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salt and sweat

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“I vote this as the second worst idea that Namjoon has ever fucking had.”

Your accusation was approved by a unison sound of groans over the car engine, made by all of the boys but Namjoon, who instead scoffed and shot daggers at you through the review mirror. You matched his glare with an annoyed gaze, noticing the bead of sweat that slipped down your brow in the reflection.

“Oh yeah?” Namjoon declared, his knuckles noticeably tightening with irritation around the driver’s wheel. “And what is the first?”

“That time with the spaghetti and the bath-“

“Oh Jesus, don’t remind me of that time, please,” Jimin whined from beneath you, his hand clamping over your mouth to silence the rest of your sentence. He yelped when the tip of your tongue darted across his palm, releasing you instantly and returning his arms to rest loosely around your waist.

It was recorded to be the hottest day of the year so far and the boys had the day off, so it was customary that they took advantage of the great weather and went down to the beach to relax. The hitch was that there was only one car and six of you, Yoongi deciding to stay home and sleep through the heat and Seokjin wanting to catch up on some errands, leaving yourself and the remaining boys to squish up in the tiny rental car. Hoseok and Namjoon had the front seats because they pulled the we are the eldest card, alongside with the we know the directions to the beach card, even though Namjoon had already made three wrong turns, which erupted a catastrophe of protests and screaming from the maknae-line and yourself that were bunched together in the back. Taehyung was pressed against the left-side window with Jungkook trying to make himself as small as he possibly could in the middle, which was not easy for a still-growing boy with his gangly limbs and broad shoulders. Jimin was tucked into the right-side window seat with you positioned on his lap, acting as your seat belt with his arms looped around you.

It was sticky and uncomfortable, and to top it all off, the goddamn air conditioner didn’t work. Rolling the windows down was no use, as it only blew the heat around, along with Hoseok’s hair which earned another round of complaining. The six of you decidedly sat in the sweltering car in a mess of sweat and boiling frustration, attempting to soothe the current pain with the thought of the cool waves of the ocean that were soon to be lapping at your skin.

The car jumped as it hit a speed bump, all the bodies within lurching forward and grunting at Namjoon who had decided to hit it at least twice the advised limit. You noticed the way Jimin squirmed beneath you, so you readjusted your position on his lap to make him as comfortable as he could be in the steamy confines, the skin of your bare thighs sticking to his and making it difficult to move. The sign to the beach flashed through your window as the vehicle passed it, less than five kilometres away, before Namjoon hit another speed bump and Hoseok leaned over and smacked the wildly cackling driver; who was seemingly enjoying riling everyone up. Jimin was still twitching beneath you, and you angled your body to lean against the window a little more.

That was when you felt it.

“Hyung, slow down,” Jimin groaned. “Y/N is on my damn lap and I swear to god if you make her squirm on top of me again, I will stop this car myself.”

If your cheeks could become any redder than they were from the draining heat, then they did. You covered your embarrassed smile with your hand as all eyes were diverted to look at the two of you in shocked silence, and by the way that they all suddenly broke out into more screams of disgust, Jimin must have been displaying his signature coy smile. Namjoon took a hard left turn, throwing you all to the right side of the car.

“Oh hell no, hyung stop pushing me onto them!” Jungkook wailed, his arms scrambling for some kind of leverage to push him away from yourself and Jimin, who had now cracked up with laughter.

“Don't you dare blame this on me!” Taehyung’s voice responded, the deepness booming around the car as all the bodies began to sway upright once more.

“Stop your whining,” Hoseok voiced from the front seat, gathering up all of the bags and towels that were piled at his feet. “We’re here!”

All shouting ceased as everyone looked through the front window, the car rolling into the empty gravel carpark of one of the many secluded beaches that only the locals really knew about. The ocean was a tranquil turquoise blue, stretching out to the horizon and meeting the cloudless sky, the sand on the shore so white from the beaming rays of the sun that you had to strain your eyes to see the rocks that dotted the coast. Jungkook and Taehyung were suddenly cheering, Jimin staying quiet as you all handed out items while Namjoon parked the car, the doors being thrown open before you even heard the handbrake click into place. When you opened the door on your side, you bustled out with a towel under each arm, squinting to the shoreline to see the boys yelling profanities as they darted across the sand, dropping whatever they held and stripping themselves shirtless before they threw their bodies into the waves. You smiled at the sight, it was so nice to finally see them relaxing and having fun; especially after the car ride from Hell.

Jimin was so silent that you almost forgot he was there, eager yourself to be joining the four hooligans down in the water until you felt fingers curl around your wrist. You whipped your head back to look at him out of surprise, his touch shaking off your reverie; until you saw his expression. The same sly smile from before was plastered to his features, your heart dropping to your stomach at the hungry look in his eye, the sun rays on your skin suddenly feeling much hotter, as though they were piercing the flesh.

“But Jimin, it is so hot,” You complained, dragging out the sound of the “o” and pouting. If anything, it encouraged him, his smile deepening at the higher pitch of your voice.

“Come on,” Jimin whined, his grip on your wrist tightening. “It will be quick, I promise.”

