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It's Not Hell (It's Purgatory)

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            “High school is hell.” Wynonna kicked her feet up onto the boots of the dashboard of Waverly’s car.

            “It’s called Purgatory High. What’d you expect?” Waverly asked, both hands on the steering wheel. “Can you take your feet off the dashboard please? This isn’t your car.”

            “It used to be.”

            “Yeah, yeah, yeah. Then you got a DUI and lost your license so now I’m driving it. You’re getting driven to school by your little sister.”

            “Shut up, Waves. It doesn’t help that you’re taking higher level classes than me too, so there’s no need to rub it in. ‘Kay?”

            “Well someone’s snappy this morning.” Waverly responded as the car turned left. “You think we’re getting any new kids this year?”

            Wynonna laughed dryly. “Not a snowball’s chance in hell. Oh sorry I meant not a snowballs chance in purgatory.”

            “No need to be a wise ass.”

            They sat in silence a little longer as they drove through the small town. There was the town bar and a couple restaurants and a Starbucks just past the high school where she worked. The high school was a large grey building with bars over the windows and it loomed. On one hand it represented the town’s youth and the future, but on the other hand it represented everything Waverly despised and how bad she just wanted to leave this town and this place and never come back.

            She felt like she’d never work up the nerve to do it though. Wynonna would just get up and walk out the second after she received her diploma and never look back. However, she would still feel these odd ties to the town and she would stay and she would be stuck. It would be her fault, too.

            “Waves!” Wynonna grabbed the handle on the ceiling of the car. “Jesus Christ! You almost missed the turn! Is there anyone home?”

            “Fuck, sorry.” She turned into the school parking lot. “I was just thinking.”

            “Thinking about what?” Wynonna asked angrily as she parallel parked and turned off the ignition.

            “Stuff.” They both stepped out of the car and walked into the school. People were roaming the halls and they turned their separate ways.

            “Don’t forget to drive me home!” Wynonna called as Waverly began searching for her first class.

            She was taking an advanced English course in her junior year, she was trying to get ahead and making take some testing that would give her credit in college. Everyone told her that the class wasn’t necessary and that she should take something about science, not dead literature, but she wasn’t about to prove them right. She found the class without a problem and noticed that she was the first one there.

            She picked one of the desks in the second row and began to unload books from her bag. The room was completely empty, save for the furniture and she enjoyed the quiet and isolation of the classroom.

            The door swung open and she looked up, expecting to see the teacher, but instead saw a tall redhead who was quite clearly lost.

            “Is this the advanced placement European literature class?” The girl frowned and looked at her schedule again.

            “It is.” Waverly looked around. “Seems we’re the only ones here.”

            The taller girl smiled and then moved towards the empty desk next to Waverly. “Can I sit here?”

            “There’s nothing saying you can’t.”

            The other girl was pretty, that much was clearly. Her red hair was pulled into a braid and she was wearing a flannel shirt with it. She was new, someone new was at the school and she was taken aback by her presence in a sense. This was change and she wasn’t exactly sure how she felt about it.

            “I’m Nicole.” She said, also unloading her bag on the desk. “I moved her two weeks ago, although I think people hardly noticed.”

            “I’m Waverly.” She stuck out her hand and Nicole shook it.

            “It’s nice to meet you, Waverly.” Nicole smiled and Waverly returned the smile equally, before leaning over to peek at her schedule.

            “What other classes are you taking?” She asked.

            “Oh, uh,” She looked at the schedule, a nervous blush crossing her face. “I’m taking forensics, some math class, and chemistry I think.”

            “What time do you have forensics? I’m taking that too.” Waverly picked up her schedule and compared it to Nicole’s.

            Their faces were close and she wasn’t exactly sure why she was so fixated on this. She had been close to people before, she was usually closer to Champ’s face than she usually wanted to be, but it somehow seemed more important that she could see the other girl’s eyelashes and nervous eyes flicking over the schedule.

            “I think we have forensics together.” Nicole said.

            “What?” Waverly snapped out of her thoughts and looked at the other girl. “Sorry, sorry, I was zoning out for a second. What did you say?”

            “I, I think we have forensics together.” Nicole said, smiling.

            People began to filter in the classroom. Waverly knew some of them, but some of them were Wynonna’s friends, they were seniors. Well they weren’t her friends, but they sure as hell knew Wynonna. Everyone knew Wynonna, but whether or not they actually liked her was a bit of a discrepancy. Most people didn’t like Wynonna Earp.

            “I’ll see you then too.” Waverly said.

