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Round One: Anger Management

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“Well you know what? You can shove your justice right up your perky little –“

Tony never got to finish his sentence, he was slammed full force into the wall. Surprise caused him to lose his balance and suddenly Steve was the only thing holding him off the ground, Steve was glaring at him, blue eyes hard like chips of flint. But there was something else too, Tony held his gaze trying to figure it out.

And then Steve’s lips were on his, shock registered briefly before the more primal part of Tony’s brain locked it away swiftly, he felt blood rush to his cheeks and the thought of the current insanity ran through his mind like Rogers on track day. And then his whole body just softened and Steve reacted to it, flattening himself against Tony, Tony felt himself kissing Steve back and the thoughts in his mind all seemed to cry in unison ‘fuck it’. Instinct, lust and greed consumed Tony as Steve’s hands pinned his wrists to the wall behind him. It was like struggling against concrete but Tony still tried, he refused to make this that easy on Steve no matter how much want blinded him. When had it turned to want?

He tried to think back through the fuzzy haze that was his mind currently. Sure, Steve in his tight sparkly outfit that showed of the contours of his body was attractive, and Tony liked attractive things, but his good Christian boy attitude and justice obsession was such a turn off. God he fucking hated it, his stupid attitude and his ridiculous shield and he practically had eagle wings sprouting out of his back.

And then he was moving, moving against Steve’s strength, pushing him back, pulling his wrists from his grip as their lips mashed together and he shoved Steve into the coffee table, the only reason his bulk didn’t smash it was because Tony had had Thor around for parties enough times to think twice about furniture, things hit the floor, probably smashed, who cared? Steve sat down with an astonished look as Tony loomed over him. Part of Tony was screaming at him. What the fuck are you doing? This prick ruins everything! Part of him was on a rant about spangly things and disappearing acts and part of him was thinking about ripping off his stupid costume, didn’t he own any fucking normal clothes?!

Steve looped his fingers through the belt loops of Tony’s neatly pressed suit trousers and yanked him closer, Tony was quite sure he heard material rip and winced internally before remembering he was a billionaire. He did that sometimes. Now he was in-between Steve’s legs and the literal picture of American innocence was looking up at him with fuck me eyes. Who knew Steve could look like that. Tony couldn’t say that though.

“You look like a slapped ass Rogers.’

“You look like a tomato but I’m not complaining…” He narrowed his eyes haughtily.

“Son of a-“

”Langua-“ Tony dropped onto him, cutting off his ridiculous catch phrase with his lips and Steve fell back onto the table. It can’t have made for comfortable leaning but Tony didn’t exactly care. Steve hadn’t exactly made the last, however fucking long he honestly had not been counting at all, not once, nope, no clue how long…

Now Tony’s hands were roaming up and down that ridiculous suit, thank god he didn’t have his mask on; Tony would have destroyed it then and there, who wore that suit like that, why? Just, casual clothing, how long had it been? Did he really have to dress like that now? He did it on purpose Tony was sure.

Steve’s fingers were still on his belt loops but he moved them off and splayed his hands across Tony’s hipbones clumsily and Tony had to wonder when was the last time, if ever… (probably man or woman a small voice charmed, though there had been James Barnes…). Tony dashed the thought away, that was one road probably best left un-travelled.

I am so going to ruin you. Tony though and a smarmy smile pushed its way onto his face as he took more control of the kiss, he took one hand up the muscles of Steve’s spine and grabbed his short hair, well, long for Steve actually, a lot had changed but who was thinking about this shit right now? Instead he was tilting Steve’s face upwards and deepening it, Steve gasped and gave Tony entrance to explore his mouth with his tongue. His perfect fucking mouth and perfect fucking teeth that should be on a toothpaste advert. He wanted to punch him, or… both, maybe both.

God what an aggravating man!

Steve pressed his hips up to him, feeling Tony’s body tense from his thoughts and Tony felt the anger start to bubble over, he tugged on Steve’s hair again and Steve responded by grabbing him in the ribs and pushing him off of him sideways. Tony staggered back and down a step to where he landed with a thump on the sofa. This was more like it. The last time Steve had gotten rough there had been consequences beyond his control, not this time.

Steve got up, gracefully as fucking ever, and strode over to him with all the pretentious purpose of an action hero in a film, which he practically was. (God knows Stark Enterprises merchandising unit had wanted it to happen). He stood over Tony, silent, lips bruised but pursed, eyes roaming Tony’s body. He suddenly felt very naked, which was odd, because he’d turned up to many things but forgotten his clothes and not batted an eye. It was the hungry look in his eyes, it was driving Tony mad.

“Finally stepping up there Cap.” He sniped. “Are yah ready to stand for attention for me?” He eyed Steve’s suit that was definitely not hiding the arousal.

“You’re already halfway there Iron Man, are you as hard as people think?”

Damn Steve. Sass looks fucking good on you. It’s been too long.

“You’d better believe I’m harder, what about you super soldier, did they super size all of you or leave that part out?”

“Afraid you can’t take it Stark?” Steve raised his eyebrows, it made Tony clench his fists into the soft material of the couch.

“Afraid you can’t keep up more like, old man, need some help revving up?”

“Oh I’m revved up Stark; it’s you who seems to be struggling.”

“You’d be wrong about that, that’s where you and I differ you see Boy Scout.” Tony replied sarcastically with a mock salute.

“Don’t I know it…” Steve muttered and his eyes softened slightly. Tony took his chance and leaned up and grabbed that ass he had been itching to grab since day one.

Steve toppled forwards with a yelp as Tony darted to the side so Steve fell against the back of the sofa, so yet again Tony could put himself on top.

“This ain’t my first rodeo.” Tony took in the sight under him, holding himself up on his hands so he could look directly into Steve’s eyes, but that was boring. There was too much in them.

“And you’re all cowboy huh?” Steve sneered.

“Are you ready to be broken?” Tony purred.

“Good luck with that Stark.”

“You talk a good game Captain, but can you back it up?”

“So do you, but I’ve never seen you in action, though I’m sure some of the other Avengers have.” Steve nearly spat.

“Ooh you almost sound jealous.” Tony gave him a hurt look.

Steve propped himself up onto his elbows and stared hard at Tony.

“Jealous? Of your arrogant, obsessive, compulsive, whimsical, conceited idiotic self getting their kicks someplace when you know you’re desperate for it elsewhere?” Steve grit his teeth, he was obviously trying to keep his voice steady, Tony narrowed his eyes devilishly. So many buttons, which to press first?

Woah Steve, you have been away. “I know that you’re talking but literally every time you open your mouth all that comes out is the national anthem.”

“Oh here comes the routine, you just can’t stand to have something you want can you, you have to wise crack the whole way.”

Nope, not doing it. Tony took a hand and slammed his shoulder down so he dropped back onto the couch. “Shut up and kiss me Rogers you pompous idiot.” Steve was already reaching up with his neck, Tony leant down and again their lips crashed together likes waves at the shore, the kiss washing over them, Tony shivered and pressed himself closer to Steve. Fucking asshole. Why did he taste so fucking good?

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A week ago...

“Not going to do it, nope, nope, not going to, nah uh, nein, nicht, nei.” Tony paced up and down in the compound, arms crossing and re-crossing as he looked down at the phone. “I will not do it, that absolute goddamn bastard left us, left me, for that fucking prick with long hair and a stupid shiny arm, not left me like that, left me like, fucking left me damn it! I can’t, I can’t look at him and not see Barnes, I can’t look at him and not see the car, my parents, everything.”

He looked over at the phone and pursed his lips. “Shut up.” He said to no one in particular, being that he was alone. He was alone a lot nowadays.

