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I'll Write Your Name In The Stars

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This is for the games Mass Effect [ 1-3 DLC's included ] , and Dragon Age Origins, Dragon Age II, Dragon Age Inquisition - Trespasser included. ]

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Staring out the window from the Normandy, watching the stars pass by Shepard continued to wonder why she was alive. She knew she should be dead; she should have gone down with the Citadel…when she destroyed those Reapers yet here she was alive. With a broken, burned arm leaning on a cane, the only reason why she knew she was even standing here was thanks to her crew and Joker for even going back.

When Brooke first woke she didn’t know where she was, the room was a blur and her body was protesting her moving from that damn reaper blast. She heard an accent first, followed by more voices and it wasn’t until she finally realized she was in what you would call a hospital room. Dr Chakwas and Michels where hovering over her frail body.

“Thank goodness she’s awake” That was Chakwas, the woman always worried over her. She then heard the voice over Joker, trying to mask the pain in his voice with a joke.

“Told you Doc. It takes a lot more than getting hit with a Reaper beam for our Commander to die” Though she knew he was worried, slowly turning her head she spotted her whole crew in the tiny room, she figured she must be somewhere in London since she spotted the Normandy, streaked with marks from the broken window.

She noticed Steven Hackett first, he had a bitter smile on his face though he looked tired but the man seemed happy she was alive. Shepard then let her gaze glance over to where Kaiden, James and Jacob where standing in the back silently. Liara was comforting a crying Samantha though she knew her friend was crying too. Wincing, she held back a gasp to push herself up as she waved the doctors off. “Im fine” she muttered but that was a lie.

Brooke then noticed Zeed and Samera as they were in the far back, she could have sworn the man held a concerned look in his face but that could have been the light, she knew Jack wanted to tell her off, scream at her for doing something so stupid since she was the first to walk over to her.

“You owe me Shep, shit you scared the crap out of me.” Jack whispered in her ear though she then left the room muttering about checking on her students.

The final pair she noticed was of course Joker, the man just hung his head low as EDI held his hand. Tali standing on his other side and Shepard felt a pain in her heart, since she knew her best friend was hurt because of her though feeling her heart clench she was going to ask where he was but hearing that familiar chuckle she turned he heard to see Garrus sitting by her side.

“I’m hard to kill.”

Sighing the woman let her body relax for a moment until she felt realization hit her, gasping her eyes scanned the room and missing was someone who she wanted to see more than anything. Anderson, where was he…h-he was with her, she remembered him being by her side.

“W-Where’s Anderson…I remember…” Brooke closed her eyes, she remembered him telling her that he made her proud, then that’s it.

“He’s in another room right? He’s fine” her voice sounded so weak, so dry though finally opening her eyes she didn’t understand why everything was blurry…why they were all silent.

That was when she knew, she was crying and David Anderson was not in the next room, he was not fine but he was dead and its hurt fault.

“Oh god” Chocking on a sob, her body started to shake as she heard Grunt scream something to the Chakwas, screaming about helping her.

Shepard didn’t even notice that she tried to sit up, she didn’t care about opening wounds up. “I need to…please he can’t be.” Feeling her body wrack with guilt she turned away from her team, her friends and the man she loved. She didn’t want them to see her like this, so broken and now she wished that she died on the Citadel, then at least she wouldn’t have to live with the guilt.

Garrus looked at the team though he didn’t have to say anything, they all slowly left until he was the only one. The turian slowly reached up and brushed the short blonde hair away from her bruised and cut face. He felt more tears it the talons, but seeing your steady breathing he knew you’d fallen asleep.

“You of all people deserve to be happy, don’t dwell on Anderson death. He would not want you to cry over him.”

Leaning over, Garrus placed a gentle kiss to your head as he then sat down holding your hand gently. He won’t leave your side.

“I’m Proud of you”

Shepard looked around, she looked down seeing her body was not broken anymore so that was when she knew it, she was in a nightmare and god’s. She prayed she wouldn’t see him, her dreams were already plagued with the deaths of Mordin, Thane and Ash, she didn’t think she could handle hearing Anderson too.

Though as she walked she noticed everything felt peaceful, the air felt light and it was beautiful. Looking around she noticed a bench followed by someone sitting on it. It did not take her long though seeing who it was her heart clenched, she was now looking at David Anderson and he had a smile on his face.

“How can you be smiling” It felt like a whisper as it slipped from her lips though the man chuckled shifting his body as she sat down next to him.

“Why shouldn’t I be, the Reapers a dead…you did it Shepard. You saved humanity.” Anderson looked out on the horizon.

