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Little Heartbeat

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Waverly just stares at those two little pink lines. She doesn’t move from that one spot for a few seconds. She couldn’t bear to sit in Nicole’s tiny bathroom and wait on the results, so she just took the pregnancy test with her, which is how she has ended up staring at the positive result in the middle of her girlfriend’s living room.

And then the pacing starts.

In Waverly’s defense, the motion helps her- it matches how the inside of her head feels, at least. Everything is going a mile a minute in there, so why not make her body match her thoughts?

Her eyes flick to the window and briefly, she considers actually climbing out of it and running until her lungs burn. Not that that’s actually any sort of solution to her current situation, because it’s not , no matter how inviting the idea of running for the hills seems right now.

This isn’t a problem, though. She knows that. Intellectually, Waverly knows that this isn’t a problem. This doesn’t need a solution and yet...she can’t stop thinking about bolting out of Nicole’s house.

Her strong urge to run away does seem to be becoming a problem by the second, though. With that thought, Waverly stops pacing where she stands. There is still so much in her head. Mainly, those two pink lines and exactly what they mean.

She walks from the living room down the hall and back into the bathroom, her eyes scan over the five pregnancy tests sitting on various ledges in the bathroom. Three sit on one side of the sink, the last two are on the edge of the tub. Waverly plops down on the closed toilet seat and looks over at the two tests closest to her.

The first one had come up positive and Waverly already had the second on hand, just in case. Except that when that one read out positive too, she couldn’t stop herself from grabbing her car keys and driving to the Piggly Wiggly, cursing her lack of forethought in this whole endeavor. Attempting to save face, she just grabbed random items off the shelves in hopes of disguising her actual reason for being there.

Purgatory is a small town and people will talk if given the opportunity.

That’s where the other three tests came from, all reading positive. Honestly, Waverly was aware that after the second test mirrored the first’s results, it was pretty much certain. However, that did not stop the panic bubbling up in her stomach and the overwhelming need to get just one more test- which resulted in the five currently staring her in the face.

Waverly is jostled out of her thoughts as her phone buzzes in her pocket. She fishes it out and her stomach drops as she reads the text.

Received (7:08)
Nicole: On my way home, can’t wait for date night <3

Date night .

Of course this had to happen on their previously agreed upon date night. Waverly straightens her back and nods to herself. That’s it, she’s not going to tell Nicole. She knows that eventually she will have to tell Nicole the truth, but for now, she can keep it to herself.

“Shit!” Waverly seethes as she looks at the pregancy tests strewn around the bathroom and the various ripped open boxes they came in. She has to get rid of the evidence, at least for now. Sometimes dating a cop isn’t as sexy as when said cop girlfriend is beating the shit out of Champ Hardy, homophobe extraordinaire.

Waverly’s in full panic mode and grabs whatever she can reach, which means two pregnancy tests and one box. The box and one of the tests falls out of her hands almost immediately and she’s cursing on her way down to pick them up off of the floor, but upon straightening, she realizes there is going to be more than she can carry in one trip. Not that something as inconsequential as logic is going to stop her from trying. She ends up with all of the pregnancy tests in hand, and three boxes, which means most of the aforementioned items are just haphazardly in her arms, pressed tight against her body.

Waverly can feel the boxes daring to slip from her grasp, and she tries to bolt out of the bathroom but ends up moving in the wrong direction.

“No, nope” She mutters, quickly corrects herself, and heads out of the bathroom, only to lose two tests on the way out; one dropping in the doorway of the bathroom, and the other sitting lonely and silently mocking her in the hallway.

Waverly looks back and considers going back for it, but stops dead in her tracks when she hears paws hitting the hardwood in a full out sprint. Orie, Waverly and Nicole’s mini Australian Shepherd puppy, comes bounding down the hallway, tail wagging frantically as he heads straight for the lone mocking pregnancy test.

“No, Orie! It’s not playtime; stop it!” Waverly yells as she dives for the pregnancy test, only to have Orie snatch it up in his mouth, her hand landing inches away from where the test had been.

Waverly gets up, the other tests and boxes abandoned on the floor at her feet as she tries desperately to wrangle Orie in and get the test from him.

