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Let My Body Do The Work

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The gym has never looked intimidating to him until now, the entrance just in front but it feels like he’s going to hell or something along those lines. Granted, he really thinks of the gym as Hell so no one can really blame him. Who the fuck goes willingly to the gym, anyways? Jimin, apparently.

And oh, now Taehyung does too. Say, what in the fucking hell?

Yeah, good question. Taehyung has never been the athletic type, opting to laze around and shove mouthfuls of ice cream down his throat as he watches his best friend do push-ups and sit-ups and whatever kind of ups that exist. Sometimes he lays on Jimin’s back and lets his best friend use his weight to make his exercise more intense, as Taehyung likes to call it. Most of the times, Taehyung just wrinkles his nose at how eager Jimin packs his gym bag and grabs a banana on his way out to go do Leg Day which Taehyung still doesn’t know what the fuck that means. It’s probably some sort of leg exercise like squats or lunges, he doesn’t really care.

But now he does. Oh, god. He does.

It’s kind of weird thinking of how he’s at first forced to exercise. More specifically, Jimin has to bodily drag him to the gym as he whines and drops the pack of oreo on his hands.

Jimin says, “You can’t be this lazy, Tae. Even running for five minutes makes you wheeze! Where do you even put all that food.”

So Taehyung is unfortunately forced to go workout because he lacks stamina. Which he’s offended about. He can have sex max two hours. That’s saying something. But Jimin persisted and he cried but not because he’s forced to move but because his oreos fell and the three seconds rule has passed and ohmygod, how dare you, Chim! I’m divorcing you!

Remembering that day still makes him wince and sadly, that day was just two days ago.

Now though, Taehyung makes the wrong - right? - decision of coming to the gym alone because Jimin’s got afternoon classes and isn’t done until six and Taehyung has some free time so of course he bounds to the kitchen to grab a pack of chips, ready to marathon some Netflix show but when he opens the cupboard, there’s no chips and Jimin’s note says, in such a mocking tone - Taehyung can tell, okay - Go to the gym, Lazyass.

Taehyung has never felt so betrayed until that moment. He curses Jimin, grabs his pre-packed gym bag after a five minute breakdown and makes his way to the Hell that’s called the Gym.

And now he’s here, watching the entrance from the outside, a few people glancing at him wearily, probably wondering what the hell is going on and why is this skinny kid just standing there?

Taehyung can answer that. Why? Because Gym.

But then he takes a deep breath; so deep he sucks in his stomach like a fucking vacuum and for a moment he contemplates on just holding the air in so he can pass out and avoid what’s about to come. But sadly, a little shit of a buff bumps into him, making him squeak and let out the breath quickly, coughing into his sweaty palm as his throat constricts. He glares at the guy and scoffs at his bulging biceps but then he trails his eyes down and okay, Bulging Biceps Guy should probably do some squats because those stick legs looks horrendous. Jesus take the wheel.

Once Taehyung has gathered his wits - the remaining of what he’s got anyway - he squares his shoulders and saunters on inside, smiling at the receptionist and passing the card through the check in machine. When he hears the beep, he feels like doom has crashed on him. D-Day, so to say. He doesn’t know if he should bolt out before he enters the locker room but the thought disappears when finally, the smell of sweat and man and gross invaded his nose. He scrunches his face, distaste obvious in his expression before changing, ignoring the stink slowly clinging to his skin.

Also one of the reasons he doesn’t go to the gym: it fucking smells like death here. Or worse.


When he’s finally in his sports tights that clings to his legs like second skin, he plugs in his ear phones, Rihanna blasting through it, grabs his water bottle and finally, finally heads to where the magic happens. Or, as Taehyung calls it, the Torture Dungeon ™️.

He walks like he talks which doesn’t say much because he talks awkwardly, stutters like a fucking child and gets lost in his sentence midway. So, yes, he walks like he talks; awkward and uncomfortable in his tights that outlines his fucking dick for everyone to see. He’s told Jimin this when the other shoves the garment to him, telling him to try it on. He even explicitly tells him:

“This is pornographic with capital P O R N O. Do you see this Chim? Might as well go workout naked!”

Jimin only has the gal to roll his eyes and drags Taehyung to the counter, paying for the overpriced tights. Honestly, the compression is suffocating and his dick is crying in this pants and okay, not the time thinking about dicks, for fuck’s sake.

The gym is bustling. No surprise there since their university is full of fitness obsessed people and Taehyung hasn’t figure out why yet. He will in the near future, he hopes.

He heads to the stretching zone, grabbing a mat and plops on the ground. He’s told by Jimin to stretch first before lifting weights unless he wants to pull a muscle or some shit like that. There was too much non-sense jargon in the sentence so Taehyung just nods at his best friend like he’s not a clueless fuck. Which he kind of is, thinking about it now.

Spreading his legs wide, he’s thankful there’s a wall in front of him or else it would have been awkward to stretch his body and flash anyone the exact shape of his junk. So, he breathes out a relieved sigh and starts stretching, one leg first then two then some Yoga pose that Jimin has showed him multiple times before. He can feel his muscles constrict and he thinks even stretching is fucking tiring. How does people do this?

He heaves a sigh of agony when some muscle pops and he pauses for a second, wondering if he should worry about that but then he remembers all the times when he’s been idle and still then his muscle pops, loud and oddly satisfying. So he ignores it and continues to reach his toes. He’s about to stand up, done with preventing unnecessary injury in the future when a guy suddenly grunts beside him and starts doing push-ups vigorously.

Taehyung looks to the side, blinking and holy shit, holy shit, Holy Shit is the guy ripped. Well, almost everyone is ripped here but by God, he’s the most attractive and hottest guy Taehyung has seen in his whole fucking life and that’s saying a lot because he’s friends with Kim I’m More Handsome Than You Seokjin. He’s literally staring at how the guy makes doing push-ups so easy and hot and Taehyung absentmindedly wipes the corner of his lips just in case he drools.

He didn’t. Thankfully. Because Hot Push-Ups Guy takes a pause and turns to him, cocking a brow that makes him so irresistible and Taehyung bites his lower lip, preventing a whimper from escaping his lips but his expression must have been something because HPU Guy lifts the corner of his lips in a small smirk and okay, Taehyung might just pop a fucking boner in this ridiculously tight pants and he’s not about that life.

Looking at HPU guy more clearly, his face sort of, just a little, maybe a lot too, contradicts his body. He’s got doe shaped eyes, huge and dark that Taehyung thinks he can swim in them. His cheeks are one of the most squish-worthy cheeks Taehyung has ever seen, next to Jimin’s own and his lips are so, so red that Taehyung glues his eyes there for a while.

HPU guy clears his throat and Taehyung can see his lips forming into a wider smirk, amusement obvious in his expression. Taehyung jumps and snaps his eyes to HPU guy’s own, flushing in embarrassment. He hopes the blush isn’t evident on his tanned skin. God, stop fucking testing me, Taehyung moans in agony internally, done with everything and all that is this hellish place.

“Uhm…” He trails off, eyes wide before he wills his body to move and scrambles up. He high-tails it out of the stretching zone, avoiding knocking onto a medicine ball and goes to hide behind the treadmills.

Gym is Hell.


“I swear to God, Jimin! This guy just looks at me with sweat trailing down his temples and veins popping out his fucking arms and I’m just so— So offended right now.” Taehyung fake sobs into the throw pillow, remembering what happened earlier.

After escaping to the cardio zone and avoiding the weights room, fearing that he’ll bump into HPU Guy again, Taehyung dashes out of the Gym like some hound is running after him. He finally exhales a breath of relief once he’s inside his dorm, half-thankful and half-disappointed that he didn’t bump into the guy again.

Jimin shakes his protein bottle, mixing his protein shake throughly. He’s singing, “My protein shake brings all the boys to the gym, damn right, it’s better than yours. I can teach yah but I have to charge.” And Taehyung grumbles at him for being such a shitty best friend and not listening to his problems.

“I don’t see a problem,” Jimin finally says, leaning on the kitchen counter, still dressed on his gym clothes that consists of muscle tee and basketball shorts. Why couldn’t Taehyung wear basketball shorts? He wonders briefly.

“How? Are you blind? See here, Chimchim, my small child. I literally just eye-fucked the guy while he’s exercising and proceeded to embarrass myself by almost tripping on a medicine ball. That’s a big problem! What if he’s there the next time I’m at the gym? What the fuck even is a medicine ball? Shouldn’t that belong to the hospital? For something that’s called after medicine, it sure is not safe!”

Jimin blinks after listening his long rant, sips his from his bottle, gulps then smirks at him.


“So you’re planning to continue working out?”

Taehyung frowns then nods, “Yeah. Why not? It’s somewhat— uhhh, nice.”

Yes, it’s nice. He thinks to himself, not wanting to admit that the prospect of meeting HPU guy again is enough motivation for him to haul his surprisingly perky ass to the gym.

“If you say so, Taetae,” Jimin is a little shit, giving him that teasing grin.

Taehyung hopes he chokes on his damn vanilla protein shake.


The next time Taehyung has the motivation to exercise is when he sees an infomercial on the television, selling some abs equipment that he doesn’t believe at all. After all, the one who’s using the equipment already has abs of steel so what’s the fucking point? They should hire Taehyung with his soft belly so he can also show off his six packs - eight packs? - the next time Seokjin brags about his to him.

At this time of the day, the gym is not so crowded and most of the equipments are free to use. Not surprising since it’s Saturday and any smart twenty something person will rather go get Turn Up rather than lift weights and run a mile on the treadmill. Taehyung, apparently, has become a boring guy since he’s here and not downing shots of tequila somewhere where he can be the life of the party.

He shrugs at himself at the thought, heading out to stretch but then he sees the silhouette of HPU Guy and he turns so fast he startles a girl. He mutters an apology before walking where the treadmills are. Might as well do cardio and build his stamina since, according to Jimin, you lack it! You should have the stamina of a horse not a snail, Jesus Christ. So Taehyung cranks up the speed and he’s proud when he can finally comfortably run in 10 mph with the incline on 4.

Comfortable in his basketball shorts and large shirt, Taehyung runs, sweat forming on his forehead. He’s mouthing the song he’s listening to, Fifth Harmony blasting loud and clear in his eardrums. He’s even closed his eyes, just enjoying the burn on his legs and the sweat sliding down his skin. But then he opens his eyes (the biggest mistake he’s ever done in all his life, if someone asks him), sees HPU guy’s booty almost meeting the ground with an Olympic Barbell on his back and Taehyung promptly chokes on his saliva, missing a step and sliding off the treadmill with an embarrassing crash.

A moan of pain escapes him, side of his face pillowed on the cold ground. He thinks he belongs there; should belong there.

Because his eyes just literally got to witness the most perfect ass squatting more than Taehyung’s weight. In fact, twice more than his weight and yeah, Taehyung doesn’t weigh much because metabolism but he’s heavy enough to crush Jimin when he does the Splash move on him like he’s fucking Undertaker.

Now he’s paying for all those times Jimin almost cries because Taehyung is taller and bony and it hurts when someone’s bony ass jumps on an unsuspecting body because holy fuck, he fell from the treadmill and his face is practically fucking burning, red in shame. Red in arousal, maybe. Just— Red (Taylor Swift ™️).

“Hey, are you okay?” A voice asks and Taehyung lets out some unintelligible words. “What?”

Taehyung sighs, resigned and accepts his doom. He bets his fucking ass HPU Guy has seen his Great Fall, like the Roman Empire but more embarrassing because it’s just squatting. But Taehyung is now literally weak to incredibly fit boys and when did this happen. He moans again before hauling his ass up slowly and turning to the voice.

