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Breathe in. The underlying clinical aroma of sanitised floors and walls, the light vanilla and sandalwood scent of the client who just drifted past your plastic waiting chair, the faint mint still trapped in the grooves of your lips. Breathe out. The loose strands of hair surrounding your face fluttering with the disturbance of air, changing the cross of your legs, sitting up straighter from your slacked position. The three receptionists at the broad front desk hummed in quiet unison, booking appointments through the receivers clipped onto their ears, slotting the names and dates into the system with methodical taps on the keyboard. The metal letters embedded into the front spelling Riverside Dental had silver edges that shone teasingly beneath fluorescent light, winking at you as though they knew precisely what you were up to, why exactly you would be adorned in that pretty black swing dress with your hair nicely styled, blemishes concealed and legs on full, glorious display when it was only nine in the morning.

“Y/N, would you like to come through?”

The dentist, Dr. Kim Seokjin, was why.

Standing almost a little too quickly, you tucked your hair behind your ears and approached him with your best smile, which was tentative at best beneath his gaze. Tall with a fit and broad build, a face to make women and men alike faint, a profession that has him rolling in mountains of money and a kindness about him so sincere that you wished you could thank his mother personally for raising such an inhumanely perfect man, what was there not to like? And more so, why not dress up undeniably inappropriate for such an early hour of the day, one where on any other Tuesday morning, you would still most likely be wrapped in bundles of blankets, the haze of sleep clouding your unconscious figure in bed? All in the name of catching the attention of your gorgeous dentist, you say.

“It’s lovely to see you again,” He grinned, swooping an arm wide in the direction of his dental treatment room, the swoop of his eyes up your body certainly not going unnoticed by the flush of roses across your cheeks. “You look wonderful as well. Going someplace after your check up?”

If the blush dusting your skin was not obvious, then it certainly was now at the question, especially as he lightly guided you into the bright space with his fingertips on the small of your back. You tried to not stammer in your response. “Yes! I am going to l-lunch, with some friends.” Shit.

“Sounds like fun.” Boy, if he could grin any wider, the sun would certainly be up for competition at who was more dazzling. “So, what are we in for today? An ache?”

Nodding as you perched yourself on the side of the treatment chair, you inhaled the surgical scent of the room through your nose. A sense of normality finally washed over you. “The molar on my right side has been absolutely killing me, so I thought I would come and make sure that it isn’t about to fall out or something.”

“That sounds wise,” Seokjin answered as he adjusted the tray of equipment, sending you a teasing wink that had you rolling your bottom lip between your teeth, trying to relieve the build up of frustration beginning to pool between your hips. “Okay, prop your legs up and let’s get started.”

The quiet laughter that suddenly bubbled from your chest had you biting down on your tongue, casting your eyes down to your thighs as the hilarity at the possible connotation of his words ganged up on you. When you glanced back up through your lashes, he seemed to have ignored the spurt of sound. But in an even more nerve-wracking situation, it looked as though he were taking in the expanse of your exposed legs instead. Though when you blinked in a double-take, he was already facing the opposite direction on his swivel stool, snapping on silicone gloves and retrieving a small silver mirror before twisting back to you with a small tilt of his lips.

“Oh, hold on,” Seokjin muttered, placing the instrument back down and then standing up to pull the overhead light forward, angling it down onto your face. Inconveniently for you and the growing situation between your thighs, his crotch was right at the height of your shoulder as he did so. “Sorry, my assistant is at lunch. I am a bit all over the place while she is gone.”

Your acknowledgement of oh was terse, clasping your hands together in your lap and adjusting yourself against the chair. The wiggling movement caused your dress to ride up a little, not that you chose to do anything about it, of course, and Seokjin continued with an open up and you had to hold back another burst of nerves-induced, inappropriate laughter. Parting your lips slightly, he gently hooked his index finger into the side of your cheek, the dusty taste of rubber sticking to your tongue while he pried your mouth wider, slipping the mirror inside and wincing at the sudden touch of icy metal.