“Oreo, come on, you don’t want that; Mommy peed on it!” Waverly frantically argues, though she knows the puppy is hearing none of it as he goes into a play bow.

Waverly starts circling Orie- or at least tries to. The puppy hops away from her when she gets too close. “You literally sleep for like 23 hours! Why did you have to wake up now?!” Waverly grumbles to herself.

Orie barks in response and continues wagging his tail happily, oblivious to Waverly’s distress- that or the little bastard is just choosing to ignore it in favor of playing. Finally, Waverly manages to distract him enough to grab at the applicator side of the pregnancy test and pulls it out of his mouth. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come back in one piece.

“Oreo Henry Haught, do not swallow that!” Waverly yells as Orie starts chewing on the bits of plastic he pulled off of the test.

Waverly grabs for him and he immediately starts squirming in her arms, trying to break free.

“If you had just listened to me, we wouldn’t be in this mess, Mister.” Waverly begins lecturing as she pries open Orie’s mouth and picks out the plastic.

Orie for his part is whimpering and whining the entire time as he tries to get away and once Waverly is sure all of the plastic is out of his mouth and in her hand, she situates him under her arm, holding him around the middle like a football; a furry, squirmy football.

“Can’t have you running around like that; this isn’t playtime.” Waverly scolds him lightly, moving towards the pile of abandoned pregnancy tests and boxes.

She picks them all up and Orie tries to get down on the floor the moment his feet are almost close enough to reach. The sound of a slamming car door has Waverly bolting upright and moving as fast as she can, running around in a frantic small circle in the middle of the living room as her brain tries to find the quickest solution to her growing laundry list of problems.

“Shit, shit, shit!” Waverly chants to herself. A puppy yawn is the only thing that  breaks into her frantic mumblings. “At least one of us is calm.” Waverly grumbles to Orie.

Finally, Waverly has an idea as she stands still for a few seconds, her eyes landing on the couch. It’s not a perfect solution, but it’s as good enough as any she has right now and it will have to do. Waverly upends one of the couch cushions and shoves everything underneath, positioning the cushion back into it’s proper place and patting it back down to look like it hadn’t had about five pregnancy tests and their numerous corresponding boxes just unceremoniously shoved underneath it.

Five .

“Shiiiit!” Waverly seethes as she runs to the hallway, her socked feet skidding as she turns the corner.

Somehow by the grace of God, Nicole hasn’t come in yet and Waverly manages to shove the test in between two cushions on the couch before setting Orie down on the floor beside the couch. Thankfully, Orie is now too preoccupied with the notion of Nicole coming home to worry about anything but the front door as he runs straight for it, almost slamming head first into it as his paws skid against the floor.

Waverly starts pacing again because really, what else is there to do? She hears the front door open and Orie barking his appreciation for Nicole’s return home. It only takes a few seconds for Nicole’s voice to carry through to the living room, tone high pitched and words overly gentle. Waverly knows that Nicole will deny using baby talk with the dog until her dying day, but she still absolutely does it at every given opportunity.

“Hey, Baby!” Nicole says, Orie now held in her arms, though weakly struggling to get down, seemingly unsure if he wants to keep trying to lick at Nicole’s face or run around in circles for five hours

Waverly knows this particular greeting is for her because Nicole uses her big girl voice. There’s a pause, and suddenly Waverly can feel the light-hearted atmosphere leave the room and she knows it’s her fault.

“Oh no, you’re pacing; what’s wrong?” Nicole says, placing Orie down on the floor and walking over to Waverly,

Waverly finally stops pacing and looks at Nicole. She’s going for a reassuring smile, but is almost certain it’s come out as an almost pained grimace.

“Nothing!” Waverly blurts out, her voice sounding frantic even to her.

The look on Nicole’s face says she’s not buying a word of it, and that only makes Waverly need to fix this somehow.

“I said that too fast, didn’t I?” Waverly starts in, “But really, nothing’s wrong - at least, I hope not. I mean, I don’t think anything’s wrong…” Waverly starts, moving again, her hands gesturing with her words and she starts slowly pacing in front of Nicole, not bothering with eye contact- too caught up in her own thoughts to remember fully that she is actually talking to someone.