“‘m fine,” He mutters, dusting his shorts and shirt off. “I’m sorry for—” His words cut off and his breath hitches and he swears he sees a couple of cupids flying around him because hi, HPU Guy.

Taehyung tries to arrange his face in a neutral expression but probably ends up looking constipated and HPU Guy is looking at him with, amusement clear in his dark eyes. Hoshit.

“Are you sure you’re fine? You took quite the fall there,” HPU Guy says, worry in his voice. Taehyung nods, head jerking up and down like those figurines his father insist they put in their car dashboard.

He swallows and tells himself to stop acting like some virginal boy because he isn’t.

“Yeah, yeah. No need to worry. Haha,” Taehyung replies, scratching the back of his neck, apples of his cheeks tinting red.

HPU Guy eyes him for a moment then smiles small and nods his head, “Okay. Just be careful next time.”

Taehyung exhales a breath of air quietly. “I will!” He replies and adds, “Thank you, uhm—”

Taehyung is smooth. Smooth Criminal and his approach is Flawless like Beyonce because HPU Guy doesn’t even blink at him in confusion or suspicion when his voice suggests that he wants to know his name. The name of his Knight in Shining Barbell. His Swolemate.

“Jeongguk,” HPU Guy - Jeongguk - says.

Taehyung beams at him, heart stuttering in their beat. “Nice to meet you, Jeongguk. I’m Taehyung,” Jeongguk nods with a smile, bunny teeth showing,  eyes appraising him and Taehyung prevents himself from fidgeting because he’s Smooth like silk or something. Not an awkward potato. “Really. Thank you. I was just—, uhh, distracted.”

Distracted by your ass, Taehyung thinks and bites his lower lip, almost blurting the words out because he’s got this foot to mouth syndrome and he’s not about to embarrass himself even more. No, son, no.

“Just— don’t fall again. Don’t want anyone dying in the gym,” Jeongguk says, tone teasing.

Taehyung watches as he runs his hand through his sweaty hair, his biceps bulging and he could cry. What’s a guy gotta do to be able to feel up those muscles, huh? Taehyung wants to know. For— Science.

“I won’t!” Taehyung chuckles, remnants of embarrassment still lingering in the air around him. “Promise. So I’ll just, uhm, go now and leave you to your ass, I mean, squats. Squats, jesus fucking christ.”

Taehyung’s face burns more when Jeongguk lets out a small laugh and he turns around, offering a small wave and a hurried, “Bye.” before he goes to the shower, cardio forgotten in lieu of fantasizing.

Gym is heaven.


“He’s so cute, Jimin!” Taehyung gushes, clutching his elephant plushie against his chest. “But he’s also so fucking handsome. His jaw could cut diamonds and I wanna lick it. He should be illegal, you know? Why is he even always at the gym? Does he live there? I need answers!”

There’s no better way to say this. Really, none. Taehyung is basically fanboying about a fit boy with lickable muscles and pretty face and hand holding worthy hands. Also, fit as fuck ass. Taehyung is miserable. He’s lovesick.

“I’m lovesick,” He sighs, agonized at the prospect.

Jimin looks at him like he’s crazy which is just rude.

“Lovesick,” Jimin repeats, deadpan. Taehyung nods. “You’re lovesick for a guy you met twice at the gym,” He states, tone still blank then he laughs out loud and Taehyung throws the pillow at him, huffing loudly.

“What the fuck is funny, asshole.”

“What’s funny is you hate the gym and now you’re going there to meet some fuckboy who probably spends more time feeling up their muscles than actually paying attention to anyone around them,” Jimin explains, long and annoying and yeah, okay. Taehyung understands but that doesn’t mean it’s true.

For all they know, Jeongguk could be a cute little bunny. Fuck Jimin’s theories.

“Shut the fuck up. Jeongguk is not a fuckboy,” Taehyung defends, frowning.

“Wait, did you just say Jeongguk? Jeon Jeongguk?” Jimin looks at him with wide eyes. “Oh my god. Tae, why?”

“What? What? You know him?” Jimin nods. “All this time I’ve been moaning about my loverboy woes and you know him? How dare you keep this from me, Park Jimin?”

Jimin rolls his eyes and settles down beside Taehyung on the couch. “Not my fault you ran away last time like the coward that you are and didn’t ask for his name,” He snorts and Taehyung pinches his side. Jimin winces and glares before sighing, “Yeah, yeah. Jeon Jeongguk is actually younger than you. He’s a part time instructor at the gym, I think? And he fucking bench presses more than me, that little shit. I swear to God, he always looks at me with this mock sympathy when I fail to change my personal best. Ugh, he’s annoying. And he doesn’t call me Hyung. Disrespectful.”

Apparently, today is rant about Jeon Jeongguk day. Be it positive (Taehyung) or negative (Jimin). Taehyung will take anything, to be honest. He just wants to know more about Jeongguk. And all the Little Things.

“Yeah, disrespectful. So?” Taehyung prompts Jimin to continue, nodding his head in enthusiasm. All ears and everything.

“So?” Jimin repeats, again, like a broken record and Taehyung lets out a grunt.

“Continue. Disrespectful and? There’s gotta be more, Chimchim!”

A furrow appears in between Jimin’s eyebrows. “No, there’s nothing more.”

“You lie! Don’t do this to me!” Taehyung gasps, offended.

Another roll of Jimin’s eyes and a pat to his head is all the older offers before he stands up, leaving Taehyung hanging. What a douche.

“Oh, he works on Tuesdays and Thursdays. You should ask him for tips on your form.”

Never-mind. What an angel. 


Going to the gym on Tuesdays sounds fine enough. If fine is Taehyung hurrying from his Astrophysics lecture to his shared dorm to grab something to eat and go workout or something. Break a sweat, if he’s being technical.

He’s going to break a sweat from working out and not from eye-fucking Jeongguk.

That’s what he tells himself when he changes into his gym clothes; basketball shorts and a large white tee, as always. He even lists a few exercises he wants to do. Like chin-ups, lateral pull downs and biceps curls. He’s in the gym because he’s getting his summer body ready and not to look for Jeongguk and maybe flirt a little or cup a feel of his muscles. No, sir. That’s inappropriate and Taehyung isn’t inappropriate, contrary to popular belief.

( “You fucking are, Taetae.”

“Shut the fuck up, Chimchim.” )

Entering the stretch zone, he glances around and doesn’t see Jeongguk. He thinks he’s probably gone home, resting his muscular body on the couch with no Taehyung to straddle and make-out with him. What a sad life he must lead right now.

Taehyung sighs and shakes his head, getting rid of stray thoughts about making out with Jeongguk. Today, he’s determined to connect his forehead and knee together as he stretches, wincing at the pull of his muscle when he does so. But he’s persistent and persistence is key to success because he finally can lick his knees in this position and that’s quite an accomplishment for a guy who can’t even roll his hips properly while doing a sexy dance.

He’s in the middle of successfully doing the same to his other leg when a voice reaches his ears. A voice that he recognizes because he’s got good fucking memory, okay and not because he’s been dreaming about it since he heard it for the first time.

“You’re quite flexible.”

Safe to say, after the words reaches his ears, Taehyung actually does touches his forehead to his knees but the way that it does rings in his ears. Banging his head on his cursed knees is not a good way to go, he figures as he groans in pain. He sucks in a breath and straightens up, turning to Jeongguk with a small pout.

“Fuck, don’t startle me,” He says and backs away a few centimeters when Jeongguk’s face invades his vision. Too close, too near for his aching forehead.

Jeongguk looks at him guiltily, sheepish smile playing on his lips. “Sorry. Saw you stretching and figured I should say hi,” He explains and Taehyung’s heart went from calm to frenzy in just a matter of seconds. Talk about excited. “So, hi.”

Taehyung nods and croaks, “Hi.”

He still can’t believe Jeongguk went out of his way to greet him, Kim there are actual bunnies on the moon Taehyung. Wow.

“You’re new here, aren’t you?” Jeongguk asks after a beat, settling beside Taehyung on the ground, legs crossed comfortably.

Taehyung makes a noise of assent. “Virgin to the gym,” He says as he’s rubbing his forehead then backtracks at what he said and oh God, please send help.

Jeongguk laughs though, eyes crinkling into small crescents and Taehyung can’t help but smile at the sound. It’s nice.

“What made you decide to lose your, uhh, virginity?” Jeongguk questions, cheeks warming. “That sounds so wrong. I meant the gym. Virgin gym.”

Taehyung laughs and stretches his legs out, knees straight, toes wiggling inside his sneakers. “VirGym,” He says and winks at Jeongguk who rolls his eyes. “My best friend actually forced me. Said I lack stamina but I still don’t understand when I can perfectly do marathon sex if I wanted to. Priorities, you know?” Taehyung recounts conversationally, like he didn’t just imply that he can literally have sex from morning to night.

Jeongguk makes a noise that sounds like a mix of choking and groaning. Taehyung tears his attention from his wiggling feet to Jeongguk who looks at him with a pained expression.


Jeongguk mumbles something under his breath that’s too quiet to decipher then says, “Priorities. Sex is your priority?”

Taehyung doesn’t know how this happened. One second he’s mildly disappointed that he comes to the gym like it’s his new religion, only to not find Jeongguk anywhere near his vicinity and the next he’s talking about sex with said boy. Oh, how fate works.

Great. It works great. If ever someone wants Taehyung’s opinion.

“Sure. Why not,” He replies flippantly; calm on the outside, freaking the fuck out on the inside because he’s talking about sex with Jeongguk, the one he wants to sex ’til the sun comes up. Woe is him.

“...okay,” Jeongguk looks unconvinced but drops the subject anyway. Taehyung can see that Jeongguk’s ears are red, more red than his cheeks and he’s embarrassed, he figures. Which is very very cute. “Anyways, what’s your plan for today?”


“What?” Taehyung blinks, mind reeling. Of all the scenarios he’s imagined on the way that Jeongguk would ask him on a date, this one is unexpected. He’s expected something in the lines of Jeongguk slamming his back against the shower wall while they’re in the locker room or ambushing him outside the Gym.

“Your exercise plan,” Jeongguk elaborates.

The crashing disappointment threatens to suffocate Taehyung but really, it’s only like, a two stairs drop. Like the last step missed when going downstairs so screaming and face planting on the floor is not inevitable. So he only feels suffocated for five seconds tops before he’s recovered.

Taehyung isn’t that disappointed. Just mildly.

“Oh,” He breathes out. “Oh, uhm. I— I don’t really know. I was thinking of doing some chin ups? And bicep curls, maybe?” He chews on his lower lip, suddenly uncertain, foreign in a new territory.

Jeongguk offers him a smile and stands up from the ground, dusting his sweatpants off. “Come on. I’ll show some routines since you’re a virgin here. Might as well show you the ropes.”

Taehyung prevents himself from blurting out I won’t mind if you tie me with ropes and follows Jeongguk’s lead, trying to not stare at the other’s ass and failing miserably. Jeongguk brings him to where a row of bench with barbells are, some people bench pressing the amount of weights that would most probably break Taehyung’s arm.

“Bench press,” Jeongguk says. “If you want to build arm strength, bench press is your friend. Lay here, arch your back a little and plant your feet on the ground. Yeah, like that. Good.”

Taehyung does all that Jeongguk instructs after settling himself on the bench in front of Jeongguk who’s behind him. He hasn’t ceased his goal of chewing his lower lip off because holy shit, why is Jeongguk’s crotch in front of his fucking face like what the fuck is this sorcery. He takes in a deep breath, letting it out when Jeongguk grabs his hands and wraps it around the barbell. The warmth that creeps up on his cheek is because it's seriously getting hot in there and not because just the mere touch of Jeongguk’s (rough and calloused with slightly bulging veins that somehow, in a fucked up way, makes Taehyung internally weep) hands makes him weak. It's not because of that, no. His mother didn't raise no weak ass bitch, thank you very much.