Pepper was gone, technically they were on a ‘break’ but Tony knew how those ended. The Avengers were in jail, Vision was floating around somewhere moping. Widow was on some top secret mission aka ‘get back into the good books’ and more and more Tony found himself looking at the phone.

The phone Steve had left him, and the note, so wrecked from being crumpled up, binned, thrown around, unfurled and re read and scrunched up again that it was barely readable. Tony bit his lip until it hurt. He’d almost thrown the phone out of the window so many times.

‘Call you if I need you, call YOU, YOU BASTARD!” Tony punched the large glass window and yelped. “Son of a bitch! YOU’RE NOT EVEN HERE AND YOU’RE PISSING ME OFF!” He screamed at the window.

He couldn’t deny it, he missed the red white and blue dick head. Missed the conversations, missed taunting him, missed the parties. He missed them all being together, it was all fucked up because of him.

He was off somewhere, gallivanting about with the bastard who murdered his parents, murdered them, as in physically killed them, strangled his fucking mother. How? How can he be okay with any of that? How can he look Bucky in the eyes and be okay? He couldn’t even think about Steve without wanting to break something. The second time he read the letter he punched his table and fractured a knuckle.

It had been months, over a year, no, Tony was not going to give the exact number; he had definitely not been counting the days. Months of no contact, of Steve being the ‘good friend’ and giving Tony space. He didn’t want space, he wanted Steve here right now, wanted him yelling, wanted to yell at him until no more words came to him. Wanted answers, good answers, bad answers who gave a fuck just fucking answers.

He wanted Steve to make him understand, or at least fucking try, not give him the whole sap story ‘sparing his feelings’ bullshit. He wanted to talk to him alone, no fucking Bucky or Ross or anyone but them, maybe he could punch him a few times until he felt better and no one could stop him.

Dismay struck him as he realised Steve probably wouldn’t even stop him. Steve would atone, for every bad word, every line crossed, every secret kept, with a punch, or yelling, or being hurt in any way. That was who Steve was.

Then the dismay turned to anger, because being rational was not Tony’s forte. Being angry was, yelling and acting out and lashing out at those around him was what he did best. He could remember so clearly the only time he didn’t, when he sat there in that room with his head down not looking at the paperwork being passed across the table to each shocked face of each Avenger. He knew if he spoke there’d be shouting and it ended up happening anyway, when he had promised himself he wouldn’t do this, wouldn’t try to force Steve into it. Steve didn’t work that way.

It was all his fault...

And he was sitting here blaming Steve because of Bucky. He could never forgive Bucky for what happened, the thought made him feel physically sick, he walked over, down the steps and sat onto the sofa in front of the phone.

He picked it up and twirled it around; opening up the flip case, flip case, seriously Steve a flip phone? What a prat. He could have sent him a real actual useable phone. But no, he didn’t want there to be any other options on it. Clever fucker.

There was the number, the number he could say in his sleep, the number he could count backwards. The number he could press now and do something good for once in his fucking life. Do something right. Why did right always feel so awful?

Like that time in Manhattan with the bomb and the Chitauri. That was right, and it hadn’t made him feel good in the slightest, it wasn’t like in the books or movies or what people tell you, that sense of overwhelming goodness making you know you were doing right. It was pain, and anger, and fear… So much fear. Was that how Steve felt every time he had his little justice vomit all over people. Justice vomit, he liked that. He laughed quickly, nervously and put the phone down, then picked it back up again.

For god’s sake Tony get a grip and call him!

No! Don’t call him, that prick knew what happened to your parents and never said a word! And he chose Bucky, the man who MURDERED your parents over you!

The inner turmoil was giving Tony a headache. Did he really choose Bucky, or did Tony give him no choice, did Tony take away that choice. Did Tony push him into Bucky and make it obvious that there was no way Steve could make this right again.

Tony didn’t know anymore, it kept him awake at night sometimes. He put the phone down and scrubbed his hands over his face and breathed out harshly. It wasn’t about right or wrong anymore, or the past or the present it was about the future. They needed Steve, Tony needed Steve (though loath to admit it). Banner was gone, Widow was gone, the team were in some jail (or secure facility as it was called, not floating on the sea at least, they’d be released soon, so he’d heard, but kept tagged and supervised under the act Steve had fought so hard to protect them from), Thor was probably watching on and shaking his head, not even wanting to come down here and sort it out because it was so fucked up.

Clint’s face flashed behind his closed eyelids, his face when Tony visited him when he found out where they were being held. The betrayal…

He couldn’t even stomach seeing Wanda.

He opened his eyes, picked up the phone again and sat back against the sofa, he wondered if Steve looked at the other phone like he was right now, wondered if it kept him awake at night. Wondered if he’d given up hoping by now.

He flipped the case up again and looked at the number.

Almost as if in a dream, he saw himself press the button and the screen change to say ‘dialling’. He took a deep breath, closed his eyes and put the phone to his ear.

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That Morning…

Tony was sitting in the tower on the sofa feeling pretty shit. He didn’t know what to do, how to feel, what to think. Steve said he’d meet him, alone and talk, no government, no SHIELD, no Bucky, no Avengers. Just Steve and Tony. Tony really really could not believe they would just ‘hash it out’ and be done but he also knew he needed to do this, for his own piece of mind, for the worlds even. (Mainly for himself but hey let’s not feel too selfish here yeah?)

When Steve had picked up the phone after what felt like the one thousandth ring Tony had stayed silent, silent long enough that Steve had tentatively said ‘Tony…?’. Tony had taken in a breath but couldn’t speak so Steve asked again. ‘Tony is that you?’ and Tony had managed to crack out ‘No this is Bob I found your number on the wall of a toilet in downtown Manhattan.’ The sigh and chuckle of relieving tension from the other end made Tony squeeze his eyes shut and dig his fingers into his face.

‘Tony… I didn’t think you’d call.” He sounded tired, or half asleep, but just the way he said his name was making Tony struggle to breath through his anger.

“I didn’t think I’d call either.” Tony gritted his teeth at the way he sounded, bitter, resentful, hurt even. Not a great start.

“I’m glad you did.” Steve let the words hang through the phone.

Tony swallowed hard. “We need to talk Steve, we need to sort some shit out, don’t make me regret this call.”

”Tony I –“

“We need to talk, properly, face to face, keep your little winter soldier away from me.”

“Okay, anywhere you like Tony.”

“Come to Stark tower alone, there’ll be no one here Steve I promise.” He could almost see Steve hesitating. “Just trust me Steve, you owe me that much.”

He was sure Steve nodded over the phone when he replied “Okay. I’ll be there in three days; I’ll call you as soon as I get there.”

And now Tony was waiting for that call, no one knew he was here but Pepper and she had cleared the building out. He expected Steve to arrive incognito, in jeans and a god awful baseball cap and aviator shades like he normally did when hiding. In some butt ugly little car that belonged in the 40s just like Steve did.

The phone rang and Tony jumped, startled out of his reverie. He stared at it for a moment before shaking his head and grabbing it. Here goes nothing. He flipped up the phone case and put it to his ear once more.

“I’m here.”

“Sending the elevator down, doors will open as soon as I hang up.” Tony closed the phone without another word and stood up and went over to the wide window that served as a wall. He stared out of it, at the landing deck, memories flooding through him of what used to be. Remembering Loki’s fall here, and how they did it as a team, as a family.

“Earth’s Mightiest Heroes…” He muttered to himself as he heard the penthouse elevator getting closer.

He was not expecting it. Nope. Not a bit.

“What the fuck are you wearing?” Was all Tony could come out with when Steve walked into the suite, but this Steve was different. His walk was slow, tentative. It made Tony mad, how dare he be the hesitant one!

“Really Stark?” Steve tried to sound confident but it didn’t work. He looked down at himself and crossed his arms, he was in his suit with a jacket over the top, he shrugged the jacket off and hung it on a peg on the wall and moved closer.