At this proximity, you noticed that he had rather beautiful eyes. The lashes were thick, quite long and bordering the doe shape in tiny tangles, the corneas not quite black, but more of a strong coffee brown swimming around the pupil with slim, almost completely unnoticeable streaks of gold feathering out. They gazed so warmly, a fondness of a treasured childhood and a happy-go-lucky every day attitude completely crystal clear. Though it was his mouth that had you trying not to writhe with delight against the leather. Deliciously pink, a little damp with saliva and entirely plump in a way that you wished to sink your teeth into his bottom lip, sucking it raw before you experienced the divine way in which he must kiss. It was then in the middle of your musings that he removed his knuckle from the corner of your mouth, using it to tilt your chin a little higher, getting a better angle for the light when the tiny instrument accidentally knocked the precise tooth you had been talking about, a jolt of an ache shooting through your jaw and making you flinch with a small squeak.

“Oh goodness, sorry!” Seokjin gasped, and then the hand that was slightly brushing at your throat as he held your face in place was swiftly coming to rest upon your stomach in a settling, apologetic gesture. But for you, it certainly did a lot more than that, a look of alarm crossing your features the second he touched base on your body with the heat that crawled like wildfire through your limbs, all retreating to your core.

It was then, it seemed, that he noticed.

A peculiar expression glanced across his features before he removed the mirror from your mouth, placing it upon the tray, all the while his palm remained lightly upon your stomach. His eyebrows pulled together a little at the way you stared at him, cloudy with a looming darkness mostly concealed by the lilt of your lashes.

Seokjin then rolled the chair a little closer, nearer to your face with his voice barely above a whisper. “Are you okay?”

“Just fine,” You managed quietly, and without hardly realising, your own fingertips were creeping up your side to brush tentatively to his knuckles. And if that was not surprising enough, he was suddenly reciprocating, lacing your hands together and running his thumb across your index, electricity sparking the light hairs along your arms into peaks.

When he noticed your gaze had darted down to stare at your entwined hands, his own slipped down the column of your neck, over your breasts to look at the connection too. His smile deepened when he dragged his thumb over the skin again, entirely delighted by your tense reaction while he spoke.

“What was that?” Your voice was stuck to the back of your throat, hardly a whisper as your hearing attempted to catch onto the end of the sentence he had just mumbled.

Seokjin suddenly stood rather urgently, his hand yanking away from your own as though he just realised precisely what he was doing, and with a patient nonetheless. A dash of hurt glanced across your features as you watched him stride across the room, reaching for the door handle to exit the treatment clinic, all the while you sat up straight in the leather chair, an apology nervously rising from your chest. Stupid, god how could you be so stupid! But you went dead silent when the sound of a definite click sung around the room.

He had just locked the door.

“I said,” Seokjin declared quietly, turning to face you with an expression that had your thighs trembling, licking your lips. He snapped the latex off of his hands, and you had to wonder how somebody could look so absolutely sinful while removing their gloves. “I should make it up to you.”

You gulped, mouth beginning to hang agape but Seokjin was already there, right there catching your tongue between his teeth before you could even muster another sentence. His fingers were tangled in your hair, hooked around the nape of your neck to draw you in closer, tasting peppermint and caffeine from the early morning and delicious, dark lust that had your nails clawing at the front of his white button down to pull him further into the grooves of your lips. The whole ordeal was entirely unexpected, even though you had dressed for the potential occasion, but you never would have guessed that your very own, drop dead gorgeous dentist would reciprocate the silent offer, kissing you breathless and nonetheless slithering his hand between the crevice of your breasts and further, much further south.

“Is this okay?” His breath mingled with your own, lips tilting at the way your own caught when his fingertips tap danced beneath the hem of your dress, sliding up past the waistband of your panties and skimming over your abdomen.