“This is fifteen kilograms. Try doing a few reps. I’ll spot you.”

I spot your crotch, is what it is, Taehyung groans internally.

Gripping the bar, Taehyung lifts the barbell above his chest and ignores Jeongguk’s clothed dick that’s so close to his lips he can imagine blowing Jeongguk in this position, choking him with his huge cock and he almost moans at the image. Instead of doing that, he raises the barbell from the rack, starts doing some serious lifting and tries to ignore his nc-17 thoughts.

Seriously, this is agonizing. He didn’t ask for this. His goal isn’t this and yet he finds himself moving his arms to Jeongguk’s prompting and misery really loves Taehyung’s company.

Gym is frustrating.


As much as Taehyung blabs about being lovesick and being offended by God’s greatest creation that is Jeon Jeongguk, he really doesn't know if what he's feeling is something akin to love. It's a line that Taehyung doesn't cross often. Once hurt and you curse love for all eternity and all that shit.

However, he does like the time he spends with Jeongguk. Yes, still at the gym because they haven't upgraded to meeting anywhere but the Torture Dungeon ™️ . He takes what he can get and the hours spent at the gym actually shows now, his soft belly getting firmer and his arms showing some muscles. Not as prominent as Jimin’s but he's getting there. Small progress is still progress, as Jeongguk likes to tell him every end of his free private sessions with the instructor.

Today is no gym day since his lectures are long and he's fucking exhausted he doesn't even think he can keep his eyes open for the rest of the hour. But he gulps a cup of coffee, laden with too much sugar and cream that one can't even call it coffee anymore, and continues to learn about the wonder that is the Galaxy, the Universe, that whole space business. Because it’s a topic that Taehyung enjoys, albeit when he’s fully coherent and not running on only caffeine. Life is so lit.

When the lecture ends, Taehyung is so ready to collapse on his bed. He just wants to get a few decent hours of sleep before he finishes an essay due the next day and maybe lay on the couch and pig out. He hasn't done that since he's got into this fitness thing. Jimin insisted on absolutely no junk food until Saturday which Taehyung retaliated with:

( “Why the fuck not?”

And Jimin just stares at him with sparkling eyes like the thought alone invigorates him and says, "Cheat day, Taetae. Cheat day."

Taehyung then looks at him, the picture of a person who's just heard the scandal of the century. "Cheat day? Do you even have someone to cheat on? Cheat with?"

His best friend actually whacks him on the back of his head. "Are you stupid?"

"What? You never told me about any boyfriend. Or is it that guy, you know, that one time I walked in on you riding him like your life—"

"Okay. Shut the fuck up now," Jimin clamps a hand on his mouth and he licks the palm, grinning when Jimin jerks away with a disgusted face. "Cheat day means you can eat all you want, whatever amount you want. Not the kind of cheating you’re thinking of. Jesus Christ, Taehyung."

"Oh. Huh. That's boring." )

So yeah, Taehyung hasn't touched any junk food in almost a week and his energy is depleting. He's fucking miserable. Thankfully, his favorite local restaurant that serves orgasmic food is on his way home so at least that's something.

Entering the restaurant, he takes a deep breath, letting the smell of deep fried French fries cloud his senses. He's missed this. And double cheese burger. Everything that is junk, he's missed.

He stands in front of the only person standing on the line and taps his foot as he checks his phone, ignoring Jimin’s texts, snapchats from unknown people, and Namjoon's invitation to some Philosophy lecture like what now? He shakes his head, looks up and the guy is still there, reading the menu. The guy’s red beanie is obscuring most of his features from the back but from what Taehyung can see from (read: check out), he's tall and broad, sweatshirt hugging his figure just right and further inspection shows Taehyung the tight dark jeans the guy is wearing looks sinful on his thick thighs. Taehyung doesn’t drool, just almost because Jeongguk’s thighs are better. Eight Ten would bang and Taehyung might have flirted with him like the shameless person that Jimin claims he is, if only this dude is not taking all his goddamn time to order.

"Excuse me," Taehyung says, tapping the guy on the shoulder. He makes sure to let his impatience show because he's too tired and too famished for this. He doesn't wait for the guy to acknowledge him before continuing, "Are you going to order or what? I'm fucking exhausted and hungry so if you aren't please fucking move."

No Order Guy finally turns and oh, okay. He doesn't expect to meet Jeongguk outside of the gym but there he is, in front of him, lips set into a tight line and a furrow in between his brows.

"Taehyung?" Jeongguk says, blinking in disbelief. The slight irritation painting his face disappears completely at seeing the other. Taehyung breathes out loudly.

"Oh, uh, hi." Taehyung greets, awkward as his cheeks flush because ohmygod, did he actually just snap at Jeon Jeongguk. Jesus. "Why are you here?"

"Food," Jeongguk replies simply.

"Yeah, I get that but here? You eat junk food? Are you sure you aren't lost?"

Taehyung actually believes that Jeongguk drinks protein shakes for breakfast, bananas and bread for lunch, chicken for dinner and maybe protein shake again for late night snack. Just like Jimin when he so much as eat something that isn’t listed on his diet plan. Taehyung’s never expected to see Jeon Jeongguk in a fast food restaurant. The more you know.

Jeongguk chuckles and shrugs, looking shy. "Well, it's cheat day for me but I've never actually been here before so I don't know what to order." He explains and glances at the menu. "Any recommendation?"

Taehyung tilts his head, now fully understanding. He's thankful that Jimin has explained what cheat day is to him or else he'd have thought Jeongguk is on his way to woe a willing character, leaving his lover at home. If he even has a lover. Taehyung hopes he doesn’t because Taehyung’s trying to be the first and only one in line to capture Jeongguk’s fit ass. Figuratively and literally.

"I do, actually," Taehyung replies, grin spreading on his face. "I recommend that chicken breast with a side of French fries and salad for someone like you," He runs his eyes along Jeongguk’s body, making a point and yeah, to also subtly ogle. Sue him, okay. "Or the steak. It's so good. You won't regret. Ten ten recommend," Taehyung moans at the reminder of the steak, the juicy meat on his tongue was just heavenly. Should he get steak instead of burger? Hmm.

Jeongguk coughs, looking at him with an indecipherable expression. Taehyung cocks a brow. Jeongguk shakes his head.

"If you say so. I'll get that steak. I trust your taste."

"Good decision. My taste is amazing."

Standing side by side, they recited their orders and when the cashier asks if it's take out, Taehyung forgets his plan to laze around in the dorms and instead shakes his head, deciding to eat there. When Jeongguk does the same, smiling at Taehyung with that cute bunny smile of his, Taehyung’s heart flutters inside his chest. He resists thumping his chest to stomp on that silly fluttering and opts for breathing in to calm himself.

Taehyung asks for two large fries and Jeongguk just eyes him with uncertainty, probably wondering if he can finish all. He gives him a look that says Watch Me and Jeongguk just shrugs at him, intending to do so.

When they’re finally sitting on a table, burger and fries and steak and salad in front of them, Taehyung inhales one box of fries in under five minutes, shoving pieces after pieces of oil and salt and ketchup down his throat because his stomach has felt like a fucking blackhole hours ago. He refuses to wait and he refuses to eat with finesse even in front of handsome Jeon Jeongguk.

If Jeongguk can’t handle him in his starvation mode, he definitely doesn’t deserve him in his sated mode. Taehyung lives by these words.

When Taehyung pauses in his quest to shove more fries down his throat, he glances at Jeongguk and finds the man looking at him with an amused and almost fond expression. He’s eating slowly from what Taehyung can see, steak only cut in the corners and salad barely touched. He’s also chewing slowly, like he’s counting how many times he chews before swallowing, adams apple bobbing as he does so. Taehyung watches for a moment before blinking and swallowing his half-chewed fries. He doesn't choke like one would expect. After all, he’s got mad mouth game (wink wink nudge nudge) and he’s already mastered the great act of not choking on barely chewed food ages ago that he almost deems it as a talent.

“What?” Taehyung asks behind his straw of Diet Coke.

Jeongguk continues to look at him fondly. “You look like a starved hamster.”

“I’m not a hamster but I do am starved. And cute. Hamsters are cute therefore I am cute.”

Jeongguk raises a brow, amused. “Okay, Renée Descartes.”


“You know, that Philosopher— you know what, never-mind.”

“I heard you say Philosopher and suddenly I’m thirty percent done here. Don’t go Namjoon on me. Please,” Taehyung groans before taking a bite of his burger, savoring the cheese and meat and everything that is in it. Fuck, he’s missed this so much. Seasoned chicken breast and steamed broccoli with brown rice has nothing on greasy food. This is the shit.

“Why not?” Jeongguk replies, voice teasing. “I mean, Descartes is definitely not the best but if we go back to the Naturalists, I bet you’ll find them very interesting.”

“Okay, stop. Stop right there, Jeongguk. Gukkie. My fitness instructor,” Taehyung points his burger at Jeongguk. “I thought you’re into Fitness not Philosophy. Stay in your lane where I know what you’re talking about. I lost you in the I mean part.” He shakes his head with mock agony while looking at Jeongguk with faux disappointment.

Jeongguk pauses in his action of biting into the steak lodged on his fork and laughs, throwing his head back just enough that it shows his genuine glee. The sound settles deep in Taehyung’s chest, just above his left ribcage where his heart is beating just a tad out of its normal pace. Jeongguk’s laugh is rich, one that shakes his shoulders and Taehyung commits the scene to memory. He smiles to himself, swallowing more fries lathered with copious amount of ketchup because yes, good, he’s made Jeongguk laugh and if that’s not a good start in his quest to woo the fitness junkie then he doesn’t know what.

Taehyung’s got this. He’ll get Jeongguk’s heart racing in his skin tight jeans soon enough.


Soon enough, however, doesn’t mean after they’ve eaten their dinner plus a shared dessert of Caramel Custard that the restaurant is known for.

Jeongguk first insists on not having some but Taehyung pouts for a full one minute with pitiful whines coming out of him and Jeongguk finally sighs, tells Taehyung with a tone of defeat, Fine, okay. But I won’t be able to finish all which leads to Taehyung suggesting that they share, lips pulled into a giant smile.

And so, they share the dessert, Taehyung watching Jeongguk’s reaction to the overly sweet treat. He grins widely when Jeongguk’s face lights up after the first taste and Taehyung, because he’s a little shit and a bully to someone he likes, nudges Jeongguk’s feet under the table a little harshly and says, I told you so.

Now they’re outside and Taehyung takes in a deep breath. He doesn’t know what to do except maybe ask Jeongguk for his number.

Or give Jeongguk his number and execute a poor rendition of Carly Rae Jaepsen’s Call Me Maybe. He doesn’t think that will go well but it’s worth a try.

Despite his grand plans, what he ends up doing is shyly smile at Jeongguk as they shuffle their feet while standing in front of each other on the sidewalk. Taehyung chews on his lower lip, contemplating and peeking at Jeongguk who’s now looking to the side, hands in his pockets as he watches cars breeze by them.

He startles when Jeongguk’s attention snaps back to him and he clears his throat, smile still in place.

"Well—" Taehyung starts and shifts on his feet. Just ask him, Taehyung tells himself.