“Oh god,” Waverly stops dead in her tracks, muttering her next words. “I hope you don’t think anything’s wrong.” She starts moving again after a few seconds pause. “I mean, it’s good, right? I think it’s good. I think... This is just a lot, you know?” Waverly finally finishes, looking up at Nicole now, searching for some sort of reassurance.

She gets a blank stare.

“Uh, what just happened?”

‘I’m pregnant!” Waverly blurts out, the exact thing she was trying not to do.

Good going, Earp.

Nicole isn’t saying anything. She’s just standing there, silent, and Waverly wonders if she actually did say anything. Maybe this can be salvaged somehow and she only thinks she let the cat out of the bag. Waverly opens her mouth to say something, anything. Of course she hasn’t thought far enough ahead to know what she wants to say, she just knows this silence is becoming increasingly uncomfortable and someone has to break it. Experience shows that it’s usually Waverly that breaks their silences, so why stop now?

Nicole beats her to the punch.

“You’re what?” Nicole asks, blinking rapidly in disbelief.

Well, so much for not having said anything.

“I, um, I’m pregnant?” Waverly lilts the phrase up at the end with a small laugh, making it a question that should never be asked.

Nicole is just standing there again. Waverly’s half-tempted to just shake her into doing something because all of this nonresponsive stuff is really very unhelpful, given the current circumstances. Where are those cop reflexes when you need them?

Until Nicole starts grinning so big it shows dimples, and Waverly deflates some, her worry having been getting the better of her. Nicole seems pleased, and that’s good because Waverly didn’t really know what she would have done otherwise.

Except the grin falters after a few seconds, and now Waverly is back on high alert as Nicole’s eyes start searching Waverly’s face, as if trying to get some answers to questions she has yet to ask.

“What?” Waverly asks, panic rising in her voice, unbidden.

“Are- are you sure you want this?” Nicole asks, soft and searching.

Waverly can’t help but smile, relieved, and goes up on tiptoes as she grabs Nicole’s face and awkwardly connects their mouths in a kiss that Waverly hopes is reassuring.

“Yes, I want this.” Waverly whispers, inches away from Nicole’s lips.

“Okay, but if you weren’t sure, that would be okay. I don’t want to- I just want you to know  you always have a choice in this, Waves.”

“Believe me, I am fully aware.” Waverly says, leaning back down, her feet planted firmly, now.

“So, we’re doing this?” Nicole asks, her eyes lighting up, and Waverly can’t help but draw similarities between her girlfriend and their puppy.

“Mhm.” Waverly hums in agreement.

Nicole leans down and pulls Waverly close, her arm going around Waverly’s waist. They’re kissing and Waverly is very much enjoying this development until Nicole finally pulls back and asks the one question that should have crossed Waverly’s mind but up until this moment hadn’t.

“You did take a test, right?” Nicole asks.

“No, I just went down to the beauty shop and the old biddies there just up and said,’Hey, you’re looking a little pregnant there, Waverly!’ because that’s how we hicks do it.” Waverly deadpans, looking up at Nicole, raising an eyebrow.

“I’m genuinely curious, did you think that was actually funny?” Nicole shoots back in reply.

“I am hilarious, Officer Haught. I do not like what you seem to be implying.” Waverly replies, turning back towards the couch.

“But for real, you have a test, right?” Nicole asks, grabbing for Waverly’s arm, her thumb rubbing up and down softly over Waverly’s pulse point.

Sometimes Waverly wants to ask if those little touches are intentional or just what Nicole does. But Waverly never actually gets the courage to ask because she’s actually enjoying not fully knowing. It’s nice to just think Nicole is that in tune with what she needs without her having to say anything.

“That’s what I’m trying to show you.” Waverly says, finally stopping and standing next to the couch.

“The...couch?” Nicole asks, her eyes flicking from the couch to Waverly.

“No- I mean, yes- kind of.” Waverly babbles.

“Explain yourself, Woman.”

Waverly doesn’t say anything, just leans down and reaches into the cushions. Orie decides to jump up onto the couch that exact second and starts nudging her arm with his nose, trying to get at whatever she is going for- most likely thinking it’s another one of his toys he lost down in the abyss of the couch.