Worrying at your lip, you looked back towards the boys who were tackling each other in the water and floating over the icy ocean waves on their backs. The sun continued to sear your skin, making you itch to feel the water consume your body, soothe the burning. But when you turned to look back at Jimin, you could not deny the arousal that was teasing at your nerves; he looked undeniably attractive with his hair slick and pushed back, the lightly bronzed skin of his bare shoulders shining with sweat. He tugged you closer, settling his free hand on your waist and squeezing the soft flesh there while he looked down at you with his sultry eyes. You groaned loudly and dropped the towels; the damn water could wait.

“Oh god, fine.”

Jimin chuckled at your almost irritated response, hearing the tone of desire that lay beneath. The two of you worked quickly, stripping each other of his shirt and your summer dress without any hesitation before you shoved him into the back seat, his grin as you crawled in on top of him in nothing but your bikini made you shiver.

“Red suits you, baby,” Jimin complimented your swimwear, locking his hands around your neck to pull you down and kiss him with your thanks.

He tasted like sweat and sweet arousal, moving his lips against you at the same pace that you grinded his still hard member, working him up as you felt yourself become wet with the growing pleasure. Jimin kissed you with an uncontrollable fervour, biting at your lips and his tongue teasing at your own, his hands slipping from your neck down the front of your torso, moving the flimsy bikini top aside to grapple at your plump breasts. You moaned helplessly into his smiling mouth at the way that he rolled your nipples between his fingertips, pinching them lightly and encouraging you to grind harder onto his length, your sweet spot rubbing at his hardness through the thin layers and sending your nerves into a frenzy of pleasure.

Putting a halt to the kiss, Jimin suddenly sat the two of you up with ease, moving his hands to grab onto your hips as he adjusted you both in the car seat so that you were in the same position as you were on the drive to the beach; you positioned on his lap with your back pressed against his chest. He lifted you up slightly and you held onto the headrest in front of you, letting him pull down your swimmer bottoms to reveal your sticky lower region. You squeaked when two of his fingers separated your folds, running up and down your slit with a soft chuckle, settling on your clit and touching kisses to your spine.

“My girl, you became wet so quickly,” Jimin cooed, your body shaking with the undeniable pleasure.

“Stop teasing,” You mumbled, the heat of the car and your arousal beginning to make you lightheaded. “I want to swim, so hurry up.”

Jimin laughed again at your impatience and he swiftly undid his board shorts, replacing his fingers with the head of his cock and making you mewl above him. Positioning himself at your entrance, he guided you down his length, feeling yourself stretch and making your exhalation hiss between your teeth; the light pain consumed almost immediately by the heavenly sensation. Jimin groaned out of satisfaction, his head falling back onto the headrest behind him as you started to ride him senselessly, his fingers grappling onto your waist and thrusting you down harder, deeper. Skin slipped against skin with sweat and exertion, your sweet moans filling the car, becoming choked as the hot air settled on your melding bodies and invaded your lungs. He felt incredible inside of your tight walls, the position amplifying the pleasure, angling yourself so he could hit your g-spot perfectly. Jimin bucked beneath you, leaning forward so that his mouth could travel up your spine in kisses and licks, his hands reaching for the soft flesh of your breasts once more to roughly palm them, matching your quickening pace on top of him as the bundle of nerves around your core began to shudder.

Jimin was the first to come, pushing his member hard inside of you until you felt the warmth of his fluid blow, trickling out to stick between your thighs. You continued to bounce on top of him, his breath hot and heavy on your back with a hand moving down to circle the circumference of your sweet spot until your moans were cut off by the euphoric pleasure that consumed your body entirely, coming around his length. The two of you sat panting, trying to catch your breath in the heat that made your throat dry, waiting a moment before letting Jimin’s member slide out of you and feeling his fingers skim up your thighs to move your bikini bottoms back in place.

“Happy?” You said breathlessly, stumbling a little awkwardly out of the car, not realizing how weak your legs still were from your high.

Jimin tentatively zipped up his shorts, clambering out of the car himself with a grin that could compete with the sun that shined so fiercely above. “Very happy.”

When he suddenly bent down to your knees, you looked at him questioningly before a yelp escaped you as you quickly realized what he was doing; his arm looping around your legs and hoisting your body over his shoulder. He started a light jog down the carpark trail and onto the sand, yelling a string of curses as his feet made contact with the burning hot grains while you laughed giddily, his voice dying down as you heard the shore begin to curl over his ankles. You screamed as you felt yourself fall through the air, back coming in contact with the icy salt water and enclosing around your skin; washing away the sweat and pleasure from moments before. Fingertips skimmed at your waist, re-emerging you from the ocean and you rubbed your eyes from the sea to open them and find Jimin floating in front of you; a grin so wide and beautiful crossing his expression.

“If they weren’t all here, I would say we should try doing it in the ocean,” Jimin teased, gliding your body beneath the surface closer to his own so you could wrap your legs around his waist.

You grinned back at him as you pushed away your liquid-heavy hair, the ocean tangling the strands into curls of salt and sand. “It would definitely be less sticky.”

Jimin’s chuckle was smothered by his lips finding your own, tasting like the sea and the faint reminder of the sweet pleasure. When his hands crept down your waist to slip beneath your bikini bottoms and squeeze your butt, the two of you laughed against one another at the sound of Jungkook’s voice over the crashing waves.