He stood on one side of the steps to the sitting area and Tony stood on the other by the window. They were so close but it felt like there was thousands of miles between them, and a barrier so strong neither could break it alone.

“Yeah really, seriously you expect me not to comment? Do you actually own clothes?”

Steve sighed and dropped his arms to his sides. “I wanted to be ready for anything.”

“By anything you mean me fucking you over?”

Steve sucked in a breath; Tony could almost hear Steve’s heart hammering in his chest, mirroring his own.

“No, I trust you Tony, but I don’t trust the rest of America.” Steve kept his gaze steady.

“You say that like you’re not part of it.” Tony returned the gaze with a glare.

“I’m not anymore am I? I’m not welcome here, I’ve never really been welcome here, I was kidding myself thinking I could ever be. They pulled me from the ice with a purpose in mind and that purpose is long gone.”

“So where have you been? You and-“ He couldn’t bring himself to say the name, so just let the implication hang in the air between them.

“Bucky is gone.” Steve swallowed hard and Tony looked at him, really looked at him, he saw Steve almost turn away from the look in his eyes. “He put himself back under; he’s gone until they can help him, get the control off of his mind. He can’t deal with what he’s done, you can hate him all you like but he is doing the right thing.”

“Jesus Christ you’ve been here five minutes and you’re already defending him. Why is it so hard for you to just accept what he did?! He’s the WINTER FREAKING SOLDIER FOR CHRIST’S SAKE!” Tony threw his arms in the air, feeling himself go red.

“He’s my friend! You think I haven’t defended you to others for some of the shit you’ve done in your past.” Swearing, Tony was certainly getting to him, good. "You think I haven't heard the same tone used about you?"

This stopped Tony cold. “Don’t you dare, don’t you dare use me in comparison, you know what I never did? Murdered someone in cold blood with my bare hands!”

“It wasn’t him!” Steve moved closer and Tony stood stock still, he wasn’t sure he could move and not punch Steve. “He was brainwashed, why won’t you get that? You’re willing to look past all of us and what we did and we’re willing to look past what you did because we can all see the person behind it but Bucky? Bucky was forced to murder people like a puppet with no free will of his own and you can’t look past that. You had a choice, Widow had a choice, Bucky doesn’t.” Steve was breathing hard now, his chest rising and falling and his fists clenched. “We’ve all had a wake up call in our lives, Bucky had his and put himself under, that was his choice, like your choice to stop building weapons. Bucky is a weapon, that’s what you like to call us now right? Bucky has neutralised the threat that he poses.”

“Neutralised? Until some other whack job scientist decides he wants to make him his play toy again and then boom we have the Winter Soldier on our hands again, how many times must this happen before we actually manage to kill him, and probably you in the process. Do you know just how close we were to killing each other over this whole thing? Can you look me in the eye and say you weren’t prepared to kill me for him?”

“Why do you always have to make this so personal Tony! You did the same thing for the accords! You had to make it about you, about the kid that died because of you, not about us or about anything else but you. Newsflash not everything is about you!”

“You obviously do not read magazines.” Tony grumbled spitefully, “this isn’t just about me, but everything. What would have happened to you had you killed me? Do you think you’d have been left in peace like you have been? You know why that is? Me! I’ve been keeping them off you, doing my best to convince them to not have the search for you as top priority. They’re out for blood Steve, but not only that, if you killed me your life would be over! You would never be able to be America’s golden boy, you’d become a villain in your own right and you would be hunted down and killed.”

“And yet you asked me to meet you here?”

“Really? Wow. This place is probably the most secure building in Manhattan, shoot maybe America I’m sure I could hack the Pentagon if I wanted to. I asked you to meet me here because if something happened you could get out alive.”

“You weren’t so willing to keep me alive the last time we saw each other.”

“You? If I wanted you dead you would be, so would your rockabilly bionic friend.”

“I don’t believe that, you lost Tony.”

“I lost because I held back, you didn’t, I held back because of you, not because of him. Through out everything that has happened I have always been classed as the wild card. But where Bucky is involved there is no sense to you, you would have killed me that day if you had needed to and I couldn’t bring myself to do the same. You’ve become dangerous, something none of us expected of you. I certainly never thought I’d reach a point where I actually thought you were going to kill me. God the only reason you didn’t was because of your little hat trick with my arc reactor. Tell me you wouldn’t have. Please dear god.” Tony looked away and dragged his fingers through his hair. “Tell me I’m wrong.” Tony looked back to Steve, who wouldn’t meet his gaze.

“I want to say you’re wrong, but I don’t know.”

Tony stepped back to the window and Steve stepped forwards, reaching out slightly as if he could reassure Tony somehow but Tony didn’t want to hear any of it.

“Do you understand what you did? All for him? DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT YOU PUT US THROUGH?!”

Steve took another step. “What about you? Do you have any idea what you did?”

This time Tony stepped forwards, they were closer now, both standing by the seating area with nothing in between them anymore.


“I’ve spent the best part of a year alone, wandering about, staying with different people or on my own. I’ve been unable to stay in one place too long or stay with anyone too long because I can’t, because what happened haunts me. What you think you were the only one? The only one kept awake at night? The only one staring at that phone for hours on end? I tried and tried and tried to hate you, hate all of them but I couldn’t.” Steve’s whole body was tensed and heated.

“No, you can’t hate anyone can you? You know I wanted to hate you for so long, then I met you, and I tried to give myself reasons to hate you but I couldn’t. And then this. We were a family all of us. We used to have parties and tell jokes and train together. And there was me and you, keeping this family together, your ridiculously overwhelming sense of justice and my genius keeping the world turning as it should.” Tony’s shoulders dropped, though the anger was still radiating through him.

“I thought families were meant to squabble.”

“There’s squabbling, then there’s trying to murder each other over terrorism, not very family like.” Tony retorted with a disgusted look.

“I’m sorry, have you met Thor?”

“Touché.” Tony felt the rage fading, reverting back to sarcasm because he didn’t know what to feel or what to say.

Somehow, during the shouting and the arguing they’d ended up standing in front of each other, maybe a couple of feet away, Steve had backed away during Tony’s rant and they were near to the elevator.

Tony clenched and unclenched his fists a couple of times, he had so much more he wanted to say, but he had no idea how to say it without screaming.

“I get the feeling that you want to hit me.” Steve was watching Tony’s hands carefully, but not nervously. There was always that calm acceptance about Steve that drove Tony mad.

“You’re damned right I want to hit you”, Tony stalked past Steve and turned around. “I want to punch you in your perfect teeth as usual but once it seemed like a good, fun idea and now it feels like retribution.”

“It would be.” Steve kept his gaze down.

“Excuse me?” Tony stopped his pacing and gave Steve and incredulous look. Here we go. He marched up to Steve and narrowed his eyes, his jaw set.

“Retribution, you deserve justice.” Steve looked up at him and Tony had to remember how to breathe as he nearly bit through his lip at the look Steve gave him, how dare he.

“Well you know what? You can shove your justice right up your perky little –“

And then it all went to hell.

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Tony pressed himself into Steve and Steve inhaled sharply as he felt Tony’s erection against his stomach, Tony took the opportunity to grind into him and catch his bottom lip in between his teeth as he kissed him, biting down until Steve hissed with pain and Tony let go, getting a satisfied look at the bruised lip before Steve snaked an arm around his neck and pulled him back so their lips were together once again. Tony could feel the heat rising off of Steve’s body and it only fuelled him more, Steve seemed to run hotter than the average person (pun not intended, well, okay yeah) and it was driving Tony mad.