What does escapes Taehyung’s coward mouth is, "That was nice! Did you enjoy the food?" And okay, that’s fucking stupid, Taehyung weeps internally. He also totally sounds like the fucking waiter who literally asked them the same question earlier when their faces were stuffed with food.

Jeongguk grins at him and nods, red beanie still on the top of his head. "Yeah. Thanks for recommending that steak," He says with a wink and Taehyung’s heart skips a beat.

"Yeah," He repeats. "So, uh— I guess I’ll just— uh, head home." He juts a thumb behind him, eyes flicking to the side then back to Jeongguk’s feature. "Got some essays to finish and all that stuff."

"Yeah. Yeah, sure," Jeongguk replies and Taehyung nods, about to say his farewell and bid Jeongguk a Good night. Dream about me, babe xoxo or something like that, when Jeongguk lets out a gurgling sound. Taehyung raises a brow, amused and watches as a blush creeps up Jeongguk’s cheeks. "I mean," Jeongguk coughs out; awkward. "I’ll— I’ll see you later? At the gym?"

Taehyung nods again, multiple times, eager at the thought of meeting Jeongguk once again. Even though it’s in the Torture Dungeon ™️ .

"Sure!" Taehyung beams. "I’ll definitely see you," He gives a thumbs up. Jeongguk copies him. "Goodnight, Jeongguk."

Jeongguk smiles, not moving from his place. "Goodnight, Taehyung."

Taehyung smiles back, muscles twitching to move forward, closer to Jeongguk just for— science. "Sleep well, Jeongguk."

Jeongguk chuckles, shoulders shaking. He runs a hand through his hair as he says, "Sleep well, Taehyung."

"Okay, seriously," Taehyung huffs, laughing. They’re acting like two teenagers who’s just finished their date. Taehyung wishes they were; on a date, that is. Not teenagers. Sadly, they weren’t on a date but Taehyung totally marks it as one. "I’m going. My essay won’t write itself alone."

"Alright," Jeongguk’s eyes are full of mirth and Taehyung melts just a little. Like thirty percent of him. Okay, maybe seventy percent of him. Sheesh.

"Ugh, fine! Bye," Taehyung concedes, turning back after giving Jeongguk a chirpy wave and his trademark boxy smile. He doesn’t miss Jeongguk’s answering bunny smile that gives him enough life to last him a century or two.

Later, when he’s sipping on a Capri-Sun while finishing his essay, Taehyung realizes that he hasn’t gotten Jeongguk’s number. He bangs his head against the table, groaning at the reminder and the literal pain blooming on his forehead.

He should have really done a rendition of Call Me Maybe. Goddamnit.


“Why do we always end up here?”

A shrug. “Fate?”

Taehyung’s lips twitches before a wide smile blooms on his face, open and unguarded. “Maybe. Or you’re stalking me.”

Jeongguk’s cheeks burns red and he clears his throat as Taehyung watches him with a curious expression. Maybe Taehyung is right but he doesn’t hope that much. They’re acquaintances— almost friends. But his project to Woo Jeongguk has already commenced. Like now. After all, Venus has graced his sign and today, the stars are in his favor.

Or something like that.

(The first few times doesn’t count because Failure ™️ .)

“Or I’m just hungry and really likes the food here?” Jeongguk retorts but it sounds like  a question, lips tugged into a small shy smile and Taehyung traps his bottom lip between his teeth to prevent himself from cooing because right now, Jeongguk looks more like a cute, harmless bunny than the lion predator that he always looked, all muscles and confident strides. Taehyung still gets surprised at how quick the changes in attitude comes and goes. It’s new and knowing these sides of Jeongguk has him liking the guy all the more.

“If you say so, Jeonggukie.” Taehyung grins and winks, playful.

They’re at the restaurant again and it’s Friday, again. This has happened three times already, including the first time when Taehyung rated Jeongguk just by seeing his back with an eight. Yikes .

Second time, they literally bumped into each other outside the restaurant, with Taehyung high on caffeine and red bull. Jeongguk finds out that day that Taehyung has the habit of mixing coffee and red bull then downing it like the champ that Taehyung’s mother has raised him to be. Jeongguk only lets out a pained sound at Taehyung’s animated story, saying, “No wonder you're bouncing all the time. Literally.”

In which Taehyung replies with, “I know. I can bounce everywhere, anywhere, on anyone.” Cue gross suggestive wink.

“Oh my god,” Jeongguk only lays his head on the table, pained with ears tinted red. Taehyung laughs at him because cute.

After that, they've been talking. Well, more like messaging and Snapchatting. And as much as Taehyung wants to tell their grandchildren that it was him who made the effort to contact each other outside of the gym and now their favorite restaurant, it was Jeongguk’s soft eyes, gentle smile and passing mention of Snapchat that finally got Taehyung Jeongguk’s number plus some of his social media accounts. Taehyung does perform a poor rendition of Call Me Maybe this time, his only audience Jimin who joins him in belting out the lyrics.

Safe to say and much to Jeongguk’s (faux) dismay, Taehyung uses all this gained information of Jeongguk’s accounts to bother the instructor with a grin on his face.

However, Taehyung is more active on Snapchat than on any social media so they talk there, conversation limited to ten seconds and has the tendency to go off topic because what did I send again? They’re not the best of friends (Snapchat says otherwise with the two weeks streak they've got going on) and Taehyung doesn't want them to be. He wants the D so being friendzoned would be the worse that could happen. He ain't about that life. No sir.

But it doesn’t hurt knowing Jeongguk wakes up at six am, calls everyone broe including Taehyung, has got mad dancing skills that he shows off on his snapchat story (Jimin scoffs loudly at this, his itty bitty tiny feet stomping on the floor as he says, show off) and drinks that green shit that’s called smoothie every morning.

Taehyung appreciates all these tiny facts just from Jeongguk’s snapchat.

Social Media is totally a blessing.

Today is another coincidence and Taehyung, this time isn't as tired as the first and isn't as hyper as the second. He’s the normal Hangry Taehyung that Jeongguk has become used to seeing every Friday. Every cheat day.

Taehyung can't help but think that third time’s the charm and probably this is a sign from God. Like here Taehyung, I've finally heard your prayersor maybe God is tired of his thirst for Jeongguk. Who Knows but either way, he'll take what he can get. Doesn't he always?

“Seriously, you should've texted me, Gukkie. We could've come together,” Taehyung says, tearing a pack of ketchup and bathing his plate of three cheese Mac n Cheese with it. Jeongguk wrinkles his nose at the sight. Taehyung adds more ketchup.

“Why should I?” Jeongguk teases and swipes a fry from Taehyung’s side.

“Rude,” Taehyung says as he mixes the bowl that now resembles some kind of Van Gogh painting gone wrong. “We could've made this a date! Since we always end up here anyways.” He explains, nonchalant, not noting the faint blush that creeps up Jeongguk’s cheeks. “This is the third time and let me tell you, I put off on the first date. No need to go three miles, yeah?” What is he saying? Taehyung doesn't know either. Go figure. He thinks he's trying to flirt but— probably failing grandly. Whatever.

Jeongguk coughs at Taehyung’s reply, eyes narrowing as his cheeks burns a deeper pink. This time, Taehyung notices the blush. It’s obvious on Jeongguk’s skin and Taehyung grins, satisfied. He lives for Jeongguk’s embarrassed expressions. It's absolutely adorable.

“Date?” Jeongguk coughs out before taking a sip of his water, obviously ignoring Taehyung’s TMI about going home run on the first date.

Taehyung hums in reply, nodding. “Mhm. We should make this a tradition. Every Friday is our date day. No gym, no healthy food. Just us and the grease.”

“The grease.” Jeongguk repeats, deadpan. “Unbelievable.” He mutters as he shakes his head and Taehyung smiles at him, blinding.

“And with the Grease I meant the movie too. You can be the Danny Zuko to my Sandy Olsson.” Taehyung informs and forks a blob of Mac n Cheese painted horrifyingly red before shoving the forkful in his mouth.

Jeongguk watches him in fascination. “The who to your what?”

Taehyung furrows his brows. “You don't know Grease?”

“Uhm, no?”

“Oh my god,” Taehyung breathes out, tone dramatic. “I can't believe I'm on a semi-date with a hermit. Have you been living under a rock? Who the fuck doesn't know Grease?”

Jeongguk frowns, offended but doesn't say anything.

Let it be known that Taehyung, along with being a Space trash, is also a Musical trash. In fact, he’s just Trash ™️ . But a really amazing trash.

Taehyung continues, “You know what? Finish your chicken quick and come with me. I'm going to introduce you to the world of musical.”

And that's how Taehyung ends up spending one of his cheat days (actually, everyday is his cheat day if the stash of chocolate and chips he has in his room has anything to say about it but Jimin doesn't need to know that) with Jeongguk in his dorm room belting out Tell me more, tell me more. Was it love at first sight?

Somehow Jeongguk ends up singing with him, voice surprisingly smooth, harmonizing in the background with a grin on his face while snapping his fingers, going all, Aha, aha.

Taehyung feels himself fall just a tad deeper.


“I don’t care. Now shoo.”

“Tae, you were the one who told me to drag your ass to the gym eight o’clock on the dot.”

“And now I change my mind. Can’t you see the level of comfortable that I’ve reached? Hundred! Stop pestering me, peasant.”

Taehyung hears a loud groan and he munches on popcorn loudly, Tokyo Ghoul playing on the laptop in front of him. He ignores the grumbling of one Jeon Jeongguk who dared to interrupt his anime marathon, barging into his dorm like he owns it and demands for Taehyung to get dressed for the gym. Like, what the fuck? Taehyung needs to catch up on Kaneki Ken, okay? Come hell or high heavens.

Not even the promise of Jeongguk’s fine ass deadlifting one fifty kilograms can get him to leave this room.

“Taehyung,” Jeongguk tries again. Taehyung chews louder.

“Kim Taehyung,” Jeongguk settles beside him. Taehyung shoves more popcorn in his mouth, ignores Jeongguk and focuses on the tragedy that is Kaneki Ken’s life.

“That's it,” he hears and Taehyung almost sighs in relief, joy in skipping the gym slowly rising from his toes to his head but before he can bask in the feeling, he's lifted up from his comfortable perch on the couch by muscular arms that's five percent fat, ninety five percent muscles and one hundred percent ruining his anime life.

“What the fuck, Jeongguk!” Taehyung shrieks and he almost has a heart attack when he kicks his laptop in the midst of his flailing long limbs. He stops moving immediately then commences his struggle when said laptop survives. “What are you doing?!”

Jeongguk presses Taehyung’s back against his firm chest closer, hold tight and hard to escape. He grunts when Taehyung elbows him on the ribs. Taehyung smirks at that. “Hauling your ass to the gym, obviously.” Jeongguk replies, dragging Taehyung’s flailing body off the couch and towards the door.

“I told you! I don't want to,” Taehyung whines, clutching at Jeongguk’s hair and tugging harshly to make the younger Stop, Look and Listen to Taehyung’s lazy ass.

What Taehyung doesn't expect is the moan that escapes Jeongguk when he pulls on the other’s hair harsher. The both of them freezes, Taehyung slowly turning his head to glance at Jeongguk who's eyes are wider than normal, gaze settled on Taehyung. There’s an intensity on Jeongguk’s eyes that makes Taehyung weak in the knees and something to stir low in his stomach. He thinks they're butterflies but they could be bats too.

Taehyung gulps, trapped in Jeongguk’s gaze. He wants to reach out and cradle Jeongguk’s cheek in his palm. And he also wants to kiss Jeongguk senseless but he doesn't do anything. He stands still, unmoving.