Incapable of forming words, you instead sunk your teeth into his bottom lip with a wanton moan, curling your fists tighter into his shirt to hold him nearer and he happily obliged. A low growl sounded from the depths of his chest when his fingertips discovered the bare flesh of your breasts, mumbling a pleased no bra? to which you grinned against him, almost about to retort until he was pinching a peaked nipple and you had to suppress a squeak of surprise. Seokjin suffocated the sound with his lips pressing firmer, urgent and sloppy as he warned you to stay quiet befored he started to busy himself on your jaw, gradually biting his way down to your neck as his fingertips rolled the rosy bud gently about, having you in a frenzy of bliss. He thought it were amazing the way that you reacted to the simplest of his touches, arching inward to seal as much distance between you both as possible, the quiet, laboured moans that dripped with ecstasy from your tongue as he marked your throat with the faint pink mark of his teeth, laving over them with his damp, plush lips afterwards as his hand discovered your other untouched breast, just as soft and causing his cock to strain against the zipper of his charcoal pants. You were an absolute delight, and he wanted every inch of you.

Seokjin suddenly slowed his kisses, fingers trailing away and leaving tiny sparks of electricity in their wake as they traveled further down. He groaned at the way you effortlessly opened your legs wider for him, knees resting against the armrests of the leather chair while he explored the extraordinarily wet region of your panties, cupping your womanhood with his palm and making you squirm at the way he applied pressure.

“So wet,” He hummed with a smile, utterly pleased before he was propping himself up to land another kiss upon your lips, and then he was shifting himself to lean on the chair and position his face right between your thighs, dragging the thin cotton of your panties away and seeming to be utterly enchanted by the sight of your pink heat. “Mind if I have a taste?”

Vigorously, you shook your head and Seokjin chuckled at the eager, hungry look of desperation in your eyes, already tangling your fingers in the soft locks of his hair with a gentle please hurry, and so he did. He moaned into your heat at the way your fist tightened against his strands, figure jolting with sudden delight at the light contact of his tongue trailing a neat strip over your slit, and then he was parting you with the tip of the wet muscle, opening you wide to dip into your entrance before it were replaced with two thick fingers, burying knuckle deep. You choked on your own moan.

“You take them so well,” He cooed, smirking up at your flustered expression, watching you writhe against the leather, trying to not be as obscenely loud as you knew you normally were. “I have barely touched you, but you were so soaked already that I thought it would be worth a shot.”

“S-Seokjin,” You whimpered, screwing your eyes shut, hiding from his fierce gaze behind the backs of your lids. “God, just fuck me already, please.”

Your desperation was met with the click of his tongue, a be patient and then Seokjin was setting himself to work. the vicious moan that threatened to rip from your throat was instead channeled into your hands, pulling tightly at his scalp as he dragged his tongue up your heat, lapping you up like a man deprived with his fingers pounding firmly within your tightness. He fixated on your sweet spot, flicking at the hood of it before he was latching his lips entirely around the sensitive bud, rolling and humming and teasing it about until your spine was bent, your shoulder blades the only part of your torso to be in contact with the chair as you willed him closer, deeper. You had shamelessly started to grind onto his mouth, a whine accidentally escaping you at the way he so willingly let his jaw go slack in order for you to run your folds over his tongue, between his lips, riding him as you chased the flickers of white light that were beginning to beam from within your core.

Either he appeared to take pity on your helpless quivering, or he was about to burst at the seams himself, since he was urgently sitting up and reaching for the buckle of his belt, effortlessly snapping it out of the loops. You almost protested at the sudden lack of contact, but then he was pulling himself out before he had barely even zipped down his trousers, completely hard and huge, your mouth salivating purely at the sight of him. On instinct, your thighs spread even wider and his gaze darkened with unadulterated lust, completely enraptured by you as he lithely placed a knee beside your hip, balancing himself above you on the chair before he was slowly lowering his weight down, torso and then waist and then legs so that his entire body was pressed to your own and his member was sliding over your entrance in a tease.

Seokjin smirked before nibbling at your bottom lip, watching your half-lidded gaze with amusement. “Is your tooth okay?”

