an Alpha before? That's bullshit, Harry."

Harry suddenly gasps. "What if he's not into Alphas?!" 

"I don't think he is. Look at him"

"What if he would just like us for our money?"

Marcel frowns. "He doesn't look like he knows, though. I mean, he didn't say anything about it, did he?" Both of them peek a look at Louis, speaking animatedly while he tells a joke that makes Liam and Niall cackle. "Harry, he looks so innocent and pure."

"Edward once said that Omegas could be manipulative." Harry informs his brother, fixing his collar before toying with his hair. "Do you think Louis thinks we're weird, cause we're Alphas but we sleep with each other?"

"Not to mention we're brothers." Marcel shrugs. "I don't know. Who knows? Maybe he thinks it's hot? There are a few Omegas who feel that way."

"Really? Who?"

"Well, remember Janet? She was my friend during uni and she once told me that she finds us really hot. Said she wanted to watch sometimes. It creeps me a little bit to be honest." Marcel shudders in disgust. He looks at Harry and groans in frustration. "Don't tell me you're interested in that."

"Hey, I thought you share my kink. Why are you not with me this time?" Harry laughs.

"I like doing it where people 'could' see, as in, they would only see when we get caught or if we let them. Having sex while someone watches just for the sole reason of it, well, it makes me a little uncomfortable." Marcel tugs at his collar, shaking his head.

"Not me, though." Harry grins.

"Of course not, you're the people pleaser, you are. It's weird how you let Edward dominate you in bed. You're an Alpha. Are you going to let an Omega fuck you?" Marcel pokes at Harry's neck, making his brother giggle.

"No, of course not. I only let you both dominate me. I think my dominant side would come out once we settle with an Omega. Besides, you can't deny I fuck you good, can you?" Harry smirks, bending down and biting on Marcel's lip.

Marcel pinches his elbow. "Smug doesn't suit you." He rolls his eyes but lets Harry nibble on his mouth. "Doesn't erase the fact that you're a cockslut."

"Only for you and Edward, babe."

"I can hear you both from here, please stop." Liam squeaks from where he's sitting with Niall and Louis, a traumatised expression on his face.

Niall points an accusing finger at the Styles. "You both should really stop talking about your sexcapades in public. Or at least where people could hear. Be a little like Edward, at least."

Harry's eyes bore on Niall. "I just sucked his cock in the movies two weeks ago."

"I didn't ask for it, you sex crazed beast. You're the one jumping on people and sucking on their cock." Edward yells back from their room, making Harry roll his eyes.

"You didn't push me off or say no." He retorts.

Edward appears at the top of the stairs, glaring down at his brother. "Yeah, because I know you would start whining like a baby.”

Harry pouts in response.

"I am not going to be arrested for public indecencies, Harry. If you want to do it at least let it be somewhere decent." Edward huffs, clutching the bridge of his nose. "And I don't talk about sex in public. You two are the one responsible at embarrassing the family when it comes to this. This is why nobody wants us." He goes on and babbles as he disappears upstairs again.

The antics are making Louis laugh and he doesn't even bother keeping in the happiness bubbling out of him.

"Aww, Harry, don't be sad. Nialler wants you." Niall coos when Harry pouts even more, quickly making his way over to where Harry is seated on Marcel's lap.

"Yeah, come back to us when you're not mated." Marcel shoos him, waving his hand dismissively.

Niall pays him no notice and hops onto Harry's lap, doubling the weight onto Marcel and the poor Alpha yelps. "My sweet little cinnamon." The blond says, grabbing a giggling Harry and cradling his head to his chest.

"I'm telling Zayn!" Liam faux gasps. "He's your only little cinnamon."

Louis ignores the giggling mess on top of Marcel in favour of questioning Liam of what he said. "Who's Zayn?"

"Oh?" Liam brightens up at the mention of the name. "He's my husband."

Louis frowns confusedly. "But Niall? I thought Niall's your Omega?"

"He is." Liam nods with a beam, which makes Louis even more confused.

"But Zayn's your Omega too?" Louis guesses. Maybe Liam's one of those that keeps more than one Omega in their house. He's heard of the Omegas living in harmonies having that kind of relationship, but he doesn't expect Niall to be one.

Liam pauses, frowning. Louis fears he might have said something wrong, but before he can take it back, Liam is laughing. "Oh, no no. God forbid Zayn hears you say that. He's very much an Alpha, my lovely Zayn, he is."

"Two Alphas? One Omega?" Louis says in surprise, delighted. "I've heard rumours about those kinds of relationship in nests but I've never really known it was legitimate. Whoa."

"It's legit, Tommo. And it's the most wonderful thing ever." Niall nods from where he's now folded his knees to his chest in favour of curling up on Harry's lap. Marcel doesn't look bothered by the weight, only a little annoyed.

Louis tries not to think about it, but it's inevitable for the thought to pierce his mind. The image of him being with the triplet sounds really inviting and he can't help but let his mind wander with the idea while he finishes his cereal, a little bit soggy now.

He wonders how kissing each of them would be like, how different their lips would be. He thinks of Edward and his cold demeanour, thinks of lovely Harry, and he thinks of sweet Marcel. Now that the idea is laid out in front of him, if he is offered ever, he wouldn't want the triplets if he can't have all three of them.

He thinks of how it'd be to have three Alphas to go home to, them kissing him and taking him into their arms while they ask Louis about his day when he comes back. Or he could be the perfect Omega, waiting for them and kissing each of them the moment they step through the door, having dinner together and two extra eyes would be on him when they talk instead of just one. It all sounds so heavenly.

Oh no, Louis wants them.

He widens his eyes slightly, tensing as he stares down at his cereal. Okay, maybe he doesn't exactly want them in a sure way. But his brain is entertaining the thoughts of being with them, so surely that says something. Besides, his body has reacted so strongly to them the first time they met.

And it doesn't matter how much Louis denies, because whether he wants it or not, the triplets and him are compatible.

He knows the triplets want him, even Edward. Louis has mastered the skill of identifying those looks an Alpha would send him. And as much as their looks aren't as objectifying as others' were, it still gives Louis an idea of what they want to do to him.

He can say that the triplets don't act out on it, though. If they desire Louis, they sure don't show it now. It's probably a slip of control that night that allows Louis to know the triplets are interested in him. But from what he sees, they let the lust out onto each other. So that might be why they're in such control of themselves. Harry and Marcel barely even look at him when they're talking to each other.

As much as he's a little offended for getting no attention from his targeted potential mates, he finds it a good thing too.

Oh God, he's thinking about mating now. He needs to get out of this house.

"Umm.." Louis slowly stands up, causing milk to slosh around in the bowl.

"Are you alright, Lou?" Niall asks attentively.

"I want to go home."

"You ask him."

"No, you ask him, please?"

"No! Edward, you ask him."

"Why should I?"

"Stop being difficult."

"Both of you are being difficult."

"Let's just not ask."

"Edward, we've been over this."

"Edward should ask, he's the leader of the pack."

"Since when?"

"Just do it, Eddy, please?"

"Don't call me that."

"Please, Edward."

"Shut the fuck up."

Liam shakes his head downstairs, massaging his temples. "Oh dear, those three are idiots."

"Tell me about it, babe." Niall rolls his eyes.

They all agreed that Edward would send Louis home, they all as in the triplets. It's not that Louis have any problem with that.

He had hugged Niall tightly, promising to visit him at his house sometime later. He also got a warm hug from Liam who told him to stay safe. Louis thanked him profusely, making Liam blush.

Then Harry and Marcel both took turn and hugged him tightly, lingering their embrace around him and almost making him whimper when they step away. He did receive a kiss on the cheek by each of them afterwards, so he didn't exactly want to complain.

Now he's on his way towards town in the triplet's Range Rover. When he got out of the house, his jaw almost hit the floor at the sight of the size of the building and the huge land surrounding them which Marcel claimed to be their lawn.

Louis didn't know the Styles were rich but now, he does feel very insecure about letting Edward drop him at his place since it's just a cheap flat and one that he even shares with Alex.

He stares out of the window during the ride, content to just look at the beautiful scenery while they head back into town. He had also hoped it would help calm his crazy beating heart down, but judging by the way his blood is still racing, it's to no avail.

He had spoken to Edward the least during his stay, but he affected him the most. He at least have some control over his emotion when he's around Marcel or Harry (does he really?), but all that control disappears the moment Edward is present.

"Why are you so nervous?" He flinches when Edward speaks up.

Thankfully, the Alpha doesn't question it so Louis quickly works his brain to reply. "What do you mean?" Wow, way to go, Tommo.

Louis' heart does a cartwheel when Edward reaches out and grabs his hand, making his wrist look extra small in his giant hand when he presses a thumb on the bandaged skin. "Your heart is racing. What’s wrong?"

He really hopes Edward doesn't notice how much faster the blood is pumping through his veins right now. "I'm, uh, I'm okay."

"Really?" The corner of Edward's mouth twitches when he turns to look at Louis. He is looking forward again before Louis could do something stupid like drool.

"Okay, sure."

It gets quiet then, and the silence isn't exactly comfortable. Edward hasn't let his wrist go, instead content to just have Louis in his grip. It makes his heart flutter, but does nothing to help calm his nerves. And it's hard to even think of what to say when it feels like his heart is going to jump out of his chest.

"I never got to thank you for last night." Louis chooses to say, trying to ignore the warm hand pressing onto his skin. "If you hadn't found me-"

"Don't speak of it." Edward cuts him off with a hiss, tensing up and retracting his hand to wrap around the steering wheel again. His grip is tight, turning his knuckles white.

Louis desperately tries not to feel the disappointment crawling up in his chest.

"Thank you." He murmurs, looking down at his hand on his lap.

"I heard Niall said that you used to carry a pepper spray." Edward says, apparent that he's trying to make up a conversation.

Louis blushes, but giggles softly and nods. "Yeah.. Never went out without it before."

"Do you still have it?" Edward asks, turning a corner and looking at the side mirror. Louis smiles to himself when he catches Edward's eyes brushing over his feature for a slight second, pleased.

When Edward looks at him expectantly, he remembers he still has a question to answer. "Oh, yeah. I think I do. Misplaced it when I moved. But I think it's still there."

"Okay, good. I want you to carry it with you anywhere you go. Am I understood?" He asks in a stern voice, his tone definitely dominant while he fixes Louis with a sharp look. It sends shivers down Louis' spine and he squirms when the hairs on his body stand tall due to the urge to submit.

"Y-Yeah, okay." If his reply is a little breathless, none of them says anything.

Louis stops trying to talk after that. Edward looks more content with the silence anyway, so Louis is extremely grateful. He can't wait to go home and have a wank over the triplets.

Occasionally, Louis glances over to Edward during the drive. It's hard not to. Edward looks good. He's just wearing a long sleeved  top with a pair of black jeans and a blue beanie. But he looks so good? Louis is confused? What kind of witchcraft? Though, every single time Louis does, it's to find him already looking at Louis. And Edward's not even a bit embarrassed about being caught staring, instead his eyes just get a little more intense, letting their electric gazes lock for a few seconds before he turns to the road again. If Louis isn't going to die from Edward's lack of attention to the traffic, then he's sure going to die because of a heart attack.

He feels relieved when the car rolls to a stop in front of his building, but at the same time he's also self conscious of such a difference between the financial state of the triplets and himself. Not to mention the annoying feeling that creeps up in his chest all of a sudden, making him sad that they're about to part.

"I can't believe you live here." Edward complains, scrunching up his nose as he ducks to see the building from inside the car. Louis squirms further into the seat, blushing with embarrassment.

"Uh, yeah, I, thank you for sending me home." He says quickly, taking off his seatbelt and scrambling to open the door.

"Wait." Edward's voice stops him in his motion and he quickly turns to face the Alpha again. He watches Louis carefully and pauses, letting the moment drag for so long Louis almost thought that he had made up the sound of Edward's voice calling him. Finally he speaks. "My brothers want to court you."

"Court me?" Louis parrots, frozen up. Wait, what? "Court me as in.."

"As in courting for a mate." Edward explains, eyes nowhere but Louis' face even now that the Omega is staring at him intently.

"Oh." His face reddens again. "Do you three come in package then?"

"Unfortunately, yes. So if you want to say no, then that's totally fine." Edward murmurs, his voice steady but there's a hint of insecurity behind it.

Louis is slightly annoyed. "I didn't say anything yet." He snaps, causing the Alpha to look at him in slight surprise. The way his eyebrows shoot up like that shouldn't be so attractive.

"You want us, then?" Edward's eyes are suddenly really green.

Louis nibbles on his bottom lip, his teeth sawing the soft flesh and he tugs at his lip with his fingers. "You said your brothers want to. Does this mean that you don't?"

"I didn't say that." Edward replies calmly, earning himself a small smile.

"Then?" Louis prompts, his calm heart lurching again.

"It's just, I don't know you, Louis." The way he says Louis' name is already enough to make Louis curl and purr.

Louis rolls his eyes. "That's what dating is going to be for, you tosser."

Edward shoots him a scowl, and instead of blushing, it makes Louis laugh. It's probably the crinkles in his eyes that makes Edward's face clear. "Do you want us too, then?"

Louis clears his throat. "Does this mean you're going to take me out on a date? Each of you?"

"If you want it to be that way, then yes." Edward immediately agrees. It makes Louis grin. 

Louis leans forward a little, wondering where the fuck his courage comes from. "Tell me you want me first."

Edward pauses, and for a moment Louis wonders if he went too far. "Why me?"

"You said your brothers want me. You didn't say you do. So tell me." He requests, eyes locking onto Edward's.

The Alpha doesn't blink. "I want you." He says, his gaze into Louis' soul doesn't waver. "Will you let us court you?"

"Yes." Louis breathes, hoping it comes out as sexy instead of pathetic.

Edward's eyes roam his face, slightly unfocused, and Louis grows a little excited when he leans forward a little, probably subconsciously. His eyelids start to flutter when the Alpha is inches away. And Louis's about to let them shut when he hears a sharp intake of breath and.. "Stay here." Edward suddenly says before he's hopping out of the door.

Wait, what? Louis leans back in his seat, crossing his arms and pouting. He was so hopeful that he's going to get a kiss. Did he do it wrong? Are they not supposed to kiss? Was that too fast of him to expect that? And here he thought he was in a movie.

He couldn't ponder for long because suddenly his door opens and it takes him a moment to register that Edward had opened it for him. The information makes him smile and he jumps out of the car, letting Edward close the door before he's shyly grinning up at the Alpha, fluttering his lashes in the way he knows that makes him attractive.

"How come you're not afraid of me?" Edward quietly asks.

"Why should I be afraid of you?" Louis' shoulders sagged, his face twisting in bewilderment. "What kind of a question is that?"

He receives a shrug. "I don't know. Most Omegas either hate me or are afraid of me."

"You've given me no reason to hate you or be afraid of you." Louis admits, still a little confused. Edward is so fucking hot, why would people ever hate him? "Quite the contrary, really."

Edward cocks his eyebrow. "Do I now?"


"You don't know me." He reasons.

Louis shakes his head. "I don't. But I want to."

"You're stupid."

"Excuse me?" Louis glares, making Edward smirk. It shocks him a little that his glare falters.

Edward sighs, his face twisting momentarily as if he's having an internal fight with himself before he finally moves, taking off the beanie he's wearing and putting it on Louis' head. The action surprises Louis a little and he almost flinches. "Three Alphas can be overwhelming."

"I was hoping I'd be the judge of that." He replies dryly, letting Edward tuck his hair under the fabric along with his ears. His nose scrunches up. "I'm not cold, you know."

"Yeah, because I won't let you be."

"When are you going to kiss me?" Louis blurts out, then instantly regrets it because the moment the words are out of his mouth, Edward freezes. He stands there gawking at Louis as if Louis just told him he murdered his parents.

Then Edward continues with the beanie again, schooling his expression into a calm one. In the middle of fixing Louis' hair, he had stepped closer. Once he's done, he makes no move to step back. "Do you want me to?" He asks quietly.

"Desperately." Louis confirms, feeling his mouth go dry and quickly licking his lips to moisturise them. He holds back the urge to jump around giddily when Edward's eyes follow the motion of his tongue.

Their gazes connect again. "I haven't taken you out on a date yet."

"Well, if you kiss me now and then kiss me again after our date, you'd be kissing me for the second time instead of the first." Louis says.

Edward scoffs softly, not a bite in his tone. "Where's your logic in this?"

"None. Are you going to kiss me or not?" Louis is usually in control and calm but he doesn't know what happened to that now that Edward is standing so close to him. He can smell the Alpha, so musky and manly and his knees are growing weak already.

Edward is chuckling. Why is he chuckling and not kissing Louis? "You're very pushy."

"Yeah, I was told. If you're not going to kiss me I'll ju- mmffphh!"

Louis gasps into a warm mouth, a pair of plump lips pressing against him and two hands on his waist, making his eyes flutter close, body going pliant in Edward's hold. His knees shake a little as he slowly kisses him back, causing the Alpha to grip him tighter and pushes him until he's leaning against the car and Edward is pinning him against it.

Edward sucks on his bottom lip, his hands burning on his waist while Louis' own hands move to wrap around the Alpha's body, small hands resting on the broad, muscled back. His lips are persistent against Louis’, moving in a way that coaxes a moan out of the Omega while he clings onto the strong body so he won't collapse onto the ground.

His lips are so soft, soft soft, yet his kiss is warm, urgent and rough but Louis loves it, kissing him back just as rough and moans again when teeth tugs on his lip. Edward pulls back then to let both of them catch their breath.

Louis pulls him down again when he's about to speak, and Edward lets him. He stands there, crowding Louis against the car, sucking and kissing and biting his mouth over and over until Louis' head spins.

It feels like hours after that when Edward pulls away again. His lips are red and swollen, telling Louis that his are probably in the same state. Both of them are panting harshly, and Louis' heart is beating rapidly as if he just finished a marathon. He can feel how flushed his face is, the blush probably covering his neck.

The grip on his waist doesn't loosen.

When Louis slips his hand up to grip Edward's curly lock and tugs him down again, their lips meet in a soft, gentle kiss. It makes Louis smile against Edward's mouth, causing the Alpha to pull him closer until their bodies align. He quietly sighs into Edward's mouth, separating their lips with a smacking sound and smiling shyly up at him.

"You have a very sweet mouth, kitten." Edward murmurs, bending down to nose along Louis' jaw. Louis purrs softly, tilting his head back to allow better access. The nickname makes his heart jump and for the first time in forever, he feels giddy instead of disgusted hearing that kind of pet name.

He mewls when Edward drops a lingering kiss on his neck. "Take me out on a date fast so I can kiss you again."

"Tomorrow night." Edward says, straightening up and licking his lips.

Louis pouts. "I can't. I gotta work."

"The restaurant? You're going back?" Edward gives him a frown.

"I need to work, Edward." Louis huffs, taking his hands off the body pressed up against him in favour of crossing his arms. His action prompts an amused look.

"If you're going to be our mate, you don't need to work any more." He says.

Louis shakes his head. "But it's not confirmed yet that you would choose me. If you change your mind, you'll lose nothing but I'd lose a job."

"Trust me, we wouldn't change our mind." Edward says convincingly.

"Says you now." Louis grumbles.

Edward chuckles, brushing his nose along Louis' cheek, the graze of his eyelash on the boy's skin making the Omega giggle. "Quit the job, please? I don't want anybody treating you any less than you deserve."

"We're not even in a relationship, yet and you're telling me what to do? Should I be certain that this isn't going to be an abusive relationship?" Louis raises his eyebrows, teasing.

It earns him a pinch on his waist. "Don't be naughty."

"Ow! See? Abusive." Louis scrunches up his face.

Edward's face turns serious, then, making Louis sigh. "Princess, promise me you'll quit the job."

"Okay, okay, fine. And you say I'm pushy. Ugh." He taps Edward's nose, ignoring the way his heart jumps happily at the nickname. "I'll only listen to you this once because you're cute."

"I am not cute."

"Yes, you are." Louis sing song, standing on his tip toe to press their lips briefly. "Oh God, we're not even dating yet and I'm already addicted to your kisses."

"Is that a bad thing?" Edward asks with a crooked smile, the little shit.

Louis hums as he brushes their lips together, but not kissing. "It makes me wonder if your brothers have delicious lips like you too."

"As much as it pains me to say this, they do." Edward sighs.

"I can't wait for the date." He says excitedly, pulling back to grin up at him.

"I'll tell them to text you later." Edward informs him, leaning forward as if he wants to kiss Louis on top of his head but quickly stops himself before he steps back to put a distance between them. Louis already misses his warmth.

"Okay. I'll see you tomorrow, then." Louis smiles, ready to take the beanie off to hand it back to Edward but a hand stops him.

The Alpha groans in annoyance before moving to fix it again. "Keep it."

"I'm going to take it off again once I'm inside." Louis tells him but Edward shuts him up with a glare. When Edward finishes, Louis asks him. "Can I go now?"


"Okay, drive carefully." Louis says, grabbing Edward's shoulder and pulling him down so he could kiss him on the cheek. 

He's about to leave when Edward grabs his elbow and waltz him back into his arms. 

"You forgot something." He tells Louis, a tiny smirk on his lips. 

Louis widens his eyes and holds his breath when he feels a hand ghosting over the top of his arse. He gasps when the hand slides into his back pocket, then leaves something inside once it disappears. 

Edward drops his hands and clears his throat. "Your phone." He clarifies, then takes a step back.

"Oh." Louis breathes, his heart still racing as if all his blood cells are having a marathon. It's probably true cause his face is flushing. 

He walks over to the entrance of his building, stopping and turning around. Edward is still watching him, unmoving from where he's standing. 

"Well, go." Louis waves his hand, as if he's shooing a dog. "What are you waiting for?" 

Edward rolls his eyes annoyedly. "Go inside." 

Louis makes a face, then smiles until he barely can see. "Okay." He quickly obeys, watching from inside the door as Edward gets inside the car and drives away.

And if he screams excitedly and startles an old lady when he's fully inside, no one has to know that. Except maybe the old lady. 

Chapter Text


"You kissed him?"

Edward barely reacts to the screaming, excited pair of 'children' yelling at him while he sits in his chair. Liam is standing at the corner of the room, giggling at the antics of two third of the Styles. Niall pays them no attention as he browses through the magazine he's laid out on the table, sitting perched on top of Edward's lap while he reads. 

"Stop being so excited. It's not you he kissed." He drawls, supporting his face by his fist that he's propped up on the arm rest. 

"Come on, Edward. Tell me everything." Harry says eagerly, shamelessly trying to peel Niall off of his brother so he could take the Omega's place. 

Edward holds on to his blond friend while he throws a glare in the direction of his brother. "Don't." 

Niall yawns, squirming on the Alpha's lap for better comfort before he leans back and flips the magazine again. "Go away, Harry. It's too comfy for me to move."

"Liam, your Omega is bullying me." Harry makes a sad face, only prompting an annoyed sound from Liam. Harry's face falls at that and he pouts. "Nobody in this house loves me, I'm going to leave."

"And then you'll come back crying within two days because you accidentally bit your lip too hard and there's nobody there to kiss it better for you." Marcel says snidely, pressing a fist onto his mouth. 

Liam and Niall start cackling while Harry gawks at such betrayal. 

"That was one time! And I came back because... because..." He stammers, trying to recall why exactly he returned that one time he tried to run away and leave his brothers because he felt unappreciated. The memory that comes up isn't exactly for him to voice out so Harry just settles for silence. 

Marcel sighs, pulling at Harry's arm so he could slowly drag his brother into an embrace. Harry's attempt to get away isn't even half-hearted so Marcel easily wraps him into a hug, one that Harry huffs and struggles to release himself from. "Come on, babe. You know we're just kidding. It's okay if you came back just because you miss us." He reassures, running his fingers through Harry's curly locks. 

"I did not." Harry grumbles, crossing his arms. He still looks upset when Marcel drops a kiss on his head.

"You admitted yourself that you were staring at our photo the whole time you were in the train. Where did you even intend to go?" Edward taunts from his seat, slowly toying with the strands of Niall's hair. 

Marcel shoots his eldest brother a warning look. "That happened two years ago, Edward. Cut it."

"I was going to go home." Harry has loosened his arms, instead choosing to pick and poke at the fabric of the sweater on Marcel's biceps that wraps around his neck. 

They can feel the moment everybody in the room tenses up. 

"This is your home." Edward snarls lowly. At the distraction, Liam silently urges his Omega to get up and get away from the Alpha. Niall nods stiffly, scurrying off of his lap and rushing to Liam's side. "We promised not to go back."

"I know. But he's not there anymore. She's alone. She has to be lonely." Harry sags against Marcel, his face falling.

"Harry, she's not alone. She has Robin now." Edward groans. "You know what it does to you to go back, what it does to all of us." 

"It happened years before, Edward. Let it go. You're making Harry upset." Marcel says in a tensed voice, his face stoic.

Liam and Niall hold their breath, nervously waiting for Edward's reply. They really fear that Edward would just say something and ruin it. They were having such a good time. 

"Alright, okay." Edward mutters and the rest exhale in relief. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset you. Come here, baby." He says softly, addressing Harry while he opens his arms wide. 

Harry peels Marcel off of him so he could quickly get to his older brother, the one he's always looked up to all these years. And when he's settled on Edward's lap, he buried his face at the crook of his neck. Harry fits his nose at the spot against Edward's throat that hold his scent the strongest, one that clouds his head and overwhelms him with calm euphoria. 

Edward's hand rubbing down his back is soothing as always. "Don't be upset."

"'M not." Harry's reply is muffled. "You could never upset me." 

Liam turns to Marcel, scratching the back of his neck. "No wonder the Betas enjoy the drama in this house. It's almost as good as those in the telly."

Niall nods in agreement. 

While the three talk, Edward awards Harry with a kiss on his forehead, making his brother preen and curl tighter on his lap. "Louis said yes, by the way." He starts. 

"Really?" The bright smile on Harry's face is enough to make Edward smile, if only by a little. "He wants us?"

Edward nods. "He does, all of us. I didn't expect him to say yes." He admits carefully, stroking his brother's hand.

"Do you think it's a good idea?" Harry suddenly asks, voice so timid Edward had to strain his ears to deem his words audible. 


"I don't know, the whole Omega thing. Would it be a good idea?"

"Harry.." Edward brushes a strand of hair back and tucks it behind Harry's ear. "I thought you were excited to get an Omega. I thought you like Louis." He frowns, a little hint of bewilderment forming a crease on his forehead.

"Yeah, I am. I do. I like him so much. I've never felt so affectionate towards any Omega before. And we don't even know him yet." Harry's face warms up.

"Then what's the problem?" Edward urges softly.

Harry lifts his face up, looking Edward in the eye. "It's been just the three of us for so long. What if an Omega messes up our dynamic? What if it's not a good idea?"

"Hey, hey." Edward cups both sides of his face, triggering the calming in his nerves. "Breathe." He says when Harry looks like he's going to panic.

"Okay." Harry obeys, sucking in a huge breath before he attempts to voice his thoughts. "I don't want an Omega to be the thing that drives us apart."

Edward is quiet for a moment, his eyes adverting away but he still has Harry's face in his grasp. "You're afraid that we're not going to be as close as we are now when we get an Omega?"

Harry nods. "And, what if we grow to be like him? I don't want-"

"Shh.. Hush, okay? We are never, were never and never will be what he was. We got rid of him and he won't influence us even a little bit. I won't let that happen. Ever." Edward promises. "Okay?" He raises his eyebrows expectantly, using one hand to brush Harry's hair back. It reminds him of how he used to do it when Harry would fall when playing because he's a clumsy fuck since they were little and it's always Edward he would go to crying like a mess with red, tear stained face and bleeding knee or a sprained ankle. Every single time, Edward would scold him before he'd kiss his forehead, wipe his tears away and tell him it would be fine. The memory floods his chest with warmth for his little sibling and he can't deny the urge to leave another lingering kiss on Harry's forehead.

"Okay." Harry nods again. 

"And I would die before I let an Omega be the reason that drives you or Marcel away from me." Edward continues, releasing Harry's face and content to just brush his hair back, as if Harry's a child. 

Harry makes a sound of disagreement. "People always say that Alphas' behaviour tends to change once they're mated. Especially the possessive ones."

"Then we just need each other to keep ourselves grounded, don't we?" At that, Harry cracks a small smile. 

"Yeah." He murmurs softly.

Edward pulls Harry to his chest, cradling him close and pecking the side of his head. "You better be ready to take Louis out on a date and charm the pants off of him."

"A date?" Harry perks up, pulling back to stare questioningly at him.

"Yeah, he's expecting us to take him out. Each of us. So you better be prepared to impress him because I have a feeling that he'd put a high expectation." Edward purses his lips, making Harry grin. "Not that I say he doesn't deserve to do so." 

Harry lets his eyes trail away, trying to come up with a good idea. Then he looks at Edward again. "Where are you taking him?"

The addressed Alpha gives him a reticent smirk. "Why should I tell you that?" 

"Because.." Harry whines. "I don't want to do the same thing you would. That's not fun and I don't want him to think I'm copying you."

"Alright, alright, you big baby." Edward rolls his eyes, though Harry knows him enough to figure out that he's just teasing the younger boy. "I'm just going to take him to a fancy dinner."

Harry cackles loudly, then gasping as he slaps a palm to his mouth. Edward gives him a wide eyed look, causing him to giggle even more. "Sorry, it's just, your idea is so lame."

"Excuse me?"

"But it is." Harry urges, shrieking when determined fingers start digging at his sides, pulling out choked laughter and pleads for mercy. "Edward, no! Stop! Okay, okay! You're not lame! I take it back!"

Edward chuckles as he grips Harry's waist just before he could tumble off onto the floor. "Yeah, you know better than to do that."

Liam, Niall and Marcel are in their own bubble while they discuss about temporarily dying Zayn's hair purple in his sleep but the bubble pops when they hear Edward laughing. Simultaneously, all three of them stop talking and focus to watch while the eldest Styles starts tickling Harry again.

"What is this beautiful sight, Liam?" Niall asks in awe. 

"I don't know. It's too early for a Christmas miracle." Liam replies back, jaw slacked. He quickly pulls out his phone. "I'm going to take a picture while it lasts. It's not always you see Edward like this."

Marcel just watches with his lower lip trapped between his teeth, the fond in his chest almost too much for him to contain. Liam snaps a few photos and quickly offers his screen to the youngest triplet, Niall nudging both of them to take a look. 

"Liam, you're sending that to me so I can frame it." Marcel requests, giving Liam an expectant look. 

"Yeah, sure." 





"Hey, can I come in?" Marcel stands at the door frame, knuckles still pressed on the wood where he knocked. 

Edward looks up from his paperwork, forehead crinkled with the remnants of his stress. He nods once, sighing heavily and dropping his pen before he leans back in his seat. His hand carefully starts to massage his temple, eyelids shutting. 

Marcel is silent as he walks into the office; even the sound of his footsteps is quiet enough. At first he pauses behind the pair of chairs situated opposite Edward across the desk, but then he continues and rounds the furniture. Edward still looks distressed when he approached, so Marcel quickly slides over and settles himself on Edward's lap. 

He nudges Edward's hand away, replacing it with his own instead. The tensed muscles surrounding Edward's face starts to relax the moment skilled fingers get to work. 

"You okay?" He asks softly, watching Edward's eyes flutter open at his question.

Edward blinks once before his green eyes disappear again. "Yeah, just busy. It's stressing me out." 

"You should relax a little." Marcel advices. "Take it slow. You're the boss." 

Marcel isn't even fazed when arms circle his waist, pulling him closer. "Yeah. I'll try." Edward replies, leaning into his brother's touch. 

"I need to talk to you." Marcel speaks up, his ministration stopping and sliding his hands down and wrapping his arms around Edward's neck. 

Two eyebrows shoot up, silently questioning him. "Yeah? What is it?" 

"It's about Louis." 

Edward's eyebrows grow even higher, intensifying his unspoken question. 

Marcel sighs heavily and leans forward, pressing their foreheads together. "Promise you'll talk to me." 

"I am talking to you." Edward says. 

"Edward." Marcel's warning prompts a chuckle from his brother. 

"Alright, spill it out then." 

"What's your issue?" Marcel starts. 

Edward tilts his head, confused. "What do you mean?" 

"It's just..." Marcel frowns as he tries to collect his thoughts. "I mean, you do want Louis, right? Or else you won't agree to us courting him, right?"

Edward still looks confused, but he slolwy nods nonetheless. 

"But why are you acting so inconsistently? A moment you're so against the idea of courting him, and then you're the first one to kiss him. I don't understand. What's going on inside your head?" Marcel leans back a little and crosses his arms, hoping that his brother would give him a serious answer and not play around.

Edward clears his throat. "You noticed, then." 

Marcel groans in frustration. "Of course I do, Jesus Christ." 

"Marcel, you do know we have no experience at all when it comes to being with an Omega." He tells him, lips pressed tight. "I think it's reasonable for me to be a little scared of what I don't fully know of."

Marcel's gaze softens at that and he pushed himself back into Edward's space, his arms folding around him again. "You're scared." 

"Hmm, that's what I said." 

"You never get scared." Marcel murmurs. 

Edward disagrees. "But I do." 

"What are you scared of?" 

"Fucking this up." 

"Edward, you won't." Marcel reassures with a glint of faith in his eyes. "You're going to do great as an Alpha. You've been a good leader to me and Harry all these years."

"That's different, isn't it? You both are Alphas too." Edward sighs. 

Marcel tuts, shaking his head. "Come on, Edward. You're not going to fuck this up. It'll be okay." 

"Do you think I confused him too with the way I behaved?" 

Marcel nods, honest. "Most probably, yeah." 

"I don't want to do anything that would be the reason he won't want us." 

He gets a kiss to his cheek as a reply. "You won't. It's okay. We'll figure this out together."


Marcel grabs his cheek, guiding Edward's face until their lips meet. Then he says softly. "You still stressed out, then?" 

"Very." Edward responds, his hand squeezing Marcel's thigh. Hoping. 

Marcel pulls back, ignoring the disappointed look on Edward's face as he retracts his limbs off of the chair one by one and stands on his feet. He says nothing as he walks back to the door. Though, instead of leaving, he merely closes it and proceeds to turn the lock. 

He spins on his heel, grinning at Edward. "Do you want to play?" 

"Fuck, yes. Please." 



It is raining by the time Louis finishes making his tea. He quickly puts the milk back into the fridge and grabs his mug before making his way out of the kitchen.

Louis likes to watch the drops of water on his windows when it rains, but he hates the rain itself. It always makes the house colder. It reminds him of the time it used to be when his family can't even afford a heater. 

He sits by the window pane, staring out of the glass to look at the people walking about just carrying on with their day. He used to do this all the time whenever he had free time. But since he had gotten two jobs for day and night, there wasn't exactly time for him to laze about and look at people running around in the rain. Now that he's quit his job as a waiter, Louis is glad for the little time he has to himself. 

He's called in to work right after Edward dropped him home that morning. His employer was a little upset with the news but he let Louis go without a yell or anything, so Louis found that to be a relief. He's still going to drop by to the place tomorrow after work to collect his stuff and say goodbye to his colleagues. 

It sounds like his life is a little relaxing now, but Louis can't let himself feel that way since he still has to help his mother and siblings back home. He has to find another job that could assist him to achieve that. Somehow he regrets quitting his current, second job. But Edward is right, he doesn't deserve that. He'll find a new job, one that pays him well and doesn't oppress him.

His train of thoughts is clouded with too many things to think of at once that he's inevitably caught up in it, taking a few moments to realise that the buzzing sounds he keeps hearing are coming from his phone on the coffee table. His heart picks up a little when the phone keeps vibrating, telling him that he's receiving notifications for the multiple messages coming in.

Louis quickly walks over to the coffee table, abandoning his cup of tea to pick up the vibrating device instead. When Louis unlocks the screen, he has a few messages from an unknown number and two from Niall.

He decides to read those from Niall first.

Niall: Hey Lou! I gave the triplets your number. Hope you don’t mind.

Niall: Gonna give ya a tip, better block Harry now before it’s too late. The cunt always has things to say.

Louis chuckles, quickly typing back a reply.

Hey mate! Sure, no problem. Thank you.

Then, he moves on to the next one.

Unknown: Hiiiiii Louuu! :) xx

Louis grins, moving back to take a seat while his fingers are already typing away a reply. He saves the number, grinning like a fool.

Harry: Guess who this is?

Harry: Louuuu where are you?

Harry: Are you ignoring me?


Louis would usually be annoyed with this kind of behaviour but with Harry he just can’t help but think that it’s cute. He’s smiling like a fool right now, face threatening to split into two.

Hiiiii Harryyy! xx

No, I’m not ignoring you, love. Didn’t notice my phone was buzzing.

And I’m not dead, Harold. Stop being a child.

Harry’s reply doesn’t seem to come in one message.

Harry: Louis!! Thank God you’re not dead!

Harry: I’m not a child.

Louis rolls his eyes, making himself cosy on the sofa before he chooses to reply.

Yes, you are a child. People from space can see you’re pouting right now.

He reaches for his mug, quietly sipping on his tea while he waits. His heart absolutely does not pick up when his phone buzzes again.

Harry: Regardless, I'll be the one taking you out this Saturday. Expect me at your doorstep at 7.

Where's your manners, Harriet? You haven't even asked me out, yet.

Harry: Shit, yeah. Sorry. Lou, do you want to go out with me?

Harry: That's not my name. :(

Louis has to actually hold back a giggle.

That’s totally fine by me, Harold. Just as long as we’re not going to the playground. ;)

Harry: Trust me, Lou. You’ll have fun with me no matter where I take you. ;) xx

Oh, is that so, Harold?

Harry: Still not my name.

Oh, I’m so sorry, Hazza.

Harry: That’s still not my name, you prick.

Louis starts giggling, bringing a hand to his mouth before he’s typing back another reply to Harry.

Okay, my lovely Harry. I’m sure we’ll have a wonderful time regardless of where you’re going to take me.



Louis wakes up to the sound of his alarm blasting through the room, tugging him out of his peaceful slumber and diminishing his dream of three pairs of green eyes and sinfully beautiful smiles. He rolls over, thoughts instantly drawn to the contents of the words he and Harry said to each other last night. A giddy smile slowly paints itself on Louis' face, his happiness coming out in elated giggles.

The loud crow in his room makes him realise that his alarm is still blaring, deafening probably the whole flat with the shrill noises. It doesn't surprise him when Alex is prompted to knock on the door and start shouting.

"Tommo, shut that thing down and wake the fuck up!"

Louis laughs in response. "Okay!"

There's a pause where he thinks Alex is trying to frown at him from behind the door. "Are you on crack, mate?"

"No, Alex! How dare you think so lowly of me!" Louis puts a hand on his chest, ignoring the fact that Alex can't even see him.

"Oh God, you're already being dramatic at six in the morning." His flatmate says without any hint of urgency in his monotonous voice.

"Leave me alone." Louis shoots back, all barks and no bites.

He hears Alex's faint footsteps walking away, the lad muttering obscenities under his breath. Louis is still smiling, grabbing his towel and quickly skips to the bathroom for his shower.


Louis is sure the aliens could tell he's cheerful as fuck that morning when he keeps singing and humming and whistling to himself even when he's making his breakfast: cereal.

"What's gotten into you, mate?" Alex asks in amusement, clapping his shoulder when he walks past him to sit at the table.

Louis instantly freezes and falls quiet at the question, straightening up and clearing his throat. "Nothing. Why would you think something's wrong with me?"

"Shut up, wanker!" Alex beams. "What's gotten you so happy today? Did you get a promotion?"

"Nope." Louis chirps, bringing his bowl to the table and sitting down. "In fact, I quit my job at the restaurant."

Alex's eyes widen, his hand slaps on the table, making Louis jump in shock. "No way! Finally? What was the last straw?"

"Nothing. My Alpha told me to." Louis shrugs, then flinches. Nope, nope, not your Alpha yet, Louis.


"I mean, umm."

“You’ve an Alpha?” Alex shrieks. “You? Louis I-hate-all-the-Alphas-that-even-breathe-in-my-way Tomlinson?”

Louis is honestly offended when Alex throws his head back and let the loudest bark of laughter.

"You're the worst."

Alex snorts, clutching his stomach. "Oh God, okay, okay I'm sorry. Tell me about this Alpha of yours."

Louis waits until his friend has stopped laughing before smacking the back of his head, the sound echoing in their empty flat.


"You deserve it." Louis snaps, pointing a tongue out. Alex only grins at him so he knows that his friend isn't upset.

"Right, I'm sorry." He says carefully, poking Louis' arm and earning a playful growl. "Tell me about your Alpha."

"Well, technically, they're not my Alphas yet."

Alex chokes on his drink, dropping his cup onto the table and sputtering tea out while he pounds his chest and coughs. "Alphas?"

Louis ducks his head, blushing intensely. "Yeah."

"As in.. more... than one?" Alex is still in a coughing fit and Louis doesn't seem like he wants to help any time soon.

"There are three actually."

Alex starts coughing more intensely, stumbling off of his chair to go find a glass of water. He does not know how water would help when he just choked on tea but it won't hurt to try. Louis ignores his friend's suffer in favour of cringing to himself at the thought that he has three potential mates and if things work out he won't get a mate, he'd get three.

Once Alex stops panting and is free from his suffering, he quickly takes a seat and grips the edge of the table, gulping thickly. "Three?"

Louis nods, a weird expression on his face.

It makes Alex frown a little. "You don't look too happy about it."

"No, I just." He presses a fist to his mouth. "What if I'm not a good enough Omega for them?"

Alex's face softens and he reaches out to rest a hand on Louis' shoulder. "Come on, I'm sure you will. They wouldn't consider you if you weren't."

"Well, I sure hope so."

"No, Lou. You're Louis Tomlinson. Go and get them Alphas. You can do this. Shake your booty and they'll submit to you." Alex smirks, wriggling around trying to twerk but he's just bouncing awkwardly on the chair with a very suggestive expression on his face.

It makes Louis sigh. "You're the most embarrassing."

"Shut up. Now tell me about your Alphas." He nudges his flatmates.

"Well..." Louis drags out. "They're triplets. For starters."

"Whoa, nice! Are all three of them attractive?"

Louis shakes his head. "You don't even know, Al, mate. They're so fit. It's like they're unreal. I can't believe they're not a pigment of my imagination."

"And you're going to score them." Alex cheers, ever the optimist.

Louis swallows and makes a face. "Yeah, I sure hope so. If not, I'll never even consider another Alpha ever again."

"Who are they, anyway?" Alex asks, mindlessly picking at the chipped wood on the surface of their table.

Louis shrugs. "They're the Styles. I don't know. But I think they're filthy rich."

"Styles? STYLES?" Alex jumps out of his seat, making Louis cower back when he leans over to scream at Louis' face. "You mean to talk to me that they're the Styles triplets?"

Louis raises his eyebrows, nodding warily.

"The triplets as in, Edward, Harry, and Marcel?" Alex booms again, disbelief and shock evident on his face.

Louis wonders if it's a bad or good sign.

Alex drops back onto his seat and takes a deep breath, watching the expression on Louis’ face. "Don't tell me you don't know who Edward Styles is."

"Um..." Louis scratches his beard. "The man who possibly already owns a quarter of my heart although I've only met him last night?"

Alex scowls at him teasingly. "You sap." Then he shakes his head, all serious again. "I can't believe this. And you don't know who Harry Styles is?"

"He's like the dumbest." Louis supplies, shaking his head with a terribly fond smile on his face. "He's just so dumb and pretty and lovely and-"

"Do you at least know what Marcel Styles does?" Alex cuts in expectantly.

Louis is quite ashamed as he presses his lips together and gives his friend a slight shake of his head.

"Out of all people, of course they had to pick someone who didn't even know of their existence before meeting." Alex groans. "Listen to me, Louis. Edward Styles inherited his grandfather's company when he was 22. He's the CEO of Cox Corporation."

"Edward?" Louis' eyes threaten to bulge out of their socket.

"Uhuh. But that's not just it. Harry Styles is a model. He's done Burberry, Gucci, YSL. You name it." Alex lists them off his fingers.

Louis claps a hand on his mouth to stop himself from bursting out laughing. "Harry?" He squeaks. "That Harry? A model?"

He can't help himself, he starts roaring with laughter.

"What's so funny?"

"Nothing, it's just.." Louis pretends to wipe a tear, clutching his middle and slamming his palm repeatedly on the table. "There's no way Harry's a model."

Alex glares. "Why would you think so?"

"Well, he doesn't act like one. He's just so cute and endearing." Louis shakes his head repeatedly, cheeks hurting from smiling so much.

Alex rolls his eyes, glaring at Louis as he pulls his phone up. He quickly types in the password to unlock the screen and opens up the web browser.

Louis finishes his cereal while his mate browses, wondering what Alex is trying to accomplish. He doesn't have to wonder for long because suddenly Alex is shoving his phone onto Louis' face and making him go cross eyed.

"What's this?" Louis blinks, taking the phone from Alex's hold and putting it at a safe distance from his face so his eyesight doesn't worsen.

Alex has opened up the web page of Google Images where pictures of Harry are staring up at him from the columns.

Louis is quiet while he scrolls, gulping and trying not to take note of how dry his mouth is all of a sudden. He chooses to open up one of the pictures. Harry looks so good. It's a picture of him advertising for Burberry, smouldering at the camera with an arm crossed over his body and two fingers tugging on his lip.

Then there's another one where he's facing to the side, but his head is turned towards the camera and he's giggling. Louis smiles, remembering the exact same sight he's witnessed in real life.

He scrolls to the side, opening the next image and visibly drools. Harry is sitting back on a small, extravagant sofa and smirking at the camera, his face is tilted back a little. It's as if he's staring right into Louis' soul with the sexy smoulder and he shivers, shutting his eyes. Harry's legs are parted open, his arms each on the arm rest, chest puffed and the top buttons undone to show off his chest and give a peek of his nipple.

Fuck, Louis wonders how much more pictures of Harry exist out there that he could add to his wank materials.

"Louis?" Alex calls carefully, sounding like he's trying not to laugh as he watches every twitch of muscles on Louis' face. "Do you believe me?"

Louis almost throws the phone on the table in the process of handing it back to Alex. "I'm having a tough time believing that's the same Harry I met."

"Well.." Alex shrugs. "You could just ask him about it. When are you meeting them again?"

The question reminds Louis of Edward and his heart flutters in his chest. "I have a date with Edward tonight..."

"Already? That's fast!" The black haired man says. "They're serious about courting you, then?"

Louis makes a nonchalant face, pursing his lips. "I think so. But I sure hope so." He sighs. "They're already growing on me. It's so unreal how much I'm liking them already."

Alex gives him an encouraging smile. "That's good, Lou. I'm so happy for you. If they're nice to you and you like them, then I hope things would go well for you."

"Me too." Louis smiles. "Thanks Al. I'll tell you everything after the date tonight."

"Yeah, if you even come back for the night." Alex winks.

"Excuse me." Louis throws a playful punch. "I'm not going home with anybody until I've established a relationship, alright?"

Alex laughs. "Yeah, yeah, I know."

"So, what does Marcel do?" Louis questions, a little curious now that Harry turns out to be a model.

"Okay, wait here." Alex holds up a finger, making Louis confused when the boy suddenly stands up and disappears into his room.

"O...kay.." Louis shrugs, taking his bowl to the sink. He takes time washing the dish, wondering what Alex is fetching in his room that could be any way related to what Marcel does. When he's done drying the bowl and tucking it away in the cabinet, Alex walks back into the kitchen holding a hardcover. Louis is still a bit lost about the whole thing. "Why did you bring me a book? Does the bloke have an autobiography or something?"

Alex gives him a weird look, but he just ushers him to sit down. "Come on, I want you to see this."

Louis obeys, doing so with a little reluctance but he takes a sit anyway. "What is it?"

Instead of replying, Alex slides the book towards him. When Louis just stares confusedly at the book in silence, the man sighs and pokes his pointer finger at the bottom of the cover. Louis' confused face doesn't falter when he glances at Alex but it clears out once he's read the words printed on the page where Alex is pointing.

M.H. Styles

It takes him a moment to get it. "Marcel? He wrote this?" Louis gasps, disbelief written all over his face as he turns to Alex again. His eyes are almost popping out. Alex is staring at him with an expectant look, as if waiting for something else. Then it flickers in Louis' features and he leans back in his seat to suck in a huge breath, dragging his hands from his temples down to his cheeks. "HE'S M.H. STYLES?!"

Alex smirks, nodding proudly.

"He's got like, what, ten books out there?"

"Yeah. He's a popular one, great writer too."

"What the Hell, Al! How did you know all these?"

"My girlfriend is a fanatic of Harry Styles." Alex shrugs as if that explains everything. "And I was reading one of Marcel's book when she got all excited and says, 'Ooh babe, did you know one of Harry's triplets wrote that?' And then she just starts talking about the three of them. I didn't even know why I listened. Guess it comes out beneficial, anyway."

Louis pales a little. "So, um.. Are they, like, popular?"

"Just Harry. Sometimes there are talks about Marcel a little here and there, but mostly Harry."

"And Edward?" Louis leans forward a little.

"Have you seen him? Who would even dare write about him?" Alex laughs.

Louis doesn't even know why that statement offends him in Edward's behalf. The triplets need to stop growing on him so fast! "What do you mean?"

"Well, Edward can be scary."

"He's nothing but a sweetheart to me." Louis defends, pushing a way the urge to bump his fist on the table to make his point across. "Edward is really lovely."

"That's because you're a lovesick puppy, you arse."

"Shut up." Louis kicks his shin under the table, making his flat mate burst out laughing.

"Nah, it's just, the first time a paparazzi tries to follow Edward Styles, he almost got ran over by the bloke." Alex just laughs louder at the subject, having to take a few breaths before he could continue. "And I remember my girl showing a video of Harry's reaction when people asked him about it. Lad isn't even fazed. I think he looks proud of Edward when he talks about it. I guess because it brings off the burden of his shoulders a little. Nobody can take pictures of Harry if he goes out with Edward. After the first accident, I don't think anyone wants to try and take the risk. There'd be articles that say they went out and shit but there'd be no pictures."

Louis chuckles, but inside he's horrified by how much he thinks what Edward did is endearing instead of scary. "You almost sound like you're a fan of them too." He teases Alex, wriggling his eyebrows.

"Nah, I'm just a loyal fan of Marcel." Alex gestures at the book. "But I'm forced to keep updated with whatever Harry is doing because of Hailey, you know, she never stops talking about him."

Louis smiles, Alex's words sound annoyed but his face says otherwise. "You're completely smitten."

"Let's wait a few weeks and you'll be too." Alex snorts.

"Oh, shut up." In an act of pure maturity, Louis points his tongue out. Then uneasiness shows. "Do you think people would write about me if I go out on the date with Harry on Saturday?"

Alex looks so unbothered by his question that Louis feels a sudden desire to just choke him. "Can't promise they won't. But if they do and you don't like it or you look ugly in the picture or something, you know you can just talk to Edward about it. He'll get it settled." He cackles again, but aborts his laughter when Louis glares at him. He clears his throat, instead. "Well, if you don't get noticed, there'd be nothing. But if someone sees you, there would be something. I don't know."

Louis sighs. "What am I getting myself into?"

Chapter Text

"Alex! I don't know what to wear!" Louis wails from inside his room, standing in front of the pile of clothes on his bed. Numerous types of boxers and underwear lie pathetically on the floor, making him grimace at the sight of his horrendously messy room.

After he got home from the nursery, Louis straight away started digging his closet, pulling out one by one of the clothes he owns until his closet is empty and he still has yet to find a perfectly good outfit to wear. At this point, Louis is thankful enough if he gets to wear a decent outfit. But the problem is, he can't find any. He's tried to match every top with every one of his pants and nothing works. Nothing.

Edward had texted him earlier, telling him to wear something nice since they're going to have dinner. Everything he has is too casual and none of them look even slightly right. And now Louis is shitting his pants trying to work out a perfect attire.

It won't do any good at all if he just has a mental breakdown right now. He wonders what kind of picture it would be if Edward arrives only to find Louis rocking back and forth on the floor. The desire to just curl up and bawl about everything threatens to overcome but Louis strives to keep his mental health in check. He needs to go on this date. He has to.

But one glance at the mountain of fabrics again and Louis is pulling at his hair, screaming.

"Where's the fire?" Alex asks, calmly striding past the door without any care about the state of Louis' room. He walks over to the bed and wordlessly sits on the pile.

"Alex. Nothing works. I'm going to call Edward and cancel the date. This is not working out." The Omega says hurriedly, clearly a breath away from full blown panicking. "I'm going to die."

"You're not." Alex drawls, crossing his legs.

Louis slides onto the floor, sighing dejectedly. "I'm going to cancel the date. And we're not going to mate. We're never going to get married and I'm never going to get my litter of puppies. The whole world is going to crash. People are gonna die!"

"Always so dramatic." Alex rolls his eyes, shifting on the pile and pulling out one cloth at a time, observing it and shaking his head before tossing it behind him without a care. Louis watches him with remorse, trying not to cry.

"Well, you have nothing to wear, it turns out." The flat mate says observantly once he's finished going through Louis' clothes. The mountain of clothes has been reduced to nothing, instead they are now scattered around on the floor. Louis barely remembers the colour of his carpet.

"Wow, you're so sharp." Louis retorts back dryly. He pouts and goes back to mourning while he hugs his knees to his chest.

Alex makes a disapproving sound, getting off of the bed and walking over to where his friend is sitting pathetically. He grips the back of Louis' shirt, hauling the Omega to his feet and dragging him out of the room.

"Are you kicking me out because I'm failing horribly even before the first date?" Louis asks, as if already accepting his fate as he slouches down while he trails behind his friend.

Alex shoots him a punch on the arm. He almost wants to aim Louis' neck. "No, you tit. Shut up. You're going to borrow my clothes instead."

"Sorry I can't afford nice clothes. I'm poor as fuck."

"No, you're not. The clothes you deserve are just too expensive."

When they reach Alex's room, Louis immediately helps himself to drop down on Alex's bed while the owner of the room heads for the furniture that holds his fashionable clothes. Louis can't lie that he's had times where he's jealous that Alex can always afford to buy more stylish outfit and other stuff Louis really wants but is financially incapable of. But then he remembers that the money he could've used to buy those things are being used to make his mother happy and that's enough to make him content with life.

Alex pulls out a dark blue short sleeved shirt. He's never seen his friend wear that before. Louis wonders why. It's a nice one.

"Here. I bought this when I went shopping with my Mum once. Purchased it just because she insisted. Said it looked nice on me." Alex makes a face. "I disagree at all circumstances. I look terrible in this colour, mate." He pauses, smiling at Louis. "But I know this would look good on you. So put this on. I want you to have it."

Louis sits up. "Al, I can't take this. It looks expensive, must've cost you a fortune." He shakes his head, but reaches out to touch it and feel the material when Alex brings it over to the bed.

"Nah, that doesn't matter. I don't need it."

"I'll buy it from you, then." Louis tries to negotiate.

Alex glares at him. "Nonsense."

Louis' protest dies in his throat when Alex quickly spins around to get back to his clothes again. The blue eyed Omega smiles timidly, smoothing down the blue dress shirt he's holding and admiring it quietly. "Thank you, Alex."

His friend makes a non-committal sound before pulling out a pair of black pants. "Hah! Here it is. Perfect!" Alex quickly walks over to Louis and throwing it on his face. "Come on, come on, put them on." He glances at his watch. "Mr Styles is going to be here in twenty minutes."

Louis widens his eyes, scrambling to get onto his feet. He holds the shirt away from his body while he moves, trying not to cause any crease. Then he runs to the toilet to put it on.

When Louis walks back out, he doesn't look too happy. "Alex, I can barely walk in this." He points to the trousers he's wearing. It hugs his legs nicely, perfectly showing his curves and his thighs.

"Stop being so dramatic. You walk just fine." Alex says, a hint of excitement visible in his voice as he claps his hands together. "Now turn around. Show me that arse."

Louis is about to obey, until he hears the second sentence. "Wha- Hey!"

"Just turn around."

"Pervert." Louis grumbles, but spins on his heels regardless. His head twists back, trying to see Alex's reaction.

Alex makes happy sounds. "Yes. Perfect. I want you to wear this for the date with each of the triplets."

Louis stands to face his friend again. "Alex, I feel naked in this. I'm not going on a date with Edward wearing this!" He hisses, shuffling on his spot.

"But, Lou! That arse deserves the attention this kind of pants would attract."

Louis rolls his eyes. "They get attention no matter what I wear, Al."

"See?" Alex cheers. "You know your arse is bomb."

"And this would only bring more attention." Louis huffs, crossing his arms.

Alex waves his hand. "Aren't you all about that testing the Alphas on dates? Just consider wearing this as a test for them." He winks. "I know you revel in the attention your bum gets."

Louis knows that trying to argue with Alex and his non-logical argument would only get him nowhere, so he settles with rolling his eyes.

"How are you doing your hair, then?"

The doorbell rings.

"Alex, oh my God, Alex he's here!" Louis panics, fixing his quiff again.

"Calm down, he's here to take you out on a date, not to ask for your hand in marriage. That'll come later. Breathe." Alex assures, rubbing small circles on Louis' back.

Everything he says flies completely over Louis' head, of course. And the Omega continues hyperventilating in front of the mirror.

"Come on, Lou. You look good." Alex pats his back. "Get yourself together. I'll get the door."

Louis stares intently at his reflection in the mirror once Alex is gone. "Come on, Tommo. You can do this." He waits until his breath is even, giving his quiff one last touch before he exits the room.

He hears faint voices that slowly grow clearer as he approaches the kitchen. It seems that Alex has invited Edward in.

"You're going to bring him home in one piece?" He hears Alex asks. Louis immediately frowns, wondering what Alex is up to.

Edward clears his throat. "Yeah. Of course."

"Make sure no Alpha disturbs him, alright? Break a hand if you need to, a neck even. Nobody touches my son."

Louis wants to slam his head into the nearest wall but he spent five minutes shaping his quiff, so he aborts that idea.


"If Louis doesn't walk through that door this evening looking like he's got the best Christmas present ever, I won't let you see him again." Alex warns the Alpha. At times like this, Louis thinks that the lad probably forgets he's a Beta.

Louis wonders if Edward is considering cancelling their date. He also wonders if he'll scare Edward away if he storm into the kitchen and punch Alex in the face.

When Edward is silent, Louis takes the chance to step in and stop his crazy overprotective friend.

He walks around the corner and clears his throat, making the two people in the kitchen turn to him. Edward's mouth twitches when he sees Louis, and the subtle way the Alpha runs his eyes down Louis' figure doesn't go unnoticed. It makes the Omega blush pleasantly.

Both Edward and Alex stand up, the latter trying to observe Edward's reaction to seeing Louis.

"Hi." Louis says shyly, face tinted a faint shade of red. He can barely meet Edward's eyes. What's wrong with him? Yesterday he's teasing Edward and today he can't even look at him without blushing.

"Hi." Edward parrots softly.

Alex clears his throat unnecessarily loudly, addressing Edward when he talks. "Remember what I said?"

Edward just nods. "Yes."

"Alex, I'm murdering you in your sleep." Louis gives him a sinister smile, really wishing he could stab his friend right now.

Alex's smile is lopsided as the three of them start walking out of the kitchen. "You know I'm just worried about you, sweetie."

"Fuck off." Louis replies, but he's smiling as he stops at the door. Edward brushes past him, walking out first and leaving the two friends to say their goodbye.

"Have fun, okay? You know I'm on speed dial if anything happens." He smooths down the fabric resting on Louis' shoulder, shooting a sly look at Edward who raises his eyebrows in reply.

Louis rolls his eyes as he grabs his coat and puts it on. "I know, it's my phone. Don't expect any call, though."

Alex points his tongue out and Louis mirrors him. Such mature adults, the two of them.

"Don't wait up for me." Louis says, giving Alex a brief hug before stepping back.

Alex nods. "I love you, but not enough to sacrifice my beauty sleep. Have fun."

Louis laughs, closing the door on his way out. Edward is patiently waiting for him, hands crossed behind his back with a straight posture. It makes him smile fondly as he approaches the man.

"Ready to go?" Edward asks, tilting his head to the side.

Louis didn't manage to truly observe him when they were back inside, afraid that Alex would tease him. But now that they're alone in the hallway, he briefly checks him out, appreciating the view. Edward wears a dark brown jumper with black jeans. His long, curly hair falls beautifully down the side of his face, making him look a little angelic when he's looking at Louis like that. God, he's so beautiful. And his outfit probably cost Louis' six months worth of salary.

"Like what you see?" Edward says mischievously with a smirk, cocking an eyebrow.

"Guilty." Louis ducks his head, smiling timidly with a blush.

Edward steps closer. "Yeah? Probably not as much as I like what I see, though."

"Really, now?" Louis asks, chuckling. He takes a deep breath, then grabs Edward's hand as they start walking. Edward stiffens a little, but then intertwines their fingers. The Alpha's hand feels so big wrapped up around his own, and Louis finds that so hot but also heartwarming.

When they reach the car - Edward has decided to bring the Audi - Louis feels himself suddenly being pushed against the passenger door. The cold metal pressed along his back makes him shiver, but the warmth engulfing around him a second later makes up for it.

Edward is cupping his face before he can react, and Louis' eyes fall shut even before soft lips press against his. He hums into the close lipped kiss, his arms curling around Edward's body as he pulls the man closer.

The scent filling his head makes his heart elate and he smiles, tilting his head. Edward's hand brushes around to cup the side of his neck, his thumb rubbing soothingly on his skin while their lips work together in a soft, greeting kiss.

Edward pecks him once before pulling back. "Couldn't do that with your parent around." He smirks.

Louis groans at that. "I swear he's not always that weird. He's just trying to look out for me." He keeps his arms around Edward. "I don't think you should take his warning too lightly, though."

"Yeah, yeah. I'm glad he's concerned about you."

Louis shrugs.

"Have you got everything, then?" Edward questions.

Louis releases one of his arms around Edward in order to pat down his own body to make sure that he's got everything. When he's certain that he's left nothing behind, his arm returns to where it was holding his date. "Yeah."

Edward is a little sceptical. "Really?"


"Got your phone?"


"Your wallet?


Edward's playful face turns into a disapproving frown. "Why do you have your wallet with you? It's not like you're paying for anything."

That prompts an eyeroll from the Omega. "Well, still have to bring my ID, don't I?"

"What else.." Edward taps his foot on the ground, trying to think. "What about your pepper spray? Do you have it?"

Louis frowns in confusion. "No..." He pauses. "Why would I need it? I have you to protect me."

"Yeah. But what do you have to protect you against me?"

The Omega raises his eyebrows. "Are you going to try to do anything stupid?"

Edward shrugs. "I won't." He says. "But if I were to, how would you protect yourself?"

Louis lasts a second before he bursts out laughing. He's still laughing when he grabs Edward by the collar and tugs him down until their lips crash together. Edward kisses him back, unable to do it properly because he's grinning.

"What's funny?" He asks, kissing the Omega again.

Louis shakes his head. "Nothing. I just don't think you'd ever do anything I won't want you to." He murmurs. "I trust you."

"That's quite bold of you to be trusting an Alpha you barely know."

"Well, said Alpha has made zero attempt to touch my bum so far, so I'm pretty sure I can trust my instinct." Louis shrugs.

Edward's face immediately twists into a disgusted expression, and he holds the Omega tighter. "They do that?"

Louis ducks his head, burying his face at Edward's collarbone. He presses his nose there and hums a reluctant confirmation.

"On the first date?"

He sighs, pressing his face further into Edward's neck.

"What the fuck."

Louis pulls back. "Forget it. They never succeed anyway." He assures.


"Yes, good. Now, don't we have a date to get to?"

"Yeah, come on." He tugs Louis to his chest so he could open the door for him. "I think we're running late for our reservation."

"Thank you." Louis says as he enters the car, the door closing behind him before Edward walks around the front and gets into the driver seat.

Edward pulls out of the parking space, his nose scrunching up when he looks at the building. "I can't wait to take you out of this dump."

"Hey!" Louis says, offended. "This dump provided my place to live for the past five years.

"I'm sorry, kitten. But you deserve better than this." He still looks disapprovingly at the flat while they drive away.

Louis harrumphs. "Rich bastards."

"Don't be upset."

He only pouts in response, then asks instead. "Where are we going?"

Edward gives him an amused look but Louis ignores him. The Alpha has no choice but to answer. "You'll love it."

"You sound so certain." Louis shoots back.

His companion smirks when he looks over to Louis.

The way Edward is looking at him is almost too much to bear, so Louis casts his eyes down for a moment, thinking of changing the topic.

"So, um, do Niall and his husbands live far from you three?"

"Not really. They're just ten minutes away. At first, they lived in the city. But Liam complained that we're too far away from them, so Zayn bought a house on a lot that's closer to us but still near the town. They visit us almost everyday; especially in the weekend. God knows I'm tired of looking at their stupid faces."

"That's so nice, to have friends that are that close."

"Yeah, it helps that they are just nearby. If anything happens, we're there for each other."

Louis thinks of what Alex said yesterday and quickly tries to bring it up. He's not really sure how he can talk about it without sounding like he stalked the triplets when the truth is that his best friend's girlfriend just has unnecessary extensive knowledge involving them. "So, um... I understood that you're filthy rich." Okay, that just makes him sound like a gold digger.

"I hope that's not the entire reason you're letting us court you." Edward seems to be thinking the same thing too.

Louis scoffs. "Excuse me, if I wanted an Alpha because of their fortune I would've been sitting on a throne made of gold right now." Okay maybe that was an over exaggeration, but whatever.

"Fair point."

"So you're the boss of Cox Corporation? Like, you own several hotels, then? And what else do you do? You sell cars too, and boats, right? How old are you even?" Louis asks one question after another, barely giving the Alpha any chance to answer. "I mean, it's bizarre. If you think about it, it's quite hard to brain."

"Calm down." Edward chuckles a little as he holds out a hand, keeping the other hand on the steering wheel. "How did you even know about this?"

Louis widens his eyes a little, shifting further into his seat. "Well..... Alex's girlfriend is sort of...a fan of Harry? And she apparently knows a lot about the three of you?"

Edward seems surprised by that. "Even me?"

"Yeah. Alex said that she's mainly interested in Harry but apparently that also sometimes involves you and Marcel." Louis makes a face. "Alex is the one who told me about what you do." He pauses, his face sceptical. "Is Harry really a model?"

Edward chuckles at the thought of his brother. "You would never expect, right?"

"I thought Alex was joking. I mean..."

"Yeah, Harry can be a little....childish at times. But he's good at what he does." Edward says thoughtfully.

Louis nods, smiling fondly at the memories of Harry's giggles. The Alpha always looks so flamboyant, it makes Louis happy just thinking about him.

"We're here." Edward announces as the car slows to a stop. Louis looks around and sure enough, they're parked in front of a building. The valet is already standing by the car, waiting patiently.

The Omega almost screams when he looks at the name of the building. "Edward? We're eating here? Oh God, this place is so expensive! I'm not even wearing a suitable attire. I can't let you pay for me if we're eating here!" He panics in the passenger seat, looking at Edward in alarm.

"Calm down, kitten. You don't always have to put on a tux or dress up just because you want to eat at a hotel. I'm wearing a jumper, for goodness' sake." He shrugs. "Besides, we're not paying for anything."

"Wha-What?" Louis asks, dumbfounded.

"This hotel belongs to me." Edward says casually. It makes Louis want to throw a shoe at his head. He says that so casually, as if he's talking about the weather.

Louis wants to panic but he should've expected this so he just sighs heavily. "This is going to mess with my sanity."

Edward smiles reassuringly and holds up a finger as he gets out of the car. Louis understands it as a signal for him to stay in his seat while the Alpha walks around the car to open the door for him.

"You look good, by the way." Edward says when he's closing the door after Louis has climbed out.


"Just need to say that again." Edward murmurs as he wraps an arm around Louis' waist and starts walking, leading his date towards the entrance. The valet bows a little when they walk pass, and Edward nods in acknowledgement.

"Thank you, I guess." Louis bites on his lower lip, turning red again.

"You look like you don't believe me."

"Leave me alone." Louis can't help but poke at his side, pairing it with a glare.

Edward rolls his eyes a little, but smiles as they headed to the lift.

"I feel out of place." Louis confesses once they are seated at a table and their orders are taken. He looks around, a grimace slowly taking place on his face while he squirms back in his seat. Edward rests a hand on top of Louis' on the table, simultaneously cutting the Omega's attention back to him. His face relaxes slightly but there is still tension hiding beneath the muscles in his jaw.

"Don't worry. Nobody minds. I'm wearing casual."

"But..." He inhales sharply. "People were gawking at us when we entered. That's quite the contrary of what you said, Mr. Styles."

The Alpha chuckles. "Oh princess, did you think they were staring because of what you're wearing?"

Louis shamefully nods, his teeth gnawing on his lip.

"You're actually quite right." He cocks his head to the side, pressing a fist to his cheek and resting on his elbow. The picture is so hot and it's messing up Louis' brain. He carefully saves it at the back of his mind, one to be refreshed when he'd be having a wank.

What Edward said finally catches up and Louis ducks his head.

"But not for that reason." Edward quickly says when he sees Louis' reaction.

"What do you mean?" Louis is confused now. And really embarrassed too. If what Edward said is true, he desperately wants to go somewhere else, please. Maybe a cheap diner, somewhere that is in his element.

"Let me just say that.... your outfit today really compliments your assets." The Alpha clears his throat, smirking a little.

"Oh." The Omega breathes, the gears turning in his head. A small smile tickles at the edge of his mouth, and he relents as he looks at Edward again.

Edward shifts, suddenly sitting straight. The focus of his sight is the man sitting in front of him, and he doesn't plan to look away any time soon. "So, um.. Tell me about yourself, Louis."

"God, what is this? A job interview?" Louis complains, placing his hands on the table as his posture starts to relax. "What is there to know about me anyway?"

"Tell me anything, what do you like to do?"

Louis pretends to ponder for a moment. "Well, I like football."

Edward raises his eyebrow before one side of his mouth crooks up. "Any good?"

"I'm quite good, if I say so myself. Are you?"

Edward shrugs. "I don't really play much, but Marcel's really good."

"And Harry?" Louis asks, really interested.

The oldest triplet purses his lips, shaking his head. "Poor bloke doesn't stand a chance. He's not even in control of his limbs."

Louis giggles, trying to imagine Harry with his long legs attempting to play football. "I think he's got two left feet!"

"Yeah, yeah, exactly." Edward agrees, laughing a little as he nods his head and brushes his hair back.

They are interrupted momentarily by the waiter swinging by and pouring them wine before another one comes and serves them their meal.

"You still haven't answered my question, though." Louis says after the waiters have gone.

Edward's eyebrows shoot up. "Which one is that?"

"When we were in the car. Your age?"

"Oh. Is that so vital?" The Alpha scrunches up his face, teasing. He sips on his wine, prompting Louis to mirror him. Louis doesn't want to think about how much it costs.

"I don't know, I'm just curious."

"We reached twenty five a few days ago."

Louis' eyes widen. "What? I thought you were older than me."

"How old are you?"

"I'll be twenty seven this December." He grumbles. "And here I thought I'd be having the sugar daddies I've always dreamed of."

Edward laughs quietly. "I'm sorry, no sugar daddies for you."

"Seems so." Louis pretends to sigh in disappointment.

"If it makes you feel better, we are richer than six sugar daddies combined. If you want anything, just ask for it and you shall receive."

"I'm not materialistic, Edward." Louis glares.

Edward rolls his eyes, tugging his sleeves back a little before he picks up the cutleries. "Then what do you need a sugar daddy for?"

"I don't know, it seems fun." He mutters, the way his lower lip is jutting out slightly makes him look a little petulant.

Louis picks up his forks and they start eating in peace then, both of them taking a bite and relishing the delicious taste of flavours exploding on their tongues.

Louis clears his throat quietly when the silence has stretched for quite some time, making him a little uneasy albeit it's not uncomfortable. He doesn't even know how it happened, maybe he accidentally knocked Edward's leg with his feet when he tried to stretch them below the table but somehow Edward took that as a sign to play footsie and they've been stroking each other's ankles for the past twenty minutes.

He's never done this before, but Louis knows it's appropriate when he keeps sending Edward flirty eyes from across the table when the Alpha's foot brushes up his calf and threatens to go past his knee. Edward reacts to his sultry looks with a smirk, taking his feet away.

Then Louis carefully reaches out, brushing his toes up the Alpha's leg. Edward doesn't even look at him, eating his steak and looking around as if the tip of Louis' feet isn't poking inside the hem of his pants. Louis' heart beats faster when his toe touches soft skin underneath, caressing gently.

Edward is still smirking when he looks at Louis. "You're a minx."

Said Omega retracts his limb back to himself and gives Edward a look of pure innocence. "I don't know what you're talking about." He glances at the food sitting in Edward's plate. "Can I have a taste?" of your cock, please.

Oh Lord, where did that even come from?

"Sure, princess." Edward is already cutting a small piece of meat, ready to please his date. Louis brightens as he is offered the speared flesh on the fork.

The Omega leans forward, his mouth falling open before his thin, pink lips enclose down on the cutlery, engulfing the flesh and dragging his lips across the metal while he tugs the meat off the fork with his teeth. Edward watches him intently, enraptured by the way Louis' lips look wrapped around it.

He hears the Alpha's breath hitching as he sits straight again, chewing the meat and making appreciative sounds. "Edward, this is so delicious."

Said Alpha is glaring at Louis, looking like he wants to grab the Omega and throw him onto the table before taking him right there and then. Louis almost entertains the thought, a shiver running down his spine.

"Minx." Edward repeats.

Louis makes a scandalous face, placing a hand on his chest as he swallows. "I feel so attacked right now."

"I'm the one being attacked here." Edward drawls with a roll of his eyes, placing his fork down.

Louis giggles in reply. God, he hates himself.

At his laughter, Edward's glare fades away and he gives Louis a fond look.

"So, has Harry decided when to take you out, then?"

Louis nods with a smile. "Yeah. We're going out on Saturday. He told me to wear something really casual. I'm not sure where he's taking me, though."

"He said he's going to do something fun. I myself can't even tell you what his idea of fun would be this time. The last time he said that to me and Marcel, he took the three of us on a date to ride a bike around a big lake." Edward's nose scrunches up again, trying to hide a smile at the mention of his little brother.

"That is fun!"

"Well, not when you're with those idiots." The scrunching worsens. "Harry and Marcel wanted to see how long they can cycle beside each other while simultaneously making out. Both of them ended up inside the lake."

Louis bursts out laughing, his face brightening as he covers his mouth with the back of his hand.

"Yeah, I made them wait until they're dry before I allow them inside the car. Those imbeciles are not going to ruin my car just because they forgot to use their brain." He pauses, tilting his head to the side. "Again."

"Are you always that mean to them?" Louis tries to sound disapproving, but he only manages to bite on his lips to hide the smile blooming on his face.

Edward hesitates. "Yes."

"Your relationship confuses me. I mean, you're triplets." He starts to say, bringing the topic up out of nowhere.

"Well observed, kitten."

Louis rolls his eyes, choosing to ignore his statement. "But you guys are really....close?"

Edward rests his elbows on the table, leaning forward. "Princess, both of us are mature adults." He chastises with a smirk. "Yes, the three of us fuck. All the time."

"So you've never had an Omega before? Like, the three of you?" Louis asks.

The Alpha shakes his head. "No, you're the first one we are considering to be with. We tried having one individually, it didn't work out."

"But why? It looks like you don't need an Omega. You have each other to satisfy your....need, and I think all of you are content with each other. Why consider an Omega now?"

Edward winces a little; his action is followed with a sigh. "You notice that too... Well, if we're being honest, it's been years and the want or need itself to have an Omega has never came."

"So why the sudden change of mind?"

"Maybe because it's time we find someone."

"When did you start looking?"

"We aren't exactly looking." Edward shrugs. "It's quite complicated. There have been no one that fits."

The Omega leans back, eyes narrowing. "I don't understand. I mean, it doesn't make sense. How come people like the three of you cannot find someone who would want to settle down with you? I mean, it couldn't have been that hard to find Omegas that would want you."

"Trust me, it's not." Edward says, sipping on his wine again. He places the glass back on the table before he continues. "It's just, it's quite rare to find an Omega that would want to be with three Alphas."

Louis hums softly to himself. "Couldn't have been that hard then, since you've found one sitting in front of you now."

"Yeah, just so happen to be our luck." Edward smiles. Then his face twists again. "The Omegas usually would be attracted to one of us, but the moment we propose our idea of relationship, they just back out. I don't blame them for it. The idea of it is quite hard to process when you're an Omega for three Alphas."

"Yeah, I agree." He nods slowly.

Silence falls upon them for a moment, and Louis takes that moment to take another bite out of his meal.

Then he speaks again. "But, why me?"

Edward pauses cutting his steak, his eyes adverting to the Omega again. "What?"

Louis shifts on his seat, fixing his fringe. "Why do you suddenly want to court me?"

The Alpha laughs quietly, deciding to release his cutleries and lean back too. "I didn't think you'd ask that."

"Why not?" Louis laughs too, his eyes crinkling.

Edward shakes his head. "We're courting you because we want to."

He quiets down, but his smile stays. "Okay."

An eyebrow quirks up at that. "You're not going to push for it?"

He receives a shrug in response at that, Louis turning back to his plate. "Maybe one day you'll tell me."


Louis raises his eyebrows when he looks out the window and sees the lake laid out in front of them. It's quite dark, the pathway circling the natural beauty but the moon does a fair job lighting up the surrounding.

He turns to Edward, about to ask why they're here. But he barely gets a word out because it dies in his throat when Edward's not even in the car anymore. A second later, his door opens and Edward offers a hand to him. Louis smiles, taking it and the Alpha helps him out.

They silently start to walk along towards the lake, the grass crunching softly underneath their feet with every step that they take until they reach the stone path.

"So.." Louis starts after a few moment of wordless travel. "What are we doing here?"

Edward pauses in his track, stopping Louis too. "Why? You don't like it here?" He questions, his green eyes widening a little.

"No, no, I'm fine." Louis says, tilting his head to the side and his lips involuntarily stretch into an amused smile. "Didn't take you for someone who'd take their date to a place like this."

Edward shrugs, and they continue walking again. It's a little deserted; Louis can hear the crickets, the frogs, and the water. It's really serene. Louis really likes it, glad that Edward's decided to bring him here.

"I don't know, can't really decide where to take you. Then I remembered this lake so I just drove here." He murmurs. "Have you had a date at a lake before?"

Louis shakes his head. "Nope. You're the first one to take me." He teases, nudging Edward's shoulder lightly.

Edward snickers a little, shoving a hand into his pocket. "Very creative."

"No, I like it." Louis tells him, subtly circling his arm around Edward's.

"It's quite weird, isn't it?"


"Dates." Edward makes a face. "I mean, I've never really understood what it's about."

"Well, you get to know each other." Louis tells him.

"And then once you do? What do people go out on dates for after that?" Edward asks.

Louis frowns, going along when Edward changes their direction and heads towards a bench instead. "To spend time together." Then his face clears out. "Besides, I don't think you'd ever truly know someone. Even if you've known them your whole life, there's always going to be something new you'll figure out everyday."

Edward nods as they stop in front of the bench, languidly sitting down and bringing Louis with him. "Fair point."

"Don't you go out on dates with Marcel or Harry?" Louis questions, shifting so that he's pressed up against the Alpha.


"What do you do usually, then?"

Edward sighs, leaning back into his seat. "Well.." He licks his lips before starting. "We go for ice creams, and movies, whatever Harry feels like doing."

"Wait, so you just go out whenever Harry wants to do something?" Louis narrows his eyes.

"Not really. Sometimes I take Marcel out to watch the hockey games that he wants." He thinks for a moment then adds: "It's usually Harry who'd suggest we go out. Sometimes if Marcel feels bored, he'd urge us to go for dates too."

Louis makes a distressed sound and crosses his arms. "Do I have to teach you about dates? For goodness' sake."

"What do you mean?" Edward looks attacked at Louis' statement.

The Omega laughs. "If this works out, I'll take you out on lots of dates."


Louis lets out a contented sigh. And when Edward lifts his arm up and curls it around the Omega, Louis wastes no time leaning into Edward's space, resting his head on his shoulder.

"Do you want children, Edward?" Louis doesn't know where that question comes from, and neither does he know why he's being blunt. But he is curious about it, and it's out there anyway.

Edward hums beside him, thinking. "I haven't really thought about it." He says quietly. Louis leaves his statement hanging because he sounds like he isn't finished. "But maybe one day, yeah."

"That's great."

"Do you?" Edward asks him.

"What, want children?"

Edward nods.