            The class passed (she was the only one who read the books, not surprising). She had a calculus class next and although she tended to struggle in math sometimes, she felt surprisingly okay with it.

            When she walked into the forensics room, Nicole was already sitting at one of the tables. Their eyes met and Waverly smiled and blushed and ducked her head awkwardly as she sat down next to her.

            “English was intense.” Nicole laughed. “I can’t believe you’re the only one who did the reading.”

            “You get a pass ‘cause you didn’t know.” Waverly nudged her shoulder.

            “Thank you, I’m glad I have your blessing.” Nicole joked.

            “How was your other class?”

            “It was good, although I don’t like chemistry that much.”

            They sat in silence as the rest of the class filed in. The class passed quickly and they all filtered out for lunch.

            “Can I sit with you at lunch?” Waverly turned around as she was opening her locker and then looked to her right and saw Nicole opening her locker. “I don’t mean to be too direct or anything, but I don’t really know anyone else…”

            “No it’s fine, I just don’t know if you can stand my sister.”

            “Your sister?”           

            “Wynonna? Wynonna Earp? You’re lucky, you don’t know her yet.” Waverly laughed a little. “Most people are on somewhat…begrudging terms with my older sister. Let’s just say that.”

            Nicole smiled. “I’m sure I can handle her.”

            Waverly felt arms around her and a self assured laugh. Her shoulders tensed up as a kiss was placed on her cheek.

            “How’s my pretty girl?”

            She was regrettably dating Champ. He was stuck up and on the football team and admittedly he was almost unbearable, but it was a miracle anyone had noticed her so she agreed to go out with him.

            He was much taller than her with muscle and gelled brown hair, but she knew how much work he had to put in to stop the muscle from turning to fat from the amount of alcohol he consumed at parties. He was a jerk, but he was her boyfriend and that meant she had to put up with his shit.

            “Hey Champ.” She mumbled and shook out of his grip.

            “How’s your first day?” He asked taking her hand and then looking at Nicole. “Who’s this?”

            “It’s Nicole, she moved her.” He let go of her hands and shrugged.

            “Yeah I heard, someone moved here. Wild. Anyways, I’ll see you later.” He sauntered off.

            “I’m sorry about that.” Waverly apologized and started down the hallway with Nicole.

            “Who is that?”

            “It’s Champ Hardy.” She sighed. “Asshole.”

            “He seems to like you.”

            “Well.” She brushed it off a little. “I don’t know if I could say the same.”

            Nicole fell silent for a second. “You’re together because it’s convenient.”


            “I know what that feels like, I had to break it off with a similar situation when I moved here…I don’t regret it.”

            Waverly shrugged and tucked her brown hair behind her ears. They walked at an even pace, despite Nicole being much taller than she was. She was athletic for sure, but she couldn’t tell what exactly she played. She found herself almost staring at her, trying to find out more, but quickly tore her gaze away as they entered the cafeteria.

            “Hey!” Waverly called as she saw Wynonna sitting at one of the tables. Wynonna waved back and she sat down next to her. Nicole sat on the other side of Waverly.

            “Two detentions on the first day!” Wynonna made her hand into a fist and held it out to Waverly. She returned the gesture hesitantly, still not sure why that was a good thing. “You’ve still never gotten a detention.” She quipped.

            “I don’t plan to get one.”

            “Who’s this?” Wynonna peered at Nicole and then kicked her boots up onto the table.

            “Oh, uh, I’m Nicole. I’m new here, I have some classes with your sister.”

            “Cool so you’re just another goody two shoes.”

            “Wynonna!” Waverly smacked her sister’s arm.  

            “What? It’s the truth if she knows you.”

            Lunch passed and Waverly hurried to her next class, saying goodbye to Nicole as she left.

            “Who’s the redhead?” Wynonna ran up next to her as she left the school. “Where’s she from? How do you know her? What classes do you have with her? Why are you showing any damn interest in her?”

            “Jeez, Wynonna. She just seems nice. It’s not a crime to actually befriend people.”

            They made it to their little sedan and then she glanced up and saw Nicole walking towards her car. Quickly she ripped a piece of paper out of her bag and scribbled her number on it before sprinting over to her car.


            She looked up and smiled. “Hey, Waverly.”

            “Look, here’s my number in case you need anything.” Waverly pressed the paper in her hand.

            “Thank you.” Nicole smiled. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

            “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

            Wynonna squinted and shook her head at her as she walked back to the car.

            I’ll see you tomorrow.