Steve brought his hands up to the neck of Tony’s shirt and ripped it open, buttons flying across the penthouse like bullets as the blue of his arc reactor flooded the room. “Christ Steve that was a nice shirt.” Tony laughed into Steve’s mouth, his words becoming a moan as Steve’s warm hands began running over his chest, exploring Tony’s body, circling the reactor curiously, intriguingly. He reached Tony’s ribs and Tony broke the kiss. “Tickles.” He breathed.

Steve ran one hand back up to Tony’s chin and brought Tony’s mouth back to his, Tony reached his hands up in turn and fumbled at Steve’s suit.

“How the fuck do you get this shit off Rogers? I’ve seen you take it off a million times and I am still in the dark here.”

It was Steve’s turn to laugh and he let go of Tony, who propped himself up above Steve once more, he reached behind his head, did some magic and started to pull the suit down, but he was too slow for Tony, Tony grabbed it and yanked it down his torso, revealing the Adonis beneath the suit. “God you’re ripped it’s actually ridiculous like seriously. Every damn time I look at you. You’re a walking Calvin Kline advert.”

“Do you ever stop talking?” Those blue eyes captured Tony’s gaze, whose eyes kept flicking back down to Steve’s smooth, chiselled chest.

“No, is that a problem Captain?” Tony challenged Steve with his eyes, and sat up, pressing his hips into Steve’s, throwing his head back at the growing hardness pushing into him. He sat back on himself and pushed back, causing a moan to escape Steve as he pulled the shirt off and tossed it to the floor. “I may not be a super soldier but I’ll be damned if I’ll be intimidated by you old man.”

Steve grabbed Tony’s waist and ground his hips up into Tony. “You don’t need to be Stark,” He ran his fingers up Tony’s sides, ignoring the squirming man above him as he did, “you look damn good.”

“You bet your ass I do, I have to work fucking hard to keep up you the rest of you you know, I swear Thor was born with fucking pecs.” He scowled but it only made Steve chuckle, his body vibrating underneath Tony. “So do I just pull this shit off like a leotard or do I have some more bells and whistles to fail at undoing?” He crinkled his nose at Steve, who obliged by taking his hands off Tony and unclipping the belt harness what the fuck ever it was.

“That’s more like it.” Tony lifted himself off Steve using his knees and grabbed the suit once more, this time working it painstakingly slowly down the broader man’s hips, making sure to drag his fingernails down the sensitive skin of Steve’s waist. “There’s that perfect V. You know Rogers I’m slightly put out, I mean practically the entire world has seen me naked, I’ve seen Thor naked because the dude has an aversion to pants, I’ve seen Clint because that man has no shame, I’ve seen Banner because we’re science bros and that fucking Scott Lang will just change right in front of securing cameras and bare his ass to them. And I honestly have no idea if Vision even has anything down there but you, you’re a fucking prude and you have made me wait a long time for this.” He took his tongue between his teeth and pulled the suit over Roger’s perky fucking muscly butt and was honestly surprised Steve had space in that skin tight outfit for a pair of boxers. “Damn I almost expected tighty whiteys.” He pouted.

Steve just watched him rant with an amused look on his face, not even attempting to move his body to let Tony pull his suit off easier.

“Fuck it.” Tony put his hands either side of Steve’s gregarious crotch and pushed himself off the other man causing Steve to yell ‘hey!’. He grabbed the rumpled suit, let Steve kick off his ridiculous boots and pulled the rest of it off him unceremoniously. “No wonder you don’t seem to get laid it’s like your own personal fucking chastity belt just more poncey.” He tossed the suit on top of his shirt and took in the sight before him.

Large, slender feet travelling up to long, corded legs that seem to stretch on for miles, large, muscled calves and thighs, smooth as a newborn babe, a tight, packed ass and something that most certainly was rather large bulging under the tight black boxers.

“Oh for fuck’s sake Steve, Levi’s? Really. Does Fury not pay you enough; does he exploit your kind nature? I’m buying you underwear for Christmas; Captain America should be wearing Versace.”

“I don’t even know what that is.”

“Of course you don’t you have all the fashion sense of a little league dad.”

Steve closed his mouth and Tony took the silence to continue his critical analysis of Steve Rogers’ body. His eyes worked their way hungrily over the v that dipped below the atrocious boxers, and across the perfect washboard stomach, up to the bulging, hairless pectoral muscles. That caused him to ponder if all of Steve was hairless, he’d soon find out. His eyes continued to rove up Steve’s solid shoulders and perfectly outlined collarbones, up the soft skin of his neck and onto the slightly (for once) stubbled jaw, the swollen lips, the straight, perfect nose and onto those ravenous blue eyes that were staring right back at him.

“So, do I get to see what is under the suit then Iron Man? Properly, not just passing in the showers or when you’re at a party abusing alcohol.”

Tony smirked, then with a devilish grin he drew his hands down to his pressed dress pants, tailored to be tight enough to his body to get you interested but still leave a little to the imagination. He kicked off his shoes and then undid his belt with deliberate slowness, pulling it off and dropping it at his feet.

“A strip tease from Tony Stark, don’t I feel special.”

“Don’t, I give these babies out for free.” Tony raised one eyebrow mockingly as he popped the top button and unzippered his fly.

He pushed the pants down slowly, a grin spreading across his face as he revealed Iron Man briefs in stark contrast to his Gucci suit. Steve barked a laugh and leaned over onto one arm.

“Why am I not surprised at all.” He drew in a good humoured breath and continued to laugh.

“You’re just jealous because no one wears Captain America underwear.”

“Sam does, and Scott.” He burst out laughing at Tony’s expression.

“I have no doubt Lang has an entire Avengers wardrobe set so that isn’t really points in your favour.” Tony sniffed contemptuously. “As for Falcon your bromance is adorable.”

“Jealous Stark?”

“Why? Should I be, am I getting his sloppy seconds or something.” Tony raised his eyebrows and shrugged.

Steve sat up. “God you’re such an asshole Tony, and for the record, no, Sam and I, we haven’t and wouldn’t, it’s not like that.”

“You said a bad word!” Tony cried and dropped his pants and kicked them off. “Christ Steve can you drop the pompous attitude for one minute.” He stepped up to Steve and loomed over him, enjoying being taller than him for once. Steve sat back and looked up at Tony once again with those fuck me eyes and even had the audacity to bite his goddamn lip. “So what is your deal Rogers? Men, women, both, have you had the hots for me for a while or is this a new thing for you?”

Steve threw his head back and groaned and Tony seized the opportunity to climb back onto him, he sat up, straddling Steve’s waist once more.

“Come on Stevey baby, what gets you hot under the all American collar huh?” He traced one finger down Steve’s hip bones and Steve let out a sharp breath. “You know you want to tell me.”

Steve brought his head back up and looked at Tony with those piercing baby blues. He opened his mouth to speak, then swallowed and let out the breath he’d been holding. “I don’t really know I guess.”

“I know you and Barnes have something Steve, don’t deny it.”

Steve stiffened under him as if he’d just received an electric shock.

“Drop it Tony.”

“I don’t think I will.” He slipped a thumb under the waistband of the boxers and ran it down the sharp hip bone.

“You won’t like it.”

“I don’t care, you’re underneath me right now, no one else and I want to know why?”

Steve let out a long sigh and relaxed his body under Tony’s. “At first there was only Bucky, I tried it with women I really did but it felt so forced, just doing my duty, Buck got all the girls and they just looked at me with pitiful eyes. Bucky was the only one who looked at me and saw me. But I always felt that I didn’t deserve him and he’d eventually get bored of me. I always felt I had to prove myself in every sphere. And then Peggy came along, and she was perfect and she saw me. I’ll love her till the day I die Tony. I had that taken from me and though I tried with Sharon and Nat-“

“Wait Nat?! You and Widow? But, her and Banner had this whole beauty and the beast thing going on.” Tony stared at Steve anew, temporarily forgetting the hard bulge pressing into him and the almost naked man beneath him.