"Yeah." Louis' eyes twinkle a little. "I love kids. That's why I work at the nursery. They bring me so much happiness, and I've always loved taking care of them. Been doing so with my little sisters anyway."

Edward can't help but smile at that, at the adoration on Louis' face. "How much would you want then?"

Louis shrugs, his eyes almost disappearing with the effect of his smile. "I don't know. As much as possible. The least is four."

Edward's eyes widens. "Four?" Then he laughs. "That's quite a lot for a minimum."

Louis can't help but join his laughter. "Well, what can I say? I love children."

"Harry does too." Edward tells him. "Having a big litter does sound fun."

"Well, maybe you need an Omega after all." Louis smirks, nudging Edward's shoulder with his cheek.

The Alpha grins at his cheekiness, nodding and pursing his lips. "I didn't say otherwise." He looks down at Louis. "But even if I don't, I'd still want one. Especially after I met you."


Louis' heart gladly flutters in his heart, and a wide smile stretches his mouth that his face hurts with it. "Smooth, Alpha."

Something in Edward's face changes a little at that. And Louis is worried he'd said something wrong, but Edward just pulls him closer. "I like that."

"What?" Louis questions, a hand brushing up from Edward's chest to his neck. "Me calling you Alpha?"

Edward raises his eyebrows in confirmation, prompting Louis to chuckle.

"Yeah, I can get used to that." Louis claims softly as Edward leans down. He's still smiling when their lips meet and Louis wonders when he's suddenly so accustomed to kissing this often. In fact, he wants it. Always wants Edward's mouth against him.

It doesn't feel like a chore, kissing Edward. Everything is so smooth and relaxing and Louis doesn't have to think to do it. He just does and it feels good and he likes it. Even Edward's arms around him doesn't feel encaging, just warm and reassuring.

It's been so long since he's felt this way, this comfortable around an Alpha and he can barely remember the last time he felt the same.

Edward's hand feels so huge pressing in the middle of his back. Louis likes that. It's so hot, their difference in size. He presses himself closer as Edward gently sucks on Louis' lower lip, making the Omega sigh a little.

His body is growing hotter by the second and Louis grips Edward tighter, his tongue sneaking out and running experimentally along Edward's lip.

The Alpha pulls back and chuckles when Louis tries to follow his mouth, licking his own lips. "Whoa, slow down, tiger."

Louis frowns and gives him a pout.

"Don't do that." Edward presses his thumb at the corner of Louis' lips, rubbing small circles. "Don't give me that face, please."

When Louis doesn't relent, he pecks him. Then does it again, and again until Louis slaps his chest and burst out laughing.

"You're so annoying." Louis says, trying to glare at him but failing miserably.

Edward gives him a crooked smile, then leans forward to capture his mouth again. Louis gladly responds to the kiss, cradling Edward's face with both of his hands when it grows more passionate.

"You know.." Louis says when they pull back again, his smile doesn't seem to be disappearing anytime soon. "You remind me again why kissing is fun."

Edward scoffs. "Must have been boring Alphas you were with, then."

"Probably." He agrees, nodding his head. He allows one second to pass between them before he's tugging Edward close again. "Is it normal to like kissing someone this much?" He whispered, his bottom lip touching Edward's when he speaks.

Edward makes a non-comittal sound, using his thumb to press against Louis' mouth. It caught his attention, how swollen the Omega's lips are. And he wants to add much more to it. "All I know is that I'm addicted to your kisses."

"As am I." Louis murmurs, gasping a breath before he's pressing forward again.

All the cliched thing he's ever read about the feeling of kissing someone and all the sparks flying that used to be bullshit to him are suddenly not myths anymore.

Louis knows he's falling, especially with the way that he's only on the first date with the first triplet and it's already making those movie scenes come true for Louis. He's scared, shitless. But with this, he'll take the chance. He's falling hard and he's going freely. He's taking the risk. Maybe instead of hard ground, he'll land in pairs of warm arms instead.

"I had a really great time." Louis says when they're in the car, heading for Louis' flat. The Omega is visibly happy. There's a glint of happiness in Louis' eyes that wasn't there before and he can't seem to stop smiling.

"Me too." Edward nods from the driver seat, making Louis' eyes crinkle even further with how wide he's smiling.

The Omega's hand twitches suddenly, reaching across the console and placing a hand on Edward's thigh. Then he leans over, placing his head on the firm shoulder.

"Hmm? What is this?" Edward questions. Louis doesn't even have to look at him to know that he is grinning. Edward takes a hand off the wheel to place it on Louis', gripping his fingers gently.

The action makes him happy, strengthening the feeling in Louis' heart that this might be it. With his past experience, whenever Louis gets a bit touchy with an Alpha, they'd sometimes take that as an invitation.

He shivers at the memory.

"You alright?" Edward asks in concern, sparing Louis a glance before he focuses on the road again.

Louis smiles, pressing his cheek further into Edward's shoulder. "Yeah. I'm fine." He stares at Edward's huge hand covering his where they lay on Edward's thigh. Louis turns his hand so that his palm is facing up, trying to lace their fingers together. The Alpha wastes no time curling his fingers down, tangling their hands tightly. Louis knows Edward feels it when his heart skips a beat, and a smile blooms on his face when Edward tilts his head so that his cheek is pressed to Louis' hair.

"I like it when your heart does that."

Louis frowns, turning his face so that he's resting his chin on Edward's shoulder. "Do what, exactly?"

The car slows to a stop at a red light and Edward turns to him, barely any space between their faces. Louis doesn't expect it at all when Edward pecks him on the mouth. His pulse jumps.

"That." The little shit smirks and pretend to focus back on the road when the light turns green.

Louis is too embarrassed to say anything. He knows Edward can hear it, doesn't mean it's fun for it to be pointed out.


Louis' ears perk up. "Hmm?"

Edward chuckles.

"What?" Louis sits straight again, scowling at the Alpha. Their fingers untangle when Louis pulls his hand away to cross his arms.

"Nothing." He assures, shaking his head but the fire of amusement doesn't die in his eyes.

Louis makes an annoyed sound. "You're such a little shit."

"Don't be mad, kitten." Edward tries to console.

"What do I get if I'm not mad?"

"A kiss?"

"Not enough." Louis says.

"Two kisses?"

"Hmm, I'll think about it."

When they arrive, Edward parks the car but doesn't cut off the engine. He clears his throat and turns to Louis with a teasing smile. "Are you still mad?"

Louis gives him an uninterested look. "I don't know. Maybe you should give me those two kisses first, and I'll decide."

"Okay." Edward's mouth tilts into a crooked smile as he leans forward, nearly making the Omega melt with how gorgeous he looks. He cups one side of Louis' face, brushing his hair back before their eyes fall shut and their lips meet.

Louis hums pleasantly, his hands choosing to rub up and down Edward's chest, feeling him nibble gently on his lower lip. He tilts his head to the side, fitting their mouth even more perfectly. Edward brings his other hand up, thumb hovering over Louis' cheek. His finger barely grazes the Omega's skin yet the contact makes Louis shiver.

"Still mad?" Edward asks, pulling back and extracting all limbs back to his seat.

Louis pouts. "Not any more. Just upset now."

"Why is that?" Edward questions as if he's talking to a baby. Louis can be petulant sometimes but with Edward he just wants to be cared for and it brings out the most childish part in him. They've only known for three days; Louis is going to have a headache.

His pout stays. "This date ended too fast."

"Louis, we've been out for hours." Edward reasons, forehead creasing.

"I know. But is it weird that I want to see you always? Like, all the time." Louis says, sounding frustrated with himself as he glares at the dashboard.

Edward is silent for a moment. And suddenly Louis feels like he's said the wrong thing. Is it too fast? But that's the truth. Even the first time they met, the triplets affected him so much. There is no denying that there's something between them.

"You'll be moving in with us in a few days anyway. You can see me all the time that way." Edward replies, reminding him.

Louis tsks. "You sound so sure that you'd want me."

"Am I giving you the impression that I don't?" Edward asks, and when Louis turns to him, the Alpha has his arms crossed. The expression on his face has changed.

"What if Marcel or Harry doesn't think the same? We can't get to know each other that well after just a first date."

Edward sighs, a long finger scratches at his temple. "Tell me, Lou, do you like me?"

The questions catches Louis off guard, making his expression falter and his palms start to sweat. He feels his heart kicks in his chest and silently curses Edward. "I-I'm, uh, well. Ugh." He blinks. "Yes. Yeah."

"Do you want me?" Edward presses, leaning forward a little. Louis wants to slap him.

"You know the answer."

"Would you like to have me be the first thing you'd see in the morning?"


"Do you want to be my mate after having this date with me?"

Louis is pretty sure his face is scarlet right now, the heat is burning his skin and the intense embarrassment he's feeling makes him grip his knees to keep himself grounded. "I.."

"Yes or no?"

Louis shrugs.

"If you've already decided you want me after the first date, why can't I decide I want you? I'm questioning the lack of justice here." Edward's query makes Louis fall silent and the Omega ducks his head, his hands folded on his lap.

He can see where Edward is going with this, but he still can't help but feel insecure.

"Louis.., why do you keep entertaining the thought that we might not want you?" Edward asks softly.

The Omega doesn't like this confrontation at all. Nope. No. Bye.

"I just feel that way..."

"Why wouldn't anybody want you? Have you looked at you?" Edward leans forward a little, his face twisting into a frown when he sees the upset look on Louis' face.

"Exactly!" Louis snaps. His statement shocks them both, but Louis quickly regains his composure and goes on. "Everybody wants me. I don't go a day without an Alpha telling me how much they want me, how 'beautiful' and 'gorgeous' I am. And then they touch me without my permission. I don't feel beautiful or gorgeous at all, Edward. I feel disgusted. Everybody wants me. But they just want me for my body. Because I'm this Omega who has a pretty arse with a pretty face." His voice shakes and Louis takes a deep breath so he won't start crying. "They all want to know how good I would be in bed. They all want to know how warm I would be. They don't want to know me. They don't care about me. They only care about my body. People look at me like I'm a thing instead of a person. You don't know how many rape attempts I've had to escape from ever since the day I presented. I'm sick and tired of being looked as a thing you can just use instead of love. So if you're just here because of how I look, then I'm okay if you don't want me."

Louis shuts his eyes after that, the tears starting to prick at his eyes. Oh no, no, no, please don't. Not now tears. He quickly tries to control his breathing, really not wanting to cry in front of the Alpha.

It's probably not a good idea, talking about this and pointing out things about his body while being in a car with an Alpha, and trying not to cry at the same time. Give him more of your weaknesses, why don't you Louis?

Fuck, he had such a great time, and now everything's going downhill. Why does he have to ruin it like this?

Louis blinks, wondering why Edward has been so silent. And he fears for himself a little as he opens his eyes. Edward looks murderous.

He doesn't know what triggered it. Maybe it's himself, talking about it, or maybe looking at Edward, as much as he doesn't know how it would but maybe it did.

Images and scenes of things that used to happen to him starts to flash up in his mind, clouding his vision with the remembrance and constricting his chest. He stutters a breath and holds back a whimper when the tears start flowing like his eyes are a broken dam.

"Louis?" Edward asks carefully. "Oh no, don't cry."

Louis flinches when the Alpha reaches out and instantly feels bad about it. He wants to say something but he knows if he opens his mouth, the only thing that comes out would be a sob. So he settles for whimpering again, trying to stop the crying.

"I'm not going to hurt you." Edward says soothingly, his forehead creasing again; a hand slowly reaching for Louis' face.

Louis looks anywhere but Edward's face as a thumb starts to wipe his tears away.

"I'm sorry I said that. And I'm sorry it upset you. You're right." He sighs. "You're more than just your body, I know that. I've never looked at you less than that Lou. I'm sorry if I made you think so."

Louis stays quiet, pressing his lips together with hitching breaths as he tries to calm himself down.

He doesn't have to look to know that the Alpha is staring at him with a sympathetic look, the big hand still cupping his face and callous fingers brushing at his skin. Each tear Edward wipes away, a new one rolls down.

"Hey, come on." Edward tries to console. "You okay?"

Louis shakes his head.

"Please stop crying. I hate seeing you cry." He pleads softly, the tips of his fingers hovering over the top of his cheekbones. Edward traces his index down Louis' temple. "Talk to me, baby."

Louis doesn't reply.

"You don't want to talk?" He receives a silent no. "Okay, can I make you feel better in any way?" Pause, then a silent nod. Edward tilts his head. "How?"




"You need a hug?"

Louis nods pitifully, the hesitance is clear as ever on his face.

Edward's face softens. "Come here."

He wastes no time climbing over the console, fitting himself on Edward's lap and burying his face into the Alpha's neck. Edward holds him tightly, trying to soothe him down with comforting strokes up and down his back.

Louis' tears slowly subsides, and he inhales the Alpha's scent deeply, trying to fill his lungs with it. It's strangely comforting, and Edward smells really nice. But he notices how tense Edward is underneath him, and when he looks up, the Alpha has this furious look on his face again. Louis immediately curls himself tighter, cowering a little.

"Are you mad at me?" He asks in a timid voice, hiding his face.

Edward relaxes. "No, God, no. I'm not."

Louis says nothing.

"Hey, kitten, come on." Edward calls, using a hand to cup Louis' chin and pulls his face up so that he could look into those blue eyes. "I'm not mad." He promises, dropping a gentle, lingering kiss on the Omega's lips and curling his arm around him tighter.

Louis relents a little when they pull away but there's still doubt in him. It probably shows on his face because Edward sighs heavily.

"I'm pissed off at the Alphas who touched you without your permission." He admits quietly. "I wish I could find all of them and make them pay."

Louis smiles, bringing a hand up to brush his fingers across Edward's cheek, just wanting to touch him. "I never managed to thank you for saving me that day."

"Alphas like that don't deserve to live." He hisses.

Louis cradles his face, lightly kissing a spot on Edward's cheek. His lips linger there, faintly pulsing against his skin. "It's common for Omegas to be treated like that, apparently."

"We would never do that to anyone." Edward says quietly. "Mum brought us up better than that."

"Your Mum is a wonderful woman. And I haven't even met her yet."

"Hmm, she would love you."

Fuck, they're talking about meeting the parents. Louis is screaming inside but he just presses their forehead together. "You're serious, about courting me." It isn't a question.

"Are you only getting that now?" Edward laughs at him. "You know, other Alphas and Omegas move in the next day after courting. And here you are asking for dates first and stuff."

Louis shrugs mindlessly, twirling a strand of Edward's hair around his finger while his other hand lightly touches the Alpha's face. Louis notices he gets very touchy around Edward and mentally smacks himself. "Nobody's really taught me anything about mating and getting an Alpha."

"Your Mum?" Edward questions.

"She's always been too busy. With my sisters and stuff. And I've never asked anyway. I've always thought that I would never want one. Or three." Louis admits, honesty lacing his every word.

"Don't they teach it in school?"

"Do I look like the kid who pays attention in class?"

Edward rolls his eyes. "Well, most of the time, an Alpha would approach the Omega that they like and tell them that they would like to court the Omega. And then the Omega would have three days to decide, and once the Omega agrees, they would straight away move in with the Alpha. It's to avoid any other Alphas trying to court the soon-to-be-mated Omega." Edward tells him. "There are also cases where the Alpha and Omega mate first, then the Omega moves in."

"Like Liam and Niall." Louis giggles.

Edward smiles fondly. "Yeah, like Liam and Niall."

"Do the Omegas always have to move in or do they have a choice?"

"Well, they do have a choice. But I've never heard of an Omega or an Alpha that wouldn't want to live together once they're mated. The separation anxiety could be bad if it's for too long." Edward explains patiently.

Louis nods. "You said that the Omega has three days to decide, what does that mean?"

"If the Omega doesn't give an answer by then, the Alpha can move on to look for another Omega if they want to. But most Omegas say yes straight away. I think they feel that the sooner they have a mate, the better and safer it would be. Alphas usually stay away from mated Omegas." Edward murmurs, letting Louis cuddle him.

"That's good to know." He replies softly.

Louis' phone rings in the short, comfortable silence and he groans. "If that's Alex, I swear to God..." He mumbles while his arms loosen from around Edward so he could lean back to fish his phone out of his pocket. "I'm killing him." He tells Edward just before he answers.

The Alpha smirks.

"This better be good." He sighs into the line.

"Louis, you have a class to teach tomorrow and it's already ten. You're not dead, are you?"

"If I'm dead I wouldn't be able to answer this call, you daft sandwich. You'll be dead by the time I arrive." He warns the Beta, seriously pissed at him for interrupting such a calm, cuddling session.

Alex gasps. "Were you making out?"

"Sadly, no." Louis says, biting his lip while he sneaks a glance at Edward. The Alpha raises his eyebrows, playfully pinching the skin at Louis' waist. "Ow! You abuser! Stop pinching me."

"He's already abusing you after the first date?!" Alex shrieks into the phone, making Louis roll his eyes. "Louis, I'm telling you, just ditch his arse and come home. We can watch Love Actually together."

"You just said that I have a class to teach tomorrow."


"Bye Alex. Don't call again. I'll be home soon." He says quickly and tosses the phone into the passenger seat.

Edward is watching him with an unreadable expression when he turns back to the Alpha.


"Nothing." Edward shakes his head. "Come on, I'll walk you up."

Louis' face falls and his shoulders sag. "Already?"

Edward cocks his eyebrow. "If you want to come home with me, you can take the guest room."

That sounds so tempting. "Thanks, but no thanks. I'd probably get all three of you to come cuddle me in the middle of the night."

"Is that a bad thing?" Edward teases.

"Stop trying to steal my virtue, you bad, bad wolf." Louis bops his nose, scrunching his face up disapprovingly.

Edward shakes his head at the lack of maturity. "Come on, off. You have a parent waiting at home." He says, patting Louis' hip.

"Fine, fine. Damn it." Louis doesn't bother to hide his annoyance as he climbs off the Alpha's lap back to his seat. He makes sure he has everything with him before nodding to Edward. "Let's go."

"When can I see you again?" Louis asks when they stop in front of the door to Louis' flat. After exiting the lift, Louis had shamelessly fitted himself to Edward's side as they walked. He even made Edward wrap a hand around him. So that's how they're standing right now, with Louis still snuggling against Edward. He doesn't look like he would want to let the Alpha go any time soon.

"Soon." Edward promises, his hand dropping from Louis' waist and he ignored the disappointed sound Louis makes as he moves to stand in front of the Omega. "After your date with Marcel, let us know when you'd like to move in. And then, you can see us all day everyday, it'd probably tire you out by the third day."

"Probably." Louis agrees.


Louis hums as he tugs the man forward. "You're not going to leave without kissing me, are you?"

"Maybe I should."

"Mean." Louis pouts, his hand curling around Edward's neck and pulling him down until their noses touch, but not kissing him. He stares at Edward, waiting for him to close the distance. Dark, green eyes gaze into his, making Louis' heart stutter and skipping beats inside his chest. He almost wants to pull away and sulk when Edward takes another step closer and bends down to claim Louis' lips. Warm, big hands cover his hips and Louis moans happily into slick mouth, pressing his body against the Alpha and wrapping his arms tightly around Edward's neck.

Edward playfully bites onto his lip, making Louis sigh and the Omega prods his tongue against the Alpha's mouth, licking wetly across Edward's bottom lip.

Edward pulls back and laughs. "Why do you keep doing that?"

"Why won't you let me do that?" Louis asks, rejected.

"If we start making out here, I'm not sure you'd be walking past that door tonight." Edward points out.


"What if I don't mind?"

"Well, I do."

"I hate you." Louis says grumpily and crosses his arm, the picture of sulking.

The Alpha steps closer, pecking his cheek and dimpling down at him. "Sleep well, princess."

"You too." He sighs heavily, watching while Edward gives him another smirk before he leaves. The moment Edward is gone from his vision, he heaves another sigh. Louis seriously hopes this works out. He's already in too deep.

Chapter Text


It's on Friday that Louis receives a text right after he finishes teaching for the day. He's sitting at his table, wanting to relax a little before he has to pack up and go home. That's when his phone vibrates and a message comes up.

Unknown: Hi Lou. Sorry for disturbing you. This is Marcel. I was wondering when you'd be free for our date?

He silently laughs at how formal Marcel's message is. Louis also quietly squeals inside. He stares at the screen, trying to come up with a reply. It takes him a few minutes before he can eventually send the message.

Hi Marcel! I am free on the weekend but Harry's taking me out on Saturday. Maybe we could go on Sunday, if that's okay with you?

As Louis puts his phone down, he turns to look at the mess on his desk and in the class. He sighs, moving on to start clearing them so he could go home for the day and relax in his bed and sleep to dream about three identical, hot men.

Two sharp knocks at his door makes him look up, and he throws the man standing by the entrance a smile. "Hey, Jake."

Jake Henderson teaches the class at the end of the hall. They got to know each other on Louis' first day when Louis accidentally entered the wrong classroom. Later on that day, Jake had brought Louis lunch and then they just have lunch together almost everyday and Jake is one of the people Louis is closest with at the nursery. Since Jake is a mated Alpha, Louis doesn't have a problem being close friends with him. Louis even gets on well with Jake's partner, Thomas, who happens to be an Omega too.

"Done for the day?" Jake asks, entering the classroom and taking a seat on the desk, perching his arse up. Louis pays him no notice as he continues cleaning, wanting to be home soon so he could properly plan his date with Marcel. He also has to think of his attire for his date with Harry tomorrow.

"Yeah. Today is really tiring. Wish I could have a break for a while." Louis stretches to prove his point. "But then I'll miss the kids too much."

"I'm sure the kids would miss you more. They've always been so obsessed with you." Jake says with a snort.

Louis laughs, gathering the scattered files on his desk.

"So, why exactly were you absent on Tuesday?"

"I wasn't well." Louis frowns, stacking his files up and putting them away in the drawer. "Why?"

Jake smiles. "Nothing. Just wondering." He shakes his head. "So, uh, I've got two tickets to a movie this weekend. Would you like to go?"

Louis raises his eyebrows. "Oh? That sounds lovely. But I can't. I'm quite busy this weekend." He informs him, walking around the table to get his class in check. Louis picks up the brushes the kids used. He had fun painting with them today. He even got some paint on his face and probably his hair. Most of it don't make it to paper and instead on himself and the kids. They still had a great time though, and Louis thinks that's what matters.

"Busy? With what? You're always free. Are you going back to Donny?"

"Oh, no. I was thinking to go back, though. I do miss my family. Probably next month or something." Louis waves his hand, straightening a frame on the wall.

Jake looks at him suspiciously. "Why are you busy this weekend?"

"Well, I've got a date." Louis tells him excitedly.

"A date?" Jake's face is a mixture of horror and shock. It irks Louis a little. It's as if Jake thinks he's incapable of getting a date. "With who?"

"This one, lovely Alpha." Louis shrugs, already smiling fondly at the thought of Harry and his clumsy limbs and gorgeous smile. "I can't wait to see him."

"Well, what about Sunday? You're busy too?"

"Yeah. I'm so sorry. Why didn't you ask Thomas, anyway?" Louis inquires, his attention taken away when his phone vibrates again.

Jake shrugs. "Thomas would be out of town. But that's okay. I'll ask somebody else."

"Yeah. I'm so sorry that I can't go." Louis says, sparing Jake a short glance before he turns to his phone again.

Marcel: Yeah, that would be lovely. I'll pick you up at your place, okay? Can't wait to see your lovely face again. xx

Louis grins, quickly typing away a reply.

Sure. What time? Can't wait to see you too. xx

"So.." Jake starts again, making Louis turn to him. "Tell me about this Alpha of yours. He must be special then, if he can make you smile like that over a text."

Louis laughs, walking along the class to clean up the rest of the mess the children made. "Yeah. Well, he is actually they." He corrects his friend shyly.


"Well, there are three of them." Louis bites his lips.

Jake widens his eyes. "Three?" His tone challenges Louis to say it again.


Is it so unbelievable to Jake that Louis could have Alphas? Why does he act like Louis could never get one?

"Who are they?" Jake's curiosity starts peaking up.

Louis shrugs. "You probably don't know them." He probably does, but that's more of the reason Louis doesn't want to tell him. Don't want him running off telling people he's got a date with Harry Styles the model tomorrow.

"I thought you would never let any Alpha court you?" Jake questions with a raise of his eyebrow.

Louis takes a deep breath, a little annoyed. "Well, they're really lovely. And as much as I thought I'd never find an Alpha that'd be good enough for me, I think I've found three." Louis tells him.

Jake clears his throat, shifting a little on the table before he looks at Louis again. "Are you sure you can trust them?"

Louis gives Jake a look, pausing where he's across the room, picking up a few books that are scattered on the floor. "Yeah. They respect me. And they make me feel safe." He rolls his eyes as he slowly put them up the shelves.


Louis spins on his heels and places his hands on his hips. "Look, why are you so sceptical about them? I finally found someone I actually would want to be with and you're here questioning my decision and my potential mates. You, as my friend, should be happy for me." He says disapprovingly, narrowing his eyes at Jake. Louis walks back to the table, focusing on packing the stuff he'd be bringing home. He ignores a gaping Jake.

"Louis, you know I don't mean for you to feel like that. I'm just trying to look out for you." Jake tells him in a regretful voice.

Louis shakes his head, sighing. He slings on his bag, making sure he has everything with him. "You don't have to, Jake. You're not my dad. I can look out for myself just fine." He says in a clipped tone, pressing his lips together. "Come on, now. I'm going to lock up."

Louis only manages to look at the message Marcel sent him once he gets home. He dumps his bag on the couch in the living room and sits down, turning the TV on but lowering the volume until it's nothing but a background noise.

Marcel: I'm going to pick you up at 11. That okay with you? The journey takes quite some time.

That's fine by me. What should I wear?

Marcel: Great. You can just wear casual.

Okay. See you on Sunday. xx

"Alex, I'm nervous." Louis admits to his friend while they wait for Harry to arrive. He keeps bouncing on his feet, the nerves in his veins preventing him from standing still. He needs to keep moving. He needs to shake off all his nerves.

Alex eats popcorn on the couch, giving him an annoyed look. He points a popcorn towards Louis. "You had a great time with Edward. You even woke up early to make breakfast. Don't worry. You'll have fun."

"But.." Louis is starting to say when the bell rings. Butterflies start filling his stomach, and he widens his eyes at Alex. "Oh my God, he's here. Alex, what should I do?!"

Alex rolls his eyes. "Get out there and have fun, Louis."

"Can't you do the whole parent thing first?" Louis pouts. "It'll give me some time to calm down."

Alex shakes his head, frowning when he reaches into the bowl and there's no more popcorn left. "I already did that with Edward. It's boring now."

Louis sighs heavily, shaking his head. "Okay. I can do this."

"Yes, you can. Now get out, please. I'm going to make more popcorn." Alex announces, getting up and walking away to the kitchen.

Louis curses his friend under his breath, walking over to the entrance. He inhales deeply, making sure his attire looks fine one last time before opening the door.

And Louis is blind.

Well, he's actually not. But he's as good as.

Having a Harry Styles standing at his door step, grinning down at him with dimples on display while he looks like that feels like too much of a blessing in one day. Louis almost faints.

"Hi Louuuuuu." The Alpha drags out the vowel, prompting an annoyed but fond eye roll.

"Hey, Haz." Louis greets him, grabbing his coat from behind the door and stepping over the threshold.

Harry giggles. "Hey, that's not my name."

Louis forgot how endearing Harry is. The date hasn't even started yet but he already feels like combusting.

He feigns a surprised face. "Oh, sorry, Harold. I forgot."


Louis chuckles, putting on his coat and smiling up at Harry. "I'm kidding, Harry."

"You look really good." Harry tells him.

"Thank you. So do you, Harry." He receives a beam from his date and Louis' heart swell. "So, where are you taking me tonight?"

"That would be a surprise." Harry informs him with a cheeky wink. Louis wants to punch him.

Instead he just sighs and reaches for Harry's hand. "Okay fine. You better bring me there soon, though."

The Alpha squeezes his hand, their size difference making Louis go crazy inside. "Alright." Harry leads them away, walking towards the lift. While they wait, Harry turns to him. "So, you're a teacher at the nursery, right?"

"Yeah." Louis nods. "I love working with children. They're the loveliest."

Harry brightens. "I love children, too! Can I come over and visit, sometime?"

"Of course!" Louis agrees. "I'm sure the kids would love to see you."

Harry's dimple is so deep, Louis has to push away the urge to poke it with his finger.

Once they're out the building entrance, Harry leads Louis to the Audi he's starting to grow familiar with. Louis blushes with internal embarrassment when he remembers that the first thing Edward did was push him against the car and kiss him the other day. He almost expects the same treatment from Harry.

Harry does open the door for him, though, and Louis kisses his cheek as thank you before he gets in. He watches quietly as Harry closes the door and walks around the car. He has this smirk on his face, making him look so hot while he walks in that Burberry coat and Louis wants to cry.

How would he survive when he's living with this perfect specimen of a human being later on? Not to mention there are still Edward and Marcel.

The whole time Harry is driving, Louis could barely focus on anything but Harry's hands curled around the steering wheel. They're just so big! Louis can't stop thinking about what Harry could do with them. His fingers are long and slender and the gears start turning in Louis' head about the places those fingers could reach.

"Lou?" Harry's voice snaps him to reality and he turns to the Alpha, a little flustered.


"Do you wanna hear a joke?" He asks, an excited smile on his face. He looks so eager that Louis doesn't have the heart to tell him no.

Louis nods with a slightly dubious look, but he shifts his body to face Harry in the car. "Yeah, sure."

"Knock knock!" Harry starts with a grin.

"Seriously?" Louis asks, already laughing.

"What? Come on..." Harry tries to whine but he just bursts out laughing too. "Come on, play along, please?"

The pout Harry has on his face is capable of crumbling the strongest of men and Louis is already melting. "Okay, okay, fine. Go again."

"Okay. Don't laugh at me. You're being mean."

"Stop pouting." Louis drawls, reaching out to poke at a firm side.

Harry squeals, swatting the prodding hand away. Once he’s free from Louis’ teasing hand, he dimples. "Knock knock."

"Who's there?" Louis replies, looking at Harry expectantly.


"Honeydew who?"

"Honeydew you know how good you look right now?" Harry looks so proud of himself once he finishes that sentence, giving Louis an excited look and grinning so wide.

Louis is rendered speechless for a total of two seconds before he's burying his face in his hands. "I'm going on a date with an idiot."

"Heeeeyyyyy!" Harry drags the word out. "I'm trying to compliment you here."

"Oh.." Louis blushes, his teeth securing his bottom lip while he stares at Harry. The Alpha looks like he said nothing but the truth. "Thanks, I guess?"

Harry smiles slyly at him, eyes glinting with unreadable emotions.

The air in the car falls silent for a moment, and Louis manages to struggle for five seconds before he bursts out laughing. Harry sputters and the car swerves a little as both of them howl loudly with laughter. The noise would probably shock people on the outside if the windows were rolled down.

"I'm sorry, that was just..." Louis shakes his head, clutching his stomach. "How much shit do Edward and Marcel give you for those?"

Harry's smile is lopsided when he looks at Louis. "Too much."

Louis wipes non-existent tears at his eyes. The silence swallows them up again and Louis' brain quickly works to come up with a topic. It's not an uncomfortable silence but Louis wants to talk more with Harry.

He clears his throat. "So, I found out what you do."

Harry nods slowly, a smirk making way to his face. "Did you Google me?"


"You did!" Harry accuses excitedly, pointing a finger at him. He looks so happy with the idea.

"I did not." Maybe Louis did. And maybe he wanked to a few pics of them and Google’d for Marcel too to have the same outcome. But none of them needs to know that.

"Yes, you did." Harry sing song, eyes gleaming brighter. "How did you find out?"

"My friend told me about you." Louis says nonchalantly.


"Oh, also, me mate's girlfriend is like, obsessed with you. She knows everything." Louis informs him, his face twisting into a scowl when he thinks of how creepy it must have sounded. It felt better when it was in his head.

But Harry barely blinks in response, just tilts his head in acknowledgement to what Louis said.

"Tell me about your job." Louis requests of him, lacing his hands together and resting them on his lap while he fixes his sight on the Alpha.

"Well.." Harry starts with a small smile twitching at his lips. "It's not a very difficult job. Marcel said that I just had to be there and look pretty. Though, sometimes it can be a bit difficult." A frown grazes his features, making his face slightly resemble Edward in the lack of lighting in the car. "Art is not always easy, you know?"

What a pretentious twat.

"Yeah.. but shouldn't be too hard for you since your existence is art itself."

It's silent for a moment. Then, "Louis Tomlinson, are you hitting on me?"

A playful smack lands on Harry's shoulder. "We're going on a date right now, you arse." He scolds with a light huff.

Harry laughs. "Okay, alright, thank you." He sneaks a look at Louis and grins when he sees that the Omega is trying not to blush. "The fun part about it is that I get to travel, a lot."

Louis perks up, leaning forward in his seat. Interest is visible in his expression. "That sounds fun, alright. Where have you been?"

"Lots of places. Germany, Italy, Greece, France." He pauses. "I like America."


"But the downside of it is when I have to travel for a long time. Sometimes Edward will try and get a meeting that'll happen somewhere I'm going or Marcel would hold a book signing that matches my venue and date. But that can't happen all the time. So there are days where I have to go alone." Harry's drawl gets slower when he talks about being apart from his brother. Louis finds it awfully cute how close the triplets are with each other. "I never really function well without them. I need at least one of them with me." His eyebrows start to furrow together.

"Do they get anxious too when you're not around for long?"

Harry purses his lips. "Marcel does. Sometimes Edward does, too. It's very rare, though."

"What do they do, then? When that happens?"

"Marcel's calls would become frequent, and we would Skype a lot. It helps. But sometimes it's just not enough, and Marcel would fly to me or I'd come home early." Harry smiles fondly, prompting Louis to do the same. "But not with Edward. He doesn't tell me if he misses me. He'd just start losing his temper and freaking out at the office. And when Zayn points it out, he'd just disappear."

Confusion takes over Louis' face. "Disappear?"

"Yeah, he'd shut his phone and pack some of his stuff. And hours later he's just there waiting in my hotel room. Edward pretends he's me at the reception and that he lost the key card to get inside my room." Harry should've sounded upset about it, but he's got a content smile on his face. Something tells Louis that their reunion probably isn't one that should really happen between siblings.

Louis leans his head at the headrest. "I guess there's pros and cons to everything." He breathes. "How did you get into the industry?"

Harry giggles at the question. "So um, when we were 22, at that time, Edward had just taken over the company. And we wanted to introduce a new design of the boats and cars we make. The model who was supposed to do it fell sick at the day of the shooting. Edward was furious. But he was also busy, so he just grabbed me and threw me into the shoot." His giggles grow louder, making Louis smile. "I remember them freaking out and trying to dress me up, one was screaming out to her assistant while she did my hair. I don't even know what was happening. But Edward looked like he would stab me if I dared say anything. So I just followed through. And then I saw my picture on a billboard."

Louis smiles, trying to imagine how Harry reacted. "It must've felt amazing."

"Yeah! Everything was surreal and bizarre! I had to lie down for a few minutes." They both chuckle at that. "A few weeks later, I received a call from a couple car companies asking me if I'm interested to model for them." He pauses for a moment, taking the time to focus on his driving. Then he continues. "I sat Marcel and Edward down, asking for their opinions. They told me to just go for it. So I did. And then, Nike called me and after that I started getting calls from Burberry and stuff."

“That’s really nice.”

“Yeah.” Harry nods excitedly. “I love doing what I do.”

Louis hums. “So, um… Do you think it’d be a good idea for me to move in - if you still agree - a week after my date with Marcel?”

The frown he receives makes Louis cower a little, ducking his head and wondering if he shouldn’t have asked. “What do you mean if?” Harry asks him. “Babe, you know we do want you. These dates would only make us want you more.”

Louis hides his face in shame, sighing a little with his lower lip jutted out. The expression looks childish if the features on his face doesn’t say that he’s actually a little upset. “I’m sorry, I just..” He sighs heavily. “I just keep entertaining the thought that you’d change your mind all of a sudden.”

“But why?” Harry asks, the usual cheery tone in his voice is gone and replaced with hurt as if it offended him that Louis would even think that the triplets wouldn’t want him.

“I don’t know. It’s stupid. You three are too perfect to be real. You’re all I want, so much it’s hurting.” Louis admits with a voice barely audible even to the Alpha ears. “If I keep myself ready, then it probably wouldn’t hurt as much if it happens.”

“It should be us who feel that way. Edward talked to me about this, and I don’t want you to feel like that. If anyone should doubt anybody, it’s us you. We’re really a handful and it probably would get a little overwhelming at one point. So we want you to really know what you’re getting into. And it’s fine if you change your mind. We understand.” Harry says, his face suddenly falling and his mouth starts curving downward. The sadness in his tone makes Louis sad too. “I hope you don’t, though. I really like you, and I honest to God don’t know what I would do if you change your mind.”

Louis stares at the Alpha for a moment, a little loss for word. His mind reels in his brain while Harry puts his whole attention to his driving. “Harry..” He tries, a hand reaching out and touching tense biceps. The muscles under his palm immediately relax, and Harry’s shoulders visibly slump. “I promise I won’t change my mind.” He rubs his hand down the Alpha’s arm until his fingers reach Harry’s hand. He curls their pinky fingers together. “Pinky promise.”

“Okay.” Harry starts to smile, glancing at Louis. “Good. You can move in any time you want.”

Louis blushes a little when Harry brings the back of Louis’ hand to his mouth so he could kiss it. "Can you decide for me?"

"In that case, move in on Monday."

"That's the day after my date with Marcel!" Louis' eyes widen. "I won't have time to pack!"

Harry smirks. "You can walk around in my clothes."

Maybe both of them grow a little flustered at that thought but Louis is not going to point it out.

"We're here. Taa daa!" Harry beams as he cuts off the engine. The car is parked in a wide field, surrounded by many of the other cars. The bright light occasionally shining inside gives Louis a vision of how excited his date is.

He smiles at Harry, reaching out and tugging a little on his curls. "A funfair?"

"Yeah, we're going to have lots of fun." Harry nods, his eyes falling close as he leans into Louis' touch.

"Yeah, that we will." He retracts his hand. "Come on."

Louis gets out of the car, meeting with Harry and letting Harry take his hand before they cross the road to go into the funfair. His heart flutters a little in his heart, loving how good it feels like to be holding hands with him. The Alpha leads him away, and Louis barely acknowledges where they're going. He is too focused on the way Harry's warmth seeped into his skin.

"Which one do you want to ride first?" Harry asks as he stops them in the middle of walking, people grumbling around them at the sudden abrupt. "I think we should go for the carousel first."

"Okay. I'm fine with that." Louis nods, smiling fondly at how excited Harry looks. He's always so eager. "Come on." He prompts, tugging at the Alpha's hand and leading him towards their intended ride.

"Edward never gets on with me." Harry says, causing the Omega to reach out and tap his nose with a little grin that erupts the butterflies in his stomach. It feels weirdly nauseating and annoying how there’s more than one person to cause this kind of effect on him.

“It’s okay.” Louis is strangely optimistic, his grin getting Harry closer to become a fully blinded person with the way he’s looking at him like that. “That's why I'm here, isn't it?”

Harry giggles. “Okay.”

“You know, just forget about it, please.” Louis drawls impatiently, trying to tug on the hem of Harry’s shirt but his existence is barely acknowledged by the tall Alpha standing in front of him. Harry is sweating, the layer of moisture on his back has soaked onto the fabric of his expensive top. The scent should not be this good. Louis hates how good it smells. “Harry.” He says again, trying to focus on his objective instead of drooling over how attractive Harry is.

“No, Lou. I’m going to do this. Trust me.” Harry is insistent, gently trying to shake off the hold Louis has got on him. He turns around when Louis doesn’t let. “Babe.”

“This is your fifth try, Harry. Don’t waste your money like this.” Louis grumbles, glaring up at the Alpha. He's also trying to fight the blush rising at the pet name. “I was joking anyway. I don’t want that stupid bear.” Harry makes frustrated, protesting sounds at him. The noise prompts him to roll his eyes, albeit lack of the usual fondness. “Look, if you really want me to have a God damned bear, buy me one at the stores.”

”But that’s not the same, is it?” Harry throws the ball he’s holding into the air, quickly catching it again in his palm. The simple coordination surprises Louis a little since as long as Louis has known him, Harry barely has control over his own face. Let alone his limbs. “If I win you a bear right now, it’ll be from my hard work.”

“You’re impossible.” Louis groans, digging the heel of his palms into his eyes. “Stop it now, before you spend every penny on this shit.”

Harry sighs heavily, shaking his head. “Last one.” He pleads, more with his eyes than voice. And Louis should’ve left right there and then, because he knows he’ll never be able to resist those puppy eyes. God hates him.

“Alright. Alright.” He grunts, petulantly stomping his foot onto the ground. With his arms crossed, he takes a step back. “Last one.” His face scrunches up in annoyance as he huffs. He’s quite torn between wanting Harry to win and wanting him to lose. If he wins, Louis gets a bear that he could hug at night and pretend it’s one of the triplets. But if Harry loses, Louis gets the satisfaction of seeing the tosser mourn about when he’s been trying to get him to stop.

However, the face splitting grin that suddenly appears on Harry’s face cuts off any thought Louis has in his mind.

“Thank you, Lou.” Harry chirps, shuffling forward and sloppily dropping a kiss on Louis’ cheek before he turns back around to the booth with new found determination.

Louis watches quietly in anticipation while Harry curls his fist tighter around the ball he’s holding, eyeing the stack of bottles arranged neatly into a pyramid across the inside of the booth. Of course, trust Harry not to win something so easy.

Harry sucks in a huge breath - Louis finds that a bit tad too dramatic - and pulls his arm back before lashing it forward.

Louis tries. He honestly did. But he rolls his eyes so hard it hurts his head anyway. From the way the ball surges forward, the Omega can already tell that it would go crushing down things that are not the bottles.

“Bugger!” Harry kicks at the booth, hissing loudly while he throws daggers to the attendant at the booth. His eyes flick back and forth between the bottles and the Beta man staring back at Harry with boredom that Louis could relate to.

Louis sighs when the Alpha shoots an apologetic look at him, his big hands already pulling out a couple notes from inside his pocket. “God, give me strength.” He mutters, charging up to Harry and snatching the money away from the grip of his long fingers. “Give that to me.”

“Louis?” Harry asks in confusion, flinching slightly while Louis walks up to the booth and slams the notes down.

“If I win, I want that huge arse bear.” He demands to the Beta, hips cocked to the side. He can feel Harry’s shocked stare but he ignores it for the moment.

The Beta looks at him, then glances swiftly at the bear before shrugging. “Sure.”

Louis knocks down the bottles within the first try.

“Here.” He says to Harry, handing him the white teddy bear. Flicking his hair to the side, Louis waits patiently for the Alpha’s brain to start functioning again. When Harry does nothing but stares at him, Louis shoves it into his arms with another groan. “Come on, you twat.” He drags a hand down his face, the other hand on his hip.

“You’re the most amazing Omega that there is.” Harry blurts out, still looking at him in wonder.

Louis rolls his eyes with pink spot tinged on his cheeks. “The date hasn’t even ended yet. For all you know, it could all go downhill.”

“I think I might love you already.” Harry says in lieu of response.

Despite his heating cheeks, Louis reaches out to wrap a small hand around Harry’s biceps and starts tugging him away. “You always spit bullshit.”

“No, I don’t.” The warm breath at his ear makes Louis wince and his steps falter a little. Harry walks ever so calm beside him, now clutching the plush toy against his chest. Louis wants to punch him a little. Then maybe kiss him afterwards.

“Come on, Haz. Let’s get some cotton candy.” He quickly changes the topic, steering them to the left and heading towards the stand. Louis turns around once they’ve stopped only to see the Alpha smirking down at him. “What?” He snaps lightly.

Harry’s smirk widens. “Nothing.”

Louis makes a face. telling Harry that he's very annoyed but he decides to stay quiet about it.

Harry stands behind him while he makes their order. Once Louis has paid - he insisted because Harry is paying for everything else, and also because Harry is holding the bear so he can’t reach for his wallet - they make their way to find a bench to sit down.

They finally find one after walking for a while, a bench that is secluded from the crowd at the fair. Louis makes sure Harry is properly seated and only when the bear is safely tucked between them does he hand Harry his cotton candy.

“Thanks.” Harry’s deep voice runs a shiver along his spine, the brush of his fingers on Louis’ hand as the cotton candy exchanges hands adding up the tingling down his body.

“Okay.” He replies weakly. Louis turns to his candy, tearing a bit of the sugary sweetness with his fingers before popping it in his mouth. Harry just takes a huge bite.

“Oh my God, it’s so fluffy!” Harry exclaims once his mouth is empty.

"Yes, Harry. That’s why it’s called a cotton candy.” He mocks playfully.

Harry gives him a grin. “You’re so sarcastic all the time. I like it.”

Harry’s comment triggers his heart to kick start and he tuts in response.

“Hey, Louis?”


“I like you.”

Louis sputters on his food, but if anyone points it out, Louis would deny it until his last breath. He shoots Harry a wary look.

“I really, really like you.” Harry says, a small smile toying at the edge of his mouth when Louis turns to face him. Mindlessly, the Alpha inches closer until their noses are almost touching. “You’re beautiful.”

His blush is so intense, he can feel the heat radiating off of his way so warmly that it breeches uncomfortable. “Thank you., I don’t know what to say.” That’s the most pathetic thing Louis has ever said but he’ll decapitate anyone who blames him for it since his brain tends to stop functioning the moment any of the Styles Alphas breathes anywhere he can see.

“You don’t have to say anything.” Harry assures him, nudging Louis’ shoulder with his. The smile lingers on his lips, the cotton candy halfway eaten. He is about to take another bite when he pauses once he notices Louis is staring at him. His hand lowers. “You know, I know you would think I’m joking, but I feel something between us. And I desperately need us to happen.”

“Stop it.” Louis says, snapping out of his trance and shaking his head firmly. “What is up with you two and talking about deep stuff on the first date?” He rolls his eyes when Harry responds with a cheeky smile.

“Well, thinking about a future with you turns me on, honestly.”

He snorts to a chuckling Harry.

They continue to eat in silence, enjoying their treats while they sit there and watch people going on and about in the funfair. There’s a couple walking pass them, the Omega tucked safely at the Alpha’s side while they head away to the Love Tunnel. Louis internally scoffs. What’s so romantic about being in the dark with your date? They can’t even see each other!

He finishes his candy and turns to see Harry licking away the last taste of his own candy off of his fingers. Desire shoots through Louis and he gets the urge to kiss Harry. Looking at the way Harry’s tongue peeks out to lick away at the sugary residue on his thumb courses shivers down Louis’ spine. He lets his mind drift away and wonders how it would probably feel to have Harry’s plump lips moving against his own. Louis could’ve cried when he realises how badly he wants Harry to kiss him.

Louis tries keeping it cool, sucking in a deep breath to maintain his composure while he finishes what’s left of his candy before getting up and walking over to a nearby trash can to dispose of the small cone. Harry grows to his feet to copy Louis when the Omega takes his seat. When Harry is settled beside Louis once again, he realises how close Harry is. Their shoulders are brushing slightly, making Louis’ toes curl with the spark it sends across his body.

He turns to Harry with a smile, trying to maintain his composure. His attempt goes to waste because the smile on his face drops the moment he moves his head. Louis blinks and Harry’s just...there. Harry’s so close, they’re almost breathing in the same air, staring down at Louis with those magical green orbs. Louis momentarily forgets how to breathe, his lungs constricting and his mouth parts to suck in air. The smell of Harry’s cologne fills his nose, making his thoughts swirl in the delicious scent as Harry inches closer.

“Lou?” The Alpha asks when his nose brushes gently against Louis’.

“Yeah?” His hands sweat a little, his heart racing beneath his skin as his eyes flit to Harry’s mouth. In the midst of it, his tongue peeks out a little, wetting his lips. Harry’s gaze follows the motion, and the corner of those plump lips twitches.

Harry’s hand is huge when it comes up to run slender fingers across Louis’ cheek before the palm cups the side of his face. He shivers a little at the touch, eyes falling shut and leaning slightly into it. Harry’s thumb hovers on his lips, and when Harry speaks, Louis can feel his breath on his face. “Can I kiss you?”

“God, yes please.” Louis gasps, and before he can take another breath, Harry’s mouth is on him. He immediately clings to the Alpha, hands gripping on Harry’s biceps while his lips nibble on Harry’s. His head spins, his heart kick starting as they tilt their heads to the side, fitting their mouth more perfectly together.

Harry holds his head a little tighter, coaxing Louis’ mouth open with gentle caress of his lips, sucking gently on the flesh and pulling the Omega closer. Louis can feel Harry’s body warmth radiating off of him, and he willingly closes off their distance in favour of moulding his front to Harry’s until he’s plastered against Harry’s chest. An arm curls around him and he feels the palm of Harry’s hand pressing at the middle of his back.

Every thought in his head washes away and his brain screams nothing but Harry, their kiss, and their shared warmth. If they were standing, Louis would probably fall because being here in this embrace makes his knees go weak even when he’s sitting down.

Harry makes to pull back but Louis whimpers, his small hand reaching up to tangle his fingers in the soft curls and gripping before tugging Harry down again. Their lips meet with Harry’s stretched into a smile. Louis kisses him again and again, enough to leave them both panting but keeping it sweet.

When they do part, Louis does so flushing with embarrassment. “Oops, sorry.” He quickly retracts all his limbs and scoots away so that there’s a distance between them.

“Oh, Lou. Don’t be embarrassed.” Harry coos, shuffling close to kiss Louis’ cheek. “I like kissing you too.” He tells him with a bright smile.

Louis ducks his head, cheeks heating up. “Yeah?”

“Yeah.” He nods eagerly. To prove his point, he kisses Louis again.

Louis blushes with a smile when he pulls away, lips still tingling. “Okay.” He responds. He grips Harry’s face, drawing him into another kiss. Though it’s more like a clashing of teeth since they are both giggling. “Come on, you dork. Let’s get on the swinger.”

“What about Teddy?” Harry asks like he’s genuinely upset about leaving his plush bear behind.

“There’s got to be lockers here somewhere. We can put it there.” Louis replies, getting up and brushing his bum.

Harry’s face twists in disagreement. “He won’t fit in there. Maybe we should put him in the car.”

“Okay, okay. Come on.” He offers a hand, and Harry gladly takes it. Once he’s stable on his feet, he grabs the huge plush toy and hugs it to his chest as if it’s the most valuable object to him. It’s a ridiculous sight. The bear is almost as big as he is.

It makes Louis giggle a little. He knows Harry tries to be dominant and as hot as it is, Louis prefers it when he’s just himself. “Hey, Harry?”

“Yeah, Lou?” Harry responds, already skipping away with Louis trailing behind him.

“Never stop being you.”

Harry pauses, gives him a brilliant smile then proceeds to continue skipping.

Louis might already be in love.

“It’s so beautiful.” Louis says in awe, looking at the view below them as they spin to the top of the Ferris Wheel. Harry is seated beside him, more satisfied with Louis as his view instead of the magnificent one around them.

“You’re beautiful.” The Alpha sighs, lips stretched so wide he looks like a frog.

Louis rolls his eyes, but grins happily at the compliment. “You’re such a sap.”

“Well, my mother taught me to always say the truth.” Harry quips, dimples still in view.

The Omega laughs, scooting closer to Harry until their thighs and knees touch. He released a happy sigh and leans his head on his shoulder. “I’m having such a good time tonight.”

“Yeah?” Harry nudges the top of Louis’ head gently with his cheek. He takes Louis’ hand and hold it in his palm while his other one starts to draw insignificant abstract at the back of the small, dainty hand. “I told you that you’d have a good time.”

“I know.”

“Being with you is so easy, it makes me wonder where you’ve been all my life.” Harry murmurs, drawing a heart. It warms Louis’ own.

“Probably avoiding you.” He says in response to what Harry said. “God knows how many unfunny jokes you’ve made tonight.”

“Heyyyyy.” Harry exclaims. “You laughed every single time!”

Louis snorts, shifting his head and looking up at Harry. “Yeah, well, the only reason for that is probably because I like you. Or I would’ve given you so much shit.”

Harry cackles quietly. “Then it’s probably a good thing that I really like you too.”

“Really?” Louis pretends to widen his eyes, lifting a hand and poking at Harry’s dimple.


“That would probably explain why you were staring at me like a creep just now.”

Harry smiles, his eyes glued to the way Louis’ mouth moves when he talks. “Well, my way of flirting is to stare until said person likes me back.” He licks his lips.

Louis leans closer, eyes flicking to Harry’s mouth. “That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.”

“I’m sitting here with you, about to be kissing you. You can’t say it doesn’t work.” Harry smirks, every word he lets out blows warmly against Louis’ face.


“Shut up and kiss me, you fool.”

Harry continues by surging forward and connecting their lips, breathing in the overwhelming scent of the Omega. He wastes no time fitting his hand at Louis’ waist, pulling him close until they’re sharing warmth. Harry’s lips are so soft and he kisses him so gently, so sweetly that it gives Louis a headache, his lips are so full and plump and they fit perfectly over Louis’ own.

If someone told Louis a few days ago he would willingly be in an Alpha’s embrace while enjoying kissing said Alpha, he would probably throw his shoe at them. And yet here he is, his little fingers dancing across Harry’s skin while they quietly giggle into the kiss.

He doesn’t know why they were laughing, but being with Harry makes him so happy he just wants to burst into giggles all the damn time and maybe that’s why. Harry’s still kissing him and his arms feel so good and strong around him so Louis doesn’t really give it a thought. He’s never felt this happy in his entire life.

He thinks - and hopes - that everything is about to change.

"So, do you have any siblings?" Harry asks while they walk around at the funfair. Both of them are done with the rides; they didn't get on all of them but somehow Louis thinks it's fine not to. He'd rather talk more with Harry.

"Yeah. I've got four little sisters."

Harry pauses for a moment in his step, widening his eyes excitedly. "Four?"

Louis can't help but chuckle at his reaction. "Yes, four."

"That's so exciting! You have a big family." Harry gushes.

"Well.." Louis ducks his head. "Maybe you can meet them sometimes. But then again, they're really a handful."

Harry shrugs. "I don't mind. I love kids. Can't wait to visit you at the nursery too." He says again, the idea of it already making him happy.

"Yeah, I'm sure the children would love to meet the popular Harry Styles." Louis teases with a crinkled eyes smile.

"I don't think they'd know me, to be honest. I'm not a pop star."

Louis hums. "Well, maybe you should be. You sure do have the image."

Harry chuckles, shaking his head and casually wrapping an arm around Louis as they walk. When he pulls him close, Louis is nothing but pleased. "I'm not sure if I want to take a step into that path. It's already hard enough leaving Marcel and Edward behind." Then he turns to Louis. "Soon, I'd have you to be left behind too."

"Who says I'm letting you leave me behind?" Louis challenges with a smirk, raising his eyebrows.

Harry bursts out laughing. "Okay.... The only place I'm leaving you behind is the hotel room, then." He dimples again.

Louis laughs along with him, nudging Harry's shoulder playfully. Then his eyes settle onto something a few feet in front of them.

The Alpha follows his gaze and smiles. "You want ice cream?"

"Can we?"

"Yeah, sure. Come on." Harry replies, leading him away towards the ice cream booth.

There is a long line queuing for the ice cream, but both of them don't mind since they're content to talk while they wait anyway.

"Do you have other siblings?" Louis asks, turning around in his spot to face Harry. "Apart from Edward and Marcel, that is."

Harry's face brightens. "Yeah! We have an older sister. Her name's Gemma." He makes a thoughtful face. "Now that you've mentioned her, I still haven't told her about you."

Louis smiles, endeared for the countless time. He steps closer, so that his face is almost tucked under Harry's chin. "Are you close with her, then?"

Harry nods, hugging Louis close and pressing his lips to the Omega's forehead. "I'm probably the closest with her. But Edward and her used to pull pranks on me and Marcel when we were little. They used to be a really good team. Edward looks like he's boring, but back then when it comes to teasing and pranking people, he's the first one to step up." He murmurs.

"Yeah? Does he still do that now?"

"Not really. He said he's retired." Harry says and they both cackle quietly.

Louis opens his mouth to speak but halts his speech, letting Harry walk them forward as the line moves. Once they've stopped again, he speaks up. "What happened to the team?"

"Nothing. Apparently me and Marcel are in the team too now that we've grown up. When all four of us are home, my Mum and Robin are the victims." Harry chuckles.

Louis looks at him a little questioningly. "Who's Robin?"

"He's our step-father." Harry tells him with a smile.

"I'm trying to imagine the kind of pranks you pull on your own mother."

"Well, it's nothing too much or too bad. Most of the time, Marcel doesn't bother joining in." Harry thinks for a moment, then bursts out laughing. "Okay, okay." He starts, causing Louis to give him his full attention, not that he hasn't since the past hour. "There was this one time, I think it was on Thanksgiving four years ago. Gemma had a cop come up to our house and arrest her. Like, with the handcuffs and all. The 'cop' looked very serious. Marcel and I weren't involved because apparently Edward thinks it'd be easier to handle if less people were involved." Both of them roll their eyes. "I was losing my shit. I've always known that Gemma was rebellious so it wasn't impossible to have her does something that'd cause her to get arrested. My Mum was crying and Robin was too panicked to even think. Edward was yelling at Gemma asking her what she did and Gemma herself was crying and begging the cop not to take her away." Harry starts laughing again.

Louis lets the Alpha take his time to laugh as he moves them up along the line. "What happened?" Louis asks, trying hard not to laugh too.

"So, the cop was like 'I'm sorry, Ma'am. I need to take your daughter away. She committed a very serious crime.' and Edward was shaking Gemma begging her to tell him what she did so that he can get her out of jail or fight for her in court or something." Harry takes a deep breath. "Then my Mum was grabbing the cop and asking what Gemma did, and you know what he told her?"

Harry bends over after that, laughing so hard and Louis can't help but join along too. "I don't know! What did he say? Tell me!"

The Alpha wipes the tears pooling in his eyes from how hard he's laughing. "He told my Mum, 'Your daughter is a thief, Ma'am! She stole my heart!' And apparently Gemma wanted to introduce her boyfriend to the family. He happens to be a cop."

Both of them share a look and start cackling.

"That's-That is so brilliant!" Louis howls with his laughter. "How did they not laugh?"

"I don't know!" Harry gasps in between laughter. "I think that's why Edward excluded me out. I would've been on the floor laughing before her boyfriend even arrived."

When they're finished laughing, Louis turns to Harry. "How did your Mum react?"

"I think Gemma is still thankful to this day that she wasn't disowned." He grins. "But Mum laughs every single time they bring that story up. It works for a good laugh.

"What else have you done?" Louis questions.

"Well, Gemma and Edward put me in a bunch of boxes to scare our Mum on April Fool's day three years ago. Gemma requested my Mum to find a particular box in the store where I was. When she walks over, I pop out of the box and she screamed so loud that our neighbours came over to check up on us. We're in our twenties but we got grounded." Harry chuckles. "But I know my Mum is secretly glad that we still get on well with each other."

"What did Marcel do?"

"He recorded the whole thing so we could play it during Christmas."

"Your sister sounds so fun." Louis notes.

"She is. You remind me of her, you know." Harry says honestly.

They're getting closer to the ice cream booth now. What Harry said surprises Louis a little and he widens his eyes. "Really?"

"Yeah. She's going to love you." Harry says with full faith. He reaches out for Louis, pulling him close and prompting giggles from the Omega.

Louis relents when Harry bends down to peck him sweetly on the mouth. When they pull away, Louis' happy face immediately turns into a frown as he looks around.

Harry is quick to notice. "What's wrong?"

"People are watching us. And I think I saw two guys with big cameras behind that tree." Louis whispers, trying to point without being obvious.

Only then does Harry takes his gaze away from Louis. And sure enough, people are staring and some are even pulling their phones out. He looks over to the direction that Louis pointed at and has to squint a little but the Omega is correct. There are paps trying to hide behind a big tree. Someone must have noticed Harry and Louis earlier and talked about it somewhere.

"Shit." He mutters quietly. "Do you want to go?"

Louis buries his face into Harry's neck, hoping that his face won't make it into the shot if the paps try to take a picture of them. He nods a little disappointedly. "I want ice cream, first, though."

Harry chuckles. "Yeah, okay." He responds, dropping another kiss on Louis' head. "Sorry. I was hoping we wouldn't get noticed. I should've warned you first, though."

"It's alright." Louis assures, content to be in Harry's hold. "It's not your fault."

“Do you think Edward would kill me if I bring you back home tonight?” Harry asks him while they were on the way home.

Louis laughs from the passenger seat. “I’m sure if he does, he won’t be the only one.”

“Really? Who else is there to come after my arse?” Harry giggles, taking a bite out of his ice cream. Louis laughs at him when he gets a brain freeze and shudders in the driver seat.

“Alex, my flatmate. You haven’t met him yet.” The Omega tells him. “He gave Edward the ‘parent talk’ thing the other day.”

“How come Edward gets one and I don’t?” Of course, trust Harry to be upset about something like that. Louis wishes he could hate him.

“I think it’s because he wants to avoid meeting you in the first place.” Louis tells him honestly, biting into his cone. “His girlfriend is a huge fan of yours and I think he doesn’t want to explain to her why he gets to see you and she doesn’t.”

Harry bursts out laughing at that. “Is that so?”


“So no Louis for me tonight?” Harry pouts, watching Louis eat the last bit of his cone and wiping his hands.

Louis mirrors him with a shake of his head, reaching back to grab the huge bear at the back seat and bringing it to the front. He holds it by its arms, moving them around and making hugging actions. “No Louis for you. You can cuddle Teddy, though.”

“Would it be creepy if I pretend it’s you?”

“Yes, Harold, what kind of a question is that?”

Harry pouts even more. “Why can’t you just move in tonight?”

“Even if I do, it’s not like you’re going to get any cuddle.” Lies, lies.

“Do you miss us when you’re home?” Harry inquires.

“Harry, I don’t even have two days to myself before I have to see you and your brothers again. I couldn’t even miss you if I wanted to.” replies Louis, rolling his eyes.

The Alpha chuckles. “Would you miss us then, if we’re away for long?”


“What do you mean maybe?” Harry looks so offended that Louis bursts out laughing.

Louis sighs happily, reaching forward and pecking Harry’s cheek. “Yeah, Haz, I would.”


Louis tries to hug the bear but jerks his face back, his nose crinkling. “Please wash this thing once you get home.”

“I can’t believe I just went on a date with Harry Styles.” Louis teases when they reach his door, nudging Harry’s shoulder with his own. He receives a bashful smile in response, complete with the precious dimples.

“How did it go, then?” Harry teases back.

Smiling until his eyes disappear, Louis bites on his lower lip. “It was alright.”

“You look like that and it was just alright?” Harry pokes at his cheek, making him giggle. “If our date was alright, I wonder how it went with Edward.”

Louis feigns a gasp, grabbing Harry’s wrist. “Are you insulting your brother?”

“He took you to dinner on the first date!”

“Excuse me, Harold. I did have fun with your brother.” Louis steps closer and prods at Harry’s middle with a finger. “Unlike you, he doesn’t bombard me with knock knock jokes every ten minutes.”

Harry laughs, bending over as he tries to swat away Louis’ hand. “That’s because he’s boring."

Louis rolls his eyes, pulling his hands back and instead shamelessly fitting himself against Harry. “Stop talking shit about your brother.”

Harry ignores him in favour of wrapping his arms around Louis and kissing his nose. “I’m so glad you’re saying yes to us.”

“Me too.” Louis smiles, nodding. “But let’s see if you regret asking later.”

“Trust me, we won’t.” His hands clutch the Omega tighter. “Stop feeling that way, please.”

“Thank you for tonight, love.” Louis says instead, his arms curling around Harry’s neck. “I honestly had a great time. I’ve forgotten how much fun one can have at a funfair.”

“The pleasure’s mine, Lou.” He murmurs, bending down and softly capturing Louis’ lips between his. He pulls him closer until they’re flushed against each other.

Louis wonders how his life got turned upside down in just a span of a few days. He knows he’s got the triplets to blame, though. But he hopes he won’t have it any other way. They change his mind so fast and suddenly being with them is what he wants. Eventhough he hasn’t gone for a date with Marcel yet, he knows they’re genuine. He doesn’t know how to deal with it though; he’s super scared, but he knows he wants to try with them.

It’s lost to him how long they have been standing there kissing, he’s lost in the feeling of Harry’s lips brushing against his own. His mind is empty except of the thoughts of the Alpha pressed against him.

“Goodnight.” Harry murmurs, their mouths still connected.

“Hmm, you too.” He replies, eyes still shut and fingers toying with Harry’s curls.

None of them make the move to release each other. Louis takes the advantage and clings to Harry, kissing him again and again until Harry starts giggling and Louis follows suit and they’re a couple of idiots giggling in the hallway.

“Goodnight, Louis.” Harry bids, his arms falling from around Louis’ waist. Louis pouts when the Alpha steps back.

“Goodnight. Sleep well, Harry.” He says, face breaking into a smile when Harry pecks him one last time.

He feels so fond when the Alpha literally twirls away and almost bumps into a wall. Louis can’t stop the smile when Harry widens his eyes as if saying ‘Oops!’ and then blowing a kiss at Louis and disappearing at the corner.

Giddy. That’s what he is when he steps into the door. And if Alex says anything, he’ll throw a shoe at his head.

Chapter Text

Louis doesn't even get the chance to wonder why his uni best friend is suddenly calling him at the crack of dawn after two months of nothing when he gets attacked first.

"WHY ARE YOU ON THE PAPER WITH HARRY STYLES?" Eleanor screeches at him from the end of the line.

Louis groans and rolls over in bed, pinching the bridge of his nose and burying his face into the pillow. "El, what?"

"I was just going to read the paper and there you are, with model Harry Styles, kissing!!" She yells again into his ear.

"Yeah..." Louis can only reply that, yawning and snuggling into his blanket. He barely heard what she said.

When she receives no further answer, Eleanor whines. "Louis!!! Tell me everything!!"

"Jesus Christ, no contact for two months and now you're making me sacrifice my sleep to tell you things?" Louis grumbles, rolling over on his bed again. He lies on his other side, not even opening his eyes. He's impressed that even when he's still floating between consciousness and unconsciousness, he's still able to form coherent words.

There is a momentary pause. "Of course! I'm your best friend!"

Louis' nose scrunches up. "I only have to call Perrie twice to get her to answer. And she always calls me back." He teases sleepily.

"Don't pull that card on me, Lou! You know I've been busy." She replies and he can hear her pouting right now. Perrie and her seem to use the whine and pout on him a lot. Louis hates them a lot.

"I know." He sighs. Louis opens one eye and sneaks a look at the time. He makes a pained sound at what he sees. "El, it's Sunday and it's 7.13 A.M what the fuck?"

"Get up, you lazy knob!" She giggles. "You're not falling back asleep. I need you to tell me everything!"

"Jesus Christ." He repeats. Louis stares at the ceiling for a few seconds, wondering if he should to listen to her or not. Knowing he won't be able to fall back asleep and she won't stop pestering him until he tells her, Louis decides to relent. He grumbles as he sits up on the bed. "Fuck. Alright, alright. But if Perrie asks, you tell her. I don't want to repeat it."


"What do you want me to tell you?" Now that he's up, Louis is trying to recall why Eleanor called him in the first place.

Eleanor groans in irritation. "Why are you on front page with Harry Styles?"

A moment passes before what she said registers in his head. "What?"

"Dear God, give me strength." Eleanor mumbles. "You, Louis Tomlinson, are on front page with Harry Styles."

That springs the Omega out of bed. "What the fuck!"

"Louis, don't tell me you didn't know you were going to be on front page?!"

He runs over and grabs his laptop, plopping on his bed and quickly turning it on. "Well, some people took pictures but I didn't know it was going to go viral?"

"How could you associate with someone like Harry Styles and not expect yourself to be on paper?" She retorts, sounding amused now.

Louis ignores her for a moment in favour of looking up Harry's name on the search bar. Sure enough, there is a story of their date the night before. Louis quickly clicks on the first result, patiently waiting as the page loads.

Harry Styles Seen on a Date with an Unknown Omega.

"How did they know I am an Omega?!" Louis shrieks into the phone.

"An information obtained from a person nearby, apparently."

"Fuck." Louis grits his teeth. "Fuck."

"Why are you panicking?"

Louis makes a sound of disbelief. "El! I'm on the paper! With Harry Styles! I didn't even know who he was a week ago."

Eleanor gasps in shock. "How could you not know Harry Styles? And now you're dating him?"

"How am I supposed to know who kids these days worship? I am an old man." Louis huffs. He looks back at the page, scrolling down a bit to see a few pictures of them together. There is one with both of them kissing, Louis fitted perfectly in Harry's arms. And then there's the next one where they're giggling and talking. The next two pictures consist of him finally noticing the paps. He drags his hand down his face, staring at the pictures while he tries to brain it all. "Did you read it?"


"What did they say?" Louis asks, curious, but he doesn't want to read it himself.

Eleanor snickers. "They called you a petite twink."

"Jesus, what am I, a porn star?"

"But you are petite, and a twink." She tells him.

Louis lets out an outraged gasp. "Stop objectifying me!"

Eleanor bursts into a fit of giggles. Louis can't help but smile at hearing that, finally realising how much he's missed her and Perrie, his uni best friends. Eleanor is currently in Italy for work, and before that she was in America. He hasn't seen her for a while. Perrie is in London and he met up with her two weeks back but that's still long enough for him to miss her.

"So.." Eleanor starts. "Are you going to fill me in or not?"

"Not yet. What else did they say in the paper?"

"Well, they said you two look very cosy together. Inseparable, even. They really press on the matter that both of you look so happy and that you can barely take your eyes off of each other. Not to mention that they noted how every Omega who wishes to marry him can now bury their dreams because it seems like Harry Styles has found the one."

"Are those the exact words or your own?" Louis asks in suspicion.

"My own, of course. I don't have time to remember the article word by word." He grins at that, knowing that she's probably rolling her eyes. "Now tell me what is going on between you two!"

"Let me take a shower first. I'll tell you over breakfast."

"If you don't call within half an hour, I'm flying back to London." She threatens.

Louis rolls his eyes as he shuts his laptop and puts it away. "Good, then I'd finally be able to see you for once."

"Aww Lou, did you miss me?" She coos, and Louis wants to be annoyed so bad but his mouth forms a little smile anyway.

"I did not say that. Don't put words in my mouth, woman!"

"I've missed you too, Louis."

"When will I finally be able to see you anyway? How long are you staying there?" He complains as he grabs his towel.

Eleanor hums, probably checking her calendar. "I'm actually back next Thursday. We can meet up. Missed you and Pez a lot."

"Splendid. Now let me shower."

"Wow Lou, you sound so happy that your best friend is coming home. Dickhead."

Louis chuckles. "Love you too, El."

By the time Louis finishes with his shower, he doesn't get a chance to dial for Eleanor before his phone rings and Harry's face appears on the screen.

"Please tell me you're not angry." Is the first thing the Alpha says to him once he picks up.

"And hello to you too, Harold." Louis says sarcastically. "Why do I need to be angry?"

Harry pauses. "Have you seen the paper?"

Louis nods. "Yes, yes I did."

"Well?" Harry huffs.

"Well, what?"

"You're not mad?" Harry asks, surprise colouring his voice.

Louis frowns in confusion. "Should I be?"

Harry doesn't give him a response.

Louis sighs. "Are you going to make a statement?" At Harry's confused sound, he adds. "I mean, um, I might have searched around on the Internet and people are questioning who I am to you and stuff. Might as well just clear it out." He sucks in a breath, blinking as he recalls the things he's seen that people said about him. "Some of the things, uh, they weren't very nice."

"Shit." Harry breathes. "I'm so sorry, Lou. I didn't think we would get noticed."

"It's not your fault, Harry."

"Edward was proper furious that we got sighted." Harry tells him carefully.

"What did he say?"

"Marcel said that people are probably talking about it because it's been a while since I've been seen with someone and they don't know who you are." Harry murmurs. "That probably got them excited, which leads to the paps knowing our whereabouts."

"And?" Louis presses. "What did Edward say?"

"He doesn't want to share you with the public." Harry says. "I'm going to make a statement that I am seeing someone but I'm not going to say who. Is that okay with you?"

Louis exhales in relief. "Yeah, I don't exactly want people to know about me. But I guess that's out the window now considering I'm on front page with you."

"I'm so sorry, I'll try to make this right." Harry mutters, honesty lacing his words.

"Don't worry too much about it." Louis responds kindly, wishing Harry is near so that he could hug him.

"So, what time is Marcel picking you up?" Harry suddenly asks, diverting their topic.

Louis frowns, but he complies anyway. It's better than talking about something that would stress both of them out. "He said eleven-ish. I'm not sure where he's going to take me. I'm really excited, though."

"He is, too. Don't tell him I told you this, but he's been up for a while trying to pick out his attire." Harry giggles into the phone.

Louis widens his eyes, glancing at his watch. "It's only 8!"


Louis laughs along with him when Harry starts cackling.

"Harry Edward Styles!" Louis hears Edward's voice calling out faintly from the other end of the line.

"Oh shit."

"Harry, what's going on?" Louis questions, his eyebrows furrowing together. Edward sounds mad.

"Um, I was supposed to fetch some files for Edward. But I called you instead. He's going to kill me. Gotta go, Lou. Bye." Harry says, a little panicked and before Louis could say anything else, Harry has cut off the call.

Louis chuckles softly, shaking his head. He could barely take a breath when his phone rings again.

"No, I did not forget to call you." Louis says, picking up Eleanor's call. "I was just about to, then you called me."

"You sound honest, so I'll believe you this time." She retorts, causing Louis to laugh. "Now tell me how you managed to be the one Harry Styles chose to date."

"What if I tell you I'm dating his triplets brothers too?"

Eleanor gasps in shock. "Lou! How could you do that to them?"

Oh, this is going to take a long time to explain.

"OH MY GOD!" Is the first thing he hears when he receives Perrie's call later that morning.

"Not again."

Alex's eyes widen when he opens the door to find Marcel standing at the other side. The Alpha looks up to face him and smiles. Alex gasps, then let the door swing back to its frame, slamming slightly.

Fuck. He just slammed the the door to his most favourite author to grace the Earth. The Beta widens his eyes, gasping loudly against once he realises that he just did that to Marcel Styles.


“What the fuck did I do?” Louis replies, strolling out in the black slacks and a black jacket with a tank top that says ‘Skate Tough’ on the inside.

Alex’s complaint dies in his throat in favour of ogling his best friend. “Damn Lou, you look so good.”

Louis smiles, blushing at the compliment. “Thank you. Marcel told me to dress casually. I have no idea where he’s taking me. Is he here yet?”

At the question, it reminds Alex why he was screaming at Louis in the first place. “Why didn’t you warn me it would be Marcel today?!!! WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME M.H. STYLES IS COMING I LOOK LIKE A MESS AND HE SAW ME LIKE THIS ANSWERING THE DOOR!”

Louis gapes at his flatmate for a total of three seconds before he’s bent over laughing. “Is that what this is about?” He wheezes when he’s upright again, still clutching his stomach. “That means he’s here, then?"

“Louissss.” Alex whines. “I just slammed the door on his face.”

Louis laughs louder.

“This is not a joking matter, you arse face!” The Beta scolds, glaring. “What should I do?”

The Omega walks over to his friend, placing a hand on his shoulder. “Alex, I told you that I’m going on a date today. It was Edward on Thursday, and yesterday was Harry. Who did you think it’d be today, Augustus Caesar?”

“Well, excuse me but I’d still appreciate it if you could remind me that it’d be my favourite author outside the door!” Alex is still yelling at him but Louis is losing his breath, he’s laughing so hard.

It takes a moment before Louis could speak without bursting into another fit. “Come on, Alex, put on something decent and we’ll get you a picture. Come on.” He puts on a reassuring smile, patting Alex’s back as he starts to lead him away to his room. Louis looks back to the door and calls out, knowing Marcel is able to listen. “Just a minute, Marcel!”

He doesn’t wait for a response before he’s dragging a fidgeting Alex into the room. Louis throws him a three quarter pants with a t-shirt instead of the joggers and white singlet. He also helps to style Alex’s hair while his friend stands there looking like his whole life is flashing in front of his eyes.

“And you call me the dramatic one.” Louis scoffs.

“Oh, shut up. Let’s see how you’d react if you ever meet David Beckham.” Alex says back, looking at himself in the mirror. “Yeah, I think I look okay. Come on, come on. Let’s go see him.”

Louis rolls his eyes as Alex grabs his arm, leading him out again towards the front door. “Gee, I wonder which one of us is actually going out on a date with him.”

“Oh my God, Lou. I can’t do this, you open the door.” Alex pushes him forward, choosing to stand behind him when they’ve stopped at the entrance.

“Alex, don't freak out.” Louis says, huffing as he fixes his fringe before grabbing the handle. Truthfully, he’s a little nervous too. Gathering all his strength, Louis opens the door. He finds Marcel waiting patiently, leaning against the wall. He’s wearing a lilac jumper with a pair of jeans, his hair slicked back with a coat hanging on his arm. Louis almost faints because the Alpha looks so hot. He almost wants to cancel the date and drag him to his bedroom instead. “Okay, Al. Maybe freak out a little.”

Marcel’s face brightens when he sees the Omega and Louis’ heart stutters. “Hey, Lou.”

Alex squeaks behind him.

“Hi Marcel.” Louis can practically hear the giddiness dripping off of his voice. His brain works to say something normal instead of yelling at him about how good he looks right now. He silently prays to God that he can contain himself and not jump on Marcel today. He needs to stop acting dysfunctional everytime he's around the triplets.

“You look good.” Marcel tells him kindly, a little bit of fond in his eyes.

“Thank you. So do you.” Louis is literally purring. He doesn’t care.

A tugging at the back of his shirt reminds him of Alex who’s still standing behind him. He clears his throat, shooting Alex a reassuring look.

“So, um, Marcel.”

“Yeah, Lou?”

Louis can’t function if he’s being looked at like that, Marcel, please.

“My friend here, Alex, he’s a huge fan of yours.” Louis says, pulling Alex forward until he’s standing next to him.

Marcel widens his eyes, a little caught off guard as he blushes. “Oh... Hi.”

“Hi, huge fan.” Alex says nervously. If any of them notice the tremble in his voice, nobody says anything. He pauses, then holds a hand out. “Alexander Reese.”

Marcel’s face softens and he steps closer, taking the hand Alex offered and shaking it firmly. “Nice to meet you Alex. I’m Marcel.”

“I know.” Alex blurts out. “I love your books. They’re amazing. You’re amazing. All of your characters are amazing.”

“Okay, before you say anything you’d regret, I’m going to stop you now.” Louis chuckles, patting Alex’s shoulder and giving Marcel a smile. “Would it be too much to ask if he’d like a picture?”

“Oh, oh, of course not!” The Alpha shakes his head, still smiling.

“Come on, Al. Get your phone out. I’ll take a picture for you.”

Alex hands Louis his phone and slowly starts to relax, moving to stand next to Marcel while Louis opens up the camera app.

“Okay, one, two, three!”

“I’m so sorry that you had to go through that. Alex isn’t always that embarrassing.” Louis apologises once they’re in the elevator, heading down. “He really likes you and your books.”

“Oh no, I don’t mind. I promise you.” Marcel assures him, still giving Louis that kind smile that makes Louis’ knees weak and crumbling his self control. “Besides, Alex seems like an alright lad. It’s always refreshing to have someone tell you they love your works.”

Louis nods. “Yeah, ever since we’ve moved together, he’s always telling me about your books and your plots and how brilliant the stories are.” He tilts his head to one side. “I’ve read a few of yours, and they are brilliant.”

“Thank you, Lou.” Marcel replies sheepishly.

“I’m curious, where do you get your inspiration from?” Louis can’t help but ask, fingers toying with his chin.

Marcel shrugs. “I don’t know. Mostly they’re random things. Sometimes I can look at a woman walking pass me in the grocery store and get inspired to write something. It’s mostly a wonder how my brain works. But once I have a main idea for a plot, I’ll work to try and finish it. There are times where, while in the middle of writing a story, I get a new idea. If I can work to fit it in with my current story, I’ll try but if it’s quite impossible, I’ll put it aside. It rarely happens, though. That’s why some of my books are published just a few months after the other.”

Whatever Marcel says completely flies over Louis’ head. Well, not completely but he can pay attention to nothing but how hot Marcel looks when he’s so focused talking about the thing he’s passionate about. He’s got this intense expression on his face, his forehead creasing a little and the veins in his arms bulge as his hands move around while he talks. Louis really wants to push Marcel against the wall and snog the daylight out of him. Or maybe Marcel can push him against the wall instead, whichever is fine.

