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In a Different World

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Myka searched through the files once more after lunch, to no results. The day crawled by as every day before had while reading files. She wished she was the one who had shot off after lunch to go get the artifact, at least it was something to do, but she wanted to be the one here searching the files at the same time. With her wide breadth of knowledge she might see something that the others wouldn’t.

So she sat and read with only a little regret. She closed another file and pushed it away. The longer she searched the longer she believed that Helena was really right and there wasn’t another solution, that the spell book was it. It was demotivating, but she picked up another file and read it anyway.

And so she continued long into the night, Pete and Artie keeping her company silently as they had most of the week. When they finally, finally hit the end of the stack just past midnight Myka was simultaneously relieved and disappointed. They hadn’t found anything more. They really were stuck with the spell book.

She glanced up at Artie as she stuffed the files back into their box and carried it over to the pile of other boxes. He was still sitting in his chair, staring at the table, thinking deeply. Now it was a debate on ethics instead of a search, a weighing of pros and cons. And it all fell on the older man’s shoulders. A slight zing of fear swept through Myka at the thought. That could end very badly for her. But at the same time she thought that even with all his faults Artie wouldn’t do that to her. He was still a decent man even if he didn’t always make the right decisions.

Myka sighed and walked out of the room, squeezing Artie’s shoulder once as she passed by. She made her way up to her room and readied for bed slowly. This meant that she would be home soon. Hopefully, anyway, but she couldn’t see Helena forcing the issue when there was literally nothing more they could do. They couldn’t wait for an artifact they didn’t know about to avail itself to them. That could take years if it ever happened at all. No, the only debate left was to use the pen and spell book together or not.

She swallowed. There were so many risks after how far they’d come. The people in this B&B were as much her family as everyone back home, but still she was feeling just the slightest bit selfish. Should she risk her safety and Helena’s just for these people? It wasn’t her fault that the Warehouse here had blown up and hadn’t in her own universe.

No. It wasn’t her fault, but that didn’t mean that she could justify her actions through that line of reasoning. She had helped these people, saved Jinks and Claudia from the metronome. If she chose not to try combining the pen and spell book then that was her choice because it wasn’t worth the risks. That was the end of it. There was no other justification.

Myka pulled back her covers. Except that since these people were her family…a simple no I won’t do it wouldn’t be reason enough for her to say no and she knew it. There had to be a reason. A good reason at that.

She laid back and sighed. It seemed all she did anymore was sigh. Myka closed her eyes. It would be over in one way or another soon.

She fell asleep with her thoughts going in circles what seemed like a long time later.


Helena was waiting for her this time. It seemed like forever since Helena had been here before her. Myka smiled sleepily at the dark brown eyes open before her.

“Hi,” she said, voice raspy.

“Good morning, darling. I’m glad you’re here. I’ve been here for quite some time.”

“Now you know what I’ve been feeling like waiting for you on all those nights you had insomnia.”

A small smile curled on Helena’s lips. “I suppose I do. I don’t know how you stood it, darling, just waiting for me here.”

“I managed.” Myka leaned forward and captured Helena’s lips in a gentle kiss.

Helena pulled back a minute later. “I have some news, darling. I’m not exactly sure if it qualifies as good or bad.”

“You didn’t find anything other than the spell book to bring back the Warehouse?”

Helena nodded. “No, we didn’t. However, Artie is fairly certain that the pen and book can be combined without catastrophic repercussions. Nothing is going to blow up if they are combined…however that doesn’t guarantee that they will actually work together. It just means we aren’t risking anyone else’s safety in the process. Artie’s come up with a plan that he thinks will have the highest likelihood of success, but it’s all just speculation.”

“Of course, it’s not like there are files on this that we can just go read.”

“Exactly.” Helena bit her lip. “I already agreed to do it, despite the risks.”

Myka had known it was coming. Helena was the effortlessly noble one. Always had been, even if she didn’t quite see it herself.


“Ok?” Helena cocked an eyebrow.

“Ok, we’ll do it. I was thinking before bed about what to do. We didn’t find anything else besides the spell book either, going through all those files, and ever since we stopped I’ve been thinking. And I’ve thought about just grabbing the pen and leaving, but I really don’t think I can.”