“Orie, stop.” Nicole scolds, pushing Orie back from Waverly and off of the couch.

“Here.” Waverly says as she pushes the test into Nicole’s hands.

Nicole takes it and looks it over, grinning before looking at it rather confused. She flicks her eyes back up to Waverly’s face.

“I’m not even going to ask why it was shoved in the couch, but uh, why does it have bite marks all over it?” Nicole asks as she holds up the test to show Waverly.

“Shit, that was the one Orie got.” Waverly says as she snatches it back from Nicole.

“How many did you take?” Nicole asks, looking at Waverly incredulously.

Waverly doesn’t bother answering, she just grabs Orie and then lifts up the couch cushion, exposing the other five pregnancy tests and boxes she had hidden there in preparation of Nicole coming home.Nicole just stands there, staring down at the numerous tests silently before speaking without looking up at Waverly at first.

“So, I have to ask, Baby. Are you sure you’re pregnant?”

Waverly smacks Nicole in the arm as she replies, “Hey, you never know! There are false positives all the time. I mean, something could be giving me some kind of hormone imbalance that’s making everything wacko and making the tests come out positive!”

“Yeah, like a baby.” Nicole quips.


“You know where we’re going, right?” Waverly can’t help but ask as she climbs into Nicole’s truck, slams the door, and buckles her seatbelt.

“Yes, Waverly, I’m pretty sure the two different print outs you gave me, my GPS, and the fact that I have been to Fort Collins numerous times means we won’t be getting lost.”

Waverly shifts in her seat and reaches for Nicole’s hand.

“I’m sorry, I’m just nervous and you know me, I like to-”

“-You like to plan. Yes, I know.” Nicole says, finishing Waverly’s sentence with a soft  smile.

“It’s not like this whole thing-” Waverly gestures in a wide circle to her stomach that is still completely flat at this point, “-was exactly planned. I just like to- to know…” Waverly’s grasping for the end to her sentence, unable to properly find its end.

“To know where you’re headed?” Nicole offers up

“Exactly.” Waverly agrees with a small nod.

Waverly does want to know where they’re headed, and not just in the literal sense when getting to their appointment. Her pregnancy wasn’t planned at all and has taken her for a loop numerous times in just the last few days after finding out.

Nicole starts up the truck and pulls out to the driveway and they’re off. Waverly insisted that they set up their appointment outside of Purgatory on the very real basis that it would get around to the whole town if she so much as made an inquiry with the local OB/GYN. Nicole thankfully put up no resistance to this, but it also means them taking Nicole’s day off and going all the way to Fort Collins for an ultrasound.

Waverly watches as the town fades into the passenger side mirror. There are some moments that Waverly enjoys being from a small town, but this is not one of them. Especially not with Dr. Reynolds as her only local option. She is pretty sure he is about 800 years old, and he constantly goes on about how he delivered not only her, but her sisters, and leers about how nicely she has grown up.

Waverly shivers at the memory and then looks over at Nicole, who is focused on the nearly-deserted road. She knows once they get closer to the next few towns the traffic will pick up, but for now, it feels like it’s just them.

Waverly’s excited but also nervous. She may have obsessively planned out how to get to her appointment, but she didn’t actually bother researching what would happen once she got there. While she supposes there isn’t much to an ultrasound, her stomach still flips with her nerves.

The radio plays softly as they go further from town and Nicole absently flips through stations until one finally comes in clear- or at least, as clear as they will get being in this in-between. Waverly likes that Nicole has these little habits, like playing the radio softly even when she’s not in the police cruiser and therefore doesn’t need to listen for any situations in progress. The habits are a constant; something Waverly knows she can rely on.

Waverly knows for a fact that Nicole could go the whole two and a half hour drive in silence or static from the radio and be perfectly fine. Waverly, however, would go insane from the lack of stimuli.

Finally, after what feels like an eternity, they see the mile markers for Fort Collins and thankfully, the numbers keep getting smaller and smaller until they are passing the sign reading ‘Welcome to Fort Collins’ and Waverly scoots up in her seat as if that will get them to the doctor’s office faster.