“Lou. Lou?”

The Omega blinks, only noticing that Marcel has been snapping his fingers in front of his face to get his attention. “Huh? Yeah?"

“Sorry, am I boring you?” Marcel asks timidly, faint blushes tinting his cheeks as he casts his eyes down and away, rubbing the back of his neck. “Edward always tells me that people don’t really like listening to me talk about my books. It’s definitely not a topic I should’ve brought up during a date. And it hasn’t even started yet.”

“No, no, Marcel.” Louis shakes his head, taking a step closer so he could stand by Marcel’s side. “You’re not boring me.”

“Oh... Really?” He questions, his hand stilling as he glances at his date.

“Yeah... It’s just..” Louis bites on his lower lip, blushing slightly. “It’s really hard to focus when you look like that.”

Marcel turns red. “Sorry, should I have changed? Edward said I look like a loser.”

Louis will beat the fucking shit out of Edward with a stick. “Loser? Jesus.” He mutters under his breath. “You look so...” He sucks in a deep breath, shamelessly eyeing the Alpha. Delicious. “Good. Hot.”

“You think so?” Marcel smiles shyly, but he looks at Louis in the eyes despite his pink cheeks.

“I know so, Marcel.”

“Thank you.” The Alpha’s dimples deepen, making him look so adorable. No one should ever be that endearing and hot at the same time.

“You look hot too.” He says after a moment of hesitation.

Louis chuckles, grabbing Marcel’s hand, threading their fingers together and clasping tightly when the elevator’s doors open. “Yeah?” He smirks, slowly tugging Marcel out of the confined space while he watches Marcel blinks like he’s trying to process that they’re holding hands.

“Uhh.. Yeah.” He stammers, nodding.

Louis stops them, with their hands still tangled together, he steps closer to Marcel and hops up a little to quickly give a peck on Marcel’s cheek. “Thank you." He says.

Marcel beams at him, making Louis’ heart go all fluttery and shit.

“Come on, Marcel. Where did you park the car?” He asks once they’re outside of the building, standing on his toes to try and search the lot. “What did you bring today?”

Marcel chuckles at him. “Can you even see past the car in front of us?”

Louis whips his head so fast and let a scandalous gasp. “Are you calling me short?”

“No. I did not say that.” He replies, still laughing when Louis gives him a glare.

Louis huffs, crossing his arms. “I am not short.”

“You’re not.” Marcel nods, hesitating before he puts an arm around Louis and kisses his cheek. “You’re petite and beautiful.”

Louis melts at his side, pressing himself closer to the Alpha. “I know.”

“Good.” Marcel replies, starting to lead him away. “Car’s over there.”

“You brought the Range Rover?” Louis asks when he sees the beauty, eyes widening a little. Marcel stops and opens the door for him, nodding timidly. “Where are we going?”

The Alpha shrugs, grinning as he gestures for Louis to get in. “It’s quite the journey.”

Louis doesn’t get in, instead settling on giving him a look of suspicion. “Are you kidnapping me?” His eyes narrow until they’re nothing but slits, forehead creasing a little.

“I would’ve, Lou. But God knows Edward and Harry would come and get me.”

“Don’t need to throw it in my face that they’re more in love with you than me right now.” Louis jokingly grumbles, climbing into the car with a little hardship. Marcel quickly comes to his aid, gripping his waist and hoisting him up. Louis doesn’t miss the blush on Marcel’s face at his comment while he closes the door.

“I think they’re proper in love with you after the first date, to be honest.” Marcel says once he’s in the car and they’re driving away.

“People don’t fall in love that quickly, Marcel.” That doesn't apply to Louis because he is probably already halfway in love with all of them.

Marcel smiles. “For you, they will.”

“Jesus Christ.” Louis mumbles, an intense blush spreading across his cheeks as he covers his face.


“I’m immensely flattered but that was sappy as fuck.” Louis splutters, giggling as he peeks a look at Marcel. The Alpha is staring fondly at him, making him redden even more. “Stop looking at me like that.”

“Like what?” Marcel questions with feigned innocence. Louis wants to stab him, then maybe kiss him afterwards.

Louis sputters. "Like, like I'm the best thing you've seen."

Marcel frowns, facing the road to focus before he answers, eyes shifting back to Louis. "Would it be too much if I say that that's true?"

"Yes!" Louis says as if he can't believe Marcel doesn't think that as the most obvious thing. "I'm going to die of diabetes being around you three."

Marcel laughs and Louis quite possibly want to listen to that for the rest of his life along with the sound of Harry’s giggle and Edward’s voice please, yeah thank you. “You won’t, Lou.”

“Sure I will. You three are insufferable.” He sighs, shifting in his seat before leaning back. “You still haven’t told me where we’re going.” He says to Marcel, his hand reaching out and toggling with the radio console to browse through different channels. Marcel watches him quietly, observing the way Louis keeps frowning to every channel he comes across until finally he finds the one he likes and settles on the seat.

Louis looks expectantly at Marcel, waiting for his answer. The Alpha blinks. “Um, it won’t be a surprise if I told you, would it?”

The Omega pouts, crossing his arms. “I don’t like surprises.”

“Do you really?”

“Well, I can’t stand not knowing what’s to come. And I don’t know what to expect. Alex told me it’s actually because I’m too impatient.” He purses his lips, shrugging a little.

Marcel chuckles silently. “Well, my surprise is nothing of those too extravagant sort.”

“Can you at least give me a clue?” Louis asks eagerly, giving Marcel an excited smile as if to coax the Alpha into telling him.



“You’ll know about it when we get there, love.” Marcel tells him softly. Louis is defenseless against that smile so he nods and sits quietly in the passenger side, trying to calm his racing heart. He looks up when Marcel speaks up again. “Edward told me you play football.”

“Yeah, I do. It’s my favourite.” Louis perks up, chirping and grinning until his eyes crinkle.

Marcel brightens at that. “We can play together sometimes, then. I’ve been told I’m quite good at it.” He says. “Harry always loves to play with me, but he’s not really....”

“Edward told me he sucks, Marcel.” Louis drawls.

“Hey, he doesn’t suck!” Marcel is fast to defend Harry. The look on his face makes Louis burst out laughing. “He just has a lot more to learn.”

“Yeah. In other words, he sucks.” Louis points out a tongue.

Marcel reaches out to teasingly flicks the Omega’s nose. “Stop insulting my brother. He’s not that bad.”

"Well, I'll believe it when I see it."

Louis isn’t sure when exactly he fell asleep. He’s always been prone to being sleepy whenever he’s in the car for long journey. That’s an exception to when he’s driving though. He sold his car two years ago, when Daisy got sick and his Mum needed money. He’d done it without a second thought, so he’s left without a car. But it doesn’t even bother him. He’s fine without personal transportation. It just makes him really used to sleeping for the whole journey.

He rouses awake the moment the car stops in motion. Blinking repeatedly, Louis starts to straighten in his seat and look around. They’re still in the highway, but they’re stopped on the emergency lane. That makes him frown in confusion.

“Are we broken down?” He asks groggily, rubbing at his eye and yawning. Marcel turns to him with a small smile, his lips stretching wider when he sees the state of the Omega.

He shakes his head. “No. We’re not. But she is.” He says, pointing forward.

Louis blinks again, turning his head to look at where Marcel is pointing. Then he sees it. They’re parked behind a Honda. A girl is standing beside the car, looking like she's in distress while she talks into her phone and looks around anxiously. Louis wonders what’s wrong until he sees the open bonnet.

“Something’s wrong with her car?” Louis murmurs, still trying to shake off the sleep.

“I think so. I’m going to check on her for a moment, is that okay?” Marcel asks, already taking off his seatbelt.

Louis nods, resting his head back and closing his eyes. “Knock yourself out, I want to sleep.”

“Alright, love.” Marcel chuckles, caressing Louis’ hair and kissing his cheek. The Omega preens under the touch, humming pleasantly and a smile grazes his lips. “I won’t be long.”


Louis shifts a little in his seat after Marcel got out and closed the door. The car is quiet; Marcel must have turned off the radio when Louis fell asleep, the sweetheart. The low hum of the engine is soothing enough but somehow he finds it difficult to fall back asleep.

He does sit there, though, just waiting for Marcel to help with the girl’s car. He hopes it settles soon. He’s really looking forward to this date with Marcel.

When Louis opens his eyes again, the clock says that it’s been fifteen minutes since Marcel left. He bites on his lower lip, wondering if he should check up on him. Would it take this long? Louis doesn’t know shit about cars since he barely has his for three years before he sold it.

His heart stutters a little, and not in a good way as various of thoughts pop up in his head. What if the girl is an Omega?


Without even thinking about it, Louis is already climbing out of the car. It’s a little cold with the wind caused by passing cars and Louis hugs his arms to himself. He curses a little, wondering why he gets cold so easily. He walks around the Range Rover, approaching the grey Honda as he looks for his date. The sound of animated chatters fill his ears and his steps falter a little.

Marcel is talking with the girl, both of them laughing together at something Marcel said. The Alpha is leaning against the bonnet with the girl standing close to him. Louis frowns, wondering if Marcel really made him wait for their date just to talk to the girl?

He sniffs a little and his shoulders slump; she’s indeed an Omega.

“So, um, what do you do?” He hears the girl asks followed by her giving a sultry smile to the Alpha.

Marcel shrugs even when the girl steps closer. “I’m a writer.”

“Oh, really? That’s amazing.” The Omega starts giggling as if Marcel just said something funny.

Louis sighs sadly, ready to turn around. But then something snaps in his mind and he continues walking towards the two still having a lively conversation. Marcel looks a little surprised when he sees Louis and the girl stops mid laugh once she’s noticed him too.

“Hey, Lou. Why aren’t you waiting in the car?” Marcel questions with a kind smile, and Louis’ anger dissipates a little at the sight. Instead of replying, Louis doesn’t stop walking until he’s safely plastered on Marcel’s front. “Lou?” The Alpha questions, a little surprised, but his arms curl around Louis regardless and the Omega starts to relax.

He gives the girl a glare before turning to Marcel. “Got bored waiting for you.”

“It’s cold out here.” Marcel kisses him on the nose, his hand rubbing up and down on Louis’ back. Louis melts under the attention, hoping the girl is watching and knows that Marcel is his. “You should be in the car.”

“What are we waiting for?” Louis questions instead of replying, pressing his nose to Marcel’s collarbone and inhaling his scent. Oh God, why is he the definition of possessive? Well, Marcel looks like that and Louis got through a lot of shit to finally find decent Alphas and no one is going to take that away from him.

The Alpha straightens. “Oh, yeah. This is Wendy.”

“Hi.” Louis hears the girl say. He pauses, hesitating for a moment before he turns around in Marcel’s hold to look at her.

She’s got a hand stretched out and giving him a small, but awkward smile. Louis stares at the offered hand, counting to three before he nods at her in response. “Pleasure.” The sarcasm in the single word can’t be more obvious.

“Lou.” Marcel says, a tone of disapproval in his voice.

He sighs, lazily holding out one hand and briefly shaking the girl’s hand. His nose crinkles while he introduces himself. “Louis.”

The girl’s smile doesn’t falter but it still looks awkward, closer to a grimace.

Louis receives a kiss on the side of his head from that, so he brightens a little.

“Wendy’s friend is on the way to fetch her. The car won’t start so she’ll be leaving it behind since it’s her brother’s and he’ll come over to take a look tomorrow.” Marcel explains to him.


“Do you mind?”

Of course Louis won’t mind if Marcel asks that while brushing his nose across Louis’ cheek and making his head go all fuzzy. “Hmm.”

“So, Wendy, why did you take your brother’s car?” Louis hears Marcel ask. He doesn’t care to be a part of the conversation, just as long as he’s there to keep the other Omega away from Marcel, he’s fine.

“Well, my car is at the workshop so my brother offers his. He did say that it has quite some problems but I didn’t expect for it to just break down in the middle of a highway.” She sighs, sounding genuinely upset about it. Louis can’t help but pity her a little, not that he would ever say it.

Marcel is still soothingly rubbing the middle of Louis’ back. Louis is trying not to tuck his face in Marcel's neck; it's really hard. Marcel smells really good. “It’s okay, I’m sure it’s nothing bad. How far away is your friend?”

The girl is quiet momentarily so Louis figures that she is probably checking her phone. Then she speaks up. “She’s here.”

Louis pulls away in time as the three of them walk over to see the approaching car. A blue BMW slows down and parks in front of Wendy’s. He stands next to Marcel, watching quietly while Wendy’s friend, a Beta female walks out with a worried expression that changes into relief when she sees the Omega.

“Thank God you’re alright.” The Beta says, hugging her friend tightly and pulling back to check if she’s hurt. When she deems her friend good enough, she turns to Marcel and Louis. “Thank you for stopping by and helping her.”

“No problem.” Marcel replies, dimpling a bit.

"Well, we need to get going now." Wendy's friend says. "Thank you so much again."

Wendy lets her friend go first and waits behind for a moment. Louis assumes she wants to give Marcel a proper thank you or something, and clearly displays his annoyance on his face.

“Can I talk to Louis for a second?” She addresses the question to Marcel, looking a little embarrassed.

Well, that took Louis - and probably Marcel too - by surprise. What would she even want to say to him?

Marcel nods next to him, squeezing Louis’ waist before he’s walking back to the car. The Omega starts to panic a little at the absence of a moral support. Louis is not good at confrontation at all.

“So, Louis.” Wendy steps closer and Louis has to suppress the need to take a step back, that would be mean regardless of how freaked out he is on the inside. “I’d like to apologise.”

Wait, what?

“I didn’t know he has an Omega. He’s unmated and I couldn’t smell any Omega on him.”

Oh, this is what it’s about. Louis’ heart warms a little at how thoughtful she is. “Oh, no, love. It’s alright.” He says assuringly. “I probably got a little aggressive back then, I should say sorry too.”

“No, no, it’s perfectly fine. I understand why you were behaving like that.” She says, a relieved smile on her face now she knows that Louis isn’t going to start tearing her hair out of her scalp.

“Yeah.. I’m sorry if I offended you or anything.”

“You didn’t. It was just very awkward for me.” She admits, pressing her lips together. “And Marcel’s really nice. I don’t think he even noticed I was flirting with him.”

Louis can’t help but burst into a fit of giggles. The girl watches him for a second before she starts giggling too.

“Yeah, I’m sorry about that.” Louis says, still smiling.

“No worries.” She shrugs, sending him a bright one. “I hope it works out between you two.”

“Thank you. I hope you find a good Alpha soon.”

“Hey, thanks!” Louis feels a little better when the girl brightens up.

“Take care, alright?”

“You too, Louis.” She reciprocates softly, waving a little as she walks off towards her friend’s car. He waits until she’s safely inside before he makes his way back to Marcel.

“Everything good?” Marcel asks when Louis enters the passenger side, pulling on his seatbelt.

Louis nods, face a little flushed from the cold. “Yeah. Good.”

It irks him a little when they don’t move right away and Marcel is quiet. He knows the Alpha wants to say something and is just letting the moment drag for a while. Louis pretends nothing happened and tries to stare out of the window.

“So...” Marcel starts. Oh no. He’s gonna do it. “What was tha-”

“Shut up and drive.”

“Were you jealous, Lou?” Marcel teases, sending an amused smirk his way. It makes Louis feel like punching the Alpha.

He takes his time to reply. “No, I wasn’t.”

“You were, weren’t you?” Marcel scrunches up his nose, resembling Edward with such action as he starts driving.

Louis rolls his eyes. "Should I not be?" He huffs in annoyance, crossing his arms and scowling at Marcel.

"So you were jealous."

"She was hitting on my Alpha, of course I am jealous."

There was a moment of silence.

"You don't have to be, Lou." Marcel reassures.

"Whatever. I'm going back to sleep." Louis shifts so he's facing away from Marcel, an intense blush on his face as he cranes his seat back and lies down. His heart is beating like it’s going to burst out of his chest.

"Okay, darling." Marcel’s reply doesn’t make it any better at all. “We’ve still got around forty minutes.”

Louis forces himself to fall asleep, clenching his eyes close and chanting over and over again in his mind to have unconsciousness drape over him like a big, warm blanket to protect him against Marcel and his disarming smile.

He does fall asleep but it feels like minutes before Marcel is tapping his arm and telling him to wake up because they’re there. Louis starts grumbling incoherent words while he wakes, still lying back on his chair and scrunching his face up. Marcel laughs quietly at his expression, sounding so fond Louis can’t help but hide his face to contain a smile.

“Come on, Lou. We’re here.” Marcel says one last time, cutting off the engine and getting out of the car.

The Omega sits up, yawning timidly and sighing while Marcel walks around the car to open the door for him. He slouches a little, giving the Alpha a sleepy look and blinking with hooded eyes and pouty mouth.

“Wake up, sleeping beauty.” Marcel says with a huge grin, trying to help Louis climb down.

“I am awake, you dork.” Louis replies, taking in a huge breath when Marcel puts him on his feet. “Where are we?” He asks, starting to look around and only then does he notice their surrounding.

They’re in a clearing, with tall, green trees surrounding them. It’s not really big, but it looks nice. Like a good place for a short getaway from socialisation. When he hears running water, only then does he see the small river flowing along the clearing. It’s such a refreshing view compared to how it is in the city. When Louis breathes in, he can smell nothing of toxic smoke.

“Marcel, it’s so beautiful here.” He almost gushes, staring around in awe as Marcel shyly takes his hand and starts to lead him away.

“Do you like it?” The Alpha asks quietly, a hint of insecurity behind his question.

Louis nods eagerly. “I do! It’s so calm and relaxing!” He chirps, still content to take in the green scenery around them. Marcel slows down as they approach a huge, shady tree near the river bank and Louis gasps when he sees what’s underneath it. “Marcel!”

Laid out on the grass is a wide blanket with a picnic basket on top of it along with various meals and fruits. A bucket is placed near the corner of the blanket, and inside of it are bottles of drinks ranging from what he guesses are soda to juice. Louis can see there are sandwiches, pastry goods, potato salad, chicken and a few other things.

“Did you do this all by yourself?” He asks as he takes a seat, followed by Marcel who sits opposing him.

Marcel nods. “Yeah, set this up while you were sleeping.” He says with a smile.

“Really?” Louis widens his eyes. “Were these things at the back, then? I didn’t notice them.”

Marcel laughs. “Yeah, I was kind of worried if you would see them, but considering you were sleeping through the journey, I’m glad you didn’t.”

“This is so amazing.” Louis murmurs, still in awe. He smiles, reaching forward to kiss Marcel on the cheek. “But there are so many food! Are we going to be eating for ten?”

His question prompts another laughter from Marcel and the Alpha shakes his head. “Harry actually helped me prepare for all these things. I think he’s trying to show off his skills in the kitchen. I know we won’t be able to finish all these. You can bring them home later on.”

“Did he make these all by himself?” Louis inquires while he grabs some grapes, popping them into his mouth.

Marcel pauses to think while he stares at the food in front of them. “Not all. I made the chicken and the sandwiches. He wanted to make sure we are eating healthy so he made the potato salad, then he included the pastries.” He tells Louis, pointing at each one as he talks.

“In that case, I want to try the sandwich first.” Louis grins, going to pick one up only to have long fingers curl around his wrist to stop him. His face twists in confusion.

Marcel gives him a disapproving look. “Lou, you need to wash your hands first.”

It takes a moment for that sentence to register in Louis’ head and the Omega bursts out laughing. “Alright, alright.” He simpers, growing onto his feet and making his way to the river. Louis pauses, a smirk growing on his face as he bends down to dip his hands into the clear, cold river. He can feel Marcel’s eyes staring at his bum while he’s in that position. Louis takes his time cleansing his hands, just because he’s a tease.

Marcel is blushing faintly when Louis sits down and the Omega knows Marcel’s grateful when he doesn’t point it out.

“Okay, give me the sandwich.” He quickly grabs one, and after shooting a smile at his date who clearly looks nervous, Louis takes a bite. The delicious taste in his mouth makes him beam. “Marcel, this is really delicious!”

“Really?” Marcel brightens, and Louis falls more and more in love each second. “I’m glad you like it.”

“I can’t wait to taste the rest of the things you've made." Louis admits, eyeing the other food hungrily even when the sandwich in his hand is barely eaten.

While Marcel smiles bashfully at him, Louis realises that this is the weirdest date he's been to. The Alpha actually cooked, for him. Louis doesn't think many Alphas would do that, at least not for an Omega they're still courting.

Louis could barely see with how hard he's smiling.

”So, that’s how my first book got published.” Marcel ends his story, tracing his finger on the back of Louis’ hand. He’s seated with his legs stretched, Louis sitting between them and leaning against the Alpha. Marcel has his head fitted beside Louis' with their cheek almost pressed together, one arm curling around Louis’ waist.

Louis nods, taking a drink from his soda. “That’s amazing. I’m so glad you decided to go into your writing career.”

“Me too.” Marcel nods, still drawing on Louis’ hand. "It's still bizarre to go into a store and there are my books sitting on the shelves."

Louis smiles, but doesn't reply.

Marcel shifts a little. “Lou, tell me about your mother.”

At the question, Louis perks up. “Hmm? What do you want to know about her?”

Marcel stops the motion of his finger to focus on the Omega. “I don’t know.” He says, pulling back a little to look at Louis just as he turns around to face Marcel. The close distance makes Louis’ heart picks up a little and the corner of Marcel’s mouth twitches. “Tell me anything. I’d like to know more about the woman who gave birth to this amazing Omega.”

Louis blushes slightly, but his face brightens at the thought of his mother. “Well, her name is Johannah and she’s my best friend.” He has a little smile on his face as he talks. “She’s an amazing woman, she is. She works really hard to take care of me and my little sisters. And even so, she’s always there for me whenever I need her, when I need to talk. She knows how to make me laugh when I’m sad and she always knows what to say.”

Marcel is quiet, listening intently to every word Louis is saying. He’s smiling though, as he watches.

“She’s currently struggling financially since working as a nurse to take care of four little girls is hard. Especially that she needs to pay for a nanny when she goes to work. I try to help her, where I can.” Louis shrugs.

“Your Mum sounds amazing.” Marcel tells him, curling his arm around the Omega tighter. “She raised you to be such a good person.”

Louis smiles. “She is amazing. I love her so much.”

“Do you miss her?”

“Yeah. Sometimes... But she’s back in Donny and I haven’t got a car so it’s a bit of a struggle to go back. I also can’t just abandon my job like that. But I always go back during Christmas and in the summer.” Louis shrugs. “So, it’s alright, I guess.”

Marcel makes a disapproving sound. “When we’re mated, you can go and see her anytime you want.”

“Really?” Louis smiles.

“Yeah.” Marcel nods. “I’ll take her to see you whenever you want.”

He beams, eyes crinkling as he presses his forehead to Marcel. “Thank you, Marcel.”

“So, when would we get to see your Mum? I’d love to meet her.”

Louis giggles.

Marcel raises an eyebrow at that, confused. “Did I say something wrong?”

“No.” The Omega replies, happy giggles still coming out of his mouth. “It just makes me excited thinking of you three meeting my Mum.”

Marcel chuckles, his hand lifting up and brushing his fingers along Louis’ cheek. “Yeah? I’m excited to see her too.”

“We can see her anytime you want. But I was hoping for you to see her before we mate.” He says honestly, his face heating up a little. He still gets nervous thinking about mating with the three of them.

Marcel understands, nodding as he agrees. “Yeah, I’d love for you to meet our Mum too. Did you tell yours about us?”

“Not yet.” He grins. “I’ll probably call her soon and tell her."

“Really?” Marcel mirrors him, brushing Louis’ hair back. “What are you going to say, then?”

Louis pretends to ponder, tapping his index on his chin and making a concentrated face. “Hmm...” He hums, trying not to laugh. “I’ll tell her that I met these three powerful, charming Alphas.”

Marcel barks a small laughter. “Powerful?”

“Yeah, with beautiful eyes and gorgeous smiles and dimples.” Louis lists, tapping the corner of Marcel’s eyes and poking at his dimple. Both of them share a look, chuckling quietly. “The birds sang when they laugh and angels sing when they speak.” He says, making them both howl with laughter.

“And you say I’m sappy.” Marcel accuses, bopping his nose with a finger and making Louis giggle.

The Omega moves to turn around in Marcel’s embrace, sitting so that he’s facing him. His face turns a little serious, the smile slowly disappearing as he stares intently at the Alpha. “What I won’t tell her though..” He murmurs. “Is how sinful they are, with their green eyes and gorgeous smiles.” Louis pauses, eyes meeting Marcel’s. His fingers are touching the Alpha’s face, brushing down his cheek. “And most importantly, their lips.”

In the midst of it all, Louis had purposely leaned closer when he spoke. His fingers are hesitant but they brush along Marcel’s plump lips eventually, their eyes still connected.

“Is that so?” Marcel teases, his voice coming out breathy. The movement of his lips made Louis’ eyes flit down to his mouth.

He nods, taking his fingers away and closing his eyes when Marcel closes their distance. Their lips meet in a fiery kiss; it makes him feel a little taken aback when Marcel doesn’t even bother starting out slow. He just dives in and kisses Louis like his life depended on it.

Kissing Edward feels passionate, it makes Louis’ head spin and has his heart singing. Kissing with Harry is gentle and slow, one that makes him smile and melt into Harry’s embrace.

Right here and now, being kissed as if he’s never been kissed before makes Louis burn. Every inch of his skin is on fire as his breath is taken away each time Marcel’s mouth claims his. The way Marcel kisses him makes his heart beats faster like he could just get up and run a marathon.

His hold is tight around Louis’ waist and Louis can barely breathe while Marcel sucks on his lips like they’re a lollipop, his mouth is soft flesh against Louis’ own but the kiss makes his toes curl. He moans at the delicious taste, shifting forward to press his body closer to Marcel, the warmth pressed flushed against him causes him to moan again and he threads his fingers through Marcel’s hair, tugging him closer.

When Marcel runs his tongue along Louis’ bottom lip, he opens up without any hesitation and straight away delves his own past Marcel’s lips. The brush and massage of their tongues together makes Louis shiver and he can’t help the sounds he keeps releasing, each of them not leaving past their mouths.

Louis barely notices it when their position change and he’s straddling the Alpha, his closed eyes heightening the sensation on his lips and body. Louis is panting harshly when they pull back to gasp for air, his arms loosening from around Marcel’s neck. He doesn’t even know when he did that.

“Um...” He says quietly once he’s got his breathing under control. Ducking his head, he whispers in a tiny voice. “Don’t tell your brothers, but that was the best kiss I’ve ever had in my life.”

Marcel bursts out laughing in surprise. “Really?”

Louis nods, face still flushed from their make out session. “Yeah..” He grins.

“Don’t let Edward hear you say that." Marcel says fondly, leaning back and fixing Louis’ messy hair. “He usually gives the best kisses.”

The Omega ducks down to tuck his head at the side of Marcel’s neck, chastely pressing a few kisses there. “Well, he doesn’t get to talk until he kisses me properly.”

Louis sounded so offended that Marcel can’t help but laugh again. “Edward is a huge tease. I know him."

“Are you?” Louis asks, toying with the collar of his shirt and laying his palm flat on the Alpha’s chest just to feel his heart beating underneath his touch.

“Am I what, darling?”

“A tease.” He mumbles.

"What kind of question is that?" Marcel laughs loudly, making Louis pull back and scoff in disbelief at his reaction.

"Excuse me, are you laughing at me?" Louis tilts his head a little, trying to scowl but his lips keep twitching.

Marcel pauses, stopping his laughter. "No."

Louis points a finger at him. "You hesitated."

The Alpha purses his lips, crossing his arms. "Maybe I was." He looks up at Louis. "What are you going to do about that?"

"How dare you!" Louis says dramatically. "Laughing at me is a crime, especially when you look like that when you laugh." He accuses.

"Like what?" Marcel protests.

Louis blushes but he bends his head and steals a kiss from those sweet lips he's starting to get addicted with. "Like dead flowers come alive everytime you smile, and when you laugh I can hear the trees sigh in contentment."

Marcel laughs so hard his stomach hurts and his eyes are full of tears. "That doesn't even make sense!!"

"Shut up, I'm Louis Tomlinson. Don't talk to the King of Poetry like that." Louis presses a finger to his lips, closing his eyes and acting up the pretense of holier-than-thou.

Marcel is still laughing, but he grabs Louis' wrist and pushes his hand away gently. "I'm so happy to be here, did you know that?"

"Of course. You're a peasant, lucky enough to be graced by my presence." Louis retorts, his smirk wavering and he looks like he's going to laugh himself. Marcel appreciates the effort, but he wants Louis to laugh.

"Stop being a king, I just want you to be a Louis." Marcel pretends to plead.

Louis shakes his head, purposely being stubborn.

"Don't make me tickle you." Marcel warns.

"You wouldn't!"

Louis isn’t even given time to at least try and make an escape before slender fingers are pressing at his sides and making him choke out giggles. “Marcel, no!” He squirms with laughter bubbling out, his hands insistent to push Marcel away only to no avail. Neither notices Louis slipping off Marcel’s lap before he’s suddenly lying on the grass and the Alpha is still tickling his sides. "Unhand me, peasant!"

"Excuse me? Is that what you say to someone who has your fate in his hands?" Marcel asks tauntingly.

“Have mercy, please!” He pleads. Marcel finally relents, stopping to smile fondly at the Omega lying on the ground with heaving chest and gasping breaths. Louis pouts at him, panting. “You’re mean.”

Marcel points out a tongue at him, making Louis do the same. And when Marcel lets his guard down, Louis wraps his legs around his torso and wrestles him onto the ground, flipping their position so that he is on top and sitting on the Alpha. He knows his weight doesn’t affect him with how he barely blinks at the pressure.

Those green eyes are opened wide though, when he finally realises why he’s lying down. Louis grabs Marcel’s wrists this time, pinning them on each side of his head and aligning their chests. “Mean.” He repeats, claiming Marcel’s lips before he could form a reply.

Marcel grins into it, not even trying to free himself of Louis’ hold.

Once Louis pull away, Marcel tries again. “Who are you right now?"

The Omega thinks about it for a moment, hovering above the Alpha that their noses are almost touching. "Louis Tomlinson." He reaffirms. "Your soon to be Omega."

Marcel laughs at that, the sound prompting a fond smile on Louis’ face. “Yeah. That's true, love.”

He leans back down, finally releasing Marcel’s wrists so he could wrap his arms around the body underneath him. Once he’s comfortable with their chests pressed together and his face tucked into Marcel’s neck, Louis tells him. “Did you know that I felt something that first night that we met?” He pauses. “If you laugh I’m going to stab you in the throat.”

“I’m not.” Marcel promises. “Can I tell you something crazy?"


“We actually felt the same too.” He admits.

Louis perks up at that, supporting himself on his elbows as he peers down at Marcel. “You're just saying that.”

"I'm not, I swear!" He frowns, then his face clears up again. "I mean, how could we not? You were so cute, and charming, and you giggled."

"How does giggling have to do with anything?"

"Like I said, you were very cute." Marcel convinces, nodding his head thoughtfully.

The Omega rests his chin on Marcel’s chest, his finger venturing off towards the Alpha’s face to trace it along his lips. "Tell me more about me being cute."

"Well..." Marcel pretends to ponder, cringing his face.

Louis rises again, slapping his chest. "Is that how you compliment the Omega you're courting?" He says in feigned shock.

Marcel booms with laughter and he pulls Louis close. "I'm kidding. I have a lot of things to say..." When Louis is close enough, he leans up to whisper in his ear. "I just don't think it'd be appropriate to tell you yet."

Louis blushes, his eyes widening as he places a hand on his chest while Marcel lies back down. "My, my, Marcel, you are one naughty Alpha."

When the sound of Marcel's laughter echoes in the clearing again, Louis pats himself on the back for the beautiful sound.

"Did you have that all these while?" Louis asks in disbelief when Marcel goes to back to the car and comes back with a football in his hands.

Marcel shrugs as he walks back towards Louis, tossing the ball to him and Louis grins.

They start to play around, passing the ball back and forth to each other. It's a few minutes later that Louis decides he's getting bored and suddenly begins to run away with the ball. Marcel gasps, hurrying after him.

"Where do you think you're going, huh?" He calls out, running after Louis and trying to get the ball back. Louis easily escapes, invading all his attacks with languid movements.

When he's starting to grow tired, Marcel gives up on his attempts and plays dirty instead. He wraps his arms around Louis and tries to lift him away so he could get the ball, but Louis is shrieking in his hold and flailing around too much that Marcel loses his balance and both of them end up tumbling onto the ground.

"Look what you've done." Marcel blames him, sputtering grass out of his mouth.

Louis laughs so hard that his face is red and he can't breathe.

Marcel rolls over, lying on his back and releasing a long sigh. He's slightly panting, a little tired after chasing the Omega around. Louis doesn't hesitate, rolling on top of him, initiating a make out session with his sultry face and Marcel is quick to get lost in the taste of Louis' mouth.

It’s about to get dark when they finally start to pack things up so that they could begin their journey home.

Marcel keeps glancing at him while they take turns carrying things back into the car. Whenever Louis looks up to find the Alpha staring at him, his face heats up and he quickly looks away. He also can’t help but ogle the eye candy in front of him. The way Marcel’s arm bulge when he picks up the heavy picnic basket is the cause of Louis being unable to take his eyes off of him.

He finds that he loves their stolen glances, making him feel like a teenager in love.

Not even halfway through the journey home, Louis is already sleepy. He says so to Marcel and receives a smile in return.

“Alright, I’ll wake you up once we’re there.” He gives Louis a smile, fixing his glasses before turning back to the road.

Louis nods, not caring that Marcel can’t see it. Sighing a little once his seat is leaned back, he lies down and squirms, trying to find a comfortable position. Once so, his hand crawls over to pry Marcel’s fingers where he’s got them curled around the steering wheel.

“Louis, what are you doing?”

The Omega ignores him, leaning forward again until he’s got Marcel’s hand free. Wordlessly, without even sparing a glance for the Alpha, he laces their fingers together and grips Marcel's hand tightly. Tugging it until both of their hands rest comfortably on Louis' thigh, the Omega leans back and closes his eyes with a small smile on his lips.

"Sleep well, darling." Marcel whispers fondly, squeezing the smaller hand in his hold before focusing back on the road.

Louis wants to feel guilty about stealing one of Marcel's hands that he probably needs for driving, but his hand feels so good around Louis' that he can't find it in himself to care. Sue him.

Louis wakes up with their fingers still intertwined, a little disoriented as he sits up and yawns timidly. The car is already parked and they've reached Louis' building, the clock reading 19:36. He moves his seat up, then turns to find Marcel on his phone. Frowning a little, he yawns again. He releases Marcel’s fingers, wincing at how stiff his own feels. "How long have we stopped?"

Marcel looks up to him, quickly turning off his phone and wiping the smile away from his face. "Uh, only for forty five minutes."

Louis stares at him. "Who were you texting?" He questions, a little curious. Something like jealousy creeps inside his heart.

"Harry." Marcel replies. "He wants me to stop by for some donuts before I go home."

Louis visibly relaxes and he curses himself for being so jealous. He can trust Marcel, damn it. He offers Marcel a smile. "Okay."

"You're kind of hot when you're jealous, do you know that?" Marcel teases.

Louis rolls his eyes, gripping the collar of Marcel's shirt and causing him to laugh as Louis drags him forward before their lips meet in a gentle kiss.

Marcel sends him to his door, and Louis feels sadder and sadder the closer they get to his flat door. He spins on his heels as they slow before coming into a halt, his hands feel so tiny in the grasp of Marcel's and he feels the familiar giddy emotion blooming in his chest. He places the paper bag he's carrying in his hand to let it rest on the floor.

"I hope you had a great day." Marcel murmurs quietly, his smile almost looking permanent on his face.

"I did. God, I did." Louis' smile is close to splitting his face into two as he bites down on his lower lip, shooting sultry glances up to the Alpha.

"Our picnic was lovely, thank you for coming up with it." He says in a low voice, taking a step closer until their noses are almost knocking together.

"It was my pleasure." He grins, leaning forward and nudging their forehead.

Louis snorts. "Don't forget to thank Harry for the pastries. It's very delicious."

"Well, he used to be a baker."

He snorts again, louder this time.

"Have you decided yet?" Marcel questions, his arms creeping off to grip lightly at Louis' waist. Even though there is barely space between them, he still pulls the Omega closer until he is pressed flush against him. 

Louis giggles when Marcel noses at his cheek, the light brush of his eyelashes fanning at Louis' skin tickles a bit.

"About what?"

"When you'd be moving in." 

"Well.." Louis hums, pretending to ponder while his arms automatically go to wrap around Marcel's neck and it feels like the most natural thing ever. "I'm going to give it some thought. And then once I've decided, I'll let you know."

"Can you believe it? Soon you'd be moving in with us. It feels surreal. I can't wait for it to happen." Marcel beams at him.

Louis smirks. "Yeah, better cherish your peace while you still have it. Once I move in, you'd have this lad running around screaming." He teases coyly. 

Marcel chuckles quietly, shrugging. "I won't mind. Your voice gives me life."

"Oh shut up." He scoffs, playfully pushing at Marcel's shoulder. "Every time I speak up, someone dies."

Marcel's eyebrows furrow together, creating a crease on his forehead. The petulant look is absolutely adorable. Has someone ever died from being too fond? Cause Louis is about to. 

Then the frown ceases and a serene smile takes place. "I'd love to die a thousand times, then."

"God, we are one sappy couple." Louis crinkles his nose. "I feel like if Edward was here, he'd be throwing up blood."

Marcel grins. "Nah, I don't think so. He'd just murder the both of us."

Both of them share a look before they burst into laughter.

"Yeah, I guess so." Louis agrees.

"So, um.." Marcel clears his throat. "Give us a call, yeah?"

"Soon." Louis promises.

Marcel nods, letting his eyes fall shut as he presses their forehead together. "Okay."

Louis hums softly, content to stay like that for a while.

The door creaks open and Alex sighs heavily. "I was about to die listening to you two being sappy lovebirds. Please just kiss and let the poor bloke go home, Louis."

Louis groans, pulling back and turning to his friend. "It's not like I'm the one keeping him here!"

"Yes, you are. You're clinging to him like a koala. Let him go, you animal."

"Fuck off, Al." Louis flips him the bird and Alex snickers, disappearing into the flat but leaving the door open.

Marcel is chuckling quietly in his ear, and Louis will pour water all over Alex's bed tonight before he sleeps.

"Is that my cue to leave, then?" Marcel questions.

"Yeah, I'm afraid so. But he's right. You still need to go and get Harry his donuts." Louis says, a little disappointed to be parting although he's spent half the day with him.

"It's alright. See you soon, yeah?"


With another sweet kiss and a blinding smile, Marcel is gone.

"Someone had a great day." Alex drawls when Louis finally enters the house, looking happier than ever as he puts the paper bag on the kitchen counter.

"Well, I was. Before someone had to ruin it." He shrugs out of his jacket and glares at Alex.

"Wow, your day is very ruined. What ever will you do?" He says dryly. Then he eyes the bag. "What's this?"

"Dinner. Marcel and Harry made this." Louis replies, walking away to hang his jacket.

Alex is silent for a moment. Then, "is it too late to run after him and give him a thank you kiss?"

"Shut up. You are not kissing my Alpha."

Chapter Text

“Hey Mum.” Louis greets softly. It’s been two days since his date with Marcel, and they had straight away texted him the next day asking when he would like to move in with them. The fact that they’re really eager to have him in their home is flattering. But Louis still has yet to give them an answer. Harry is a little upset that Louis had been reluctant to supply them with an exact date; Louis himself doesn’t like making the Alpha feel so, especially when Harry has clearly expressed how much he’s liking Louis. However, Louis doesn’t want to move in yet. He hasn’t even told his Mum about the triplets. Louis wants to have her opinion first, especially now that he has to make a decision that would affect a major part of his life. That’s why he's calling her.

“Hey, boo. How are you, baby?” His mother asks softly from across the line and God, he’s missed her voice.

Louis takes a deep breath, willing himself not to cry at the thought that it’s been so long since he’s seen her, been in her arms. “I’ve been good. How are you? How are the girls?”

“They’re great. Lottie’s got a new job. It doesn’t interfere with her uni schedule like the previous one. It pays good too. Much better than before.” She starts telling him, a hint of excitement showing through her chipper voice. “I can see that she’s really enjoying the job. It’s good to see her come home happy.”

Louis’ heart warms at that. “That’s really great, Mum. What about Fizzy?”

“Oh, you know her. She’s studying very hard. The lass stays up at night just to study. I’ve been telling her to cut it down a little, it’s taking a toll on her health. Been losing weight, that one. It makes me worried.” She sighs heavily. Louis loves this, loves to listen to his mother talk. He misses being able to sit down with her and just talk.

“I’ll try and talk to her whenever I can.” Louis tries to reassure her.

“Yeah? That’d be nice. She’d probably listen when it comes from her brother. Fizzy’s been missing you a lot. All of us do. The twins keep asking about you.”

“Oh, Mum.” Louis can’t help it, he tears up a little. “I’ve missed all of you so much. I can’t wait to go home.” He tells her softly.

“I can’t wait for you to come home too, darling.” Jay murmurs, clearly tearing up too. “I hope you’re taking good care of yourself. Are you still working those two jobs of yours?”

Louis chuckles a little at her disapproving tone. “Not anymore, Mum. Just the nursery, now. The kids have me all to themselves.”

His mother laughs quietly. “Good, I don’t like you overworking too much. Not to mention the treatments you get from those Alphas.” She tuts.

The mention of Alphas reminds Louis of why he called his mother in the first place. “Yeah, um.” Louis clears his throat, shifting as he scoots up further on the couch. “I have something really important to tell you.”

“This sounds serious.” She trails off, worried. “You’re not in trouble, are you?”

“Wha-? Mum, I’m not in school anymore!”

Jay chuckles. “I know, baby. Just kidding.” She pauses. “Is it good news or bad news?”

“Depends. But I’m currently thinking of it as a good one. I hope you feel so too.” Louis shrugs, then remembers that his mother can’t see him.

“Alright, out with it, then.” She prompts, a bit impatient and anxious.

“Yeah, yeah, okay.” He replies, huffing in the pretense to be annoyed. Truthfully, he’s a little nervous. When he thinks about it, he wonders why. It’s not like he’s never had a boyfriend before. Well, he’s never had boyfriends at once, either. He’s also never had those that really matter. And maybe that’s why he’s nervous. Because the triplets do matter and they make Louis feel so good about life and he’s never wanted something to work out this much. “Mum..” He starts.


“I think I found my Alphas.”

Jay pauses, probably blinking and trying to take the statement in. “Really?” She whispers, so full of hope.

“Yeah.” His smile can probably be heard. “They’re amazing. I can’t wait for you to meet them.”

“Wait.” She says. “Them? Alphas? As in plural? More than one?”

Yeah, Louis didn’t come up with a plan on how to gently break that one to her. “Um.. Yeah.” He scrunches his face up, trying to put it simply without freaking her out as he exhales. “They’re triplets.”

Jay gasps softly and Louis doesn’t know whether to take it as a good sign or a bad sign. He can imagine her, with her shocked face and her hand covering her mouth. He hopes she’s not too freaked out. “Do you have to choose one of them?”

“What? No.” Louis shakes his head, shutting his eyes close. He can’t even think about a world where he has to do that, living without one of them or having to hurt the other two. “I want them. And they want me.”

Jay is momentarily silent, barely making any noise that Louis thought she’d cut off the call. “Is that going to be a good idea, honey? I mean… won’t it be too much?”

Louis has to get up and pace around as he talks. “I don’t know. I mean, it probably would be too much. It already is just from me thinking about them but, Mum…” He pauses in the middle of the room. “I’ve never wanted anyone as much as I want them.”

His Mum doesn’t reply straight away. The silence feels deafening, and he's holding his breath while he hopes that she would think about it, at least.


“What are they like?” Jay asks softly.

Louis smiles happily, almost crying tears of happiness knowing that she’s considering it. “Oh, Mum, they’re the loveliest Alphas. They’re so kind, and gentle, and they treat me so well. They’re so different, Mum.”

“You sound so happy.” She notes.

“I am. I’ve only known them for a few days now but they make me so happy.” Louis tells her honestly. “We’ve been on dates, me with each of them.”

“Yeah? How was it?”

“It’s so easy, being with them. They make me feel safe, they don’t make me feel the need to remember who I should call if something happens and what I should do if I need to escape. I didn’t even bring my pepper spray along whenever I’m with them.”

“Louis!” His mother scolds. “It’s dangerous. You should at least have something.”

“Yeah, I know. But that’s how safe they make me feel. And they never touch me without my permission and they listen to me when I talk.” Louis sighs a little.

“Oh, honey.” Jay can’t help but chuckle. “You sound proper infatuated."

“I am.” Louis cheekily admits. “They want to meet you.”

Jay coughs a little. “They do?”

“Yeah. And they’re already asking me to move in. But I want to tell you about them first, and I want to know your thoughts.” He mutters.

“They’re really serious, then, about courting you.” She says, thinking.

Louis’ lips twitch. That’s exactly what he said to Edward. “Yeah, I was sceptical at first too.”

Jay hums, and Louis can hear the audible sound of her drumming her fingers. Then she sighs. “Lou.. I’m happy that you’ve met someone.. But you’re my one and only son.”

Louis bites on his lip, eyes already watering. Is she going to say no? Is she not going to let him continue with their relationship? He clutches his eyes close, his grip tightening around his phone.

“I don’t want you to move in yet.” She states. “I’d like to meet them first. If that’s alright with you.”

The Omega quickly releases the breath he’s holding, relief flooding through his body. “Yeah, I’m fine with that.”

“When do you think that’ll be possible?” His mother asks. “I can’t wait to have you back home.”

Louis grins, knowing his Mum probably is okay with the whole thing and she just wants him back home for a while. “I’ll talk to them first about that. Then, I’ll text you.”

“Good.” Jay agrees. “Now, tell me more about them."

Louis fixes his coat as he steps out of the building, trying to recall if he’s got everything with him before he leaves for his work. He mindlessly walks along the pavement, heading for the bus stop where he’ll take the bus to the nursery. It’s only 7am, and the children don’t start filling in until 8.45 but Louis likes to be there early.

“Louis!” He hears a familiar voice calls.

His steps halt and he freezes, blinking repeatedly and wondering if he’s been thinking too much about the triplets that he can hear their voices calling him. But then his name sounds again and Louis spins.

He gasps when he sees the Range Rover, with Edward in the driver seat smirking at him. Louis wonders if he’s hallucinating too.

“Get in.” Edward says.

“What are you doing here?” Louis gapes, not moving an inch from where he’s standing. His brain couldn’t fathom the idea that Edward is here.

Edward rolls his eyes. “To take you to work.” He clarifies, like it’s the most obvious thing ever.

“What?” Louis croaks weakly.

“Just get inside, will you?” Edward huffs. That springs Louis into action and he quickly heads towards the car, climbing into the passenger side in disbelief.

He breathes deeply as the car starts moving and Edward rolls the window back up. He throws the Omega occasional glances, a hint of amusement on his face. Louis meets his eyes in confusion. “What are you doing here?” He asks again.

Edward looks at him, forehead creasing for a moment before he turns back to the road. “Taking you to work.” He reaffirms in retaliation. “Where is it, anyway?”

Louis reaches out and keys in the address to the nursery then sits back, still blinking and struggling to take it in. “Why?” He pushes, continuing their previous conversation.

“Because I want to. Because I can.” Edward says, leaving no room for Louis to argue.

Louis smiles at that, eyes crinkling as he relaxes into his seat. His hand creeps over to Edward, peeling his fingers off the steering wheel and instead clasping his hand tight in his grip. “Good morning.” He says softly.

Edward grins. “Morning.”

“Did you miss me?” Louis teases. It is Wednesday, after all. It’s been five days since he’s last since Edward. He’s been thinking about them more than he wants to, and Louis can’t lie and say that he hadn’t wanted to see them sooner than later.

Edward makes a face. “You can’t prove that.”

Louis laughs, bringing Edward’s hand up to kiss the back of it. “Well, I’ve missed you.”

“Have you?”

“Yeah, can’t seem to get you three out of my head.” He murmurs, letting their clasped hands rest on his lap. “Kept thinking of our date, and your kisses.” His face reddens, and he looks down where he’s playing with Edward’s fingers.

The Alpha’s mouth tilts upwards on one side. Then his face turns serious. “Have you given a thought about moving in, then?"

“Oh..” Louis should know that the topic would come up sooner than later. “I wanted to tell my Mum first.”

“What did she say?” Edward asks, curious. There’s also a little bit of insecurity behind his voice.

Louis hums. “She doesn’t want me moving in yet.” He pauses for effect. “Not until she’s met all of you.”

The way the Alpha relaxes when Louis says that is obvious. “That can be arranged.”

“You want to meet her?” Louis asks excitedly. He has to be honest, he was kind of worried that the triplets would say no to the idea of meeting the parent at such early stage of their relationship. But then again they’ve talked about their families on their dates and entertained the thought of meeting them so he wonders why he bothered worrying.

He nods. “Of course. Why not?”

“That’s great!” Louis brightens, squeezing Edward’s hand in his hold and Edward squeezes back.

“There is one condition, though.” Edward starts. When Louis raises his eyebrows in prompt for him to continue, the Alpha cocks his head to the side. “You have to meet our Mum too.”

“Yeah?” Louis instantly grows nervous, but also excited that they’re as serious about this as he is. He also can’t wait to meet the woman that managed to survive raising these three wonderful but handful men. “I’d love to!”

“When do you plan to get us to see your Mum?”

“As soon as possible. Whenever you three are free, though.” Louis shrugs, brushing his index up and down Edward’s huge hand on his lap.

“We are free this weekend.” Edward tells him. “What if we go to your Mum’s on Friday, then stay the night, and go to ours’ on Saturday? That way we can come back on Sunday, and we’d have some time to relax before we go to work again on Monday.”

Louis thinks about it for a moment, then he nods. “Yeah. That sounds fine."

“Good.” Edward murmurs just as the car rolls to a stop. “We’re here.”

“Thank you for driving me.” Louis says gratefully, releasing Edward’s hand and picking up his bag. He is about to open the door when Edward tugs him back.

Louis gasps in shock when he’s facing Edward again. “Not leaving me without a kiss, are you?”

The Omega blushes in embarrassment, giggling softly. “Hmm, maybe I should.” He bites his lower lip, hand sliding up to cup against Edward’s neck.

“Are you sure? Okay, then.”

“No, no!” Louis pouts, trying to keep Edward in place when the Alpha tries to pull back.

“Don’t pout.” Edward says, pretending to be annoyed.

“Then kiss me.”

“I thought you didn’t want to?”

“Edward..” Louis whines, already nudging forward until their noses are pressed together.

The Alpha laughs, reaching up and brushing his thumb over Louis’ cheek. “Alright, Princess. I’ll give you whatever you want.” Louis’ heart soars at that.

“I want you to kiss me.” Louis whispers, as if making a wish. Then he shuts his eyes and lets Edward close their distance. He sighs softly at the taste of Edward’s lips he’s growing too familiar with. He shuffles closer, his fingers pulling softly at the Alpha’s curls and humming appreciatively as he feels the softness of his hair.

When they pull back, Louis doesn’t straight away open his eyes. His mouth curves into a tiny smile when Edward presses their forehead together. “Well..” The Omega says as he opens his eyes and straightens his body, pulling away from Edward and his warmth. “Have a good day, Mister.”

“Zayn is picking you up. What time do you end?” Edward says when Louis jumps out of the passenger seat.

Louis closes the door and waits for him to roll the window down before he’s giving him a confused face. “Why?”

“Harry or Marcel is supposed to do it but none of them can make it today, and I have a meeting. Zayn is the only one free so he’s picking you up.” Edward says with a shrug.

“He doesn’t have to. I can go home on my own just fine.” Louis complains.

Edward shoots him a glare.

Louis whimpers. “Edward…” Then he pouts excessively.

Edward almost falls for it. “Lou, it’s dangerous.”

“I’ve been doing it for the past few years.” Louis crosses his arms. “It’ll be fine. I’ll be fine.”

“I don’t want you to take the risk anymore.” Edward replies.

“It’s not that far, anyway.” Louis grumbles. “You are ridiculous.”

“It’s much more comfortable.” Edward tries to reason. "You are ridiculous."

Louis rolls his eyes. “I’ve never met Zayn. How do I know if I can trust him?”

“He’s my best friend.” Edward states, as if that is enough reason as to why Louis should trust him. Not that Louis doesn’t. Zayn is, after all, Niall’s spouse. He’d love to meet him.

He doesn’t respond to Edward, still pouting and crossing his arms.

“Stop making that face.” Edward scolds, threatening to roll the window up. “Come on, Lou. Don't make me get down and kiss you."

The Omega sighs heavily, trying not to stomp his feet. “Fine. Tell him to pick me up at five.” He grumbles in relent, glaring at Edward.

“You’re so hot.” Edward smirks, as if Louis isn’t looking at him like he wants to stab him.

The comment catches him off guard and Louis blushes. “Shut up."

“Tell Zayn I said hi.” Edward says, looking at his watch and deciding that he needs to go. “I’ll see you later, Princess.”

“Bye.” Louis calls out softly, his hand giving a timid wave as Edward drives away.

He takes a deep breath once the car is out of sight, then turns around and heads into the nursery. He can’t keep the smile off of his face. His cheeks are starting to hurt with it, so Louis keeps his head down the whole time as he walks to his class.

The day passes by so fast that Louis doesn't even realise that it’s time for him to go home by the time it comes. Louis is planning what to do for his future classes when Jake knocks on his door and shifts his attention. He looks at his colleague questioningly, raising his eyebrows. “Yeah?”

“Aren’t you going home?” Jake asks him, strolling into the class like he owns the place.

“What time is it?” Louis questions, blinking as he glances at the clock. A surprised gasp escapes his mouth when he sees the time. “How come it’s already ten past five?”

Jake frowns in confusion when the Omega jumps out of his seat and quickly flips his file shut, scrambling around to tuck away his stuff and grabbing his bag along with his coat. “Why are you in such a hurry?”

“I was supposed to leave ten minutes ago.” Louis explains as he heads out the door with Jake trailing behind him. When the Alpha steps out of the threshold, Louis quickly locks the class up.

They walk together towards the entrance, with Louis glancing nervously at his watch.

“You need to rush back, then?” Jake tries to guess.

“Uh, yeah.” Louis nods distractedly, rummaging through his bag to see if there’s anything he's left behind. He quickly withdraws his phone, shoving it into his pocket. Once he’s sure he’s got everything, Louis finally calms, looking up just as they exited the main door.

“I can give you a ride if you want?” Jake offers, nodding at his car that's parked at the side of the lot.

“Oh?” Louis says. “Um, no, no, that’s okay.” He waves his hand, smiling kindly as he tries to search the lot for Zayn. It’s a little hard, considering many teachers and workers are going home at the same time and he doesn’t even know how Zayn looks like.

“Come on. It won’t be a bother at all.” His friend reassures.

Louis shakes his head. “It’s alright, Jake. Thank you, but not today.” He declines again, being gentle about it.

“Ah.. Alright, then.” He nods, despondent. “Take care, yeah?”

“Thanks, you too.” Louis waves timidly, moving on to walk along the lot and search for Zayn. He still has yet to figure out how Zayn looks like. He sure hopes Zayn knows how he looks like or else they’re never going to find each other.

Louis decides to walk over and wait by the roadside. Maybe Zayn hasn’t arrived yet. Or maybe he could just take the bus home. But no, Zayn would be worried. Louis doesn’t want to burden the poor man. He already has to do the job of picking Louis up. Honestly, why did Louis even listen to Edward?

Louis' brain doesn't really focus on it when a Bentley slows down by the road and approaches him. The driver can't be seen through the dark window when it comes to a complete stop as it reaches Louis.

The Omega is too caught up staring at the beauty that he forgets the need to feel cautious. By the time the window is rolled down and Louis smells the Alpha, only then he remembers to keep his guard up. He shifts his eyes to glare at the Alpha but he’s taken aback when he sees the most beautiful human being his eyes have ever graced.

Honestly, is this person a God? Adonis? Louis can see his eyelashes even with the distance between them and fuck, are those cheekbones or knives? He has black hair that is styled so well Louis almost forget they’re in the real world and not in some magazine. And that kind of beard rarely works on anyone but Louis thinks Adonis could pull off any look, to be honest. It's his brown eyes that take most of the attention, though. Those brown eyes are so captivating; Louis almost got lost in them with the way the Alpha is smouldering at him.

Louis shakes his head and frowns a little. Why does Louis feel like he's seen this man on TV?

“Hey there.” Adonis grins at him.

The Omega glares, taking a step back before proceeding to ignore the Alpha. Gorgeous or not, Louis knows how to keep himself safe.

“Waiting for someone?” He asks cheekily, flashing a set of white teeth.

“That person surely isn’t you.” Louis' retort causes the Alpha to chuckle.

He’s still grinning and Louis’ hand is itching to punch that look off his face. He looks far too smug. Louis isn’t sure about what, but he doesn’t like that the bloke looks like he knows something Louis doesn’t.

“No, no, I’m exactly the person you are waiting for.” He tells Louis, winking. "I'm sure of it."

“Go away.” Louis hisses, clutching his bag tighter. Maybe he should’ve just taken the bus home, or accepted that offer Jake gave him.

"Oh no, I can't do that. I'm not moving until you get in this car with me." The Alpha assures him.

Louis is considering making a run from him. He's growing a little panicked but he won't show it on his face regardless of how determined the Alpha looks. "You should leave before I make you regret you even looked at me." It's obviously an empty promise, but Louis hopes it'd be enough to drive the Alpha away.

The black haired man laughs loudly, wiping his eyes for non-existent tears. “You’re so feisty.” He comments, which makes Louis scowl. Then he sighs. “Come on in, Lou. Edward will kill me for keeping you out in the cold for too long.”

Louis' mouth falls open. “Zayn?”

“Who else?” Zayn rolls his eyes. “Get in.”

The Omega watches for a moment in betrayal before he huffs, finally complying. The moment he settles inside and the door’s closed, Louis swings his bag at the unsuspecting Zayn. It hits him square on his head. "Oof!”

“You proper scared me, you dick!” Louis scolds, huffing again and crossing his arm while Zayn groans in pain and starts nursing his head.

“I’m sorry.” Zayn replies, ducking his head. At least he does feel embarrassed for doing it.

“You better be grateful I'm not bashing your head into your steering wheel."

The Alpha widens his eyes in shock. “You were going to do that?”

“What, you think I wouldn’t have the balls? I don’t care how pretty your face is, I would’ve!” Louis continues giving him a glower. If looks could kill, Niall would've lost one of his husbands by now.

Zayn grins at that, nudging Louis with his shoulder. “At least you think I’m pretty, eh?”

“Just because you're Niall's husband, don't think that I would hesitate to punch you in the face. I’m sure he would understand.”

Zayn stares at him in horror for a few seconds, gaping a little. Then he bursts out laughing. “Okay, I get it. Now I understand.”

“Understand what?”

“Nothing.” Zayn replies, shaking his head with a small smile. He rolls his window up, then starts driving away.

Louis makes a sound of irritation, leaning back into the seat and sighing. He would've pushed the answer out of Zayn, but he just met him and he's too tired for that. He has to admit, not having to take the bus home sure is a relief and silently thanks Zayn for willing to come and pick him up.

“So, where should I drop you?” Zayn asks.

“Oh, wait.” He murmurs, leaning forward and punching in the address to his place. Zayn nods at that, taking note that it’s not that far.

The ride is quiet after that, and Louis doesn’t mind. The silence is not uncomfortable. For once, he’s glad that Zayn is not trying to make up a conversation with him or anything because now that he’s sitting down and relaxed, the fatigue is catching up to him. He feels like he could melt into the comfortable seat.

Louis is almost asleep by the time the car rolls to a stop and he's so grateful that they’ve arrived. He doesn’t want to fall asleep in the presence of an Alpha he is yet to fully trust, regardless that he’s Niall’s spouse.

“Here’s your building…?”

“I know, you don’t have to insult it. Edward already did.” Louis drawls, picking his bag up and yawning a bit. “Thank you for willing to come fetch me and take me home. I really appreciate it."

“Yeah, sure. Take care, alright?” Zayn murmurs, holding out a fist. "And sorry I was late."

"It's fine." Louis looks at it, then smiles and curls his own hand into a fist before bumping their knuckles lazily. “And you take care too, Z.”

Zayn refuses to drive away until Louis is safely in the building. Louis smiles at the gesture and waves as Zayn drives away. Once Zayn is gone, he quickly walks into the lift. He needs his bed. He needs it soon.

He might have played too hard with the kids earlier that day. Let this be a lesson - for the tenth time, probably - not to give any of his student a piggy back ride. Because offering to one student would mean requests from the others as well and Louis never has the heart to say no.

When he reaches his door, Louis quickly twists the door handle and hopes that Alex is already home.

No such luck.

He groans, shoving his hand into his bag and drawing out his keys before unlocking the door and entering the flat. It’s dark and quiet, which confirms Louis’ theory that Alex isn’t home. He locks the door behind him, then goes straight to his room. He dumps his bag in the corner and almost jumps onto his bed.

Louis blinks twice and then sleep is consuming him.


He rouses awake a few hours later, when Alex is pounding at his door screaming at him to wake up.


“I’m up, you twat!” Louis groans aloud. “Bloody hell.”

“Dinner!” Alex yells once again, then there’s the tell-tale sound of his footsteps walking away.

Louis rolls over in bed, weighing the options in his head about the decision that he can make.

Food? Or sleep?

If he goes back to sleep right now, he could just eat during breakfast. But there’s a chance that he’d wake up in the middle of the night because he's hungry and he doesn’t want to eat then. On the other hand, if he wakes up to eat now, he won’t be able to sleep again right away cause he won’t be sleepy, but then God knows what time he’d be sleepy again.

God, is he really doing this?

“Louis!” There’s Alex’s voice calling for him again.

“Five minutes!” Louis replies, his voice a little hoarse from sleep. He groggily sits up, rubbing at his eyes and yawning. He pats his pockets to search for his phone, and quickly turns it on once he’s got it out and in his hand.

The time shows that it’s slightly past seven. So he didn’t sleep that long.

There’s a message from Lottie, and that makes him frown a little. Lottie rarely texts him; she usually just calls.

He opens it up and immediately feels his face heats up.

Lottie: Something you want to tell me, Lou? Involves a certain supermodel.

Louis groans again. Of course she’s seen that on the paper. Panicked, his fingers quickly start dancing on the phone screen as he types a message to send back to her.

Does Mum know who he is?

A moment later, a reply comes in.

Lottie: Nope, Fiz and I made sure she didn’t see it. We figured you’d tell her yourself when it comes to something like this. You owe us one.

He lets out a breath he didn’t know he was holding at that.

Thank you, Lotts! Yes, I owe you. Talk to me about it when I'm home.

Lottie: Does that mean you’d be home soon?


Lottie: Can’t wait to see you, Lou! Love you! x

Louis smiles.

Love you too. xx

Noticing that his phone is running out of battery, Louis reaches out across his bed to charge it on his night stand. Then reluctantly, he grows to his feet and stumbles into the bathroom.

When he goes into the kitchen later on, Alex is sitting at the dining table with some Chinese take out for them.

“Hello there, big man.” His flatmate grins at him, gently pushing one of the take outs towards Louis as the Omega sits down.

“Shut up.” He grumbles.

“How was your day?” Alex asks as they start to eat.

“Fine, Edward sent me to work this morning. Appeared out of nowhere, that one.” Louis shrugs.

His friend looks at him excitedly. “Did he? Did he pick you up after work, too?”

“Nah, Zayn picked me up. None of them could make it.”


"Yeah, he's Niall's husband."

“Well, that’s nice.” Alex comments. “So you have someone to drive you now?”

Louis thinks about it for a moment, his chewing slowing down. “I’m not sure….” He trails off. “I hope not, though? I don’t want to burden them. It’s not their responsibility to do that, anyway.”

“Eh, Lou, it’s not like you asked them to.” Alex says with a gentle nudge to Louis’ arm. “They’re taking care of you, just enjoy it all. Besides, it is sort of their responsibility. You’re their Omega, after all."

“Not yet.” Louis reminds him.

“No, not yet.” Alex gives him a smirk in response. “But soon. So, they still have the right and the responsibility to take care of you.”

“I don’t know, Al.. Don’t you think they’re too good to me?” Louis voices it out loud, a thought that has been on his mind ever since he met the triplets.

Alex stares at him like he has just heard the most ridiculous statement Louis has ever made. “No, Lou.” He shakes his head, disappointed that Louis would even think that. “They’re treating you how you should be treated. You’ve just been seeing shitty Alphas in the past that when people are treating you right, you question it.”

“Should I reciprocate the gesture? I mean..”

“No, Lou. They take care of you by protecting you, that’s their responsibility. You don’t need to protect them to take care of them. They don’t need protection.”

“That’s not fair, though.”

“No, it’s not. But it’s not supposed to be, anyway. Because Alphas don’t walk down the street without worrying if someone is going to grab them, or have people holler degrading things at them when they walk past. Omegas go through that. Especially female ones. And Omegas’ strength don’t compare to Alphas, that’s why your Alphas should protect you.” Alex tells him, starting a brief lecture that Louis willingly listens to. “That’s how they take care of you. You take care of them by attending to them based on what they need.”

“What do they need?”

Alex scowls at him. “How am I supposed to know? They’re your Alphas.”

“How am I supposed to figure out what they need?” Louis wonders, staring down into his food.

His friend hums with a shrug as he ponders. “Children, I guess. Maybe that’s what they need.”

Louis blushes at that.

Alex snorts when he sees the flush on Louis’ face. “What are you, five?”

“Shut up.” Louis grins.

“Some Alphas acquire Omegas for sex, some for children. Others do that to establish their dominance, having someone to control and have power over, someone that submit to them. It's sick and weird.” Alex shrugs to show his uncertainty. “But maybe they're not like that. You can just figure out what they want once you’ve moved in. It’s usually the time when you grow really close and know each other better.”

“Yeah.” Louis agrees.

“Besides, maybe they don’t even need things? Maybe they just want someone to take care of, someone to love? So don’t be weirded out if that’s what they end up wanting.” Alex points a fork in his direction.

Louis purses his lips at that.

“Stop questioning things like that, Lou. Just roll with it. Or else you’re going to overthink it.” Alex advises him. “They’re giving you nice things, and they haven’t asked for things you couldn’t give yet so far in return, so just take them. Enjoy the good treatment. You deserve it.”

The Omega sighs, nodding and smiling at him when Alex looks up. “Thank you, Al.”

“Yeah, sure. Don’t forget me when you’ve moved out, yeah?”


“Alex, are you going all emotional on me?”

“No, bugger off.”

Louis’ laughter rings in the kitchen.

Louis doesn’t expect anyone to pick him up to drive him to work the next day, so he starts walking to the bus stop. He figures if any of them is driving him, they probably would’ve texted him. But he doesn’t even get to walk more than probably fifty metres before a Mercedes is approaching him at the side walk. He is cautious at first, ready to walk faster but when the window rolls down and Marcel’s face appears, Louis’ heart skips a beat and he relaxes. His steps are immediately stopped, and Marcel halts the car as well.

“Hello there.” Marcel grins, showing off his dimples.

Louis blushes faintly, ducking a little and smiling back at him. “Hi.”

“Alone, then?” Marcel teases, placing his elbow over the window.< /p>

“Yeah.” Louis replies, biting on his lower lip to stop himself from grinning too wide.

“Well, would you like a ride?” He pretends to offer.

Louis shrugs. “I don’t know.”

Marcel laughs, and it’s a beautiful sound to hear especially at such hour in the morning. It’s too early for this, for the butterflies in Louis’ stomach and the way his heart is singing. “Come on, Lou. Hop in.”

He wants to protest, but Louis is sure it would take him nowhere and they’d probably spend too long arguing about it so he complies. He’d arrive to work much faster, anyway.

“Hi.” Marcel says again when he climbs into the passenger seat.

“Hi.” Louis replies, smiling. That’s what he keeps doing lately, smile.

“How soon do you need to be at work?” Marcel asks, not driving yet.

Louis wonders why he’s asking. “Not too soon, why?”

“Have you had breakfast?”

“Yeah…” Louis answers regretfully.

Marcel deflates a little, but he doesn’t show it too much. “I was thinking of inviting you to breakfast before. But, maybe next time if you want, yeah?"

“Yeah, sure.” He nods. “Have you had breakfast, though?”

“I did.” Marcel replies, shifting the gear.

Louis can tell he’s not being honest. “Marcel…”

“I’ll just grab something after I drop you off.” The Alpha reasons, giving him a reassuring smile.

The Omega huffs in disapproval, then an idea pops into his head. “Why don’t we have a take away? We can eat it in the car.” He suggests. “Or, are you against all that eating in the car thing?”

“Oh, no, no. Harry eats in the car all the time. Drives Edward up the wall every time he spills something, but the Betas clean the cars regularly, so it’s fine.” Marcel tells him. “That sounds like a good idea, we should do it.”

“Yeah? Let’s go, then.”

They end up getting some Starbucks with some sandwiches and Marcel parks in the nursery lot so they could eat together. Louis hands him his drink after he grabs their sandwiches and pastries in the back seat.

"So, Edward told me about meeting your Mum this weekend?” Marcel asks as they start biting into their breakfast. It’s Louis’ second, but oh well.

Louis nods, silently appreciating the sandwich for a moment before he replies. “Yeah. It's alright with you?”

“Yeah, yeah. We talked it over and all of us agreed. We're fine with it." He wipes his mouth with a paper towel. "Harry has already taken his leave. So we'll be ready to go by Friday evening. We'll pick you up."

"That's good." Louis nods thoughtfully. "Do you feel nervous?"

"Not quite yet." He admits. "I will be when we're on the way, probably."

They share a laugh at that.

"I'm not sure which one I should be more nervous for, you meeting my Mum or me meeting yours." Louis voices.

Marcel only needs to think for three seconds before he replies. "Definitely us meeting yours. You're very lovely. Our Mum would definitely love you."

"You don't know that."

"She already knows about you." Marcel says.

Louis looks at him a little bit in alarm. "Yeah? What did she say?" He asks nervously.

"She actually found out about you through the papers, when you went on that date with Harry. She called us on Monday and was very disappointed because we didn't tell her that we found an Omega." Marcel chuckles a little, rubbing the back of his neck.

"Was she upset?"

"Yeah, because we kept you from her. But she can't wait to see you." The Alpha smiles proudly.

Louis needs a moment to breathe. "What if she hates me?"

"She won't!" Marcel says urgently. "She's proper excited. She's very happy that we found someone." He pauses for a moment then adds, "She thinks you're gorgeous."

"Oh?" Louis raises his eyebrows as he gets rid of his breakfast packaging into the plastic bag. He watches while Marcel finishes his sandwich and does the same too. "Does she now?"

"Yeah, handsome was her exact word." Marcel confesses, licking away the trace of mayonnaise on his lips. Louis watches the move like a hawk.

"I'm very flattered." He replies before his eyes meet Marcel's and his face turns serious again. "If she doesn't like me, I'm going to sue you."

"I can promise you, if she doesn't like you, you can do whatever you want to me."

Louis doesn't let his thoughts head in that direction. "Okay. Right now I just want your kisses, would it be too much to ask?"

Marcel bursts out laughing. "Darling, you don't even have to ask."

And then Louis is tugging him close by his shirt and they are meeting halfway. Louis sighs in contentment when he finally feels their lips pressed together, opening up straight away and licking into Marcel's mouth. He feels Marcel touching his hair and preens, bringing his own hand up to cup one side of his face as they tilt their heads.

Marcel deepens the kiss and Louis feels a little lightheaded at how good it tastes. He feels the Alpha pulls him slightly closer, and Louis thinks, fuck it. So he pulls back, and as Marcel watches him in confusion, the Omega boldly climbs over the console and drapes his leg across Marcel's lap and shifts until he's safely straddling him. Before he could say anything, Louis is pressing himself to Marcel again and claiming his mouth. His hands roam along Marcel's neck and slipping into his hair. Marcel's palms are warm on his back, rubbing up and down and slipping down towards dangerous territory but never actually breaching that region. Louis doesn't know whether to be disappointed or not.

He gasps when Marcel’s hand run through his hair and then Marcel is gripping it, giving it a light tug.

Louis wants to stay here, wants to let Marcel bruise his lips with these kisses he’s never had enough in life. But he’s still aware that they’re parked in the lot and the teachers are probably starting to arrive. He’s a little grateful that the car is tinted and nobody can see him shoving his tongue down the Alpha’s throat. He does have a class to teach, though. And he needs to go soon.

"What time is it?" After what feels like ages, he finally mumbles against Marcel's lips, his words a little muffled. Louis doesn't let him answer right away, capturing his lips into another bruising kiss before he allows space for the Alpha to talk while they gasp for air.

"Eight sharp."

"Fuck." Louis pulls back so fast he accidentally sounds the horn. Both of them jerk in surprise at that.

They share a look before bursting out laughing in the confined space like a couple of five year olds.

"I have to get going." Louis says, but Marcel gently tugs him down. The Omega lets himself be drawn into the sweet kiss momentarily. Then he pulls back. "The children will arrive at 8.45." He says.

Marcel grins, tugging him close again. His pull is light, and Louis could easily resist, but he goes along until Marcel is kissing him again.

"I have to.." Kiss. "...go now..." Kiss. "..Marcel.." Kiss. "...I'm serious."

"Alright." Marcel relents with a silent laugh. He pulls back, his hands curling loosely around Louis' waist. "Get off me, then."

Louis groans, wrapping his arms around Marcel's neck and allowing himself one last snog. He's almost gasping for air by the time they finally pull away. He looks down at Marcel's flushed face, lips red and swollen. He looks so fucking delicious like this.

He shakes his head, not wanting to fall into this trap again. "You've made a mess of me." He purposely accuses the Alpha as he climbs back to the passenger seat.

"It's a good look on you." Marcel says cheekily, causing Louis to glare at him while he fixes his hair and smoothes down his shirt again.

"Are you picking me up?" Louis questions, fetching his bag.

Marcel bites his lower lip, nodding. "Yeah."

"Good, because this is not over yet, Mister." Louis warns, opening the door but not getting out yet. His face softens then. "I'll see you yeah?"

"See you, baby." Marcel replies, reaching out and kissing him sweetly one last time.

Louis grins, finally getting out and closing the door. He waits until Marcel has drove away before he starts heading into the entrance. His heart is still singing and his lips are still tingling with Marcel's kiss.

"Hey, Tomlinson. You look happy today, what's up?" One of his colleague comments as he walks past, grinning at him.

"Had a great start of the day." He replies, unable to keep the smile off his face. He heads straight for his classroom and starts singing the moment the door shuts behind him.

He's so happy he feels like flying. It's never been this way, and Louis has never fallen this fast but he's sure he's already in love with all of them. Maybe not completely, but he is a goner anyway.

Once his Mum gives the green light, God knows Louis is straight away going to move in as fast as he can. He wants to see them all the time, probably won't get tired of doing so.

He yelps when he sees the time. He only has a few minutes left to get ready before the children come. Silently, he curses Marcel for making him late with his kisses.

“Hi." Louis greets as he enters the car.

"Hey." Marcel replies, one side of his mouth tilting up. As soon as Louis closes the door, he drives away. "How was your day?"

"Couldn't go by fast enough." Louis admits, pulling off his bag and placing it on his lap.

"Why so? You didn't have fun with the kids?"

Louis shakes his head. "I did, they were very lovely today. As always. I just couldn't wait to see you again."

Marcel blushes faintly at that and Louis ducks his head as he smiles. "Well, I'm here now." Marcel offers. "Do you want to go and grab dinner?"

Louis thinks about it for a moment. "It's too early. Maybe we can hang out at mine first and then dinner?"

"Yeah, that works. We could call Harry and Edward to join as well." He suggests, thinking of his brothers and Louis' heart kickstarts at the thought of seeing them all together again.

Being with each of them has already turned him into a puddle of emotion, he doesn't really want to think about how he would behave when he's surrounded by all three of them. His inner Omega would probably urge him to strip and present himself to them right away.

Louis' face heats up at the thought, and he quickly attempts to summon other irrelevant things he could think of that wouldn't cause his body to act at its own accordance.

"Um.." He shakes his head, ridding of his own thoughts and focusing on Marcel. "Yeah, yeah. That sounds great!"

"It's nothing much.... but it's home." Louis shrugs as he looks around the living room. Alex, thankfully, bless that man, has cleaned up the place before he went to work that morning. Louis wonders how Alex stayed with him all these years since Louis makes a mess all the time but he knows that he loves Alex very much. At least it looks like a place that could be lived in now as opposed to looking like the dump the previous night.

Louis hopes Marcel doesn't feel claustrophobic in this flat. His living room is probably not even a quarter of the size of the triplets' living room.

Silently, Louis sends a thank you to whoever is listening that Marcel is the one who happens to be here to enter his house and not Edward. That Alpha would probably glare at every other thing in the flat that he feels Louis deserves better while simultaneously insulting everything his eyes fall upon.

He smiles timidly at the thought.

"Well, it is cosy." Marcel tilts his head approvingly, eyeing the place. "I like it."

Louis scoffs, the sound barely audible as he casts a look at Marcel. "You don't need to flatter me, Marcel."

"No, I'm being honest." Marcel widens his eyes, shaking his head.

"Okay, sure." Louis shrugs again, not unkindly. "Do you want a drink or anything?"

"Yeah, sure." Marcel tells him, then he gestures at the couch. "May I have a sit?"

Louis blinks, his mouth forming a big O. "Shit, yeah. Of course, of course. Have at it." He flails his arms towards the furniture. "Sorry, I haven't had a guest in a long time. It's usually Alex who brings his friends and girlfriend over."

“It’s alright, don’t worry.” Marcel says, waving his hand dismissively. He moves to take a seat, leaning back against the cushion and allowing himself to relax.

Louis groans inwardly, quickly moving to the kitchen to grab some drinks. He has to stop embarrassing himself in front of Marcel and the rest of his triplets. Opening the fridge, he sees that they still have some Coke, so he grabs those and kicks the door close.

Marcel has his head thrown back and his eyes closed by the time Louis returns. He doesn’t appear to be asleep, though, so Louis approaches him with quiet steps and silently sits down next to him. The Alpha turns his head to the side, facing Louis and his lips form a smile before his eyes even open. “Hi.”

“Hi.” Louis grins, offering him one of the bottles. “Got us some Coke.”

“Thank you.” Marcel’s large hand wraps around the bottle before he takes it from Louis’ grip. He shifts until he’s sitting properly, back straight.

Louis watches as Marcel takes a few gulps from the bottle, his eyes unblinking while he observes the way Marcel's Adam’s apple bobs with the action. He sighs, leaning back in his own seat as he tips the bottom up. He licks his lips once his bottle is upright again, then turns to Marcel. “You want to watch anything?” He motions to the TV.

“No, I’m alright.” Marcel politely declines.

“Look at this, refusing to watch my telly with me just because it’s less than 50 inches.” Louis says obnoxiously, his nose scrunching up as he teases Marcel.

“Hey, I didn’t say that.” Marcel laughs, prompting Louis to giggle. “I’m just more content to be watching you, to be honest.”

“What a creep.” Louis retorts, pretending his cheeks are not turning a faint colour of red. He giggles again, closing his eyes and turning slightly to the side when Marcel brushes his pointer finger across Louis’ nose. Marcel’s laughing quietly, and his face is very close when Louis’ eyelids flutter open again. Louis’ laughter slowly dies down in his throat, replaced with a small sigh. His breathing is calm, letting out even puff of air every time he exhales. It’s such an opposite of how it feels like in his body, how his blood is running in a pointless race, his hands trembling a little with the nerves when Marcel’s green, green eyes are boring into his. “Kiss me.” Louis pleads quietly.

Marcel nods, putting his bottle away. Louis gulps from his own Coke one last time before he follows suit. And then Marcel is all over him and Louis giggles when he is horizontal on the couch with the Alpha draped along his body. Marcel is staring down at him with an admiring look in his eyes. It’s refreshing for Louis to have an Alpha on top of him without being sent a look of lust for once.

He feels Marcel’s hand stroking along his hair, his other hand on Louis’ face, his fingers brushing across Louis’ cheek. Louis’ giggles grow louder when Marcel drops a kiss onto each of his eye, and the Alpha chuckles quietly too at Louis’ reaction.

“That tickles.” Louis tells him, his arms wrapping around Marcel’s torso.

“Does it, now?” Marcel taunts, one hand reaching down and hovering experimentally along Louis’ side. The Omega yelps. “I almost forget that you’re ticklish.”

