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[vid] Lady with a Rocket

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Song: Lady with a Rocket by Haley Dreis
Source: Star Wars IV, V & VI

This vid was made for counteragent, who asked for something either ensemble or Leia focused that wasn't too serious. I have so much love for the Original Trilogy that I was thrilled she'd picked Star Wars and Leia is obviously a fabulous character to focus on. Going through this process reminded me that while Leia was depicted as strong and feisty in the films, much of her story arc was a prop to the male protagonists - both Luke and Han - in the way Lucas told the tale. A good tale to be sure, but not Leia's tale.
I'd rather hear her story, and let the characters of Luke and Han be a prop for Leia's awesomeness.

password: rocket

Star Wars: Leia: Lady with a Rocket on Vimeo.

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mediafire (mp4) 46MB