Nicole pulls into the parking lot of the doctor’s office and parks the truck. They don’t immediately get out- well, Nicole unbuckles her seatbelt and reaches for the door handle, but Waverly hasn’t moved a muscle yet.

“I don’t think I can do this.” Waverly whispers

“Hey, it’s okay; this is going to be good.” Nicole says, reaching over and grabbing Waverly’s hand.

Waverly takes a deep breath in and then out as she tries to steady her nerves. She nods to herself, looks over at Nicole, and then smiles before releasing Nicole’s hand and climbing out of the truck.

They link hands again when Waverly walks over to the entrance to the office and that seems to help steady her a bit. She’s excited but nervous, she’s not exactly sure what she’s getting herself into, and everything is starting to feel very real as they walk up to the front desk and Waverly fills out all the necessary paperwork.

“Waverly Earp?”

Waverly’s head snaps up as her name is called and she gets up from her seat. She’s thankful it didn’t take any longer to get into a doctor’s actual office than it has because she is certain she would have jumped out of her skin entirely, had it.

“You’re okay.” Nicole whispers into Waverly’s hair as they start to follow the nurse down the hallway and settle into the small exam room.

“Here you go.” The nurse says, handing Waverly a hospital gown.

Waverly looks down at the paper gown in her hands and before she can actually ask what exactly the hell this is for, the nurse is gone with a comment about the doctor being with her shortly.

“You heard her; get undressed.” Nicole says from her seat by the door.

“Stop enjoying this so much.” Waverly says, shooting Nicole a glare before she does, in fact, get undressed.

She wordlessly shoves her pile of clothes (neatly folded, thank you very much) at Nicole and then hops up on the exam table, fiddling absently with the hospital gown covering her.

There is a part of her that wants to ask what is going on, but she is pretty sure that Nicole will be just as lost as she is. And besides that, she doesn’t exactly want to let on that she has no idea what is happening.

Nicole gets up from her seat and fiddles with the various items sitting on the counter. A jar of cotton balls entertains her for all of five seconds before she sets sight on a box of rubber gloves.


“What are you doing?” Waverly asks, looking over at her girlfriend like she has gone completely insane- and Waverly’s not entirely sure Nicole hasn’t.

“Nothing.” Nicole mumbles as she brings the opening of the glove to her mouth and proceeds to blow it up like a balloon.

“Oh my god, you’re a five year old.” Waverly says, before Nicole starts letting the air out of the glove slowly, making a high pitched hissing sound.

“Okay, so Waverly Earp, is it?” The doctor walks into the exam room.

Said entrance is followed by Nicole expelling all the air in her rubber glove, loudly.

“Sorry.” Nicole mumbles as both Waverly and her doctor look over at Nicole.

“And who might you be?” Dr. Atwood asks, holding her hand out to shake Nicole’s

“Um, I’m the father?” Nicole offers as she looks over at Waverly and then back to Dr. Atwood.

“Uhh, okay then.” Dr. Atwood replies before turning her attention back to Waverly.

Waverly sees Nicole shrug as Dr. Atwood turns her back to her and on one hand, Waverly knows she can’t exactly be mad about the comment. But on the other hand, she absolutely is.

“So, we’re here for your first ultrasound, correct?”

Waverly nods in reply.

“Okay, so why don’t you lay back and we can get you all set up.” Dr. Atwood says as she applies light pressure to Waverly’s shoulder to guide her down onto the exam table. “Someone explained the procedure to you already, yes?”

“Uh, actually, no.” Waverly says in reply, hoping she doesn’t sound as nervous as she feels.

“Oh, well, it’s nothing to be concerned about. We won’t be doing a transabdominal ultrasound today as it’s too early for that. Instead, we will be doing a transvaginal ultrasound that may seem daunting in theory, but  it’s routine and painless, I promise.”

“Wait a minute, wait, wait. Do you mean that you’re going to probe her?” Nicole asks, poorly hiding the amusement in her voice.

Waverly really wishes she could strangle her girlfriend right about now. Unfortunately, there are witnesses and Nicole would take far too much satisfaction out of the ordeal.