Then Jimin enters with a loud flourish of, "Honey! I’m home," catching them in the act of— Taehyung doesn’t know but Jimin’s fake gagging as he slides past them tells Taehyung that their predicament doesn’t look as platonic as it should have.

"I suggest you two to not fuck in front of the door. Been there, done that. Hazardous," Jimin says before disappearing in his room, leaving Taehyung and Jeongguk staring after him with wide eyes, blush high on their cheeks and still so close to each other.

A beat passes. Jeongguk breathes out harshly, eyes closing and releasing Taehyung from his daze. The hands on his waist tightens briefly before they loosen. Taehyung takes a moment to gather himself before scrambling off from Jeongguk’s warm body, shuffling away awkwardly.

“So…” Taehyung starts when Jeongguk still hasn't uttered anything, just keeps on eyeing Taehyung with contemplating eyes. “Gym?”

Jeongguk finally blinks and lets his lips quirk into a small smile, nodding his head. “Right. Gym.”


Taehyung is reciting his favorite constellations; Cassiopeia, Orion, Andromeda, Canis Major and Minor, Pegasus, Gala, Capricorn, Lyra—

"Taehyung, are you fine?"

Swallow. "Yeah…yeah," Taehyung nods and looks at the mirror in front of him. He needs to start reciting the constellations again, this time in alphabetical order or maybe he should switch to the stars. Yeah, definitely stars. He’ll start with the Sun because he’s going to combust anytime soon if Jeongguk doesn’t step away from him in the next five seconds.

Looking at the mirror in front of him while thinking of the Zodiacs and his horoscope for today - which he didn’t check, he never does - Taehyung glances at his position; legs spread wide, arms bent on the elbows to hold on to the Olympic barbell and expression one that of walking to his death or in this case, dropping to his death. At the end, he gives up reciting star names because it’s moot. Totally pointless with how Jeongguk is looking damn fine in his Adidas sweatpants and white shirt, showing off his define biceps and outlining his firm abs. Taehyung weeps internally.

"This is heavy," Taehyung says, pointing the obvious and jostling the eighty kilograms of weight resting on his shoulder blades. The barbell isn’t even off the rack yet but he still tightens his fingers around it because holy shit, this is more than he expected to be able to lift in his whole life.

Jeongguk steps closer, fitting his body behind Taehyung’s own and tilts his head to the side, peeking at Taehyung’s anxious expression. He smiles and rubs Taehyung’s shoulder softly, like this isn’t a big deal. It is, but what’s more of a big deal is Jeongguk’s warmth behind him, seeping through his baggy shirt, and making the butterflies in his stomach flop wildly. This is torture. Ironically enough, he’s in the Torture Dungeon ™️ once again. Great stuff.

"You can do it," Jeongguk encourages, squeezing his shoulder, touch lingering for a few seconds before leaving Taehyung completely.

Taehyung eyes him with hesitation. "This is eighty kilograms. What if I break my neck? What if I get shorter than Jimin?" He whines, bottom lip jutting out into a pout.

Jeongguk scrunches his nose at Taehyung’s attempt to weasel himself out of squatting more than he did last week which was seventy kilograms. Taehyung’s personal best but nowhere near Jeongguk’s own. Baby steps.

“You’ll be fine. Jimin isn’t that short,” Jeongguk soothes, grinning, like that will make Taehyung feel better. It doesn’t. He only jostles the barbell more in childish mock irritation and shifts his legs so his weight is leaning on his right leg. “I’ll spot you like always.”

Taehyung finally huffs and makes a face at Jeongguk that makes the instructor grin, bunny teeth showing. He thinks maybe squatting this much is worth it if it makes Jeongguk smile at him like that often. Huh.

“Fine. It’s your fault if I break my legs. Then you’d have to carry my lazy ass everywhere. Ha.”

Lifting the barbell off the rack, Taehyung grunts, exaggerated; dramatic because he might not be an actor but he’s pretty fucking good in acting. Jimin disagrees but who the fuck listens to Jimin anyway. Tsk.

When he’s finally settled, weight on his feet, more so on his heels, he bends down, ass out and does a great impression of a full squat. Keyword: impression. His ass won’t be touching the ground soon, nope. No ass on the grass this time. And he’s halfway through going up in his fifth rep, heels planted on the ground firmly when Jeongguk starts talking.

“Taehyung, remember this,” Taehyung hears as his legs wobbles slightly, fingers gripping the iron between his hands.

Jeongguk, seeing Taehyung’s struggle, stands behind him immediately, body plastering itself against Taehyung’s own. He almost chokes on air but luckily, Taehyung catches himself. Jeongguk continues to fix his form, laying a warm palm flat on Taehyung’s back and holding the bar with a light grip. Taehyung calms his heart at the position they're in, mind going to places that includes bending over a desk and definitely doesn't include bar lifting.

Jeongguk continues then, backing inches away from Taehyung, “Squatting is like sex. It doesn’t count unless you go deep enough.”

And Taehyung swears to fucking God he almost chokes on his saliva and drops back down to the ground with more than his weight laying on his shoulders like fucking Atlas. Instead he completes his rep and quickly lays the weight back on the rack with a loud huff before facing Jeongguk with a glare.

“Are you trying to kill me?!” Taehyung almost shrieks, exasperated.

Jeongguk’s eyes swims with amusement, lips quirk into a side grin. How even.

“Um, no? I’m just saying. It’s motivation.” Jeongguk nods, looking proud of himself. Taehyung seethes. “Great motivation.”

“I have never in my whole life had such horrible sex like this. What is that quote even? Who said that? The Rock, John Cena or your fitness God, Arnold Schwar— something. Because let me tell you Jeon Jeongguk, I have never experienced something like that and thank fuck for that.” Taehyung finishes his little rant, invading Jeongguk’s personal space and he hasn’t even noticed until now how close they are. Taehyung reels back, just a few centimeters because he’s on his way to bury his nose on Jeongguk’s neck to drown on his cologne, his manly scent that reminds Taehyung of nature; refreshing and freedom rolled into one. He doesn’t think Jeongguk would like that, Taehyung nuzzling his neck that is. Hm.

Jeongguk looks at him in mock offense when he couldn’t say that Arnold guy’s surname. Taehyung shrugs; doesn’t care.

“Obviously you’ve never had great sex,” Jeongguk replies, crossing his arms in front of his chest, looking like a petulant child that Taehyung has to bite the inside of his cheek to prevent himself from cooing. Instead, Taehyung loses himself on how the muscles on Jeongguk’s biceps looks so prominent and attractive. He stares for a moment longer before snapping his gaze back to Jeongguk’s own.

“How dare you,” Taehyung gasps dramatically. “I’ll let you know I am very great at sex. Your definition and mine obviously aren’t the same.”

“So you’re saying I’m bad at sex?”

“Well, I definitely didn’t say you are good,” Taehyung’s just bullshitting now, teasing and amused at Jeongguk’s glare.

“How would you know that?” Jeongguk replies with a tilt of his head.

Taehyung shrugs, not wanting to back down. “I don’t.”


“I’d love to though.”

“You do?”

Taehyung nods automatically then pauses on pushing on his callouses that’s now permanent on his palms. He backtracks at what he said, eyes widening when he finally realizes his slip up. Oh fuck shit. Damn.

His face instantly turns red, ears following soon enough and Jeongguk actually looks the same, more prominent on his skin, as always, than Taehyung’s more tanned one. Taehyung opens his mouth then closes it. He blinks a couple of times and finally chokes out a few words.

“Oh my god,” Eloquent. “I mean, holy shit.” So articulate. At the end, he gives up, groans loudly and rubs his rough palms on his warm face. Wow, way to ruin his life. This wasn’t on his Perfect Plan To Woo Jeongguk: 2PTWJ, for short.

( “What the fuck is that even, Tae?”

“Abbreviation, Chim.”

“Sounds stupid.”

“You’re stupid.”

“Well, you're too pitiful.”

“Fuck you.” )

 Jeongguk clears his throat but Taehyung refuses to face him, hiding behind his hands. He’s not about that Being Rejected In The Middle Of An Almost Empty Gym life.

“Tae,” Jeongguk says, voice just a little bit shaky. Perhaps giddy. Taehyung doesn't know and he doesn’t move. “Hey, you still have four sets to do. Lets do Drop Sets instead of normal, okay?”

Taehyung lets the words run through his head before letting his hand fall from his face. He doesn't know how to face Jeongguk but he does because he's apparently a masochist and what he sees is confusing as fuck. Jeongguk’s looking at him with this small smile on his face and Taehyung doesn't know how to decipher that look. He can point out any constellation on a clear night sky within a heartbeat and explain the origin of Cassiopeia but actually dissecting Jeongguk’s expression leaves him feeling stupid. Oblivious; kind of clueless.

When most of the time words comes to Taehyung like flocks of bird to a piece of bread, right now, Taehyung is speechless; tongue tied. He opens his mouth then closes it again when the only sound he makes is something a cross between a whine and a groan. He sounds like a constipated whale.

“Really?” Taehyung settles with that, blinking and searching Jeongguk’s face for any clue that the exchange between them really happened and not some figment of Taehyung’s imagination.

A nod is Jeongguk’s reply, smile still in place, gaze still soft but calculating. And Taehyung is very confused so he grumbles instead then grips the bar and continues to get a great ass so it matches his sass.


Feelings are so complicated, Taehyung concludes. They come so easily, develop so quickly but leaves so slowly and not even surely. He hates doing this feelings kind of thing. This is not the kind of concept he's born to deal with.

Yet here he is.

“Jimin,” Taehyung calls out, face buried in a book. Finals are coming after all. But he can't focus. He hasn't been able to focus completely on anything except sleep since that Gym Session with Jeongguk last Saturday. It has been three days since and Jeongguk hasn't contacted him nor does he contact Jeongguk. What great avoidance on both parts. Taehyung’s life is really so fucking lit. It’s on fire.

“What?” Jimin replies, pen tapping on his own book with multiple of highlights. Jimin might as well have highlighted the whole page, Taehyung observes.

“Aren't you going to the gym?” He asks, trying to sound nonchalant but failing. Interest still mixes in his voice and he curses himself internally. Oh well. Five for trying.

Jimin stops tapping his pen and turns to him, quirking a brow. “Why? Is this about Jeongguk again?”

Taehyung makes a face. “Why do you think everything's about Jeongguk?”

“Uh, just the fact that you've asked me if I've seen Jeongguk at the gym for the last three days,” Jimin replies. “Just call him, Tae. I don't even understand why you're avoiding him.”

A frown twists on Taehyung’s lips. “Don’t you remember what I told you?” He grumbles, exasperated. “He didn't even acknowledge the fact that I've basically let out my thirst towards him! He only smiled and made me do more fucking squats. What the fuck kind of reaction is that?”

Jimin rolls his eyes. “You’re being over dramatic. Call him and fuck it out already. Ugh, that's so gross to think about. Jesus,” Jimin fake gags. Taehyung throws his pencil case at him.

Honestly, Taehyung knows he’s being over-dramatic. The situation doesn't even call for such great drama and yet, here he is, dragging this shit out like some bubblegum stuck on a shoe. Incidentally enough, Taehyung feels as filthy. He’s not even sure why he's avoiding Jeongguk at this point. Their conversation wasn't even that important, just Taehyung confirming that he wants to bone Jeongguk sideways to Sunday. Nothing New, if you ask him.

But Taehyung is still bitter. Bitter at Jeongguk’s lack of response and when they finally finish their session, Jeongguk escapes Taehyung’s inquiring gaze quickly when Hoseok, the bright receptionist, calls out to the instructor, demanding Jeongguk’s immediate attention. Taehyung stretches his body alone and shuffles to the shower with what feels like the sky sitting atop his shoulders. Nothing has been resolved and it's frustrating the fuck out of him.