“She sort of gave up, and we dated briefly before, back when Hydra operated SHIELD and we were forced to spend a lot of time on the run together. But it never seems to last. We get together and then the world attempts to end… Don’t look so surprised Stark we weren’t exactly hiding it.”

“You weren’t announcing it either.”

Steve ignored him. “As for Bucky, whatever we had is gone thanks to Hydra. You’re right Stark, there is more than just a friendship or brotherhood there. Bucky is my everything.” He closed his eyes, waiting for Tony to lose it.

Tony took his free hand and ran it through his messy hair. “So how long have you had the hots for me then? I’m not expecting undying declarations here Steve my man, I’ve been in love and this isn’t it. I’m just curious as to what goes on in America’s golden boy’s head.”

Steve opened his eyes tentatively. “I have to say I acted purely on instinct here Tony. You’re a good looking guy but I can’t figure out if I want to hate you or want to sleep with you.”

“I get that a lot.” Tony wrinkled his nose and grinned.

“Before the accords happened, we were like family, and me and you, there was definitely something else there, maybe a little more dormant on my side, I guess I’m just not a very dominant person in that area and you had Pepper and, well, you know.”

“Yeah, I know.” Tony shrugged and brought his other hand down to Steve’s chest. “I’m much less complicated. If I think you’re hot, I’ll fuck you, I could not give a rat’s ass about man, woman, super soldier, whatever the fuck people like Thor are yadda yadda. I like pretty things and you are a very pretty thing Steve. I’ve thought that from the beginning but you’re also aggravating as hell, pompous, self righteous and a total douche bag at times, that can be quite the turn off. But it wasn’t until the accords that I realised just how much I need you Steve. And I do, need you. Even if right now I want to beat the snot out of you, I need you and I want you.” He ran his hands up Steve’s chest and trailed his fingers around the other man’s nipples. “You are one hot piece of ass Rogers. Even if you are an asshole.”

This surprised a laugh out of Steve and Tony bent down, capturing his mouth before he could stop laughing. Steve took in a breath from the side of his mouth and kissed Tony back, he ran a hand up Tony’s shoulders and down his back to his boxers, he slipped a hand underneath the elastic to cup Tony’s buttocks, squeezing hard enough to elicit a groan from Tony. He broke the kiss to look into Steve’s eyes quickly, then dipped his head to Steve’s cheek, brushing his lips across Steve’s ear.

“No more talking, fuck the fighting, fuck Barnes, fuck SHIELD, I am going to ruin you Rogers, I hope that serum gave you super stamina in bed because I intend to see you unable to walk straight.” He purred, accentuating his words with thrusts of his hips that had the other man gasping into his hair.

“Oh jesus Tony.”

“You are awful at talking dirty.” He chuckled.

“You said no more talking, now hurry up and make good on all those promises you just whispered into my ear.” He breathed, licking his lips and grabbing at Tony’s ear with his teeth.

Chapter Text

Tony didn’t need anymore encouragement, he dropped himself onto Steve once more and set to the skin under his jaw, taking it in his teeth and biting down, feeling Steve’s body respond, his fingernails digging into Tony’s ass so pleasurably. He reached up and entangled one hand into Steve’s hair, tugging on it rhythmically as he started to work his hips into Steve’s. The hand that was still in Steve’s boxers worked their way down (and hey, there actually was hair on Steve's body who knew!) to the hard part in the middle and he stroked his fingers up Steve’s length, feeling his cock twitch and grow under them. He slipped his fingers round Steve’s length and started to move his hand, slowly, measurably. There you are big boy, Tony mused to himself as he felt a second hand slip under the waistband of his boxers, this one made its way round to Tony’s now fully erect member almost timidly, and Tony rocked his hips in Steve’s hands, offering silent encouragement. Dear innocent Steve, he was going to have a whole new world open up to him.

Steve cupped Tony’s balls for a moment, fondling them, exploring them and Tony gasped into Steve’s neck, he could feel precum spilling down and dampening his boxers and he knew Steve could feel the warmth spreading over his fingers, he could feel it driving Steve crazy. He worked Steve out to his full length and whispered into Steve’s burning neck. “Supersized indeed big boy, let’s bring you out to play shall we.” Steve turned his head and nipped Tony’s bottom lip with surprising force and Tony feathered a kiss at the edge of his mouth before sitting up, giving Steve ample moving room to take Tony’s weeping cock in his hand as his other hand stroked straight down the sensitive middle of his ass. He pushed into Steve’s hand, biting his lip and then opened his eyes and took his hand out of Steve’s boxers and the other he disentangled from his hair.

He put them both onto Steve’s boxers and then thought better, and instead leaned down; catching the material between his teeth causing Steve to moan loud enough for Tony to be glad the place was empty. He worked them down, his fingers tugging at the edges of the legs as his top lip and nose brushed the head of Steve’s shaft, he could smell the salt of Steve’s cum already and it excited him greatly. Steve’s hand let go of Tony and Tony pulled himself down Steve’s legs until finally that glorious creature was released.

“Jesus fucking Christ Steve look at that thing!” He exclaimed as he brought his head up to be able to see it in its entirety. “No wonder you and Nat keep hooking up, I’d keep coming back just for that.” He looked up at Steve and was surprised to see a smarmy ‘I know’ look on the man’s face. He pulled the boxers over Steve’s legs and flung them over his shoulder before working his way back up him, trailing his nose and lips up Steve’s length and flicking his tongue around the head, enjoying the hitch it caused in the other man’s breathing. He let it slide down his chest, dip into his navel and travel down his hips, now Steve’s cum was darkening his briefs as well, he worked it down his own length, taking in a sharp breath as it pressed into his ass and then he was sliding up Steve’s chest until he was sitting on it.

“Don’t leave me hanging here Captain.” He said breathlessly. Steve placed his hands on Tony’s hips as he straddled his abs, and didn’t even bother with the foreplay, he pulled the boxers down, letting Tony’s cock fling itself out of its restraints.

“You’re not exactly small yourself Iron Man.”

“Well hey the rumours are true.” He retorted.

He backed off of Steve, pulling his boxers off and leaning over the other man, who pushed his lips to Tony’s chest, placing a kiss on his thrumming arc reactor as he rummaged in a drawer next to the sofa. He pulled out a small red bottle and two little packets.

“Bet you didn’t have this shit in the 40s, Strawberry flavour.” He winked and climbed back onto Steve, dropping the condoms onto his chest, slipping backwards until he could feel Steve’s penis pushing into his goddamn lower back it was so big. He popped the cap and grabbed Steve’s hand, upending the bottle and pouring it into his open palm. “Get to work Cap.” He grabbed the hand and wrapped it around two of his fingers, sliding them through Steve’s now closed fist, delighting in Steve’s expression, part lust part wonderment, then led his hand down to his own cock, Steve obliged, never taking his eyes off Tony’s face.

Steve worked Tony’s cock as Tony pushed Steve so he was sitting up against the sofa, he lifted himself over the whopping great penis as it was now called in Tony’s mind and grabbed a condom, checking that it was extra large and stretchy, he had them in all sizes in every draw, you never knew who he might bring home. He ripped it open with his teeth and one hand, then drew his two lubed fingers up Steve’s shaft and then rolled the condom down it, they were already lubed, but Tony loved all the little things like the bottle in his hand, the condom almost didn’t fit and he had to swallow past a lump in his throat as he looked down at it. Steve was still working Tony slowly but surely throughout this and Tony handed him the other condom after ripping it out of the packet with his teeth. Steve put it on him with a clear precision that could only come from a methodical obsessive compulsive and then Tony dropped onto him, their wrapped tools rubbing against each other teasingly.