“Well, we do use an ultrasound probe-”

“Oh my god, Waves, you could be on an episode of X-Files!”

“I hope you know you’re sleeping on the couch tonight.” Waverly deadpans, glaring daggers at Nicole.

“Okay, so how about we get this underway, shall we?” Dr. Atwood says, ignoring Nicole’s comment completely.

“Yes, please. ” Waverly says, wanting this whole thing over with as soon as possible because one of them is enjoying it far too much and it is decidedly not her.

Waverly lies back on the exam table and Dr. Atwood lifts the stirrups and locks them into place, instructing Waverly to scoot down the table a bit more. Waverly complies and tries to relax as Dr. Atwood inserts the prepared probe.

“Okay, we should be getting a picture now and do you hear that?” Dr. Atwood asks, pausing as a frantic small fluttering sound fills the room.

Waverly and Nicole both nod, Nicole having gotten up to stand beside Waverly when the doctor was preparing the equipment.

“That would be your baby’s heartbeat.”

Waverly can’t help but tear up at that information because this is all very real. There is a tiny life forming inside of her and she can literally hear her daughter’s heartbeat. Granted, they haven't gotten a gender confirmation and are still a ways off of it even being a possibility, but Waverly just knows. She is going to have a little girl.

“Okay, from all of this Ms. Earp, you seem to be about seven weeks along. Does that sound about right?”  Dr. Atwood asks, adjusting the probe slightly.

“Yeah, yeah, that makes sense.” Waverly says, gripping Nicole’s hand.

The rest of the appointment is a blur. Of course they went over other information and it’s all important, but Waverly was pretty much stuck on that heartbeat; her little girl’s heartbeat- it was probably one of the best sounds she has ever heard in her life.

They leave the clinic and Waverly walks around to the passenger side of the truck as she waits for Nicole to unlock it so she can climb inside. Her mind is still reeling; all of this is so much more solid to her, now. Waverly can’t help grinning to herself as she climbs in the truck and buckles her seatbelt before they head back to Purgatory.

It’s about halfway through the drive that Waverly’s mind stumbles back to one particular detail. She is about seven weeks along, and she can’t stop herself from doing the math and working backwards to exactly what time they conceived.

The moment it hits her, Waverly bursts out laughing. Said laughter turns to distress and then actual crying before she even realizes what’s happening. Nicole looks over at Waverly at that and her smile falls immediately.

“Baby, Waves, what’s wrong?” Nicole asks, her voice laced with concern.

“I- it- oh my god we-” Waverly’s full out sobbing, now and she can’t catch her words fast enough to string together a proper sentence.

She feels Nicole pull the truck over to the side of the road and looks over when she turns the engine off.

“Waverly, come on, just try to take deep breaths and then talk to me, okay?” Nicole says, her voice soft and patient as she runs her hand up and down Waverly’s thigh.

Waverly just keeps sobbing for a few more seconds that feel like hours until finally she calms down enough to get her realization out.

“We conceived this baby on top of your police cruiser!” Waverly wails.

“What?” Nicole asks, genuinely confused.

“I- I did the math and that’s the only time that fits. Oh my god, our daughter was conceived in the middle of a federal offense!”

“Waverly, I don’t think it’s a federal offense-”

“But do you know, Nicole? Do you know?”

“Well it’s not like anyone just outright asks that sort of-”

“Oh my god, my sisters can never find out about this!” Waverly says smacking at Nicole’s arm frantically.

“Yes, because I was planning on going out and telling Wynonna and Willa the exact instance I got you pregnant.”

“Now is not the time for jokes!” Waverly snaps as she shifts in her seat and wipes at her eyes, still crying but not outright sobbing anymore.

In all honesty, Waverly can’t really wrap her head around the fact that she got pregnant that time they had sex. It wasn’t even an impromptu thing. They planned out the scene, for Christ’s sake!

“Okay, okay, I’m sorry. But it’s not a big deal.”

“Says the one who didn’t get knocked up on top of a cop car!”

“Just try to calm down, okay? What matters is that we have that little bean in there.” Nicole says as she starts the truck up again and pulls out onto the road, heading back to Purgatory.