Taehyung sighs loudly, giving up on reading. His brain is as fried as French Fries. And his heart is as hollow as a goddamn black hole. Come to think of it, his body is deteriorating too. Wow, he’s dying. He blames Jeon Jeongguk; it’s always his fault and Taehyung will think so until proven wrong.

Another sigh escapes from him as he props his head on his folded arms on the table, books forgotten. At this, Jimin groans and looks at Taehyung with an irritated expression. Taehyung just looks at him curiously, wondering what’s gotten into Jimin this time. Probably the amounts of black coffee the other has consumed, Taehyung won’t be surprised. After all, he’s been there, done that.

“Tae,” Jimin says, closing his book and capping his pen. “Let’s go to the gym.”

Taehyung blinks, scrunches his nose then shakes his head. “Nope,” he replies, simple and final.

Reason number one his body is deteriorating and his mind going crazy: he hasn’t been to the gym for four days, consequently he hasn’t gotten his weekly dose of Jeon Jeongguk which makes Taehyung very, very moody. The highlight of his week, after all, is seeing Jeongguk and making the instructor smile. Now that he’s avoiding him like the plague, Taehyung is losing muscle mass as well as wilting in despair. What a fucking joke he is.

Jimin clicks his tongue, “Yes, you are.” Taehyung shakes his head again and Jimin rolls his eyes. “TaeTae, it’s Wednesday. Jeongguk won’t be there. Come on. I’m tired of you moping around eating all the ice cream stash we have.”

Taehyung pouts because yeah, he’s been shoving ice cream down his throat for the past days, only pausing to study. In fact, now that Jimin mentions it, he’s craving ice cream again. It’s totally not because he's heartbroken. It's sugar withdrawal from the weeks of pretending to be a fitness freak.

“Don’t even think about it,” Jimin stands up, narrowed eyes trained on Taehyung.

“I didn't even do anything yet!” Taehyung defends, lips still formed into a pout.

“I know what you're thinking,” Jimin says with his all-knowing voice. Taehyung rolls his eyes. “Enough with your ice cream and romance movies. We'll go to the gym and hopefully, your ice cream stomach will magically turn firm again.”

At Jimin’s words, Taehyung gasps, a hand coming to his belly under his shirt. He prods at his stomach, feeling the ridges of the baby abs that he’s gained in the short amount of time he’s spent at the gym. His stomach is definitely not soft but also not as firm anymore either. Taehyung scoffs nonetheless, ignoring Jimin’s jibe.

“I’ll have you know my baby abs are still there. Don’t diss them.”

Jimin rolls his eyes. “I didn’t," he says then adds, “Come on, Tae. It’s a Wednesday and we need a break from studying.”

“You know, normal people usually doesn’t go to the gym for a break from studying,” Taehyung says. “What about going out for a drink, aye? Now that’s proper break! Let’s go!”

“Nu-uh,” A firm hand clutches Taehyung’s elbow tightly when he starts heading to his room, already listing the types of alcohol he wants to down and trying to remember clubs that are open in the middle of the week. "You’re coming with me to the gym and that’s it," Jimin nearly growls and Taehyung pauses, blinks at his best friend forever and ever, then sighs in defeat because okay, maybe he wants to go to the gym too.


Taehyung is pretty sure there’s a reason and more as to why he doesn’t go to the gym with Jimin often. In fact, now that he’s thinking about it, one of those reasons is Jimin leaving him in the weights room to fend for himself while the other goes to pester (see: flirt with) Hoseok in the reception, pretending to borrow a Lifting Belt when he obviously has one hiding inside his smelly gym bag.

He rolls his eyes at his best friend’s obvious crush, letting out a breath and walks to a free squat rack. Taehyung tries to act confident, rolling his shoulders, stretching his legs, cracking his neck and all that tough shit he’s seen fitness freak (a.k.a. Jeon Jeongguk) do before they get to business.

Despite all his faux confidence, Taehyung chews on his lips when he finally lays his hands on the barbell, nervous and quite uncertain on what to do except maybe just fucking squat already or something.

Telling himself to Just Do It (Nikes ™️ ), he adds weights on the barbell, stopping at fifty kilograms. He takes a deep breath after and starts squatting, ignoring the other gym goers and focuses on the things Jeongguk has taught him. And really, he shouldn’t think of Jeongguk because it just makes him feel meh and now he’s unable to squat more than 12 reps.

Huffing after the last rep, he scrunches his nose, looking at the barbell like it has offended him on a whole new level. So busy doing that, he doesn’t notice someone slide beside him before a hand settles on the small of his back and Taehyung literally has to bite his tongue to stop himself from screaming bloody fucking murder.

"Jesus fucking Christ," He squeaks, voice higher than normal.

His wide eyes snaps to the mirror in front of him and to the person standing beside him, the warm hand still settled on his back. His breath hitches just slightly (okay, loudly but details) when he sees Jeongguk staring back at him through the mirror, a small but hesitant smile on his handsome face.

Taehyung swallows and examines the other, his body tense while his eyes glides down Jeongguk’s form. He notes Jeongguk’s attire, grey sweatpants, black oversized shirt and red beanie on top of his, Taehyung blinks, strawberry blonde hair?

"What the fuck is with your hair?"

A hand slaps his mouth, his own hand, he notes, the expression on his face morphing into one of mortification. He can’t fucking believe those are the words that escapes his fucking traitor mouth when he finally sees Jeongguk again after a century (three days) of missing the other.

Jeongguk’s smile forms into a relaxed one, the hesitation disappearing as he scoots closer to Taehyung. Taehyung tries not to step away and pats himself on the back internally when he manages to force his body to stay in place.

"I dyed it," Jeongguk answers and a hand raises to finger his bangs swiped to the side. Taehyung wants to keyboard smash to express his feelings. This new hair color on Jeongguk is slowly but surely fucking him up.

"What are you doing here?" Taehyung asks, remembering that he still feels bitter towards Jeongguk for whatever reason his mind has come up with. He is not about to drop on his knees in front of the instructor just because of a change of hair color. Even though he badly wants to.

Jeongguk’s warm hand leaves him and the other is now chewing on his bottom lip, form uncertain, nervous once again.

"I was just checking on my schedule for tomorrow and saw Jimin," Jeongguk explains, eyes darting to the side before coming back to look at Taehyung.

Taehyung purses his lips and huffs. Jimin is now his ex-best friend forever and ever. The fucking traitor.

"Okay," Taehyung says, crossing his arms. "What do you want, Jeongguk? I’m busy squatting here, as you can see." He gestures to the forgotten barbell in front of them.

Jeongguk smiles sheepishly and shrugs. "I just want to— talk? I mean, I haven’t talked to you for a while."

"Three days and a half, actually."


"We haven’t talked in three days and a half. Not that anyone’s counting," Taehyung lifts a shoulder, hoping that his nonchalance isn’t as fake as he feels it is.

The amused grin slowly creeping up Jeongguk’s face tells Taehyung that his fake nonchalance has been seen through. Or his acting is becoming rusty. Goddamnit.

"So, you’re not counting?" Jeongguk asks, head tilting to the side in that attractive manner he does that makes Taehyung want to smooch his face for hours.

Taehyung nods in affirmation as he shoos away the thoughts of making-out with Jeongguk from his head.


"You don’t miss me and the gym?" Jeongguk continues and Taehyung scrunches his nose because what?

"What?" He narrows his eyes at the instructor in suspicion.

"Because I missed you," Jeongguk says with no shame but the blush creeping up his cheeks says otherwise.

Taehyung swallows audibly. Did he hear right? He’s pretty sure he cleaned his ears this morning and anyway, he doesn’t have any hearing problem. So Jeongguk saying he misses Taehyung isn’t his imagination.

Regardless, Taehyung wrinkles his brows in confusion and narrows his eyes at Jeongguk.

"You missed me?" He scoffs and shifts on his feet, feigning annoyance while leaning an elbow on the barbell. He hopes he looks cool and not like he’s using the barbell for support because his heart is suddenly beating a mile a minute and his body is getting weak.

His mother definitely raised a weak ass bitch. Ugh.

Jeongguk’s lips twitches, face still flushed but there’s an intensity on his eyes that Taehyung has seen before; when he accidentally pulled on Jeongguk’s hair that one time. However, this time, it’s mild, soft on the edges and Taehyung’s heart stutters above his ribcage.

"I do," Jeongguk confesses, licking his lips. Taehyung doesn’t stare. (He does.)

Stubborn like a fucking mule, Taehyung keeps his tough facade and rolls his eyes.

"Oh really," He drawls. "Then why didn’t you call, text, FB messenger, Snapchat, Snow, What’sApp or KakaoTalk me?" Yes, they’re very much in contact in all of Taehyung’s social media applications.

"I was—" Jeongguk pauses, pursing his lips, and looks around. He trains his gaze on Taehyung once again, eyes pleading. "Can we talk somewhere private? Not here where people are waiting for their turn to use the rack…"

Taehyung looks around then, blinking at the sight of the gym goers that’s waiting for them to finish. Some of the fitness freak assholes are glaring at them, obviously wondering why they’re standing in front of the squat rack when they’re obviously just talking and not even using it. Taehyung makes a face at the guys, making them blink before he faces Jeongguk and nods.

"Fine," He grumbles, turning around and starts walking to the lockers. "Let’s go to our— my favorite restaurant."

Jeongguk lets out a grin and follows Taehyung so they can go to their favorite restaurant.



Taehyung doesn’t waste a moment, glaring at Jeongguk even though the bitterness inside him has disappeared. The taste that settles on his tongue resembles that of hope, and also Burger and Fries and a stressing amount of ketchup.

Jeongguk is in the middle of shoving a forkful of salad in his mouth when Taehyung talked. He chews and swallows quickly, as Taehyung watches him while opening another packet of ketchup and drizzling his side fries with it. Another masterpiece, if Taehyung may say so.

"Alright," Jeongguk wipes his mouth with a napkin. "What do you want to know?"

Taehyung scrunches his nose. "Everything. Down to the underwear you’re wearing."

A chuckle escapes Jeongguk and Taehyung’s heart flutters. Traitor heart.

"But most of all," Taehyung continues, looking down at his half-eaten burger. "Why didn’t you contact me?"

"The same," Jeongguk replies quickly. "Why didn’t you contact me, Taehyung?"

Taehyung blinks and suddenly, he doesn’t want to sit here with Jeongguk. He wants to go back to his room and eat ice cream while watching Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama.

"I asked you first," is his reply. Very adult. He’s good at adulting. Not childish at all.

"Fine," Jeongguk huffs and it’s now his turn to look down at his steak, done medium rare. "I was nervous, I guess?" He starts, peering at Taehyung who tilts his head to the side. "I mean, I’ve only known you for a month," (A month and three weeks going on two!, Taehyung supplies in his head). "And I really fucking like you. When you told me about that, uh, you know, that you want to—" Jeongguk’s hand waves in front of him in some gesture that Taehyung finds endearing.

"Fuck?" Taehyung suggests, corner of his lips twitching into an amused grin. Jeongguk is acting fucking cute right now. Jesus.

Jeongguk nods, "Yeah, yeah. To fuck. When you insinuated that, I was over the moon but then I realized that I don’t only want to fuck." His voice gradually becomes quiet, Taehyung straining to hear. "I want to have a relationship with you, like proper relationship and not just fucking or fuck buddies and yeah…" Broad shoulders shrugs before slumping in defeat. "I don’t know."