“Don’t.” Louis threatens but he’s laughing, shakily trying to push Marcel’s hand away. “I asked you to kiss me, not tickle me, you git.”

“Where’s the fun in that?” Marcel complains.

“If you tickle me, I will kick you in the balls.” Louis points a finger at him, but gives up into another fit of giggles when Marcel grabs his hand and kisses the finger. “You are so insufferable.”

“Do you want to get rid of me, then?” Marcel questions.

“No!” Louis immediately proves his protest by wrapping his arms and legs around Marcel’s torso so that the Alpha couldn’t move even if he wants to. “Stay, forever.”


“Good.” Louis pats his head, poking his cheek. “Now kiss me.”

“Are you fucking serious?” Alex groans exasperatedly when he walks inside and sees the couple in the middle of a heated snog. “You’re snogging on my couch now?”

Marcel blushes, disconnecting their lips and hiding his face away into Louis’ neck.

“Ours, Al. Our couch.” Louis corrects him. “And I didn’t say anything when you had Hailey over.”

Alex does not have a comeback for that. So, as usual, he settles for pointing his tongue out at Louis. His flatmate does the same, then they exchange the middle finger. Alex closes the door and shrugs off his coat. “Are you staying for dinner, then?” He directs the question to Marcel.

When he turns around, the two of them are sitting up on the couch, fixing their clothes.

“Um, actually, I was thinking of inviting Louis out for dinner with my brothers. You can join in if you want to.” He offers, clearly inviting Alex to come along. He looks really excited at the thought of Louis’ flatmate having dinner with them.

Louis nods. “Yeah, that’d be fun. You can get to know each other better."

“Actually..” Alex trails off, then lifts the plastic bag Louis didn’t notice he had brought in. “I've already bought us dinner. Italian tonight. Sorry.” He purses his lips. “But if you want to go out, it’s fine. I’ll call Hailey over.”

Louis looks at Alex, then at Marcel. “Um..”

Alex gives him a smile, one that says he really doesn’t mind if Louis goes but he would really love for Louis to stay. Then he goes into the kitchen.

“I’m..” Louis starts, turning to Marcel. “I would love to go for dinner with you three, but..”

Marcel pecks him on the mouth before he could continue. “It’s alright. Stay with your friend.”

“You sure?” Louis asks, placing a hand on Marcel’s chest.

“Yeah. Besides, we haven’t even told Harry and Edward yet anyway.” He reassures, his big hand covering Louis’ on his chest. "It's okay."

“Thank you. I’m really sorry.” Louis apologises, kissing him again.

“Don’t be.” Marcel urges. “We’re going to see each other tomorrow anyway.”

Louis brightens. “Yeah.”

Marcel glances at his watch. “I should get going now.”

“Alright.” Louis agrees, both of them growing to their feet and heading towards the entrance. He grabs Marcel’s coat for him, helping him put it on before he opens the door. “Say hi to your brothers for me.”

“Sure.” Marcel grins, nodding. Once he puts his shoes on, he walks past the threshold and turns around. “Take care, alright?”

Louis leans up when Marcel bends down to kiss him on the lips. “You too.”

Marcel drops another kiss on his forehead this time, lingering a little. He grins when he pulls away, poking one side of Louis’ face before he walks off. “Bye.”

“Bye.” Louis whispers, pressing the side of his head against the door frame while he watches Marcel leaves.

Once the Alpha is gone, Louis steps back inside and closes the door. He walks over to the couch, patting the cushions and arranging them properly.

“Aaargh!!” Alex shrieks when he walks back into the living room, almost dropping the bowls in his hands.

“What the fuck!” Louis jumps, clutching his chest in shock as he glowers at his friend. “What the hell, Al?”

His flatmate glares at him. “You scared me! I thought you left!”

Louis grins at that. “No, Alex. How could I leave you behind?” He goes over and pinches Alex’s cheeks, patting the skin twice and causing Alex to grimace before he grabs one of the bowls. “Thank you.”

“You better be grateful that I haven’t called Hailey yet.” Alex playfully hisses at him as both of them make their way to the couch.

"Yes, your Highness. I am very grateful right now." He drawls dryly, rolling his eyes. The Omega grabs the remote and turns the TV on, flipping through the channels until he comes across a cooking show. They settle down quietly, satisfied with what's on the TV.

“Hey, Lou?” Alex says a few minutes later.


“Thanks for staying.”

Louis turns to him and smiles, nudging his shoulder. “Of course, Al. You’re my best mate.”

Chapter Text

"Hi." Louis greets shyly as he walks out of his building to see the three Alphas leaning against the black Range Rover parked right in front of the entrance. He does feel a little shy about meeting all three of them again.

"Hey gorgeous." Edward smirks, already holding out a hand for the overnight bag Louis is carrying.

The Omega passes it to him, blushing at the term. He's totally aware of the other two Alphas still staring at him with fond smiles. It's making him so giddy Louis doesn't know what to do with his own face. He hopes that he's not cringing.

Harry steps closer to him when he turns around to greet them properly. The Alpha tentatively bends down; he pauses when his face is centimeters away from Louis', trying to see if the Omega is going to pull away. When Louis doesn't budge, Harry lightly brushes their lips together. "Hey." The cheeky smile Harry gives him when they pull away makes Louis weak in the knees.

Louis pecks Harry's cheek and moves on to Marcel. Blushing as an arm wraps around his waist, Louis stands on his tip toes to meet Marcel's lips halfway, his eyes falling shut. The kiss is sweet, chaste; but it still manages to kick start his heart.

"You look beautiful." Marcel compliments when he pulls away, dropping a kiss on Louis' forehead.

Louis scoffs lightly. "I'm in my ugliest clothes probably."

"You could put on a trash bag and still look pretty." Edward says as he tugs Louis out of his brother's arms and into his own. Louis could barely work up a reply before passionate lips are enclosing upon his and he gasps into the kiss. His hands grip at Edward's biceps, holding on while the Alpha gently abuses Louis' mouth with his own, taking his breath away.

His head spins a little when he steps back, blush spreading out along his cheekbones while his lips still tingle from three different kisses.

"Ready?" Marcel asks, opening the back door for Louis and gesturing inside.

The Omega nods with a smile and his response prompts the others to move as well. All of them quickly fill in the rover, Edward driving with Harry in the passenger seat and Marcel and Louis at the back.

The journey starts out quiet among them, with the windows open and Harry letting his hand ride the wind and the radio playing some song Louis doesn’t know. Edward is focused on the road, occasionally glancing at the rearview mirror. Sometimes their eyes meet, and every time, Louis would only manage to hold their gaze for less than a second before he has to turn away with red cheeks.

They’re barely half an hour in when Louis’ eyelids are dropping and he’s yawning every few minutes. Marcel notices and pulls him close with a smile, wrapping an arm around him and tucking him at his side. The Omega goes willingly, his body relaxed and pliant. He rests his head on Marcel’s shoulder without a shame. Pressed close to Marcel and absorbing his warmth, Louis is easily giving in to sleep. He feels a pair of lips pressing on his forehead and sighs contentedly, snuggling closer until he’s fully comfortable. Then he's out.

Since Louis has already had them keyed in the address to his Mum’s, they just follow the GPS and don’t even spend a second to spare a thought to wake the Omega up.

Harry turns to the back now and then, a little jealous that Marcel gets to hold Louis in his arm. Mostly he just wants to snuggle up to someone. He sighs, then glares at the console between him and Edward. He would like to cuddle with his brother, but of course the thing has to be in the way.

“What’s up with you?” Edward asks when he glances over and Harry is pouting. He quickly reaches out and playfully flicks at the pout.

Harry mewls in pain, swatting his brother’s hand away. He scowls at him, touching his mouth as it throbs from Edward’s cruel hit. “Don’t do that, it hurts.”

Edward’s face softens and he lovingly caresses Harry’s plump lips with callous fingers. "Okay, I’m sorry, babe. Why were you pouting?”

“Wanted to cuddle with you..” He complains, glaring at the console that’s separating them again.

“You feeling lonely?” Edward questions, stroking across Harry’s cheek and his face twitching when the Alpha leans into his touch.

“A little.”

“Do you want to go and sit at the back with Lou and Marcy?”

“Don’t call me that.” Marcel cuts in quietly.

Edward sneers at him through the rear view mirror. “Wasn't asking you.”

The youngest triplet rolls his eyes, turning to stare at the view outside.

“Wanna sit with you.” Harry mumbles quietly.

“You can’t right now, babe.” Edward says, his eyes fully on the road again. “We’ll stop at the gas station for some snacks, and you can move to sit at the back with Lou and Marcel if you want."

Harry nods, clutching Edward’s hand and refusing to let it go.

Edward wants to express his annoyance but seeing how Harry’s leaning back in his seat with their fingers tangled together makes him fall silent instead.

As promised, they stop by the gas station. Harry decides he needs the toilet while Edward goes to buy something for Harry to munch on through the rest of the journey. He knows how much his brother gets bored during car rides, and giving him snacks always keeps him occupied if there's no one to entertain him.

When he returns to the car with the plastic bag, Marcel is sitting in the passenger seat while Harry has moved to the back seat. He’s replaced their youngest brother, cuddling into Louis who is sleeping so soundly. Edward shrugs, getting back into the driver seat and passing the plastic bag to Marcel.

“Do you want me to drive?” Marcel offers. He knows that it’s not much of a far journey anymore but he’s growing bored too.

"It’s fine.” Edward shakes his head, pulling the car out of the parking space. “We’re almost there, anyway.”

Marcel pulls out the snacks Edward bought and passes one of them to Harry.

“Thank you!” Harry brightens, taking the chocolate bar and happily unwraps it before proceeding to start chewing away.

“Are you nervous?” Marcel quietly asks, finally speaking up again half an hour later. He’s starting to feel the nerve, unable to sit still at the thought of meeting Louis’ Mum. She’s probably a lovely woman, Marcel’s sure of it. But she’s also the mother of the Omega they’re courting, and there’s an expectation that he needs to fulfil to be eligible as the Alpha that would be with Louis.

“A bit.” Edward admits, his hands tightening just slightly around the steering wheel.

“What if I make a fool out of myself?” Marcel bites on his lower lip, shifting in his seat so he’s more angled towards Edward. He turns to the back and Harry’s fallen asleep as well, his cheek pressing against the top of Louis’s head.

Edward throws him a look. “You won’t.”


“People get nervous when it comes to things like this. It’s not unusual. It’d be more odd if you aren’t nervous, if I’m completely honest.”

“Yeah… You’re right.” He sighs, closing his eyes and throwing his head back against the head rest. “I’ve just never done this before.”

“Neither have I, nor Harry.” Edward reasons. “You’ll be fine. It’ll be fine.”

Marcel doesn't reply at first“Okay.”

“Have you told Mum we’re coming over tomorrow?”

Marcel gasps. “I forgot.”

“Text her now.” Edward says, frowning disapprovingly. He sure hopes that their Mum isn’t going anywhere for the weekend or else they would have to bring Louis to meet her another time. He doesn’t really want that. It’d be easier to get it over with as soon as possible.

Marcel obeys, pulling out his phone and sending her a text that says they’d be home by tomorrow evening.

A reply comes in shortly after.

Mum: This is very out of the blue, Marcel. But alright. Can’t wait to see you! Xx

“How long till we arrive?”

“It says here that it’d be 20 more minutes or so.” Marcel replies, checking the GPS.

Both of them fall quiet at that, the reality of the whole situation finally dawning on them.

“Fuck.” Edward breathes. “This is really happening.”

“Yes.” Marcel chokes out.

"Well, fuck me."

By the time they reach Louis’ housing area, Marcel is hyperventilating. The sky is dark out, and the rows of houses are bright with light. His eyes scan them all, awaiting the moment they’d reach Louis’.

“Harry.” Edward calls, trying to wake his brother up when they finally stop at their destination.

His voice wakes Louis up too, the blue eyes blinking repeatedly as he tries to recall where he is and what is happening. The Omega yawns timidly, pressing the back of his hand to his mouth. Harry frowns sleepily, rubbing his eyes.

“Are we here already?” Louis asks in disbelief as he looks around. “I can’t believe I slept through the whole journey.” A moment later his face brightens. “Oh my God, we’re here! We’re at my Mum’s!”

From the car, they can see figures running around in the house. Louis' heart is already racing at the thought of seeing the people he loves so much again. It’s been so long and he can barely stay still with the excitement. “Come on!” He chirps, almost bouncing in his seat. “I can’t wait to see them. Oh, they’re going to love you!”

Harry notices the look on Marcel’s face and how quiet he’s being, so he reaches out and gently grabs Marcel’s arm. “Hey, it’ll be okay.”

“What’s wrong?” Louis turns to Marcel questioningly.

“He’s nervous.” Edward rasps. “All of us are.”

The Omega can’t help the fond smile that graces his face when he hears that. “You don’t have to be. She would love all of you. I promise.” Louis says, looking at each of their faces.

“Y-You don’t know that.” Marcel stammers out, shaking his head. “She might hate me.”

“Or me.” Edward cringes.

“She won’t.” Louis urges. “She would never hate people who mean a lot to me.”

Immediately after he said that, all three of them snap their heads at him. Louis gapes, starting to flush red.

“Yeah…” Marcel starts to relax, his face softening. “Yeah, okay.”

Louis’ blush is still yet to fade but he brightens again anyway, and his smile grows wider when Edward is nodding in agreement to what Marcel said. He turns to look at his house again and the glee inside him is barely contained. “Let’s go, let’s go!”

The Omega throws the door open and hops out, excitedly running to the bonnet to get their bags out.

“God, look at him.” Edward mumbles.

All of them start to filter out of the car, and Harry grabs Marcel once the doors are closed. He pulls his brother close, covering Marcel’s mouth with his before the Alpha can react. He knows Marcel is still fidgety, so he cradles him close until all tension leaves his body, until Marcel is finally relaxing against him.

Edward clears his throat, having walked around the car and is fixing his shirt. He gives them a look that says they need to get going. And seeing how Louis is now stumbling along the yard and struggling with their bags - as if he can carry them all by himself - Harry has to agree. He kisses Marcel on his forehead before he releases him and they start moving to trail after Louis.

Once they catch up with Louis halfway through the path leading to his doorstep, each of them takes a bag from the Omega. Edward takes two from him; his own bag and Louis’, until Louis is left with nothing.

"Hey!!" The Omega protests, crossing his arms and staring at all of them in what appear to be shock and betrayal.

"Hush, princess." Edward coaxes, wrapping an arm around his petite body and kissing the side of his head. "Come on."

They continue along the path until all of them are stopped at the front door. Voices and squeals are coming from inside the house, and Louis needs a moment to compose himself before he can ring the bell. It rings twice through the house.

“Daisy, could you get the door?” The faint voice of Louis' mother says.

“Alright, Mum!”

A few seconds later, the door creaks open and Daisy appears. She gasps, widening her eyes as they start to fill with tears. “Lou!” And before he knows it, she’s in his arms and he’s inhaling her hair and in any other occasion he would’ve pushed her away because her hair is in his mouth but right now, he couldn’t be more glad to breathe her scent again.

Instantly, all chatters inside the house stops and it falls silent following Daisy’s exclaim. After a second, the screaming starts.

“Oh my God, oh my God!”

“Lou’s back!”

“Oh my God, Mum, Lou’s back!”


The Omega is already crying into Daisy’s hair as the footsteps grow louder before the rest of his sisters appear and he couldn't even process it before they are throwing themselves at him and he gets a harmful of his girls in his arms.

“We’ve missed you so much, Lou!” Fizzy exclaims as Louis tries to wrap his arms around all of them.

“I’ve missed all of you more.” He almost sobs, trying to kiss each of them on the cheek.

“We’re so glad you’re home.” Phoebe whispers, clutching to his shirt as if she never wants to let him go ever again.

“Girls, you could have at least let him come in first before jumping on him.” Jay says as she stands at the entrance with her hands on her hips. Her tone is disapproving, but her face says otherwise.

Louis’ mouth tilts up at that and he smiles tearfully at his mother. “I’m used to it, Mum.”

“Sorry, Lou.” The girls say quickly, murmuring their apology as they slowly release him and take a step back.

“Get inside, all of you.” Jay orders, pointing into the house. The girls grumble at that, but obey nonetheless. It makes Louis smile. He’s missed her so much. She looks at Louis, then glances at the tall Alphas he’s brought along with him. They might be six feet tall and Jay’s only a petite Omega, but the way she’s staring at them appraisingly makes all of them cower a little. “Come on, boys. Inside. It’s cold out here.”

She’s disappeared into the door before they could say anything.

“Come on.” Louis prompts, sparing them one look before he’s following his mother in.

“Well…” Edward starts.

“She looks scary.”

“What are we, ten?” Edward retorts, then shakes his head and proceeds to walk inside with his brothers trailing behind him.

When they enter the living room, Louis is hugging his mother and she is dropping kisses all over his face. The girls are in the kitchen, their chatters and giggles could be heard. The triplets place their bags on the floor by the wall momentarily, unsure where to put them anyway. Once Jay and Louis are finished with their reunion, Louis is pulling her over to where the triplets are standing.

“Mum, these are the Styles triplets.” He introduces with a smile.

“Um, evening, Ma’am.” Edward nods, clearly nervous.



Jay stares at them for a moment longer, assessing each and every one of their faces. She observes the features of Harry’s face, her lips pursing from side to side, then she moves on to Marcel, doing the same before she gasps softly. “Oh my God, aren’t you that famous author?”

Louis and the triplets are stunned into silence for a moment, the four of them sharing eye contacts before Marcel opens his mouth. Nothing comes out at first, then he tries again. “I’m, um, yeah, uh, yeah.”

“M.H. Styles, right?” She grins excitedly.

“Mum, this is Marcel. He’s the youngest triplet.” Louis gestures at the Alpha, feeling extremely giddy as Marcel holds out a hand towards his mother.

She takes it with an approving nod, her grin is still in place as she uses their connected hands to pull him into an embrace. “Nice to meet you, dear.”

“A-And you too, Mrs Tomlinson.” Harry and Edward send Marcel a proud look, nodding at him to tell him that he’s got this.

“No need for those, just call me Jay.” She smiles as she pulls back, patting the back of his hand.

“Oh, al-alright, Jay.” Marcel cracks a timid grin, making her coo before she goes to Harry again.

Louis clears his throat a little, hoping he’s not puking rainbow when he speaks. “This is Harry, he’s the middle one.”

“Hi love, how are you?” She asks warmly, causing the Alpha to dimple and bend down when she wraps her arms around him.

“Good.” Harry informs her. “How about you?”

"Absolutely much better now that my son is back home." She replies, patting his cheek before they release each other.

When she faces Edward, she tilts her head to the side. Louis doesn’t get to introduce him as Edward speaks up first. "Edward Styles, pleasure to meet you Ma'am." The oldest triplet says, holding a hand out towards her.

Unlike Marcel, she ignores his hand and straight away hugs him. "Now, now, what did I say about those nonsense? Just call me Jay, love." She scolds gently.

Louis hides his laugh in a cough.

“Right.” Edward nods curtly, his arms reluctantly wrapping around her too.

She pats his back once before taking a step back and looking at the three of them again. “Oh, where’s my manners? Have you all had dinner?”

“No, we didn’t..” Louis ignores the look the Alphas are giving him. “We didn’t stop by for dinner.”

“Well, all of you are having dinner first before I let you settle down.” She decides, clasping her hands together.

Edward makes a face at Louis as Harry speaks up. “Are you sure, though, Mrs- I mean, Jay? There are three of us, and…”

“Don’t worry, darling. There are always plenty of food to go around.” She assures. “Come on, then, dinner.”

Jay leaves to go to the kitchen, leaving them for a moment to serve the table.

Louis walks excitedly towards the Alphas, unable to keep the grin off his face. “So, what do you think?" He looks at Marcel. "How are you feeling?"

“Good.. Better now.” Marcel admits, heaving out a sigh. “I still feel like I’m walking on eggshells here. Like I’m just waiting for the moment that I’ll do something stupid and she’ll hate me.”

“No, she won’t. She’s really liking all of you.” Louis tells them.

“How would you know, though?” Edward chastises.

The Omega sends him a look. “Well, she’s my Mum, isn’t she? I know her.”

“She doesn’t look like she knows me.” Harry speaks up all of a sudden.

“Yeah? Does that hurt your alter ego?” Edward teases, nudging his brother on the side with his elbow.

Harry giggles, shying away from the touch. “No! I’m actually quite glad. It means I can be myself.”

“Yeah, I’m a bit like my Mum. We don’t really know what’s going on among the kids these days.” He shrugs. “Can’t say the same for my sisters, though. I hope they won’t be a problem.”

“Of course they won’t.” Harry reassures.

Phoebe runs into the room, going straight to Louis. “Lou, food’s ready.” She informs them, sending a shy look towards Harry before the girl flees again.

“See? Not a problem at all.”

“Yeah, except creepy glances from underage children.” Louis retorts as they start to walk to the dining room.

Jay ushers them inside when she sees them. “Come on, take a seat everybody.”

Louis can see that everything has been served and quietly thanks his mother and the girls. He can’t wait to dive in. He’s been missing his Mum’s cooking so much recently.

After making sure that the triplets are properly settled down at the table, Louis finally takes his seat next to Edward.

His mother gets up from her seat, then disappears into the hall when they hear the phone rings. Louis decides that it’s not a bad time to introduce the triplets to his sisters.

“Lads, these are my sisters.” He motions to the girls staring at the Alphas. He starts going through each of them. “This is Daisy and Phoebe. They’re twins. Then that’s Fizzy and Lottie.”

“Ooh, their names rhyme!” Harry cheers.

“Girls, these are…” Louis hesitates, then without meeting the Alphas’ eyes, he continues. “These are my boyfriends.” He knows he’s grinning too wide and his face is probably flushed when he says that, but sue him. “These are Edward, Harry, and Marcel.”

“Were you the one who almost hit the pap that one time?” Lottie questions, looking at Edward.

The Alpha blinks. “Yes, guilty.”

Lottie nods with a smirk. “I like you already.”

Edward grins, sending her a wink. It makes her giggle, prompting Louis to glare at her. She laughs even louder when she realises she's at the receiving end of the playful look. "Hey, he’s mine.”

His sister points her tongue at him, and Louis does the same.

“Alright, children. Time to dig in.” Jay announces when she reappears, finally sitting down again.

While everyone starts to do so, Edward turns to Louis with a tiny smirk.

Louis pretends to ignore it, instead helping Edward to some mashed potatoes. But then the Alpha whispers into his ears, which is a little hard to ignore.

“Yours, Princess.”

The Omega turns so red at that his cheeks are hurting with the flames of it.

“So, what do you three do?” Jay asks after a few minutes of comfortable silence following the commencement of their meal. “Apart from Marcel, of course. I already know.”

Edward looks at his triplet and opts to answer first. “I, um, I work at Cox Corporation.”

Louis doesn’t know whether to be annoyed or fond at his extreme modesty.

“Ooh, that’s one of the biggest companies here, isn’t it?” Jay gushes, interested. She pauses her feast, placing her cutleries down and tucking her hands under her chin.

The Alpha nods in assertion. “Yeah, we deal with automotive and ships and boats. We also own a few hotels.”

“That sounds fantastic.” Jay smiles. Louis snorts at that. “What about you, Harry?”

It’s Fizzy who cuts in. “Mum, you can’t seriously not know?”

“What?” Jay frowns at her daughter, picking up her spoon and fork and resuming to eat.

Lottie scoffs in disbelief, her hands gesturing at Harry. “Don’t you recall, at all?”

Harry is dimpling, his cheeks tinting as he ducks his head.

What are you two talking about?” Jay shakes her head, clearly baffled. Daisy and Phoebe are cackling at her reaction, amused at their mother’s confusion.

“When you walk in the twins’ room, who do you see, Mum?” Lottie asks.

“Harry Sty - Oh…” She blinks, turning to Harry again. “It is him!”

Louis sighs heavily, face palming.

“So..” Louis says as he takes a seat next to Harry on the bed. It is way past dinner and the triplets have been given the twins’ room to stay in while the girls all sleep in Fizzy and Lottie’s room. “What do you think?”

“Of what, your family?” Harry questions. When Louis nods, he grins and shows off his dimples. “I love them. They’re so lively.”

“Apart from the fact that they’re a handful and they can get on your nerves sometimes.” Louis rolls his eyes but it only comes off as fond. He loves his family too much to be talking about them like that.

“I love the girls. They’re really lovely.” Harry cocks his head to the side. “And I can see where you got your beauty from.”

“Oh, shut up.”

“Your house feels so much like home.” Harry comments, leaning back until he’s lying on the bed and smiling up at Louis. “It’s so comfortable and cosy.”

“Yeah?” Louis raises his eyebrows, shifting until he’s facing Harry before he copies the Alpha, lying down next to Harry with his head on Harry’s shoulder. “My step dad bought it when he and my Mum first got married.”

Harry brings a hand up, stroking his fingers along Louis’ cheek. “Where is he now?”

"Um.. he died in a car accident a few years back.” Louis shuts his eyes, throat closing up.

“I’m sorry.” Harry murmurs, brushing his thumb across Louis’ cheekbones and those blue eyes pop open. Louis doesn’t reply to him, instead choosing to run his gaze along Harry’s features up close and appreciating the beauty in front of him.

"I noticed you talking to Lottie and Fizzy just now. What did you talk about?" Louis smirks, changing the topic. "You look as excited talking to them as they are talking to you."

"Oh.." Harry tilts his head, trying to remember what the contents of their conversation were. "They were asking me about how it's like to walk the runway."

Louis props his head up on his elbow. "Did you take pictures?"

"No." Harry shakes his head. "They didn't ask."

"Huh, that's weird. I thought they'd be trying to snap a picture with you anytime they can." Louis says, which Harry shrugs to in reply. "Um, remember when you said you'd make a statement about dating someone but not saying who?"

"Yeah." Harry nods. "Why?"

"What did you say?" Louis wonders, curious.

"Ah..." Harry murmurs, patting his pockets and pulling out his phone. "I actually tweeted it. Hold on.."

Louis watches quietly as Harry unlocks the device, opening up the Twitter app before he's showing Louis the screen.

The Omega takes it, lying on his back again with their shoulders pressed together as he reads it.

Harry Styles. @Harry_Styles

At least the Sun is right about me being taken. All the love. H

"That's it?" Louis asks, scrolling down through Harry's profile. The Alpha doesn't tweet a lot, just a few things here and there. "How did people react?"

Harry purses his lips. "Well, my mentions blew up, for starters. Some were very happy that I've apparently found an Omega to be with. Some were jealous." He shrugs. "There were a lot of reactions."

Louis hums thoughtfully, toying with the phone in his hands. "So, most of your fans are supportive of the fact that you've finally found someone?"

"Yeah. They think it's time for me to settle down, apparently." He laughs. "Sometimes they really behave like my mother."

"Oh Harry, my son, Harry!!!" Louis fakes a high pitched shriek, trying to mimic Harry's fans.

Both of them howl with laughter.

Louis sighs, a little tired after laughing. He notices something as they slip into a comfortable silence, then looks around the room and frowns. "Where are Edward and Marcel?"

"They went down to ask for towels." Harry replies, lifting his head to stare at the door. "I wonder what's taking them so long."

"If I were to move in this week, how would it go?" Louis suddenly asks, bringing the topic up. He's wanted to approach it with Harry, only one of them first before he tells the rest.

Harry grows excited at that. "You're going to move in soon? Which day?"

"I haven't decided yet. Still need to sit down and talk with my Mum." He glances at Harry. "Would it.. Um, am I expected to move in straight with you? Like, in the same room, the same bed?" He blushes a little at the thought.

Harry blinks. "Um, I'm not entirely sure. But I think so..?" He stares at Louis. "Do you.. Do you want it to be otherwise?"

Louis ducks his gaze. "I was wondering if it'd be okay if I take another room first. I mean.. I've never had an Alpha in my bed. Let's start with living under one roof, then we'll see how it progress to staying in the same room."

"Okay." Harry says. "As long as you're comfortable. I just want to see you all day every day. I think Edward and Marcel would agree anyway."

"Agree to what?" Marcel asks as he enters the room with Edward in tow, both of them carrying the towels they've procured from Jay.

Harry and Louis sit up on the bed, crossing their legs.

"What took you so long?" Louis scrunches up his nose.

Edward shrugs. "We were chatting with your Mum." He looks at Harry. "What were you talking about?"

"Louis wants to stay in a separate bedroom first when he moves in." Harry informs his brother.

"Just want to take it slow, if that's okay." Louis quickly says before any of them could speak up. "Sleeping with three Alphas on the same bed all of a sudden is pretty overwhelming, if you think about it."

Edward and Marcel look at each other as they process that thought, then nod and turn back to Louis. "Yeah, fair point. I don't see a problem with that."

Louis smiles, glad to know his request is immediately taken into kind consideration without any protest from the Alphas.

Edward places the towels on the small, rounded table at the corner of the room and glances at his brothers. "So, who's taking a shower first?"

"Me." Marcel says, already grabbing a towel at the same time Harry dashes to take one.

"But I want to shower first!" Harry complains, both of them racing to the door. They nudge each other harshly, trying to fit through the door frame while attempting to wrestle the other.

Louis and Edward share a look, then roll their eyes simultaneously.

Marcel ends up letting Harry shower first, because as much as he likes to tease his brother, he is also very fond of him.

So that's how Louis finds himself sitting on the bed, straddling Marcel with their lips glued together after Marcel suggested they snog to pass the time. Edward had left earlier when he received a call from work that he couldn't decline.

Louis hums softly when Marcel's lips press against his again. He feels mischievous, like he's a teenager all over again, kissing his boyfriend while they hope his Mum is not going to come in and find them.

Louis pulls back to get some oxygen, panting slightly as he stares down into Marcel's green eyes. Both of them are flushed, pressed together with their chests aligned and their heartbeat synchronised.

Marcel's breath hitches when he sees the state Louis is in. His eyes are unfocused, his lips swollen with kisses and the flush is visible from his cheeks down to his neck. He looks fucked out and Marcel doesn't even want to think about how Louis would look like when he's actually fucked out.

The Omega moans when Marcel pulls him closer, connecting their mouths again and he can't help grinding down against the Alpha. He's sporting a semi now, unable to control his body when all he can think of is the gorgeous Alpha shoving a tongue down his throat and how his palms burn everywhere they touch on Louis' body and how it feels like to be pressed up against the solid chest and the warmth that they share. Louis whines when he feels Marcel's hands drag down his back, stopping at the curve along his spine just above his hips.

He moans out frustrated and disappointed noises when those hands stop there and don't move, wriggling his bottom to get Marcel to touch him.

"Please." Louis breaks their kiss to gasp out, his arms loosening from around Marcel's neck to reach down and behind him. He grips Marcel's wrists, guiding his hands down until those huge palms are flat on his bum. "Touch me."

Marcel locks their gaze, unblinking when he slowly squeezes Louis' ample cheeks.

Louis moans, his eyes falling shut. When he grinds down again, he finds Marcel's cock fully hard, similar to his own and pressing together.

The Omega makes a sound high in his throat as Marcel finds his mouth again, swallowing the noises he make while Marcel continues to knead his flesh.

He knows how good kissing feels like, have felt it before, the lovely taste of it when their lips press together, how the sweetness feels like a great pleasure when their tongues brush together with their roaming hands all over each other's bodies.

But a kiss like this that holds a promise of much more makes him feel a lot of things at once. It makes him excited, unable to sit still in his skin, urges him to keep grinding against Marcel as he builds them up. Louis doesn't stop moving even as Marcel is nibbling and sucking on his lip, even biting gently while he abuses Louis' mouth without relent. It makes him hot, his body ignited on every surface that they're pressed against each other, every spot Marcel has touched. He is producing slick with the smell of his arousal that grows more and more pronounced the harder Marcel massages his cheeks.

"Marcel.." Louis gasps, tilting his head to the side when the Alpha showers his skin with kisses. Marcel presses his lips to the spot that holds Louis' scent gland, sucking and nibbling and kissing it while Louis grows nearer to his release.

He can barely think, barely able to comprehend what's happening. All in his mind is the tightening in his stomach, the pleasure it erupts when Marcel keeps sucking on his skin, the brush of their clothed dicks that feels better and better with each stroke.

Louis is making a lot of obscene sounds, not able to keep quiet. He's so close, so so close...

"Jesus Christ." Edward grunts in disbelief when he enters the room. "Marcel, get off him!"

The Alpha snaps up, his eyes blinking open while his body tensed. He hesitates at first but eventually releases Louis, shoving the Omega off on the mattress before he scrambles to get off the bed, away from Louis.

Louis whimpers at the loss of contact, sitting back on his feet in confusion. He was so close, his trousers damp on the back and front from his leaking. Louis takes note of how Marcel's glasses are all fogged up and how unsettled he looks. It's so hot that Louis' dick twitches with interest.

"What were you thinking?" Edward crosses his arms as he glares at Marcel, fuming. "We're at his mother's house!"

"I'm sorry." Marcel gasps out, standing with his body fully facing his brother, the Alpha of his pack. "I-I wasn't thinking."

Edward fixes him with a furious scowl, upset and disappointed. "Control yourself, Marcel." He orders.

Louis can see it when Marcel shivers, his head bowed. "Yes, Alpha." He says, answering to his brother.

When Edward looks at Louis, his gaze is still tensed, stern. The Omega quickly tries stuttering out, wincing a little at being sent that look. "Edward, I, I'm sorry."

Edward's face softens, though only slightly and he's still glaring. "Maybe you should go freshen up or something." He suggests in a rough voice, casting his eyes away.

Louis knows that Edward is telling him to leave. It almost offends him, but he knows Edward must has an explanation for being so angry. So he doesn't hesitate climbing off of the bed, keeping his head lowered too as he walks out.

He deflates when the door closes behind him, wondering why the oldest triplet is behaving as such. Then he hears Edward's voice starting to lecture Marcel while he leaves.

Louis rushes to his room, barging into the toilet as he pulls all of his clothes off and starts a cold shower to get rid of his erection.

By the time he's squeaky clean and is dressed in his sweats sitting on his bed, there is a knock on the door before his mother steps in.

"Hey." She says softly, bringing a mug of tea with her.

"Hi Mum." Louis smiles, patting the space on the bed next to him.

She hands him the mug, keeping a close watch on his face as she settles down beside him. "So..."

Louis raises his eyebrows in question, sipping quietly on his tea. "So..?"

"I heard.." She pauses. "And smelled what happened. In fact, everyone did."

"Oh God." Louis blushes red, trying to hide his face behind the mug and lowering his head.

Jay laughs. "No, no, it's fine. Don't be embarrassed." She assures, trying to pull the mug down to see him. "It's a natural thing."

"How bad was it though?" Louis asks weakly, biting down on his lip.

Jay makes a face. "Um, Lottie maybe filed a complaint about the smell. Said she didn't need to know what you were 'getting up to' as she put it." She motions the quotation mark with her fingers.

"Oh my God." Louis groans again in embarrassment, wishing he could just dig a hole and bury himself there. His whole family knows he was aroused.

Jay couldn't keep it in and laughs out loud. "Don't feel bad."

"Bad?" Louis scoffs in disbelief. "I want to kill myself right now, I'm so embarrassed."

"For what? For finding some good Alphas that finally know how to treat you well?" Jay raises an eyebrow.

The moment her last word registers in his head, Louis is shoving the mug into her hold and burying his face in his hands. "Are we seriously talking about this? Right now?"

"Of course! I never got to talk to you about it." Jay nudges his shoulder with her knuckles and he looks up at her. "It's completely fine, Lou. We can talk."

"Mum, stop."

"Have you seen each other naked yet?" Jay asks, curious.

Louis' reply consists of a high pitched disgusted sound which prompts his mother into another fit of laughter. "Please stop, Mum, before I die of embarrassment here."

Jay gives him a break. "Alright, alright. Just remember that I'll be here if you have any question."

Louis wants to cry when she legitimately winks at him. "Kill me now."

Jay stares at him, smiling widely. She reaches down to put the tea away, and when her back is straight again, she resumes staring at him. Her eyes run over his face, all of it. Louis can see that her eyes are starting to shimmer with unshed tears. "Come here, baby." She opens her arms a little, her voice cracking.

Louis feels a sad tug to his heart and he goes straight away, plastering himself against her and pressing his face into her neck.

"My baby." Jay coos, rocking them side to side. "Soon you won't be my baby anymore. Not going to be mine anymore."

Louis' heart breaks when he hears that and he clutches her tightly, his eyes pricking with tears. "Don't say that, Mum."

"You've grown up so fast, honey." She murmurs, stroking his hair. "It feels like yesterday that you told me you wanted to leave for uni, and then you went to London, and now you already found your own Alphas."

Louis pulls back a little to look at her, wiping his tears away when they flow down. "Mum, I'm almost twenty seven." He claims, making them both chuckle in spite of their tears.

"I know, honey. I've wondered when that happened." She replies, hugging him close again. "You're my best friend, Lou. My son, my baby, my best friend."

"I'm not going anywhere." He says sadly. "Don't talk as if I'm dying."

"Of course." Jay obliges with another tiny chuckle. "It's just a little much for me to take in."

Louis sucks in her smell, the most familiar one he has ever had in his whole life. "You're my best friend too, Mum."

"I'm so happy you've found the Alphas that are going to take care of you, Lou." She tells him, dropping kisses on his head. "I don't have to worry too much anymore."

Louis laughs tearfully. "I'm a grown man, I can take care of myself."

Jay pushes him back to look at him disapprovingly. "You can't cook to save your life, boo bear."

"Seriously?" Louis widens his eyes in betrayal. "You're insulting my cooking skills right now?"

He can't even keep up his angry face when she bursts into a tearful laughter again, her eyes twinkling as she looks at him.

"I love you so much, Mum." Louis says, kissing her cheek.

"I love you too." Jay replies, pinching his cheek. "Don't stay up too late."

Louis nods. "Yeah." He says. "Okay."

"Okay." She echoes. "Goodnight, love."

Louis keeps his eyes on her face while she gets off the bed and bends down to grab the mug before moving on to the door. "Goodnight, Mum." He says, blinking lazily and smiling even after his Mum walks out.

Not long after that, there's a quiet knock on the door and it slowly creaks open. Edward stands behind the threshold, looking slightly bashful. "May I come in?" He requests politely.

Louis nods, grinning from ear to ear as he opens his arms wide. It's an obvious invitation to have the Alpha in his embrace.

Edward stares at him for a few moment, probably internally debating with himself whether or not to comply with Louis' silent demand. The Alpha stands there unmoving. Louis' face falls a little at that, and he slowly lowers his arms, letting it fall to his side with a sad pout.

Seeing that, Edward gives a low huff and he steps inside, letting the door swing close behind him. He stalks towards Louis, his expression stoic.

The Omega doesn't let it get to him though, scooting back a little and putting his arms up again.

Edward pauses when he reaches the bed, staring down at Louis.

"Come here, please." Louis murmurs, making grabby hands at him. He looks so soft and cuddly on the bed, begging for Edward's attention and touch. The Alpha couldn't possibly deny him even if he wants to.

Edward sighs, placing his knee on the mattress as he slowly gets on. He shuffles forward a little, and Louis doesn't give him a warning before he is grabbing a handful of the front of Edward's shirt, letting his petite body fall back onto the mattress and pulling the Alpha down with him.

Edward slaps his palms onto the mattress on both side of Louis' head, preventing him from crushing the Omega underneath. He is about to scold him when Louis wraps his arms and legs around Edward, pulling him down with force. The Alpha huffs when their bodies are finally pressed together and he's fully lying on top of Louis.

"Lou, I'm crushing you." He says, trying to get off.

Louis holds on to him tight, making sure that they're not moving. "You are not. I'll tell you if you are." He says, shaking his head.

Edward sighs heavily, letting his body go lax as he gives in to the Omega. "I'm sorry for Marcel's behaviour." He says quietly.

Louis cocks an eyebrow. "What behaviour? Kissing me?"

"No, inappropriate conduct in your mother's house."

"Seriously?" Louis scoffs. "It was nothing but messing around."

"Exactly, he was being a fool treating you like that." Edward says.

"I initiated it. I was the one who took it farther when we were kissing." Louis reasons, frowning.

The Alpha mirrors his facial expression. "Well, he should've stopped it."


"He's disrespecting you and your family. You are not yet our mate and it's extremely frowned upon to do that when in a parent's house, especially the Omega's." Edward hisses through gritted teeth.

Louis' face turns fond and he bites down on his lower lip. "You're very traditional, aren't you? Is it how you were raised?" He asks softly, brushing Edward's hair to the side.

"Yes." His reply is a little grumpy. "Our mother finds a few modern society's ways to be very..displeasing. She says that since people have adapted to the modernisation, a lot of our courteous practise have been forsaken. That's why she tries very hard to instil traditional ways that she deems worthy to uphold."

"That's really cute!" Louis coos, ruffling his hair.

"Don't objectify me, Omega." He tries to glare at him, but he is failing miserably in fighting the smirk off his face.

Louis chuckles, the sound soft and quiet. "My mother doesn't mind, you know? About the Marcel thing." He supplies, then pauses. "Maybe Lottie does."

"I just.." Edward huffs. "I don't want any of us to do anything that'd make us lose you." He exhales through his nose, pressing his forehead against Louis' shoulder.

"You're not going to lose me." Louis tells him.

"I don't want to do anything wrong." Edward murmurs, pulling back to stare into his eyes.

"Hey, hey, you're not, yeah?" Louis assures, his hands stroking along Edward's back until they're resting on his shoulder. "You're not doing anything wrong. I promise."

Edward searches his eyes, trying to see if there's any hint of dishonesty. When he finds none, the tension leaves his body and his mouth twitches. "Yeah."

"You're so cute." Louis pinches his cheek, patting it gently afterwards.

The soft expression turns sour again and Edward scowls at him. "I'm tired of telling you this. I am not cute."

"Yes, you are. Kiss me." He puckers his lips, tilting his face up and waiting for Edward to comply.

"Bossy." Edward comments, kissing his nose first before he slots their lips together. The kiss is close mouthed, sweet. It makes Louis' toes curl when Edward's mouth grows a little forceful against his despite the fact that Edward won't open up to him every time Louis tries to brush his tongue past Edward's lips.

When Edward finally pulls back to let them catch their breaths and presses their forehead together, Louis glares up at him. The Alpha licks his lips, raising his eyebrows in question to the look he's being given.

"You never kiss me properly." Louis complains, a tone of sadness in his voice coming along with the statement.

"I just kissed you." Edward puts forward his point, growing more confused when Louis' face twists to show that the Omega is clearly upset now. His arms have even loosened from around Edward, instead keeping it to his side and his legs falling to the bed.

Louis mutters incoherent words under his breath, using his hands to push Edward off of him by his chest. When the Alpha falls to the side, Louis sits up with his arms and legs crossed and his back facing him.

"Di-Did I do something wrong?" Edward stammers, surprised at such reaction.

Louis shrugs exaggeratedly. "I don't know, you tell me."

"Lou..." Edward calls softly, sitting up and scooting over until his front is pressed along Louis' back. "Don't be upset."

"Do you not want me? Is that why you never kiss me the way I want you to?" He grumbles, wriggling half heartedly when Edward traps him with his arms.

Edward makes a sound of disagreement, pressing his lips at the spot behind Louis' ear. "Of course I want you. It's why I'm here, isn't it? Seeking approval from your Mum."

"You know that's not what I meant." He snaps, suppressing the urge to elbow Edward in his rib so he could go and sulk.

Edward is silent for a moment. When he speaks, his blowing breath at Louis' ear makes the Omega shiver. "If only you knew the kind of thoughts I have of you." He says lowly.

Louis whimpers. "Tell me." He pleads in a whisper, clutching at Edward's wrists.

"No." Edward shakes his head, kissing Louis' cheek instead.

"You keep rejecting me. My inner Omega is wounded, you know?" Louis sighs heavily, sagging against Edward's chest.

Edward hums a non-comittal sound. "I'll make it up to you soon enough. Promise." He says, tugging Louis' collar until it stretches to reveal the skin of his shoulder. Edward doesn't hesitate to press his lips against the exposed part of Louis' body.

He moans quietly. "Stop saying things like that if you're going to leave me tonight with nothing but a kiss."

The Alpha chuckles. "I'm sorry."



Louis turns to the side, biting his lip. "When would you make it up to me?" His eyes are already unfocused, things he imagines Edward would do to him flashing up in his minds.

"When the time comes." Edward replies, smirking. Then he pecks Louis on the mouth. "Come on, you should go to sleep now. We've got another journey tomorrow."

The Omega whines at the change of topic. He clucks his tongue once then swats angrily at Edward's arm. The touch is very light, not even intending to hurt. "What time are we leaving?" Louis enquires, tilting his head and pressing his lips along Edward's jaw.

"After lunch. Is it okay?" He questions.

Louis pulls back and nods, throwing his head back to lean against Edward's shoulder. "Are the three of you settling down okay?" He asks after a few beats have passed.

"Yeah." Edward looks distant for a moment, his face showing that he's focusing on somewhere else. He listens to the sound coming from Harry and Marcel and makes a face. "My brothers are asleep."

Louis mulls over the information. He's very unsure, but something comes up in his brain and he blurts the question out anyway. "Do you want to sleep here with me tonight?"

Edward looks surprised at his offer, but he quickly schools his expression. "Uh, that's not, that's not really a good idea."

Louis visibly wilts at his answer. "Oh, okay."

"Trust me, I want to." Edward says, trying to convince him. He grabs Louis' chin and drops a kiss on his lips. "Harry doesn't sleep well without me in the same bed when we're under the same roof."

Louis stares at him. "You already said no. Don't make it worse with excuses."

"It's not an excuse." Edward says hurriedly. "Something happened, when we were kids. It.. It scarred the three of us very badly, especially Harry. Like I said, he can't sleep well without me and Marcel when we're under the same roof. He'd get terrible nightmares if we're apart for too long."

Louis gulps. "What happened?"

Edward blinks, and he looks worn out all of a sudden. His breath hitches and his heartbeat increases. "I can't.. I can't tell you yet." He gasps, breath coming out shaky.

"Shh.. It's alright." Louis turns around and embraces him. "You don't have to tell me."

Edward sucks in a deep breath, clamping his eyes close. "Maybe one day."

Louis agrees with a tiny nod.

Edward opens his eyes and stares at him quietly, the expression on his face contributing nothing to make Louis aware of what the Alpha is feeling. "I should go."

"Yeah." Louis relents although inside he wishes for Edward to stay a little longer. "Okay."

He grins when Edward kisses him one last time.

"Sleep well, babe." The Alpha murmurs, looking at him with a small smile.

Louis exhales heavily as Edward gets off the bed, walking to the door and pausing once he gets there. "Goodnight, Edward." Louis bids him, blowing him one last kiss.

"Goodnight, gorgeous." Is the last thing he says before he exits and closes the door.

Louis wakes up early that morning. After he showers, he pads away to the kitchen to fix himself a cup of tea. The house is quiet, not a hint of living under the roof but him. At least not yet. The air is peaceful and calm, and Louis loves how much of home it feels like. Even the sound of the birds chirping outside doesn't feel like a disturbance, merely an accompanying piece to the slow morning.

Soft footsteps make him aware that someone else is awake. Louis turns around with a smile when the person stops at the kitchen, his lips stretching even wider when he finds his Mum standing there.

"Morning." He greets softly.

"Morning boo. What are you doing up so early?" Louis shuts his eyes when his Mum walks over and kisses him on top of his head. She loves doing that no matter how much taller he is compared to her.

Louis shrugs. "I don't know. Woke up before my alarm. I could help you with breakfast." He offers.

Jay smiles, fetching another mug for herself. "That's great, then. I could use a little help."

"I never got to ask last night. What do you think?" Louis asks moments later when they both are sitting down with a warm mug of tea in their hands. Jay is still smiling at him, though his question causes a hint of confusion to show through her features.


"What do you think of them? Are they okay?" He chuckles.

Jay starts to beam and Louis visibly relaxes, knowing from that look on his mother's face that they're indeed okay. "They're perfect for you, really."

Louis sighs contentedly, resting his chin on his hand propped up on the table. "So you like them."

"Yes." Jay's eyes soften. "I could tell they're genuine and they really like you. Could barely take their eyes off of you, honey."

Louis blushes at his Mum's observation, yet he can't help the small smile tickling at the edge of his lips. "Were you watching their every move, Mum? Don't do that! They might get creeped out."

"They didn't notice is the thing, isn't it? Were too busy watching you instead." Jay smirks, taking a sip of her tea. She wriggles her eyebrows and it has Louis doubled over laughing. Her face lights up like it's Christmas, watching him so happy. And once he's calmed, she speaks up again. "I can't tell you how grateful and happy I am that you met them. I've always been so worried about who's going to take care of you. And now you've got three of them. And I believe that they won't let me down."

"Oh Mum." Louis sighs, reaching out to hold her hand. She squeezes instantly, giving him a smile. "I told you. You don't have to worry about me. I'll be fine."

"Yeah I know. If anything happens, I'll know whose arse I need to kick anyway."


By the time the clock says that it's nine in the morning, everybody's already awake and showered. The girls are in the living room, gushing and screaming about things Louis isn't sure he wants to know. He's stayed and helped his mother prepare their breakfast. His mother might have shed another tear or two when Louis said he wanted to learn to cook as well.

It's Harry who comes down first, freshly showered with damp hair and a big smile on his face. He enters the dining room when Louis is alone and setting the table. The Omega grins when he sees the dimples on show, poking at one of them the moment the Alpha reaches him. "Morning." He greets, then turns around to move to the kitchen. As expected, Harry follows him where he goes.

"Good morning." Harry says, pressing himself to Louis' back and resting his chin on his shoulder.

The Omega almost drops the mug he's holding as his heart does a cartwheel. He's trying to do the dishes, and he hopes he doesn't break anything. Harry mindlessly wraps an arm around his middle, and Louis has to hold back from choking on his own spit. "Did you sleep well last night?" He pretends to ask, trying to make up a conversation.

Harry's reply consists of him nuzzling his face against Louis and kissing a spot on his neck. "Yeah. Did you?"

"Yeah. It's so good for me to be back home." Louis says honestly, smiling as he turns slightly to Harry.

Harry frowns at that. "How often do you come back home?"

Louis makes a face. "Not too often." At the expectant look Harry gives him, Louis sighs. "In the summer, and Christmas."

Harry's still waiting, and when he sees that that's all Louis has to say, his jaw drops. "That's it? Twice a year?"

"Yeah, well.. I can't really afford to leave often. I used to have two jobs, remember?" He nudges their temples gently, eyes focused on trying to clear the sink of the dishes.

A disapproving sound comes from the Alpha. "The three of us go back to Cheshire once every two months. I'll make sure you get to do the same too."

Louis puts away the last plate and dries his hands. Then he spins around in Harry's arm to face him. "Thank you." He says.

Harry kisses him in reply.

"Mum! Louis is snogging with his boyfriend in the kitchen!" Daisy shrieks from the doorway. Louis can tell from her voice that she's just doing it to give him shit.

"Leave them alone, Phoebe." Comes Jay's reply.

Louis starts cackling with laughter at the betrayed look on Daisy's face.

"I'm Daisy!"

"I know that." Jay retorts, which causes Louis and Harry to burst out laughing.

Louis nudges the Alpha off of him and walks over to a pouting Daisy, pulling her into a hug and pestering her face with kisses. She shrieks loudly, giggling as she tries to push him away. "Aww my little Daisy, she doesn't mean that." He says in a baby voice, grabbing her cheeks.

"Lou, get off!!" She groans in mock irritation, her face pressing at his chest to try to get him to stop. Her attempt goes to waste when Louis laughs and starts tickling her as well.

Harry watches fondly as Daisy laughs and begs for mercy, slapping Louis' hands away. Then when Louis finally stops, she sighs and hugs him tight.

"I've missed you so much, Lou." She says, looking up at him. "Wish you're home more often."

The smile on Harry's face vanishes when Louis doesn't reply, merely casts a tiny grin to his sister.

"You're leaving already?" Fizzy and Phoebe asks with an upset face when they see the triplets bringing their bags down.

"Yeah, we're going to our Mum's." Marcel replies, smiling kindly as he follows Edward down the hall to the front door. They're putting the bags in the car, wanting to make sure everything is packed before they bid their farewells.

Fizzy runs to the stairs, screaming up at her sister. "Lottie!! They're leaving now!" She tells her.

There is a pause before there's any reaction. A door opens and slams, followed by a patter of footsteps and then Lottie appears at the middle of the stairs. "Already?" She blurts.

"Yeah, it appears so." Fizzy shrugs, a little sadly.

Lottie produces a sad sound, and she hurries herself downstairs to go to the living room. Louis comes down moments later, walking over to the entrance and handing his bag to Edward who suddenly reappears at the door. He grabs the Omega's bag and disappears out again afterwards.

Louis joins his siblings in the living room. He observes his sister and his eyebrows knit together when he frowns after seeing the look on their faces. "What's with all of you?" He asks.

"You're leaving so soon." Fizzy mumbles.

Louis softens at that, cooing as he opens his arms and let his sisters crowd into his embrace. "I'll visit again soon, I promise."

"By soon you mean in the summer." Phoebe grumbles where she is hugging him from behind, her face pressed against his shoulder.

The Omega throws his head back and laughs. "No, no. I promise. It'll be before summer." He says confidently.

"Promise?" Lottie asks, looking up at him with her forehead creasing and eyes staring intently at him.

Louis kisses her on the forehead, nodding. "Promise."

The girls cheer at that, hugging him tighter. He's somehow in the middle of the group hug, and Louis tries to hug them all but he's only got two arms.

Jay walks inside the living room and laughs quietly, placing her hands on her hips. "Hogging your brother, I see." She teases.

"Yep, not letting him go until it is necessary." Daisy chirps.

"Really?" Louis asks with widened eyes, causing laughter to ring in the small space of the house.

Fizzy confirms with a nod. "Yeah. So don't even think about escaping."

Louis shrugs, absolutely unbothered with that information. "Nah, I'm content to be here."

When the triplets walk in, they look at the Tomlinson siblings in confusion. Harry's eyes grow wide and excited when he figures out what's happening as he hurries over to them.

"Is this a group hug?" He asks, already opening his arms and trying to join in.

"No, not for you." Lottie says as all of them takes a few steps away from him, shifting their group around, their hold around each other not loosening for one second. "This is us savouring our last moment with our brother that you are stealing from us."

Marcel starts cackling at the look on Harry's face.

Jay takes pity on him and clucks her tongue. "Now, now, girls. Don't be mean to him." She says, feigning disapproval. "It's okay, dear. I'll give you a hug."

Harry brightens up at that, giving the siblings a taunting look as if it bothers them that he gets to hug their mother. "Yeay, I get a hug too!"

"Such an embarrassment to our family." Edward smirks, watching as Harry unashamedly buries his face into Jay's shoulder and sends his brothers a toothy grin. He glances to Marcel and sees that he also has a pout plastered in his face.

Jay notices the same time Edward does and she chuckles. "Come here, Marcel. You can get a hug too."

The pout disappears and a delighted smile takes place instead. He walks over to where Jay and Harry are standing, tugging at the back of Harry's shirt. "It's my turn now, Harry."

Harry shakes his head. "No, no hugs for you. Only for me!" He affirms his statement by clutching tighter to the petite woman who only finds their behaviour endearing.

"Oi! Stop harrassing my mother." Louis calls out, making the girls snicker.

"Come on." Jay releases an arm and reaches out to Marcel, wrapping it around to his back when he slots himself next to Harry.

Jay turns to Edward and raises an eyebrow. She cocks her head invitingly. "Are you just going to stand there, Edward?"

He huffs, relenting. When he stops by them, he finds that there's no room for him so he wraps his arms around all of them. Jay directs him a beam, reaching out to place a kiss on his cheek.

"She's found new children to take care of. Let's run away together." Lottie suggests to her siblings.

"Yeah, we can keep Lou forever that way." Daisy pipes in.

Phoebe supports the motion with a small sound of agreement. "Lottie and Fizzy could sell fish at the market and Daisy and me could sell sweets at school."

"No one's selling fish or sweets." Louis says in between laughter. "We're not going to leave Mum behind if we go, are we?"

"But look at her. She's much happier now with her new children. There's no more place for us in this house." Fizzy says, feigning a sad tone and making the little twins giggle with her dramatic act.

"Let my mother go now, you're suffocating her." Louis says when the girls and him finally part, brushing down and straightening their clothes where they crinkled when they hugged.

"I can assure you that I am not suffocating." She tells him, but the triplets release her anyway. "Oh come here all of you." She says, pulling Harry down since he's so bloody tall so that she could give him a motherly kiss on the cheek. Marcel goes down willingly, smiling from ear to ear when she pats his back before he's released.

"Thank you so much for your hospitality, Jay." Edward says when it's his turn, kissing her cheek too at the same time she kisses his. "It's been a really great stay."

"Of course." She replies, not letting him go just yet. "I am so grateful that you met my son."

"It's the best thing that happened to us, to be honest." Edward dimples at her, trying to cheer her up when he sees the tears starting to well in her eyes.

Jay coos and squeezes him once again before Edward straightens and takes a step back. "Take care, Jay. Give us a call if you need anything."

"You three take care too." She replies, letting them lead her to the front door despite that it's her house. The girls are still saying their goodbyes to Louis, apparently unable to do it without the tears as it seems that Daisy and Phoebe are already crying and clinging to him.

They walk out to the lawn, heading to the car first.

Harry and Marcel watch Edward meaningfully, silently carrying out a conversation among the three of them without a word being spoken. Jay, of course, being a mother, notices that.

"What are you three up to, now?" She questions, crossing her arms and giving them a look.

They duck their heads, as if they're children being caught doing something mischievous.

Harry and Marcel sends Edward a look again and he nods. He turns to Jay, appearing a bit nervous all of a sudden. "Uh, we just, we want to officially ask you for permission to court your son."

Jay flashes them a radiant smile. "Oh, bless your Mother for raising such good boys." She coos lovingly. "Of course you have my blessing." She tells them, her cheeks hurting with the smile she's unable to suppress as she looks at the Alphas.

"Thank you, Jay." Harry exhales in relief, rushing to hug her in gratitude.

"We were sort of worried you would say no." Marcel says honestly, keeping his head down.

She eyes them with fondness when Harry steps back. "I know you are genuinely interested in my son. And I believe you can and you will take care of him. I trust you." Jay holds on to Harry's hand, patting it twice. "Don't give me any reason not to."

"He'll be our most important responsibility. You have my word." Edward nods.

Jay pats Harry's hand again before she lets it fall to the Alpha's side. "Quite honestly, I thought you were going to ask for my blessing to propose just now."

The triplets widen their eyes in surprise.

"Not yet." Marcel assures, repeatedly shaking his head.

A commotion at the front door steals their attention and they turn to see Louis trying to walk out. Daisy and Phoebe apparently think it's funny to hold on to his legs in a humorous attempt to make him stay.

"Let go of me, peasants! Such disgusting behaviour! I should've stayed in the castle instead of trying to meddle with you poor." Louis complains loudly, his antics causing loud giggles to come from the little girls.

"Not yet." Harry agrees, picking up their conversation without taking his eyes off the Omega that will always his attention.

"Maybe in the future." Edward supplies, struggling as well to turn away from Louis to look at Jay again.

She has a knowing look in her eyes, but she says nothing. It's good that she doesn't because Louis arrives at that moment with a huff.

"Sorry, I'm late. The poor was blocking the street, again." He says, brushing his hair to the side. "What were you saying when you complimented me before I arrived?"

His mother smacks him at his shoulder. "Stop being pompous."

Louis pouts but it is ignored. The cause are his sisters who run down towards them to say goodbye to his boyfriends.

"Bye Edward!" Daisy and Phoebe chorus, not giving the Alpha any warning before they are attacking him with a hug.

The Alpha barely staggers, of course, and he pets their hair and smiles. "You girls take care, alright?"

Meanwhile, Lottie is hugging Harry and Fizzy is hugging Marcel before they swap. Louis takes that moment to steal his mother for a second, pulling her away from the group.

He produces a small envelope from his pocket and presses it into her hand, ignoring her surprised gasp and kissing her on the cheek. "For you."

"Louis." She huffs, but she doesn't refuse it. He knows she knows that he'd insist until she keeps it if she is to reject it. "Thank you, boo bear."

Louis goes willingly when she hugs him. "Love you, Mum."

"I love you too, baby."

"I need to ask you something." Louis clears his throat, straightening up when her arms uncurl from around him. She gives him an encouraging look, silently telling him to continue. "It's about me moving in with them."

Jay nods. "Okay, have you decided?"

"I wanted to ask you. When do you think I should move in?"

That makes her frown. "You didn't have to ask me. You'd be moving in, not me." She looks at him incredulously. "But if you still want my opinion, I'd say you should do it as soon as possible."

Louis doesn't respond, willing his mother to elaborate.

"You're already growing attached and you're not yet mated. Soon the separation anxiety is going to get to you if you don't move in within a few days." She tells him.

Louis knows that, Edward has told him about that. "So, you're okay with me moving in?"

"Of course! I told you I wanted to meet them first, and I did. Now, it is up to you when you want to take the next step." She says kindly, smiling at him.

"Alright. Okay." Louis sighs. "Thanks Mum."

When they walk back to where his sisters and the triplets are, Louis is pleased to see how well they get along. Daisy and Phoebe are now hanging around Marcel, talking and laughing while Fizzy is taking a picture with Harry and making all these ugly faces that Louis only finds endearing. He turns and finds that Lottie and Edward have got their phones out, probably exchanging contacts.

"I sure hope you're not planning to text my man behind my back." Louis clears his throat when he walks over to Edward and Lottie.

"Don't blame me if I become his favourite Tomlinson." She says smugly, shoving her phone in her jeans and wrapping an arm around Edward's neck.

Edward winks at him playfully, his arm curling around Lottie's waist. "She is growing on me, after all." He proves his point by kissing her on the cheek.

Louis crosses his arms, narrowing his eyes at Lottie. "I knew I should've gotten rid of you when you were a baby."

The look on Lottie's face is priceless.

After a final goodbye, they finally got into the car and started their journey to Cheshire. Louis didn't stop waving to his family until they're gone from his sight.

"I had so much fun being around your family." Marcel tells him a few minutes into their journey when they've started talking about the time they've spent at Louis' home.

Louis brightens so much his eyes are twinkling. "See? I told you they'd love you."

"Now I can't wait for you to meet our Mum." Harry says gleefully, growing more and more excited at the mere thought.

"Shit. I forgot I still have to deal with that." Louis breathes, shifting in his seat and leaning back.

"Don't worry, Lou. Our Mum already loves you." Harry chirps, trying to soothe him. Whatever he said goes unheard to Louis who is trying not to panic.

"Now you know how I felt." Marcel smirks, taunting him.

"God, you're so mean. I was about to ask you to come and kiss me to help with my nerves." Louis rolls his eyes. "Nevermind, then." He eyes Harry, making a come hither motion at the Alpha.

"Lou, I was kidding!" Marcel tries to reason as Harry takes off his seatbelt and climbs over to the back seat.

Edward laughs very loudly when Harry gives Marcel a smug look before Louis is all over him and Marcel is left to listen to the obnoxious goading from Edward while he glares out of the window. It doesn't help that Harry and Louis are purposely making these loud, smacking sounds as they kiss and the Omega keeps moaning.

It's going to be a long ride for Marcel.

Chapter Text

"Fuck, she's going to hate me." Louis groans when they finally arrive into town.

Edward sighs. This is probably the fifth time Louis has said that. He knows that he's just keeps saying that for the sake of whining about the whole situation, but he knows Louis is also really worried. "She won't."

"She's a lovely woman, our Mum. And she is already so excited about meeting you. There's no way she would hate you." Marcel assures, rubbing a hand up and down Louis' back.

"Besides, if she does hate you, so what? We can elope and get married in Vegas." Edward shrugs, glancing at him through the rearview mirror.

Louis leans forward, clutching Edward's seat and pointing his index finger at the Alpha in the reflection. His forehead creases and he glowers at Edward. "We, are not getting married in Vegas." He hisses.

Edward chuckles at receiving such reaction. "Of course. You deserve a spring wedding in Italy, don't you?"

Louis leans back in his seat and harrumphs. "You bet your arse, I do." He says, crossing his arms. Only then he notices that Harry and Marcel are staring at him and Edward, their eyes shifting back and forth with their mouths parted open.

The Omega is confused for a moment until he realises that he and Edward have just discussed the possibility of them getting married. Not that it's not impossible, but that thought is too scary for them to even think of since they're still progressing through baby steps with their relationship. With that in mind, his face heats up so fast and Louis quickly turns away, unable to look at them in the eye.

The ride is silent after that. But Louis' mind isn't. He keeps internally screaming about the conversation he just had with Edward and how nervous he is about meeting their Mum. All his attempts to let his thoughts drift away to something else are to no avail.

He feels like he's going to pass out.

A body presses against him, and Louis is really glad for it. He is just about to melt into the leather. "Hey, you okay?" Marcel asks, wrapping an arm around his shoulder. He must have noticed that Louis isn't looking well.

Louis leans into him. "Just nervous."

"It'd be fine." Marcel presses his lips to Louis' forehead. "I came out okay. I think you would do better."

Louis sighs, his heart hammering in his chest regardless of Marcel's attempt to help him relax. He opts to watch the view outside instead, hoping it'd take his mind off the intruding thoughts and allow him to calm. As they drive past the stores, Louis' eyes catch something and he perks up, staring out of the window.

"What is it?" Marcel questions when he notices Louis' sudden interest.

"Can we get ice cream, please?" He begs even though it's only his first time asking for that.

He watches Edward and Harry share a look before the former's eyes are locking with Louis' through the mirror again. "Sure."

Louis waits patiently while Edward turns around and finds them a parking spot. It takes quite some time since it's a Saturday but they eventually find one.

All of them wait until the engine has been cut off before they're unbuckling their seat belts and then Louis is throwing himself out of the door. The fresh air helps him a little and he exhales, bending over with his hands clutching his knees. He hopes he won't be this anxious when he's finally meeting the triplets' Mum.

"You're that nervous, huh?" Edward mutters as he exits the vehicle and fixes his shirt.

Louis ignores him, focusing on his breathing. It's not like he's never met a parent before. He has done it multiple times and he should've been used to it by now. And now he truly understands what Marcel felt. He doesn't want to fuck anything up. God, he'd never forgive himself if he does anything wrong and ruin this chance.

He knows it's not going to be that bad. After all, he's been in this position a few times. But his thoughts are unforgivable, making him panic with their judgment of the possibilities of every bad thing that could occur and how likely is it to happen.

Louis is thinking too much until he visibly pales. That's probably why Edward is grabbing his shoulders to straighten him up and tries to make Louis look at him. "Babe, come on. Breathe."

Louis inhales and exhales, blinking as Edward repeatedly pats his face. It takes him a while before he could focus on those dark, green eyes.

"You'll be fine." Edward promises, pulling him close.

"I know." Louis sighs heavily, shaking his head a little. "I know."

The Alpha ducks down, kissing Louis lightly. It works a little to comfort the Omega. After all, Louis could never think of anything else except his lips when Edward is kissing him.

If Louis is out of breath after they part, at least it's only because of the kiss. He sends a tiny smile at the Alpha, licking his lips. He's feeling much better now, calmer.

Edward is fairly collected and he doesn't appear to have the slightest of concern about the idea of Louis meeting his Mum.

It won't be that bad. Louis tries embedding that into his brain and hopes he'd hold on to that long enough so that he won't freak out later on.

"Come on." Edward prompts, curling a hand around Louis' waist as they walk in and see Marcel and Harry who are already standing in front of the counter. Both of them are giggling and cackling, probably coming up with ridiculous matches of flavours and toppings.

Louis skips forward, running towards the two in his excitement of finally getting ice cream. For the moment, he's going to let his need for the cold dessert overshadow his fear. "What are you two going to get?"

"Marcel wants to mix strawberry and yam."

Louis makes a face, a disgusted sound falling out from his mouth. "Strawberry is nice but if you do that, I am not kissing you again." He tells Marcel with his nose scrunching up.

"That's so mean!" Marcel exclaims, widening his eyes.

"Get something else, Marcel. Stop with your peculiar choice of ice cream combination." Edward drawls, stopping to wrap an arm around Marcel and giving him a teasing smile.

Marcel rolls his eyes, admitting defeat. "Alright, alright. I'll just get a cookie dough ice cream."

"Nice." Harry comments approvingly, eyes running through the choices all over again. "Maybe I'll get chocolate chip."

Louis hums. "I want mint. It's my favourite."

Once Louis gets his cup of two scoops of ice cream, he is fast to shove spoonfuls of them into his mouth. The Alphas watch fondly, silently grateful that Louis looks genuinely happy without any trace of his nervosity making an appearance.

As they walk out, Harry sees a store further down the road, so he pats Louis on the shoulder to get his attention. "I'd like to get my Mum some scented candles, do you want to come with?"

Louis nods, already trailing behind the Alpha.

Marcel frowns, quick to follow them as he doesn't want to be left behind.

"Don't take too long! I'll be here." Edward calls out, tucking his wallet back into his pocket.

Marcel lifts a hand to indicate that he understands, so Edward lets them leave.

He looks around while he waits, wondering if he should do so in the car or stay where he is. He comes to a decision after a few seconds, choosing the car and makes to head back to it.

"Edward?" A female voice says, surprised. "Edward Styles, is that you?"

Edward halts his steps. If his memory is not failing him, that voice sounds familiar. Hesitating before he turns around, he takes a deep breath before he finally spins on his heels to face the woman. Right as he has guessed, it's.. "Rebecca." He says, nodding curtly. "Rebecca Bennett, right?"

"Yes!" She squeals. Before Edward could react, she is throwing herself at him and wrapping him into a hug. "It's been so long!"

Edward curses silently as his cup of ice cream almost falls. He clears his throat, easing his way out of her grip and taking a step back. "Yeah, how are you?" He asks. Edward doesn't really want to be here and talk to her. He'd rather be in the car while he waits, but he doesn't want to be rude. He hopes his face is coordinating right and he's not giving her a grimace.

Rebecca Bennett was a girl from his class when they were in high school. She is the grandchild of Murphy Bennett, his late grandfather's best friend. Their families were really close because of that, and the Bennetts used to always invite them over for dinner and open house.

Rebecca developed a liking to Edward some time around their junior year. It's always been a wonder to the triplets why exactly she liked him. He had always seen her as a family friend and that's that. Edward's never had a proper conversation with her as friends, let alone treat her as something special.

There was never a confession about her feelings towards him, but Edward knew. In fact, everyone knew. She used to wait at the school gate for Edward and his siblings to arrive so she could walk with him to their class. Harry and Marcel didn't like her at all since she was always trying to steal Edward's attention from them. It's not like Edward really willingly walked with her. She's just, there and he's never had the heart to tell her no. He also doesn't find any harm in that since they're headed for the same destination anyway.

Edward might not be the friendliest among the three but he respected her even if she's just an acquaintance. And he knew that a dispute between the grandchildren could later on reform to be a dispute between the grandfathers, so Edward was always polite to her. He wouldn't want their families to fight over something so petty. Even now that his grandfather is gone, he sees no reason for him to ruin the harmony they have.

The last time he saw her was a few Christmas back and that's it. They only managed to meet for a brief exchange of Christmas wishes before they have to go on their separate ways.

He isn't sure if she's still into him after all these years. He hopes not. It's been so long and it'd be really pompous of him to think so.

"I've been good. What about you? You look even better with age." She smiles, keeping her hands on his biceps as she eyes him up and down.

Edward chuckles at that, shaking his head. "Yeah, I've been well." He clears his throat. "So, what do you do now?"

"Oh, I own a salon down the road. Was just walking around for fresh air, didn't expect to bump into you." She murmurs, and Edward has a to do a retake when she flutters her eyelashes at him.

He takes another spoonful of his ice cream. "Oh, that's nice. It's always easier when the business is yours."

"You would know, of course." She jokes, weakly punching his arm and giggling. "I heard you inherited the company."

"Yeah. It was a little hard for me to deal with at first, but eventually I got the hang of it." He shrugs, wondering why he is having a small talk with her. Don't get him wrong, he's thrilled that he gets to see an old friend. But he doesn't exactly find it favourable to have said old friend shamelessly and very unsubtly ogling him.

"That's good." She nods, biting on her lower lip and stepping closer. Edward mentally pats himself on the back for not stumbling back. "Do you want to go and grab a coffee or anything?"

It makes him pause. He knows a sultry voice when he hears one. Seeing the way she's preening, his face twists into a confused frown. "Are you asking me out on a date?"

"Yes." She doesn't hesitate.

Guess she's finally making her move, then. Seriously, she can't seriously still be into him? It's been years, and Edward doesn't think he's worth it for her to be crushing on for so long.

"Oh... um, actually, I.." He starts, only for her to cut him off when she sees his hesitation.

"Are you mated?"

"No." He shakes his head. "Not yet."

She looks relieved at that, and her smile widens. "Then what are we waiting for? There's this one cafe I know that makes the best coffee." Rebecca tells him, curling her arm around his elbow. Edward is slightly offended that she's touching him as she likes.

"No, no." He shakes his head, trying to get her hold off. "I'm already seeing someone.

She frowns, and her grip doesn't loosen. "Is it someone I know? A girl from our school?"

"No, you don't know him."

She processes the information quietly. A moment later, her face clears and the smile returns. "Well, then it could just be two mates getting coffee."

"Listen.." Edward starts, gently pushing her arm off of him. "I would love to. But I don't think it would be a good idea."

Meanwhile, Louis, Harry and Marcel are just walking back from the store with a paper bag in Harry's hold and their ice cream cups gone.

Louis is laughing at the story Marcel and Harry are telling him about the first time they two got drunk and thought there was an earthquake just because Edward slammed the door too loud when he was getting inside. Both of them had scrambled to find a place to take cover while screaming at each other as if they're more than two metres apart. Edward found them lying on the floor and giggling while they count to ten, alternating between the other for each number. None of them knew what they were counting for. Harry said Edward yelled at them for half an hour for being so reckless and behaving like idiots, all the while they're still on the floor. But then the oldest triplet had carried each of them to their room and forced glasses of water down their throat. As much as Edward likes to scold his brothers, he still takes care of them.

Louis literally stops mid-laugh when he sees a woman, an Omega nonetheless, hanging off of his man's arm.

Marcel and Harry wonders why he's got that expression on his face before they follow his line of sight and gasp, horrified.

"Is that Rebecca Bennett?" Harry blurts out.

"Oh no. This can't be good." Marcel mutters as Louis stops dead in his track, throwing a glare in the direction of Edward and the unknown Omega.

"Who. Is. That?" Louis asks through gritted teeth, his face twitching when she puts her hand on Edward's shoulder after he's pushed her arm off.

"Um..." Harry stammers, a little panicked. "She's our old friend from school."

"O...kay.." Louis taps his foot on the floor, crossing his arms. "Doesn't explain why she's touching him."

Marcel scratches his non-itchy head, not sure if he should tell Louis or not. "Well, she used to have the biggest crush on Edward when we were in high school. It'd be quite bizarre if she hasn't gotten over him, but..."

Louis doesn't need to know more than that before he's storming off.

"Oh no." Harry breathes, walking side by side with Marcel as they follow Louis to approach Edward but delaying their arrival.

"Baby!" Louis hollers when he reaches there, completely ignoring the other Omega and walking up to Edward. He gets a surprised look before the Alpha is beaming at him and Louis wastes no time nudging the girl off. He doesn't pay attention when she gasps, albeit him not being subtle at all. Being caught off guard, she releases Edward and Louis plasters himself onto the Alpha. Then he's wrapping his arms around Edward's neck and pulling him down, seeking his lips. He hums to express how pleased he is at the way Edward is kissing him. Though, Louis lets himself get lost into it for a few seconds before he pulls back and slots himself at Edward's side.

"Excuse me." Rebecca says, blinking. "Who are you?"

Louis raises his eyebrows as if he's only noticed that she's standing there. Who pushed her off just now? Certainly not Louis, that's for sure. "Oh, hi! I'm Louis. Are you Edward's friend?

She looks too gobsmacked to respond so Edward clears his throat, trying not to laugh. "Babe, this is Rebecca." He gestures towards her, then looks at Louis. "This is Louis, the one I said I am seeing."


"Yeah. And next time, please keep your hands to yourself at all times when you see him. I don't appreciate people touching what's mine." Louis smiles as if he has just advised her on what shoe colour goes well with her dress.

Rebecca turns pink, embarrassed. "I'm sorry."

Harry quickly steps forward with Marcel, placing a hand on her shoulder to save her from Louis' wrath. "Hey, Rebecca, do you remember me?"

Meanwhile, Louis pulls Edward away to get some privacy. The Alpha stays silent as Louis starts brushing across his arms and chest, as if trying to get rid of the traces of the other Omega. Louis doesn't hold back from expressing the contempt on his face.

Once Louis is done with it, he stands tall and forces Edward to look at him in the eye. "Next time, I won't be so kind." He hisses. "If you let another Omega touch you again, I'll break your face."

Edward is barely affected, his face remaining calm. "She was the one who started touching me."

"You have a say in letting her to do so or not." Louis retorts, crossing his arms. "You better thank God I didn't start pulling her eyelashes out one by one."

The Alpha's face contorts as he imagines the kind of pain that would inflict. Then he finally cracks, smirking down at Louis and reaching out to grab him by the elbow. "Is this you being jealous?"

"Do I not have a right to?"

He pulls Louis close, pressing his palms onto his hips and bending down to kiss his cheek. "I don't mind you being jealous." He says. "It's just that you look so hot when you are, it's driving me mad."

Louis flushes red and he huffs, but he doesn't try pulling away. "How come that's my fault?"

Edward chuckles, his hands brushing from his side to the back of Louis' body. His palms hovering slightly on the top of the Omega's arse. "I didn't say it was."

Louis takes a deep breath and stiffens, then relaxing into him. "Stop harassing me, we're in public." He warns weakly, but he's trying to get Edward's touch lower, just where he wants it to be.

The Alpha leans down, their cheeks pressed together and his lips against Louis' ear to call out a whisper. "Lou.."

"Yeah." Louis responds breathily, his eyes fluttering shut.

"Can I touch your arse?"

His question makes Louis tense, and the Omega bursts into laughter as he pulls back. "Bloody Hell, who even asks that?" He sputters, pushing at Edward's chest. His cheeks hurt with it and his reaction causes Edward to laugh too. "Now you've done killed the mood." He accuses, his laughter dying down to transform into a pout.

"I was trying to be polite!" Edward reasons, unable to wipe the smile off of his face at seeing Louis so happy.

"Yeah, but you sound like a perverted old man!" Louis gives him a look, then laughs again. "You could've just said something like, 'Can I touch you?' and that would've been sufficient. And not everything has to be asked, alright?" He sighs. "At least not with me." His voice lowers and he presses up against Edward again.

"So does that mean yes?" Edward's hands return to Louis' lower back.

Louis shrugs. "I suppose, if you can't control yourself."

"Don't talk as if you weren't trying to get me to touch you either." Edward grumbles, attacking him with a short kiss.

Louis rolls his eyes as he pulls back. "You can't prove anything."

"I honestly don't know how I tolerate you."

"That's very rich coming from you."

"If you two are done being disgusting without us, Mum is waiting." Marcel says, walking past them and heading straight for the car. Harry dimples, walking after him.

"He's right." Edward agrees, grabbing Louis' chin and pecking him once again. "Let's get going."

Louis frowns, pouting after Edward releases him. "But you haven't even got to touch my arse yet." He laments, then laughs, following the triplets to the rover.

Edward sighs, opening the back door for Louis and motioning for him to get inside. The Omega grins his thanks. Right as he is climbing inside, Edward's palm collides with his backside and Louis squeaks, blushing red when he realises that Edward has just smacked his arse.

"It jiggled!" Edward exclaims in awe, and when Louis looks back, Edward's eyes are flitting back and forth between Louis' arse and Louis' face with his jaws slacked.

Louis pushes him away by the time he's settled inside, his face scarlet and hot. He quickly closes the door once Edward stumbles back. "Jesus Christ, I'm choosing idiots to mate with." He grouses.

"Heyy!!" Harry says, offended. "Even me?" He accentuates with a hand pressed to his chest.

"Especially you." Louis scoffs, turning away when Edward gets into the driver seat.

Marcel laughs.

By the time they reach their destination, Louis is nervous again. It's not as bad as before but his heart is slightly racing as the car rolls to a stop.

Harry is already so eager, giggling and hopping out before the engine dies. He's behaving much like Louis was, and it calms the Omega slightly to see him that way.

Marcel helps Louis exit the vehicle, throwing him a kind and reassuring smile. Since Harry and Edward have no problems getting their bags, Marcel doesn't mind leading Louis up to the entrance of the bungalow that stands before them.