There’s a considerable pause as Waverly calms down and focuses on the radio crackling and going in and out.

“Did you just call our daughter a bean?” Waverly asks as the last few moments filter through her mind.

“Well, I mean, that’s about as big as it is right now. Not even.” Nicole offers up in justification.

“Yeah, I guess so.” Waverly says as she leans her head back against the headrest.

Waverly wasn’t even aware she had fallen asleep until Nicole was on the other side of the truck, door swung open, shaking Waverly’s shoulder gently, trying to wake her. Waverly doesn’t want to wake up, though. She was having a good dream, the details of which seem to be fading with the general condition of being awake. But she can still remember it was a good dream, at the very least.

“Come on, I brought you home.”

Waverly doesn’t open her eyes as she replies, “Mm, go get Orie. I want puppy cuddles.”

“Orie isn’t here, Waves. We’re at the homestead.” Nicole corrects her.

Waverly’s eyes shoot open at that piece of information and she clamors out of the truck, forgetting briefly to take off her seatbelt before she moved.

“God damn stupid thing.” Waverly grumbles as she fights with the seatbelt, finally claiming victory over the small device.

Waverly did not expect to be taken back to the homestead. She knows she probably should have expected it, given that Wynonna still isn’t exactly in the loop of everything. Though if she’s honest, Waverly is pretty certain Wynonna has picked up on things between her and Nicole- context clues do matter and it’s not like Wynonna is blind .

Waverly gets out of the truck, slams the door behind her, and tries to situate herself a bit better, smoothing her hands down her clothes.

“Come on.” Waverly says, dragging Nicole by the hand towards the house.

“I thought I was just going to drop you off?” Nicole asks, following behind Waverly all the same.

“Nope, we have to have a conversation- you, me, my sisters…” Waverly trails off.

Nicole stops where she stands and pulls Waverly back in the process.

“Wait, we're going to tell them now ?” Nicole asks, taken aback.

“Well, why not? They’re my family and this all just became really real and I just- I don’t like hiding things from them.” Waverly finishes, looking up at Nicole.

“No need to break out the puppy dog eyes, we can tell them...thank god we already had that one discussion with Willa before.” Nicole says before they turn back towards the house.

Waverly doesn’t say anything. She knows Willa hasn’t exactly been the most graceful in situations involving Nicole before, but she has been making huge strides when it comes to actually reacclimating with the world at large, and especially with Wynonna and Waverly herself. They aren’t the kids they once were and Willa has been doing her best to make up for past mistakes and avoid making any new ones, though Waverly can’t say her sister has been a saint.

Wynonna on the other hand has always just been Wynonna. Waverly is concerned about how she’ll take the news, but she’s not overly concerned or anything. Wynonna has been there for Waverly since she came back to Purgatory- they’ve really cultivated a relationship, now.

They make their way inside the house and Waverly calls out, her voice carrying through most of the house, she knows.

“Wynonna? Willa? You guys here?”

Wynonna grunts a reply from the direction of the kitchen while Willa appears at the top of the stairs when her name is called. Waverly tries really hard to ignore the way Willa’s eyes harden at the sight of Nicole standing in the doorway.

“Can you come down here Will? I need to talk to both of you.” Waverly stresses the word both as she leans towards the kitchen, trying to convey her message to both of her sisters at once, even if she hasn’t addressed Wynonna by name in this particular instance.

Soon enough, they are all crammed into the kitchen, Wynonna with her head planted firmly on the kitchen table and Willa standing against the door jamb looking very Willa. Waverly tries to ignore all the words that come to mind in relation, like disgruntled, suspicious, royally pissed

“So I have something I want to tell you.” Waverly starts in, unsure of just exactly how she is going to break this news.

“Shoot, kid.” Wynonna says, picking her head up off of the kitchen table and immediately getting up and rummaging through the fridge.

“Uh, could you maybe sit back down?” Waverly asks, trying to regain some modicum of order.

“Is whatever you’re going to tell me going to magically stop me from being hungry?” Wynonna asks, head still very much buried in the fridge.

“Well no, but-” Waverly is cut off.