"You’re awkward," Taehyung comments after a few seconds of silence between them, Jeongguk’s explanation hitting Taehyung straight where his heart lays.

At his words, Jeongguk sputters and frowns before a teasing grin blooms on his face, former tension leaving his body.

"I’m awkward? Says the one who tripped on a medicine ball. Says he who fell from the treadmill while watching me squat. Yes, I’m very awkward."

Taehyung chokes on his fries. His face turns redder than a lobster at the reminder of all his fuck ups because of Jeongguk’s sole existence. Fuck.

"How the fuck—" He wheezes out and reaches for Jeongguk’s glass of water, downing the liquid in one go. "You knew?"

Seriously, can Taehyung slap that cocky grin on Jeongguk’s face now? Preferably with his lips. Where the hell did cute Jeongguk go? Taehyung mourns the loss.

"Hard not to notice, Tae," Jeongguk says. "Your acting is shit."

"It is not!" Taehyung exclaims loudly, not caring that they’re in a public place. "My acting is stellar. You take that back, asshole."

Jeongguk shakes his head, chuckling and Taehyung seethes. He’s about to go on a rant about his stellar acting when Jeongguk’s expression suddenly turns serious. Taehyung gulps and looks away, huffing a breath. He knows what’s coming.

"Tell me," Jeongguk starts, pushing his plate to the side and leaning on the table, closer to Taehyung. "Why didn’t you contact me?"

Taehyung sighs and faces Jeongguk. He looks down at his fidgeting hands and chews on his lips. He hasn’t really admitted anything to himself or anyone but he knows what he feels towards the younger. He’s just scared; fucking scared that he’s going to get hurt again and Taehyung— Taehyung isn’t about that life.

But as calloused hands covers his own, thumbs rubbing soothing circles on his knuckles, Taehyung decides that maybe he can be about that life if it’s Jeongguk he’s going to have it with.

"I was just scared," Taehyung says, slumping on his seat.

Jeongguk leans closer, half of his body now draped above the table. "Was?"

Taehyung hums and nods, "Yeah." He unravels his hands and twines his fingers with Jeongguk’s own, the sight making his heart skip a beat. "I was scared because I really fucking like you too and I didn’t know if you liked me back. That conversation wasn’t supposed to happen but you started talking about sex! So, I’m just— uh, feelings," He prevents himself from using thirst because well, this is serious talk. "Unable to contain them."

Jeongguk squeezes his hands and Taehyung looks at him like he hangs the moon and the stars in the sky.

"I’m glad you couldn’t contain," Jeongguk grins, wiggling his eyebrows. "Your feelings."

Taehyung grins back, lips forming into that charming boxy smile of his. "What do you mean," He sing-songs, leaning forward and planting his forehead on Jeongguk’s own. His heart is about to burst out of his chest, the taste of hope on his tongue finally bursts and Taehyung’s whole being is slowly filling with happiness.

Jeongguk grins and unashamedly nuzzles his nose on Taehyung’s own. "I’m saying since we really fucking like each other, why don’t we try finding out who’s really good at that sex thing, hm?"

The embarrassed smile that blooms on Taehyung’s face doesn’t have anything on the blush that settles on Jeongguk’s cheeks, extending to his ears. Regardless, Taehyung nuzzles back and says, "With feelings?"

Jeongguk smiles wide, bunny teeth on full show and nods in certainty. "With feelings."

A minute later, Minjae, the waiter who’s always assigned to them and also a close friend of Taehyung, comes and says, "Can you two please stop the PDA. Our customers are complaining about too much fluff. This isn’t fan fiction. Stop."

In which Taehyung replies with, "You’re just bitter because you’re single as fuck with capital A F."

Minjae ends up giving them a small portion of dessert and Taehyung laughs loudly, Jeongguk grinning as he hooks their legs under the table.

The hollow feeling in Taehyung’s chest has disappeared. Venus has finally, truly, graced his sign.



"Oh wow. Is it hot in here or is it just me?" Taehyung laughs, awkward as always.

Jeongguk looks at him fondly. "You’re in a sauna."

Taehyung flushes, biting his lip. "Good point."

They, meaning Jeongguk, has just finished an intense weight lifting session with a focus on arms and back. Taehyung’s only serious for half an hour before he sighs and hangs off Jeongguk’s back like a koala, while the other does pull ups, muscles on his back and arms straining, glistening with sweat.

Now they’re in the sauna after deciding on relaxing for the rest of the day. Taehyung looks around the small space and finds that they’re the only people in the steaming room. His skin is starting to dry from the shower he took and any minute now, Taehyung knows he’s going to start sweating buckets. Just like how Jeongguk is already sweating so deliciously, droplets sliding down his toned body, dipping on the ridges of his abs and disappearing beneath the towel wrapped around his waist.

Taehyung doesn’t shoot himself internally at the sight of Jeongguk’s attractive obliques. He only facewalls; not that drastic, he might say.

"Are you just gonna stand there?"

Jeongguk’s teasing voice snaps Taehyung out of his thoughts, realizing that his eyes are trained on the man himself. It definitely isn’t a fucking blush that rises from his bare chest up to the tips of his ears. That’s the heat from the sauna. Of course it is. (It isn’t.)

"Right," Taehyung shuffles to the other end of the wooden bench, raising his legs and stretching them in front of him. He avoids Jeongguk’s gaze, trained on him; dark, intense, making him want to squirm and sweat more than the sauna could. Would.

"Is your back fine?"

Taehyung smiles at the question and nods, lids shutting as he leans his head on the wall behind him. "Yeah. A little sore though."

Jeongguk chuckles and the butterflies on Taehyung’s stomach starts flopping once again. Fucking hell.

"I bet. You bench-pressed almost a fifty," Jeongguk hums, smiling proudly at Taehyung. "Want me to give you a massage?"

Taehyung’s eyes flies open so quickly when he hears the words he briefly fears for their safety. Once he’s sure his eyes isn’t in danger of anything like melting because Jeon Jeongguk, Taehyung blinks, processing the offer. He hesitates for a few seconds, weighing the pros and cons of being in close contact with Jeongguk in this small space with only towels covering their dicks, before he nods because, eh, why the fuck not.

A free massage is a free massage.

A grin appears on Jeongguk’s face and he beckons Taehyung to sit in front of him. Taehyung moves and settles himself in front of Jeongguk who’s got his legs crossed in front of him, towel bunched on top of his firm thighs. Taehyung gulps inaudibly, throat constricting in the process when Jeongguk plants his palms on Taehyung’s sweaty back, tanned skin glistening as droplets slides down from his neck, trailing down his spine and kissing the deep dimple situated on the top of his hip.

When Jeongguk starts pressing on his shoulder blades, pads of his fingers digging on the knots on Taehyung’s tense muscles, Taehyung can’t help but shiver and tilt his head to the side, breathing out through his mouth. It feels so good, holy fuck. He better be careful least he pops a fucking boner while receiving a massage from Jeongguk. That would be— well, embarrassing. Very fucking embarrassing. Since they’re in a public place.

Jeongguk’s hands travels lower, kneading with expert touches and Taehyung can’t help but groan in satisfaction, losing himself in the feel of the calloused hands fleeting across his heated skin. He lets his eyes fall close, head tilting to the side as he basks on the feeling of the knots on his muscles finally loosening.

"S’good," Taehyung moans out and licks his lips.

The hands on his back stops their actions and Taehyung’s lips forms into a small frown because he’s just beginning to enjoy the massage. He whines, forces himself to open his eyes and shifts his body that feels like jelly, perspiration dripping from every pore of his skin in rivulets.

Head turning to glance at Jeongguk, he sets his lips into a small pout and pinches his brows together.

"Why’d you stop, Gukkie?" Taehyung sucks his bottom lip in between his teeth, eyes trained on Jeongguk’s face.

Jeongguk’s hands are still on him, just laying on top of his warm skin, not moving. It’s doing things to Taehyung’s mind and body and fucking soul but mostly his body. It’s already incredibly hot in the sauna room and the added reminder of Jeongguk’s touch on him makes Taehyung heat up all the more, golden skin turning into red just a tad deeper.

"It’s—" Jeongguk fumbles, fingers twitching against Taehyung’s body.

Taehyung examines him and Jeongguk’s eyes are darker than normal, gaze intense on Taehyung who squirms on his perch in front of the younger.

"It’s what?" Taehyung pouts and moves, pressing his back closer to Jeongguk’s front. "It was getting good, why’d you have t—"

Jeongguk’s sharp intake of breath seems loud in the quiet of the sauna. Taehyung stills his body, gulping audibly when he feels something poking his back. That definitely isn’t a gun. Unless Jeongguk calls his dick Gun.

"Really?" Taehyung breathes, voice still managing to sound teasing despite feeling breathless. And because he’s a little shit, he presses closer to Jeongguk, earning him a groan that makes his stomach flutter in anticipation.

Jeongguk’s hands slides down Taehyung’s back slowly, settles on his hips, and grips tightly, pads of his fingers pressing on Taehyung’s sweaty skin.

"Stop it, Tae."

Taehyung hears the strain on Jeongguk’s voice, most probably frustrated because he can’t do anything here. Hasn’t been able to do anything since their awkward confessions almost a week ago.

It’s not because they don’t want to but because every time they try to do something Jimin suddenly is knocking on Taehyung’s door and demanding for them to watch some movie that they end up ignoring after a while in lieu of talking shit about people.

On the other hand, when Taehyung visits Jeongguk’s place, Yoongi is always there, sleeping on the couch or in his room and Jeongguk is afraid of waking Yoongi after Taehyung explicitly but jokingly says, "I’m a screamer! If you can’t make me scream then it means you’re bad at sex and I w—". So, no, Jeongguk and Taehyung hasn’t done anything except make out in all the places they could, left with frustration and a lingering of wanting more right after.

It’s absolutely no wonder Jeongguk is hard against his back. Taehyung presses more, encouraging, despite Jeongguk’s words.

"Hmm," Taehyung hums, fingers gliding up and down Jeongguk’s legs, settling on his bare knees on each side of him.

"Tae," Jeongguk presses his lips on the back of Taehyung’s neck. Taehyung shivers, a drop of sweat falling down from his forehead and down to his parted lips.

"Jeongguk," Taehyung replies and it’s a breath of want, laced with weeks of desire with a hint of desperation.

Taehyung knows they’re in public but it’s almost closing time, the few people in the gym doesn’t even bother to shower before going home. He knows they could be caught but fuck that, Taehyung wants Jeongguk and he will get Jeongguk.

Lifting his hand from Jeongguk’s knee, Taehyung pants, breaths coming in heaves as he slips a hand under his own towel and grasps his cock, half-hard. Jeongguk’s loud groan lets him know that the other knows what he’s doing and Taehyung bites his lip, continuing his ministrations.

He pumps his cock slowly, thumbing on his head as he tilts his head and lays it on Jeongguk’s shoulder. The other is mouthing on his neck, pressing kisses and silently watching Taehyung pleasure himself.

It’s a sight to behold; Taehyung’s eyes closed and long lashes, wet with sweat, fanning his flushed cheeks. His whole body is flushed, still glistening with sweat. He looks pliant, muscles relaxed in that way after a good exercise and Jeongguk sucks a small bruise on the dip of Taehyung’s prominent collarbone.

Taehyung continues to pump his length, moaning Jeongguk’s name, body twitching in front of Jeongguk’s own. After the third drawn out moan ofJeongguk, fuck, oh my god, Jeongguk finally replaces Taehyung’s hand with his own. Taehyung hisses then lets out a loud gasp when Jeongguk’s hands tightens around him, palms rough with callouses due to hours spent on the gym. Oddly enough, that makes Taehyung harder, cock twitching in Jeongguk’s grasp and pre-come on the tip.