The Omega appreciates that Marcel doesn't ring the bell straightaway by the time they've stopped at the front door. Instead, he gives Louis a questioning look, silently asking if he's ready and reassuring him at the same time.

Louis takes a deep breath, squeezing Marcel's hand tight before he blinks and nods curtly.

The bell echoes twice in the house.

Exactly seven seconds later, Louis counted, the door flies open and a beautiful lady stands before them.

She squeals with delight the moment she sees them. "You're home!!" The joy is clear as ever on her face, and Louis can't help but smile too upon seeing that.

He's also happy for her, looking at the way she's beaming at the fact that her sons are back home.

But then she's grabbing his hand and tugging him into a hug. Which, wait, what?

"Oh, I'm so glad you're finally here! I was dying to see you!" She gushes, squeezing him tightly. Then, she pulls back and holds him at arm length, staring at his face. "You're such a cute little thing too!" She claims, starting to shower his face with kisses and Louis giggles at the treatment, lighting her face up even brighter.

Before the triplets could properly react to their mother treating Louis as if it's not their first time meeting, she's already pulling him inside.

The whole situation doesn't really dawn on them until her voice still gushing excitedly to Louis is merely a faint noise and the three of them are the only ones still standing outside with the door left opened by a quarter.

"We are her children." It's Edward who breaks the silence. The three of them are staring at the door in disbelief; their mother who always greets them with kisses at the door is now nowhere to be seen. Instead, she's inside with their Omega. "Did she forget that? She gave birth to us!

"She didn't even glance at us." Marcel adds, his mouth opened in a gape.

Harry makes a wounded sound, stomping his way inside with a pout glued to his face. Edward and Marcel follow with a huff, marching past the entrance in irritation and offence.

When they reach the living room, Anne is still fussing over Louis.

"Gosh, you're such a handsome young man!" The woman is enthusing, holding his cheeks. "My grandchildren are going to be so beautiful!" Then her hands grip his shoulders and spin him around. "What a nice body too! Look at these hips, perfect for child bearing."

Louis chuckles bashfully as he is spun back to face her, his eyes locking with Harry's. "Thank you, I suppose." He smiles, turning back to Anne.

"Mum, stop harassing him. You'd make him run for his life before we even mate." Edward complains, walking over to place their bags on the couch. He has his hands on his hips, looking at his mother disapprovingly.

Anne ignores him, patting Louis' shoulder. "Gemma was restless waiting. We were both very excited to meet you! She would love to know that you've arrived." She squeezes him once, letting him know not to move.

Harry shakes his head as he drops the bags he's carrying onto the couch too. "Sorry about that, Lou."

"It's alright." Louis assures, smiling from ear to ear. "She's so pretty!"

"That she is." Marcel agrees. "Such a fuss too, sometimes."

"I can hear that, Marcel." Anne says from somewhere in the house. Then she is calling out loudly, and Louis figures that she's probably at the stairs. "Gemma!! Louis is here!" She reappears in the living room a moment later.

"Gemma! Louis is here!" Edward mimics his mother, speaking with his voice higher in pitch. It makes Louis and Harry laugh. "Who cares about your brothers? It's only Louis who matters."

"Aww honey, of course I care about you. You're my babies. I get excited every time you come back. Let me be excited for Louis once." Anne coos, walking over to him and kissing his cheek. "Although, I might have missed you a bit."

"A bit." Edward echoes as she hugs him tightly.

Anne shrugs in innocence, stepping back from his embrace. "Well, what can I say? You come back home almost twice a month."

"Can you believe this?" Edward asks exasperatedly, looking at Marcel while Harry whines his way into his mother's arms. "She actually complains that we come home too much. Other parents complain that their children are not home enough and ours complain about being tired of seeing our faces."

Marcel is about to respond, until he sees that Harry is still hugging their mother and he decides that it's been too long. "Come on, Haz. It's my turn." He pulls at Harry's sleeves to tug him off.

"No!" Harry protests, clutching onto his laughing mother.

When he's successfully detached his brother from her, Marcel quickly nudges him aside so he could take Harry's place.

Louis laughs at their behaviour, admiring how close they are with their mother.

Suddenly there is the tell-tale sound of someone running down the stairs. "Is he here? Where is he? Where is he?" A young woman appears at the doorway, gasping when she sees Louis and coming to a complete stop. "Oh my God! He's so cute!"

"I know right?" Anne says gleefully.

And then the young woman - who Louis concludes to be Gemma - is squealing and dashing into the living room to slam herself into Louis, squeezing him into a hug so tightly he's squeaking.

"Please don't kill him." Marcel pleads, pinching the bridge of his nose.

Harry agrees with the sentiment, staring worriedly at his sister trying to squeeze their Omega to death.

"I'm not killing him." Gemma objects although the Omega is heaving when she releases him.

"I'm okay." Louis confirms after his coughing fit ends, lifting a thumb up.

"See?" She says, gesturing to Louis and giving the triplets a smug look.

Louis smiles as he looks at her, noticing that she slightly resembles the triplets and Anne.

"Come on, we really need to talk." She doesn't give him time to respond, already tugging him halfway out of the room before she even finish speaking.

Harry watches the interaction and his eyes narrow into a slit as his sister and the Omega disappear to the back. "Why do I feel like she's going to do what I think she's going to do?"

"If she tells that story about me in freshman year, I will personally cut her hair in her sleep." Marcel frowns.

"Yeah, I'll help you with that." Edward murmurs. "Did you prepare a room for Louis?" He asks the question to Anne, starting to gather their bags again to be carried upstairs.

She nods, trying to help him with the bag but complying when he refuses to let her carry even one. "Yeah. It's the room opposite yours." The way she eyes him fails to be inconspicuous. "I better not catch you crossing over to his door in the middle of the night."

Edward feigns an annoyed face. "Oh please, if anyone's creeping to his room, it's Marcel."

Marcel perks up at the accusation and glares at his brother. "Excuse me, I still have my manners. I'm not going to do that."

"He seduced Louis at his mother's house." Harry snitches, pointing at Marcel.

Marcel gapes, ready to protest but he knows what he did was wrong and seeing the shocked look on Anne's face, he settles for grumbling incoherent words under his breath instead as he ducks his head.

And then the lecture starts.

Meanwhile, Gemma has just fixed Louis a tea and joined him at the kitchen counter. "So..., where do you want me to start?" She asks, smirking at him.

Louis lets the tea cool first, not taking a sip yet. "With what?"

Gemma makes a sound of disbelief. "Their embarrassing stories, of course! That's what I'm here for, hello?"

Louis blinks, then laughs. "Oh Jesus, you're doing this on purpose, aren't you?" When she shrugs one shoulder without a shame, Louis laughs louder. "Okay, tell me one of Edward's."

"Ah yes." Her tone says that she approves of his choice. "This happened on their eighteenth birthday."

The way Gemma starts off her story sparks Louis' interest and he leans forward.

"Edward doesn't get drunk often, he usually drinks only to get a little tipsy. He never did like it back then, and he certainly hates it now. Edward despises not being in control of himself. Anyway, on their eighteenth birthday, somehow their friends managed to coax the triplets to join them at a hotel where they threw the surprise party." Gemma cups her mouth, then leans closer. "Edward told me he hated it but I think everyone else begged to differ."

Then she straightens up, pretending Louis isn't giggling and continues. "So they finally got Edward drunk, fully wasted. The only reason they succeeded with that was because they booked rooms at the hotel so none of them has to drive home. It was 2am. Edward was drunk. I think he doesn't even remember who he was. He drank so much."

"Were you there?" Louis can't help but ask, curious.

"Yes, I was invited last minute. Harry texted me where the party was and I was pissed because I wasn't informed earlier but I'm glad I went." She tells him, nodding. "Edward could barely walk but he refused any help from us so one of the guys, Nick, I think, he gave Edward the key to his room. I vividly remember that Nick said the room number was 265. Edward took the key and disappeared. So we continued the party with Harry and Marcel."

"When the two got drunk as well, I told them to call it a night. They went to their room and got inside with the spare key, then passed out." Gemma starts laughing. "Apparently Edward didn't make it to the room at all!"

Louis widens his eyes. "Oh my God? Where was he, then?"

"He tried getting into the room 235 because he heard the wrong thing." She squeezes out in between laughter. "When he didn't succeed with the card, he knocked on the door and a man opened. Edward was too pissed to realise that nobody should've been in that room."

Louis has to laugh when she starts cackling, slapping her thighs.

"He went to the toilet, started pulling his pants down to take a shower. He still got his top on when he climbed into the tub and fell asleep like that." Gemma is almost hysterical. "The man was a few inches taller than him, a body builder with tattoos all over his body and a very intimidating moustache. Somehow the man thought it was shit arse o'clock and trying to get Edward out would be too much of a bother so he let Edward sleep there. Imagine what Edward thinks of that when he wakes up in a tub with no pants!"

Louis joins her cackling until his sides hurt and his eyes tear up.

"Wha-What happened, then?" Louis sputters, wiping his tears away.

"He almost forgot his pants when he ran out of the hotel room and headed straight to Marcel and Harry. You have to see the look on his face! I was there when they opened the door cause we were worried about him. I swear I almost got an asthma attack!"

Louis tries to imagine it and both of them laugh loudly at that again.

"The worst thing is, while we rushed to check out because Edward was super embarrassed, the moustache guy was down there and he called for Edward." Gemma tells him.

"Oh no." Louis giggles, cupping his mouth.

"Moustache guy apparently found the whole situation amusing, so he and his kid took a polaroid after Edward fell asleep. "He gave it to Edward but Edward burned it right when we reached home."

"Aww, why didn't you save the evidence?"

"Believe me, I tried."

"I reject Marcel's motion to cut your hair in your sleep. I'm burning it instead." Edward says as he enters the kitchen, glaring at his sister.

"Oh, cheer up, little brother. Louis is going to be your mate. He deserves to know you at your best and you at your worst, which is when you are drunk." She says, and shares a laugh with Louis again as she offers him a high five.

"Both of you are dead to me." Edward spits before he leaves.

Louis watches him go with a smile. "I think you should sleep with an eye open tonight."

Gemma shakes her head. "You're mistaken if you think I'm going to sleep a blink."

Louis' grin widens as he takes a sip of his tea, almost cold. He's really enjoying his stay so far.

They are in the living room, Louis sitting on Harry's lap while Harry and Marcel are talking with Gemma. The embarrassing story of Edward that she told him and the hysterical laugh they've shared over it was a really good ice breaker. Gemma calls Louis her best friend now. Edward has gone sulking, opting to help Anne with dinner instead of sitting in the same room with Louis and Gemma whom he has taken the initiative to name as the Traitors.

And then it happens.

"Mummy! Mummy!!" They hear the voice before a child appears.

The little boy runs straight to Gemma, waiting until she's looking at him before he launches into a panicked babble. "He's awake and he's crying and I don't know what to do and he won't take his milk and I think he wants you!"

Gemma holds her hands up, signalling that she's listening. "Alright, alright. Come on." She takes his tiny hand, growing to her feet and turning to them. "Excuse me for a moment."

Then the only ones left in the living room are Harry, Marcel, and Louis.

"Who was that? He's so cute!!" The Omega coos, face brightening up at the knowledge that there are children in the house, little children.

Harry and Marcel smile. "That's Adrian. He's going to be five this August. He's Gemma's first."

"Such an adorable little thing!" Louis is scrunching up his face, unable to contain his excitement.

Before Harry or Marcel could express their fondness at the sight, there is a tiny whimper and Gemma reappears with a baby in her arms and Adrian by her side.

Louis gasps again, leaping off of Harry and staring with wide eyes as Gemma walks further inside.

She sees his face and laughs. "Would you like to hold him?"

"Yes, please!"

Beaming, Gemma moves to transfer the groggy baby to Louis. The Omega coos lovingly once the cute little baby is nestled in his arms.

"He's so precious! What's his name?" Louis asks, cooing again when the baby yawns and his squinting eyes try to open.

Gemma leaves his question hanging for a moment in favour of taking the seat she vacated moments ago. Once she's comfortable, she lets Adrian climbs on to sit with her. "His name is Max."

Louis turns around, not noticing the look on his Alphas' faces as he walks over to Harry and claims his previous seat.

"Hello, Max." Louis murmurs softly when the baby looks up at him, wonders filling his eyes as he reaches up to Louis. The Omega giggles when a tiny hand slaps gently on his cheek. "My name is Louis. You are a very cute baby." He tells Max. "I haven't met a cute baby in a long time. The last time was when I looked in the mirror when I was two years old, probably."

The rest of the adults in the room laugh at that, watching Louis fondly while he continues talking quietly to Max. The child giggles and slaps Louis excitedly now and then regardless that he doesn't understand what the man is talking about.

Edward has decided that his sulking time is over and he needs a break from the cooking so he walks into the living room to join his siblings and Louis. But once he sees the latter sitting on Harry's lap with a baby in his arms, Edward spins on his heels and goes back to where he came from.

He ends up in the kitchen again, clutching his temple. The Alpha stares questioningly at his mother. "What did you feed me? I was seeing things out there."

"What was it you saw?" Anne asks, her attention not fully on him while she puts things back in the fridge.

"Louis is there.... with a baby..." He trails off, frowning at what he's saying. "I think I need to lie down."

"That's probably just Max. Stop being a child and help me with this, come on." Anne pretends to scold, ushering him off.

Minutes later, he's helping her peel the potatoes, standing next to her.

"So..?" Anne starts, her eyes fixated on the potato in her hand. She ignores the look he gives her. "Why were you so shaken seeing Louis with a baby?"

Edward makes a low sound in his throat. "It made me imagine things.. like him being a mother to my children." He admits, shaking his head furiously as if the images are flashing behind his eyelids and they are disturbing.

"That might happen in the future, probably sooner than later." Anne responds, still not looking at him. "What's the big deal?"

Edward is silent for a moment. "Don't you think it's too fast?"

This time Anne does look at him, raising her eyebrow. "You know it's not. If you're following the usual tradition, this is considered really slow, don't you think?"

Edward sighs. "I know..." He murmurs. "But Louis makes me feel like he deserves everything before we take it further. He deserves flowers and chocolates, you know, those stuff."

She laughs at his grumpiness. "Oh honey, I never knew you'd be the romantic one."

Edward grumbles some more in response.

"Edward, I'm sure he's happy with where you are in your relationship. Otherwise, he won't be here." She tells him, turning to the task at hand again. "Besides, our society makes it that the usual kind of progress in relationships are fast tracked, and delaying your own is just going to make him question why things are moving so slow and he might feel rejected."

Edward doesn't reply right away, mulling her words over. "You're right." He exhales heavily. "He was questioning me why things between me and him are not moving quite as much as it is between him and Marcel and him and Harry." He tells her, thinking about Louis being affected that Edward isn't kissing him the way Harry and Marcel do.

"See?" She points out. "I know you're taking things slow because you want to respect Louis should he wish to break it off before things get serious, but you're taking the risk of hurting him if he's in it for good."

"I know." He replies, sighing again.

Anne hums. "If you're so worried, let him take the lead." She suggests. "I know you're an Alpha and it might not be according to your natural behaviour to let an Omega dominate something, but if you're so worried about him, let him make his own decision instead of trying to make any for him. If not, you might do something that'd hurt both of you."

"Alright." He murmurs after staring at her in reply, then he kisses the top of her head. "Thank you, Mum."

"You're so good with him." Gemma says observantly as she watches Louis puts Max back to sleep.

"Yeah?" Louis grins, turning to look at her after staring at the baby the whole time. "Used to take care of my sisters when they were little."

"That's so cute." She beams. "You're going to be such a good mother one day."

Louis blushes at that, ducking his head and returning his attention to the sleeping baby in his arms. "You think so?"

"Yeah." Gemma replies. "You love kids, don't you?"

He's grinning wider when he looks at her again. "Very much." He confirms.

"Then you're going to do a hell of a good job being a mother. You're good with my kids." She points out, shrugging. "I'm pretty sure you can win any kid's heart, to be honest."

"Thank you, Gemma." He smiles. After another moment of rocking the child, he finally gets up and passes the baby back to her.

"I'm going to put him back in bed. Do you want to take a shower first before dinner?" She questions, slowly getting on her feet and cocking her head to a side.

Louis thinks about it for a moment. Harry and Marcel have gone to take a nap, and Edward is still in the kitchen helping Anne. There's no one around to entertain him, so Louis finds that the idea for him to freshen up sounds very tempting. "Yeah, that'd be lovely."

"I'll show you to your room." She offers, starting to lead the way.

"Thank you." He stays close to her as they walk out of the living room and headed for the stairs. On the second floor, they stride down a hallway and arrive in front of an open door.

Gemma smiles as she spins around to face him, nodding at the room. "This is where you'd be staying for the night. Mine is on the other hallway across the family hall, and the triplets' room are right there if you need anything." She points to a door opposite them, a little farther back. "You have an en suite so I don't think you'd have any problem with using the toilet."

"Thanks again, Gemma." He grins.

"Sure." She nods. "One of us would call you down for dinner later, so if you want to take a nap, that'd be fine."

The grin widens. "Definitely."

She winks, walking away.

True to his words, Louis does take a nap after he's showered and changed into something more comfortable. He had put on a t-shirt and a pair of sweatpants before he gets on the bed and lets himself drift off.

He is waken up twenty minutes later by a tiny knock on his door. Assuming it's one of the triplets or Gemma, Louis yawns and rolls over in bed before he calls out a quiet, "Come in."

He totally doesn't expect to see Anne standing there.

Louis gasps, quickly sitting up on the bed as she enters the room and closes the door behind her.

"Did I wake you?" She asks, giving him an apologetic expression when she sees his face.

Louis shakes his head with a faint blush. "It's alright. I was just napping, anyway."

Her smile returns and she slowly walks up to him. "May I sit down?" She questions, hesitating.

"Yeah, sure." He nods, blinking repeatedly to fully wash away the trace of sleep.

"Thank you." Anne slowly takes a seat on the edge of the bed. "How are you settling down?"

"I'm doing okay. Everything is nice and it's really comfortable."

"Yeah? Do tell me if you need anything." She reminds him. "Edward told me that you're planning to move in, soon."

Louis nods, grinning sleepily. "Yeah. I've been thinking about it, and I was thinking of packing my stuff right away when we get back."

"That's great!" She beams. "I was wondering if you would want me to come down and help you with the move."

Louis stares at her in disbelief. "You would want to do that?"

"Of course!" She laughs, tilting her head slightly.

"That'd.." Louis stutters a bit, unable to stop himself from smiling so wide. "That sounds nice. I'd love for you to do that, if you don't mind."

Anne reaches out and wraps her hand around his cheek, pulling him close so she could kiss him on the forehead. "I don't mind. You're going to be family soon."

"Thank you so much, Anne." He murmurs, reluctantly wrapping his arms around her. "You make me feel so accepted."

"Oh, honey, of course."

Louis kisses her cheek and stays when she engulfs him into a hug.

The door suddenly bursts open and Harry appears, staring at them in surprise. He freezes with one feet crossed over the threshold. Horror fills his eyes when it registers that his mother is the one inside.

Louis pulls back and can't help his giggle when Anne glares at her son, who is now gaping.

"Harry, did I teach you not to knock before you enter someone's room?" She scolds, looking very scary as she looks at the Alpha like that.

"No." Harry whimpers. "Sorry, Mum."

Anne huffs disapprovingly when Harry steps back out and closes the door. She turns to Louis with a strict expression. "Never let them disrespect you." She tells him with a pointed finger.

Louis nods, deciding that he really, really likes Anne.

"What time are you going to leave tomorrow?" Anne asks casually while they are all seated for dinner.

Robin had come home a few minutes before dinner started and he was introduced to Louis. The Omega finds himself a little intimidated at the father figure, but Robin shows him a warm welcome and Louis gets comfortable again by the time they sit down at the dining table.

Louis also met Gemma's husband, Michael.

"We just arrived a few hours ago and she's already imagining her time with us gone." Edward grumbles, stabbing his food.

Anne and Louis chuckle at his comment, making the Alpha complain under his breath.

"There, there." Gemma tries to persuade her brother, reaching out and patting his shoulder. "It's okay to be the least favourite child."

Louis' chuckle turns into a laugh, shooting Gemma a look that makes her smirk.

"I don't know you." Edward claims, nudging her touch off of him.

Marcel doesn't find amusement in the whole situation and he rolls his eyes, always the sensible one. "Probably before noon." He says to Anne. "We were planning to take Louis out for lunch."

His mother coos. "Aww, that's sweet."

Louis pauses, glancing from one triplet to another. "I didn't get the note?"

Anne makes a scandalous face, turning from Louis to Marcel.

"You haven't asked him yet?" Marcel scolds, directing an upset tone at Harry.

Harry whimpers nervously. "I was about to, but Mum was in his room."

"You were?" Edward snaps his eyes to his mother, then turns to his Omega questioningly, suspicious.

"What did you talk about?" Marcel is being more subtle, but his curiosity is clear.

Louis narrows his eyes. "Why do you want to know?"

"What Louis and I talk about is strictly our secret." Anne states, prompting an annoyed sound from Gemma. "I will tell you later, honey." She says to Gemma without looking at her.

"Oh, so that's how it's going to be from now on?" Edward feigns annoyance as he drops his cutleries.

Louis' eyes narrow even more until they're merely a slit and he himself can barely see. "Yeah, what are you going to do about it?" He challenges, tilting his head back smugly.

Edward falls quiet at that, staring at him intently instead. "God, you're so hot."

"I agree." Harry murmurs. They are responsible for the flush that spreads on Louis' cheeks.

Robin clears his throat.

"No flirting at the table." Anne finally cuts in, though Louis doesn't miss the amused tilt of her mouth.

Gemma hides her laugh in a cough.

"So, do you agree?" Marcel asks after he heaves himself down onto the seat next to Louis on the couch. Louis doesn't respond to his question right away. Instead both of them watch quietly for a moment as Edward plays with Adrian; the Alpha making ridiculous sounds and blowing raspberries on the child's tummy. It makes Louis smile so widely his face threatens to split into two.

Then finally, Louis turns to Marcel. One of his eyebrows lifts up, making Marcel frown questioningly at his response. Seeing that the Alpha is struggling to figure out why Louis isn't saying yes or no to his question, he gives in with a small laugh. "You haven't even asked properly, yet." He points out.

Marcel realises his mistake at last, and he becomes speechless for a moment. Louis waits while Marcel collects his thoughts. Marcel finally opens his mouth after scratching his temple. "Yeah, I.. I think that should've come first."

The Omega bursts out laughing.

"Would you go out for lunch with us, Lou?" Marcel asks, simpering. His lips stretch wider when Louis leans close and presses a kiss to his jaw, a palm pressing on his shoulder. Marcel hums pleasantly. "Is that a yes?"

"Well, it's not a no." Louis shrugs, the mischievous smirk on his face growing at the confused sound Marcel makes. He chuckles softly, wrapping his arm around Marcel's neck and gently pulling him down so that their lips meet. The Alpha sighs into the kiss, his contentment causing Louis to smile against his lips. "Of course it's always yes for you." Louis tells him.

"Well.." Marcel clears his throat before continuing. "Good, because I probably would've ran out of the house crying if you said no."

Louis' face falls and his eyebrows knit together into a frustrated expression. Marcel is about to ask him what's wrong when he says, "Bugger! Should've just said no to see you do that."

Marcel laughs. "I don't think it's a pretty picture."

"I reckon you'd look proper charming, with the snots and all."

Marcel kisses him again, shutting him up.

When Louis rouses awake, it's half past seven in the morning. He lets himself lie on the bed a little longer, rolling over and staring out of the window.

His thoughts drift to the events that have been happening in the past days, the past weeks, and everything is still so surreal to him. He couldn't help but smile though, thinking about how they're really doing this and he's at the triplets' parents' house and he's going to move in with them soon. All of a sudden, things are getting exciting.

He had been a little scared, but now he can't wait for the day to come that he'd be staying with the triplets. They'd be there for him to kiss, to touch, as much as he wants.

The thought runs a shiver down his spine and Louis decides that he should get up and take a shower before he'd start imagining inappropriate things he can do with the triplets when they're constantly there with him and out of prying eyes.

After he's done with the shower and is all dressed up, Louis straight away starts packing his stuff then puts his bag by the door.

As much as he has enjoyed his stay at the bungalow with the triplets and their family, Louis would love to be with the triplets without anyone else around. It'd feel quite wrong to invite them to his room for a snog, especially after what had happened at Louis' house. He really doesn't want to face that embarrassment again.

When he walks downstairs, he finds the triplets already up and about in the kitchen. The three of them are not trying to be quiet at all regardless that it's a Sunday morning. Louis wonders if they're this loud every time they try to make breakfast.

"Marcel, the eggs are tasteless!"

"Shit, I forgot the salt!"

"Edward, where are the sausages?"

"They're in the fridge, where else?"

"I told you to get them out."

"I didn't hear anything."

"Harry, where's the salt??"

"It's where it should be, Marcel. When's the last time you came home?"

"It's not here!"

"Oh, it's in my hands."

Louis bursts out laughing at the door, watching the three of them moving around in a rush and yelling at each other.

The noise he makes causes the triplets to stop their motions to peek at the interruption.

Edward snickers. "Someone woke up at the right side of the bed." He comments.

Louis rolls his eyes, walking into the kitchen and pressing himself to Harry while Edward and Marcel continue to work with the breakfast.

"Good morning, gorgeous." Harry greets, tossing the salt to his brother before he wraps his arms around Louis. The beam on his face suits him well, lighting up his features so beautifully that Louis feels like he doesn't want to look away.

"Morning." He replies, wondering when such a thing like him tracing his knuckles along Harry's exposed collarbones - because the shirt is big even on him - feels normal but at the same time makes his heart race all the same.

"Did you sleep well?" Harry asks, nuzzling his hair and dropping a kiss on top of his head.

He nods, allowing himself to kiss a spot on Harry's neck. "Slept like a baby through out the night."

Harry cups his jaw, unable to prolong the moment when he knows both of them are wishing for the taste of each other's lips. Louis' eyes are so blue when he looks up at Harry, but then his eyelids are fluttering shut because Harry is leaning down, keeping his other hand firmly on Louis' hip and pulling him close before their mouths are pressed together. Louis takes another step, until there's barely space between them and Harry's overwhelmed with the smell that is all Louis.

He gently moves his lips, nibbling and tugging with his teeth. It makes Louis moan. He loves hearing that sound.

Harry shifts his touch, pressing both of his palms on Louis' back while he pulls the Omega closer. The action elicits another pleased sound out of the petite body in his arms. He's just sliding his hands down to cup Louis' ample cheeks when someone clears their throat. Assuming it's just his brothers, Harry ignores it, letting himself knead the flesh in his hold and making Louis preen. Then the person clears their throat again.

Only then Harry realises that the voice sounds nothing like Edward or Marcel. He pulls back quickly, snapping his head to the side and widening his eyes when he sees who is standing at the entrance.

Louis whimpers the moment Harry denies him his lush lips, but after following Harry's gaze, he flushes red.

Anne stares at them with an eyebrow cocked up, her arms crossed and there's an amused but disapproving hint in the way she's looking at them both. "I don't mind you snogging, but please don't do it in the kitchen."

"Um, I.." Louis finds it excusable that he stumbles over his words as he quickly untangle his limbs from around Harry and takes a step back.

"He was just saying good morning." Edward cuts in to save the day when Harry only stands there in embarrassment, still gaping like a fish.

Anne's eyebrow raises higher on her forehead. "Really?" She teases, if the smirk on her face is anything to go by.

"Yeah." Edward nods to confirm, walking over to Louis. He scoops him into his arms out of nowhere, causing Louis to gasp. His tiny hands curl around Edward's neck in reflex. "And now, it's my turn."

Louis hides his face at Edward's shoulder the whole time the Alpha carries him bridal style out of the kitchen. He doesn't know if the fact that Anne is laughing makes it better or worse.

Edward brings him to the living room, placing him down. Louis barely gets comfortable standing on his feet before Edward is pushing him up against the wall.

"Edward." Louis whimpers when Edward presses their bodies together.

"You look very pretty in the morning." Edward says, kissing a spot behind Louis' ear.

Louis' breath hitches. "Am I not pretty any other time?"

"You are." Edward says, then grabs his chin and tilts his face up so that he could cover Louis' already swollen lips with his own. He kisses him feverishly, making Louis moan and the Omega struggles to keep up with the way Edward is kissing him. Before they both get worked up over it, Edward pulls back and smirk at his artwork. His thumb tugs gently at Louis bottom lip, staring at the flushed cheeks and twinkling blue eyes in front of him. "Now you're even prettier."

Louis blinks, panting as he tries to control his breathing.

The Alpha grins, then proceeds to kiss Louis' cheek. "Good morning, Princess."

And then he steps back, disappearing out of the door before Louis could diminish the excitement in his veins. He blinks repeatedly, willing his knees not to wobble too much.

When he returns to the kitchen again, Edward is making some tea while Harry and Anne are seated at the counter, laughing amidst their lively chatter, and Marcel has just finished with the sausages.

"How do you like your tea?" Edward asks when he sees Louis, deciding to make the Omega a cup too.

"Milk, no sugar, please." Louis smiles, joining Harry and Anne.

"No, Mum! I swear! I was telling her that it's sticking out of her wig, but she won't listen!" Harry gasps out in between laughter, making Anne laugh along with him.

Marcel comes over, placing a hand on Louis' shoulder and dropping a chaste kiss on his lips when Louis looks up at him. Louis grins, watching Marcel continues his way around the kitchen and finishing what's left of the breakfast.

Not long after that, Edward and Marcel have joined them and each of them has a plate of breakfast in front of them.

Louis notices that they're not complete and he frowns. "Where's Gemma?"

"She wants to sleep in." Harry shrugs. "Guess she doesn't want to deal with the kids yet. They always wake up when she does."

"Oh, alright."

Anne blinks as if she's reminded of something. "Lou, don't forget to give me your phone number. So that I could call you later on."

Louis nods, knowing that she's talking about helping out with the move. "Of course."

"What are you two up to?" Harry asks, narrowing his eyes.

"Nothing that concerns you too much." Anne assures, her eyes flitting down to her breakfast.

"Too much?" Marcel echoes. "Does that mean it still concerns us?"

"Would you stop prying?" Louis scoffs. "Eat your breakfast."

Marcel and Harry pout. "Fine."

Louis doesn't miss it when Anne throws him a wink.

"God, it's been so lovely to have you here." Anne gushes as she hugs him one last time.

"I"m glad I came, too." He replies, rubbing his hand up and down her back.

"Call me when you decide, yeah? I'll be down right away." She says after pulling back, brushing his hair to the side.

"Yeah, thank you, Anne."

Louis finds himself being tackled by Gemma next, almost falling back with her hanging over him. "Oof!"

"Would you stop trying to kill him?" Edward groans out frustrated noises at the sight.

Gemma laughs out loud, pointing her tongue at him. "He's too precious, I would never!"

"Glad to know that." Louis sniggers, wrapping his arms around her too.

"You better give me a call sometimes. Tell me what my idiot brothers are up to." She warns when they are parted, pressing a finger into his cheek.

Louis rolls his eyes, pushing her hand away. "Yeah, yeah, I will."

Gemma sighs. "I think I'm going to miss you."

"I'm going to miss your kids." Louis replies, making her slap him on the back of his head. "Ow!"

She ignores his pained cry. "If any of them give you shit, give me a call too."

"I don't think they will, but I'll keep that in mind." Louis mutters, smiling.


Louis doesn't move yet, staring at her. "Okay, Gems. I admit, I'm going to miss you too."

"Good." She repeats. "I was about to pour water into your bag if you didn't say that.


Marcel drives for the journey back to London. Harry has decided to stick to sitting in the passenger seat while Edward enjoys the pleasure of being in the back seat with the beautiful Omega in his arms instead of driving for the whole journey and letting his brothers have all the fun.

"Am I allowed to know where you three are taking me, yet?" Louis questions when they've been driving for almost an hour. Edward is very chatty when he's not driving. They've been talking a lot, and since Louis has something to focus on, he doesn't get sleepy.

Edward nods with a mischievous smirk. "Of course, we're taking you to lunch."

"I hate you." Louis pouts in reply, crossing his arms.

"No, you don't." Edward murmurs, kissing his nose. "It's just lunch, yeah?"

"Nothing fancy?" There's a hopeful tone in his voice.

He sees the way Harry and Marcel stare at each other. "Um..." Marcel gulps. "It's not too fancy, but we've already made reservation."

Louis sighs heavily. "Then you better be glad. I was planning to wear joggers."

"You'd look good, anyway." Edward says.

"You're just saying that." He claims with a huff.

"You'd love the place, Lou." Harry chirps excitedly from the front seat, shifting so he's facing the back. "The food is so good."

The eldest Alpha hums his agreement. "Yeah. The pasta was incredible."

"You better not order the same thing again, Harry." Marcel threatens half-heartedly, throwing his brother a look momentarily before he's turning back to the road again.

Harry sulks, glaring at Marcel. "But it's good!"

"Yeah, well.. You have that every single time we go there. Try something else."

"There are a lot of things on the menu other than your 'precious' spaghetti." Edward adds, backing up Marcel.

Louis makes a feigned annoyed sound. "Stop bullying him."

"See? Only Louis understands."

"I'm disowning both of you." Edward announces calmly.

Louis reaches out and slaps a hand on Harry's shoulder. "We can go and elope to Vegas, Haz."

"Now you want to elope?" Exasperation is clear as ever in Edward's voice as he leans back and rolls his eyes.

The Omega turns to him and looks him up and down scrutinisingly. "That's what people do when they're disowned." He says, like it's the most obvious thing ever.

Edward heaves out a sigh, but he's looking at Louis like he's the most valuable thing ever.

Louis doesn't tell him that it's very hard for him to breathe when Edward looks at him like that, but he thinks Edward knows anyway.

The food is amazing.

Louis almost moans every time he takes a bite. It's that good. He has to forgive the triplets for bringing him to such a posh restaurant when he asked for otherwise, since he gets to taste the delicious feast.

Each of them gets a different meal and they give Louis a taste of what they're having. Louis preens when instead of letting him have a taste himself, they decide that it's better to feed Louis. He feels like he's in Heaven. Besides, what's better than having the Alphas' attention on him while they feed him marvelous food and caress his hair?

He cuddles up to Harry the whole time, and the triplets let him get whatever dessert he wants.

After Marcel deals with the bill, Harry helps him up and keeps a hand wrapped around his waist while glaring at any Alpha who even dares look at Louis. Despite Louis pointing out that people are staring at Harry because he's Harry Styles instead of staring at Louis, the Alpha doesn't stop mentally killing people who even turn in their direction when they walk past.

Louis doesn't admit it, but Harry looks really hot when he's being possessive like that.

In the car, Louis dreads every second that passes the closer they get to his flat. He can't stop shifting, but refuses to move away from Edward's side and he keeps inhaling the Alpha's scent. He's trying to bury it into the cells in his brain, hoping it'd be properly stored for Louis to recall when he misses the triplets later on.

Edward doesn't really show that he's too bothered about the idea of them parting, but Louis can tell that he's trying to savour the moment as much as Louis is anyway. Louis is sure that the way Edward won't stop kissing the side of his head and the way his arm tightens just a bit around him every now and then say a lot.

When the car rolls to a stop, Louis does not whimper in disappointment.

None of them moves at first, letting the moment drag on longer.

But then Marcel is clearing his throat and climbing out of the driver seat, heading straight for the bonnet.

This time, Louis finally does nuzzle his face into Edward's chest and whines, shaking his head.

"It's alright." Edward assures him.

His heart starts beating faster at the thought that they would leave, and it would just be him and Alex, with no Styles for him to kiss or touch. He whimpers again, clutching tighter to Edward. "Don't go."

"It's okay." Edward says again. "One of us will come and see you tomorrow, yeah?"

Louis sucks in a long breath, holding it in for a moment before he exhales heavily. His arms slowly start to loosen from around him. "Okay." He whispers, acceding.

Edward smiles at him, and Louis smiles back, but his heart is struggling in his chest.

He walks straight into Harry's arms after he gets out of the car, pressing his nose into Harry's collarbones and letting Harry's scent wash over him. Harry lets his stay in his embrace drags on a moment longer, dropping kisses on Louis' hair and forehead.

Once Louis is satisfied, he finally steps back and his arms fall from around Harry back to his sides. He turns to see that Marcel has already gotten his bag out. He sighs heavily again at that, teeth sawing on his bottom lip while he waits for Marcel to walk to him so he could be clingy before the three of them would leave him.

They haven't even mated, not yet parted, and Louis is already going through what probably is the separation anxiety they talked about.

He clings to Marcel, mulling things over in his head as he tries to think properly about the upcoming events of the days throughout the week.

Although they probably only separate after a good five minutes, Louis still thinks their hug lasted for five seconds.

"I'm, um..." Louis starts, brushing his hair to the side. He stops there, though, not knowing how to continue or what to say.

"I'll send you to work tomorrow." Harry offers, staring intently at the Omega. He can see how nervous Louis is about the whole thing. God, get a grip, Tomlinson.

"Yeah, good. Yeah, okay." Louis nods, unwillingly picking his bag up.

Edward steps forward to take the bag, reaching out to him. "We can send you to your door."

Louis shakes his head, gently pushing Edward's hand away. "No, I don't think that's going to be a good idea."

They hesitate, but eventually nod. They understand.

"This is so ridiculous." Louis complains, unmoving from his spot as he stares at each of the Alpha. He can see it on their faces; they want to be away from him as much as he wants to be away from them. Not at all.

"Have you decided?" Marcel asks all of a sudden, remembering that Louis still hasn't given them an answer as to when he'd like to move in.

Louis blinks, clearly having forgotten about that as well. "Wednesday." He blurts. "I'll take the day off."

"You sure?" Harry inquires, wanting Louis to be absolutely certain with the decision. He's been really hoping to have Louis move in soon, but he wants Louis to make a choice all on his own. It's a big decision.

"Positive." Louis guarantees.

"Okay. Wednesday, then." Edward nods.

Before he enters the building, Louis gets a kiss from each of them, and it at least makes him giggle when Edward smacks his bum as he turns to walk away.

Louis doesn't watch them leave, heading straight to the lift. He doesn't think he can do that.

When Alex greets him happily at the door, telling Louis he's missed him and grabbing his bag to help him inside, Louis feels the tugging in his heart from already missing the triplets dissipate a little. Thank God for Alex.

Chapter Text

"So, you're moving out in three days and you're only telling me this now?" Alex questions in disbelief, but the expression on his face betrays the tone of his voice. He's even shoving popcorns into his mouth as he asks that. Louis thinks that his friend has been waiting for the day that Louis would drop this news on him, especially with how clingy Louis has been with the triplets.

Louis pouts apologetically anyway, crawling over and climbing onto Alex's lap. "I'm sorry."

"Oi, get off me!" Alex struggles to push him off but Louis holds on, cackling when the attempt fails. "You are dead to me."

"I will miss you a very much lot." Louis tells him, ruffling his hair and then stealing the popcorn Alex is about to eat.

The Beta glares at him. "That doesn't even make any sense."

"You don't look sad at all that I'm going to move out." Louis accuses, crossing his arms and pretending to be terribly upset.

"Of course! That's because I don't have to look at your annoying face any longer." Alex replies, grinning widely.

Louis slaps the back of his head.


"You deserve that, you cock."

"Oh, wow. What are you, ten?" Alex drawls, nursing the spot Louis hit. Then he grins again, putting away the bowl of popcorn he's so obsessed with in favour of cuddling the Omega on his lap. "Of course I am going to miss you a lot."

Louis huffs. "I don't know if you sound sincere or not."

Alex squeezes him tighter, sighing. "I'll miss you, Lou."

"That's more like it!" Louis whoops, hugging Alex around his neck.

"You are a tit."

"You still love me." Louis pulls back and flutters his eyelashes.

Alex shrugs. "Eh, no comment."

Louis chooses to ignore his statement. "Is it alright with you? Me moving out?"

He receives another shrug. "What can I do? Beg for you to stay?" Alex jokes. "Besides, maybe I can finally ask Hailey to move in."

The Omega grins. "Yeah... That sounds good." He thinks for a moment then his nose crinkles. "Please spare my room from all the christening."

"Bugger off."

Louis can't sleep that night. He keeps tossing and turning, restless in his bed. No matter how many times he's squeezed his eyelids close and forced himself to fall asleep and not think of the triplets, that's all that he does. Their faces keep popping up in his mind; one by one.

Louis has got it bad.

He turns one last time and then sits up, huffing irritatedly at himself. He has a job to get to tomorrow, he doesn't have time for this.

He glances at the bedside table and there is his phone, sitting there innocently but somehow Louis feels like it's taunting him. Settling for glaring at the device, he tries to weigh the choices he suddenly has after seeing the phone. He could lie down again and try to fall asleep on his own.... or, he could try and call Harry.

This is stupid. What kind of a mess did the triplets turn Louis into?

He grumbles quietly to himself, lying down again and pulling the cover up. He can fall asleep just fine. He's an independent Omega. He's not needy.

After fifteen minutes and Louis' eyes are still wide open, he almost screams in defeat when he finally grabs his phone.

There's nothing wrong with being needy.

He opens up his contact list and hovers his thumb over Harry's name.

He has an internal debate for quite a moment, then settles with a message instead.

Harry, can I call you?

Louis doesn't look when he presses send, and the moment the message is gone, he panics.

Wait, why the fuck did he do that?

He doesn't even get a minute to entertain his scary thoughts because his phone is already ringing and Harry is calling him.

Wait, Harry is calling him?

Louis clears his throat, scrambling on the bed and fixing his hair regardless that Harry isn't going to be able to see him, and once he's sure he's composed enough to talk to the Alpha, he answers.

"Hi." Louis' voice is so timid when he greets Harry.

"Hey, Lou." Comes Harry's drawl. He sounds worried. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine." He takes a deep breath to calm his racing heart, made so just from listening to Harry's voice. "Just can't sleep."

"Me too." He replies. "Neither can Edward and Marcel."

"Well, what are you three doing to pass the time, then?"

He can hear the grin when Harry speaks. "Edward and Marcel are snogging, if you must know."

"Lucky." Louis sighs with jealousy. "At least he has someone to snog. I only have my pillow."

"Is that why you're so good, then? You've practised snogging on your pillow?" Harry chuckles.

"Now you're putting words in my mouth, Styles." Louis scolds, making Harry cackle.

Harry finishes laughing, then the line falls silent for a moment. "I miss you."

"I miss you too."

This is absurd. They've just seen each other a few hours ago.

Louis should go and have a run to get rid of this nonsense.

"I'll see you tomorrow. So that's okay, I guess. I can't wait, though." Harry admits, making Louis giggle.

"You always this articulate, Styles?" He teases.

"Well, Mum said I'm the most eloquent Styles."

"For some reasons, I find that hard to believe." Louis hums, pursing his lips.

"Oi, are you calling me a liar?" Harry calls out, though he is giggling too.

"I didn't say that." He casually denies. "I just think that Anne wouldn't say the same if I were to ask her."

"Excuse you. I am the favourite child."

"Keep dreaming." Says a voice in the background. Louis isn't sure if it's Edward or Marcel but it makes him laugh all the same.

They slowly slip into a comfortable silence. Louis is more than content to listen to the sound of Harry breathing in and out and it becomes better when Harry starts humming softly, barely audible through the line.

The sound is so soothing, calming, and Louis relaxes even further into the mattress. "Sing to me." He requests softly.


Louis blushes. "Sing to me."

"Okay." Harry replies, and then he starts to sing. "Sleep my little Kovu, let your dreams take wings. One day when you're big and stro-"

"Are you singing me Lion King?"


"Harry!!" Louis chortles, his eyes crinkling.

"Well, what do you want me to sing, then?"

Louis yawns before he could reply, rubbing his eyes. He's already starting to feel sleepy. His eyelids are already drooping. "Anything."

Harry starts singing again, but Louis can't register what song it is. He's already halfway asleep, and the sound of Harry's voice lulls him gradually into his sweet dreams.

"So what's your plan? With the move?" Alex is asking during breakfast the next morning. Both of them are seated at their small dining table again, helping themselves to the meal Alex has prepared. Louis really should pay his flatmate for cooking for him.

Louis sips his tea. "I'm taking the day off on Wednesday, obviously." He taps his foot on the floor. "Anne said she wants to help, so I was thinking of calling her to help me tomorrow. I'll get home early and start packing."

Alex is confused when he glances at him. "Who's Anne again?"

"Their mother."


"Are you going to help me with the move?" Louis asks after a moment of hesitation. Honestly, there isn't much to do with the move and the triplets along with Anne is enough people to handle it, but he wants Alex to be there. Maybe for closure, or he simply just wants Alex's presence, but Louis hopes Alex would be there.

Alex smiles kindly and nods. "Of course! I'll ask for the day off too."

"Thank you, Alex. There's a reason why you're my favourite Beta."

"Oh, shut up."

The bell rings moments later, just as Louis has finished washing his cup. He wipes his hands and looks at Alex with an excited grin. "That's probably Harry."

"You are obsessed." Alex grumbles as the Omega skips out of the kitchen.

"Am not." Louis sing-songs. His friend snickers at him in reply but he doesn't pay it attention because Harry is standing there when he opens the door. "Hi."

"Good morning, Lou." Harry dimples at him, causing Louis to sigh softly and his knees weaken.

"Morning, handsome." He greets, reaching out to pull Harry close and making Harry's smile widen at the comment. Their lips meet before the Alpha could formulate a reply, and suddenly whatever Harry intends to have come out disappears and he's left with the delicious taste of Louis' mouth.

Louis preens the moment Harry wraps his arms around his waist, pressing himself closer so that their chests are aligned with no space in between. He thinks he'll never get over how overwhelming it is to inhale Harry's scent so strongly, or any of the rest of his Alphas, that is. It feels so safe, so wonderful to be surrounded by.

Harry presses his lips to Louis' jaw, trailing down until he's reached the spot that holds Louis' scent gland. The Omega refused to be held responsible for the moan that he releases when Harry sucks eagerly on his skin, nibbling and grazing his teeth lightly across the flesh.

"Are you having sex at my doorstep?" Alex asks from the kitchen.

"Ou-Our, fuck, doorstep." Louis tries to protest but it comes out weakly, his fingers tangling through Harry's locks.

Alex doesn't reply for a moment, and Louis is glad that he is dropping it.

"Are you having sex at our doorstep?"

Louis thought too soon.

"I'm going to kill him." Louis murmurs just as Harry abandons him to laugh.

Harry pulls back completely to admire the mark he's left on Louis' neck, and it makes Louis realise what Harry just did.

He gasps, slapping a hand on the spot where Harry was sucking on. "Did you just give me a hickey?" He asks, his eyes widening.

"Yes." Harry doesn't even look guilty.

Louis doesn't know whether to be flattered or pissed. "This is going to be a bitch trying to hide." He mutters instead.

"Why would you want to hide it?"

"What am I supposed to tell the kids?" He groans. "No, it's okay, children. I just somehow fell and stabbed myself in the neck, is that it?"

"Just say that you have an allergy reaction!" Alex yells in the distance.

"Thank you!" Louis yells back. "I'm glad at least we have someone with a brain in this conversation."

Harry presses his lips together to hide a smile, and he has to kiss Louis on the cheek, the affection inside his chest too much to contain. "If you're done insulting me, can we go?"

"Um, yes." Louis nods, trying to recall what he needs to get for school. "I'll just have to grab my bag and kiss Alex goodbye."

The Alpha frowns at the information. He looks jealous. "Why does he get a kiss?"

"I've been getting kisses for the past five years, Kendall Jenner. Sorry to burst your bubble." Alex says smugly, sauntering into the living room and smirking at him.

Harry pouts. "I'm not Kendall Jenner."

Louis ignores how immature the people in his presence are being and instead steps inside to fetch his bag from his room. When he exits, he walks over to Alex and indeed gives him the kiss on the forehead like he always does. "See you, Al."

"Have a nice day, Lou." Alex says while Louis puts on his shoes.

He sends one last smile at his flatmate before Harry's wrapping an arm around his waist and they're leaving his front door.

By the time they're parked in front of the kindergarten, Louis has already taken off his seatbelt. He quickly leaps forward and kisses Harry briefly before he's pulling away again. "See you this evening!" He says, rushing to hop out of the car but the Alpha grips his wrist.

"Hey, where are you going so fast?" Harry questions, his face torn between frowning and contorting in amusement.

Louis pauses, sitting back down again. "Well, I want to get as many things finished as possible so that I could come home early tomorrow. To pack and all, you know." He explains.

"Oh.." Harry blinks. "Would you like us to come and help you too? I'm sure Marcel and I could be there, but I'm not so certain about Edward."

The Omega brightens. "Yeah, that sounds brilliant. I'll text you the time tomorrow, yeah?" He suggests, leaning forward again to kiss him.

"Okay." The Alpha murmurs his agreement, following Louis' mouth when he pulls back, not wanting to let him go yet.

"You're as bad as Marcel." Louis mumbles as he slaps Harry's chest gently to tease, but he continues to follow the way Harry's mouth is guiding him through the kiss.

Harry doesn't reply, just keeps kissing Louis like the Omega doesn't have places to be soon. The passenger door is wide open, but somehow none of them cares.

Louis finally laughs after a few minutes, pulling back and pressing his palm against Harry's face to shove him off. "Enough, you animal. I'm not going to get anywhere at this point.

"That was the original plan." Harry pouts, disappointed that Louis did not fall for the trap.

Louis grins, climbing out of the car. "You'll get more kisses soon, promise."

"But no amount of kisses from you is ever going to be enough."

That makes Louis roll his eyes, grinning at Harry's pouty face and closing the door. He waves timidly through the tinted glass, signalling the Alpha to get going as he starts towards the building of the nursery.

Harry rolls the window down and finally smiles. He blows Louis a kiss, then the car is driving away.

Somehow Louis finds that it's hard to catch himself not smiling since all he ever thinks about are the triplets and they never fail to make him happy. His lips are still stretched wide across his face when he walks past the door.

Jake comes over to his classroom during lunch, bringing over some food since Louis decides to stay back and finish more work.

"So, I'm taking a leave this Wednesday." Louis tells him while they're seated at his table and having the meal Jake has brought along.

What he said makes Jake pause, his eyes shifting from the food in his hand to the face of the Omega that's sitting in front of him. "Oh? Why?" He asks, curious.

"I'm moving in with my Alphas!" Louis says with glee, his eyes crinkling as he takes another spoonful of food into his mouth.

That pulls a bewildered look from his friend. "Uh... Why can't it wait until the weekend? I mean, it's in the middle of the week...?"

Louis ducks his head as his face heats in embarrassment. "Well, the separation anxiety is getting to me. So we wanted to do it as soon as possible. We've spent quite too much time around each other on the weekend when we saw our parents, so now I can't really stand being away from them."

"Wait, wait." Jake holds up a hand. "You already met the parents?"

Louis nods. "Yeah, I didn't want to mate with people my mother hasn't met yet."

"Afraid of making your own judgement?" Jake guesses, raising an eyebrow.

Shaking his head, Louis plays around a little with his food. Something like his mother's voice is scolding him in his mind. "Not that. I just want my Mum to be happy about the people I'm going to be with for the rest of my life. Besides, you know what they say... Mothers know best." He grins.

"That's nice." Jake comments. "Would you like a hand for the move?"

Louis' eyebrows shoot up across his forehead. "Uh... Thank you for the offer. But I think I'm fine." He quickly schools his face into a smile. "Besides, I can't make you miss the day too. And there's not much to move, anyway." Truthfully, he's thinking more about how his Alphas would react with another Alpha trying to help. They haven't even met him. Louis wants to cringe just thinking about it.

"I'm sure a day off won't hurt."

"Thank you, Jake. But I swear I'm fine. Their Mum is going to come down to help too." Which reminds Louis that he needs to text Anne and tell her.

At first, he doesn't really want to take her up for it. He doesn't want to burden her or anything, more so that the move is suddenly happening really soon. But he knows if he lets the move happen without telling her and getting her to help, she'd probably kill him.

Jake stares at him weirdly, and it makes Louis nervous. Why is Jake looking at him like that?

"Lou?" He speaks up quietly. "By any chance, is Harry Styles one of your Alphas?"

Louis chokes on his food, putting away the container he's holding on the table and slapping his chest repeatedly.

Jake starts to panic and quickly hands him a bottle of water that Louis gratefully accepts.

Once his windpipe is clear, Louis finally looks at his friend in the eye, letting out one last cough. "I'm... I."

"I'd take that as a yes." Jake mutters, and for some reason, he doesn't look pleased.

"How did you find out?" Louis manages to croak, taking another huge gulp from the water bottle.

"I thought I saw you on paper with him the other day." Jake tells him. "Who are the rest of your Alphas, then?"

Louis scratches his neck for a moment, not sure if that should be disclosed to his colleague or not. "Um, his brothers."

As expected, Jake widens his eyes so big they're probably going to pop out. "As in, his triplets?"

How come everyone knows about the triplets beforehand except Louis?

"Yes." He grumbles.

"Oh, wow."

"Yeah.." Louis agrees. "But, please don't tell anyone."

That makes Jake narrow his eyes. "Why not?"

"Well, it's not your story to tell, yeah?" Louis snaps, glaring at his friend in case he starts getting ideas.

Jake lifts his hands up in defeat. They eat in silence after that.

Louis is walking out side by side with Jake when he sees the sleek, black Range Rover waiting for him. His face brightens, and he's ready to go run to the car so he could be in Harry's arms again.

Louis still has manners, so he turns to his friend with a small smile. "See you tomorrow, Jake."

"Yeah, you too." Jake grins. "Your Alpha is picking you up again?"

Louis nods excitedly. "Yeah, he's right there." He turns to where the car is to point but Harry is suddenly standing there, leaning against the vehicle. "Oh."

Jake follows his sight and is slightly taken aback when he sees the supermodel standing in the nursery parking lot. He looks very out of place wearing a floral shirt with three buttons unclasped and his chest exposed for view. Harry's also wearing a pair of sunglasses with his arms crossed and Jake knows that he's looking right at where they're standing.

"Well, you, you should get going then." Jake stammers, smiling awkwardly as he turns to Louis again. He can tell that Harry is glaring, can feel the possessiveness all the way from the building entrance.

"Alright, drive safe, Jake." Louis nudges his arm with a fist, still grinning but not taking his eyes off of Harry. Without waiting for a reply, Louis quickly left to head for his Alpha. His grin widens just as he stops in front of him. "Hello there, Mr Handsome. I wonder who you could be."

Harry cracks a smile at that. "Hello, is it me you're looking for?"

"You are an idiot." Louis sighs, shaking his head. Harry can see that the edge of his mouth is twitching, though.

The Alpha's response consists of silence as he tugs Louis to him and wraps his arms around the small body before slotting their lips together. When the Omega's eyes flutter close and he's passionately kissing Harry back, the Alpha keeps his eyes open and his gaze burns into Jake. Even with his sunglasses on, he knows Jake can feel him staring.

He might not necessarily have to do that to convey the message that Louis is his, but, oh well. What can he say? Harry is very possessive and territorial. One should see him whenever someone tries hitting on Edward or Marcel. It's not going to be different with Louis.

"Would you like to come over for dinner?" Harry asks him once they're settled in the car with their seatbelts clasped and the heater on low.

Louis turns to him, expecting Harry to be joking. But the Alpha looks fairly serious. It's enough to convince him that the offer is truly on the table.

"That would be lovely."

Half an hour later, they're approaching the compound to the triplets' house. Or maybe Louis should say mansion; or manor. He's plastered to the windscreen, his eyes opened wide as he stares in awe at the building that is still quite in the distance but still manages to stand out due to the size. He knows that it is a little secluded so maybe that's why Louis' attention is instantly drawn to it since it's the only one, but he doesn't remember the triplets' place being that big.

"Um.." He clears his throat and turns to Harry. "Has your house always been this huge?"

Harry nods, biting his lower lip. "Yeah."

When Louis thinks about it again, he never really took a closer look to his whole surrounding that morning after he met the triplets. It's probably mostly because the circumstances were much more overwhelming during that time.

But here the house stands. Louis still hates calling it that; that word does not do it justice. "How many storeys are there?" He has to ask.

"Five, if you include the basement." Harry tells him excitedly.

"So basically four?" Louis gasps. "How do you stand the stairs?!"

Harry gives him an incredulous look. "That's why we have the lift."

Louis shouldn't have asked.

"What else do you keep in there? What do you need such a big house for?" He can't help but question, his eyes narrowed now.

The Alpha shrugs. "The house was left for us by our grandfather when Edward inherited the company. We stayed for a year, and we fell in love with it. So we never really think about moving. I honestly couldn't imagine living in a different house. This one is already so perfect." He elaborates.

"So, you didn't buy the house?"

"No. Everything was already there. We just had to bring ourselves and the clothes. Even the Betas were already hired."

They're finally approaching the gate now, and Louis feels like they're entering a palace ground. The gates stand tall, decorated with such sleek but luxurious design. They look beautiful and yet serve their purpose since he can see that they're very strong and sturdy, unlikely to be broken in. Another reason why the entrance is quite spectacular to him is because there are two guards at the gates, and another two in the guard house to the left. He doesn't remember that either.

"Are you royalty and forgot to inform me or something?"

Harry bursts out laughing at his question, but he doesn't reply yet in favour of stopping the car to roll his window down and greet the men at the door.

All of them lift a hand in greeting and then the gates slowly open.

"That kind of gesture is enough for me, but somehow Edward always get a salute. He doesn't settle for anything less." Harry tells him as they drive inside, wide lawn stretched out within the compound. "He's the Head Alpha of the house, so Mum said that he should demand the respect he deserves."

Louis doesn't reply, still observing the beautiful view of this kind of place that the triplets call home. It's one that Louis would usually only get the chance to see on telly.

"And we are not royalty." Harry answers his previous question, finally. "Our grandfather loved a posh life, and even when he did, he was such a humble man. I loved him a lot. That's also another reason why this house means a lot to me."

Louis thinks for a moment. "Did he use to live here?"

"No." Harry's curls bounce as he shakes his head. "He bought it when he was alive, having us specifically in mind. We were told that he designed everything according to what we would need. You could say that we were.." He grins before continuing. "We were sort of his favourite grandchildren. Edward, especially. God, that old man loved Edward so much, I was almost jealous of him."

"Of Edward?"

"No, my grandpa." Harry laughs, slowing down the vehicle right as they approach the garage. "When we were kids, he used to 'steal' Edward from me and Marcel when we were playing. It usually made me sulk."

Louis scrunches up his nose. "You sound like you were a bratty kid."

"Actually," Harry says. "I think I was."

Louis starts to laugh but it dies in his throat the moment they enter the garage and he realises that Harry is still driving. You see, Louis' definition of a garage is one part of the house that provides a place to park the cars, as in, maximum of two cars. But now, being in the garage that Louis notices is underground and with space that's almost the size of those in the mall, he thinks he needs to change his dictionary.

While Harry manoeuvres the Rover to park it, Louis tries to see each and every one of the vehicles that they have. He also tries to count them all but the numbers go missing after he sees the Ferrari.

"How many cars do you need?!" He blurts in panic. He doesn't know why he is panicking but he's never seen so many luxury cars with so little people that own them.

Harry ducks his head. "Marcel is a little bit obsessed with cars, and he somehow always succeeds in making Edward allow him to buy whichever one that he wants."

That sounds interesting. Louis will need Marcel to teach him whatever tactics he has that manage to coax Edward. It might become useful in the future.

Louis frowns when he mulls over Harry's words again. "Wait, is Edward the only one who has a say about that?"

"No, not really." Harry grins, blushing. "We just don't like to do things as we like. It's like.. We've always looked up at Edward, since he's our oldest brother. We like being told what to do." The Alpha shakes his head. "Simply put, we like listening to what he says."

Louis doesn't know what to do with this new information. It's not exactly weird, Louis would say. Bizarre, yeah. "Is that a kink of yours?"


Louis chuckles. "So you and Marcel have to ask him first before you buy something?"

"No, we don't have to. It's up to us. We can buy anything we want. But if we ask him for permission, then he knows that we need him to intervene with our decision because we don't know if what we're buying is worth it or not." Harry presses a finger to his chin. "For instance, last two years, Marcel wanted to buy a yacht. He felt like he deserves it; since he's worked so hard and he hasn't really spent that much on anything special. But he also felt like he's just looking for ways to waste our money. So he asked Edward about it, and Edward said no. Marcel trusts Edward's judgement, so he didn't regret that he didn't buy the yacht. But Edward bought him the yacht for our birthday, anyway. I think Edward knows that Marcel deserves the yacht too, he just wants to buy it for Marcel instead of letting Marcel buy it for himself."

That is very cute. Louis gets this tingly feeling in his chest listening to Edward spoiling his siblings.

Louis stares at him. "Why do I have a feeling that you three have joint accounts?"

Harry brightens up and that's already enough confirmation. "Yeah, we do."

"May I ask why?"

He shrugs. "We don't really want to do the, your money is yours, my money is mine. It's just our money. And we know that none of us would ever do anything stupid with the money anyway. We trust each other."

"Do you need to tell the others whenever you spent the money on something?"

Louis finds himself a little surprised to see Harry shaking his head. "No. If it's something like buying a house or a car, then yeah. But if Edward's just out there buying a watch, or eating at a fancy restaurant, then it's none of our business." Harry's face contorts for a few seconds before he adds, "It makes it hard to do surprises, though."

Harry's phone suddenly rings, the sound booming in the quiet space.

"It's Edward." Harry murmurs before he's answering the phone. "Hello, baby."

"Where are you?" Louis can hear Edward grumbling from the line. "I thought you said you're bringing Louis over? Did you stop somewhere again?"

"No. We've arrived ten minutes ago. We're just in the garage."

"What the hell are you doing in the bloody garage? Get him up here." Edward's exasperated tone makes Louis chuckle.

Harry pouts. "Okay."

"I think we should get going now." Louis suggests when Harry has his phone tucked safely inside his pocket again.


Harry and Louis walk up the stairs from the garage. It leads to the entrance hall, and Louis is awed again by the decoration inside. Harry gives him a small smile, keeping a hand around his waist whilst he guides Louis through the house. They walk past the double staircase leading up from the entrance hall and instead head straight to the back.

"You really need to give me a tour of the house before I move in." Louis murmurs as they walk past a pair of double doors. They are tall, grand, and the door handles themselves look more expensive than Louis' watch.

"That I can do." Harry nods.

"What do those doors lead to?" Louis questions as he slows them down to point at the doors that got his attention.

"That's the ballroom." Harry answers. "We use it for parties, gathering, and sometimes we hold our family day here."

Louis nods thoughtfully, gesturing to Harry that they could continue with their journey.

They finally reach the dining room that holds a table for six to find Edward and Marcel already waiting there. Edward has got a file in his hands, a shiny pen tucked on his ear while Marcel is reading a book.

"Hello." Harry beams, announcing their arrival and simultaneously making his brothers look up.

"What took you so long?" Edward asks, folding his file close and placing it on the table while Harry releases Louis and skips over to plop himself down on Edward's lap. Edward appears annoyed but relieved as if he's been waiting for them for too long. Marcel only offers them a smile.

Louis makes his way towards Marcel, but he's unable to take his eyes off of Harry and Edward. Even as he's sitting down where Marcel is pulling him onto his lap, Louis can't take his eyes away.

"I was just telling him about us." Harry is saying to Edward but it's not that that Louis is too focused on. It's the way Edward is looking at Harry, his arm curled around Harry's waist while Harry talks. It's exactly the perfect picture of a little brother telling his older brother about his day, except that there is so much love in Edward's eyes and their body language is anything but platonic.

The thing is, Louis knows what he's getting into. He knows that the triplets revolve around each other, that they're close, and the three of them fuck. But he's never really thought about the fact of how in love with each other they also are. And seeing that amount of emotion in Edward's eyes, directing it to Harry who's talking using a small voice as if he's a little child, it's making Louis' heart grow in his chest and he knows that if he looks at Marcel, he'd probably have the same glint in his eyes as Edward.

He is very excited to see himself become a part of this cute little family that they have.

A pair of lips on his shoulder pulls him out of his thoughts and Louis leans into it when Marcel wraps his arms around him. "What are you thinking of?" Marcel is asking in amusement, probably have seen the look on Louis' face when he was lost in his thoughts.

"The three of you." He replies, shrugging with a smile as he tries to shift so that they are face to face.

Marcel chuckles upon hearing that, the already present smile on his face widening slightly when Louis is locking his arms behind Marcel's neck and pressing their foreheads together. "Did you have a good day?" He asks, but before Louis could answer, he's stealing a kiss from his thin, lovely lips.

"Yeah." Louis grins, pinching his cheek in retaliation. "It's much, much better now, though."

"Hmmm." Marcel hums. "That's good. I wonder why, though."

"It's because I'm here and I get to see you, you dork." Louis giggles, bending down to properly brush their mouths together.

Their kiss is chaste, merely for greeting, but it makes Louis' heart race all the same.

When Louis turns around, it is to find Harry and Edward in an intense liplock, Edward's hands kneading the flesh of Harry's arse through the skinny jeans he's wearing. He instantly squirms at that, willing blood not to rush south at such a hot sight. Louis has seen Edward and Harry kiss. It was on the night that they first met. He remembers thinking how weird but hot it was to see two Alphas kissing; but seeing it again right here and now with Harry licking into Edward's mouth as if they don't have an audience is causing arousal to spike through his whole body. Marcel notices that he's staring and the Alpha clears his throat loudly to break the two apart.

Edward opens his eyes, his hands stilling and his gaze hops from Marcel to Louis. Harry is still passionately kissing his brother, apparently not having heard of Marcel's obvious attempt to discourage their show. "Harry." Edward starts but Harry only kisses him silent. "Harry." Edward tries again but Harry whimpers his protest, unwilling to stop. Louis claps a hand over his mouth, stifling his laughter.

"This is so embarrassing." Marcel groans, burying his face in his hands.

"No, it's not." Louis disagrees, but he's giggling. He grips Marcel's wrists and part them so he could duck against Marcel's ear. "It's so hot."

"Harry, stop." They hear Edward says sternly and when Louis and Marcel turn their attention to the two again, they find Harry pouting with his arms crossed.

Harry huffs at the glare Edward sends him. "It's a crime to ask for your kisses now?"

"Louis is here." Edward reminds him, gesturing to the Omega perched on top of Marcel's lap.

Harry whips his head so fast that Louis almost expects to hear a snapping sound from his neck. The Alpha gasps when he sees Louis, fishmouthing and his eyes opening wide in surprise. Louis can't believe that the bloke has completely forgotten that Louis is here regardless that he's the one who actually escorted him inside the house.

"Is our rut coming?" Marcel frowns, focusing on doing a mental calculation.

"It's not supposed to be for another two months." Edward says, the tone in his voice silently asking Marcel to drop the topic. It's quite unsettling to be talking about ruts when they haven't even gone past the snogging stage with Louis.

Marcel stares at Edward, a little challenging. "Harry's being weird."

"Marcel." Edward warns.

"No, no, it's fine.." Louis assures. "I'm curious too."

Harry sighs heavily. "I'm fine, I'm fine." He holds up a hand. "I think I'm just being a little excited, having our Omega in our home." He admits, sending an abashed look towards Louis.

"I'm glad you're happy to see me, then." Louis winks.

Harry honks out a laugh, resolving whatever tension there is in the room.

"Shall we have dinner?" Edward finally asks, wanting to get to the sole reason they're all gathered here.

"Definitely. I'm famished." Louis agrees, climbing off of Marcel and taking a seat next to him.

"Can I stay here?" He hears Harry asks. Harry is still sitting comfortably on Edward's lap, as if it's his throne and he doesn't want to move, ever. Louis immediately goes fond watching Edward's expression. He looks torn between scolding Harry and letting him stay.

"No." It's Marcel who answers. "Take your seat, Haz."

Harry obeys, although he's complaining the whole time as he moves to sit down opposite Marcel and Louis, with Edward at the head of the table.

Louis is about to question the existence of their meal due to the empty table between them. But before he could so much speak up, Marcel is calling out for someone. And then the Betas start trickling into the dining room, each carrying a meal and whatever is needed on the table.

It happens so fast. The maids walk around in the hall, placing things down as they pass by before leaving. And once the room clears, there are the meals, with a plate in front of them and their cutlery arranged neatly on a napkin next to it. There's even a candle lit up on its holder on the middle of the table.

"Does that happen everyday?" Louis has to ask.



After their dinner, Edward offers Louis a tour of the house. Since Louis had just voiced the same idea to Harry earlier that evening, he agrees. They start with the ground floor.

The triplets show him the entrance hall, the first living room for a small occasion, then the second living room which is much bigger. Both of them are complete with a plush set of sofas, a coffee table and a flat screen. Marcel claims that it's not that interesting. So they move on to the ballroom.

"Oh Christ, it's big." Louis gasps when Edward pushes the double door open.

"That's what he said." Harry pipes in, then smiles gleefully, expecting someone to laugh at his joke.

Edward slaps the back of his head.

"Thank you." Louis mutters.

While Marcel comforts Harry after such 'abuse' - as Harry puts it - Louis walks further into the ballroom and stares at the extravagant chandelier hanging above them. The room is covered with soft, red carpet with small, classic lighting hanging on the walls and beautiful engravings plastered on the ceiling. The ballroom has two double French doors that lead outside, and Louis can see the brightly lit garden through the windows.

It's so easy to forget that this is real life and not some dream when he's here.

"It's so beautiful." Louis comments, walking back to where the triplets are standing and eyeing him carefully. "I feel like a princess, standing here."

"You are one." Edward teases, taking Louis' hand and leading him out while Marcel and Harry help close the door.

Louis blushes, preening at the statement but he says nothing else.

"How many pools do you need?!"

"Well, the pool outside is for when the weather is nice and the one inside is for when it's freezing outside."

Louis gapes. "This is ridiculous."

"You won't be saying that when it's in the middle of winter and you get the urge to go swimming." Edward points out.

"Shut up."

"If this is the dining hall, what was the room where we ate?" Louis voices his confusion upon hearing Edward claim that they've just entered the dining hall.

"That's the dining room." He responds like it's obvious.

"Oh, I'm sorry. We peasants dine at the kitchen table in the kitchen." Louis retorts, glaring at him.

The table in the dining room is big enough to hold an army. He wonders if they even use this at all. But then again, there's a lot of things Louis still doesn't know about the triplets.

"When do you usually use this hall?"

"During Christmas, if Mum and Robin decide to come over. Gemma would come down as well and we'd invite Niall and the rest."


"I don't need a tour of this." Louis says in distaste when they approach the gym.

"Who does the reading, then?" Louis questions, running his fingers along the spine of the books as he walks along the shelf. The triplets patiently trail behind him, letting him entertain himself as they tour the library.

"All of us do."

"I bet Harry reads romance books and cries." Louis smirks, turning around to look at them.

"Actually, that's Marcel." Edward corrects him.

"Okay, tour is over. You can leave me here." Louis is saying when they reach the gaming room. He's already making himself comfortable on one of the bean bags, trying to reach for the controller to the Xbox.

Harry laughs, ready to join him but the sound of Edward clearing his throat instantly holds him on his spot.

"Come on, Lou. We've got another floor to go."

"And then we'll come back here?" Louis asks hopefully, his wide, blue eyes rendering Edward defenseless.

"We'll come back." He promises.

"So, like, this is another hall?" Louis asks confusedly.

Marcel shakes his head. "No. The two downstairs are the living room, for the guests. This one is where the three of us hang out before we retreat to bed."

"Okay, I see." Louis nods. That explains how much cosier and bigger the space is compared to the two on the ground floor.

"When Niall and his family sleep over, this is where we'll hang out too." Marcel adds.

"Are they always here?"

Edward shrugs. "Not really. But it happens more often than not."

"No wonder you get tired of seeing their faces."

"Oh my God!" Louis squeals with excitement when he sees the grand piano.

The triplets beam at such reaction, especially upon seeing how Louis is immediately running to the piano and opening the cover.

"Do you play, Lou?" Edward asks fondly.

"Yeah. But I haven't in so long." Louis replies, staring down at his fingers resting against the black and white keys as if he's having a moment of nostalgia.

Marcel hums. "Play us something."

Louis shakes his head, biting his lower lip to hold back a smirk. "Not yet. Next time."

"Wait, how many guest rooms do you have again?"


"And all of them have an en suite?" Louis' voice is almost hysterical.

The triplets nod.

"Do you even get guests?"

Harry opens his mouth to answer.

"Niall and his family are not considered guests." Edward reminds him.

Harry closes his mouth.

"Our grandfather custom made this house. I'm not sure why he thinks we need it to have a dozen guest rooms, but at least we don't have to worry about space whenever someone comes over." Marcel tells him, sounding as confused as Louis is about the number of rooms regardless that he's been living in the building for years.

"Maybe he was expecting us to have a dozen of pups." Edward casually comments, obviously teasing the Omega.

Louis huffs in response.

After all the touring is done, they settle in the family hall on the third floor with a mug of hot chocolate in their hands. Harry is telling him a story about the triplets' first experience of going camping together and how Marcel has wet the bed because Harry and Edward pulled a prank on him. Louis can't help but to laugh as well when Harry and Edward are booming with laughter after Harry has finished telling the story.

"Hey, cut it out." Louis tries to say when it's been minutes and the Alphas are still howling, though Louis himself is still snorting.

"Don't bother, Lou." Marcel says, bored. "They get like this every time they tell the story."

"Because it's funny, bloody Hell." Edward coughs out, almost tearing up from laughing too hard.

Marcel shoots his brother a glare. "One day, I will expose all the embarrassing stories about you two to Louis."

Louis snickers. How matured.

After taking a sip from his hot chocolate, Louis feels his phone vibrating. It might have been doing that for a while now, and he's only just noticed. Momentarily putting his drink away, he fishes the device out and sees that Alex is calling him. "Do you mind if I take this?" He questions his hosts, holding it up and showing Alex's face.

"No, of course. Go on." Harry prompts.

Louis sends them a thankful smile. "Yeah, Al?"

"Mate? Shit, finally." Alex is saying in relief. "Where are you?"

He frowns in confusion, wondering why his friend sounds so worried. "I'm at the triplets' house. What's wrong?"

"You didn't tell me where you were going, and it's late. I called you a hundred times!" Alex almost yells at him. "Fuck, I thought something had happened to you. I almost called the police."

Louis pulls his phone back to look at the time and gasps. "Oh my God, Al. I didn't realise it was this late. I'm so sorry."

The Alphas are almost thrown out of their seats too when they see the time.

"You're safe, yeah? That's all I need to know." His friend asks, distress still lacing his voice.

"Yes. I am safe. I'm okay." He pauses. "Alex, I'm so sorry. I was, um, I was with the triplets and we lost track of time. I didn't mean to make you worry."

"Good." Alex breathes. "Just tell me where you're going next time. I think my heart is failing me or something."

Louis grins, incredibly fond of his flatmate. "Thank you, Al."

"Of course, Lou." He replies. "What time are you coming back? I mean, are you even coming back?"

Louis bravely glances at Edward, meeting his eyes for a second and once deciding that the green eyes are unreadable, he quickly casts his gaze down again. "I'm not, uh, I don't know. But please don't wait up for me."

"Like Hell I will."

He deadpans. "Yeah, I forgot about your beauty sleep."

"Have fun, you twat. I love you." Alex barks, but there's no bite behind it.

"Love you too, Al."

He cuts off the call, and only then sees that he has fifteen missed calls from Alex for the past hour.

Edward is the first one to speak up after they're left with a short moment of silence following Alex's call. "We apologise, Lou. It skipped our mind how late it's getting."

"It's alright." He assures. "I was having so much fun, anyway."

All of them immediately soften at that.

When Edward and Marcel seem to be having a silent conversation with their eyes, Louis doesn't miss it. He's used to dealing with Daisy and Phoebe doing that. Though, he doesn't point it out, waiting until they would talk to him about it.

He sees that Edward has started glaring, and Marcel is trying to reason with Edward.

He'd never understand this whole telepathy thing.

Finally, the conversation seems to end and Marcel turns to him. "Lou.." He starts but lets it hang there, his eyes meeting Edward's again.

Louis nods, kindly encouraging him to continue. "Yeah?"

"How do you feel about spending the night?"

Well, the questions catches him a little off guard. He hasn't been expecting that. But then again, they're already lounging in the family hall and Louis feels too comfortable anyway. Besides, it's already past eleven.

He looks at Harry in question and the Alpha opens his arms. "There are twelve guest rooms to choose from." He offers.

Louis titters. "Right." He turns to Edward and Marcel and they've got this hopeful expression on their faces that Louis just turns fond. "I guess I'm staying, then."

"Excellent!" Harry rises to his feet. "May I escort you to the room of your choice, then, monsieur?"

The Omega is still giggling when he copies Harry and places a hand on the offered arm.

Louis looks up at the knock on the door and he automatically smiles when he sees Edward slowly entering the room. The Alpha has some folded garments on his hand.

"Hey, you're settling down okay?"

"Yeah. Everything is perfect." Louis tilts his head with a smile. "The toilet is very nice."

Edward's mouth curves slightly into a smirk. "Well, we want nothing but the best."

"Of course." Louis agrees, unable to control his lips from stretching wide all the time. His cheeks are starting to hurt with it. He clears his throat. "Have you got something for me?" He nods towards the clothes in Edward's hand.

Edward raises his eyebrows. "Ah, yes. This is one of Harry's sweatpants and my t-shirt. Figured you wouldn't be comfortable sleeping in those." He gestures to the attire Louis is wearing.

The Omega bites his lip, taking a step closer and blinking a sultry look up at the Alpha. He can see the way Edward's Adam apple bobs when he places a hand lightly on Edward's chest. "What makes you think I would be sleeping in anything?"

Louis smirks when Edward sucks in a harsh breath. "Jesus, Lou."

"Thanks, anyway. I guess I'll have to settle for this for tonight." Louis shrugs, taking the clothes away from Edward and leaning up to press a kiss on his cheek.

"What a tease." Edward says annoyedly, slapping Louis' bum when the Omega turns around and making him giggle. "You don't need anything else, do you?"

Louis shakes his head. "I'm fine."

"Okay. What time do you think you need to leave tomorrow morning?"

"I think I need to be early. I was thinking that maybe you could just take me home so I could change. I can go to work on my own."

"Nonsense." Edward says gruffly, giving Louis that disapproving look again. "I'm driving you tomorrow. I can wait."

Louis shrugs, knows not to say no. Besides, Edward is the one who offered. "Alright."

Louis keeps staring at Edward expectantly after that, making him annoyed that he lets out a huff. "What."

The Omega copies him with a huff of his own. "Are you going to stay here and watch me change? If you want a strip show, you could just say, you know?"

Edward turns a little red, caught off guard. He ignores Louis' laugh and quickly turns around to leave.

Once Louis has changed into the clothes Edward has provided, he returns to the bathroom to brush his teeth and wash his face.

He goes to bed right away, wanting to get a good sleep since he still has to go to work and teach the next day.

The bed is wide and comfortable, something Louis would love a lot and he'd probably have no trouble sleeping at all if he has such a bed back in his flat. But he doesn't know why he's still awake, unable to sleep a blink.

He's tossed and turned a few times already, shifting from lying on his back to lying on his stomach and his side. Somehow there's not one that he finds decent enough for him to even try to close his eyes.

Louis doesn't know what drives him to climb off the bed and pad out of the room, but his feet carry him along the corridor until he stops in front of a specific pair of doors.

His breath hitches a little once he realises that he's facing the doors of the triplets' room. They told him when they walked past the doors during the tour, but he wasn't shown the inside. Louis didn't question it, knew that the triplets have a right to that privacy.

Now, there's only a wooden door separating them and Louis suddenly yearns nothing more than to find out how it feels to sleep in an Alpha's arms for the first time.

He knows that it's the Omega inside him that ellicits the sudden need, but he finds himself giving in to the curiosity.

Urging himself to move before he changes his mind, Louis brings up a hand to knock.

The sound of his knuckles colliding twice against the wood feels too loud, booming.

He lets his arm fall to his side again, waiting with bated breath for the door to open.

When it does, it's for Edward to appear with a concerned expression.

"Hey, Lou. Is there anything wrong?"

Louis shakes his head, suddenly getting tongue twisted. "I'm, uh. I'm fine. It's just... Can I- um.." He clears his throat. "I can't sleep." How pathetic.

Edward stares at him.

Louis keeps his head down, unable to look at him when he's being scrutinised that way. It suddenly feels like a bad idea, coming here and knocking for them at such late hour. He shifts from foot to foot, his fingers toying with the hem of his shirt.

"Um.." Edward finally starts after a moment that feels like an eternity. When Louis looks up, Edward is glancing behind him and into the room.