“Then I think I’ll keep doing what I’m doing and you just keep talkin” Wynonna says, finally reemerging from the fridge, food in hand. She shuts the door with her foot and sets the food on the counter as she begins to make a sandwich

“Well, I’d really like it if you were actually paying attention. ” Waverly bites back, annoyed now.

“I am, I am.” Wynonna replies absently with her back to Waverly still, licking her fingers clean of condiments.

“Wynonna!” Waverly snaps, finally getting her sister’s attention..

“Okay, okay, I’m here! Geez, what crawled up your ass?” Wynonna says as she places her plate down and then pulls out a chair from the table settling in to eat.

“I’m trying to tell you something important and you’re just making a-a-” Waverly gestures awkwardly at Wynonna’s plate “-a damn sandwich!

“Well sorry if I’m hungry, but that hasn’t stopped you from talking, so go ahead already.” Wynonna replies, rolling her wrist in a few small circles, gesturing for Waverly to continue what she was saying.

“Okay, I know this might come as a bit of a shock but I-”

“Kid, the only thing that could come as a shock is if you told me you were having Champ Hardy’s baby.” Wynonna interrupts through a mouthful of sandwich.

“-I’m pregnant.” Waverly finishes into dead silence.

“Oh my god, I’m going to kill him! ” Wynonna growls out after a few seconds, abandoning her sandwich and standing up, her chair scraping against the linoleum of the kitchen floor.

Waverly grabs for Wynonna’s arm, trying to pull her back down.

“No, it’s not-”

“Who is Champ?” Willa asks, confused.

“He’s my ex.” Waverly supplies.

“He’s a dead man walking.” Wynonna replies at the same time.

“Wynonna, will you just stop and listen to me?” Waverly begs, trying to keep Wynonna from storming out of the kitchen.

“He knocked you up! He got my baby sister pregnant and I-” Wynonna is cut off by Nicole, who up until this point had been a spectator

“It's my baby!” Nicole yells above the fray as she stands up.

Everyone stops and stares at Nicole, Wynonna’s mouth hanging open in disbelief.

“You’re out of your goddamn mind is what you are.” Wynonna finally says as she sits back down, her body falling into the seat heavily.

“No, I’m intersex.” Nicole offers as explanation, “I have a condition called Mosaic Klinefelter syndrome and basically it means that-”

“Kiefer Sutherland- what now?” Wynonna blurts out, confused.

“Mosaic Klinefelter Syndrome, I was born with XXY chromosomes and--” Nicole starts in, her voice becoming almost methodical as she jumps into her usual spiel.

Wynonna doesn’t let her get that far.

“I really won’t remember any of the details to be honest so we can just skip that unless anyone here has any objections?” Wynonna asks, looking around the room.

“Well, I-” Willa starts, but is immediately shut down.

“Not you, Chuckles. That is a conversation best had alone where I can never have it burned into my memory” Wynonna snaps in reply.

Wynonna claps her hands together and holds them to her chest for a second before letting them fall back at her sides.

“Okay, so you-” Wynonna points to Nicole, “knocked up my baby sister and you-” Wynonna looks to Waverly “-are okay with this?” Wynonna finally finishes.

“I, um, yeah?” Nicole replies before looking over at Waverly.

Waverly isn’t really sure what is happening at the moment, so she’s sure whatever Nicole is looking for from her right now is nowhere to be found.

“Waves?” Wynonna’s says Waverly’s name like a question and Waverly’s not exactly sure how to explain the churning in her stomach other than bad .

“I- yeah I am absolutely okay with it, Wynonna.” Waverly reassures her.

“Well then, at least I won’t have to tell you to get a ten second head start, Nicole.” Wynonna says with a hollow laugh as she clasps her hand onto Nicole’s shoulder.

“As if I would need a head start from you, Earp.” Nicole snaps back in reply.

Waverly watches the two of them, still not sure how to take the situation but at least thankful that is hasn’t come to any bodily harm, yet. Whatever happens from this point out, at least everyone is aware of the situation and that’s all Waverly could really ask for at this point.

“So, Haught what exactly are your intentions with my sister?” Wynonna asks, looking from Waverly to Nicole “And remember, I have a big ass gun and I know how to use it.”