Infuriated with the anticipation, eyelashes fluttering as the head of him pressed against you, the response was flustered and irritated and definitely needy. “Fuck me.”

With pleasure was combined with him thrusting firmly into you, feeling every single inch slide by your entrance until he was buried to the hilt and you were suppressing a heavenly moan with your teeth buried into his shoulder. Seokjin waited a moment, his chest heavily rising and falling in time with your own until he felt you calm, capable of taking him, and then he started to roll his hips in and out, in and out. God he just filled you up so perfectly, deliciously thick and hot as he glided harder with each thrust, a thumb forcing its way between your bodies in order to carve madness into your clit. You clenched around him, driving him to bite harshly at your earlobe, pounding you senseless.

“F-Fuck you are so big!” You whined lowly into the shell of his ear, earning you an especially hard thrust that had your eyes rolling back.

“And you are still so tight,” Seokjin managed to pant, curling his arm around your waist to angle into you better, speeding up the pace to an immeasurable rate, the leather burning against your rear but you could not care, could not think about anything but the heavenly pleasure he was stirring within the cradle of your hips. “S-Shit, I am going to come.”

At those words, you grabbed at his jaw and kissed him messily, laving your tongue over his and sucking hard at his lips with urgency, desperate to bring him to his peak. And then he was right there, stuttering within you and groaning deeply against your mouth, feeling the heat of his orgasm splay inside of you as your own high speedily took hold, shuddering your bones against his as white hot bliss sparked shooting stars across your vision, the pleasure almost blinding as you continually tightened and relaxed around his cock, milking each other for all you were worth until the pair of you were spent and panting heavily. Seokjin slid out of you with a lewd pop, dusting another kiss to your lips in the greed of the moment before his eyes were glancing up to the clock ticking quietly on the wall, widening with childlike fear all the while you were grinning as though you had just won the lottery.

“My next appointment,” Seokjin muttered, genuinely appearing frustrated by that fact as he easily climbed off of you. Then he was staring into your eyes with the same dark gaze as before, looking tempted to fuck his job, fuck the rest of the patients today and just fuck you instead, over and over again. “I definitely went overtime with you.”

Your bones still felt like fluid from your orgasm, limbs delightfully limp and aching. “Does this mean I get a discount?”

“I can do that, actually. By the way, your diagnosis,” Seokjin smirked while doing up his belt, looping it through the silver buckle. “Do you get headaches frequently?”

Before you could pull your panties up your thighs, he was already there, thumbs hooking through the cotton and tugging them back over the curve of your ass. Your womanhood felt delightfully sensitive against the damp base, and he muttered something about how much of a damn tease that dress is. “Yes, all the time.”

“Well, I think that might be the cause of your toothache,” He murmured, brushing his lips to the edge of your cheek where the softened pain lay beneath, dusting them up to your temple where he pressed with a promise. “Even so, I suggest you go and book another appointment for next week, just in case the pain has not gone away.”

Drawing your fingertip along the sharp angle of his jaw, your smile was meek, exhausted. “How about we make it a home job?”

Seokjin leaned back and grinned, pearly whites glimmering and jesus, dentists really do have nice teeth, don’t they? “That sounds ideal.”

Another kiss was shared before he ushered you out of the room, discreetly pinching at your behind in the process and you had to bite your tongue to suppress a squeak. The promised discount was applied, much lower than the bill should have been and you honestly gaped in surprise when the receptionist told you the charge, catching the wink by Seokjin as he retreated back to the treatment clinic whilst disinterestedly calling for the next patient, an older male. It was not until you were breezing out of the building, walking on cloud nine that you noticed the pinpointed stare of one of the other waiting patients, a woman gazing wide eyed at the tiny curves of teeth that were dusting suspiciously fresh marks up your throat. But instead of flushing furiously, you were damn winking at her with a look that said our little secret.

You decided to treat yourself to lunch. After all, you were wearing such a pretty dress, and you were sure nobody would notice the way you were walking as though your dentist had just fucked you raw.