Louis suddenly feels intense embarrassment washing over him. What is he doing? He's staying in the triplets' house, was given a comfortable room to sleep in with perfect accommodation and he's here, trying to ask for God-knows-what from the triplets simply because he can't sleep?

"I think, um, it's okay. I'm sorry, I should go now." He stammers, awkwardly trying to leave.

Edward grabs his arm before he could go. "Stay." The Alpha requests.

Louis halts his steps, walking back until he's standing in front of Edward again.

Edward glances into the room once more, then gives a curt nod. He looks at Louis, releasing Louis' arm to slide his hand down until their hands are clasped together. After a moment of hesitation, he gives a slight tug, a silent invitation.

When Louis meets his eye, Edward looks hopeful but Louis knows that he is free to say no. He doesn't want to, though. God, his inner Omega is already squealing with glee at being given the chance and he has no desire at all to resist.

Louis doesn't utter a word in reply. Instead, he closes their distance and covers Edward's lips with his own.

Edward's smile is brilliant when they part, and Louis wishes he could engrave the sight permanently on his brain. He lets Edward lead him into the room, and his eyes go straight to the huge bed sitting in the middle of the room, where Marcel and Harry are sitting. His heart starts hammering in his chest the moment he hears the door shuts.

It'd be stupid to deny how nervous he is. He's in their room, in their house.

"Hey, Lou." Harry and Marcel chorus, bringing an inevitable smile onto his face.

"Hi, lads."

The room is huge, spacious, probably the biggest one in the house. The bed is also probably custom-made, being larger than a king sized one.

An arm wraps around his waist, and Louis' smile widens the moment Edward awards a kiss to his cheek.

"Let's call it a day." Edward says, squeezing him gently.

Louis nods, and that seems like a confirmation for all of them because Harry and Marcel finally scoot over although there are a lot of space on the bed.

He finds that the bed is extremely soft, much better than the ones that are in the guest room that Louis' fatigue from the whole day finally catches up with his muscles and he is so, so tired all of a sudden. His brain is already shutting down as he joins Harry and Marcel who are already lying down, sighing in contentment when he is horizontal and his muscles starting to relax.

He feels the bed dip beside him, and then the room is dark, only dimly lit by the rays of the moon outside the window.

"Goodnight, Lou." Marcel leans in to kiss his cheek, but Louis tilts his face so that Marcel's lips lands on his instead. The Alpha makes a happy sound of surprise, and Louis smiles timidly into the kiss.

"Goodnight." He replies, chuckling weakly when Harry climbs over his brother so he could kiss Louis goodnight too. "Goodnight, Harry."

"Night, Lou." Harry's deep voice replies, and then Marcel is grunting as Harry finally gets off of him.

Louis hears some shuffling, and he realises that somehow Edward is not on the bed anymore.

"Edward?" He calls out, curious as to why the Alpha is not beside him.

"Here, baby." Edward's soothing voice says, and then Louis can faintly see his outline getting on the bed. Louis immediately relaxes when Edward lies down next to him. He doesn't fully expect it when Edward shifts until he's pressed close to him. It makes the Omega blush pleasantly, knows that Edward can't see his heated face. Louis rolls to his side, curling into Edward. His heart does a jumpstart when Edward wraps his arms around Louis, pulling him in until all Louis can breathe is EdwardEdwardEdward, and he can feel the warmth from Edward's body seeping into his skin and it's the most comfortable Louis has been in months.

"Goodnight, Edward." Louis whispers, feeling Edward's lips ghost over his hair and leaning into it.

"Goodnight, Princess."

And then Louis buries his face into Edward's neck, tucking his head under Edward's chin and closing his eyes. He feels Edward's chest rise and fall against his own, and somehow the sound of Edward's even breaths become his lullaby that eventually sends him into a peaceful slumber.

Louis wakes up in Harry's arms, and the reason he's awake is because of the commotion in the room.

"Shit!" Someone is saying after they knock over a furniture. Louis' brain barely registers it to be Edward's voice.

"Calm down." Marcel is saying.

More shuffling, and then, "I'm fucking late, Marcel." Edward snaps.

"What time is it?" Louis croaks out, rubbing at his eye.

"Um.." Harry's chest rumble when he speaks. He sounds like he's been awake for a long time, probably has been purposely static on the bed so he doesn't wake Louis up.

When Louis sits up and looks at them, everyone in the room is staring at him. He can't really tell but it looks like there is fear in Marcel's eyes and Louis wonders what happened.

"What?" He asks, confused.

"Lou.." Harry starts, touching his shoulder and getting his attention. "Don't freak out... but.."

"It's quarter to 10 in the morning." Edward breaks it to him.

Louis becomes more confused for the moment, because what's wrong with that?

He snaps his head to Edward, ready to voice his question, but then he sees the Alpha, clad in his slacks and pulling on his jacket, reaching for his cufflinks; it becomes clear to him.

"Oh fuck."

"Yeah, yeah, I know. I'm so, so sorry. This never happened before, and I promise that it won't happen again." Louis says regretfully into the phone. His face twists into a frown for a moment, then he relaxes again. "Thank you, thank you so much. I am terribly sorry."

Harry looks at him with genuine concern as he exhales heavily right after he cuts off the call. "How did it go?"

Louis shrugs. "They're not happy, that's for sure. But they found someone to cover up for me, so I guess I really have to thank Miss Campbell when I come back on Thursday."

Harry nods, not knowing what else to say about that. "I'm sorry."

"It's not your fault." Louis reassures, reaching out and placing a hand on his arm. They're seated in the kitchen, at the posh counter with breakfast served in front of them.

"Edward was furious." Harry's voice is clipped. "He made a few Betas cry before he left."

"What? Why?"

"Was screaming at them about why none of them bothered to wake us up when we didn't come down for breakfast." Harry shakes his head, obviously upset. "I mean, it's not their fault."

Louis is quiet for a moment. "What happened, though? I'm confused."

"I don't know, either." Harry tells him. "Usually, every morning, Edward's alarm would drive us mad. But all of us slept through it this morning, somehow."

"Do you think it's because of me?" Louis wonders.

"I'm not sure." Harry says, but Louis can tell by his eyes that he's silently disagreeing with the theory.

Louis groans in frustration, letting his face fall down onto the marble counter.

"I think.." Harry trails off, waiting for Louis to look at him before he continues. "What if, it's just a biological reaction? I mean, it doesn't make sense, but I think I barely even twitch the whole night. I woke up exactly how I fell asleep."

Louis nods his agreement. "I know. It's the best sleep I had in months, too."

They both sigh.

"Well, now I'm worried." Louis mutters. "What if this happens again?"

Harry cringes. "I hope not." He admits. "I don't think we can get anything done if we wake up two hours before noon every day."

Louis chuckles, fond starting to spread in his chest. "I'm sure we could work something out."

Harry grins at him, and Louis takes that as his cue to lean over and kiss him. It's impossible to resist when he has that face on him.

They continue to enjoy their breakfast with more silence than conversation, content to let no words fill the air.

Louis isn't so sure that it could be considered as breakfast, but he's not going to complain either way. The food is so good.

"Do you want to go now?" Harry asks once they're full.

"Yeah. I think we could get more done if we leave now. We can just tell Marcel to meet us there."

Since they woke up late and Louis missed the nursery, Harry suggested that they go to Louis' house to start the packing.

"I'll grab the key. Why don't you fetch your stuff?"

Louis nods, and he quickly runs up the stairs to go and get them, until he remembers that the room is on the top floor. Cursing under his breath, he pads away towards the lift.

"Mum? What are you doing here?" Marcel asks when he finally manages to close his mouth after gaping upon seeing Anne at Louis' doorstep.

"To help, of course." She says impatiently, already brushing past him to walk inside the flat.

Marcel makes a choked sound as he closes the front door. "They're in there." He informs her, wrapping an arm around her shoulder and steering her towards the direction of Louis' room.

Harry and Louis are sitting on the floor, in the middle of folding Louis' clothes when Marcel and Anne push the door open to enter the room. They look up when the two appear and Harry brightens.

"Hi, Mum!"

"Hello, dear." She replies, dropping down next to Harry.

"How was the journey, Anne?" asks Louis, looking up from the shirt he's trying to fold.

"It was alright."

"Thank you so much for being here." Louis' eyes crinkle as he smiles at her.

"Of course, honey." She leans over and kisses his cheek. "Are there still a lot of your clothes to be packed?"

"Yeah, we've only just started." Harry tells her.

"I never really knew that I have this much of them." Louis frowns as he picks up a piece of clothing and it's lost to him when he even owns it. "I think I don't fit most of them anymore, really. I think I'm going to donate them."

Anne hums thoughtfully. "Maybe we could separate the ones you still want and the ones that you don't anymore so it'd be easier to pack."

"That's brilliant. Yeah, we should do that."

So they get to work. Halfway through, they start adding another pile, which is for clothing that needs to be thrown away or can be reused as rags or such. Since they have more helping hands, the job gets done faster.

Louis' clothes are settled with not long after, with the good and wanted ones in boxes while the unwanted ones and those up for donation are in black plastic bags.

Louis realises that there are not that much things that he wants to take with him. And it's not like he's going to bring in any furnitures. So by the time the clock reaches six in the evening, they're already settled with everything. All the boxes are put in Louis' room, where they will come and get them the next day. They've all agreed that the triplets are going to come and get Louis and his stuff after breakfast.

"Thank you so much for helping." Louis says again when they're all seated in his less than mediocre but decent living room. Harry has ordered pizza, and now they're all sprawled out on the couch, tired.

"I still can't believe you're here." Marcel says to Anne instead of replying to Louis.

She gives her son an amused look. "Is it that weird to you that I want to help Louis too?"

"No. It's just, you rarely ever come down and now you're here." He says.

Anne nudges Louis who is seated beside her and grins. "Guess I have a reason to come down more often, now."

Louis laughs, pleased.

Harry and Marcel share a betrayed look before pouting at their Mum. "We weren't good enough of a reason?"

"Sorry to break it to you boys, but I'm her favourite now." Louis feigns a smug look, wrapping an arm around their mother.

Harry lets out a scandalous gasp. "You only want us for our Mum!"

Louis shrugs, prompting Anne and Marcel to laugh when Harry makes a jealous, wounded sound.

Once they've cleaned up and thrown away the pizza boxes, Louis is sending them to his door.

"I'll see you tomorrow, Louis." Anne says while she has him in her embrace, squeezing him briefly.

Louis returns the gesture. "See you, Anne. Thank you again."

"Anytime, dear." She pats his cheek affectionately. "Your Mum is a little jealous that I get to be here and help you. But she says she's hoping to come and visit too."

Louis is pretty sure he looks as confused as he feels. "You talk with my Mum?"

Anne beams. "Of course. We've been texting each other since Sunday."

"Edward gave Mum Jay's number before we came home the other day." Marcel explains when Louis looks even more confused.

The Omega's face clears out. "I wonder the things you talk about behind our back."

"They're nothing too bad, I promise." Anne retorts, chuckling.

"I'm sure I can beg to differ."

"I'll see you tomorrow, yeah?" Harry finally cuts in, knows that Louis and Anne would probably talk until morning if he doesn't put a stop to it.

Louis nods, glancing shyly at Anne before he takes a step into Harry's arms and tilts his head so that his face is hidden from her view when Harry bends down to kiss him.

He releases a soft sigh, smiling like a fool as Harry releases him and Marcel comes up to take Harry's place.

"Sleep well, babe." The Alpha murmurs before he's kissing Louis affectionately. Louis buries his face in Marcel's shoulder and hums happily when Marcel gives him a brief squeeze.

An hour later, Louis is getting ready for bed, wanting to turn in early so that he could have a good night sleep. Alex had came home a half hour ago, and judging by the knackered state of his friend when Louis opened the door, Louis could tell that Alex is probably already calling it a day too.

Louis can't wait for tomorrow, but he also feels a little sad that he'd be leaving Alex behind.

Without too much thought, Louis grabs his pillow, then starts walking towards Alex's room. He finds the room already dark and his flatmate is snoring softly.

He quietly enters the room, shutting the door behind him without a sound. Louis approaches the bed, slowly getting on and putting his pillow down.

Alex snores himself awake when Louis snuggles up to him. "Wha-?"

Louis giggles.

"Why are you in my bed? You know I don't swing that way." Alex groggily complains.

Louis slaps him.

"You broke into my room, you get on my bed, and you have the nerve to-"

Louis slaps him again.

"Fuck you too, Lou." He finally settles with grumbling quietly, but he lets Louis tucks his head under Alex's chin.

"Thank you, Al."

"What's up?" Alex is already halfway back asleep. "The last time you're here, you had a pretty bad break up."

"It's my last night here, remember?"

Alex doesn't reply, and Louis is only a little disappointed that his friend has fallen back asleep.

"Is this you being a sap, then?"

"Goodnight, Alex."

Alex coos, smushing their cheeks together. "Aww Lou, I love you too."

Louis smiles, relaxing into the bed and letting sleep wash over him.

Chapter Text

Alex is already up and about when Louis rouses awake the next day. The space next to him is empty when he pats the mattress, and since it's cold, Alex must have been up for a long time. Louis decides that he can still laze around in bed, so he rolls over and sighs in contentment.

He's going to move in with the triplets today.

Louis is quite excited but he's also nervous at the same time. He thinks of how they'd be the first faces he'd see in the morning, they are the people he'd have breakfast with everyday, and when he comes home it would be to their waiting arms.

It sounds quite redundant, but Louis is positively giddy.

The Omega doesn't think he can wait another minute anymore, so he quickly gets off the bed and rushes to the shower. He's like a child getting ready for a school trip.

When he pads into the kitchen fifteen minutes later, Alex has just finished serving toast and eggs for the two of them. The smell of the delicious food makes Louis' stomach rumbles, and the awful sound alerts his flatmate of his presence.

Alex turns to him and raises one eyebrow, making Louis grin sheepishly. He proceeds to take his seat.

"Morning." The Omega chirps.

"Morning, Lou." Alex smiles, pulling off the worn out apron he's wearing and hanging it up by the wall. He walks over to their small counter, grabbing two steaming mugs which Louis figures are their tea. "Made it like you always like." Alex tells him, taking a seat opposite of Louis and pushing the mug towards him.

"Thanks, mate."

"So.." Alex starts. "You excited?" The Beta smirks teasingly, starting to take small sips from the tea at the same time that Louis does.

If Louis is any more excited, he'd be bouncing everywhere he goes. He doesn't tell Alex that, though. "Very much. Quite nervous too, to be honest."

"Eh, that's normal. You'd be fine." Alex shrugs. Then, it appears that he's recalling something and a confused look takes over his face. "So, I took some look at the things you're taking along with you, and there are not many boxes, don't you think so?"

"Well, yeah. I figured that I'm not going to bring everything, of course." Louis tells his friend. "Some of those things benefit you more than me."

Alex smiles again, this time wider. "Thanks."

"No problem."

"I can't believe this day finally came." Alex says quietly after a moment of silence.


The Beta smiles again, genuinely happy. "You finally found someone to be with, you're settling down."

Louis puts his fork down. "I know."

"I'm very happy for you, Louis."

Louis places a hand on Alex's shoulder, squeezing him briefly. "Me too, Alex. Me too."

"What do you mean that's a house? That's not a house! That's a bloody mansion, is what it is!"


"Hush, Harry, you don't deserve an opinion!" Alex barks, causing the Alpha to laugh.

"Are you telling me that Louis is going to live inside that?" Alex flails his arms towards the direction of the triplets' place, his limbs almost knocking over Harry who is driving.

Louis giggles.

"Did you know how lazy he is? You better give him a room on the ground floor or he'll never make it anywhere past the first three steps."

"Oi!" Louis scolds.

"It's true, mate." Alex gives him an apologetic look but he doesn't look guilty at all having insulted his friend.

Harry laughs again, louder this time. "Well, it's good for Louis, then, because we have a lift!"

"A lift!?" Alex echoes in shock, widening his eyes. A second later he is shaking his head in regret. "Louis, please give me a moment later to say goodbye to your abs. They're going to be non-existent in two months time."

"Fuck off, Alex. You can walk back home."

"Louis, they have cars more than we have fingers. I think I need to lie down."

"There, there."

"Jesus, stop making a big deal out of everything." Edward huffs as he walks past, and Louis doesn't even register what Edward is saying because he's too busy ogling the Alpha's biceps.

Alex groans in annoyance. "Easy for you to say! You see a Lambo on a daily basis."

"If it makes you feel better, go take it for a ride." Edward calls back from down the hall.

The Beta hops up faster than Louis has ever seen him move. "Really?"

"Take those boxes up first, you lazy arse!"

Louis bursts out laughing at Edward's reply, and he nudges his friend. "Come on, Al. They're not going to carry themselves."

"But I thought they have maids?"

"Now who's being lazy?"

"Well, that was tiring." Alex huffs, sliding onto his bum on the floor and wiping his forehead.

Marcel stares at him. "You carried three boxes."

"Up three flights of stairs!" Alex protests.

Harry makes a confused sound. "Why didn't you use the lift?"

"He was trying to prove his strength." Louis rolls his eyes as he replies, not sure whether he should be embarrassed or amused.

Edward scoffs.

"Louis, their closet is the size of our rooms combined."

"I can see that, Al. You're not my narrator." Louis has to resist the urge to roll his eyes again, but he can tell that Harry and Edward are probably doing it.

While Louis helps Harry and Edward take out his clothes from the boxes they've brought up, Alex grants himself a tour of the closet.

"Is this a real Rolex?"

"If you touch anything, I'll cut off your arm." Edward warns.

Alex sticks to Louis' side after that.

"We're done already?" Alex asks in surprise. It's only past 2 in the evening, but they've already finished unpacking and are currently seated in the lounge on the top floor with Anne's biscuits served on the table.

Louis nods in confirmation. "Yeah... Most of the things I need are already here, so I only have to bring my personal belongings."

Alex shrugs at the answer, glad that they got that over with. "Fine by me, it's time for cuppa, anyway."

Edward appears just at the right time with a tray in his hands, housing six mugs for each of them. Anne trails along behind him with more biscuits.

"God bless you." Alex beams at the woman, lighting up like a child on Christmas.

She chuckles, placing the biscuits down on the coffee table and taking a seat. Edward sits himself down next to Louis, curling an arm around the Omega.

"So, do you plan to throw a party?" Anne directs the question to her sons as all of them help themselves to the biscuits and tea. When all she receives are confused stares from the triplets, she sighs and elaborates. "To announce that you've found an Omega. Your aunts and uncles would love to meet him."

Harry cringes. "Do we need to invite Aunt Helga's children?"

Marcel and Edward shudder next to him.

Upon seeing such reaction, Louis grows curious. "Who are they?"

Anne opens her mouth to answer but Marcel speaks up first. "We're quite certain that they're the spawns of devil. They're horrible."

"You know that one cousin that you have that is the most annoying, insufferable human being that exists? Yeah, except that there are three of them." Edward mutters, then shudders again. "And to make things worse, they're all siblings."

"Now, now, that's rude." Anne scolds.

"Mum, trust me, they don't deserve courtiousness." Harry says.

Alex has been inhaling the biscuits like there is no tomorrow, but then he pauses to pipe in. "Please invite me if there's any party. I love drama." He ignores the look Louis sends him.

"Well, I'm sure they can't be too bad." Louis tries to say.

The Alphas look at him.

"You want to meet them?"

"Why would you want to meet them?!"

"I want to learn from the people that make your life a living Hell." Louis says sweetly, fluttering his eyelashes.

Edward turns to his siblings. "Brothers, it's still not too late to kick this Omega out."

Louis slaps his arm.

"I'm just kidding." Edward quickly assures him, giving Louis a smile that could make him melt. He's also kissing the side of Louis' head to add to the effect.

"You better be." Louis huffs, crossing his arms and trying not to pout. That would be quite embarrassing to do with Anne and Alex here.

Edward chuckles softly, leaning down to brush his nose along Louis' cheekbone. "You know I won't ever let you leave now, right?"

"I think I should call my lawyer."

Edward pinches him.

"Anne, your son is abusing me!" Louis says aloud as he nurses the spot Edward 'abused'.

"I question your sons' judgement about choosing him to be their Omega." Alex whispers to Anne, making her laugh. His voice isn't as low as he expects it to be, though.

"I can hear you clearly from here." Louis glares.

"Well, I'm not taking it back." Alex replies, popping another biscuit into his mouth.

"That's enough, boys." Anne says in a strict voice once she's done with laughing. "Let's have our lunch."

Alex looks up at that, baffled. "What are these for, then?" He motions to the empty plates in front of them that used to house batches of delicious biscuits, half of which was consumed by him alone.

"Just something to snack on." Marcel tells him, finishing his tea.

As all of them grow to their feet to head to the dining room downstairs, Alex siddles up to Louis. "You should say goodbye to your abs too."

Louis snickers at that. "The way I see it, you're the only one who's been gobbling up anything edible Anne puts in front of you." How ironic.

Alex lifts up a pointer finger, ready to retaliate but what Louis said is true. He glares at the Omega, closing his mouth. "Twat."

Anne decides to leave at the same time that Alex does, winking at Louis and making him blush when he hugs her at the doorstep. Apparently, the triplets hired a driver for her that takes her anywhere she wants to go. So, she offered Alex a ride.

"Goodluck christening the whole house." Alex wishes him very loudly after the two shared an embrace and Louis swears he's never wanted to kill Alex as much as he does at that moment.

Thankfully, his Alphas pretend they did not hear that. But Louis can see that Marcel and Harry have turned beet red while Edward tries not to smirk.

Louis sighs in relief when Edward closes the front door after they've sent the two out, glad Alex isn't around to embarrass him anymore.

"Alex is very fun." Harry says as the four of them make their way up the stairs from the entrance hall to the lounge on the first floor.

"He can be embarrassing at times, and he does it on purpose." Louis says in mock irritation.

Marcel grins. "At least he's willing to come and lend a hand."

"Unlike Niall who bails last minute." Edward rolls his eyes.

That reminds Louis... "Why did he say he can't come again?"

"Hana had a stomach ache, so they had to stay home." Harry tells him, taking a seat once they reach the lounge. Louis drops down beside him, then frowns.


"Yeah." Edward nods.

"Who's Hana?"

The Alphas freeze, looking at Louis as if they are expecting him to say that he's joking when he asked that. Once they realise that he was serious, they become confused.

"Wait, you don't know who Hana is?" Edward asks warily.

Louis shakes his head.

"What?" Marcel gasps.

"Nobody's told you?" asks Harry.

Their reactions prompt exasperation from the Omega. "What are you talking about?"

Edward gapes for a few seconds. "Hana Claressa Malik-Payne. Our goddaughter. The Malik-Payne clan's first child."

Louis widens his eyes. "Niall has a child?"

Marcel and Harry give him a worried look. "They have three."

"What the fuck?"

"Niall didn't tell you?" Edward guesses. The reaction on Louis' face is an answer enough.

"How could he not tell you?" Harry wonders aloud.

Louis stutters to answer that. "Well, well, we didn't exactly have the time to sit down and talk about it, did we?"

Edward sighs, waving his hand to dismiss the topic. "Anyway, Zayn told me that they're going to come over. The whole lot of them."

"Even Heather?" Harry asks, the hope obvious in his voice.

"Even Heather." The oldest triplet confirms, trying not to smile fondly at the excited expression on Harry's face.

"And who the fuck is Heather?" Louis is going to get a headache.

All of them share a look. "Just wait until they get here." Marcel finally says.

Just as he utters the words, Edward perks up and he raises his eyebrows. "Speak of the devil."

"They're here?" Harry claps his hands, excitedly getting onto his feet.

"Aren't we going to go and greet them?" Louis questions when none of them makes the move to head downstairs. Harry is standing, but that's it.

Marcel snorts. "We never do that."

"Our house is welcomed for them at any time, any day." Edward informs him, just as Louis sees a little girl with blond hair appears in the lounge.

"Uncle Edward!!" In a second, she's ran inside and is struggling to climb onto the mentioned Alpha's lap. Louis doesn't even have a moment to be surprised, she moves so fast!

"Louis.." Marcel grins. "This is Hana."

Upon hearing the introduction, the little girl snaps her eyes to Louis. He notices right away that she has Niall's eyes, bright and blue as the sky. Then she is gasping, holding her hands to her mouth.

"Oh my God!" She shrieks. "You're Louis!"

Surprised at such reaction, Louis' face takes time to form a proper smile. "Uhh, yes, that's me?"

She starts squealing, jumping off of Edward and abandoning him in favour of running over to Louis. The Omega is absolutely taken aback when she jumps up and embraces him instead.

"What the fuck?" Louis mouths at his Alphas behind her back, awkwardly curling his arms around her and patting her.

They look like deers in headlight themselves, and Edward shakes his head at him. "I don't know." He mouths back.

Hana looks extremely happy when she pulls back and searches his face, the smile on her face as wide as can be. "You're so handsome!"

As Louis blushes, he hears Edward booming with laughter. "Isn't he?"

"Hana, why are you hugging Louis?" Marcel can't help but ask. The question sounds so awfully put that Louis immediately cringes.

Hana is barely affected by it, and she directs her smile to Marcel. "Because he's Mummy's best friend, isn't he?"

Fond spreads in Louis' chest. "Yes, yes I am. How did you know that?"

She turns back to him. "Mummy talks about you a lot. He said that he was separated from you, loooong ago." The Omega chuckles when she drags the word out. "But now he's found you again."

"What a brilliant girl you are." Louis coos, pinching her cheek lightly and making her giggle.

"Where are your Papas? And your Mum?" Harry finally asks, addressing that Niall and his husbands still haven't appeared. "And Heather?!"

"Don't be too excited, Harry.. Jesus, you're going to scare the kid." Marcel rolls his eyes, reaching out and petting Hana's hair.

"I'm not scared of Uncle Harry." She protests, turning to Harry who has started bouncing on his heels. "They're coming up. Papa Zayn was folding Heather's stloller."

Louis laughs at her lisp.

"How old are you, Hana?" He asks, curious.

She brightens up, excited at the question. "I am going to be six this December!"

"December?" Louis' eyes light up, his eyes crinkling when she nods. "My birthday is in December too!"

At that statement, the Alphas in the room shift their eyes to Louis curiously. Now they're listening.

"Really?" She shrieks. "Mine is on the tenth, Uncle Louis! When is yours? Tell me, tell me!"

Louis beckons her close, trying to whisper in her ear which makes her laugh loud. When she's finally still and listening, Louis tells her.

The girl gasps, pulling back to look at him in disbelief. "Really?" She repeats.

"Aren't I special?"

"Yes, you are!" She agrees, giggling.

"Hana, when did Uncle Louis say is his birthday again?" Marcel asks gently, trying to coax an answer out of the girl.

Hana starts tutting, waving her pointer finger at him. "Uncle Marcel, when people whisper at other people instead of saying it out loud, that means it's a secret."

There is a second of total silence before Edward, Harry, and Louis completely lose it.

"Marcel just got scolded by a six year old!" Edward gasps out in between his howls of laughter.

Louis coos, trying not to laugh when Marcel starts pouting. "Aww, it's okay Marcel."

Hana quietly giggles into her hands.

Louis looks at her, already so fond albeit only knowing her for a short while. "Is your tummy okay?" He asks, concerned.

Hana nods vigorously, beaming. "It's better now!"

Louis' reply is halted when they hear the familiar Irish accent coming from the hallways, and finally Niall appears with Zayn and Liam trailing behind him.

"Evening, lads!"

"Nialler!" Louis calls out excitedly, and Hana quickly moves aside. He hops up onto his feet by the time Niall reaches him, grinning from ear to ear, and then Louis is pulling him into a bone crushing hug. "You fucker, you didn't tell me you've popped some out!"

Niall looks embarrassed at that, and he chuckles. "Sorry, mate. But I see that you've met Hana."

"Yes, I did." Louis turns until his gaze lands on the little girl seated back on Edward's lap. "She's the spitting image of you."

Niall laughs. "Hope she won't grow to be the little devil I was when I was that age."

"Or how you were when you were in high school." Louis adds, and the two of them burst out laughing.

Niall moves on to Marcel and Harry, leaving Louis to Zayn and Liam. "Hello." He grins at them, a little taken aback when he sees a little bundle of life in Zayn's arms.

"How are you settling down, Louis?" Liam asks, his eyes kind as always.

Louis takes his eyes off the little baby and looks at Liam instead. "It was fine. Anne made us biscuits."

Something flickers in Liam's face. "Anne was here?"

"Yeah, you missed her biscuits, sorry mate." Marcel taunts, shrugging.

Liam's face crumbles and he looks like a kicked puppy. "I can't believe I missed them."

Zayn laughs, and when Louis glances at him, he looks like a God. Niall sure is lucky. "It's okay babe, you'll get to have them one day, for sure."

The baby in Zayn's arms whimpers before Liam could say anything.

"Heather!" Harry gleefully bumbles over, glancing excitedly at the groggy baby. "My favourite baby!"

A little laugh surprises Louis. It isn't coming from Hana. Instead, a little boy appears from behind Zayn and looks up amusedly at Harry. "Silly Hawwy, only Heather is baby."

Harry takes Heather from Zayn, pointing his tongue at the boy. "And that's why she's my favourite. She doesn't insult me like you do."

Zayn seems to notice how confused Louis is about the little boy, so he nudges the boy forward, closer to Louis, then smiles. "Louis, this is our boy, Haziq."

Brown eyes look up at him, and Louis almost melts. "Hewo!"

"Hi, Haziq." Louis crouches down, waving timidly. His heart almost bursts with happiness when Haziq smiles at him. He's got the same smile as Liam. "Nice to meet you."

"You're nice too!" He states, leaping forward and briefly encirling his arms around Louis' neck. "You are vewy hands-um."

Zayn clears his throat, chuckling. "He means handsome."

Louis giggles. "Thank you, Haziq. You are very cute!"

"Thank you!"

Louis doesn't really talk much throughout the night. He is entranced watching his Alphas deal with the children. It's easy to see that Edward seems to be Hana's favourite Styles, while Marcel is fairly close with Haziq. And Harry; well, Harry won't let anyone else touch Heather until he's satisfied that he's given her enough attention, so if she ends up favouring him over anyone else, Louis can't say that it'd happen willingly.

The Malik-Payne clan leaves after dinner, and the house suddenly feels really quiet.

"Well, Hana is really precious." Louis murmurs fondly.

"Isn't she? Lovely thing." Edward agrees.

They are currently in the lift, heading to the top floor, to their room. Their.

It's been embarrassing when Edward had sat him down earlier that day to ask him if he's still on board with his decision of not staying in the same room. Once Louis recalled the dreamless, best sleep he had the night he slept in Edward's arms, he changed his mind embarrassingly quickly.

He suddenly feels really nervous now. The doors have slid open, and Harry and Marcel are already out. All of a sudden, the thought of being with them scares him a lot. Especially after what Alex said.

They haven't talked about it yet, is the thing. Should Louis expect anything to happen tonight? Is he ready?

Edward is waiting for him to exit the lift, holding a finger against the button that holds the doors open. Harry and Marcel notice the Omega's reluctance, and Louis sees how they're already turning around to come back for him, but a small sound of Edward clearing his throat has his brothers continuing their way down the hall, disappearing from view.

Edward releases the button, and shortly after, the doors close.

Within heartbeats, the Alpha has Louis pressed against the wall, crowding into his space. When Edward speaks, his breath blows against Louis' lips. "Hi."

"Hi." Louis replies weakly, his blood racing.

"Are you okay?" Edward asks quietly, resting his palms on Louis' hips. "If you're having a change of heart, it's okay."

Louis shakes his head, his lips pressed together. "I don't think I can sleep without you, knowing how close you are."

Edward stares into his eyes for a moment, searching for answers. Louis silently thanks God that his knees are still holding him upright. "Then what's wrong, baby?"

"I'm just nervous."

Edward continues staring at him. "Why?"

Louis sighs quietly, his body starting to grow lax when their chests are pressed together and he can feel the rise and fall every time Edward takes a breath. He hesitantly meets Edward's eyes, hoping the Alpha won't be able to feel the way his heart jumps. "Do you even know the things you do to me?"

Louis gasps softly when Edward presses closer.

"It's just us."


"It's okay baby." Edward murmurs softly, nuzzling into Louis' pulse point. "It's just us.." He repeats.

The Omega is quiet, content to just let Edward hold him. His hands are slightly trembling where he is holding onto Edward's arms.

At one point, Edward has started to rub his palms slowly up and down Louis' back, warm and soothing. It's an attempt to calm him down, but each time Louis exhales, his heartbeat increases.

"Talk to me." Edward prompts, his voice still soft.

It's probably been ten minutes that they're here, and yet Louis is still as nervous as he is before Marcel and Harry left.

He closes his eyes for a moment, not quite sure how to put it into words. "I'm..."

Edward's forehead slowly starts to crease as he pulls back to look at Louis. "Did you think...." He pauses, making Louis open his eyes until they're eye to eye. "Did you think anything is going to happen tonight?"

Louis blushes, unable to meet Edward's gaze as he nods.

"Baby..." Edward's face eases into a fond expression. "Nothing is going to happen if you don't want it to." He grips Louis' waist, smiling down at him. "We weren't even thinking about that, to be honest. We just want to sleep." He admits. "God, Tomlinson, get your head out of the gutter."

Louis hits his arm, putting on a scowl.

Edward's smile falters when he sees the hint of insecurity painted on Louis' face. "It's not that we don't want you, yeah?"

"I know." The Omega retorts, but Edward notices how the tension in his body dissipates.

When Edward kisses him, Louis' heart is still racing, but for a completely different reason. He focuses on the way Edward's callous fingers are cupping his face, how their lips are pressed together, and he's relaxed as ever when they finally step out of the lift.

Harry and Marcel brighten when he follows Edward into the room, their room. They tell him how relieved they are that Louis is feeling better, and that he's here. It makes Louis realises that he needs to stop getting his knickers into a twist, because his Alphas are sort of perfect, really.

When Louis jerks awake in shock upon hearing the loud, blaring sound of a ship, he gets extremely confused. Why is there a ship? Where is he?

"God, turn that off, Edward!" Marcel groans, reaching out and nudging the eldest Alpha awake.

"Jesus Christ." Harry mutters, rolling over and attempting to go back to sleep.

Louis is still a little bit shocked. And as he watches Edward stumbles off of the bed, Louis finally understands what Harry means about Edward's alarm driving them mad.

"What the fuck?" Louis finally gasps, clutching his chest.

The ship horn finally stops, and the room is quiet again.

"Sorry for that, Princess." Edward yawns, turning the bedside light on. Louis squints at the intrusion of his vision, blinking repeatedly until his eyes are used to the light.

Louis yawns too, turning to see that Harry and Marcel have gone back to sleep. "What time is it?" He asks Edward, rubbing his eyes.

"Fifteen after five." Edward replies, picking up his phone to check his emails. He looks like he's still not completely awake, only one eye popping open as the screen unlocks.

Louis makes an inhumane sound of distaste. "What do you set an alarm at five in the morning for?"

"In case you didn't notice, I need to get to work."

"In case you didn't notice, so do I." Louis retorts, crossing his arms and rolling his eyes. "It's too early. Come back to bed."

Edward sends him a ridiculous look. "I need to start getting ready."

"Start getting ready at six. Come hold me some more." Louis pouts, reaching out to make grabby hands towards his Alpha.

Edward shakes his head, smirking slightly while Louis looks like a petulant child. "I'll wake you up at six, go back to sleep."

"Huh, shame." Louis raises his eyebrows. "I was thinking of joining you for shower later, but okay."

The Omega turns around, hiding his smug grin when Edward's face falls. His lips are still twitching as he lies back down, pressing a hand to his mouth to muffle his giggles.

"Princess," Edward calls softly. "Do I still have a chance to accept that offer?"

Louis shrugs, rolling over until he's facing Edward. "Maybe? I'll consider it after you've cuddled me."

Before Edward could even reply, another pair of arms are encircling Louis, holding him tightly that it forces a squeak out of him.

"I can cuddle you, babe. You can shower with me." Harry whispers excitedly into his ear, even draping a leg over Louis' thigh.

"Excuse me, if I recalled properly, he made that offer to me." Edward protests, already approaching the bed. He looks ready to steal Louis from his brother.

Harry points his tongue out. "Excuse me, if I recalled properly, you rejected that offer."

Louis bursts out laughing, shuffling back to fit himself closer to Harry. His eyes are twinkling when he looks back at Edward. "Yeah, Edward, you sure did imply that you didn't want to cuddle me, which means you don't want me to join you for shower."

Edward's eyes widen at the accusation, disbelieving that his Omega and his brother are teaming up to go against him at this point. "Jesus, I don't need this right now."

Harry cackles with laughter as Edward finally leaves for the bathroom, grumbling incoherent words under his breath. "You're still going to join him, aren't you?" Harry questions. Louis doesn't have to look to see the amused smirk Harry is giving him.

Louis wriggles in his arms, trying to loosen up the hold so he could escape. "Maybe." He replies, sitting up and grinning at Harry once he's succeeded. "Are you going to join?"

Harry rolls over and sprawls out on the bed again, his hair pointing everywhere. "I'll pass." He murmurs. "Want you all to myself, later."

"Nobody's saying anything about later." Louis quirks an eyebrow at that, slowly climbing off the bed. The way disappointment takes over Harry's face makes Louis laugh. "Hold your horses, Styles. There's only one me."

Harry chuckles, watching Louis go and not even trying to take his eyes off of the way the Omega's arse jiggles with every step that he takes. "We still have the weekend."

Louis ignores him, the blood pounding in his ears makes it hard for him to think of anything else other than the fact that he's about to join Edward in the shower.

He spent some time thinking before he fell asleep last night.

He kept thinking about what Edward had said, the words echoing in his head over and over again.

"Nothing is going to happen if you don't want it to."

It makes him realise how much the triplets are holding back, initiating almost nothing with Louis just because Louis doesn't look like he's completely sure about himself most of the time.

Louis doesn't know why he hasn't initiated things himself, either. Something tells him that it's because a part of him is still scared about advancing to that stage of their relationship. All of his past relationships ended mainly because the Alpha was too insistent, and Louis wasn't ready.

He's ready now, but he's still scared.

He didn't know how ready he was, how much he's been wanting for it to happen until he felt how disappointed he was when Edward said that the triplets haven't even been thinking about it. At first, he was quite offended, thinking that his Alphas don't even look at him that way. But he knows that they're simply reacting to what his body language is giving off.

So, he has to make a move; but he can't come off too strong. Something in his heart says that he should just go with the flow, would make it more natural. But somehow he feels like he should have a plan; not that Louis is good with planning when it comes to this. Hell, he doesn't have any idea what he wants to do.

The sound of water turning on tugs Louis back to the situation at hand, making him realise how long he's been standing there.

Shaking his head, Louis starts to grip the hem of his shirt, ready to pull it off.

He pauses, taking in a deep breath.

His heart skips a beat when his shirt lands on the floor. The water is still running. It sounds like it comes from the sink.

The butterflies have started fluttering in his stomach, filling in his chest too.

Louis decides to leave the sweatpants on, not entirely sure if he wants it to be off yet.

His hand trembles as he reaches for the door handle, but the hinge makes no sound when he pushes it open.

Edward is standing by the sink, staring at himself in the long mirror planted against the wall above the counter. He's got a razor in his hand, running it down his jaw.

The Alpha's eyes snap over to Louis' figure in the reflection the moment he senses movement. His hand pauses, the motion of shaving fresh stubbles along his jaw only halfway done. Edward watches quietly while the Omega shuts the door behind him without a sound and then leans back against it, briefly meeting Edward's eyes through the mirror. Edward puts down the razor, shaving foam still coating his jaws and chin.

"Hi." Louis greets shyly, the blush appearing on top of his cheekbones.

"Hi." Edward says back, waiting for what Louis would do. When nothing happens, he continues. "Are you sure you want to be in here?"

Louis knows Edward is trying to make sure that Louis knows what he wants, but it's suddenly starting to become annoying. He huffs, pushing away from the door and slowly stalks forward.

Edward is only wearing his pants, his broad back on display. Somehow, that makes Louis' blush intensify. The way Edward's back muscles ripple as he shifts is weirdly turning Louis on.

"I want to brush my teeth." Louis says, rolling his eyes; as if that's the sole reason why he's now standing next to Edward.

The Alpha chuckles, dimples denting his cheeks as he shakes his head and picks the razor up again. As Louis brushes his teeth and Edward continues shaving, the two of them occassionally share stolen glances they manage through the mirror, quickly turning away whenever the other has noticed that they're staring.

Louis doesn't know whether to punch Edward or himself for being so disgusting at such ungodly hour.

Once Louis has put away his toothbrush and Edward's face is smooth again, the Alpha clears his throat. "So.."


Edward's mouth inevitably tilts up again at the feisty tone. "So," He tries again, willing Louis not to interrupt. "Are you joining me for shower after all, then?"

Louis turns to him with a scoff. "Who says I'm joining you?" He dismisses the amused quirk of Edward's eyebrow, not sparing the Alpha another glance as he proceeds to head towards the shower.

"What are you doing, then?"

"Taking a shower, what do you think?"

Edward is almost sure that a question mark has appeared above his head. "I thought you are not joining me?"

"I am not." Louis reaffirms, turning his back to Edward again. "You are joining me."

Edward almost chokes on his own spit when - without any warning whatsoever - the Omega grips his waistband and pushes it down, letting the fabric pool around his feet.

Edward won't lie. He's spent nights, and sometimes days, imagining how Louis would look like naked. It's hard not to do so when Louis looks like that. But the amount of daydreams he's had of the Omega is nothing compared to how naked Louis is in real life.

Louis is perfect. His back is lean, smooth and toned, leading down past the attractive dip of the bottom of his spine to the supple flesh that Edward really wants to bite into. His arse is full, rounded; it makes Edward's hands itch to touch while he watches Louis steps away from the abandoned sweatpants on the floor, his arse jiggling deliciously. And his thighs, God, his thighs. Edward's mouth is already watering, yearning to suck and kiss and bite on his skin.

Louis Tomlinson is the walking embodiment of art.

Meanwhile, the Omega is trying not to flee from the scene. He can feel how intensely the Alpha is staring him down, and despite how nervous he is, his cock has already started to fill up. He's still standing, and that's a wonder because he swears his knees are shaking.

When he speaks up, he's thankful that his voice is still steady. If it's a little higher in pitch, none of them points it out. "You coming?"

He slowly approaches the glass door leading into the shower, pulling it open and leaving it that way while he enters. While he turns the water on, Louis doesn't look, but his ears pick it up when Edward gets undressed and walks over to join him.

His skin prickles once Edward is standing behind him; quite a distance in between them, but he can feel the electricity on his body as if Edward is draped over his back. The glass door has swung shut.

The shower is spacey, wide. It could probably hold ten people at once, but Louis can't breathe.

"Baby.." Edward is suddenly talking in his ear. Louis can feel the heat radiating off of him, much warmer compared to the water. It runs a shiver down his spine.

Louis turns around, the arousal spiking through him getting more intense. "Hi." His body itches as he fights back a squirm when slick starts to form inside him.

"Hello." Edward grins, taking a step forward.

Louis backs up, his breath hitching as Edward continues edging forward, following him, until Louis' spine hits the glass. The Alpha crowds up into him, yet there is not one spot of their skin that touches.

"May I touch you, Princess?"


And then Edward's mouth is on his, their chests pressing together without any layer of cloth in between them for the first time. Louis opens up straightaway, letting the slide of their tongues happen and willing the moan that escapes past his lips.

The Alpha's arms curl around him instantly, palms sliding down from his waist to his arse and squeezing the flesh while Edward nudges forward so that their hard cocks brush together.

"Edward." Louis exhales shakily into his mouth, making Edward push up against him even more. Louis mewls his approval, shuddering in pleasure as Edward's cock slides deliciously alongside his, trapped in between their stomachs. "Oh, fuck."

"Love the sound you make, baby." Edward murmurs, attacking Louis' neck with his mouth. He latches onto the skin, starting to rock their hips together and pulling out choked moans from the Omega.

"Feels so good." Louis gasps, jerking his hips forward to seek more friction when Edward teasingly pauses his movement.

The Alpha grunts softly at the needy sound Louis makes, reaching down and gripping his thigh, holding him in place. "Stay still, Princess." He resumes thrusting then, the hold he has on Louis is almost bruising.

Louis whimpers, teeth bashing onto his lower lip as he nods his assent. His palm is flat on the glass wall behind him, head thrown back at how good it feels to have his skin burning up where they are pressed together. His cock is throbbing almost painfully, probably twitching with every thrust of Edward's hips.

Suddenly Edward stops again, pulling back until they're not touching anymore. The sound Louis makes in his chest is embarrassing but his body is too hot that he could not care, just wants Edward to touch him everywhere, anywhere. He's suddenly very desperate but he can't be capable to mind, just wants his Alpha against him.

"Shh, I've got you, Kitten. I've got you."

And then Louis can't think, because Edward is touching him, his huge hand curling around Louis' length, swallowing him. It makes Louis look tiny, but that thought is immediately out of the window. Edward is pumping his cock, hurtling Louis closer to his orgasm. The Omega is drenched wet where his arse is pushed up against the glass, probably looking really obscene from the other side, and he's momentarily confused because they're not exactly under the shower spray, which, fuck. They're wasting water instead of saving it.

"You smell so good, so perfect."

Louis moans again; realising that his hole is drenched with his slick.

Edward's grip tightens, and Louis' body doesn't even warn him before it happens. The Alpha pumps him twice, twisting his grip at the head and suddenly Louis is coming so hard with a shout. His eyes flutter shut with it, his stomach hollowing and his mind blanking, making him tense and freeze up. His cock pulses, come splashing across his stomach and spilling over Edward's fist.

"Holy shit." Edward gasps, gritting his teeth when Louis' nails dig into his skin. He's unable to take his eyes off of Louis' cock, where he's still sliding his hand up and down the Omega's length, helping him ride out his orgasm.

Louis doesn't open his eyes, but his body starts to relax and he releases a soft mewl, shifting his hips back when sensitivity starts to take over.

Edward finally releases him and takes a hold of himself, using Louis' come as lube. He pumps himself hard and fast, staring at Louis' face; the Omega is sated and relaxed, relying on the glass wall behind him to keep him upright.

"Look at me." Edward orders, slapping a hand on the glass at the side of Louis' head.

Louis obeys, his mouth parting open as he stares up at Edward in earnest. The sight of those blue eyes does it for Edward, groaning quietly as his hips stutter before he's shooting off onto Louis' thigh.

The Omega moans again, but the sound is quickly muffled by Edward's mouth.

They're sticky and filthy, exactly the opposite of an outcome of a shower despite the fact that that was the initial plan. Louis should be disgusted, but he's never felt more relieved.

The Omega can't help but giggle when they separate, scrunching up his face at the squelching sound of Louis' come pressed in between their stomachs. "Ew."

Edward smiles fondly at him, running his thumb over the corner of Louis' mouth before he's kissing him again; absent of the heat and lust, just sweet and chaste.

"I wonder how much water we just wasted." Louis' eyebrows furrow together, staring at the shower head still raining droplets of heavy rain onto the tiled floor.

Edward shrugs, pursing his lips. "Can't really say I mind sacrificing that in exchange of the religious experience I just went through."

"Shut up."

Later on, Louis has Edward lathering soap on his back. The Alpha finds himself unable to resist dropping kisses on the nape of Louis' neck every now and then as he does it, the tan skin demanding attention that Edward couldn't say no to.

"Do you regret it?" Edward asks quietly after a moment filled with comfortable silence.

Louis hesitates, confusion filling his expression. "No." He finally responds. "Do you expect me to?"

"No." Edward shakes his head, the brush of his lips on the back of Louis' neck tickling the Omega a bit.

"Do you?"


"Regret it." Louis clears his throat. "Do you regret it?"

Edward makes an annoyed sound low in his throat. "Of course not."

"I'm just asking, sheesh." Louis rolls his eyes. "Someone woke up at the wrong side of the bed, did he?"

The comment makes Edward growl, and Louis gets a palm colliding with his arse.

"Hey!" Louis reaches back to rub the spot Edward just swatted, all the while complaining, "You need to stop being so abusive."

Edward does it again, smacking his palm down onto Louis' other cheek. The Omega has to bite his lip so that he won't let out a moan. "Are you sure you don't like it?" He chuckles, holding Louis by the shoulders to spin him around.

"If you want to push your luck with that, go on." Louis challenges, crossing his arms and scowling up at Edward. He might be doing that just to take the piss out of his Alpha. No way he would admit that it makes him gush with his slick those two times Edward spanked him.

Edward tries, but he couldn't suppress the smirk slowly crooking his stretched lips; his Omega is so feisty, and he loves it.

"Stop looking at me like that."

The smirk widens even more. "Your wish is my command, Princess."

"Good." Louis huffs. "Now kiss me, then turn off the water. I'm starting to crinkle like a bloody prune."

Edward reaches out, pulling Louis up against him. "A very good looking prune you would be, though."

"Flattery gets you nowhere, Styles." Louis scoffs, but he has already loosened his arms, instead curling them around Edward's neck.

"I'm already here with you, I think I can live with that."

Louis can't believe how corny Edward can be. He really, really wants to punch him for making Louis listen to that with his own two ears.

He kisses him instead.

Edward keeps stealing kisses from him everytime they so much brush against each other. Louis is starting to think that Edward is walking back and forth across the closet on purpose. All Louis wants is to get dressed at his section of the closet in peace.

"Stop it." The Omega hisses warningly when he feels Edward pawing at his arse again, pulling him in by his chin. He still shuts his eyes and kisses him back when their lips meet, though.

"I'm sorry, Princess. You're very hard to resist." Edward proves his point by squeezing the ample cheeks heavy in his palms.

Louis rolls his eyes, his dress shirt only halfway done, so he pushes Edward off to finish with the buttons. "Stop thinking about me."

"Who says I'm thinking about you?" Edward retaliates, returning to his drawers of watches. He pulls one of the drawers open, scanning through his collection to try and decide which of them he would want to put on for the day.

Louis rolls his eyes again, doing up the last button. "If I were to guess that you are probably thinking about touching my arse again, would I be wrong?"


"You hesitated."

"It's a good arse, innit?"

Louis shakes his head, tucking his shirt into his trousers before walking over to the floor length, two metres wide mirror. He spins around a bit, trying to check if his shirt is properly tucked at the back too.

Louis can see through the mirror that Edward is staring at him, or his arse, specifically. "You're doing it again."

"I'm finally allowed to do that, I'm not going to stop." Edward claims, putting on the watch he has chosen.

"Who said you're allowed?" Louis pretends to snap. Horror flashes on Edward's face and Louis has never seen someone looks away that fast.

"Sorry." Edward mutters sheepishly, avoiding Louis' eye.

Louis can't help it, he bursts out laughing. "You're so weird, Edward Styles."

Edward seems terribly offended that Louis has called him weird, and he finally looks at the Omega with his forehead crinkled. "Harry is the weird one."

"I beg to differ. All of you are weird."

"And yet you still chose us as your Alphas."

Louis shrugs, approaching the cabinet to find a tie. "At least you're hot."

"Is that so?" Edward scoffs, grinning amusedly at Louis from his part of the closet.

Louis pulls out a blue black tie, trying to match it with his attire in front of the mirror. Suddenly Edward is standing behind him, clasping a hand down on Louis' shoulder and holding another tie in his other hand.

"Here." Edward says, offering the tie he's holding towards Louis. The tie is almost the same shade of blue black that Louis has in his hand, except that it's velvet.

Louis scowls at the tie Edward offers, then his eyes shift to the Alpha. "Why is it velvet?"

Edward shrugs. "Harry thought I would love it."

"Do you?"

"I do."

Louis stares at the tie again. Then he sighs. "Alright." He murmurs, putting the tie he's chosen back into the cabinet.

Edward seems fairly smug that Louis has agreed to the tie he's chosen for him.

"How much does this cost?" Louis asks, scowling at Edward as he holds out a hand for it.

The Alpha shrugs, not passing it over to Louis. Instead, he walks around until he's stood in front of the Omega. "Harry bought it. Ask him." He says, wrapping the tie around Louis' collar and tugging him close.

Louis rolls his eyes. "I'll probably have to take care of this more than I do my own life."

"Nonsense." Edward huffs, starting to tie it for him. "You should be wearing pretty, luxurious things that you deserve."

"Well, I can't exactly afford them, can I?" Louis huffs irritatedly. "And they're just clothes."

Edward hums thoughtfully, giving one last touch to the tie before he deems it decent. "Right."

Edward is still smirking at him, and it pisses Louis off so much. Everytime Edward makes that face, Louis just wants to grab him and smash their lips together until he can't breathe. Truthfully, he wants to kiss Edward whenever he does anything, really. It's probably unhealthy.

"A penny for your thoughts?" Edward's smirk slowly disappears, replaced with a fond, lazy smile.

Louis shakes his head. "We should get going."

Edward groans, but as Louis walks out, he is quick to follow suit.

"Stop staring at my arse."

Louis' phone rings right after he's sent the last student out for break, Eleanor's face appearing on his cellphone. He quickly rushes to his table to grab the device, wasting no time to answer the call.

"Hey, El."

"Hey, Lou!" Comes her voice.

"Louis!!!" Another person hollers excitedly in the background.

Louis frowns for a moment, that voice sounds like it's.. "Perrie!!!" He exclaims, a wide grin spreading across his face.

Eleanor laughs. "Yeah, Lou. We're waiting outside for you. Come on out."

"Wait, what?"

The elated moment evaporates. "Don't tell me you forgot, Lou." Exasperation drips from her voice when she speaks. "We promised to have lunch together, remember? It's Thursday!"

"Oh shit." Louis whispers. "I'm so sorry. I've completely forgotten. I'll be out in a minute."

"Wanker." Eleanor hisses in annoyance, then she cuts off the call.

Louis immediately gets into action, digging his bag for his wallet. Once he's made sure he's got everything, he dashes out into the hallway.

Right after he's thrown himself out of the main entrance, it only takes him a second to find the Mazda parked in front of the building.

Unable to stop himself from smiling, he hurriedly approaches the car. Finding the door unlocked, Louis opens it up and slides into the back seat. "Hello, girls."

"Lewis!!!" Eleanor shrieks once he's closed the door. Before he could react, she's already climbing into the back seat and attacking him with a hug. "Oh, I've missed you a lot!"

"You're choking me." He squeaks, her limbs wrapping terribly tightly around his neck.

Eleanor's sweet, excited face twists into a glare as her grip loosens. "You deserve that, you twat. How could you forget we're having lunch today?"

"I'm sorry." Louis pouts, hoping his face is cute enough for her to forgive him.

Eleanor only manages to glare at him for two more seconds before she huffs out a laugh. "Fine, fine. Jesus, I could never stay mad at you."

"It's my cute face." Louis claims.

Eleanor ignores him, pushing him back by his face as she climbs off of him to retreat back into the passenger seat.

"Hey, Pez!" Louis greets happily, leaning forward to kiss Perrie's cheek. She giggles, turning around in the driver seat and blowing him a kiss. "How have you been?"

"I've been lovely." She replies, reaching out to give him an awkward one armed hug before she lets him settle in the back seat.

"We're having lunch at The Ledbury. Is that okay, Lou?" Eleanor asks while Perrie drives them away.

Louis hums, trying to recall what kind of a restaurant Ledbury is. Ledbury is not exactly the kind of place you go to for an everyday lunch. It's quite expensive. It's not that he can't afford it, but it's a little out of his monthly budget. If he joins them, he'd probably have to eat bread for a week.

But then Louis remembers that he's not staying with Alex anymore, and food is not really a problem, especially for dinner. And his brain brings up a memory of what happened this morning....

"What is this for?" Louis asks in confusion, staring at the gold card in his hand before he looks at Edward again.

"For you, of course. You can use it to spend for anything you want." Edward replies, looking at him with kind, patient eyes.

"I don't really see the point in that?"

"You don't have to use your money anymore. You're our responsibility now, whatever you want, it's on us."

"Edward.." Louis whimpers, shaking his head. "I don't want this."

Edward sighs. "Lou, you're our Omega. And we want to spoil you. We never get to have anyone to do so."

"But I don't really want to buy anything." Louis protests, looking at the card as if it's burning his skin to be holding the thing.

Edward places a comforting palm on his shoulder. "It's okay. You don't have to. But keep it; at least when you find things to buy, you'll have the money."

Louis sags, his face falling. "I don't want to feel like I'm taking advantage of you."

"You're not." Edward groans. "Fuck, Lou, we have enough money to buy you anything you want for the rest of your life for ten lives probably. We've always wanted to have someone we can spend money on. This is not about you, really. It's about us."

The Omega cocks his eyebrow, a small smile teasing the edge of his mouth. "It's all about you, isn't it?"

"Yes, of course." Edward replies, pecking the Omega on his lips.

Louis lets out a long, heavy sigh. "I have no choice with the card, do I?"

"Nope." Edward shakes his head, popping the p. "I've set the limit for the card at.." He thinks for a moment. "I think it was five hundred, so you'll be fine."

Louis relaxes into his seat. "Five hundred pounds?"

Edward throws him an incredulous look. "Five hundred thousand pounds."

The Omega shrieks, accidentally sending the card flying and it slaps Edward in the face.

"Louis!" Edward scolds, sighing heavily and bending over to pick up the card that has fallen onto his shoe.

"Sorry." Louis shrinks into himself, feeling bad for doing that.

Edward hands him the card again, and this time, Louis takes it willingly. "Please use it whenever you need to, okay?"

"Okay, Alpha."

"That's my Princess." Edward smiles fondly, reaching out and tracing Louis' jawline with his thumb.

Louis preens, blood filling his cheeks.

"Lou?" Eleanor's voice snaps his attention back to his current whereabouts.

"Huh?" He responds, his eyes blinking to focus.

"We were asking if it's okay with you, eating at Ledbury." Perrie repeats.

Louis nods before he knows what he's doing. "Um, yeah, yeah, sure."

Perrie engages Eleanor in a talk that Louis doesn't think he can get involved in, and he takes the chance to pull his phone out to call Edward.

"Yes, that's exactly what I said." Edward is saying to someone as he picks up. "If something as simple as this can't be done, what's the point of me hiring you?"

Louis shivers, pleasure running through his body at the authoritative voice Edward is using.

"I'm sorry, Sir." Someone replies, timid and scared.

"Get out." Edward commands, his tone dismissive. Louis waits as there is some shuffling and then Edward is speaking to him, voice soft and gentle. "Hello, baby."

"Hey, Edward." Louis replies, fond.

"How's your day going?"

"Um.. Eleanor and Perrie picked me up for lunch from the nursery.." He trails off. "Would you mind if I use the card for that? We're going to Ledbury."

"Kitten, I told you." Edward chides. "You can use the card for anything you like. Max it out, I don't mind. I'll increase the limit if you want me to."

It's surely flattering to have Edward say such a thing to him, and Louis feels so spoiled and he hasn't even used the card yet.

"Alright..." He murmurs. "Thank you, Edward."

"Anything for you, baby. Take care, yeah?"

"You too." Louis whispers, noticing that Eleanor and Perrie have fallen quiet, trying to eavesdrop on his conversation.

Edward cuts off the call, then, leaving Louis with nothing but silence but his heart is singing. He doesn't even know that he's grinning until he realises that Eleanor is staring at him and Perrie has got her eyes locked on him through the rearview mirror, and the grin vanishes. "What." He says instead, defensive.

Perrie smirks. "Nothing, absolutely nothing."

Eleanor nods along, making a quiet sound of agreement.

Louis already knows they won't go easy on him when the questioning starts.


"You already know." Louis whines, shaking his head. He's already let the cat out of the bag during their phone calls, what more do they want from him?

Perrie shakes her head. "Not everything. Something must have happened in these past few days. Tell us."

Louis groans. "We went to see each other's parents." He barely finishes the sentence when the ladies squeal in excitement.

"Then?" Eleanor prompts, the excitement clear as ever on her face.

He glares at her. "I moved in."

The two of them gasp happily.

"Are you bonded?"

"How were they?"

"Did you take them all together or one by one?"

Louis looks like a deer in headlight as he processes the questions. "What?"

Eleanor scoffs, crossing her arms. "Come on, Lou. Share with us."

"The problem is there's nothing to share."

Eleanor and Perrie frown at that, sharing a confused look with each other before he's the centre of their attention again. "What do you mean?"

"I'm not, bonded, yet." He hesitantly says, keeping his eyes down.

Perrie and Eleanor gasp again. "Are you going to make it special, then?"

"I don't know, to be honest." He shrugs. "We didn't really sit down and talk about it."

Perrie hums. "You should. When are you planning to do it?"

Louis bites his lower lip. "As in, mate?"

Eleanor nods.

"I don't know."

Perrie coos, scooting her chair closer to his so she could engulf him into a hug. "It's okay, babe. You'll figure it out."

"Are you ready, though?" Eleanor asks, keeping a focused attention on his face.

Louis blushes. "I am, I guess."

She raises her eyebrows. "Are you saying that if tonight they initiate anything, you'd go with it?"

Louis doesn't reply.

"How far have you gone?" Perrie wonders.

"I haven't touched any of their cocks, if that's what you are wondering about." Louis' face flushes, getting harder and harder to maintain eye contact with them.

Perrie and Eleanor share another look. "Well, what have you done, then?"

Louis squirms in his seat. "Well, Edward and I took a shower together this morning."

Eleanor gives him a suggestive look. "Did anything happen?"

Louis can't help a small smile, his blush intensifying. "He got me off."

"Did you touch him?"


Perrie scoots even closer. "You didn't do anything? You didn't suck his dick?"


His friends feign an annoyed face. "Oh come on, Lou. You know you can talk about anything with us."

"You two are so nosy." He complains, only half-heartedly.

Eleanor flips her hair back, leaning forward. "That is true."

"Have you thought about it?" Perrie continues asking him.

"About what?"

"Sex, mating, bonding, all that." Eleanor waves her hand, her voice not necessarily low enough. A middle aged woman two tables away frowns disapprovingly their way.

Louis sighs. "Of course I did." Another sigh escapes him and he sags back into his seat. "But like you said, I'm scared."

"Why, exactly?" Eleanor questions, tilting her head to one side.

He looks at her in disbelief. "Well, I'm sorry for being scared. The only person who has touched me is me!" He pauses. "And maybe Edward."

Eleanor and Perrie don't even look fazed.

"Have they asked you to do anything you don't want to?" Eleanor asks.


"Have they touched you without your permission?" asks Perrie.


"Do you feel like they are going to ask you to do anything that you wouldn't want to do?"

Louis gasps, betrayed. "Of course not!"

"Would they ever touch you without your permission?"

"I don't think so." Louis murmurs, recalling Edward's reaction to Louis pretending like he disapproved of the Alpha staring at his arse.

"Then what exactly are you scared of?" Perrie stares at him, her eyebrows furrowing together and her lips pursed downwards in confusion.

Louis doesn't reply yet, because the waiters choose that moment to come and deliver their food. Once they're alone again, he speaks up. "They're just, I don't know.. They're so perfect, and..."

They stare at him expectantly, waiting for him to continue.

He huffs. "You know, I'm inexperienced and all." His shoulders start to hunch, trying to make himself small. "I'm scared I'm not going to be good enough for them, you know?"

Eleanor and Perrie stare at him with their mouths open for a moment. And then they burst out laughing.

At Louis' offended face, Perrie is quick to reach out and grab his hand. "No, we're not laughing at you."

"Actually, we are." Eleanor pipes in, still cackling.

Perrie tries warning her with a look, and Eleanor sputters but her laughter doesn't cease. The blonde rolls her eyes, deciding not to pay attention to Eleanor. "If we're being serious, Lou, your arse is already a godsend. It's probably enough to make up for any mistake you're going to do."

Louis narrows his eyes at her. "I can't decide yet whether I should be flattered or offended."

"We're serious."

"Lou, they're your Alphas. And they sound like they genuinely care a lot about you. I don't think you have to worry about anything." Perrie assures him.

Eleanor nods her agreement. "Yeah. Besides, you're really one hot Omega. I wonder how they go on this long without bedding you."

Louis scowls at his friend. "Hey."

"I'm not objectifying you. I'm just saying, if I were them, I'd be on my knees begging to have a taste of you."

"Should I be worried?" Louis teases, sending all of them into a fit of laughter.

"Fuck off."

"So, have you come to a decision yet?"

"About what?"

"Whether you're going to take the three of them at once, or are you going to go one by one?"

"I don't know, what do you think?"

"Well, how would I know? What's your preference?"

"The thought of being with all of them excites me, but at the same time, I don't know if I can handle that?"

"Our bodies are made to take that, don't worry." Eleanor winks at him. "It's even worse when you are in heat. You'll be begging for it."

Louis blushes, hoping it won't come to that.

"Speaking of which, when's your heat?"

Louis pauses. "I'm not sure."

"Lou, what the fuck? How could you not know?"

Louis groans. "My first heat was my last heat. After going through that without an Alpha I want to be with, I never want to be in the position ever again. I started taking suppressants right away. Haven't had any heat since then."

Eleanor chuckles, amusement dancing in her eyes. "Oh, Louis, you are going to be in one Hell of a ride."

"How was your day?" Edward asks as Louis settles himself down in the passenger seat.

"Fun." Louis chirps. "Am so glad I got to see Eleanor and Perrie again."

"You haven't seen them in a while?"

Louis shakes his head. "No, Eleanor is always overseas for work, and Perrie gets really busy, being a nurse and all. So I only get the chance to see them once in a while."

Edward nods, signalling that he's listening. "Was Ledbury good?"

"Yeah, nice."

Louis hums, reaching out for Edward's hand. After all that talk with Eleanor and Perrie, he suddenly wants nothing more than to be with his Alphas. At times like this, he's really grateful that he has friends who don't judge him and help him with his problems no matter how weird the problems are.

Edward instantly clasps their hands together, bringing them up so that he could drop a kiss on the back of Louis' palm. "Your heart is racing." He suddenly points it out.

Louis blushes, his smile uncontrollable. "Yeah, it's been doing that a lot around you, lately."

Edward doesn't reply, but he carefully brushes his lips across the inside of Louis' wrist.

"Um... why are we here?" Louis asks quietly as Edward leads him into the store, their hands clasped together with fingers intertwined. The Omega hopes his palm is not sweating too much.

Edward pauses in his track, turning to him. "I'm buying you new clothes." He tells him, squeezing Louis' hand once.

Louis doesn't get a chance to start questioning that statement because a salesgirl chooses to come and greet them at that moment.

"Hello, welcome. How can I help you today?" The girl asks politely, flashing both of them a friendly, professional smile. It makes Louis relax a little.

Edward gives a curt nod in Louis' direction. "We're looking to buy him some new clothes."

Her face brightens and she starts to walk off, Edward trailing behind her and pulling Louis along. "Of course! What kind of attire would you be looking for?"

"Edward." Louis whimpers, pleading the Alpha to listen to him.

"What is it, baby?" He questions, stopping them again. The salesgirl doesn't even look offended that they are yet to answer her question, content to stand a few metres away to wait for them.

"I'm flattered that you want to buy me clothes.." Louis cringes as he looks around, wondering how much one piece of a dress shirt would cost in this kind of store. Then his eyes find Edward's face again. "But they don't have to be bought from here."

Edward's face softens. "Kitten, I want to buy you new clothes. Don't you think it's up to me to choose the brands whatsoever?" He replies in amusement, eyebrow quirking up.

Louis pouts. "I don't need expensive clothes."

"No, you don't." Edward agrees, nodding his head thoughtfully. "But we can afford them, so I don't see any problem."

"No." Louis protests. "You can afford them, I don't."

Edward sighs, but there's still a small smile on his lips as he steps closer. "Don't think too much about it, yeah?" His arm curls around the Omega's waist, a hand reassuringly stroking his hip. "Let me spoil you, please. I want to."

Louis narrows his eyes, the pout still intact in place. He crosses his arms and huffs quietly. "Do I even have a say in this?"

"Of course." Edward says, nodding again. "You can choose what colour you want to have."

The Omega can't even be upset because Edward lets out this quiet laugh when Louis hits his arm, a sound that Louis has noticed is only reserved for Marcel and Harry; and him.

"Fine." He rolls his eyes, body relaxing again. "Fine."

"Fantastic." Edward's smile widens, kissing Louis' cheek. He keeps his arm around Louis' waist even as he takes a step back and stands next to the Omega.

The salesgirl smiles again when they approach her. "Are we doing alright?" She tilts her head to one side, noticing Louis' discomfort just now.

Louis nods. "Yeah, we're good."

"Good. Where would you like to start?"

"They all look the same!" Louis is close to screeching as Edward asks him to choose between three white dress shirts that look identical.

Edward hums, pursing his lips as his eyes goes from one dress shirt to another. "The embroidery is different." He notes, looking at one of the salespeople that is holding two of the dress shirts. The salesperson nods in agreement, not daring to say otherwise.

Louis is going to lose his mind.

"They're just shirts!" He tells the Alpha.

Edward hums again. "You have a point." He waves his hand. "We'll take all three."


"Hush, princess. Do you want to look at the blue ones too?"

Louis falls silent for a second. "The dark blue ones." He grumbles.

"Okay." Edward walks over to him, kissing the edge of his mouth. Louis wonders when he let himself become so defenceless against an Alpha.

As Edward walks off to ask the salespeople to bring them dark blue shirts for Louis to look at, the Omega's phone starts ringing. His face breaks out into a smile when he sees that Harry is calling.


"Hey, Lou." Harry greets him back from the end of the line, making his smile stretch wider across his lips. "Why are you not home yet? Are you and Edward doing fine?"

"Yeah, we're alright. Edward is taking me shopping." Louis tells him. "He kept insulting me and my clothes."

Harry laughs. "I'm sure he means well."

"By insulting me."

"He just wants you to dress nice."

"He just wants me to dress in expensive clothes, you mean." Louis corrects him.

Harry cackles louder. "Edward loves spoiling people. Just let him do it."

Louis sighs heavily. That is one thing he thinks he'd struggle to get used to. "Right. I just think that this is all unnecessary."

"It is. But it makes Edward happy." Harry reminds him.

Louis takes a look at his Alpha nearby, noting how engrossed he is into a conversation with a salesgirl about the dark blue shirt that he is holding. The colour is really nice and it looks so soft.

"Harry, I'll call you back?"

"It's okay, Lou. Just kiss me when you come home later."

Louis grins. "I can do that."

He cuts off the call and pushes the phone back into his pocket. Shortly after, Edward appears with the shirt he was holding.

"What do you think of this one?" Edward asks him, warily showing the shirt to Louis.

Louis touches the fabric with reluctance, his face clearing out with impression when he finds it to be really soft. "It feels so nice!"

"Do you want it?"

Louis can't help the small laugh. "Okay, Edward."

Edward kisses him, brief and chaste. But somehow Louis is still hyperventilating even when Edward has walked away again, calling out for the salespeople to pack up the clothes Louis has chosen during the past hour.

Louis bites on his lower lip, his heart probably doing a weird, excited dance in his chest while he watches Edward walks around the car. The Alpha is not even looking at Louis, too busy fixing his jacket despite they're already home and he would most likely take it off for a shower later. And yet Louis can't take his eyes off of him, watching him while he walks up to the passenger door to open it up for Louis.

Louis is being treated like a princess, and he loves it.

"Why are you smiling alone to yourself?" Edward asks, his eyebrow tilting up with amusement glinting in his eyes.

Louis' smiles even wider, and his cheeks tint a little as he climbs out of the car. Edward refuses to step back as he holds the door open, letting Louis crowd up into his space once the Omega has exited the vehicle.

"Just thinking about how happy I am." Louis mutters softly.

It's unfair, really. Although it hasn't been that long, Louis has been in this position - where he's close enough to Edward to be able to count his eyelashes - for too many times already. And yet it still takes his breath away when they're in such proximity that he can pin point the exact spot of the Alpha's freckles on his face if he wants to. And it's certainly not fair at all that Louis feels like he's going to get an asthma attack, while Edward stands there as if Louis doesn't affect him at all.

Edward smirks, and Louis is pretty sure his heart just stopped working. "Is it us making you happy?"

Louis replies with a nod, his arms snaking around Edward's torso as he slowly steps forward until they're pressed together. He buries his face into Edward's neck, inhaling the Alpha's scent. His eyes fall shut, and he feels like he could burst with how content he is when strong arms curl around him and hold him tight. "I'm so, so glad that I found you, Edward. All of you."

He feels Edward's soft lips against his hair. "And I you, Louis. And us you."

Louis lets him go after a moment, giving him a small smile. Edward keeps Louis close to him as he locks the car before leading the Omega away to the door that leads up to the entrance hall of their home.

"Aren't we going to bring the shopping bags along?" Louis questions, stopping halfway up the stairs.

"The Betas will get them later, baby. Don't worry." Edward assures him.

The Omega nods, only then remembering that they have the Betas to help.

"I'm going up to take a shower and then nap." Edward says as they enter the lift, pressing the button to the top floor. "You should have a rest too before dinner."

Louis shakes his head. "I want to spend time with Harry. Haven't got to do that yet."

Edward doesn't reply to his statement, just gives him a curt nod to signal that he heard the Omega.

The doors open, and both of them step out, their shoulders brushing.

Edward suddenly pauses in his steps, scratching his head. "Listen, Lou.."

Louis listens attentively, but he can't deny that he's a little nervous of what Edward is about to say. The tone of his voice scares him a little, as if Edward doesn't know whether or not to talk to Louis about whatever he currently has in mind at the moment.

"Since you're spending time with Harry.." Edward starts, making Louis' heart beats a little faster. "Do you mind if Marcel joins me for shower?"

Louis sucks in a sharp breath, then bursts out laughing.

At the Omega's reaction, Edward awkwardly chuckles, although it does nothing to conceal the obvious confusion on his face.

Louis can't hold himself back, he has to surge forward and kiss Edward, wrapping his arms around his neck. Although it's not a proper kiss because Louis can't stop smiling, the Alpha still presses his lips back against his.

"What's funny?" Edward questions, his tone scolding.

Louis loosens his hold a bit. "Why are you asking me? You don't need my permission to have fun with your brothers." Louis murmurs, wriggling his eyebrows.

Edward bursts out laughing. "You're ridiculous."

"Excuse me? I'm not the one asking stupid questions around here." Louis bites back.

"So you don't mind?" Edward stares down at him, his hands warm on Louis' hips.

"Nope." Louis confirms, popping the p. "Honestly Edward, I'm the new addition here. I don't have a say."

"Of course you do."

Louis raises his eyebrows at that. "You wouldn't do it if I asked you not to?"

"Yeah." Edward kisses his nose. "But I know you wouldn't say no."

"How come?"

"Mainly because you might just join in instead." A hand pinches his bum, making him squeal in surprise.

"Don't get your hopes up too high, Styles. You haven't even got me in bed yet." Louis teases, giving off his confident vibe, yet his cheeks still colour.

Edward falls silent for a moment, a serious expression taking over his face. "We're ready whenever you are."

Louis turns redder, but he's smiling, and he's pulling Edward close again. "Okay." He says, and then he's walking away, calling out for Harry.

Yep, Edward wants to keep him.

"Harry!" Louis beams when he finally finds him in the gaming room.

The mentioned Alpha looks away from the screen of the TV, his own face turning into a beam. "Hey, Lou. Didn't know you're back already."

Louis walks over to him, straddling Harry's lap on the bean bag. Harry doesn't even get a chance to be surprised before Louis is covering his mouth with a greeting kiss.

"Hi." Louis whispers when he pulls away, only slightly so he could speak. He can feel Harry's breath on his lips.

"Hello." Harry grins.

"How was your day?" Louis asks, reaching up to brush his thumb across Harry's cheek. He's pretending that he's brushing something away, but God knows he's just finding excuses to touch him. Not that he needs one.

"Not that eventful. I mostly slept." He replies, leaning into Louis' touch.

"Sounds fun, better than work." Louis purses his lips. Harry's mouth is so pink and tempting that he can't hold back from dipping down and kissing him again.

"I disagree." Harry says when they part, but he doesn't give space for Louis to reply, because their lips are connecting one more time. "I'd definitely take a day with kids over sleeping any day."

"You would, wouldn't you?" Louis narrows his eyes. "You should take my place then, be a teacher instead."

Harry giggles. "I would love to, Lou. But I have zero knowledge on how to be a teacher. We can't let the future generation be ruined by an incompetent educator like me."

Louis bursts out laughing. "I'm sure you can't be too bad. Besides, we're only teaching them the basic things like numbers and ABCs." He says. "And your face itself would be enough to make them listen to you."

"It's okay, I love my job." Harry grins, showing off his dimples.

"Yeah? Good." Louis bends down, pressing their foreheads together. "You're amazing at it anyway."

"You think so?"


Louis gives him one last kiss before he's shifting until he's sitting in between Harry's legs instead of on his lap. When he sees the game on the TV, he grows excited. "I want to play too!"

And that's how Edward and Marcel find them two hours later, with Harry resting his chin on Louis' shoulder, his arms looped around the Omega, and they're both shouting at each other over the game.

"So, have we decided?" Marcel suddenly asks, appearing from the closet without wearing a shirt. Instead, the piece of clothing is in his hands, and he's moving it around until he finds the right way to put it on. Louis finds the sight of the topless Alpha very appealing.

Harry sits up a little and shakes his head. The movement disturbs Louis' peace where he was comfortably snuggling into Harry's chest, and the Omega whines. "Sorry, kitten." He apologises, moving so that he's leaning against the headboard again with Louis tucked in his side. Once Louis is quiet and cosy, Harry turns to his brother. "Edward wants to do it either on Saturday or Sunday. We haven't decided yet. Which one do you think it should be?"

Marcel hums thoughtfully, pulling the shirt down over his body and Louis is sad that the view of toned abs and milky skin is gone. "Sunday is okay, I think. If we do it on Saturday, we won't really get the time to spend together, since they're most likely to stay for the night. If it happens on Sunday, we still have Saturday."

"Wait, what are we talking about?" Louis asks, confused. He doesn't even bother lifting his head; Harry's chest is very comfortable.

Marcel climbs onto the bed. "The party. You know, the one Mum suggested?"

Louis lights up excitedly upon hearing that; he even makes the effort to lift his head to look at the Alpha. "Really?"

Harry nods in confirmation, making Louis turn to him. "Yeah. Mum told us to celebrate our birthday as well."

"That's great!" Louis cheers, the happiness on his face prompting the Alphas to cast him fond looks. "I didn't get to celebrate it with you, yet."

"If you want to celebrate, I could think of a special way." Harry insinuates into the Omega's ear, a mischievous smirk starting to appear on his face. His hand that was originally on Louis' waist slowly makes its way down to his bum, gripping a cheek.

Louis blushes, giggling. His heart skips a beat at the suggestion and he can't exactly put a finger on what he's actually feeling at the moment; is he nervous, or is he excited? He doesn't know. Why is he even giggling?

"Get your head out of the gutter. We're spending it in a civilised, proper way, where there would be children and other human beings present." Marcel reminds them both. "Any other kind of celebration can be discussed later."

Harry pouts.

Louis shrugs. "Next year then." He winks at Harry, making the Alpha laugh.

Marcel turns on the TV, flipping through the channel to find something for them to watch before they sleep.

Louis notices that Edward is not around, then voices his concern.

"He's in his office." Marcel informs him, putting the remote down upon stumbling across a channel showing Harry Potter. "They are discussing a new project on the phone. The directors told me it's going to be a huge one."

"Well, that's great!" Louis replies. "Does it have to happen at this hour, though?"

Marcel crawls up the bed until he can move under the blanket, cuddling up behind Louis. "It's a conference call. There are other people from other continents. So Edward wanted to do it at a time that would be most convenient for the majority of them. Besides, it's not that late."

Louis hums, agreeing. It's only ten o'clock, so he tells himself not to worry too much that Edward wouldn't get enough sleep.

"Talking about a project.." Harry starts, his eyes shifting from Louis to Marcel. "I might have a new one coming up."

Marcel's face brightens at the same time Louis' does. And they chorus out a, "Really?"

"Well, tell us about it then, Haz." Marcel prompts, grabbing the remote to lower the volume. Harry looks happy with the response that he got, but he also looks a little smug.

"I can't tell you yet. It's still an ongoing one." He says instead.

Louis really wants to kiss the smug grin off his face.

"What about you, Marcel?" Louis asks, turning around and leaving Harry's warmth in favour of snuggling up to Marcel's side.

Marcel grins, curling his arm around Louis' shoulder while both of them ignore Harry's complain of being left alone. "Nothing much, why are you asking?" He teases, bending down at the same time Louis stretches his neck until their lips meet halfway.