“How long has it been, Captain, my Captain?” He breathed between kisses as he captured Steve’s mouth with his own.

“A while.” Steve gasped back as Tony rocked their members together.

“As in more than 50 years a while?”

Steve bit Tony’s lip and let out a yes that tapered off as Tony’s hand made its way down to Steve’s pert ass. “I can’t promise I’ll be gentle, actually scratch that, I have no intention of being gentle with you Rogers.”

“Promises promises Stark.” Steve replied breathlessly, spreading his legs either side of Tony’s own.

Tony got his knees under him and stroked down the inside of Steve’s thigh, then slid the two fingers still gratuitously coated in lube under Steve’s balls and up to his as expected tight little hole. Steve watched his hand disappear underneath him with unbidden lust and Tony’s free hand grabbed his chin, bringing his eyes back up to Tony before he closed his own and kissed Steve deeply, he slipped one finger inside Steve and the other man cried out, the sound so pure and perfect against his lips. He kept his lips on Steve’s panting mouth as he worked the finger into Steve slowly, up and down, up and down. He felt Steve’s cheeks clench around his finger and he shh’d at Steve, who breathed in and relaxed himself, scrunching his eyes up and pressing his forehead to Tony. Before Steve had time to regain composure Tony slid the second finger in and Steve moaned so sultrily that Tony’s cock twitched in response. Steve’s hands, now on the cushions, dug in to them and Tony was sure he heard a slight ripping sound. He dismissed it and grabbed the bottle of lube from beside Steve; it had rolled down into the dip of Tony’s knees on the sofa.

He flipped the cap with his thumb and squeezed it down into his hand that was currently working its way inside Steve. He needed more than two fingers for this. He lathered up a third finger and pushed it inside, keeping a steady rhythm.

“Oh god, oh Tony you have no idea how good that feels.”

“You’re right; I think the longest I’ve gone without sex is like three days.” He laughed and then moaned as he felt Steve start to push back onto his fingers.

Tony’s cock was properly weeping now and as much as he was enjoying the sight of Captain America naked and sitting on his hand, cheeks flushed, mouth open, sweat beading on his skin, all he wanted was to be inside him. He angled his fingers up until he hit that wonderful bundle of nerves Steve’s homophobic god had put in there as an ‘in case of emergency’ backup and Steve turned to putty on his hand, he wrapped his long legs around Tony’s waist and pulled him in, taking Tony’s fingers to the knuckles and thrusting down onto them. Tony felt the blood in him struggling to decide whether to flood his cheeks or join the rest of it in his cock and he flicked Steve again, who almost screamed and his eyes flew open.

“Please.” His eyes implored Tony. “I need you inside me, I need you to, how have I heard you say it before? ‘Fuck me raw.”

“I knew you had it in you babe.” He quipped and withdrew his fingers, his other hand shoving Steve in the chest.

Steve gave a token resistance before Tony put him on his back, he trailed his hands down Steve’s sides, using his fingernails on the skin and making the other man twist and shiver under him, he reached Steve’s legs and yanked them open, taking a moment to enjoy seeing Steven Roger’s pink little asshole and his baby blue eyes filled with lust. He ran his hands back down Steve’s thighs, knowing he was driving Steve wild, and then took his hips between them, Steve pulled Tony into his body with his steel legs and Tony pushed the head of his cock into him slowly, nudging at him inch by inch, Steve once again moaned deeply, breathlessly and Tony found himself in sheer delight that he was the cause of that throaty sound. He looked down and caught sight of Steve’s suit and that delight mingled with the softened anger from earlier and he thrust himself into Steve without ceremony. Steve screamed and gasped as Tony’s entire length entered his body roughly, Tony thought Steve might protest but instead he grabbed Tony’s hair and took Tony’s mouth roughly with his own.

“Harder Stark, I can take it.” He breathed into Tony’s mouth and Tony grabbed his bottom lip with his teeth and pulled enough to make Steve jerk.

“Oh you’ll take it alright Rogers. You might regret it though. I really, really like it rough.”

Steve just groaned; his hot breath mingling with Tony’s own as Tony pushed Steve’s hips off of him and then took hold of his ass, pulling it down onto his cock. He went to thrust into Steve again but this time Steve hit back, Steve pushed down onto Tony’s cock with a force the younger man had almost forgotten he had and now Tony was the one unable to hold in his moans, Steve pushed Tony back off of him with a strength that offered no margin and now Tony was the one being shoved into the cushions. Steve straddled Tony’s waist and suddenly the Captain emerged, no longer meek and hesitant Steve sat on Tony’s cock and started to ride him, all that uncertainty slipping away with every thrust. The battle for power began between the two, Tony was used to being the one in control and he wasn’t going to give it up easily. Though less experienced experienced, Steve was bigger, stronger and heavier and he used it to his advantage.

Steve’s cock bounced across Tony’s stomach with every thrust and Tony bucked his hips and grabbed one of Steve’s arms, unbalancing him he pulled the man down to him, he had one hand gripping Steve’s hip bone and one on his arm, as Steve fell closer to the younger man Tony retook Steve’s mouth as his other hand reached for Steve’s shaft. Now at a better angle Tony pushed himself into Steve as his hand pumped him, aiming for the bundle of nerves he knew would make Steve lose his shit. “How do you hide this beast in that skin tight suit of yours Rogers, are you a grower, not a shower?” He panted into Steve’s mouth as he felt beads of sweat rolling off him and splashing down his own cheeks.

Steve pulled his arm from Tony’s grip, breaking the kiss, and slammed it into the arm rest beside Tony’s face, now Steve was looming over Tony and no longer looking the picture of innocence. Now Steve was pure unadulterated sex. His pupils were blown, his face flushed, his breathing coming in ragged gasps and moans, his hair was all over the place, his mouth was open and his lips were swollen, he had never looked more gorgeous that Tony could remember. “I have my ways Stark.” He replied breathlessly.

Having Steve in his hand was like trying to hold on to a slippery metal pole and Tony marvelled at it. Not the only Iron Man here, Tony thought and laughed to himself, ignoring Steve’s glance. As Steve’s breathing became heavier and his fingers dug into the cushion beside Tony’s head Tony simultaneously slowed his thrusts down and his pumping, this was one fight Steve was going to lose. Steve threw his head back and let out a breathy moan, flicking his hips up into Tony’s own, trying to keep him going. No chance, I can 100% guarantee this is something I am actually better at than he is.

Steve dropped his head back to Tony’s chin, his sweaty hair brushing Tony’s cheek. Tony closed his eyes and circled his hips, slowly, teasingly, spinning the heavier man around on himself and causing Steve to grit his teeth and grab at the sofa. He took his other hand off of Tony’s shoulder and traced down around Tony’s chest, around the arc reactor where the skin was ridiculously more sensitive than the rest of his chest, which was so weird as the scar tissue should have practically deadened the area to touch. He reached Tony’s nipple and twirled a finger around it, stroking it, kneading his pectoral muscle with his hand and then brushing his fingers down Tony’s ribs. Tony switching the direction of his grinding hips and Steve gasped once more.

“Oh, oh oh Stark.” He pulled in a sharp breath.

“That’s it, say my name baby.” Tony smirked, enjoying watching Steve unravel above him. He circled his hips once more and brought his thumb to the tip of Steve’s aching cock, where he rolled his thumb in a circle across it.

That caused Steve to capture Tony’s mouth fiercely and their teeth clashed together with almost enough force to jar Tony’s jaw. He kissed him back, tugging at Steve’s bottom lip with his teeth, nipping at Steve’s tongue as it attempted to enter his mouth. Steve’s nose was pressed flush against Tony’s cheek and Steve rocked into him, gasping into Tony’s mouth. “Harder… Stark.” He forced out between heavy breaths.