“Neither can I. Artie doesn’t want this to go on, I don’t think, and wouldn’t if I hadn’t told him that I would. I’m not even sure if he’ll let it even with me as the sacrificial lamb. I have to give these people what they deserve. I have to rescue you in this universe if I can. I may not be able too. But I have to try.”

Myka caressed Helena’s face. “We will. And we’ll be fine and home before you know it. Where do you think we’ll wake up at home?”

“I have no idea, darling. Maybe on that silly, stupid park bench outside the physics lecture hall at Stanford.”

“How full circle.”

“I agree, it has a sort of poetry to it.”

“You know what I never understood about this whole thing?” Myka asked.

“No, what?”

“We essentially went back in time as well as crossing universes. It’s been months since the Warehouse almost blew up at home. I wonder why we went back.”

“Maybe these universes timelines move more slowly.” Helena shrugged. She had no idea of the science or reasons they ended up where they did.

“And the dreams…how were they even possible?”

Helena cupped Myka’s cheek. “I think there will be more than a few questions that can’t be answered about this little excursion. But as long as we get back home, the answers don’t quite matter. We do work at the Warehouse, darling. That might be the reason in and of itself.”

“Yeah, I guess.” Myka sighed, disappointed. “But that’s not a satisfying answer.”

“I know. But it’s what we’ll have to live with. At least until I get caught up on all the new advances in physics. Then I might be able to come with a better answer.”

“We’re going to be going to the library a lot, aren’t we?” Myka smiled fondly.

“I find that the internet works just as well, darling, but I’ll never say no to a trip to the library.”

“I didn’t think so.”

“Besides, someone promised me to take me to the Library of Congress when we get home. I’m sure I’ll be able to find quite a bit of information there.”

“I’m sure.” She nuzzled into Helena’s neck. “But first we have to get home. And I need the spell book. Claudia and Jinks went off earlier today to get it. They should be back soon. The collector who had it lived in Montana, so he was pretty close.”

“So tomorrow then?”

“Should be.”

“Then we go home tomorrow. If I get there first I’ll wait for you. That is if we appear in the same place. God even knows if we will. The pen did manage to send us to different universes. I can’t imagine sending one of us to Costa Rica and the other to Siberia to be such a farfetched idea.”

“Can I be the one who ends up in Costa Rica? South Dakota’s cold enough for me.” Myka’s face scrunched slightly. Colorado cold was fine, but any more than that and Myka couldn’t ever manage to get warm.

“If I have conscious control I’ll make sure to choose the cold place so you can have the warm place.” Helena’s voice was laced with mirth.

Myka stuck out her tongue.

Helena sobered a minute later. “But you will have your cell phone on you, won’t you?”

“Of course.”

“Good. If we don’t end up the same place I want a way to reach you.”

“Will we even come through at the same time?”

“I have no idea, darling. I really don’t. I imagine if we don’t I’ll be going out of my mind until you appear.”

Myka gripped Helena a little tighter. “Same for me.”

Helena’s hand ran through her curls. “It’s going to be alright, darling.”

“I hope so. I really do.”

“We’ve come through worse scrapes than this. Warehouse 2 was much worse than this.” Helena untangled a knot in Myka’s hair gently, with deft fingers.

“You also telsa’d me in Warehouse 2.” Myka looked at the other woman, eyebrow cocked but with laughter in her eyes.

“So not the best example, but I meant the booby traps before the tesla-ing.”

“I’m well aware. Though at this point I might take you tesla-ing me over being stuck in another universe with a dicey way to get back.”

“I don’t know how I feel about being hell bent on destroying the world again, but then again as long as you were in the same world as me, it would be better than it is now.” Helena sighed.

“Well, we just have to get back to the same universe then, just in case, don’t we?”

“That we do.” Helena laid a kiss on Myka’s forehead.

The dream started to fade around them. “I’ll see you tomorrow, darling. And then it won’t just be a dream when I do this.” Helena leaned down and kissed Myka hard.

Myka grabbed Helena’s shirt and pulled her towards her while she still could. She kissed back with a passion she didn’t even know was possible. But if this was the last time she was going to kiss Helena she was going to make it count. She poured all of the love she felt for the woman into the kiss until finally her lips started to fade once more and Myka was left in the blackness by herself.