Louis hums softly into the kiss, giggling slightly when he feels Harry pawing at his arse before the Alpha is laying his head on Louis' hip, arms curled around Louis' legs. His hand slowly rubs up and down Marcel's chest, enjoying the feeling of toned pecs beneath his palm.

"I was asking if you got anything new going on, twat." Louis laughs as their lips separate with a smacking sound, his hand playfully slapping against Marcel's chest.

"Oh." The Alpha howls with laughter too once he realises his mistake. "I might have a new book coming." He shrugs.

Louis is immediately intrigued. "What is it about, then?"

"It's a secret."

Louis pouts. "How come?"

"It just is." Marcel replies unapologetically, kissing Louis' cheek.

Harry snorts below them, his eyes transfixed on the telly. "Don't bother trying, Lou. Marcy never tells anyone about what he's working on."

"That's not true!" Marcel gasps scandalously.

"It's true." Another voice says, and Louis brightens that his third Alpha is here too. Edward appears at the door with a tired expression, but there's faint amusement in his eyes caused by the exchange between Harry and Marcel.

"Yeah." Harry rises onto his bum, pointing an accusing finger at his younger brother. "You've never let me or Edward read your books before they're published."

Marcel scowls, but only half-heartedly. "I can't believe you actually hold a grudge about this."

"That's because Harry is petty." Edward supplies, disappearing into the closet.

"Hey! I'm not!" Harry protests so petulantly that Louis chortles at the expression on the Alpha's face.

"Harry, you told someone to step on a lego because she wasn't looking at you when you smiled at her." Marcel reminds him in a monotoned voice.

Louis bursts out laughing.

"I was ten!"

"Jesus, are you still ten, then? Stop fighting about this." Edward complains as he reappears into the room, wearing nothing but a pair of shorts and a worn t-shirt.

Marcel and Harry fall silent at that, knowing better than not to obey. However, it is still entertaining for Louis to see that two of the triplets are glaring at each other despite Edward telling them to cut it out.

Louis slowly shifts away from Marcel as Edward gets on the bed, reaching out for the front of Edward's shirt and tugging him close. A pleased sound comes up from his throat when Edward shuffles up until he's smothered the Omega with his body, their chests pressing together.

Louis' heart starts beating faster as Edward's lips dominate his. The thought of all four of them on the bed, and it's still quite too early to go to sleep, makes him excited all of a sudden. Like a flick of a switch, arousal courses through his body in a flash.

Edward moves a bit and suddenly he's fitted in between Louis' legs, and when Louis opens his eyes, Marcel and Harry are there. They're not even looking at him; they're caught up in a cuddle, probably making up for the small argument they had just now, but Louis feels hot, and he just wants.

His cock is twitching in his pants, and Louis moans when Edward massages their tongues together just right. "Edward." He pleads, channeling all his desires through that one single moan of a name.

Edward pulls back, staring at him right in the eye. "No." He doesn't say it harshly, voice still gentle and quiet, but it hurts nonetheless. Before Louis can slide out from underneath him in embarrassment and hurt, Edward quickly kisses him again. "Not tonight." He murmurs, hugging Louis tightly.

"Why?" Louis breathes out in confusion, hurt still lacing his voice.

"Tomorrow's Friday." Marcel says, reaching out to brush a thumb across his cheek.

At Louis' frown, Harry adds in. "We don't want you and Edward going to work tired. And it's not exactly fun if me and Marcel wake up without you two on the day after our first night." He winks cheekily, making Louis blush.

"Okay.." Louis finally yields, hiding his face in his hands.

Edward chuckles softly, rolling over so that he's lying next to Louis instead of on top of him. "Don't be embarrassed." He consoles, trying to pull Louis' hands down so that he could see that pretty face. Louis does not relent.

"I just got rejected by my Alphas, let me live." The Omega retorts.

"Hey, come on babe, we did not reject you." Marcel murmurs, patting Harry's hip so that the Alpha would move away, giving space for Marcel to get to the Omega.

"To be honest, we'd mount you right now if we can." Harry says, a little bit solemnly.

It sounds so ridiculous that Louis can't help the giggle. "Nothing's stopping you."

"Not tonight." Edward says again, stricter this time.

"Edward is." Harry says in response to what Louis previously said.

"Tomorrow night." Marcel suggests. "Or Saturday night, whichever you prefer."

"You make it sound like you're going to take the whole night." Louis sighs, his tone accusing.

Edward smiles although Louis can't see him, and he tugs at the Omega's wrist to drop a kiss on his cheek. "Trust me, kitten. We are."

"I mean, your arse itself deserves at least two hours of attention."

Louis finally shows them his face again, bright red and disapproving as he looks at Marcel. "Don't talk about my arse if you're not going to touch it tonight."

Edward pinches one of his arsecheeks, making him squeal in surprise. "There, I touched your arse. Now go to sleep."

"Bossy." Louis grumbles, slapping Edward's hand away and sitting up on the bed.

All of them watch in amusement as Louis starts crawling away.

"Where are you going?" Edward is the one who voices the question in the triplets' heads.

"I'm cuddling Harry tonight, you can have Marcel." Louis feigns an annoyed look at Edward, nudging Marcel away from Harry so he could shamelessly fit himself at Harry's side.

The middle triplet whoops in victory. "Ha! In your face, Edward!" He points an index finger at his brother.

It's uncanny how synchronised it is when Edward and Marcel roll their eyes that Louis bursts out laughing at how done they are with Harry's antics.

Harry kisses the side of his head and Louis loves it, loves the feeling that he's cared for. He closes his eyes, leaning into the caress of soft lips.

Edward turns off the lights while Marcel turns off the telly, and suddenly the room is dark and quiet.

There are some shuffling while Louis' eyes slowly get used to the dark, and then he can see that Edward has got his arms around Marcel, the latter being the small spoon. The sight is fairly cute.

"Goodnight, Alphas." Louis murmurs, followed by a small yawn.

"Goodnight, Lou." Harry whispers, and Marcel echoes his words.

"Goodnight, love." Edward says.

Louis falls asleep with a smile, his face pressed to Harry's neck.

Chapter Text

Louis giggles when he is woken up by the sound of a blaring ship horn again. Harry is grumbling in his sleep, muttering incoherent words under his breath as he rolls over, and Marcel actually gets off the bed to turn it off himself, groaning the whole time. He trudges back to the bed, glaring at Edward.

"Shut up." Harry hisses at Louis, pressing a pillow at his face to muffle his giggles. When Louis dumps the plush pillow away, he laughs louder.

"Dear God, why are you so happy at the crack of dawn?" Marcel asks, stopping beside the bed with his fingers pressing at his temples. What is wrong with the household this morning?

Louis pouts at that, the happy sounds quieting down. "Am I not allowed to be happy?"

Harry's arms snake up his body and he's dragged back until he is trapped against a strong chest. "Of course you are." Harry murmurs in his ear, kissing the spot behind his earlobe. Butterflies erupt in his tummy, and he suppresses a shiver. "Just do it quietly, please. Some of us are trying to sleep."

Louis grins, watching while Marcel literally starts kicking at Edward to wake him up. The eldest Alpha growls low in his throat, but he sits up anyway, then grows onto his feet, leaving the spot in front of Louis vacant. As Marcel climbs back onto the bed, Louis holds his arms out which Marcel happily dives into.

Edward is checking his emails with one eye popped open again; a hand on his hip. Louis is starting to get used to the picture.

Gosh, Louis is so in love with them.

Blinking lazily, Louis' lips curl into a smile at the initially alien feeling in his chest that had grown into someting familiar. It's been there this whole time, but somehow it feels extra intensified today, and he has zero doubt about it. He knows it's going to happen sooner or later, because he's never felt this way before. He doesn't need to guess; he just knows. After all, it isn't that hard.

He had a thought that it's going to be scary, but it's not. It's effortless, and it's easy. And there's no denying it; Louis Tomlinson is irrevocably in love with the triplets.

"Do you think they will mind if I take a leave today?" Louis asks as Marcel buries his face at the Omega's neck. He pretends his heart is not doing a somersault in his chest. The feeling spreads to his stomach, and he desperately wants to let them know. But he wants to find the right time. Not yet.

Louis hums softly, pulling Marcel tighter into him. He's pressed up against two Alphas, two pairs of arms around him. Louis won't move even if it's the end of the world. It should be illegal to feel this content.

"No, they won't." Marcel mumbles, then presses his lips to Louis' skin. The warmth radiating from Marcel and Harry goes straight to his heart.

Harry hums a sound of agreement. "The children can live without you for one day."

The mention of the children reminds Louis of why he became a teacher in the first place. "Hmm, can't do that. Got the future of this generation in my hands." He says, already trying to get up again.

"Nooooo. Don't gooo." Harry pleads, clutching Louis tighter.

"Stay, please." Marcel murmurs sleepily, not willing to let Louis go anytime soon.

Louis laughs, relaxing back into the mattress again. "Alright, alright." He winks at Edward when he glances their way.

The Alpha smirks, shaking his head in amusement.

As Edward disappears into the bathroom, Louis lets the comfort of being held pull him down into a short slumber.

Harry is sleeping on top of him when Edward has to nudge his brothers off to even find Louis to wake him up forty five minutes later. The weight of having the Alpha on top of him makes him feel like he doesn't have responsibilities to get to. "Jesus, Harry. You're going to kill him in your sleep one day," Edward is saying.

"Will not." Harry mumbles out, but he rolls over. Louis' lungs feel a little clearer, but he wishes Harry is still on top of him.

"'Time is it?" Louis yawns, sitting up to rub his eyes. He's still a little sleepy.

"It's six."

Louis nods, removing Marcel's arm from around his waist and climbing off of the bed.

When he exits the shower ten minutes later, Harry and Marcel have scooted over on the bed until they're snuggling together. Louis smiles at the sight, stopping shortly to stare before he moves on to the closet.

Thankfully, there are not perverted hands trying to grab his arse while he tries to get dressed today, so Louis manages to put on his clothes in peace. Not that he would mind otherwise.

By half past six, Louis is already joining Edward in the dining room for breakfast.

"Good morning." He greets as he walks over to the Alpha, bending down to give him a chaste kiss before he takes his seat next to him.

"Morning." Edward replies, putting down his phone once he finishes reading the article. He hadn't started with breakfast yet, deciding to read news online while he waited for Louis.

Louis grabs a piece of toast, popping it into his mouth and taking a bite. "Do Harry and Marcel never join you for breakfast?"

"Only on weekends, usually." Edward replies, grabbing some sausages into his plate. "The Betas usually just pack me my breakfast and I'd eat it in the office."

"But now there's me." Louis grins, tilting his head to his shoulder.

Edward wants to bite him, mark him up. Instead he smiles. This Omega always manages to make him feel things. "Yes. Now there's you."

Louis sips on his tea, then clears his throat. "Would you mind if I stop by to see Alex after work? I want to see how he's doing."

"Of course not." Edward replies. "Should I pick you up at his place, then?"

Louis ponders, pressing his fist to his chin. "You'll finish a little late?"

The Alpha gives him a nod. "Yeah. How does seven sound? We can have dinner."

"That sounds lovely." Louis smiles, his eyes crinkling.

Louis sits down, watching his students draw excitedly on their papers. Since he's sure that they can do without his attention for a moment, Louis pulls out his phone and sends out a text to the group chat with Eleanor and Perrie.

Louis: Are you girls free tomorrow?

Eleanor reads it immediately and shoots back a reply.

El: I am, what's up?

Louis: I want to shop for some things. Up for it?

Pez: I'm in!!!!!

El: We'll pick you up.

Edward stares at the phone on his desk, the gears turning in his head. After a moment too long, he finally reaches for it. Opening up the contact list, he thumbs for Marcel's name, calling his brother.

Marcel picks up after two rings. "Yeah?"

"Come over for lunch. Bring Harry along. We need to talk." He requests, voice clipped and leaving no room for protest.

Marcel is quiet. "What is this about, Edward?"

Silence is his answer before Edward whispers his reply. "Just come, please. I'll see you later."

"Alright." Marcel's voice visibly softens. "Love you, Edward."

"Love you too." Edward replies. And then Marcel cuts off the call.

He still has two hours before lunch. Time to get to work.

Two hours pass by within too few blinks. All of a sudden his door is thrown open without any knock whatsoever, and Harry strolls in. He looks so pretentious with his golden boots and his hands buried in his pockets while he chews a gum. Edward wants to kiss him.

"Hello, brother." Harry greets cheerfully. Marcel ambles in behind him, closing the door.

"I thought I said to meet me for lunch?" Edward asks, trying to feign annoyance but God knows he's relieved of the day's stress when Harry climbs over his chair to straddle him.

"I know." Harry responds, kissing his jaw. "But I miss seeing you in your 'boss chair'. You look so hot."

"Do I?" Edward teases, throwing his head back slightly when Harry starts kissing down his neck.

"You do." Marcel grins, crossing his arm as he stops in front of the table, standing in the middle of the office.

"Wish I could ride you in here." Harry admits, sinking his teeth into soft skin.

Edward's breath hitches, and he grips Harry's hips tightly. "Harry." He gasps. "Not today."

Harry whines, starting to rock their bodies together. "Why don't we skip lunch? We can fuck here. Marcel can watch."

Harry's suggestion makes a reasonable argument, but they really need to talk. Edward lets Harry's mouth dominate his for a moment, just to let Harry enjoy himself first before he moves his hand from Harry's hip to his thigh, slapping the spot to stop his brother. "Harry." He says warningly.

The mentioned Alpha stops the rolls of his hips with a pout. "You're not fun anymore."

"I'm sorry, baby." Edward apologises, capturing Harry's lips in a chaste kiss. "But we have a serious matter to discuss."

"Okay." He sighs, climbing off of Edward. "At least Marcel ate me out in your office this morning."

Edward almost falls back onto his chair when he tries to stand up. "Excuse me?"

Marcel chuckles. "Harry was pretending to be a secretary. I was the boss, apparently."

Edward blinks at his brother, making Harry smile sheepishly.

"What?" Harry sticks out his tongue. "You never let me ride you in your office anymore."

"So you decided to ride Marcel in my office?"

"Yes." Marcel and Harry reply at the same time.

"It feels much better being fucked there." Harry adds. "Especially when you're not around."

"Unbelievable." Edward mumbles under his breath, dismissing the topic as he grabs his phone and turns the computer off. "Let's go."

Marcel and a still giggling Harry comply, quickly trailing behind their brother to exit Edward's office.

"What is it that you want to talk about?" Marcel asks after they've made their order and sent the waiter away. Instead of choosing any other restaurants, they decided to just eat at one of their nearest hotels.

Edward releases a heavy breath. "Do you remember, what happened?"

The question is too vague, it should be confusing for Harry and Marcel. But the tone of Edward's voice itself is enough to take them back many years into the past. The middle and youngest triplets tense in their seats, looking at Edward warily. "What?"

Edward stares at them. "You know what."

"Edward." Marcel says once he's snapped out of his trance, reaching out to place a hand on his brother's arm. "We don't have to. We told ourselves we'd forget about it. Why are you bringing it up now?"

They all know the unspoken answer to that question. Louis.

Harry shakes his head, blinking repeatedly. "Why? Why would you want to tell him?"

Edward looks at his brothers, one by one. "I feel like he has a right to know. Especially before we mate and bond."

"What if it changes his mind?" Harry whispers, not daring to meet them in the eye. "What if he doesn't want us anymore after that?"

"What?" Marcel breathes out exasperatedly, his face scrunching up. "You know that's not going to happen. Louis won't do that."

Harry shakes his head. "We don't know that."

"It's our past." Marcel tries to reason, hoping Harry would see things in a different light. "It's no different than the night we first met."

"We were saving him." Edward mutters.

"And you were saving Harry."

"Marcel, I was thirteen."

The youngest triplet makes a defeated sound, burying his face in his hands.

"I'm not that bad now, you know?" Harry starts, hesitating, keeping his eyes on his lap.

His brothers stare at him intently, giving him their full attention.

"If you feel like he should know because it's better for us to tell him before he asks about it, then maybe we don't have to." Harry toys with his own fingers as he speaks. "I don't think he would find out. I'm getting so much better now."

Edward sighs, the sound making Harry curl tighter into himself. He reaches out for Harry's hand, and Harry flinches, his body tensing even more. He only relaxes when Edward intertwines their fingers. "I'm so proud of you, baby."

"So am I." Marcel tells him, sending him a small smile from across the table.

Edward looks at Harry. "If you don't want us to tell him, it's fine. We don't have to." He breathes, blinking lazily for a moment. "Marcel's right anyway, it's our past."

Marcel hums quietly in agreement, while Harry stays silent.

Both of them patiently wait while they let Harry think about it.

Edward and Marcel don't even realise that they're holding their breath until Harry has nodded. "I think we should tell him."

Edward smiles reassuringly at him, silently telling him that they're okay with it. "If...." He trails off, but he already caught Marcel and Harry's attention when he spoke up. They stare at him, waiting for him to continue. Edward has no choice but to do so. "If he decides he doesn't want me-"

"No." Marcel cuts off, glaring at Edward.

Harry seems to be lost for a moment regarding what they are talking about, but once what Edward said catches up with him, he scowls too. "No." He affirms, shaking his head.

"I'm just saying." Edward rolls his eyes. "I'll leave. I don't want to stand between you and him."

Marcel clenches his jaw. "It's always going to be you, Edward."

"Why would you do that?" Harry asks sadly, pulling his hand off of Edward's hold.

"I'm not." Edward sighs. "I was just saying."

"Well, Louis won't do that." Marcel says, shaking his head. "And if he does, you're still not going anywhere, Edward."

Edward relaxes slightly into his seat, leaning back and smirking at his brothers. "You two love me so much, it's annoying sometimes."

"Fuck off." Marcel barks, but he's smiling.

Louis' teeth start sawing his bottom lip as he pulls his arm back to his side after knocking twice on the wooden door.

It opens not long after, and Alex appears.

"Lou!!" The Beta yells excitedly, his eyes lighting up. Louis receives no warning before he gets an armful of his former flatmate. He chuckles, and Alex pulls back for a second before hugging him tightly again. "What are you doing here, you twat?!"

Louis laughs louder at that. "Visiting you, of course."

"Well, come on in, then." Alex beckons, stepping back to give Louis space to enter the flat.

The living room still looks the same. Louis had expected that Hailey would give the room a look with her own touch but nothing has changed. He voices it out to Alex.

"Eh." He says. "She prefers it how it is. Said that she wanted the house to feel more like me, makes it more intimate. Weird girl, she is."

Hailey appears from the bedroom, sending Alex a playful look. From her expression, it's what Alex said that drove her out of there in the first place."You still love me."

Louis bursts out laughing as Alex shrugs. He beams at the girl when she walks over to give him a hug. "How are you, love?"

"I've been fine. What about you, Lou? I haven't seen you in a while." The smile is still intact on her face even after she's released him.

"I've been good, honestly." Louis replies, still smiling from ear to ear.

"Good?" Alex scoffs as all of them move to sit down. "He's proper happy. Can't you see the sun is shining out of his arse? That's how happy he is."

Louis howls with laughter.

"Oh, shut up." Hailey chastises, grinning. "Let him be."

"He gets to stay in a mansion, of course he's happy." Alex snickers.

"Are you not happy here with me, then?" Hailey asks, just to tease him.

That pulls a snicker out of Louis.

"'Course I am." Alex pouts. "But how are we going to have children in this house, babe? It's too small."

Hailey tuts, shaking her head. "You yourself are still a child. We can talk about having children when you've grown up."

She gets a high five from Louis.

By the time Louis looks at his watch again, it's already time for Edward to pick him up. He frowns at that. How did the time pass by so fast?

"What's with that face?" Hailey asks, curious.

Louis blinks, shaking his head and smiling reassuringly at her. "Nothing. Edward's on his way."

"Already?" Alex questions in surprise.

"Yeah.. we're having dinner out tonight." Louis tells him.

"That's too bad. We thought you were staying for dinner." Hailey says, her face a little disappointed.

Louis gives her an apologetic smile. "Sorry, love. Maybe next time, yeah?"

His phone vibrates.

Edward: Arrived.

"He's here?"

Louis nods, getting onto his feet. "I'm so glad I stopped by."

Alex grins and takes a step forward to give him a hug. "Me too."

"It was nice seeing you again, Lou." Hailey says, waiting until Alex has stepped back to hug him as well.

"Me too, love." Louis replies, then gasps softly, finally remembering something. "Al, do you remember when we talked about that party?"

Alex nods, his face expectant. "Yeah, when we had Anne's delicious biscuits."

"It'll be on next Sunday. I'll text you the details later. Would you guys come?"

Alex brightens. "Are you kidding me, mate? Of course we'll be there!"

And then he's off, waving back to the couple as he leaves. He is a little bummed about only seeing Alex for a moment so short, but he's also excited about meeting his Alphas again after his day.

His heartbeat picks up when he sees the Rover waiting for him the moment he exits the building. The back door opens and Harry appears, smiling at him. Louis' first reaction is to be even more excited, but he's a little taken aback when he sees the foreign emotion in Harry's eyes.

"Hi." Louis greets, sliding into the back seat and closing the door.

"Hello, Lou." Marcel turns around to greet him, beckoning him in for a kiss.

Louis gladly leans forward, meeting Marcel's lips halfway. He frowns a little into the kiss, wondering why Marcel is being so careful, so gentle.

Louis pulls back and meets Edward's eyes in the rearview mirror. The Alpha's face is emotionless, his fingers gripping tightly on the steering wheel.

The tension doesn't seep in until after five minutes that Louis realises Harry has not requested for Louis to sit close to him, and that the car has been silent.

Louis doesn't want to ask, afraid it'd make things worse. But he does it anyway. "Is everything okay?"

Harry winces, only slightly, but Louis notices.

"Everything's fine." Edward says, his eyes on the road. "Why did you ask?"

Louis bites onto his lower lip. "Nothing."

And just like that, it's like a switch has been flipped the moment Louis asked, and the triplets start to relax. Even Edward's face clears out from any tension.

"How is Alex doing?" Marcel asks, not turning around from the passenger seat.

Louis still can't shake the feeling in his chest that tells him something is wrong, but he ignores it for the moment. Louis scoots closer to Harry, seeking his touch to calm his nerves. He's just thinking too much. "Uh, yeah, he's great. Hailey's moved in. He looks happy."

Harry quietly lifts his arm for Louis to fit into, and as the Alpha's scent fills his nose, Louis leans back against him, calmed. Maybe he really is just thinking too much.

"Did you invite them to the party?" Edward questions, glancing at him in the rearview mirror.

Louis nods. "Yeah. They said that they're coming."

"Do you think it's fine with everyone that we invited them under such short notice?" Marcel directs the question to Edward.

The Alpha hums thoughtfully. "I think it's fine. Remember when Aunt Maggie made that invitation for Kat's wedding three days before and everyone still made it?"

"Yeah, yeah." Marcel pauses. "Yeah, we'll be fine."

Edward clears his throat. "Besides, it's just going to be an introductory celebration. We're not inviting them for a wedding yet." He purposely loudens his voice towards the end, making sure Louis hears it.

The Omega blushes, scrunching up his face and hiding it away into Harry's chest. Harry chuckles, burying his own face into Louis' hair.

They take him to Gastronhome, and Louis enjoys the food enough to forget the uneasiness he still has in his chest.

Louis takes a shower once they get home, already pulling his shirt out of his trousers the moment he walks through their bedroom door. His Alphas are still outside, talking among themselves. And the uneasiness returns.

Is there something wrong?

Louis shakes his head. No, he should not doubt his Alphas, regardless of what his heart is screaming at him.

Despite how hard he tries to ignore it, Louis can't help but think about it the whole time he's in the shower. It's not even in the back of his mind, it's fully there.

The triplets are not in when Louis exits the bathroom, and the room is still vacant when he walks out of the closet. Usually by this time, Edward would already be itching to take a shower to get rid of the day's sweat.

Louis sighs, walking over to the bed and getting on the soft mattress.

There's no use of him sitting around worrying about things that are probably not even there. Maybe his Alphas have some private problems they need to settle. Louis shouldn't be so insecure.

But shit, how could he not?

The triplets have everything. They have money, they have looks, they are happy with or without Louis, and they probably deserve better Omegas.

Louis just made himself very distressed thinking about it.

He's going to watch TV.

The three of them walk into the room one by one fifteen minutes later. Marcel looks worried and uncertain, and Harry looks like he just wants to disappear off the face of the earth. Edward appears to be calm, giving Louis a small smile while he undresses for shower.

Everyone is silent throughout the whole thing, and no sound fills the air except for the ones coming from the telly. Louis feels like the booming sound of his heartbeat is loud enough to startle the triplets.

But of course it doesn't. If Louis says so himself, the triplets are quite oblivious to the emotions he's going through right now.

Harry and Marcel change into a relaxed attire, then they're leaving without any glance at Louis whatsoever. Louis is left alone again, Edward disappearing into the bathroom.

Louis is confused, insecure, and worried at the same time.

Have they finally realised that they don't want him anymore?

Louis becomes more distressed at that, curling in on himself. His eyes are on the TV, but he's not watching.

He's not sure how long he's been sitting there staring at the telly screen, but he's so into it that he doesn't even notice it when Edward climbs onto the bed until strong arms are pulling him in.

"Hi." Edward whispers into his hair.

Louis immediately melts into his embrace, leaning into the touch. "Hi."

"Are you okay?" Edward asks quietly, playfully pinching Louis' cheek.

Louis nudges his hand away, his eyes seeking Edward's green ones. "Is something wrong?"

Edward sighs, and Louis' face falls.

"There's nothing wrong.." He trails off. "But there is something we need to talk about."

Louis' first instinct is to escape from the arms around him, so that's what he does. He ducks down and scoots back until there is a distance between them. "Are you breaking up with me?" He asks, voice loud and clear.

Edward widens his eyes, horror filling his expressions at the fact that Louis even suggested that. "What? No!"

Louis slightly relaxes, but he stays right where he is.

"It's not that, baby. I promise." Edward murmurs, reaching out to place a tentative palm on Louis' arm. "We have something to tell you, about us." His hand falls back to his lap. "About me, specifically."

"What is it?"

Edward smiles sadly, this time not hesitating to drag Louis back against his chest again. Their lips clash together before he could ask Edward about it, and Louis lets himself get lost into it, clutching on Edward's biceps.

"I love you." Edward says when he releases the Omega.

Louis' heart skips a beat. It's the first time Edward says it, but he can't even enjoy it because Edward is crawling away from him, getting off of the bed. "Edward?"

The Alpha stands beside the bed, his lips pressed into a tight line. "Marcel is going to tell you. And, I know you've always been worried about us not wanting you. We understand how you feel, because if you decide you don't want us anymore after what Marcel will tell you, we'll be alright." He pauses. "Not really, but we'll understand."

Tears prick at Louis' eyes, and he doesn't even know what's going on yet, but he's already crying. "Edward, what is going on?"

His Alpha ignores him, walking out of the door. It isn't long before Marcel walks in, looking as distressed as he was moments ago.

Marcel is quiet as he approaches the bed. Louis can't even keep up with his own heartbeat, the tempo fast and hurried where his chest rises and fall repeatedly. Despite so, Louis feels like he's holding his breath while Marcel climbs up in front of him.

"Marcel.." Louis' voice cracks when he speaks, going straight into Marcel's arms when the Alpha hesitatingly offers him a hug. "What's going on?"

Marcel clears his throat, leaning back against the headboard and bringing Louis with him. "I want to tell you a story." He murmurs.

Louis sniffs quietly, giving him a silent 'go ahead'.

"We decided we want to tell you about this before we bond." Marcel tells him, turning his head slightly to look at Louis in the eye.

Louis doesn't say anything, doesn't know what to say.

"We were thirteen. Our father was abusive." Marcel breathes out. He isn't looking at Louis anymore, instead staring at a random spot of the room. Louis doesn't look away, though. "At first, it was just our Mum. It was bad. We've tried to stop him, but everytime it happened, she would send us away, even Gemma. She wanted us to be okay, promised that things would be alright. We didn't know what to do."

Louis clamps his eyes shut, can't even imagining someone hurting such a lovely woman as Anne.

"And then, he went for Harry."

Louis unconsciously bunches up Marcel's shirt in his fist, a small gasp falling from his mouth.

"We were asleep."

His brain racks to wonder what happened, curiosity filling his mind.

"I was sleeping with Ed-Edward. Harry was in the other bed because he was sulking, trying to prove he didn't want m-me and Edward with him." Marcel's started stuttering, breaths coming out harsh. Louis lets Marcel take his time. "When our father walked into our room, none of us woke up. And when he did, he went straight to Harry. He yanked him off the bed. It woke him up."

Louis ducks down a little, afraid to hear the rest. He doesn't know if he wants to know about this, don't know if he can stand knowing it.

"He was drunk. He drank so much." Marcel says, but his voice cracks. Louis shuffles up, pressing himself closer to the Alpha while he rubs his hand up and down his chest, hoping to soothe him. It takes some time before Marcel can continue.

"Harry started crying. When our father dropped the bottle he was holding, I remember waking up because of it. The sound was so loud, I started crying too. When I sat up, I saw him slapping Harry across the face." Marcel rasps, his voice becoming deeper and harder to push out.

"Breathe, babe." Louis whispers to Marcel, his hand reaching up to touch the Alpha's face. He finds Marcel's gaze, and helps him calm again.

When Marcel is finally in control of his breathing, he goes on. "He saw me crying, and he told us that we were 'filthy, useless demons,' and that, that-that he regretted letting us live, and we're nothing but trouble to him. And then he went at Harry again, taking off his belt and using it to hit Harry." Marcel's voice cracks again, and tears well in his eyes. "I went to stop him, yelling for Edward."

"You don't have to tell me." Louis sniffs, burying his face into Marcel's neck.

"We've always depended on Edward for a lot of things. Although he's our age, he's our big brother, and he always protects us, physically and emotionally. Edward always makes everything better. But that night he wasn't well, so he was in deep sleep."

Louis can't stop the tears leaking at his eyes, and it's worse that Marcel starts crying too.

It's silent for a minute, save for the sound of Louis and Marcel sniffing.

"Our father threw me to the side when I tried grabbing him, and then..." Marcel starts sobbing, his body shaking a little. Louis gasps, crying harder eventhough he doesn't know what's coming.

Marcel takes a deep breath. "I thought that was bad, that Harry's crying and his shirt was torn apart with how hard he h-hit him. But then he went and pushed Ha-Harry to the floor, and star-started pulling his pants down. He said he was going to give us what we deserve, that he should've done it long ago."

"Oh God." Louis cries out, shaking his head in disbelief.

"The sounds of Harry's screams are still fresh in my mind. It still haunts me at night, until now." Marcel closes his eyes, his body unable to stop shaking as he speaks. "But that sound was what woke Edward up."

"The moment Edward saw our father unzipping his trousers and pinning a crying and screaming Harry, Edward lost it. He went crazy. It was like he was possessed." When Marcel opens his eyes, they're vacant, not looking at what's in front of him, as if he's seeing the scene happening all over again. He takes a breath, and his voice is lighter, somehow. "Edward jumped up, screaming and cursing at our father, then punched him in the face. I don't know how he had the strength, but Edward tackled him to the ground, away from Harry. He struggled with him, and then he managed to grab the belt. I think Edward would've calmed down if things were different; I don't think he would've done it."

Louis gulps, his throat the driest he's ever felt. "What did he do?"

Marcel smiles at him with remorse. "I heard Edward telling you, that if you don't want us anymore after this, we're fine with it." He brings a hand up to caress Louis' cheek. "He means it, you know."

Louis growls, furious. "Tell me what happened, Marcel."

Marcel's eyes are so sad as he looks at Louis. "Edward used the belt, and strangled him."

Louis' mind goes blank for a second. He can't process this. Can't think of a little boy, a little Edward, already doing such violence at that age.

"I remember." Marcel whispers. "I remember how loud it was when his big hand slapped on the floor, trying to find release, trying to reach for something. I remember screaming at Edward to stop, that he's killing him." He scoffs softly, shaking his head with his eyes clenched tightly. "But I also remember that the only sound that mattered to me at that moment was how hard Harry was sobbing, his cries were the only thing I can hear in my head. It drowned out the sound of our father choking."

Louis sobs, burying his face into Marcel's neck and drenching his skin with his tears.

"I crawled over to Harry, and I held him while we cried together. All the while, Edward watched our father took his last breath." Marcel murmurs. "I know what Edward did was driven by the sound of Harry crying, and I probably would've done the same thing if Edward didn't. I never want to hear Harry cry like that ever again."

"Oh God..." Louis chokes on a sob. "Oh my God."

"I can't ever forget the look on Edward's face when he realised that our father was lying there, lifeless. He quickly came over to me and Marcel, and he wrapped the both of us into his arms. We held each other until the sun came up, and Mum found us like that."

Louis stares up at Marcel, drying tears still damp on his face. Slowly, he starts to pull back, clamping his eyes close and taking in deep breaths. He begins to scoot off of the bed. "I think I need a moment."

Marcel doesn't say anything as he heads towards the door, so Louis leaves. He needs tea. He needs to sit down and let the new information sink in. He needs to think.

Louis goes down to the pantry and makes himself a mug of tea, then sits down at the counter and stares at the heap of steam appearing and fading away from the warm drink.

Edward killed his own father.

That itself is enough to make Louis shudder. He doesn't know what to think of it. What is he feeling? Is he scared? Horrified?

How does one deal with the fact that their significant other killed their own father at such age?

Of course, it's a normal thing for Alphas out there to be killing each other. But Louis feels like it's a different story to be killing your own father.

But then again, Louis knows that it's just Edward's Alpha instinct taking over and he just did what he had to do to protect his loved ones. If Edward hadn't done it, who knows what would have happened to Harry? To Marcel?

Louis presses a fist to his mouth, crying softly. The tears feel warm falling down his cheeks, but everything is so overwhelming. He did not expect this at all when he came home today.

His brain keeps forming images of Harry crying and screaming, a helpless Marcel, an outraged Edward. His own tears are almost unstoppable. He wonders how Harry got over that, if he ever did.

Louis frowns, body stilling as he suddenly recalls something Edward told him long ago.

"Harry doesn't sleep well without me when we're under the same roof."

"I can't tell you yet."

Louis sobs harder.

He thinks of Harry struggling to get over that, to get over the fact that his own father would've done that to him.

He thinks of Marcel witnessing that, unable to do anything.

He thinks of Edward, having to live with the guilt. It can't have been easy on him, he was a child!

In the end, Louis' tea goes cold, and he hasn't taken a single sip.

He dumps the mug in the sink. His eyes hurt.

When he enters the room with soft pads of his footsteps, Edward and Harry have returned. The eldest triplet is wiping Marcel's tears away, while Harry is hugging Marcel tightly.

Fresh tears spring in Louis' eyes at the sight.

He was a little shaken with what Marcel told him; but it changed nothing in his eyes. If anything, it just makes Louis' feelings stronger. Dear God, Louis loves them so much he feels like he's going to die with how overwhelming it is.

He approaches the bed with careful steps, taking a seat with a space between them, but close enough to touch them if Louis is to reach out.

Edward notices him, but he looks at Louis as if he sees through him.

"Thank you for telling me." He says softly, knows that it must not be easy for them to open up to him, and especially so that Marcel is the only one who has to carry the burden of telling Louis all by himself.

All of them slowly turn to stare at him with jaws slacked, eyes wide open. "You-you're not mad?" Marcel asks.

"Why would I be?"

Marcel ducks his head. "We've kept a piece of our past from you for too long."

"Are you fucking serious.." Louis huffs under his breath. "Whether you wanted to tell me or not, that's your right to decide. I don't have to know."

"You should know before we bond." Edward says, a little coldly.

"And I appreciate that you feel so." Louis wipes his tears with trembling fingers. "But it's in the past. I don't care. It's who you are now that matters." Louis affirms, shifting closer and scowling at his Alphas.

Harry stares at him, insecurity written all over his face. "So, you're not leaving?"

Louis wants to tell them that he would cuff them all together to prove that he's not going anywhere, but that's just crossing the line. Louis likes his personal space sometimes, thank you very much.

"You three are idiots, I swear." Louis groans in exasperation. "Don't you get it?"


Louis sighs heavily. "I'm in love with you, you bunch of idiot noodles."

Harry lets out a small, wet laugh.

"I can't believe you just insulted us at the same time you're professing your love to us." Edward snickers.

"Shut up." The Omega rolls his eyes, but a small smile tickles the edge of his mouth anyway. "Well? Are you in love with me too, or should I go bury myself in embarrassment now?" He looks down, avoiding their eyes as he tries to play it off as a joke.

In lieu of a reply, Harry untangles his limbs from Marcel's body to pounce onto the Omega until Louis is splayed out on the mattress with the Alpha on top of him. Soft, plush lips are covering his mouth before Louis could protest that Harry is crushing him.

"Of course we're in love with you too." Harry says regretfully once he's snogged the daylight out of Louis, as if it's a shame that Louis even has to ask. "I thought it was pretty obvious. We're arse over tits for you."

Louis chuckles. "Maybe I'm just oblivious."

Harry kisses him again as he helps pull Louis up. Marcel is quick to steal Louis from Harry after that, tugging Louis on his wrist and cradling him to his chest before claiming Louis' lips in a passionate kiss.

Edward has got his face in a taut expression, and Louis has a feeling that it's going to take a lot to convince Edward that Louis doesn't think badly of him; that it's in the past.

Louis knows that Edward is relieved but confused at the fact that Louis chose to stay, so he doesn't feel upset when Edward doesn't give him a kiss. Neither does he let it get to him when Edward says nothing at all.

They get the chance to talk when Harry and Marcel are softly snoring but Louis still can't sleep a blink.

When he sits up, he notices that Edward is staring up at the ceiling. He doesn't appear to be sleepy in the slightest.

Edward's eyes don't waver from his intense gaze upwards as Louis gets up and crawls over to him, but Louis knows his Alpha is aware of his movement.

Slowly and unsurely, Louis sits next to the Alpha, staring at him staring at the ceiling. "You're not satisfied about something." Louis starts, his voice low and quiet.

Edward doesn't move, doesn't even look at Louis. He says nothing.

"Did I do something wrong?" Louis questions, trying to persuade Edward to open up.

"I killed my own father, Louis." Edward says, as if that explains everything. His eyes finally fleet over to Louis.

Louis clears his throat to get rid of the big lump. "You did it to protect your brothers."

"That's no excuse, isn't it?"

Louis grits his teeth as tears start escaping his eyes again. "So? You killed your father. You're a killer? What do you want me to do, then?"

"I don't want you thinking of it as something that you can just put aside. It's a big issue."

"I'm not." Louis protests. "God, it's so hard to take in, Edward. It wasn't easy."

Edward sits up, anger filling his expression. "Then why do you still look at me like that?"

"Like what?" Louis snaps.

"Like nothing's changed!"

"Why would anything change, Edward?" Louis raises his voice, wondering why his Alpha is behaving like a twat at arse hour in the morning.


"For God's sake, Edward!" Louis is yelling through his tears. "I'm in love with you. What more do you want from me?"

"That's the thing." Edward huffs. "You're disregarding the fact that I killed my father because you love me."

"You bastard!" Louis balls up his hands into fists and drive them into Edward's chest. He doesn't care if he wakes Harry and Marcel up, Edward is being an arsehole. "I'm not disregarding it. I acknowledged that it happened but I choose to look over that because I love you, I don't care that you murdered your father! I still want to wake up next to you in the morning!"

Louis sobs, his fists hitting weakly on Edward's chest.

The Omega shifts closer, looking up at the Alpha. He shamelessly climbs onto Edward's lap, his arms cradling the Alpha's head before he's smashing their lips together.

Both of them are panting when Louis pulls back. "When I was sitting in the pantry.." Louis starts, snuggling into Edward's neck. "All I could think of was how you probably had a hard time dealing with the guilt."

"That's the problem." Edward whispers, pushing Louis back. "I don't feel guilty. He got what he deserved. I wish I have made him suffer before I finished him."

Louis sighs heavily. He can't pretend that what Edward said doesn't change a thing of what Louis thinks of the whole thing, but he's starting to grow tired of trying to prove to Edward that his feelings will still be the same.

"What do you want from me, Edward?" Louis' voice is soft when he asks that, pressing his face to Edward's pulse point, curling his limbs around the Alpha's torso. "You're making no sense at all."

Edward sighs heavily, and a few seconds later, Louis feels Edward pressing his face to Louis' shoulder.

"Do you not love me? Why do you want me to leave so much?" Louis asks, using his finger to draw random shapes on Edward's back.

"I never said that." Edward says against his skin. "I don't want you to leave."

"Then why are you trying so hard to prove to me that you are a bad guy?"

Edward pulls back, his hands resting on Louis' hips. From the Alpha's expression, Louis already knows that they're alright, even if Edward is stretching this tensed discussion between them. "I just want you to be realistic of the kind of person I am."

"You're not a villain, Edward Styles."

"I'm not a hero, either."

Louis kisses him. "You are." He kisses him again. "In Harry's eyes, you are."

"In Harry's eyes."

"Please stop looking at yourself as a bad guy. You said you don't feel guilty, but you see yourself that way. That means you do feel guilty." Louis murmurs. "You're not a bad person just because of one bad thing you did, baby."

Edward laughs quietly this time, making Louis glare at him.


"You really love me, huh?"

Louis slaps his arm. "Actually, I take it back. I don't. In fact, I hate yo-"

Edward kisses him to shut him up, his hand cradling the back of Louis' head while his arm curls possessively around his waist.

"I love you, Edward."

"I love you too, Princess."

When Louis wakes up the next day, it's to the feeling that someone is staring at him. When he opens his eyes, his instinct is confirmed. Harry is sitting beside him on the bed, leaning against the headboard. He doesn't look away when their eyes meet, instead a smile appears on his face.

"Morning." He murmurs, slowly reaching out to toy with Louis' hair.

Louis grins although his eyes fall back shut. "Morning." He mumbles.

"We heard, you know?" Harry says, making Louis frown. His blue eyes appear again.

"Heard what?"

"Your conversation with Edward last night." Harry is looking at him intently, lips pressed together into a tight line. "You're right, you know?"

That wakes Louis up enough for him to sit up. "About what?"

"I do see Edward as my hero."

"Is that why you don't sleep well without him?" Louis asks.

Harry shakes his head. "Only when we're not sleeping at home, and only if he's there."

"So you do well when you're alone?"

"Yeah." Harry confirms. "When I travel, I have no problem at all."

"When you get the nightmares, are they bad?"

Harry shrugs in response, trying to recall. "Sometimes. I rarely get them anymore, to be honest. But Edward likes to spoil me."

Louis smiles at that. "He loves you so much."

"And I love him." Harry leans forward. "And I love you."

Louis giggles when Harry starts attacking his face with kisses, trapping Louis in his arms. "Harry!"

Harry dimples at him when they end up lying down on the bed again, limbs tangled together. "Thank you so much for staying, Lou."

"I'm not going anywhere." Louis cups the Alpha's face, kissing his nose.

Perrie: On our way!

Louis receives the text while the four of them are having breakfast.

He turns to his Alphas after sending back a reply. "Um..." He starts, and that is already enough to get the wanted three pairs of eyes on him. Louis' mouth quirks up at the attention, cheeks flushing slightly.

"What's up?" Edward inquires, putting down his fork and knife to wipe his mouth.

Louis bites his lower lip, mentally cursing himself for forgetting to bring it up. "I forgot to ask." He cringes. "I was wondering if I could go out with Eleanor and Perrie today? They're already on their way."

Edward frowns, the triplets sharing a look, their eyebrows knitted together.

"You do know that you don't have to ask, right?" Edward asks, his mouth tilted into a smirk with one eyebrow raised. He looks amused.

"Well, I should ask in case we have other plans." Louis tries to justify, pouting. "And I'm inviting them to your home, of course I'm asking."

They look like they don't believe him, and Louis wants to roll his eyes. He doesn't miss it when Marcel snickers into the back of his hand.

"It's your home too." Harry corrects him. "You are free to invite your friends over."

Louis beams. "Thank you."

"And we don't have any other plans today." Marcel says, tilting his head slightly as he tries to recall their agenda for the day. "The Betas need to talk to Edward about the garden, and Harry," he turns to the mentioned Alpha. "You need to tell the Betas what colours you want for the party. They're going bonkers."

Harry widens his eyes. "Oh shit! I forgot again."

"What's up with the garden?" Edward wonders aloud.

Marcel shrugs. "I'm not sure. They wanted to do some redecoration at the area around the fountain."

"I just realised that I've never been to the garden." Louis voices his internal thought.

"You should!" Harry chirps. "It's really beautiful."

"We can have a picnic tomorrow, if you want." Marcel suggests, winking at Louis and making the Omega giggle.

"That sounds nice." Edward agrees, nodding his head.

Louis is already excited at the thought of it.

His phone vibrates.

Perrie: Are you sure this is the road to your house and not some stranded warehouse? Are you kidnapping us?

Louis rolls his eyes. Perrie loves to be dramatic.

Yes, Perrie. Why would I want to kidnap you?

Louis puts his phone down and a thought pops into his head. "Hey, you haven't officially met my friends yet, right?"

"What, Eleanor and Perrie?"

"Yeah, we haven't met them." Harry says.

"Well, maybe I'll tell them to come in for a while to meet you." Louis hums to himself, already grabbing his phone again to send another text to Perrie.

"Have you informed the guards about them coming?" Edward expresses his concern. "Otherwise they'd have to park outside the gate."

Louis' mouth falls open in dismay. "Oh no, I forgot."

"It's okay." Marcel assures him, sending Edward a look. The latter quickly calls for a Beta, and not long after, one of them steps into the dining room.

He stops near the table, bowing a little. "Yes, Sir?"

"Please let Albert and Houston know about Louis' friends coming over. They're in a..." Edward looks at Louis, silently questioning him with arched eyebrows.

"Mazda." Louis supplies, smiling at the Beta. "They're in a Mazda."

"Alright, Sir."

"Thank you." Edward and Louis say at the same time, and the Beta nods with a kind smile before leaving.

"Have your friends had breakfast? We should invite them for breakfast." Harry says all of a sudden, looking at Louis with a thoughtful frown.

"They've already eaten. Don't worry." He assures, popping the last bite of eggs into his mouth.

The doorbell rings, and Louis quickly jumps onto his feet. "I'll get that!" He announces, jogging out of the living room and running straight to the front door without waiting or looking at his Alphas' reactions.

He hears the faint sound of giggling as he approaches the front entrance, and his pace fastens in his excitement. Eleanor and Perrie quickly turn to him when he opens the door.

"Hi Lou!!" Perrie squeals, attacking him with a hug and kissing his cheek.

"Hello, love." Louis gives her a radiant smile as she pulls back before he gets Eleanor in his arms. "How was the drive?"

"It was alright." Eleanor replies, shrugging. "Was quite a journey, though. We did wonder if you're actually living in the middle of nowhere."

"Well, you're not completely wrong." Louis replies, leading them into the house. He closes the door behind them, then offers to help Perrie and Eleanor out of their coats.

"Thanks!" Perrie grins, looking around while Louis carries their coats to the closet by the door.

The ladies observe the entrance hall, their eyes roaming over the walls, the decorations, even the ceilings.

"Quite a house they've got here." Eleanor comments, nodding approvingly.

Perrie nods too, pursing her lips. "Yeah. It's really big! I'm glad they provide you with a luxurious home to stay in."

Louis rolls his eyes. "I wouldn't care if we live in a hut." He tells his friends, looping an arm around each of their elbows and starting to lead them further into the house.

"Rubbish!" Eleanor scolds. "I will never let you choose someone who would not treat you like royalty."

Perrie cackles at that. Eleanor does love acting like Louis' mother sometimes. But the two of them always want to take good care of Louis.

He makes an annoyed sound. "Well, I guess your prayers have been answered. My Alphas have a mansion for a home."

"But on second thought, don't you ever get lost? It's ginormous." Perrie wonders, her eyes fleeting everywhere.

Louis shrugs, pondering too. "Haven't really been everywhere." He says. "They gave me a tour the other day, but I only remember the gaming room and the pools."


The Styles are in a conversation when they walk into the living room, but all of them quickly grow onto their feet the moment they notice Louis arriving with his friends.

"Oh my Gosh! He's even more gorgeous in real life!" Perrie gasps, her hands covering her mouth when she sees Harry.

Eleanor stares at each of them up and down as they stop in front of them, her eyes judging and unforgiving. Marcel gulps.

"Lads, this is Eleanor, my best mate." He gestures to the brunette, then points at Perrie. "And this is Perrie, my best mate too!"

"Pleasure." Eleanor drawls, holding her hand out to Edward. She doesn't look pleased at all.

The Alpha raises an eyebrow, wondering what is up with her behaviour. But he grips her hand anyway, shaking it briefly. "Pleasure's all mine."

"Hi." Marcel smiles at Perrie, holding a hand out. "Marcel."

Perrie appears to try putting up the same facade Eleanor did, but she is defeated by the blinding smile Marcel gives her. She grins as she shakes his hand. "Nice to meet you, Marcel! I'm Perrie."

"Hi!" The middle sibling introduces himself, reaching out for Eleanor. "Harry."

"Pleasure." She repeats.

His face contorts. "But I thought you're Eleanor?"

Perrie bursts out laughing at the same time Harry does.

"That's not even remotely funny." Eleanor tells Louis, making an exasperated face.

"I know." His reply is full of regret and shame.

Harry and Perrie bond surprisingly easy. Harry claims that their names rhyme and somehow both of them are excited because of that; nobody wants to ask. Eleanor eventually warms up to Edward and Marcel. Though, it only happens after she threatened them if they ever hurt Louis. He thinks Marcel and Edward are not affected in the slightest by her threat.

Harry keeps offering them tea, but Eleanor and Perrie decline every time.

"Where are you going again?" Edward asks when they are sending Louis and his friends out after a short chat. Marcel helps pick out a coat for the Omega, putting it on for him.

"Shopping." Perrie says, as if it's obvious.

"Where, exactly?" Marcel cocks his eyebrow.

Perrie huffs. "Why does it matter? We're going to take good care of him. Don't worry."

"We haven't decided where to go, yet." Louis tells his Alphas, buttoning up his coat. He knows his Alphas should know where he is, just for safety precaution. Louis looks really cute and small. Marcel wants to cuddle him. "I'll let you know when we do."

"Alright, take care, yeah?" Marcel murmurs, bending down and kissing his cheek.

"Okay." Louis preens, walking over to a waiting Harry. He straight away goes into his arms, sharing a brief, goodbye kiss.

"Love you." Harry whispers, dimpling at him.

Louis blushes, the words affecting his bearing for a moment. "Love you too."

"You still have the card?" asks Edward when Louis approaches him.

Louis nods, patting his back pocket. "It's right here."

"Go and have fun, yeah?" Edward wraps him up in an embrace, spinning them around so the rest are facing Edward's back. The Alpha dips his face down to kiss Louis passionately, taking the Omega's breath away as they part. "Take care."

Louis' face is flushed when he finally walks over to Perrie and Eleanor again, the two of them giggling and giving him looks that make him want to poke their eyes out.

"Well, we'll be out." Perrie announces, taking Louis' hand and leading him out of the front door.

"What colour do you want, exactly?"

"I don't know!" Louis almost wants to cry.

"Why is this so hard?" Perrie pretends to wipe sweat off her forehead.

Eleanor sighs. "Come on, we've been here for an hour!"

"Red is just, too bright." Louis grimaces as he brings the cloth up again.

"And black is..." Perrie trails off. "Blergh, not black."

"Then just go for white. Or blue. It'd bring out your eye colour." Eleanor suggests, showing Louis one of the nearest garments in that colour.

Louis takes one look and his shakes his head, accentuating his grimace. "No, not that blue."

"And that white doesn't do it." Perrie makes a sad sound. "I'm hungry."

Eleanor wants to pull her hair out.

Louis walks over to another section, still browsing through. Eleanor and Perrie stay where they are, already on the verge of giving up.

Not longer than three minutes later, Louis walks back to them with two items in his hands. "What about this one? It's not too much, and it's white." He says, holding up the first one, then he brings up the other item. "I can pair it with this one."

"Aha!" Perrie grabs the first item, inspecting it more closely. "This has nice patterns!"

Eleanor brightens. "And they look good together!"

"Do you think I should buy them?"

"If you won't, I will!" Perrie claims.

"Buy the red ones too."

Louis thanks the Betas that offered to send his things upstairs, then he proceeds to skip off, looking for his Alphas. He halts in front of the lift; it's better to just contact them rather than trying to find them by himself.

He texts Marcel, wondering where he is.

Marcel: At the library. Come on up.

Louis grins, entering the lift and going up to the third floor.

Marcel is indeed at the library, sitting at the sofa with his nose buried in a hardcover. Louis isn't sure what he is reading, but he couldn't really bring himself to care because all he wants to do right now is kiss his Alpha on his delicious lips.

"Hi." Louis murmurs softly, sliding onto Marcel's lap and smiling when Marcel straight away abandons his book to give the Omega his full attention.

"Hello, gorgeous." Marcel casts him a lazy grin, putting his book away in favour of wrapping his arms around Louis' waist and pulling him close. "Did you enjoy your shopping?"

Louis nods, leaning down to brush their lips together. "El and Pez helped me chose the things I wanted."

"What did you buy, then?" Marcel questions, a little curious.

Louis gives him a secretive look. "Can't tell you yet. It's a surprise."

Marcel raises his eyebrows and his lips curve in amusement. "Oh?"

"Yeah. I'll show them to you later." Louis tells him, pecking Marcel on the cheek.

"Alright, darling." Marcel complies with a fond expression.

"What are you reading?" Louis asks, stretching his neck to peek at the hardcover resting on the small table next to the sofa.

"It's a romance." Marcel sheepishly tells him.

Louis picks the book up, randomly flipping through the pages. "Would you mind if I join you?" Louis asks, shutting the book close and placing it back on the table.

"Of course not." Marcel replies, prompting Louis to climb off of him. "It'd be great to have company while I read."

"I'll go look for a book." Louis holds his pointer up. "Don't go anywhere."

"I'll be right here, babe."

Twenty minutes later, Louis is laid out on the sofa, reading a Sidney Sheldon novel. His head is resting on Marcel's lap. He's quite engrossed with the book, getting more and more curious with each event that happens within the words printed on the paperback.

A clicking sound is what distracts him from his reading, and he frowns while he tries to look for the source of the sound. Looking up, he finds Marcel holding his phone.

"Did you just take a picture of me?" Louis asks, scandalous.

Marcel brings his phone down, purposely making a guilty face. It's so petulant, and Louis has never been more in love. "Am I not allowed?" He asks, slightly alarmed.

Louis shakes his head. "Of course you are." He bites his lower lip. "It's just, you've never taken a picture of me before."

Marcel smirks in response to that. "Says who?"

Louis' mouth falls open as he scrambles to sit up. "You sneaky bastard!" He laughs in disbelief, playfully hitting Marcel's chest with the book.

"I thought you're fine with it." Marcel tries to reason, not even attempting to block Louis' attacks.

"What do you even do with those pictures?" Louis hides his face against the Alpha's shoulder, blushing.

Marcel chuckles. He pushes Louis back a little and shows his phone to him. The Omega nervously takes the device, wondering how he'd look like in those candid photos Marcel took of him.

He is surprised to find himself looking at Marcel's Instagram profile instead.

There are five posts of Louis among Marcel's recent ones. The first picture Marcel has ever posted of him was a picture of Louis sitting on the picnic mat, giggling. It was during their first date.

His blush grows more intense when he sees the caption.

Your smile should be illegal.

The third one was when they were at Anne's. Louis himself isn't sure when exactly Marcel took that pic. There is no caption, and yet Louis' heart still skips a beat.

Louis gasps when he sees the fourth one. It's a picture of him snuggled up to Edward. The Alpha in the picture is clearly glaring disapprovingly at the camera, but Louis thinks that Edward looks really hot. Harry is beside Edward, throwing a peace sign and making a show of his dimples while Louis is sleeping with his head on Edward's chest.

Blessed that these are the people I see the first thing in the morning.

"You're such a creep." Louis accuses, trying to glare but failing. "Don't take pictures of me when I'm sleeping!"

Marcel chuckles. "I wasn't! I wanted to take a picture of everyone, but you happened to be sleeping."

"Tosser." Louis grumbles, leaning down against Marcel's chest, his head tucked underneath the Alpha's chin again. He scrolls up, looking at the most recent picture Marcel posted of him just now. Louis cannot even deal with the intensity of his blush when he reads the caption.

The love of my life.

The thing is, Louis is just reading in the picture; nose almost buried in the book while his eyes stare intently at the words. And yet he can feel how genuine the caption is, suddenly feeling truly loved all of a sudden.

Louis looks up at his Alpha, his eyes crinkling. "I love you." He whispers, as if afraid that Marcel would hear it although that was the point itself.

Marcel's eyes grow softer, and his arms slowly tighten around Louis. "I love you too, darling."

"It's not fair that only you are posting pictures of me. I want to post pictures of you too." Louis pouts, leaning forward and wrapping his arms around Marcel's neck. Their lips touch as he speaks, and he presses closer.

"So do it." Marcel suggests, tilting his head so their lips fit better.

Louis abandons his reply for a moment, content to let Marcel kiss him like this. He gets carried away, lost in the way Marcel guides him through the kiss, the Alpha's palms are warm on his back, roaming all over his skin through the fabric.

He pulls back before he gets too excited, retracting his arms and ignoring the tingling on his lips. "Okay, I'll take pictures of you, then."

Marcel gives him a bright smile, his dimples denting his cheeks and Louis melts momentarily before he manages to regain enough self control to take a picture instead of just staring at the ethereal beauty before him. The camera makes a repeated clicking sound as Louis presses the button again and again, Marcel changing his pose every time.

"Dork." Louis comments while he goes through all the pictures again, trying to choose one that he could post on his own account. He never really goes on Instagram. His profile probably only has three pictures.

Once Louis has made his choice, he opens up the app to log into his own account on Marcel's phone. As he had guessed, there are only pictures of his sisters and his Mum.

He stares at Marcel while he tries to figure out a caption.

"What?" Marcel asks, reaching out and pinching Louis' nose once he realises beaming blue eyes are on him.

Louis scrunches up his face, shaking his head. "Nothing." He smiles, his fingers typing away.

Once the picture is posted, Louis shows it to Marcel.

If life is in black and white, you'll bring colours into mine.

"You're so cheesy." Marcel narrows his eyes, laughing when Louis smacks him.

"Edward is cheesy. Not me." Louis huffs, crossing his arms.

"Of course not." Marcel complies, kissing Louis' cheek. "Edward is the king of cheesiness. I wonder how he doesn't cringe every time he says something cheesy."

"Sometimes cheesy is cute." Louis says, trying to defend Edward.

Marcel pretends to scowl. "That's because you like him." He points a finger at Louis, teasing the Omega's cheekbone with his fingertip.

Louis pushes Marcel's arm away, lifting his own index finger. "Correction." He says sternly. "I'm in love with him."

"So am I." Marcel claims.

"Are we cursed?" Louis asks, pretending to be frustrated.

Marcel snorts. "Edward will make us sleep on the couch if he hears that."

"We have twelve guest rooms." Louis reminds him.


Chapter Text

Louis is proper excited that night, buzzing everywhere he goes. He's a little clingy after dinner, and if he's not hanging off of Edward, he has himself glued to Marcel or Harry, craving all of their attention more than usual. If none of them is paying attention to him, he would purposely climb onto one of his Alphas' lap and make sure they entertain him.

He's currently on Marcel's lap where all of them are seated in the top floor lounge; and every time Marcel tries to ask, Louis would just kiss him to shut him up. And well, Marcel is not going to complain anytime soon. Not when Louis' lips are so addictive and Marcel can't get enough. Louis is so petite and tiny in his embrace, the Omega's arms wrapped tightly around his neck with their chests pressed together and Marcel still has a hard time believing that he gets to have this; gets to have Louis looking soft and pliant like this, gets to have Louis kissing him with so much passion.

Louis' lips are swollen and his cheeks are flushed when he suddenly pulls back. There's a look of anticipation on his face that makes the triplets curious.

"Are you planning something?" Edward can't help but ask him, casting his eyes to the newspaper in his hands.

Louis narrows his eyes at the question, directing a warning look at the Alpha although Edward isn't even looking at him. "No." He responds, a little too defensively.

"You have something going on in your mind." Harry says, forehead creased as he stares at him.

Is Louis that easy to read?

"Only when you're excited," says Edward, not even sparing Louis a glance. The Omega didn't realise he said it out loud.

"What are you so excited about, then?" Marcel wonders, genuinely curious. "Does this have anything to do with what you bought with the girls?"

Louis nods, biting on his lower lip.

Hearing that, Edward folds the newspaper in two and puts it down. "Well, what did you buy?"

Louis giggles.

"Should I be scared?" Harry asks, just to make sure that he's not the only one who hears it.

"Don't worry Harry, I'm scared too." Edward replies. What he said completely contradicts his emotionless face.

Louis rolls his eyes, climbing off of Marcel's lap. The sad rumble in Marcel's chest is ignored. He grips his hips, glaring at Edward. "You're a meanie."

"Am I talking to a ten year old?"

Harry laughs, clapping his hand to his mouth. Usually he would be the receiving end of this conversation with Edward.

The Omega sighs, taking a hold of the hem of his shirt before pulling it over his head. He meets his Alphas' confused gazes when he's got it off, and the sultry side of him comes up. Louis smirks, tossing the garment towards Edward. It lands on the Alpha's head, covering his whole face. Edward hums pleasantly at the sweet scent of his Omega filling his senses.

"Meet me in our bedroom in ten." Louis winks, then escapes before what he said registers in the Alphas' head.

As he pads away to their room, Louis hears the sound of Harry's eager howl. He giggles, his pace fastening as he grows even more excited, his blood racing with thrill and arousal.

Louis is already half hard when he reaches their room and heads straight for their closet. He quickly starts digging away for the recent shopping bags. He's so excited he's almost bouncing up and down on his feet. At the same time he also can't sit still with how nervous he is. But Louis is going to focus on his attire first. The moment he finds the wanted garments, Louis quickly rids of the rest of his clothing and puts them on.

He is shaking with nerves and excitement as he stands in front of the floor length mirror, observing himself in the reflection. Louis has to admit that the garments do look nice on his skin.

He's so glad he asked for Eleanor and Perrie's help. He was worried he wouldn't make a good choice, but since he had brought the girls along, he pats himself on the back for the satisfying outcome.

He had put on the white corset he chose last minute earlier that day. It fits perfectly around him, accentuating the curve of his waist flowing out to his hips. The corset was a little expensive and Louis had been quite reluctant when they were at the cashier and he saw the price, but Eleanor had insisted that he takes it since he's using the triplets' card and he's buying this to put it on for them anyway. He's glad he listened to her. The fabric feels really comfortable on his skin and it smooths out whatever bulge that he has.

Other than that, Louis had matched it with a pair of translucent white stockings that reach his mid-thighs, clipping it on to an equally white garter belt and suspenders. The garter belt is accompanied with a short skirt that leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination.

But what tops the cake is the white, lacy knickers he has beneath the small skirt, his cock tucked at the front where he's already starting to leak pre-come onto the fabric.

Louis turns around, and he giggles to himself when he sees how good his arse looks in the knickers.

Regardless how appealing he sees himself in the reflection, Louis still can't help but feel insecure about dressing up for the triplets. He sure hopes they like it. He doesn't want to think about what would happen if they don't.

Louis faintly hears the sound of the door to their room opening, and then Marcel is calling out to him.

"In here." Louis replies, the nerves intensifying. "Don't come in!!" He shouts when he hears approaching footsteps.

The footsteps stop, and Louis sighs in relief.

"Are you okay?" Marcel asks, concerned.

"I'm fine. I'll be out in a minute."


Louis takes a few deep breaths. He can do this. His Alphas love him. They would love his body too.

He shuts his eyes for a few seconds, calming himself down.

Once his heartbeat has been mollified, Louis makes his way out of the closet.

Edward is playing with his phone when Louis exits, and none of the Alphas sitting on the bed have noticed him yet. Marcel is talking to Harry, their conversation a little mute to his ears. All he can hear is his pounding heartbeat.

Louis sucks in another deep breath, then clears his throat.

When three pairs of eyes land on him again, his heart stops momentarily.

"Hi." Louis blushes at the attention, smiling shyly as he keeps his gaze on the floor.

Edward whistles low, dropping his phone and making Louis preen.

"Wow." Marcel sighs in awe.

"Jesus Christ."

"His name is Louis." Edward reminds his brother.

Louis gnaws on his bottom lip as he spares the Alphas a glance, and Edward is looking at him like he's going to pounce any second. It's turning Louis on, a lot.

His cock twitches in his knickers, and slick starts to form inside him, making Louis press his thighs together.

Harry and Marcel are too gobsmacked to react, staring at Louis with mouths fallen open and saying nothing.

"Is this okay?" Louis tilts his head to one side, wondering if the Alphas are fine that he initiated this. Tomorrow's a Saturday after all; they should be able to sleep in.

"Yes, baby." Edward approves, his phone long forgotten. He leans back onto his hands, raising his eyebrows. "Are you just going to stand there?"

Louis gulps, his throat suddenly dry. He carefully starts taking a step forward, keeping his eyes on Edward the whole time.

Edward looks so calm yet his eyes are burning with so much desire that it helps boost Louis' confidence a little, and the Omega fastens his steps until he reaches the edge of the bed.

"How do you want to do this, then?" Edward asks softly, unmoving.

Louis shakes his head. "I don't know. Teach me, Alpha."

Edward's jaw clenches, his breath coming out a little harsher.

Louis flutters his eyelashes when he sees the tent forming in his Alphas' trousers, suddenly loving this reaction he's receiving from them.

Edward blinks and regains his composure, his mouth tilting up. He nods towards his brothers. "Well, they look a little shaken, don't you think?" His smirk widens. "Why don't you give Harry a kiss and let Marcel touch you?"

Louis' breath hitches a little at the thought, his cock filling up even more as he climbs up onto the bed to comply with Edward's order. He crawls over to Harry, skin prickling with heat at the way Harry is staring at him. The Alpha watches him like a hawk as he follows Louis' every move. His eyes are wide open, pupils dilated where the green could barely be seen.

Louis almost jumps on him when he reaches Harry, stopping once he's seated in between the Alpha's spread out legs and crashing their lips without any hesitation. Harry places his hands on Louis' hips, pulling him close until their bodies are pressed together. Harry's hands start to slide down to cup beneath his thighs and lift him up until Louis is properly straddling him.

The taste of their tongues brushing together is driving Louis mad, and he clings to Harry, feels Harry's growing cock nudging his arse. As he slowly gets lost into the way Harry is kissing him, Louis faintly hears Edward encouraging Marcel to touch.

He almost doesn't hear it when Marcel says quietly, "May I, Lou?"

Louis pulls back from Harry. "Yes, please."

Harry chuckles at the needy tone, tugging him down again.

Louis feels another pair of hands on his lower thighs, sliding up slowly to his hips. A moment later another body is pressed up behind him, and Louis moans into Harry's mouth when Marcel starts showering his exposed shoulder with kisses.

Louis is dripping inside his knickers, his cock hurts with how hard he is and his slick almost soaking it up. When Harry rolls his hips up, Louis mewls at the contact.

"Gorgeous." Marcel whispers in his ear, hands returning to his thighs and running his hands all over the Omega's tanned skin. Every single touch sends sparks that travel straight to Louis' cock.

"Please." Louis begs, the touches and kisses are no longer enough.

"What do you want?" Edward asks him.

"More." Louis pleads, his hips unconsciously pushing down onto Harry's for more friction. The pleasured sound of Harry's gruff voice in his ear just burns him up even more.

Marcel cups his hand on one side of Louis' face, guiding Louis' face around to claim his swollen lips. The movement stretches Louis' neck back, the skin exposed to Harry and the Alpha takes no time getting his mouth onto him.

Louis doesn't even realise that his hips are moving on their own accords, rocking back and forth against his two Alphas. One of his arms is curled back around Marcel's neck while the other arm rests on Harry's shoulder. Louis' soft moans don't escape past their pressed lips, and the way Harry is sucking on his neck reminds Louis of what is to come when they mark him later. The multiple touches are nothing like Louis has ever felt, so it's no wonder that he can already feel the familiar tugging in his lower abdomen.

His eyes are blown wide when Louis pulls back from the kiss, their lips parting with a smacking sound, lust clouding his gaze and turning to Edward. "Alpha." He calls out, making grabby hands towards him.

Edward smiles at him kindly, beckoning him in. Louis wastes no time untangling himself from Harry and Marcel, quickly crawling over to him.

Before Louis can climb onto his lap, Edward grabs his arms and wrestles him down onto the mattress. Louis gasps, but it quickly turns into a moan when Edward presses himself in between Louis' thighs, their cocks pressing together against the layers of fabric. "Got me so hard, baby." He murmurs, brushing his lips on Louis' cheek as one of his hands start roaming the body pressed underneath him.

Louis parts his legs, wrapping them around Edward's waist, and the Alpha starts rocking down. "Kiss me." Louis pleads in between the pants coming out from his mouth.

Edward complies, kissing him feverishly, muffling the sounds the Omega releases whenever his hips rut down just right.

Suddenly Louis' hands are on Edward's chest, trying to push him back as he withdraws from the kiss with a choked moan, face contorted in pleasure. "Stop, please, I'm gonna come." His whines come together with his attempt to squirm away.

Edward chuckles, leaning down and licking his pulse point. Louis tries to push harder but the Alpha doesn't budge. "It's alright, Kitten. Come for me." He assures, rolling his hips faster.

Louis' whimpers grow higher as he lets himself succumb to it, hips stuttering before he freezes and letting out one long whine, his body shuddering beneath Edward as he comes, his eyes clenching shut and his mouth parting open.

"So good, love." Edward praises him, littering his face with kisses as his urgent thrusts slow into languid ones. "Look so good when you come."

Louis almost wants to melt into the mattress as he slowly regulates his breathing, chest heaving.

He gets a soft kiss on the lips, and then Edward is climbing off of him. Louis opens his mouth to protest, but it dies down in his throat because Harry and Marcel have undressed, their cocks hard and red against their stomachs. Louis' mouth waters, and he's slowly getting hard again from the sight.

"Alphas." Louis says with need. "Touch me."

Marcel is the first to move, reaching out and placing a big hand on Louis' tummy, rubbing him there. Shortly after, Louis feels a pair of hands on his calves, and then Harry is kissing his ankle. Marcel kisses him once, and then his hands brush lower as he moves down Louis' body until calloused hands are parting his thighs. He leans down, pressing his lips on the wet spot of the skirt. "Got yourself all dirty, baby." He murmurs, his lips traveling south to nibble gently against the line of Louis' growing erection.

Louis bites down onto his lips, fingers running through Marcel's hair and tugging gently when Marcel mouths at his bulge. "M-Marcel..."

Edward joins his brothers in the touching fest, moving to sit above Louis on the bed and leaning forward to kiss him upside down while his hands add up to the two pairs of hands stroking the petite body. Edward nudges one of Louis' nipple through the fabric, making him cry out. Louis subconsciously separate his legs even further when he feels Marcel starts to suck gently at his thigh.

The Omega is fully hard again, pressing uncomfortably against the material of the lacy knickers and starting to chafe.

Edward pulls back, and all of a sudden a ripping sound cuts through the air. Louis' eyes fly open, feeling the coldness of the air biting into his skin and causing goosebumps to rise all over his torso. It takes him a moment to realise that Edward has ripped his corset apart. "Edward!!" He shrieks in disbelief, sitting up and simultaneously pulling away from all the kisses he was receiving. "That was bloody expensive!" He turns around to scowl at his Alpha.

"I'll buy you ten more of them, Princess. Promise." Edward tosses the garment behind him before nudging Louis down again.

Louis pouts. "You could've just taken it off like a normal person."

"Where's the fun in that?" Edward grins, pecking him.

Louis sighs, pulling him down for another kiss.

Edward tugs on Louis' lower lip with his teeth as he pulls back before he goes down, closing his lips over one of Louis' nipples without any warning. The Omega gasps, gripping Edward's hair. He has always had sensitive nipples, and the way Edward's warm mouth wraps around it is making his toes curl.

"Oh God." Louis' pecs twitch when Edward teasingly bite onto the hardened bud, nudging it with his tongue. His hips jerk up when Marcel rubs him through the knickers, reaching down to cup his balls and stroking up his length again.

Meanwhile, Edward releases his nipple with a pop and moves on to the other one, his fingers pinching and toying with the one he just abandoned.

When they stop touching him, it happens all at once. The hands disappear from his body, and suddenly his knickers are being ripped apart.

"Stop doing that!" He exclaims, exasperated.

Harry giggles.

"How else do I take it off, then?" Edward questions, lifting the ruined garment to show it to Louis. "It'd be stuck under those suspenders."

Louis clutches his temple. "It's not stuck. I've worn the knickers over them."

"Well, how was I supposed to know? It looks complicated there, the easiest is just to rip it off." Edward retorts.

"You could have asked me."

"Yeah, because that would be so hot. 'Excuse me, hello, we're about to have sex and I don't know how to take your knickers off. A little help, maybe?' Brilliant, Lou." Edward retaliates, his voice dripping with sarcasm.

Marcel and Harry start howling with laughter because Louis' cock is hanging out and Edward is still holding the knickers and they're about to have sex but the two still have the time to bicker.

Louis tries to keep his angry expression up, but he ends up laughing too. "Oh bollocks! I can't believe you, Edward."

"You're the one making a big deal out of ripping things." Edward grins in amusement, shaking his head.

Louis sighs. "You're such an idiot. I love you."

Edward raises one of his eyebrows. "Is this going to be a habit of yours, then? Insulting me before saying you love me?"

"Take what you can get."

Marcel has grown tired of their banter, so he grips Louis' ankles, then effortlessly flips the Omega over. Louis screams in surprise at the manhandling, but when he realises what happened, he mewls pleasantly where his face is pressed into the mattress, his arse hanging up high in the air. The position Marcel put him in is basically presenting him to all of them, exposing the most intimate part of his body.


Marcel feels like he's going to get a heart attack.

Louis blushes, burying his face deeper into the bed. God, he's naked down there, free for all of them to see. He feels a little nervous, but he bundles his hands up on the bed sheet so that he won't do something like cover himself up. He had already gotten himself waxed so he's as smooth as a baby, but Louis isn't sure how his Alphas would think about his drenched hole.


"Fuck, you're so beautiful." Marcel moans, a hand already wrapping around his cock and pumping slowly.

Louis takes a deep breath, heat creeping up onto his face. "Do you like what you see?" He hopes it isn't obvious from his voice how insecure he is.

"Very much." Edward confirms, reaching out and smacking one of Louis' arsecheeks, gripping the flesh and groaning. Louis squeals, his body jerking forward. Edward releases him, then shuffles back on the bed. "Go on then, Harry." Edward prompts his brother with a smirk and a gesture. "Put on a show for us."

Louis perks up, wondering what Edward means by that. His cock twitches painfully at the unknown excitement, and suddenly his body is hyper aware, waiting for the moment that Harry would start touching him. When Harry scoots closer, Louis can feel him moving on the bed from the way the mattress dips. The first thing he feels is Harry lifting up the fabric of the small skirt of the belt, fully exposing Louis although the skirt never accomplished anything to cover him up in the first place.

"Look so incredible like this. You're so fit." Harry murmurs, kissing Louis' thigh and gripping his arsecheeks. He hums appreciatively, spreading his legs even further and exposing his pink hole.

"Jesus." Marcel chokes out.

Louis sneaks a peek behind him, curious as to what is happening. He preens when he sees how flushed Marcel is, his cock disappearing into the hole his fist has formed around his length. Edward lazily observes the way Harry is still kissing Louis all over his bum, looking like he isn't interested, but the heavy erection pressing against his abs proves Louis otherwise.

The large hands holding him start to massage his flesh, kneading sensually while the pair of lips migrate up his leg to start kissing his balls. A quiet sound escapes Louis' lip at the light caress of soft lips brushing up slowly to his hole. He whines when Harry skips over the tight ring of muscles. Harry spends his time kissing all over Louis' arse but not where Louis wants him most, building the anticipation but all Louis wants is Harry's mouth on him.

"Harry." He pleads, pushing his arse back.

The mentioned Alpha chuckles, striking Louis' right cheek before petting the red skin. He repeats the same thing with Louis' left cheek, pulling another sigh out of the Omega. "What do you want, baby?"

"Want your mouth." Louis replies bashfully, hiding his face.

Harry hums. "Want me to taste you?"

Louis doesn't reply, too embarrassed to confirm nor deny.

He's lucky Harry finds him cute. The Alpha gives him mercy, finally parting the fat cheeks in his palms and dropping a kiss on the Omega's tiny, wet hole. Louis makes a pleased but embarrassed sound, wishing he could disappear into the mattress but pushing back for more at the same time. "Is this where you want me to kiss you, baby?" Harry teases, kissing all over his rim and getting slick on his lips.

Louis nods into the bed, his knuckles almost turning white where he's got the bed sheet clutched in his hold. He's already got a layer of sweat over his back, and his fringe is sticking to his forehead.

"Look at you, so wet." He licks his lips, extending his tongue to taste the slick that's leaked out. Louis pants out, his body quivering at the tender touch that's barely there and yet he could feel it, the pleasure running all over his body. Harry groans at the sweet taste of his Omega. "Fuck, you taste delicious, baby."

Harry starts giving kitten licks on his hole, his grip firm on Louis' arse to make sure he has all the easy access to eat his Omega out. If he intends to restrict Louis' movement by doing so, it would be pointless because the Omega is not going anywhere. He traces Louis' rim with the tip of his tongue, gently putting in force but not breaching him quite yet.

When he gets the first broad lick from his balls up to his crack, Louis squeals.

Harry does it again, and again, and again, until Louis is a quivering mess, shamelessly begging. Harry chuckles, pulling back to press his thumb against the puckered skin, watching Louis' muscles relaxing to take him in but he doesn't push further.

"God, look at you, Lou." Edward speaks up when Harry goes back to licking him, still teasing. Louis preens at being addressed by his other Alpha, spreading his legs wider. His cock hangs in between his legs, throbbing with arousal. Harry is driving him crazy taking his sweet time to tease.

"Harry. Harry, please. Please." Louis is not above begging, pushing his hips back to get Harry to do something, to give him more rather than continue licking across his rim that Louis can feel how wet he is from Harry's saliva mixed with his slick.

Edward chuckles, a deep rumble in his chest. "Should he really give you what you want? We love hearing you beg." If Louis can, he would've grabbed the nearest pillow and fling it over to Edward's pretty face. But Harry chooses that moment to start wriggling his tongue past Louis' entrance, moaning out loud at the overwhelming taste of pure Louis that explodes on his taste bud.

The vibration travels along Louis' nerves and one of his leg jerks out a little in pleasure, another throaty sound filling the air. After Harry recovers from the mind-boggling effect of tasting Louis' slick directly from the source, Harry begins to eat the Omega out with proper determination. He buries his face in between Louis' arsecheeks, breathing through his nose as he probes into Louis' inner walls, his tongue relentless in lapping up all the slick he could find within the Omega's hole.

Louis doesn't know how he manages, but he eventually finds himself with a hand reached out behind him, grabbing Harry by his hair to keep him where he is because he is doing all the wonders Louis never knew one could do with their tongue and he is embarrassingly close to coming.

"Enjoying yourself?" Edward teases, his voice strained. Louis' eyes are clouded and he could barely comprehend his sight when he sees Edward casually stroking his cock at the sight of Harry eating him out like a pro.

Tears spring in Louis' eyes when the familiar feeling inside him indicates that he's getting closer and closer, his balls already tightening up. "Fuck, oh fuck! Ha-Harry!"

He sobs into the mattress, screaming out when Harry doesn't stop licking into him. The Alpha holds him so tight that Louis is sure he would bruise but he doesn't care.

Louis' cock finally pulses and he comes across the mattress when Harry sucks lightly on his rim, making his head spin and he chokes out a cry, his hips trembling. His face is drenched with tears as he pressed his cheek onto the bed, boneless and spent.

Harry smacks his arse and drops one last kiss before he finally releases him.

Louis barely has the energy, but he manages to roll over onto his back, still panting.

He can see Edward kissing Harry with an eagerness of tasting Louis on his brother's tongue. It's strangely hot that Marcel tugs on Harry's shoulders to kiss him too after that. And Louis doesn't feel neglected at all even though his Alphas are kissing and touching each other and not him. He needs some time to recover.

Marcel crawls over to the edge of the bed, opening the drawer from the bedside table and pulling a small bottle out. He eyes Louis like a hawk as he takes Harry's previous spot in between Louis' thighs. His eyes are hooded, and he looks like a famished man presented with the most scrumptious meal his eyes have ever laid upon.