“Come now Rogers, you can do better than that. I want you to beg for it.”

Steve clenched his jaw and Tony could almost hear the internal struggle Steve was having. Pride always comes before a fall. And someone else was going to be coming before him too. Tony thrust his hips up and Steve’s fist hit the sofa hard, denting the metal frame below the cushion as he cried out, his breathing almost becoming a sob.

“Found it.” Tony teased as drew his thumb up and down Steve’s shaft.

He continued to grind his hips leisurely into Steve, enjoying watching Steve’s balls roam around his abdomen as he moved Steve around.

“Oh god Stark! Stop it.” Steve cried out as Tony stretched his legs out under Steve, pushing his knees up and cradling his ass with his thighs.

“Come on Rogers, I have absolutely no doubt you’ll be screaming my name by the end of this, but right now, I want you to beg, I want my name to come out as breathy and sensual as those sweet little moans you keep letting out.” Tony smirked at Steve, who raised his face minutely and looked at Stark, one eyebrow raised. Tony took his free hand and cupped the back of Steve’s neck and pulled his ear to his lips. “Say please, say please Tony, fuck me into oblivion, I’ll do what ever you want.” Tony trailed his tongue down Steve’s earlobe teasingly and Steve groaned, and Tony could hear a hint of defiance even in that.

Tony bucked his hips once again and squeezed Steve’s cock, Steve clenched his ass cheeks around Tony’s shaft and Tony couldn’t help but cry out in unison with Steve.

“Please.” He dropped his head to Tony’s ear, his lips brushing the stubble on Tony’s cheek. “Please Stark.”

“Please what? Hmm?” Tony bit his lip at smirked at the pleading tone Steve had adopted.

“Please Tony…” He managed to grind out.

“Better, but you’re still missing a few words. Say my name again.” Tony bucked his hips yet again.

“Ah! Please! Tony!” Steve cried out against Tony’s cheek. “Please Tony, fuck me into-“

“Oblivion.” Tony chirped.

“Please Tony, fuck me into oblivion, I’ll do whatever you want.”

“You heard it ladies and gents.” He let go of Steve’s throbbing cock and sat up, he grabbed Steve’s shoulders pulled his entire length out of Steve, ignoring the futile protests from the older man. He threw Steve into the couch and drew himself up to tower over Steve.

“Turn around Cap.” He said tauntingly.

“Tony.” Steve gasped.

“Turn the fuck around Rogers, that’s an order.”

Chapter Text

“Turn the fuck around Rogers, that’s an order.”

Steve’s eyes widened in reply, but before he could open his mouth Tony grabbed his waist and flipped him over, this time there was no resistance. He pulled Steve’s ass up into the air as Steve rested his elbows on the arm rest grudgingly.

“Now that’s more like it.” He drew a hand back and slapped that perky little butt and Steve yelped. “This ass was made to be ridden Steve.” Steve dropped his head onto his arms for a moment and tried to catch his breath, but Tony pulled his arm back and spanked Steve as hard as he could, leaving, disappointingly, only a faint red mark. But he did notice Steve’s cock start to dribble and he grinned. “Oh baby did you like that. Is that your thing? Or have you never been spanked before. Never been treated like the bad boy you are.” Tony purred seductively.

Steve didn’t reply, but he shifted his ass under Tony’s hands and Tony took the meaning. He pulled his other hand back this time, replacing his other hand on Steve’s waist and steadying him. He slapped Steve’s left cheek with all his might and Steve groaned into his arms, he could almost see Steve biting down on his lip, trying to hold the sound in.

Tony leaned down and gave Steve’s cock a quick tug. “Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about you big boy, but this ass is demanding my attention. It’s gonna be tough work leaving a mark on a super soldier.”

Tony pushed his hands up Steve’s back, then raked his fingernails down the smooth flesh there. Steve whimpered and squirmed, but didn’t try to move away. Instead he let out a breathy whisper that Tony barely heard. “Again…”

Tony sat up and slapped Steve hard across both cheeks. “Who the fuck said you could talk soldier.” Steve jumped, but continued to present his ass to Stark like a birthday gift.

Tony kneaded his knuckles into the tight muscles there, then stroked down Steve’s hard thighs and back up again, he worked his hands around to the sensitive inner thigh and dragged his nails up them wickedly and Steve moaned, his cock twitching over Tony’s hands. “Come on Steve, a little louder now babe.” He spanked Steve twice in quick succession and Steve really cried out then, pain and pleasure mingling in his voice.

“There we go, normally we can’t get you to shut up about patriotism and shit, don’t go quiet on me now baby, show me how much you want it.” Tony sat back on his haunches and stroked himself, watching as Steve caught his breath, taking in the sight of Captain America bent over an armrest in front of him, naked and flushed. If that wasn’t the sexiest thing he had seen in a long time…

Steve looked back at Tony, his eyes burning, and licked his lips as he saw Tony pleasuring himself to the sight of his naked body. He longed to reach down to his throbbing cock, and he wondered if Stark would hit him again if he tried. He decided Tony would, so he did it. Quick as a flash Tony dropped his cock and socked his open palm into Steve’s ass and Steve let out the loudest moan he could muster, dropping his head into his hands and groaning, flirting his ass at Tony.

“You know, for someone who is veeeeery lacking in this area of expertise you’re a fast learner Rogers. What it must feel like to be you, knowing you can take all the pounding I can give you.”

Steve took in a breath. “I want it, I can take it all.” He panted, eyeing Tony up once more.

Tony raised his hands to Steve’s slowly reddening ass and stroked his cheeks. “Is this the first time you’ve not played it safe in sex Rogers? The first time you’ve got a bit freaky.” Tony spread Steve’s cheeks and fingered Steve’s hole lightly.

“Oh, yes, yes it is!” Steve bit down on his arm and Tony saw it, he rifled around him, found the bottle of lube and coated his fingers with it, then slipped his fingers inside Steve once more. He put in four and Steve clenched around his hand so Tony slapped him hard. Steve bucked his hips but relented, allowing Tony to start working him.

“I reckon you could take my whole hand if I tried Rogers.”

Steve nodded into the pillow and Tony chuckled, digging his fingers into Steve, searching for his prostate. He hit it and Steve rocked back onto his hand with a force that Tony reckoned would probably actually break his wrist if he tried to fist the bigger man. That had him laughing and he withdrew his fingers, eliciting a moan from Steve. He’d never really been one for that kind of stuff anyway.

He quickly reached down and pumped Steve’s shaft a couple of times, enjoying watching Steve squirm under his ministrations, then let go and spanked Steve once more for good measure. Steve’s cock was positively dripping now, but Tony knew he had a lot more left in him. He straightened up and leaned forwards, dragging his teeth down Steve’s rock hard ass, something he’d been dying to do ever since he’d got a good look at it.

He sat up, keeping Steve’s cheeks spread, and positioned his cock at Steve’s entrance, he rubbed the tip of his cock around Steve’s asshole and Steve pushed back onto it. He slapped Steve once more. “Ah ah, you be a good boy now.” Steve stifled a groan in the cushions in reply.

He pushed the head of his cock into Steve and gave a couple of quick, shallow thrusts, enjoying watching himself open Steve up, his lopsided smile grew wider and he took Steve’s hips in his hands. There was an audible slap of flesh on flesh as Tony pounded himself into Steve and Steve cried out, his head coming off his arms and his eyes flying open. Tony pulled himself back and slammed himself into Steve once more, then he started to really thrust. If Steve had thought he was being rough earlier he was in for a huge surprise. Tony pounded into Steve, he leaned over and shoved his shoulders down into the sofa then dragged his nails across Steve’s ribs as he thrust into the super soldier with all his strength. He left Steve’s cock to bounce and throb, enjoying the sight of it as it bounced in and out of view with every thrust. Now Steve was groaning, moaning and almost sobbing into the sofa, Tony leaned forwards and stuck his lubed fingers in Steve’s mouth.

