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[vid] Something Good (Will Come From That)

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Something Good (Will Come From That) from Sanguinity on Vimeo.

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I saw you strolling by your solitary
Am I nosy? Very very!
I’d like to bet a juicy huckleberry
What you’re after is a boy
We’re both in luck for introductions are not necessary…

Mm-mm-mm, would you like to take a walk?
Mm-mm-mm, do you think it’s gonna rain?
Mm-mm-mm, how about a sarsparilla?
Gee, the moon is yellow!
Something good will come from that.

Mm-mm-mm, have you heard the latest song?
Mm-mm-mm, it’s a very pretty strain.
Mm-mm-mm, don’t you feel a little thrilly?
Gee, it’s getting chilly!
Something good will come from that!

When you’re strolling through the where-sis
You need a who-sis to lean upon
When you have no who-sis
To hug and what-sis

Mm-mm-mm, would you like to take a walk?
Mm-mm-mm, do you think it’s gonna rain?
Mm-mm-mm, aren’t you tired of the talkies?
I prefer the walkies
Something good will come from that.

Walking and talking with a girl like you
Is about the sweetest thing any boy can do
I’d rather be romancing than walking, dear
I’d rather be dancing… Oh, let’s dance here.

Doot-doo-doo, have you heard the song of spring?
Doot-doo-doo, you can hear it everywhere.
Doot-doo-doo, when you see the little roses
Turning up their noses
Something good will come from that.

Mm-mm-mm, when you see a butterfly
Mm-mm-mm, nodding to a buttercup
Mm-mm-mm, when you hear a little cricket
Chirping in the thicket
Something good will come from that.

Oh, say, I'd love to be your who-sis
We could go where-sis most every night
We could love and what-sis
You’d find your who-sis just right.

Doot-doo-doot-doo-doo, take a walk in lover’s lane
Doot-doo-doot-doo-doo, then you’ll hear that song of spring
Doot-doo-doot-doo-doo, when you hear those lovers sighing
Then there’s no denying
Something good will come from that!
...and that!
...and that!