"Gonna open you up now." Marcel forces out, popping the bottle open with trembling fingers.

Louis hums his approval, bending his knees and spreading his legs again. His cock is flaccid on his stomach, but he's sure it'd get hard again in no time when Marcel fingers him. It's one of those times where he's thankful that an Omega can have consecutive orgasms. "You okay?" He focuses on the Alpha, wondering why Marcel looks shaken as he places a dollop of lube onto his fingers before placing the bottle down.

Marcel has to blink before he can answer him. "Just wondering how you can be real." He murmurs, reaching down and pressing a lubed finger against Louis' entrance.

Louis flinches at the contrast of the coldness of the lube against his heated skin.

"Sorry." Marcel says quickly, shaking his head as if reprimanding himself for not warming it up first.

"S'okay." Louis replies, cock twitching. "Am I doing okay?"

Marcel grunts at the question, rubbing the lube into his rim, circling the entrance with the pad of his finger. He leans forward, covering Louis' body with his own to kiss the precious Omega he gets to call his. "You're perfect. I swear to God you drive me crazy."

Louis smiles against his lips. "Glad I'm not disappointing you, then."

"You could never." Marcel breathes out, pushing his finger past his rim, slow and steady.

Since Harry's enthusiastic eating has opened him up a little, Louis swallows Marcel's finger without any resistance and he quickly accommodates the welcomed intrusion.

"Oh." Louis sucks in a deep breath, clenching down on the single digit to get used to the feeling of having someone else's finger inside him.

Marcel pulls out and pushes his finger back inside, pressing in until it reaches his knuckle. Louis throws his head back at how deep Marcel's finger is already reaching. His own fingers could never go that deep. "God..."

Marcel withdraws it again and adds another finger as he pushes back in. Louis groans at the slight burn, his chest heaving while Marcel scissors his fingers to stretch him out.

"Okay?" Edward is suddenly sitting beside him, stroking his hair to distract him.

Louis nods, smiling at the fact that Edward is checking up on him. "Yeah, okay." He inhales and exhales, only slightly aware of Marcel adding another finger, then another.

Marcel does something with his fingers, curling them while pressing deep inside him and Louis sees stars. "Ah, fuck!" He arches his back, his arse clenching.

"Found your spot, didn't he?" Edward smirks, unable to stop himself from kissing all over Louis' face.

Louis can't formulate a reply even if he wants to, because Marcel keeps rubbing him at his prostate as four of his fingers shove deep inside him. He is having a hard time remembering his own name. "Edward, Edward, please!" He gasps, trying to pull away from Marcel. "I'm ready, please, please. Don't want to come yet."

"Okay, baby. Want to come on my knot, yeah?" Edward nods at his brother and Marcel finally pulls his fingers out, wiping them against the bed sheet before moving away.

"Want it. Want your knot." Louis confirms, suddenly feeling desperate for it.

Edward kisses him, deep and slow as he climbs over Louis. His body smothers Louis' figure, their thighs warm when they touch. The Alpha reaches down and takes a hold of his shaft, guiding it over to where Louis is hot and wet, ready for him. "Gonna knot you, mark you up, make you mine."

"Yes, yes. Please!" Louis cries out in reply to everything he said, but also in response to Edward rubbing the head of his dick against his rim. He jerks his hips up, wanting the Alpha to get inside him already.

Edward tuts in disapproval. "Be patient, baby." He grips Louis' thigh, holding him down.

Louis bites his lower lip, staying still and holding his breath. Edward kisses him again, and slowly starts to push into him, putting force against his entrance until his head is pushing through.

"Holy fu-" Edward is barely inside but he's already stretching Louis out this much. Louis doesn't know how he's going to survive.

Edward continues pressing in until Louis is a flushed mess under him, whines and whimpers coming from his lips. "Are you okay, Kitten?" He asks, peppering Louis' face with kisses as he halts his hips.

"Don't stop." Louis says, spreading his legs even more so he could take him deeper.

Edward nods, obliging his request. He has a hard time breathing once he's bottomed out. Louis is so, so tight and warm around him and Edward is almost lightheaded every time slick walls clench onto his cock, trying to familiarise with the feeling. "God, Louis.." He grunts, grinding his hips in shallow thrusts.

Louis clutches onto his biceps, his mouth fallen open but no sound escaping him as Edward moves his hips in a small eight figure. "Edward, fuck, p-please."

The Alpha pulls out before snapping his hips forward again, burying himself to the hilt in one swift motion. Louis clenches his eyes shut as Edward repeats it again and again.

"So deep inside me." Louis breathes out, lost into it as Edward begins a steady rhythm. "So big."

Edward groans, stealing a look at his brothers. Harry and Marcel both are stroking themselves without an ounce of shame, patiently waiting for their turn but enjoying the sight at the same time. He glances back down to the Omega beneath him, face flushed and mouth gaping as endless sounds of pleasure come out from his sweet lips every time Edward pummels inside.

He pauses his thrusts, grabbing the Omega's ankles and pushing his knees up until they're pressed against Louis' chest before he dives back inside to fuck him properly. Louis screams when Edward pounds into him, the sound of their skin slapping filling the air. In this position, Edward feels much bigger, hitting all the right spots within him. The Omega is almost moving up the bed, his body bouncing every time Edward drives his cock deep inside him again and again.

"Edward! Oh Edward!" Louis sobs, unable to do anything but take every unforgiving thrust Edward gives him. He's hurtling closer and closer to his orgasm, can do nothing to soften the blow.

Whenever Louis clenches down onto him, Edward seems to take that as a sign to fuck him faster and faster, moving with rapid thrusts that his hips are almost a blur against Louis' own. He barely notices the dainty hands scratching down his back, only focused on all the sounds Louis makes.

"How does it feel, baby?" Edward mouths at his neck, licking the spot he'd bite on when he knots later.

The things Louis is aware of is very few. He's aware of the sticky tears drying on his face, of the ache in his throat. He's slightly aware of Edward's fingers gripping at his thighs. But when Edward fucks into his prostate, Louis is gone. All he could feel is the electricity jolting up his body.

And Louis screams.

He honest to God screams like he's being murdered as he comes all over the both of them, the unrelenting way Edward keeps pounding into him drawing more weak spurts of come onto his stomach.

"Oh shit." The Alpha grunts, his knot starting to grow when the angry sway of his hips diving into Louis' constricting warmth becomes too much.

Louis doesn't tell him to stop even though he's squirming with the sensitivity, whimpering through the rough way Edward is fucking him. It's the third time he came, and every single touch is intensified. Edward's knot finally pops and he shoves it deep inside the Omega, locking them together as his cock spills the first load of come.

"Oh. Oh!" Louis arches his back, clutching onto the Alpha while his eyes roll into his head at the intense pleasure, exposing his neck, ready.

Edward doesn't waste any time, baring his canines and clamping his teeth down onto the spot that holds Louis' scent gland, cutting through the skin as he cradles Louis' head. The Omega shudders in his arms; tiny whines are the only sounds he make as he endures through the pain. Edward brings his hand up to rub up and down at Louis' arm, helping him stay calm while the bitter, metallic taste of blood implodes on Edward's tongue. The Omega's whimpers are almost inaudible, and when the pain has eased into pleasure, Louis doesn't make a sound while he comes again from the intense physical and emotional sensation of the bond and the mark, trembling in Edward's hold.

Edward pulls back and licks over the wound to seal it, nibbling lightly as he whispers soothing words to his Omega. "Mine." Is one of the thing he says, kissing all over Louis' throat but always going back to lap his tongue over the mark. He sneaks a glance at the Omega and finds him with his head hung back, eyes fluttering. Edward presses open mouthed kisses on his neck, trying to coax Louis to come down from his high. "Where are you, love?" He questions, quiet as to not to startle Louis.

"Hmmm." Louis responses half-heartedly, his eyes unfocused.

"Baby, are you with me? Can you come back to me? I miss you." Edward coaxes, nuzzling his face into Louis' neck. His knot is starting to go down, but he doesn't mind staying connected with his mate like this for a moment longer.

"Right here." Louis finally says after a good five minutes, a mere weak whisper. "'M right here."

Edward smiles fondly as Louis' eyes flutter open again, having to blink a few times before his vision clears. His eyes are still droopy, and Edward places a loving kiss on his lips, barely giving Louis time to respond. "I love you, Omega."

Louis' mouth twitches, and that's the closest thing to a smile he can manage. "Love you too, Alpha." He replies, his limbs finally working again and he brings his hand up to rest on Edward's arm.

Edward kisses him one last time, then reaches down to grip himself so he can pull out. Louis winces as he does so, but he looks very content to lie there, his hole red and used, Edward's come steadily leaking out of him.

Louis sighs, sated.

"Mmff - fuck!" Louis sobs weakly, his body thrown forward every time Harry and Marcel thrust back into him. He doesn't know how he even managed to get here with two huge cocks fucking up into him, but some time after Marcel inserted a few fingers when Harry was fucking him, the youngest Alpha had plastered himself on Louis' back before squeezing his cock in alongside Harry's. Louis has never felt more full, almost splitting into two and he's already came twice from the feeling of sitting on two impressive girths and lengths and yet he doesn't want it to end.

After Edward marked and bonded him, they gave him some water and food to snack on before letting him sleep. Louis loves that they wrapped him up and cuddled him. When he woke up half an hour later, Louis was more than ready to take Marcel and Harry. They've went soft while waiting for him to rest, and to get them excited again, Harry taught him how to suck Marcel off. He didn't expect that he would actually get Harry and Marcel after that.

Harry reaches around Louis's body and start pinching his nipples, trying to get the Omega to come again. He's already close himself. The insistent way Marcel rubs up against him while the both of them are tucked inside Louis' tight and warm body would never allow an Alpha to last long. He hisses when Louis clenches down and he tugs at Harry's wrists, crying out and begging at his Alpha, hoping to get the Alpha's hands away from his sensitive nipples, but Harry's strength doesn't compare to his, and he continues toying with the hardened buds. The pornographic sounds Louis makes are music to his ear.

Edward chuckles from where he is sitting on the sofa, content to just watch. After all, he did have his satisfying turn before. He has nothing against letting his brother have theirs to cherish their sweet Omega. Besides, he's sure that there are more time for him to explore Louis' body again.

"Is something - fuck! - funny, Edward?" Louis snaps, his face contorted up in pleasure. The tears are streaming down his face and his hips are trembling where he's still bouncing up and down on two cocks but he still wants to call Edward out. He thrashes a bit when Harry rolls his nipples in between his thumbs.

"Wish I could take a picture, honestly." Edward says.

Marcel buries his face into Louis' shoulder, his hips snapping faster and faster, making the pitch of Louis' cries go higher and higher. "I'm so close." Marcel announces, shifting his legs so he could resume fucking into the Omega as if there is no tomorrow.

Louis is going to die. He's sure of it. Harry and Marcel are fucking him like they want to ruin him. He's already so sensitive but it hurts so good that Louis just wants to take whatever they give him. His throat is already starting to go sore again from all his screaming. He has lost count on how many times he'd came tonight.

Harry growls behind him, his cock still pumping into Louis with vigour. The Omega can't even make a sound any more, can only bite on his lip and embrace the endless tears streaming down his face from how heavenly it feels to have his Alphas taking turn fucking up into him so that he's never empty, driving their cock into his prostate over and over again.

Louis shudders, his legs giving out. Marcel growls, gripping his thighs and holding him up, spreading him open with his elbows tucked underneath Louis' knees, not slowing down.

"You're just taking it." Edward mutters, interested. "Bet if they want to make you come again before they knot you up, they can."

Louis doesn't know what his point is. He can barely hear what the Alpha says, let alone formulate a reply. His cock hurts with how much he needs to come, and yet Louis wants to wait until they knot him up first.

Marcel curses, his thrust wavering and he slams in one last time until he's locked inside the Omega, his knot popping and he starts coming with a loud shout. Louis shakes violently as he is pushed over the edge too, causing Harry to reach his peak as well when he tightens up around them that Harry sees stars, two knots finally buried deep inside Louis.

Harry bites him first without any warning, teeth sinking into his shoulder before Marcel follows suit, biting him at the crook of his neck and filling him up with steady loads of come.

Louis is barely breathing as he drowns in the abundance of stimulation being put on his body that he only manages to grip onto Marcel's shoulders before passing out.

"Morning." Harry murmurs in Louis' ear before his lips press against his hair. The Alpha knows Louis is awake before Louis is even aware of it. Louis hums, the action done with protests from his throat. He shifts closer to the warm body lying beside him. He's so comfortable with Harry's arm wrapped around his shoulder, and Louis sighs appreciatively as Harry tightens his hold.

"Mmmm." Is Louis' delayed, lazy reply. His eyes flutter but they haven't opened once.

Harry chuckles at the response, unable to stop himself from brushing his lips across Louis' cheek. "Sore?" His breath blows into Louis' skin as he asks, his tone teasing but he still sounds concerned.

Louis frowns with his eyes still shut. He hasn't even noticed the delicious ache all over his body until Harry pointed it out. His arse is sore, and Louis instantly gets flashes of the things that happened last night. He whimpers in irritation, snuggling even closer to Harry's warmth.

"I'll take that as a yes." Harry chuckles, closing his eyes as he nuzzles their faces together before proceeding to kiss Louis all over his face.

The Omega huffs, shaking his head and blindly trying to push the Alpha off with his palm.

It makes Marcel chuckle from somewhere on the bed. The whole sight of Louis giggling quietly while he attempts to shove Harry away is making Marcel's heart do a lot of things. He crawls closer to his brother and his Omega, lying down behind Louis and kissing his hair. "Sleep in, baby." Marcel suggests, leaning down to kiss his bite mark on the junction of Louis' shoulder.

Louis shivers at the touch, his mouth forming a small smile. "Mmkay."

And then he falls back asleep to Marcel petting his hair and Harry still kissing his face.

When Louis rouses awake again, Harry has been replaced by Edward, and he can't feel the presence of the rest of the triplets in the room. Louis has got his face buried in Edward's neck, subconsciously inhaling the Alpha's scent with greed. He has no idea how he got into that position.

"Are you ready to wake up?" Edward asks him, his voice rumbling in his chest as he trails a finger down Louis' bare back.

The deep sound of his voice reminds Louis of last night's events, and it slightly arouses him in the midst of his grogginess. The idea of taking Edward again seems very appealing but Louis will kill someone before he gives up sleep at this point.

"Fuck off." He says, groaning as he pushes himself up onto all fours, not even bothering to open his eyes. He can feel Edward watching him in amusement as he climbs on top the Alpha, dropping down and making Edward his pillow. He finds the sound of Edward's heartbeat where his ear is pressed to his chest soothing. "I'm so tired. Want to sleep forever." He mumbles.

"Don't." Edward brings his arms up, cradling the body on top of his. "I'll miss you a lot."

"Will you?" Louis moves up along his warm mattress, tucking his head under Edward's chin.

"Very much." Edward nudges the top of Louis' head with his chin, laughing when Louis makes a complaining sound. "Not sure if I can live without you at this point."

Louis yawns. "Sap."

"I mean it."

Louis hums, kissing Edward's chest. "I get it. You love me." He squeals when a smack lands on his bum following his words.

"I love you." Edward pauses. "Although the whole purpose of your existence is to annoy me."

Why does Edward keep talking to him? Louis wants to sleep!

"That wasn't what you said when you were fucking me last night."

Edward chuckles, sighing softly as he brushes Louis' fringe to the side. "Sleep, baby."

"'s what I've been trying to do. Stop talking."

When Louis finally decides that he has had enough sleep and he should wake up, there is no one in the room. He rubs his eyes as he slowly sits up in the middle of the bed. The back of his palm presses to his mouth, stifling a timid yawn. When he glances at the bedside table, his eyes widen in surprise.

How is it already five in the evening?

Oh well, it's not like they have anything important to do today.

Maybe there's the picnic they planned, but that can be done any other day.

He flips the duvet over, surprised to see that he is still naked. He takes a look around the bed, blushing to himself when he notices that the bed sheet has been changed. He wonders how the triplets managed to do it after Louis was knocked out cold. His face grows hotter when he recalls how full he was being stuffed with two huge cocks inside him. Louis shakes his head when his own cock stirs a bit at the reminder, ignoring his growing length and getting off the bed to start padding away towards the bathroom.

He is sore. Louis can't believe this! He takes the first step and almost falls over when his arse protests at the movement.

He has a feeling that Edward would get a twisted, sick pleasure of seeing Louis limping everywhere.

The first thing he sees when he arrives at the bathroom is how much bruises are littered on his body. His eyes land on the marks on his shoulder and neck, and Louis can feel happy tears welling up in his eyes. He is bonded.

Louis has always been worried that he would never find someone to settle with. He could never have imagined that this day would come.

God, he was on cloud nine. The memory of having Edward marking and bonding him was like looking through a blurry vision. He couldn't recall much, he was that into it. And when Marcel and Harry marked him at the same time, Louis remembers being in heaven before he passed out.

He stares at himself in the mirror, unable to stop smiling at the sight of how happy he is. He almost doesn't recognise himself in the reflection. His hand reaches up, tracing his fingers over the marks embedded on his skin.

He's bonded.

He can't seem to wrap his head around it.

Louis spends almost half an hour running his fingers over every bruise the triplets left on his body, inspecting the contrast of the colours on his tanned skin. There are fingermarks wrapped around his thighs, and Louis can't even guess to whom they belong to, all of them having gripped him there last night.

The sound of his bones popping and the way his muscles are aching as he stretches out are strangely satisfying.

Once he's showered, Louis rushes to get dressed so he could go downstairs. He already misses the presence of his Alphas, probably caused by their recent bonding, but Louis is really hungry so his Alphas can wait. Food is priority.

The first place he heads to is the kitchen, his stomach growling loudly and he makes a silent wish to have eggs right now. An omelette would be great.

The Betas are relaxed when he arrives, wiping the counters and sorting the groceries while they talk and laugh. Some are cutting up vegetables, some are kneading the dough, some washing the dishes. He smiles, approaching a group of Betas sitting at the small table situated at the corner of the kitchen. It's probably a table for them to sit down and rest but the Betas there are peeling some potatoes. "Hello." He greets in a friendly voice, giving them his best smile.

They gasp when they see who he is, their chatter dying out and they waste no time growing to their feet to bow. "Good evening, Sir."

Louis cringes, laughing awkwardly. "Please don't do that. I'm not of royalty."

"Apologies, Sir." One of them replies, looking like it's taking her a lot not to bow again.

"How can we help you, Sir?"

Louis grins. "Well, firstly, you should stop calling me that. Just call me Louis." He shrugs. "Even my students don't call me that."

They chuckle softly.

"Would you like anything.." the Beta girl says, her face scrunching up. "..Louis?"

The Omega bursts out laughing. "Good try." He winks. "Could you fix me up with some omelettes? I'm quite hungry."

"Of course! Where would you like to have it?"

Louis swiftly takes a seat at the nearest seat. "Here, of course. Is it alright?"

The Betas look at each other.

"Um, yeah, sure."

"Omelettes will be ready in a few."

Edward had to ask one of the Betas about Louis since he can't find him anywhere and the Omega had left his phone in their bedroom. He thinks that it's quite weird to go and look for his mate in the kitchen, but when he arrives, it's inevitable that his mouth instantly curves upwards.

Louis is sitting at the table, a plate of half-eaten omelettes in front of him. His fork is in the air where he's holding it, but he hasn't bothered shoving the food into his mouth for a good while. He's too busy talking.

The sight of Louis eating isn't weird at all. Whatever Louis does is endearing to Edward, if he's honest to himself. But he's ten times more fond with the sight of the Betas crowding up around the table, some of them crouching down while listening intently to the story Louis is telling. If the Omega had stolen the Betas' heart while he has his breakfast, Edward wouldn't be surprised at all. The Omega has a pull in him that can attract anyone, as if he's a magnet.

"And then I said to them, 'What do you mean I have to pay? I thought it's already mine?'" Louis finishes his story, and the small crowd roars with laughter.

The Alpha smiles wider at the sight, wondering how a single person could bring in so much happiness just by being in the room. He approaches them and clears his throat, causing the laughter to fall silent as they glance up at him. The Betas have a slightly alarmed look on their faces, guilty at being caught not doing their job. But Edward can't be bothered; after all, it was his Omega that caused the distraction. He doesn't think he can get anything done if the Omega is around, either.

Slowly, the Betas start to disperse, murmuring words of apologies to him and bowing as they pass by, getting back to work and leaving the two of them alone.

"Hi." Louis brightens when Edward walks up to him, still trying to finish the meal the Betas have prepared. It has slightly gone cold, but Louis enjoys it anyway.

"Hi." Edward replies, placing a hand on his shoulder and leaning down to kiss the top of his head. "You've decided to be up, then." He comments, teasing.

"Well, someone can only sleep for so long." Louis makes a show of his row of white teeth, causing Edward to be even more endeared at how cute his mate is.

Edward grabs another chair, sitting down next to him. "How are you feeling?"

"Less hungry now."

The Alpha snickers. "I mean after last night."

Louis' face doesn't show any reaction, but Edward can see the slight blush spreading across his face, can hear his heartbeat fastens. "Um, fine."

"Are you sore?"

Louis turns to him with a blank face, though the blush is still prominent on his cheeks. "I'm eating."


"Stop disturbing me." Louis turns back to his food.

"Are you seriously shy after what happened last night?" Edward accuses, poking the Omega at his side.

His action tickles and Louis shrieks, slapping his hand away. "The Betas are here. You're making them uncomfortable." Louis grumbles, scowling disapprovingly at his Alpha.

Edward knows that that's not relevant at all because the Betas are not even listening, too caught up in their job. But he entertains the Omega anyway. "Alright, alright."

Edward scoots closer as Louis continues eating, burying his nose into the Omega's shoulder, sniffing and kissing him. Every contact on his body sends a shiver along Louis' spine, but he knows Edward loves such reactions coming from him.

"Katie, I'm done!" Louis quickly calls out at the Beta when he sees her passing by.

She smiles, heading straight to them and starting to pick up Louis' dish. "Was it good, then?"

"Delicious." Louis nods, patting his tummy. "Thank you."

"Of course, Louis." She says, then nods to Edward, bowing slightly before she leaves. "Sir."

"I'm so full." The Omega moans, growing to his feet and stretching out his limbs. Edward is giving him a weird look as he stands too, but Louis is currently being reminded of his state of walking and so he ignores Edward's intense stare. Instead he holds his arms out. "Piggy ride." He requests.

Edward rolls his eyes, but he turns around and crouches down to lower his body.

Louis cheers, climbing onto the Alpha and wrapping his limbs tightly around Edward's torso. He squeals when Edward stands up straight again.

"Go, go!" Louis says excitedly, pointing at the kitchen exit.

Edward complies, and it earns him a kiss on the cheek.

"Where are Harry and Marcel?" Louis questions, burying his face at the crook of Edward's neck as they walk down the hall. His Alpha smells so good. Louis should make this his permanent mode of transportation.

"Marcel's out for a while, and Harry's at the gym."

Louis makes a disgusted sound. "I can do without Harry for a moment."

"What's wrong with the gym?"

"I don't go to the gym."

"You don't have to. You're perfect."

"Shut up."

"Don't deny it when I compliment you. It's what I think of you." Edward reprimands him kindly, his hands reaching back to grip at Louis' thighs curled around his waist. "I love you, all parts of you. Don't think badly of yourself."

Louis sighs. "Okay." Then he presses his lips to Edward's skin before adding in a hushed voice, "I love you too."

Edward halts his steps. "Good. Now, where would you like to go?"

The question prompts a smirk from the Omega, and he loosens his arms around Edward to brush his hands up the Alpha's chest, purposely pulling his shirt up. "I've always had this fantasy of being fucked in an office.."

Louis giggles when Edward groans out, already heading for his office.

It's his first time entering Edward's office, but he'll spend his next visit to look around the room. For now, Edward is telling him to strip and bend over the table. And Louis is a good Omega, so he shall submit and obey his Alpha.

Now that they've went all the way, Louis doesn't hold himself back from demanding the pleasure his Alphas could provide him. But his constant need for sex is starting to be worrying.

The next morning, Louis gets up at the same time Edward does, already trailing behind the Alpha for the bathroom. Edward strictly says that they shouldn't have shower sex in the morning, but it ends up with Edward tugging on his hair and bending him over in the shower anyway, fucking him within an inch of his life.

The Omega is really persuasive, Edward doesn't think he stood a chance in the first place.

They start to skip dinner. Louis would always start tearing at his Alphas' clothes the moment they get home, and they always end up giving in because Louis finds out that they are completely at his mercy when he begs and he uses that to his own advantage.

Marcel and Edward would attempt to let him down whenever they're a little hungry or tired, but Louis' insistent persuasion beats them every time. The only person who would agree to his constant needs is Harry.

Harry is always up for it. To think of it, Harry has always been insatiable, and now they have Louis to add up to the equation. Marcel has a feeling that Edward and him would be dead by the end of the month if Harry encourages this kind of behaviour from their Omega.

"I'm quite sure this is a phase." Edward says on Wednesday, standing by the bed with his arms crossed while he watches Louis hungrily tugging Marcel's clothes off. Harry is undressing himself, and Edward ogles the sight of his brother's toned pecs without shame.

Marcel throws his head back when Louis starts mouthing at his cock through his pants, his trousers already pushed down past his ankles, dainty hands already working to get it off too. "Maybe." He replies to Edward, his stomach hollowing when Louis sucks teasingly on the head.

"Shut up." Louis finally says, kissing Marcel's growing bulge before sitting up. "I'm trying to make up for all the years I've been a virgin."

Edward laughs softly, amused. "Or you probably are just as insatiable as Harry is."

"Hey! I'm not insatiable." Harry complains, his bottom lip jutting out. It's a ridiculous sight. The Alpha is already naked as he stands, his cock half hard.

"You are." Marcel says, wiping his nose. "You would jump us everyday if you could."

"I wouldn't!" Harry protests, placing a hand on his chest. "Louis is jumping us everyday. What do you have to say about that?"

Edward sighs. "Can we just get on with it?"

Louis makes a sound of agreement, hooking his thumbs into Marcel's pants and licking his lips as he rids the last of Marcel's clothing.

"I'm still sure it's just a phase." Marcel says in reply to what Harry said.

Louis groans in annoyance. "Seriously? We're talking about this right now?"

"You beg for it everyday!" Harry reasons. "Even I don't do that."

Louis blinks at him. "Would you rather I beg at someone else, then? I'm pretty sure a lot of Alphas would gladly let me hop on their dick anytime, any day."

"No!" Three Alphas growl at him simultaneously, and Louis smiles proudly.

"Show me who I belong to, then."

When Louis lies asleep curled up in Harry's arms after too many orgasms later, Edward thinks that this Omega has such brilliant ways to get what he wants from the three of them. He almost wants to scowl at Louis' sleeping figure.

He's hungry, and he's fairly sure that the rumbling noise he's been hearing for the past ten minutes is coming from Harry, but none of them makes any move to get some food regardless that they skipped dinner. It's mostly because Louis would wake up in a couple hours and all of them are going to the pantry to have cheese on toast that Louis would make.

Their lives were normal before Louis came around. None of them had ever skipped a meal just for sex. Okay, maybe a few times. But not for three consecutive days. Then an Omega with thick thighs and an arse to die for came around and everything got turned upside down.

They wouldn't change a thing.

Louis almost falls over in surprise when instead of Edward waiting for him outside the nursery, it's Zayn.

"What are you doing here?" He asks, widening his eyes.

Zayn chuckles, tossing the cigarette he's been smoking and putting it out with the sole of his shoe. "Edward can't make it. Sent me instead."

Louis is slightly disappointed, but he tries not to let it show on his face. He was hoping he could suck Edward while they drive home. "Thank you." He says, still grateful that Zayn is willing to come and fetch him as he steps forward to hug him in greeting.

"I'm sorry that it's me and not him." Zayn murmurs, catching whim of what Louis is feeling and patting his back in comfort. "He's stuck in a meeting again."

The Omega doesn't reply, can only give him a sad smile as he pulls back. Besides his dirty fantasy of blowing his Alpha while driving, Louis also misses him a lot. It's ridiculous since Edward fucked him so hard that morning that Louis can still feel his dick coming out of his nose, but it's the effect of their still fresh bond. And Louis can't help the sadness inside him that he can't nuzzle into Edward's neck and inhale his scent.

"Cheer up, it's not like you won't see him again." Zayn teases, nudging Louis' shoulder.

"Eh, shut up."

Zayn grins, nodding his head towards the car. "Come on, then."

Louis complies, ready to follow him, but then he instantly gets the feeling that he left something. "Wait." He says, his steps halting.

"What's wrong?" Zayn asks him with concern, stopping too.

"I left the house keys in my office." Louis tells him, patting his pockets. Yup, they're empty.

"I have spare. And besides, Edward told me to take you to my house. Marcel's at the office too." Zayn reaches a hand out.

Louis pouts. "All my Alphas are abandoning me now, are they?" Recently this morning, Harry had woke up early and joined Edward and Louis for breakfast. He said that he has a photoshoot in Manchester, and he won't be back until dinner.

"They're not." Zayn chuckles, his outstretched hand lifting up to pinch Louis' cheek. "They're quite busy today. They'll see you tonight. Come on, babe."

Louis huffs. "Fine." He sulks, going up to Zayn and letting the Alpha wrap an arm around his shoulder. He's not Edward, but he'll do.

"Louis!" Someone calls out as they take their first step, stopping the both of them. Louis turns around, making Zayn do so as well. It's Jake, and he's walking towards them.

Jake's wide grin falters a bit at the sight of Zayn, and for a moment he looks confused, then his eyes widen. Louis wonders what the fuck is going through inside his head.

"Hey, Jake." Louis says, snapping the Alpha out of his thoughts. "What's up?"

Jake blinks. "Oh, yeah. I think you left this in my office. It was on the floor." Jake holds something out, and drops it into Louis' waiting palm.

It's the house keys.

"You didn't even leave it in your office." Zayn reprimands.

Louis ducks his head, blushing in embarrassment at his mistake. How could he be so careless? He pouts at Zayn. "I'm sorry. Please don't tell Edward."

Zayn snorts. "I'm not a snitch. Liam is."

"I'm telling Liam!"

The dark haired Alpha watches him blankly. "And so are you, apparently."

Louis turns back to Jake. "Thank you so much, mate! Edward would kill me if I lost this."

"Don't worry." Jake assures, still watching Zayn. He has this look of awe in his eyes, and Louis almost thinks Jake is attracted to Zayn. Who wouldn't, anyway?

That reminds Louis. "Um." He looks at Zayn again. "Zayn, this is Jake. Jake, this is Zayn."

"I know." Jake blurts out. "You're Zayn Malik."

Louis narrows his eyes. "You two have met?"

Zayn shifts from foot to foot, awkwardly avoiding Louis' gaze. Jake gapes for a moment at the question, and he looks surprised upon seeing Zayn' reaction.

"Lou... you don't know?" Jake is still gaping. "Zayn Malik? The model?"

Louis blinks. "Why is everyone famous?!" He freaks out, elbowing Zayn and crossing his arms as he storms off.

"Shit." Zayn panics a little, contemplating if he should say goodbye or dismiss Jake. In the end, he just runs off after Louis without even looking back. "Lou, wait!"

Zayn wonders how Louis walks so fast, he almost struggles to catch up with him. Almost.

Louis reaches the car and stands by the passenger door, waiting for Zayn to unlock it.

"Why are you even upset?" Zayn asks once they settle inside the car, Louis still huffing.

The Omega turns to him with a scowl. "It's already overwhelming to think that I can get papped just for walking side by side with my Alpha. And now I have to worry about people taking pictures of me with you, an Alpha that is not mine who is also famous." He rants. "Why can't Liam be the one who fetches me?"

Zayn's mouth drops open. "It's not my fault that I'm famous!"

"I'm not saying that it is!" Louis shoots back. The corner of his mouth twitched and he relaxes into his seat. "And I'm not really that upset. I'm just pissed that I didn't know sooner."

"You twat!" Zayn nudges him with his fist. "I thought you were going to make me walk home!"

"Don't make me laugh! Who would drive, then?"

Zayn grins, starting the engine. "Your friend probably just had one of the weirdest encounters."

"He'll live."

"Uncle Louis!!" Hana shrieks excitedly when she sees him, her little feet already carrying her across the room.

He beams at her, crouching down and opening his arms moments before she collides with him. "Hello, love!"

She hugs him tightly, then pulls back to hold him at arms' length. "What are you doing here?" The little girl asks, her big blue eyes filled with wonder.

"Hana." Zayn scolds gently. "That's not a nice thing to say when someone comes over."

She quickly casts her eyes down, pouting slightly. "I'm sorry."

"It's alright." He assures, kissing her cheek. "I'm here because your uncles won't let me go home."

"Why is that?"

Louis scoops her up, making her giggle excitedly. He plops down onto one of the couches and lets her sit on his lap. "Well, they were worried that I'd be bored if I'm alone, so they sent me here."

Hana makes a happy sound. "Of course, Uncle Lou! We can play together! You'll never be bored." She says, pressing her hands on his cheeks and smushing his face.

Zayn cackles in amusement watching the exchange, shaking his head. He disappears past the doorway, and then Louis hears him calling out for Niall.

"Thank you, Hana." Louis grins at her, booping her on the nose. "How's school?"

"It was okay." She shrugs. "There's this one boy who keeps pulling on my ponytail."

Louis frowns, already so protective of her albeit only knowing her for a short while. He's always loved kids and it makes him more fond of her that she's his best friend's. "Did you tell the teacher?"

"Yeah." She nods, giggling. "She said that he only does that because he likes me."

The Omega pales at that, wondering how such way of thinking still exists and why it is being passed down to the kids. He shifts her a little so he could look at her in the eye. "Hana, did you tell your Mum or your Papas about this?"

She shakes her head.

"Listen, love. Someone who likes you won't do that to you. Have you ever seen any of your Papas do that to your Mum?" He asks softly, and she shakes her head, watching him intently. "Right. So, the next time your teacher says that, you tell her that he's hurting you and it makes you uncomfortable. If she doesn't tell him off, you tell your parents about this, okay?"

Her eyes are almost sparkling as she nods. "Okay. You're so clever, Uncle Lou!"

"Thank you, love."

Niall appears from the door, grinning widely at his friend. "Heya, Lou!"

"Neil!" Louis smirks, gently putting Hana aside so he could hug his friend. "How have you been, mate?"

"Eh, same old." Niall shrugs, pursing his lips. "You'd like anything?"

"Just water, thanks."

Niall winks, then disappears through the door.

"Uncle Louis, do you want to see my drawing of Haziq?" Hana tugs at the hem of his shirt to get his attention again, holding up a piece of paper.

Louis takes it from her, moving to sit down. "Of course, love!" He looks at the drawing and hope he's not frowning in confusion, but he is having a hard time deciphering what he is seeing. "Um..."

Hana squeezes in under his arm, sitting on his lap before she's pointing at her drawing. "This is his head, and this is his tail." His tail? "And these are his big teeth!"

"Are you sure you're drawing your brother and not some monster you saw in the telly?" Louis asks, staring intently at the image she's drawn using crayons.

Hana giggles. "Uncle Lou! Haziq is a dinosaurous!"

And how did Louis miss that?

"How come?" He asks, genuinely confused.

"We watched a story about dinosaurous. And t-rex likes to eat people! Haziq wants to be a t-rex too; that's why he bit me the other day!" She tells him with so much passion.

Louis bursts out laughing. Niall has such cute kids. "Did he?"

"Yeah." Hana nods, holding her arm up and pulling back the sleeve. She shoves it at his face. "See?"

There is a faint bite mark on her arm. "Aww, poor thing you. Let me kiss it better." Louis coos, pressing his lips to the mark and making her giggle. "But it's not right to bite other people, no matter how much you want to be a dinosaur. You should let Haziq know."

"I know." Hana tells him. "That's what Papa Zayn said. Haziq apologised to me after that. He promised he won't bite me anymore."

"What are you two talking about, then?" Niall comes back into the living room with a tray in his hands. There are two cups of tea, a small plate of biscuit, and a glass of water.

"I was telling Uncle Lou about Haziq!"

"Is it about Dino Haziq again?" When Hana nods, Niall laughs. "Stop telling everyone about it, you're embarrassing him."

The triplets come over for dinner at the Malik-Payne's later that night, and Louis honestly enjoys his time so much that he feels sad by the time they have to leave. He finally understands Harry's obsession with Heather. She's honestly such a cute baby. Louis is glad he got to play with her enough before Harry came over and stole her from him.

As they walk to the front door to go home, Louis promises Hana that he'll come over again to see her again, and even Haziq gives him a hug.

"How was your day?" Louis asks Edward while they were in the car heading home.

"Tiring." Marcel answers for his brother, heaving out a sigh. "That meeting was so long because we couldn't come to a decision."

"Was it settled, then?" Louis wonders.

Edward shakes his head. "Not really, we need to meet up again for that."

Edward and Marcel are knackered to their bones, and Louis and Harry watch in quiet amusement as all of them walk into the lift and Marcel is ready to fall asleep on his feet.

It must have been a long day for the two.

Edward takes a shower while Marcel claims he's too tired to do anything, so the latter changes his clothes and brushes his teeth then quickly buries himself beneath the duvet.

"I have a project in America, so I'll be going there next week." Harry announces after all of them are settled in bed.

Edward and Marcel look at him, too tired to form any expression that they just stare with a blank face. "How long?" Both of them ask at the same time.

"Just a week." Harry shrugs, then directs a smirk at Louis. "Do you want to come with me?"

Louis widens his eyes. "You're pulling my leg." He accuses.

Harry grins with a shake of his head. "I'm not."

"Are you serious?" Louis wants to scream.

"Of course."

Louis lets out a happy shriek, turning to Edward and Marcel. "Can I go?"

"We're not your Mum." Edward replies.

That's an answer enough, and Louis shrieks louder. "Oh my God!!!"

"You'd have to take a week long leave, though." Marcel snuggles close to Edward as he reminds Louis, hoping Louis would be okay with it. He really wants Louis to go and enjoy himself.

Louis falls quiet, thinking about it. "It'd be a non-paid one, though. Is that okay?"

Marcel and Harry sigh heavily.

"Lou, it's okay. We'll always take care of you, love." Marcel assures.

"You can quit your job if you want to, to be honest." Harry says. "You don't have to do anything."

"Bollocks! I'm not letting you guys be the only ones to work." He grumbles his protest, crossing his arms.

"We don't mind. In fact, I think Harry gets off on you using our money for your own pleasure." Edward interrupts.

Harry doesn't even deny it.

"I still want to contribute to our income, though I know it barely compares to what you three make. I want to feel like I'm doing my part." Louis says quietly, feeling very timid. God, they're so different in terms of their financial state. Louis doesn't want to be a leech that uses up his Alphas' money and not work for his own.

Edward hums. "It's up to you, kitten. But you know that you're our full responsibility. Many Omegas just relax at home once they're mated."

"I know. But staying at home sounds so boring." Louis scrunches up his face, complaining. "Besides, I won't have anything to do. The Betas do everything."

Marcel nods in agreement. "He has a point."

"But.." Louis blushes, hiding his face away. At such behaviour, his Alphas perk up with interest. "Maybe when we have kids.." He trails off, uncertain about bringing it up but all of them are staring at him expectantly.

Edward smirks. "We're listening."

Louis sees his suggestive face and throws him a pillow. "Maybe I'll quit my job, then. I want to be a full time mother."

The three of them are quiet, imagining Louis being pregnant with their children, waddling around with a bloated tummy, whining and waking them up at three AM for cravings and foot massage that would entail. Not to mention the sex.

"Are you three getting worked up imagining me knocked up with your pups?" Louis asks when he sees their eyes starting to cloud up, attacking each of them with another pillow.

"Ouch! Don't blame me." Marcel pretends to cry out, putting his hand up to block the attacks.

"Yeah. I mean, a pregnant you would be so hot." Edward tries to reason, then gets a smack to the face.

Louis narrows his eyes. "Let's see if you still say that when my mood would be all over the place and I'll be screaming at you because you forgot to close the door."

Harry makes a terrified face. "That sounds traumatising."

"It's not going to be if you don't forget to close the door." Edward reminds him.

"I never forget to close the door."

"Well good, make sure you don't do it or Louis will have your head on the wall."

"Why are we talking as if Louis is already knocked up?" Marcel asks aloud.

Three pairs of eyes shift to Louis' tummy and the Omega gasps, using the pillow to cover his body. "I'm not pregnant, fuck off!" He says in exasperation, an intense blush filling his cheeks.

"Well, too bad." Edward purses his lips.

"Babies are conceived during heats, even I know that." Louis huffs.

"We know. We're just teasing you." Harry giggles, crawling over and kissing Louis' cheek.

"Arseholes." Louis mumbles, not responding when Harry kisses him on the lips.

"Baby.." Harry whines. "Don't ignore me."

Louis punches him on the arm, then pecks his lips. "Goodnight."

Harry grins, snuggling up to his Omega once they're lying down on the bed. "I love you." He murmurs, kissing the back of Louis' head.

They can already hear Marcel and Edward softly snoring, fatigued from the busy day.

Louis rolls over so that he's facing Harry, pressing his face into his chest and loving how Harry squeeze him into his embrace. "Love you too."

"Are you sure these are the colours you want?" Edward asks Harry the next evening, both Louis and Edward had came home earlier to plan for the party. Marcel is dealing with the guest list, checking out the number of people that have confirmed their presence.

Harry nods. "I think they go well together. And it's too late to change them, anyway."

"Right. So, have we decided how we want it to go? What time should we have the dinner?"

"Maybe at six?" Louis suggests. "That way we can start early and the guests don't have to stay for too long, considering the next day's Monday."

Harry nods thoughtfully. "Yeah, Lou's right. Six should be fine. At least we'll put out the food then, and we can make our speech once everyone's settled down."

Edward hums, writing it down. "Did Marcel handle the cake?"


"We're not missing anything, are we? There's no dress code, right?" Edward questions, flipping back through the small book in front of him.

"Not really. I think everyone would know what to wear."

"What time is Mum coming over tomorrow?"

"Noon, I think." Louis answers. "My Mum said that Anne offered them a ride, so it's possible that they're going to arrive together."

"Should we clear the garage?" Harry asks, concerned.

Edward frowns. "I don't think we have to. They can just park outside. Only Gems' and Zayn's car should be in the garage. And Robin's, if he decides to drive."

"Yeah, that sounds okay." Harry purses his lips. "I don't think he's driving, anyway."

"I can't wait." Louis grins, excited to see his family again.

"Me too. Can't wait to show you off." Edward smiles, kissing Louis' cheek.

Louis is still a little groggy on Saturday morning as he rubs his eyes when Marcel informs him that their families are arriving soon and he should shower.

"I love them, I do." Louis admits. "But can't I sleep in a little? It's a Saturday."

"Up." Marcel pats his thigh, not giving in.

Louis rolls over, groaning again. "Five minutes."

Marcel sighs. It should be dangerous how much control Louis has over him. "Ten minutes."

"You're the best." Louis mumbles, already halfway asleep.

Exactly ten minutes later, Marcel tugs the duvet off of him, exposing Louis to the coldness of the room. "Shower." He says, ignoring the Omega screeching in complaint.

"No." Louis rolls over when Marcel tries to touch him, so that Marcel can't reach him.

"Your Mum is going to be here soon. If you don't get up, I'll make her come up and wake your lazy arse up."

Louis has never sat up faster.

Edward feels Louis' presence before he sees him, his heartbeat faltering slightly before picking up pace when he sees the Omega trailing into the ballroom. "The Princess has finally decided to grant us with his presence." The Omega is wearing one of Edward's jumpers, the clothing swallowing his small body. Edward can't believe how cute and gorgeous his Omega is. The jumper is too big for him that the sleeves fall down his hands. And he's wearing tights; Edward couldn't imagine him up if he wants to. Louis is so soft.

Louis' eyes sweep over to him in a lazy motion, changing his direction and starting to head over to where Edward is sitting. "I wish Marcel didn't try to wake me up so early." He pouts.

"It's almost noon." Marcel says back.

Louis gives him a look that says he fully disagrees, then shamelessly climbs up onto Edward's lap. "I'm hungry." He says, his lower lip jutting out even more. "Feed me, Alpha."

Edward kisses his nose. "So demanding." He says, trying to disapprove, but no one can deny Louis when he pouts like that. "What do you want, Princess?"

"I want Yorkshire tea and sausages." His small hand settles on his tummy at the thought of food.

"The Betas can have those on the table in ten."

"I want to eat here." Louis says, patting Edward's thigh. "On my throne."

"Okay." Edward smirks, cupping Louis' face and kissing his lips. "Love sitting on your throne, don't you?"

Louis teasingly bites on Edward's lip, nodding in a sultry way. "Love riding it more."

"Tease." He scolds, pressing his lips to Louis' again. The Omega giggles as he pulls back, and Edward stares at him fondly before calling out for one of the Betas to inform him of Louis' request.

Once the Beta goes away, Edward gets on with whatever he was doing before Louis came down. Louis pulls back from where his cheek is pressed to Edward's chest to look around as he rests his chin on Edward's shoulder; Marcel is giving instructions to a group of Betas, explaining to them how to decorate the ballroom. His eyes sweep over to the entrance when he feels Harry's presence, and Louis has a moment of epiphany. Oh, he's bonded.

Louis keeps forgetting that little fact.

He smiles to himself, bringing a hand up to press at his bite mark, the skin still bumpy under his touch. Fuck, how did he get here? How did he get so lucky?

"How long until they arrive?" He hears Edward ask Harry as the Alpha arrives.

"Fifteen minutes or so." Harry replies, and Louis' heart beats faster when Harry leans over him to kiss Edward before he bends down and greets Louis with a kiss as well. "Hey."

Louis kisses him again, unable to stop himself from doing so. Harry is just so gorgeous and wonderful as are his brothers, and Louis still has a hard time believing he's mated and bonded with this person in front of him, and the person he's sitting on, and the other person ordering the Betas around. "Hey." He finally says back.

"Have you had anything to eat?" Harry asks, brushing Louis' fringe out of his eyes.

"They're making me something." Louis tells him, shifting a little on Edward's lap to make himself more comfortable.

Harry nods, glad to know his Omega is not being left to starve. "Good."

"Hey, Haz." Marcel calls from where he's standing. "Could you please come over here for a second?"

"Yeah." Harry turns around, straightway heading for his brother.

"You're so small." Edward suddenly says, catching Louis' attention again.

Louis looks around to meet his eyes. "Excuse me?" He places a hand on his chest, mocked.

"You're so small and tiny." Edward repeats, putting down his phone and the file he is holding.

Louis narrows his eyes, but he leans into it when Edward places his palms on his hips. "I'm not."

"You are." Edward reaffirms, kissing his cheek before leaning in to whisper into the Omega's ear. "Could hold you up against a wall and fuck you until you cry right now."

Louis' body prickles with excitement at his words, and for a moment he forgets that Edward is insulting him. He's not small, for God's sake. He might be a little short, but most Omegas are short! "Then why are we still here?"

Edward pulls back and snorts. "Because your mother is arriving soon, honey."

"Being cockblocked by my own mother, unbelievable." Louis shakes his head, whispering in regret.

Marcel and Harry stifle their laughter from afar, making the Betas talking to them frown in confusion.

"Are you still desperate, then?"

"Fuck you, I'm not desperate." Louis retaliates, playfully elbowing his chest.

Edward looks at him like he's talking shit. "You were literally jumping on everyone every night."

Louis groans, his cheeks heating up. "It's not my fault my Alphas are too hot for me. Can't keep it in my pants."

Edward laughs. "Rubbish. You're a walking art."

"As if."

Edward sighs heavily, pressing his nose to Louis' jaw. "I'm serious. You have no idea the things you do to us just by existing."

"Enlighten me, then."

"I might end up taking you right here if we start bringing that up." Edward bites his skin gently, and Louis is suddenly reminded that there are still people around them. He is vaguely aware of how he has his legs wrapped tightly around Edward's waist, lost as to when he straddled the Alpha in the first place, and his arms are curled around Edward's neck.

"God, it's true." Louis says in shame. "I am desperate."

Edward throws his head back and laughs again. "It's not a bad thing."

"It's going to die down soon." Louis promises. "I won't jump your bones everytime I see you anymore."

"I feel like that's still not going to happen."

"Sod off! Give me some credit." Louis glares.

Edward wants to kiss him even when he looks at Edward like that, so he does. Louis gasps into his mouth, but he immediately grows pliant in the Alpha's hold, melting against him.

"Please stop snogging and do your job, Edward." Marcel throws a piece of crumpled paper onto his brother's head.

Louis pulls back, rolling his eyes at Marcel. "Just come 'ere if you want a kiss too, you tit."

"Me! Me! I want a kiss!" Harry bounces on his feet excitedly, raising his hand.

Marcel narrows his eyes at Harry when he hears that, taking the first step out towards Louis. That sets Harry into a sprint.

"Why are your brothers like this?" Louis asks exasperatedly, watching both of them compete against each other to reach Louis first.

Edward has a sense of urgency to protect his Omega against the two idiots. "I don't know them."

Louis chuckles, leaning back to lay his head on Edward's shoulder while he waits for his petulant Alphas to arrive.

"Get off of me!"

"You're the one pushing up against me! Fuck off!"

Louis and Edward roll their eyes.

Marcel stumbles when they finally arrive to where Louis is sitting on Edward's lap; it may have happened because Harry tripped him but Harry would never admit that. It lands Marcel right into the Omega's arms.

"Desperate much?" Louis asks, grinning down at the Alpha.

Marcel laughs. "For you, yes."

"Hey!! I want a kiss too!" Harry complains when Louis leans down to kiss Marcel, his lips already parting to welcome the intrusion of his Alpha's tongue. Harry's plan completely backfired.

Edward expresses his irritation through a groan. "Please stop whining. I'll kiss you if it shuts you up."

Harry brightens, walking around so he could slot himself next to Edward and press their lips together.

The Betas want to be annoyed by the whole ordeal but the four of them are disgustingly cute that they can't even feel so.

"I'm home!"

"Mum, this is our home." Edward drawls upon seeing his mother and Robin walk into the door with her making such a claim.

"It's still a home." She retorts, causing Robin to chuckle.

Louis doesn't have to wonder where Harry got it from.

"How have you been, love?" She questions, wrapping Edward into her arms like he's a little child. In her eyes, he probably still is.

Louis' mind flashes back to what the triplets told him about her late husband, and Louis wishes he could resurrect the arsehole just to kill him again for doing what he did to Anne, to his boys.

"I've been fine." Edward replies. He's a little taken aback, Louis' emotions are too intense that Edward could feel it. He releases his mother then watches his Omega warily as she approaches him.

The anger inside Louis dissipates in an instant, and Edward relaxes. Louis turns fond as he hugs Anne tightly, both of them exchanging happy greets.

"Where are Harry and Marcel?" Robin asks after Edward gave him a brief hug.

"They're inside." He answers. "Have you eaten?"

"Yeah, we already stopped by for lunch." Robin smiles, his eyes kind as he looks over to Louis. "How are you, Louis?"

Louis beams. "I've been well, thank you."

As Anne and Robin disappear further into the house to look for the other two boys, Edward steps up to his mate.

"You okay?" Edward questions.

Louis raises his eyebrow, amused. "Why wouldn't I be?"

Edward pulls him in with his hands pressed on Louis' back. "You were angry."

Louis looks alarmed, confused as to how Edward knows.

"Did you forget?" Edward whispers, leaning down and kissing the bite mark on Louis' neck.

Louis sags in his hold, defenseless when Edward nibbles on his mark like that. He keeps forgetting that they're bonded, and that the triplets could feel his emotions if they're intense enough.

"So, why were you angry?" Edward presses, tracing his tongue along the indents and bumps on the mark, making Louis weak in the knees.

"Was just reminded of something." Louis pants, pushing Edward off. He doesn't want to look desperate when his mother comes in later. "Stop trying to seduce me. Bad Alpha!"

Edward licks his lips, his wild eyes running up and down on Louis' body. "Stop being so ravishing, then."

"I'm wearing your jumper! How is that ravishing?"

"You have no idea, Princess."

Thankfully, Daisy and Phoebe run inside before Edward could elaborate on that. "Lou!"

"Hey babes!!" Louis opens his arms, happily embracing the girls. "I've missed you."

"We've missed you too!" They reply, tiptoeing to kiss his cheek.

"How was the drive?"

"We slept the whole way." Daisy says as both of them take a step back so they could greet Edward as well.

Louis chuckles. Daisy and Phoebe are almost every bit like himself when it comes to car rides.

"Lou!!!" Fizzy squeals when she walks in and sees him, starting to run. Louis almost falls over when she slams against his chest, hugging him tightly. "I missed you!"

Louis hugs her back as tight, probably almost crushing her but she doesn't complain, happy to inhale the familiar scent of her brother. "I missed you too, babe." He buries his face into her hair.

She kisses his cheek before her hold loosens and she holds him back. "You gained weight a little."


"It's a good thing!"

Louis glares but Fizzy just grins up at him, her feigned innocence is almost irritating.

"You're lucky I love you." Louis pokes her cheek with his eyes narrowed, causing her to giggle.

"I love you too!" She ducks down from his prodding finger to skip over to Edward.

Louis shakes his head, a smile forming on his lips. It widens when he sees Lottie strolling in, the girl trying to put an indifferent expression but he knows she's happy to see him.

"Hello, love." Louis says softly, already holding his arms out.

Lottie gives up her pretense immediately, a smile lighting up her face and she rushes into his embrace. "Missed your ugly face."

"His face is not ugly." Edward scolds.

Lottie sticks her tongue out from where she's pressing her cheek on her brother's shoulder.

"I'm so happy to have all of you here." Louis sighs.

"Me too!" She pulls back to give him an excited face. "I can't wait for the party! We're totally going shopping!"

Louis' eyebrows shoot up across his forehead, creasing his skin. "What?"

"That sounds like a good idea." Edward agrees, an arm wrapped around Fizzy. Daisy and Phoebe have disappeared inside, probably looking for Anne.

"Yes!! We're taking Lou shopping!" Lottie says happily, running for Edward.

"I didn't agree yet!"

"You should go, find something nice to wear tomorrow." Edward says to him while he hugs Lottie.

"Are you insulting the clothes I have now?"

Lottie pulls back from Edward and turns around, rolling her eyes at the same time she crosses her arms. "For God's sake, Lou. Let your Alpha buy you new clothes. He's not incompetent."

"See? I knew the Tomlinsons are brilliant." Edward says, messing up Lottie's hair, causing her loud shriek to fill the room.

Louis is too fond of the sight of Lottie slapping Edward's hand away and starting to lecture him. He can hear her saying something about personal space and respect.

Fizzy rolls her eyes at the whole thing. "We don't have to buy anything fancy." She says to Louis, trying to get him to agree.


Louis hears a chuckle and his face brightens up, smiling so wide that his cheeks hurt. He turns around and there is his Mum, standing at the door and shaking her head. "Mum!!"

She hums when Louis is safely tucked under her chin, her arms wrapped tightly around him.

"How have you been, darling?" Her lips press to his hair. And if Louis was having a stressful week, all of his problems would be washed away by now, because nothing feels better than being in his mother's arms. When he's in her embrace, nothing could get to him. That's where he is safest, and parting from the warmth of her hug is one of the most difficult things to do. Louis forces himself to do so anyway, pulling back so he could look at her.

"I've been good." He gives her a toothy smile. "My Alphas take good care of me."

"I'm sure they did." Jay stares at him knowingly, and she uses her hand to tilt his chin up so she could see the marks on his skin. "I'm happy that you're happy, baby," says Jay, winking.

Louis blushes. "Thank you, Mum." He mumbles, nuzzling his face into her collarbone.

"Alright, Mama's boy. That's enough." Lottie snickers from where she is standing. "Get ready so we can go."

"Look at her, Mum! She's bossing me around!" Louis whines, not even bothering to look at his sister.

"But she's right, though. Find something for tomorrow." She stares at him. "You should wear a suit."

Louis raises his eyebrow. "A suit?" He turns to Edward with the questioning tone.

"A suit would look gorgeous on you." Edward agrees, subtly licking his lips. Louis rolls his eyes.

"But you three are wearing suits."

"Then there'd be four people wearing suits." Edward replies.

"I can't see where this conversation is going. Can we just go inside?" Lottie huffs, already heading in as if it's not her first time here.

"Buy your sisters something." Edward reminds him.

Louis nods. "I will, don't worry. I've got some savings." He grins.

Edward's eyebrows furrow in disapproval. "Lou."

The grin vanishes, replaced by an exasperated look. "Edward." He says back. "I've accepted that sometimes you want to spend money on me. I'm slowly getting over that." He sighs, taking a step forward and closing their distance. When they're close enough, his arms snake around Edward's neck, holding them loosely there. "But I can't let you do the same for my family."

"I want to. We want to." Edward replies, frustration written all over his face. Yet he still presses his hands on the dip of Louis' waist, indulging himself with the way the Omega is flushed against him.

"It always comes down to this." Louis groans, hanging his head. "Why can't we agree to disagree when it comes to money? I have money, you know. I work. I'm not entirely useless."

"Don't say that." Edward hisses softly. "You're not useless."

"I'll buy what I want for myself using your card." Louis starts, giving Edward a look when the Alpha tries to speak up and simultaneously shutting him down. "But I will use my own money to treat my sisters."

Edward stares at him, face still taut. Louis has to wait for a minute before his face softens and Louis gets a small smile. "I'm not going to win this one, am I?"

Louis shakes his head. "Nope. Not when I'm your Omega." He kisses Edward softly in thanks.

"I won't have it any other way." Edward's hands brush down until they're cupping his arse.

Louis rolls his eyes. "You only want me for my arse."

"I want you for you." Edward corrects him. "This," he accentuates his point by slowly starting to knead the Omega's supple flesh in his palms. " just a bonus. One that I'm very grateful for."

"Yeah, yeah, whatever." Louis smirks, kissing him again.

"Are you two done with your goodbye? Honestly, Lou, we're only going out, not leaving the country." Lottie steps in with her arms crossed, making a slightly disgusted face at seeing the Alpha grabbing her brother's arse like that. It's slightly disturbing.

Louis doesn't let her interrupt them; he continues kissing the Alpha as if she never stepped in.

"Honestly, stop snogging!" Lottie hisses.

Louis purposely moans into Edward's mouth, both of them stifling their laughter when Lottie lets out a gasp, as if she can't believe that Louis is not listening to her. "William!"

Edward's hands move down onto his thighs, hoisting him up so Louis could wrap his legs around Edward's torso and the Alpha kisses him feverishly, shamelessly letting his tongue brush past Louis' lips.

"Mum!!" Lottie screeches in horror.

Louis throws his head back and lets out a bark of laughter, almost falling over. Edward chuckles at Lottie's angry face.

"Don't be mad. We're just teasing you, love." Louis tells her, hopping down onto the floor.

"As if we'd ever get it on in front of you." Edward snorts.

"Prats." Her arms fall back to her sides as she turns around to get back to the living room, still glaring.

Louis and Edward follow her, the quiet laughter not stopping.

"What are you taking?" Marcel asks when he sees Louis and his brother.

Harry thinks momentarily then replies to Marcel although the question was directed to Louis. "He should take the Rover."

Louis panics. "No!"

Everyone turns to him with confusion, even their mothers.

"Why not?" Harry asks, his face contorted.

"I'm scared. What if I scratched the car?" He wonders in horror, already imagining it happening.

Lottie scoffs. "No way. You're a good driver. It won't happen."

"It's been a while since I drove." Louis admits.

Marcel walks over and places a reassuring hand on his shoulder. "You'll be fine."

"I'm not going to be responsible if anything happens to your beloved car." Louis warns.

"Nothing's going to happen." Harry says in amusement, handing him the car key. "Take care, yeah?"

Louis sighs, nodding and tilting his chin up, silently asking for a kiss. Harry complies with his request, pecking his lips before Marcel does the same.

"Have fun!" Anne and Jay say at the same time from where they're seated at the sofa, sipping their teas.

Daisy and Phoebe shriek in excitement, already running out from the living room. Fizzy and Lottie trail behind them, pretending they're not as excited but Louis knows better.

"Call if you need anything." Edward reminds him one last time.

"I will."

"Oh my Gosh. I'm scared." Daisy gushes, staring at the sleek, black Range Rover in front of them.

"Fuck. Me too." Louis cringes. "Let's just have Anne's driver take us."

"No way!" Lottie protests. "Unlock the car, Lou."

Louis sighs, doing as she said. He is not at all surprised when Lottie climbs into the passenger seat while she ignores Fizzy's complaints.

"Ready?" He asks reluctantly when all of them are seated with the seat belt on.

"Ready, Lou!" His sisters chorus back, and Louis has to smile at that. It makes him feel a little better. He can do this. He can take his sisters out.

Daisy presses her hand to her eyes when Louis shifts the gear. "Don't do that!" Louis rebukes. "You're making me nervous!"

"But I'm nervous!" She replies.

They make it out of the garage safely, although Louis is driving at the speed of a snail.

"We'll never make it before nightfall, Lou." Lottie comments.

He doesn't look at her. "Do you want to drive, then?"

"No, thanks."

"Then shut it."

He starts to get used to driving again after they've left the compound, going through the straight road to head back to the city. At least he's starting to speed up at this point.

"You're doing good." Fizzy praises him, hoping to encourage her brother.

"Thanks, Fiz." He smiles into the rearview mirror. "I'm still nervous, though."

"Just get us there and back home in one piece." Lottie says.

"We're home!" Daisy and Phoebe call out after hanging up their coats, then run into the house carrying a handful of paper bags without waiting for the rest.

"Thank you for taking us out, Lou." Fizzy reaches up and kisses his cheek, and Louis can tell from her smile that she really appreciates that all of them got to spend some time together.

Louis pecks her forehead. "Of course. I've missed all of you."

"Thank you for paying for our stuff." Lottie chirps, blowing him a kiss.

"That's it? I don't get a real kiss?" Louis pouts.

Lottie ignores him.

Fizzy laughs at that, wrapping her arm around Louis' elbow as both of them start walking into the house. Anne and Jay are still there, engrossed in their conversation until they notice that the children are back. The triplets are nowhere to be seen.

"How was it, then?" Anne asks kindly.

"It was alright. I didn't scratch the car." He shrugs, slightly proud of himself.

Daisy steals all attention when she stands up, holding out the dress they just bought. "Mum! Look! Louis bought me and Phoebe this dress!"

Jay and Anne gasp in delight. "Oh honey, it's gorgeous!"

"That one was expensive." Lottie points out. "And he bought me a bracelet."

"He bought me a new palette!" Fizzy wants to show off too.

"Oh Jesus, you don't have to tell everyone that." Louis scolds, his face heating up when his Mum gives him a look of admiration.

Anne chuckles. "They're really happy, let them be."

"What about you? What did you buy?" Jay asks, curious about the lack of bags Louis is carrying.

"I bought a suit. The girls helped me choose that. I hope it's okay."

"Excuse me, are you saying you don't trust our judgement?" Lottie quips in.

He points his tongue out.

"Where is the suit, then?"

"It's still in the car. I'll get the Betas to fetch it because I need to get it ironed for tomorrow." Louis explains.

Jay watches him with a knowing look. "So we don't get to see it until tomorrow?"

"Cheeky!" Anne comments when a grin is the only reply.

Louis looks around him, the sound of happy chatters and high pitched giggling of his sisters filling his ears. It's clear that Jay and Anne are best friends by now; they're almost inseparable. They're even sitting together at the table in the dining hall.

Gemma had arrived with her family in the evening, and Louis can see that Adrian has taken a liking to Daisy and Phoebe, sitting in between Louis' sisters and laughing when any of them entertains him. Fizzy, Gemma, and Lottie are talking in hushed voices. It makes Louis wonder if they're planning a secret mission or if they're exchanging embarrassing stories about Louis and the triplets. He turns to his left and his Alphas are laughing with Robin and Michael.

Louis isn't engaged in any conversation with any of them, but he's never felt so happy that two families are united together in a gathering like this.

"You're very quiet." Harry suddenly whispers into his ear.

Louis raises his eyebrows at the acknowledgement. "Am I?"

"Yeah." He tilts his head. "What's up?"

"Nothing." Louis leans forward and kisses him assuringly. "I'm very happy."

Harry smiles, willing to believe him if he says so. "Okay, baby."

After dinner, all of them retreat to their rooms to freshen up. Louis comes back out to the lounge on the top floor and Daisy and Phoebe are chasing Adrian around, all of them in their pyjamas.

Anne and Jay have made hot chocolate for everyone, so all of them sit together like they're on a big sleepover after Edward suggested that they watch a movie.

Daisy and Phoebe want to watch Zootopia, and since they're basically Adrian's current favourite people, he enthusiastically agree with whatever Daisy and Phoebe said. Louis wants to indulge himself with a relaxed, happy cartoon so he also agrees.

Lottie and Fizzy don't mind and the rest of the adults could care less; Zootopia wins.

Louis sighs happily, leaning back into the strong chest where he is seated in between Marcel's legs.

"Well, someone's happy." Marcel comments, his lips brushing Louis' ear.

He nods, lips stretched wide across his face. "I am. Love it when everyone's here."

"Me too." Marcel smiles, kissing the spot behind his earlobe.

"How's the decoration going?" Louis asks, earning a hush from Lottie. For someone who was indifferent at the start of the movie, she sure looks like she's truly into it. Louis whispers his sorry, then turns back to Marcel.

"Everything's going fine. Have you decided what to wear?"

Louis nods. "Yeah, bought it with the girls."

"Bet it looks lovely on you." The Alpha presses his lips on the back of Louis' head, curling his arms around him.

Louis hums pleasantly. "They helped me choose. And I think that the suit looks good on me."

"You'd look lovely regardless of what you wear." Marcel kisses his neck. "But I can't wait to see it anyway."

"Goodnight, Mum." Louis bids her after a supressed yawn, kissing her cheek. "See you tomorrow."

"Goodnight, Boo Bear." She hugs him tightly, then leaves for the guest room she's staying in.

Louis watches her until she's no longer in sight before he retreats back to the master bedroom. Harry is already snuggling under the duvet while Edward is drying his hair and Marcel has just exited the closet wearing only joggers.

Louis heads straight for the bathroom, brushing his teeth and washing up. When he comes back, Edward is sitting on one of the couches, typing away on his phone while his brothers are cosied up on the bed.

The Omega walks over, climbing on to join his Alphas and happily letting Harry cage him in with his arms. "What's Edward doing?"

"Writing some emails." Marcel yawns.

"Be there in a bit." Edward says distractedly, his fingers still pressing on the screen.

It's quiet for a moment, Louis already getting sleepier by the seconds. And then Marcel speaks up.

"I just realised something."

"Do we want to hear it?"

Louis doesn't notice he had his eyes closed until he opens them and Marcel is glaring at Edward.

"What is it, then?" Harry voices.

Marcel huffs. "We went two whole days without sex."

"Oh no." Louis says, pressing his hands to his cheeks. "Am I being an incompetent Omega?"

"Is that the only thing you think about, Marcel? I thought Harry was the insatiable one." Edward sounds regretful, shaking his head.

Harry mirrors his brother, clicking his tongue as if disappointed. Louis bursts out into laughter.

"Fuck all of you." Marcel groans.

"Already did." All of them respond at the same time.

Louis laughs until his stomach hurts, and Harry sounds like he's seconds away from an asthma attack, but Marcel is struggling to not let a smile make an appearance, so Louis is sure that the Alpha isn't that mad.

"If you're up for it, I'm up for it." Louis says after a short silence following their laughter.

"Shut up and go to sleep." Edward grouses. "My cock is going to fall off if we do it everyday."

Harry hums, his hands already fondling Louis' arse. He's mulling it over, but says nothing in the end.

"I can't believe you rejected me." Louis says; he doesn't sound like he's upset at all.

He slightly feels the bed dip, and then the lights go out. "No one is penetrating anyone tonight."

"Jesus, you could've worded that better." Marcel reprimands, and Louis hears a slap.

"What even is going on in this conversation?" Louis face palms in the dark.

"It's a pointless one, go to sleep."

"I'm nervous!" Louis announces as he walks into the living room, startling Daisy and Phoebe who are on their phones, then he walks back out, not even bothering to look at their reaction.

"I'm nervous!!" He moans, walking around the whole floor telling everyone so.

"For God's sake, shut the fuck up!" Gemma yells at him from somewhere inside the house.

"I can't! I'm nervous!" Louis yells back.

He finds the triplets in the ballroom, and the place looks gorgeous that he forgets the sole purpose of him coming there. There are banquet tables everywhere, filling one part of the hall. The other part is left empty for dancing, so Louis is told. There are a row of tables against the wall where the food will be placed, and the decorations are already complete. Flowers fill every corner of the hall, on the tables, on the ceiling, on the walls. Louis feels like he's about to marry the triplets instead of just being introduced to their family.

Marcel is having a small discussion with a Beta who looks like the one of the chefs, and Harry has a checklist board in his hand while he speaks to a group of Betas that would be their waiters for the day.

Edward is standing near the double French doors, a male Beta standing next to him while he points at the tables and around the hall, the Beta nodding every now and then.

Louis waits patiently, and not long after, the Beta talking to Edward finally leaves, so Louis takes the chance to speak to his Alpha. "Hi."

"Hey, love. What's all the whining about?" Edward chuckles; he certainly heard his Omega announcing to the whole house about how nervous he is.

"I'm losing my mind." Louis says. "I'm going to die with all this nervousness."

"Don't be. They'll love you." Edward promises, placing a hand on Louis' arm and gently pulling him forward so he could dip down and kiss Louis' nose.

Louis sighs. "You sound so sure."

"Well, maybe Aunt Helga's children won't. But they don't like us either. So you're fine." Edward shrugs. "And even if they don't like you, it won't change a thing. We don't have to see them anymore after this."

"Okay." Louis relaxes a little at that. If they're not going to see those people again, Louis won't feel that bad if they happen to not like him. "Is everything ready?"

"Yeah." Edward nods. "How are you liking it?"

Louis' eyes almost twinkle. "It's beautiful."

"The guests would start arriving by 5, so we were thinking that you can come down after everyone is here." Edward tells him.

"Why is that?"

"Just to keep up the suspense."

Louis laughs. "You do know that Niall's family already know how I look like, right?"

Edward gives him a fond smile. "I know. It's for my family. They're going to be charmed off their socks."

"Such high expectations of me."

"I wish you see yourself the way I do." Edward mumbles, kissing the corner of Louis' mouth.

Louis sighs, pressing his lips onto Edward's cheek. "How would the party go, then?"

"Once everyone has arrived, we'll call you down, and by this time the guests would already be seated. We're just going to say something about celebrating our birthday, and we'll introduce you. Then we'll cut the cake. It'll be short and simple." Edward briefs him.

"I feel like we're getting married."

"Not yet."

Louis blushes, ducking his head and unable to stop the smile from spreading across his face.

"Go and get ready."

"But I thought I don't have to come down until everyone is here?"

"Then go bother someone else, I have things to finish." Edward kisses him one last time, then the Alpha is walking away.

Louis admits defeat, leaving the ballroom and looking for someone to disturb so he could take his mind off meeting the triplets' big family. He decides to go and talk to his sisters.

His family was given two rooms, his Mum and the twins are sharing while Fizzy shares with Lottie. Louis walks up to Fizzy and Lottie's room, knocking on the door.

"Come in." He faintly hears Fizzy calls out.

"Hello." Louis greets as he pushes the door open. Fizzy is sitting on the bed, playing with her phone while Lottie is sitting in front of the vanity and brushing her hair.

Lottie's eyes shift to him in the reflection of the mirror. "Hey, Lou!"

"Are you girls ready for the party, yet?" Louis asks, smiling when he sees how pretty Lottie is in her dress.

"Sort of." Fizzy turns off the screen of her phone, paying attention to her brother as he sits down next to her on the bed. "I don't want to change yet."

"The guests would start arriving in an hour and a half, you still have time." Louis tells her. "You look lovely, Lotts."

"Thanks." Lottie grins at him.

Fizzy stares at him quietly, contemplating whether or not to speak. She clearly notices that something's bothering him. "Is everything okay?"

Louis sighs heavily. "Okay.."

Lottie stops brushing her hair at that, placing the brush down and getting up to approach the bed. "What's up? You know you can talk to us about anything."

He stares at his sisters for a moment, not sure if he should unload his burden onto them or not. "I'm super nervous about the party."

"Why's that?"

"Well, I don't know how their family would react."

Fizzy scoffs. "Lou, Anne loves you. I'm sure their uncles and aunts would do too. Besides, the whole point of this party itself is to show you off, not ask them to help decide whether or not they should accept you. Besides, you're already bonded. You don't have to be too worried."

"I know." Louis exhales, digging the heels of his hands into his eyes.

"Then what are you worrying so much about?" Lottie narrows her eyes.

"Don't you think that somehow, they're too good for me?" Louis whispers out.



Louis wants to scold them for their language, but he himself curses too much, so he's mostly just amused.

Lottie clutches her temples, sitting down on the bed. "No, Lou. That is such a negative thing to think about. Toxic! Get rid of it from your mind. Destroy it. Whatever you do, don't think about it like that." Her hands start flying everywhere as she talks. "You are one amazing Omega. You're handsome, and you're kind, you're generous, you always help us whenever we need you and you took care of me and Fizzy when Mum wasn't around. And you still sent us money even when you were struggling yourself. So don't say that you don't deserve them. You love so much, and you're always bringing joy everywhere you go. You deserve the triplets, they make you really happy. There is so much more to you than trying to fit with whatever image the society is putting on Omegas these days, so if they can't see that about you, then they can choke."

"Lottie!" Louis reprimands, laughing softly though his eyes burn a little.

She ignores him. "And they're not the ones you're mated with, it's the triplets. And they love you. I know they do, they look at you as if you hung the fucking sun. So it shouldn't matter what their family is going to think. If they say anything bad, you can just throw them out of the house." Lottie huffs.

Louis smiles, tears threatening to fill his eyes. He's so touched with what she said. Normally he would be the one to say those kind of things to her, to convince her that she's more than what people see. He's so used to holding his sisters when they cried because other Omegas insulted them for not living up to the expected Omega behaviours at school, he used to tell them that regardless what people say about them, Louis believes his sisters are the best people and if they can't see that about them, then it's their loss. He can't believe he's getting back what he said long ago.

"Thank you, Lotts."

"I agree with everything that she said." Fizzy adds in, already scooting closer to Louis to pull him into a hug. Lottie joins in shortly after, not wanting to miss out from the group hug.

"I love you two." Louis kisses the top of their heads, holding them tightly.

"And we love you." They chime back.

Louis is sitting on the edge of the bed, clad in his dark blue suit that he bought yesterday with his sisters. His hands are pressed together, hoping he's not sweating too much from his nerves. He's been ready for ten minutes now, waiting for everyone to arrive and Marcel would come up to fetch him. His hair has been styled into a slight quiff, and Louis would've put on a pair of aviators had the party been outside, but it's indoor, so he decided to abandon it.

Marcel comes in a few minutes later, and he's smiling really brightly. It eases the butterflies in Louis' stomach a little. Marcel's face changes when he eyes Louis up and down and the Alpha has to take another look. "Wow. You look..." He shakes his head. "Fuck, Lou."

Louis blushes at the fact that his Alpha can't even form a coherent sentence. "What?" He asks, slowly standing up.

"If it weren't for my uncle and aunts waiting downstairs, I'd bend you over right now." Marcel sucks in air using his nose, his nostrils flaring.

Louis giggles. "You like the suit?" He smooths the jacket down.

Marcel bites his lip, nodding. He reaches down to grip Louis' thigh, the pants are so tight on his arse and legs that he looks even more sinful than he usually does. Get a grip, Marcel! "I'm going to die."

"You're not." Louis rolls his eyes, though he's nothing if not fond. "You look handsome."

"Well, you look stunning." His hands slowly brush up to cup Louis' arse. They feel even more amazing in his touch, and Marcel doesn't know how but he completely doesn't mind that an Omega has this kind of effect on him.

Louis chuckles, pushing his hands away. "Stop. We won't get anywhere if you keep touching me."

"I wish that would happen." He grins.

Louis shakes his head. "Edward will kill us if we don't come down now."

"Alright, alright." Marcel gives up, wrapping an arm around his waist as they both start to head out.

Marcel steps into his space while they're in the lift, kissing him deep. "You'll be fine." He assures, his thumb stroking small circles on the back of his hand.

"Thank you." Louis feels his mouth twitching. "I love you."

"I love you too."

The ballroom is buzzing with chatters as Marcel leads him to the doors, stopping them before they could cross the threshold to give time for Louis to breathe before they enter.

Louis appreciates the gesture, and he send a grateful smile to his Alpha. He sucks in one last deep breath, then nods.

Harry and Edward are the first ones to notice him as Marcel leads him over to his brothers, and Louis blushes when their jaws drop and Harry starts eyeing him like he wants to take Louis right there and then.

The guests are slowly settling down, most of them too busy getting the food, some already seated at their tables, and some have already noticed Louis' presence. He doesn't have to look around to find his family; his Mum and sisters are already seated on the front table with Gemma and her family. Anne and Robin are at the table next to them with a few empty spots for Louis and the triplets later on. And behind them is the Malik-Payne clan. He can see Hana lighting up upon seeing him, raising her little hand to give him a small wave.

Louis grins, waving back.

"You look ravishing, as always." Edward says. The way the Alpha is looking at him makes Louis feel like presenting.

"God, I suddenly regret this party." Harry complains, his hands itching to touch his Omega.

Edward clears his throat. "Control yourself, Haz."

Harry sighs heavily. "I know." Then he whines. "God."

"Go on, Edward." Marcel prompts, knows that people must be dying to eat the mouthwatering food they have in front of them.

Edward nods. Then all of them turn to where the guests are seated, Edward clearing his throat once again, louder this time, getting their attention. Slowly, a hushed silence starts to fill the room, the chatters dying out and all eyes are on them.

"Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you so much for being here today. We appreciate that you have honoured us with your presence on this fine evening." Edward pauses briefly for the murmured replies of excitement. "The reason we have invited you today is for a little celebration of me and my brothers recently turning twenty-five, and also because we have finally found our mate."

A loud cheer carries through the room, some even giving out wolf-whistles.

Edward grins, waiting for it to die down again before continuing. "Turning twenty-five has been no different than turning twenty-four, except that we're now halfway to thirty and I'm pretty sure Marcel is freaking out." Marcel glares at Edward, and the guests chuckle. "It's only been a year, but we've grown to be better people than we were last year, and we would like to thank all of you for being here for this celebration."

"Without further ado, I would like to introduce our lovely mate who we found shortly after our birthday. He's the best present any of us could ask for." Edward takes Louis' hand, and leads him forward a little, presenting him to the audience. "Ladies and gentlemen, Louis Tomlinson. The love of our life."

Louis is flushed red at being introduced as such in front of the triplets' family and their friends. He is sure that his face is a scarlet shade especially when they start giving a round of applause.

Louis quickly steps back, shy. Edward chuckles, but he quickly signals for the Beta to bring their cakes to the front. "We've got cakes to celebrate, and we'll make sure everyone gets a slice. Thank you for being here again, I hope you'd enjoy the food."

With that, everybody starts to dig in.

The triplets lead Louis over to their seats, letting the Omega sit down before they follow suit.

"How are you feeling?" Anne asks, placing a hand on top of his.

Louis shrugs. "Fine, mostly. I didn't realise how much this feels like a party of the Victorian aristocracy until I was at the front." He cringes.

Anne laughs softly. "My sons are pretentious like that, but we're just here to have fun today."

After they eat, the Betas put on some music that's a little upbeat so people could dance if they want to but everyone can still talk without having to yell. Louis' twin sisters are already on the dance floor, giggling as they try to move according to the beat of the song.

"Do you want to go and meet everybody?" Edward leans into Louis to ask, a hand placed at the small of his back.

"Yeah, let's do that."

Edward smiles, giving his brothers an affirmative gesture, all of them standing up.

"Do you want me to come with?" Anne offers, putting her napkin away.

Marcel shakes his head. "It's alright, we've got this."

"Thank you, Mum." Harry walks over and drops a kiss on her cheek.

"Be nice to your beloved cousins!" Anne reminds them as they start leaving the table. She receives groans and disgusted sounds of disagreement.

"We'll be nice if they are nice." Edward mutters under his breath, causing Louis to laugh.

They lead him to the first table that holds one of their aunts and her family. Based on the triplets' relaxed, cheerful faces, Louis can tell that these cousins are not those of Aunt Helga's children.

The people at the table are delighted when they see them approaching and one of them stands up as they arrive.

"Well, if it isn't the famous cousin." The person says to Harry, raising his eyebrows with a teasing smirk.

Harry honks out a laugh. "Marcel's famou