“Oh gross Tony what the fuck!” Steve spat and Tony burst out laughing without slowing down his thrusts.

“Doesn’t taste like strawberries anymore does it Rogers.”

“You’re actually vile.” But Steve was laughing too in spite of himself, well, trying to laugh in between his now very rancorous moaning. “Do it, again and I’ll, bite the fucking things… off.” Steve panted.

“Ooh, you tease.” Tony was panting too now, his breath became ragged much quicker than Steve’s, who had recovered from the first part of the tryst very quickly indeed. He felt his own cock begin to throb and willed himself to hold on, he hit Steve’s prostate again and again and now Steve was screaming.

“Oh Tony! Oh God Tony!”

“Dirty blasphemer.” Tony cried back.

“I don’t care Tony, just! Fuck! Me!”

Tony allowed his grin to stay plastered to his face as he listened to Steve rave and swear as Tony pounded into his ass like it was an enemy, every slap of flesh on flesh fuelling his lust.

“Oh Tony, I can’t, ah, I can’t hold on much longer.” Steve cried out and Tony heard a ripping and then Steve spat out feathers.

“Was that my couch you little prick!” Tony yelled.

Steve spat out more feathers and gripped the edge of the armrest until his knuckles went white. Tony heard a rending whine as Steve bent the metal frame, and then the whole couch lurched as part of the frame snapped under Steve’s hand.

“You owe me a new sofa Steve.” Tony gasped.

“You’re a… billionaire… buy another.” Steve panted between groans.

“Better make it worth my while then pretty boy.” Tony dragged his fingernails once more down Steve’s ribs and he was pleased to see red welts slowly rising from Steve’s tanned skin.

Steve cried out and threw his head back and Tony leaned down, backtracking his earlier plan and grabbed Steve’s ready to erupt shaft, ripping the condom off, he wanted to feel the hot cum on his skin. He started to pump Steve in time with his thrusts, causing Steve to keep clenching his ass around Tony’s pulsing cock, and then his whole body clamped down on Tony’s cock as he came, cum spurting out across the sofa and Steve’s arms, gushing down Tony’s hand as he screamed Tony’s name over and over.

Tony felt himself begin to climax and his thrusts became erratic, Steve held onto Tony’s cock, pushing back into his thrusts and then Tony was crying out Steve’s name in between expletives. He felt himself explode into Steve and as he pulled back and continued to thrust he looked down to see cum already leaking out and down to his balls from the edges of the condom, that was one hell of a load he’d just shot into Steve’s perfect ass.

He rode out the climax, still pumping Steve’s cock as Steve’s cum ran over his fingers and dripped into a pool on the sofa and soaked in, gross. As Steve’s cock started to go flaccid he pulled his ass of Tony’s own cock and spun around, Tony had time to think damn he recovers fast, before Steve had shoved Tony into the sofa, he peeled the condom off Tony’s still erect shaft and took it in his mouth. His hot breath ran down his shaft as took Tony’s cock like it was an ice lolly and Tony couldn’t take his eyes off the sight before him. He took his cum covered hand and put a finger in his mouth, tasting Rogers on his tongue and he groaned. Steve finally released Tony’s now limp penis and licked the cum off his lips, eliciting another groan from Tony.

Then Steve crawled up Tony and forced his mouth onto Tony’s own, Tony tasted himself on Steve’s lips and drew in a heavy breath, kissing Steve back as hard as his tired body would allow. He pulled Steve into him, Steve’s still dribbling cock dripping down Tony’s thigh as he slid his leg up and down Steve’s own. Steve left Tony’s mouth and worked his way down Tony’s neck and onto his chest, where he bit down hard.

Chapter Text

“Hey!” Tony groaned loudly and Steve ignored him.

He took Tony’s skin between his teeth and worked it in his mouth until blood bloomed underneath the skin leaving a large purple bruise. He brushed his lips down a bit more and started again, Tony pushed his fingers into Steve’s hair and threw is head back, allowing himself to catch his breath as Steve’s mouth worked itself down his now hyper sensitive body. Steve reached Tony’s nipple and took it in his mouth, dancing his tongue across it, flicking it and sucking on it. Tony closed his eyes and tightened his grip on Steve’s hair. Steve finally let go and looked up at Tony, the glow from Tony’s arc reactor causing Steve’s eyes to sparkle.

“I refused to be the only one left with bruises from this.” Steve panted.

“Yeah but you’ll heal much faster than I will.”

“Good, then the next time you take someone to bed they’ll see someone else had you hard.”

“Maybe I’ll just take you again instead old man.”

Steve rolled off Tony and lay down next to him, pushing Tony across the sofa cushions until he was lying on his side, trailing his fingers across Tony’s stomach.

“And when will that be? Because you look spent.”

“Oh I am far from gramps, what about you, I’m surprised you didn’t lose your voice with the amount of screaming you did. I thought you were trying to keep a low profile?”

“I thought you said this building was the safest in New York? So surely I could scream as loud as I wanted.”

“To be fair, I wasn’t going to let you be quiet. Noisy rough sex is the best kind there is.”

“So I found out.” Steve caught Tony’s bright eyes with his own.

“Hang on, was that your roundabout, cryptic way of saying that was the best fuck you’ve ever had?”

Steve sighed and pushed his hand down to cup Tony’s cock.

“I guess it was, Iron Man.”

“Oh I knew there was a freak in the sheets hidden away inside there just begging to be let out. I told you I’d ruin you Stevey.”

“You know Tony; you can’t just fuck all your problems away.” Steve continued to stroke between Tony’s legs.

“I can and I will and I reckon you’d love it if I did.”

Steve shrugged but didn’t take his hand away.

Tony jumped up from the sofa, causing Steve to crash onto the cushions. Undisguised mischief danced in Tony’s eyes and he strode over purposefully to the bar, Steve watched his ass shake to and fro as he walked away.

“Now that is a sight to behold.” Steve commented.

“Damn right it is, I work hard for this ass unlike you.”

Steve chuckled and left himself laying there with his head turned, watching Tony gather up two glasses and pour a generous shot of scotch into each. He reached under the bar and grabbed some ice cubes, dropping them into the deep brown liquid. He walked back over to Steve and shoved him over, before leaning up against the back of the sofa and shoving a glass into Steve’s hands.

“Now I know you can’t get drunk but you can still appreciate the fine taste of this stuff right?”

“Right.” Steve nodded and clinked his glass into Tony’s and took a sip, then dropped back onto Tony’s shoulder.

Tony had a moment to think about how surreal this was as he dipped his fingers into his glass and pulled out an ice cube, Steve eyed his hand as he placed the cube against Steve’s chest and Steve winced and shivered at the touch, he slid it along Steve’s pecs and onto his nipple, causing Steve to gasp. “Hey, that’s cold,”

He removed the ice cube, then lifted it to Steve’s lips, delighting in the melting water running down his fingers and splashing onto Steve’s ripped chest. Steve looked at it for a moment, then opened his mouth and let Tony place it on his tongue. Steve sucked on the ice cube obligingly and Tony flung an arm behind his head and dropped onto it, groaning at the sight and closing his eyes. He heard Steve crunch down and knocked back the rest of the scotch, dropping it to the floor and letting it roll across the laminate flooring.

Steve downed the rest of his and leaned over Tony to place his glass gently on the floor. Tony grabbed Steve’s shoulders, causing him to drop the glass, which hit the floor with a clunk but stayed in one piece, how boring, and he pushed Steve back into the sofa and straddled him, he grinned and placed his hands on Steve’s chest.

“Ready for round two?”