Body heat reaching unbelievable levels as deep desire settles on the bottom of his stomach, Taehyung clutches Jeongguk’s sweat drenched hair, pulling him on a kiss that’s all tongue and teeth before murmuring, almost inaudible, "’s hot. It’s good. Gukkie."

"Shh," Jeongguk croons and presses a kiss on the back of Taehyung’s ears, pulling him closer, length pressing against Taehyung’s ass. "I got you, baby," His hand pumps Taehyung’s cock with renewed vigor, the slow pace forgotten on behalf of wanting to hear more of Taehyung’s hitched moans and quiet whimpers.

Taehyung’s legs shakes and his toes curls as he tries not to buck his hips on Jeongguk’s hands but it’s futile, the desire coursing through his veins too much for him to handle. He grasps Jeongguk’s toned thigh in one hand and the other joining the hand on his hard length, grasping Jeongguk’s wrists as it moves fast, unrelenting and wrecking havoc in Taehyung’s body.

"Jeongguk," Taehyung groans, deep and vibrating against Jeongguk’s chest.

Jeongguk mouths at the back of his neck, teeth grazing the sensitive flesh, earning a mewl from Taehyung who thrusts his hips on his hand once again. A thumb presses on the head of Taehyung’s cock, spreading more pre-come and Taehyung keens, panting heavily and grasping Jeongguk’s hair tighter. Jeongguk moans on his skin, licking the sweat sliding down the side of his neck as he moves his hand faster.

"Close, Guk. Please," Taehyung brushes his lips on Jeongguk’s neck, teeth nibbling on the skin before biting and muffling his moan as he comes on Jeongguk’s hand, body trembling and hand digging on Jeongguk’s wrist, forming small crescents on the skin.

He pants loudly, for a few times, having trouble breathing because it’s hot. So fucking hot. And the air in the room, the sauna, for fuck’s sake, doesn’t help with his labored breathing, lungs crying out for air. Jeongguk hugs him close as he inhales and exhales, body still pliant from his release and little soft whines escaping his mouth.

"Tae," Jeongguk brushes sweaty bangs from Taehyung’s forehead, planting a kiss on his lips.

"Hmm," Taehyung hums. "It’s so fucking hot," He says, squirming, towel splayed under him.

"Yeah," Jeongguk chuckles and grunts as he lifts Taehyung from the bench, their sweaty bodies sliding together. He almost drops Taehyung due to the their body being too sweaty, his muscles aching as he carries all Taehyung’s weight.

When they’re finally outside, in the shower where it’s eerily quiet, Taehyung lets out a relieved breath at the cold air hitting his skin. He squeezes Jeongguk’s neck before sliding off from the other, legs shaking as his feet hits the cold tiles.

Before Jeongguk can move them anyone else, Taehyung pushes the other on the cold wall. A hiss escapes Jeongguk and Taehyung mutters a sorry, sounding not sorry at all. He grins at Jeongguk, his previous weak state gone and he can see the surprise on Jeongguk’s doe eyes, wide and questioning.

Taehyung grins and presses close to Jeongguk, lips curving into a teasing smile. "You’re still hard," He says and rubs his cooling body on Jeongguk’s tense one, muscles on his stomach clenching.

"I— I know," Jeongguk licks his lips, dark eyes staring at Taehyung.

"So," Taehyung starts, brushing his lips on Jeongguk’s own, tongue licking on his plump bottom lip. "I want to take care of it."

Jeongguk takes in a sharp intake of breath, hands coming up to hold Taehyung on his hips. "You don’t have to, babe."

Taehyung’s eyes narrows at him as he shakes his head. "Didn’t you hear me? I want to."

"Right," Jeongguk says and Taehyung watches as he looks up, lids closing. Taehyung takes that chance to attach his mouth onto Jeongguk’s neck, lightly biting on Jeongguk’s adams apple. Jeongguk lets out a grunt, clutching Taehyung closer to him.

"Okay?" Taehyung whispers, littering kisses down from Jeongguk’s jaw to his collarbone. His hand wanders to Jeongguk’s towel, still surprisingly on after all that happened.

Jeongguk finally tilts his head down, eyes opening and gazes at Taehyung with dark half-lidded eyes filled with desire. Taehyung gazes back then lets a sly smile blooms on his face as he tugs on Jeongguk’s towel and lets it fall on the dirty floor. He makes a dramatic wide eyes and a quiet oopsbefore his hand finds Jeongguk’s hard length, biting his lip at the feel of the warm skin against his fingers.

Looking down briefly, Taehyung takes in a quick intake of breath at the sight of his hand wrapped around Jeongguk’s cock. He moves his hand experimentally and Jeongguk groans, making a move to pull him closer but Taehyung pulls away, shaking his head. Jeongguk groans, jaw clenching and Taehyung smiles, continues to pump his hand around Jeongguk and leans in, kissing the other filthy. They breathe on each other’s mouth, lips coated with saliva, pressing small kisses while Taehyung drags a finger on the side of Jeongguk’s length, gaining a strained moan from the other.

"Tae," Jeongguk tries to pull Taehyung closer again but Taehyung steps away. Jeongguk’s about to voice his protest, jaw clenching in that annoyed way of his when he doesn’t get what he wants and Taehyung almost laughs but instead, he drops to his knees, not minding the wet tiles under him. He also ignores the hard surface and the bruises he’ll get after in lieu of grasping Jeongguk’s cock tighter, staring at the way his hand moves and brushes the pre-come that’s collected on the tip.

"I swear to god," Taehyung groans, eyeing Jeongguk’s cock hungrily. "I’d blow you so hard if we weren’t just so sweaty and I don’t want to taste sweat for the first time I’m giving fellatio to Jeongguk junior."

Jeongguk groans, part in agony and part in the thought of Taehyung swallowing him whole. "Tae," He breathes, hands coming up to card on Taehyung’s dark hair. "Fuck. Just— please."

Taehyung thumbs the head, looking up at Jeongguk through his long eyelashes, batting them before saying, "Of course, babe."

His hand picks up its pace, the other grasping Jeongguk’s quivering thighs. He keeps his gaze on Jeongguk’s face who’s head is thrown back against the wall but still managing to look down at Taehyung with lust filled eyes. Jeongguk bites his lower lip, hips thrusting onto the circle of Taehyung’s fist. He grunts out a close, Tae and Taehyung looks at him mischievously, scooting closer to Jeongguk’s dripping cock.

"Did you know that cum is good for the skin, Gukkie?" Taehyung says conversationally, biting his bottom lip before continuing, "Come on my face, Guk."

Jeongguk halts his hips from their movement, snaps his head down, and looks at Taehyung with surprise. "What?"

Taehyung grips Jeongguk’s cock tighter, pumping faster. "I said, come on my face."

Jeongguk’s breath stutters on his intake and he nods, twice. "Right. Okay. Ye— Yeah."

Satisfied with Jeongguk’s answer, Taehyung places himself directly in front of Jeongguk’s cock, head tilted just slightly up so he can look at Jeongguk in the eyes as he comes.

When Jeongguk’s grip on Taehyung’s hair tightens, Taehyung readily opens his mouth, leaning closer, sticking his tongue out. Jeongguk finally grunts and Taehyung moans when some of the come lands on his tongue, some on his eyelashes and most on his cheeks. He continues to milk Jeongguk out as he hums around the taste of Jeongguk’s come on his tongue. He looks up at Jeongguk fully and licks the corner of his lips where some come drips from his cheek.

The reaction he gets is worth the bruises on his knees. Jeongguk pulls him up and smashes their lips together, tongue invading Taehyung’s mouth immediately, tasting his own come and stealing Taehyung’s breath quite literally.

When they pull apart, breathless, Taehyung lets out a small laugh, playing on the hair at the back of Jeongguk’s neck.

"That was great," He murmurs, planting another kiss on Jeongguk’s lips because he can.

Jeongguk laughs with him and hugs Taehyung closer to him, "More than great."



"Greater than the thought of fucking me?"

Jeongguk growls playfully and makes a face at Taehyung, "You shut your mouth. No one can ever beat your ass."

Taehyung snickers, "Whipped."

Jeongguk rolls his eyes and says the cheesiest line he has said yet in their short relationship.

"Whipped for you."

Taehyung fake gags but the flutter in his chest and the rising blush on his cheeks tells anyone, especially Jeongguk, that he loves the cheese. And more.


When they’ve finally showered properly, in separate shower stalls, they leave the gym with huge smiles on their faces.

Hoseok, who’s holding a fifteen kilograms weight frowns at them and says, "Next time, don’t fuck in the sauna. I almost walked in on your horny asses! How did you even not pass out…" He mutters the last part, shaking his head.

Taehyung only winks playfully. "Talent, Hobi. Talent."

Hoseok frowns and makes a disgusted face before waving them goodbye and shouting, "Thank you for the visit! Don’t come back!"

"See you tomorrow," Jeongguk replies instead, laughter in his voice. 


"I’m tired," Taehyung whines, plopping himself beside Jeongguk who’s laying on the blue mat, covered in sweat after their cardio session.

Jeongguk hums in acknowledgement but doesn’t move a muscle.

It’s almost ten in the evening and no one’s on the gym anymore except them, Jimin, and Hoseok who always works the evening shift and thus the witness to their multiple shenanigans, NSFW or not.

Right now, Taehyung is nuzzling close to Jeongguk’s sweaty neck, an arm thrown across Jeongguk’s body as he takes in the other’s scent, no matter how diluted it is due to hours of exercising.

"I’m tired," He whines again and this time, Jeongguk turns his head, facing Taehyung. Taehyung smiles at him, eyes falling close as Jeongguk traces the bags under his eyes, fingers soft in their actions.

"I know, love," Jeongguk says, smiling back. "Sleep at mine’s tonight? Yoongi’s out with Namjoon at some concert. I have the place to myself."

With those words, Taehyung sits up, straddles Jeongguk and grins down at him. "Oh ho? Finally, you can fuck me on the couch."

Hoseok, passing by with a Jimin in tow whose gaze are on heart eyes full mode, pauses on putting a fitness ball on its place, their conversation reaching his ears. He groans, bashes his head against the surface of the fitness ball before throwing said ball at Jeongguk and Taehyung’s laying forms.

"Go the fuck home, you horny assholes!" Hoseok then stomps towards the weight room, grumbling about horny adults who uses the gym as their own personal sex place.

Jimin stares at Hoseok’s retreating back before he bursts out in laughter then winks at them suggestively. "Seriously, stop teasing him," He says and Taehyung shrugs, grin glued on his face. "But, one tip, those Suspension Trainers are very useful and interesting. Try them sometime," He informs then adds, "Only when Hoseok’s not on shift though. Toodles, bitches."

And with those words, Jimin leaves Taehyung and Jeongguk gaping at him in surprise. Taehyung stares at his best friend’s back, blinking a couple of times before giggling and hiding his face on Jeongguk’s neck.

"What the fuck."

Jeongguk snorts, nodding. "Indeed. What the fuck."

"But do you think we can try that?"

A shrug. "Maybe." A brief pause. "Definitely."

Taehyung plants a loud kiss on Jeongguk’s cheek. "That’s my fit man. Always up to fucking in the gym."

Jeongguk groans and Taehyung just clings to him tighter, chest blooming with a feeling akin to love and yeah, maybe he is very in love but he knows Jeongguk is too. Maybe more towards fitness but as long as Taehyung’s the only person he’s in love with, Taehyung is fine with that.


Hella ™️ .

Gym, as he finds out, isn’t as hellish as he first thought it is.