“That’s a lie…so many people…I couldn’t. You died because of me” Shepard started to feel herself break down again.

“Now that is a damn good lie and you know it Shepard. There was a good chance that I wouldn’t be making this out alive. But you did! I’m Proud of you Shepard and I am happy I was here for you.” The man reached over and grasped her hand.

“Though I hate I won’t be walking this stubborn woman down the aisle.”

Feeling her tears slide down her cheeks, Brooke felt her lips twitch into a smile though she then laughed. “I’m stubborn…you…” shaking her head she felt him grip her hand.

“So you and Garrus huh?”

“Me and Garrus.”

“I always thought he was a good match for you Shepard…now do me a favor and stop mourning me. You have an Earth to rebuild. A lot of people are looking up to the woman you managed to survive a Reaper blast and take them all down…now live your life, be happy for once, you deserve it”

“I had help…but I will…thank you Sir”

Shepard did take his word to heart, after she was well enough to leave the hospital she started to help Earth, though she knew it would take a lot more to rebuild and now here she was. Standing on the Normandy in her dress blues looking out at the stars. Putting her weight on the cane she felt a body slip behind her, a familiar hand slip and place its self on the small of her back.

“Beautiful isn’t it…and the stars aren’t half bad either” Garrus chuckled though he pressed his mandibles to her head.

“He would be proud of you Shepard, you’ve done good.”

Nodding her head, the young woman smiled, she could see Anderson's own smile on his face repeating those same words.

“I’m Proud of You Shepard.”

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Alistair couldn’t contain his happiness.The man was really over joyed to see his Warden,his Queen and the woman he loved. She finally returned to him,he was scared to death of course.

He had not want her to leave but he knew his wife,he knew Brooke wasn’t one to sit around while their was darkspawn still around, while she had to find a way for them.So with a kiss goodbye she mounted her horse and road off with that elf and stone thing behind her.

And now, now he could hold her…kiss her when ever he liked.Wrapping his arms tightly around her he then gave her a quick spin as his lips clumsily pressed against hers,smiling through the kiss he listened to her laughter. Maker his missed that laugh,smiling he set her down then pressed his forehead to hers.

"I’m so happy to have you back"he whispers. The Warden,or Brooke as she will go by now just gave him a soft smile then caresses his cheek.

"We will be together now Alistair…I promise I won’t leave you" she just pressed her nose into his neck breathing in his scent. Chuckling the man just gave her hips a squeeze as his smile turned into a smirk.

“You better not”

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Looking up at Gabriel you could tell just by his tense body that he was not pleased. Well it’s not like you could blame him with your son splattering the fake blood over his cheeks, hair and all over the shirt he was wearing. The boy’s small hands smacking Gab’s chest. Though you have to admit that it was rather cute seeing the smile on your son’s face as your husband held a rather adorable pout on his lips.

Snorting you had to bite your lip to just hold back the laughter that you wanted to so very badly let out.

“I gotta say Gabe you look good in blood splatter.”

Winking the man groaned as he pushed off from the chair, he was a mess.His shirt was stained red, and it seemed that your son made sure to cover half his face and neck with the sticky substance.

“Son, why don't you finish getting ready, I gotta make sure mamma is matching us.”

Looking at your husband in confusion you slowly stepped back until your body hit the wall, tensing he just smirked hold the bottle of the fake blood until he poured it over you.

Gasping you could feel the liquid sliding down your body listing to the man chuckle.

“If anyone looks good in blood is you.” Bending down he captured you lips in a kiss. Pulling back he just grins brushing a soaked strand of hair away.

“Well the upside to this is that we can now shower together!”

Biting your lip you then started to laugh as you pulled him in for another kiss.

“I love you.”

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Dating Hanzo was something special, you met him in Overwatch and for you it was an instant attraction. You really couldn’t explain why but it was something.

You did enjoy touching his ears and you loved it when he would wrap his tails around you. It was always warm and you felt protected.

Walking the dark hallways you were on your way to meet your boyfriend. You just wanted some cuddles since it was rather cold outside.

“Stupid winter” Muttering under your breath you rubbed your arms to create warmth.Good thing you had your own personal space heater.

Quickening your step you finally ended up at the end of the hallway where Hanzs room was. You turned the knob then stepped in. Letting out a sigh, the first thing you noticed was that a large fox with nine tails wrapped securely around his body.

He was rather beautiful,with pale fur, black dripped tails blue markings on his hind leg.

Lips twitching into a smile the man must have smelt you because he slowly rose his head and those beautiful jade eyes you loved so much looked right at you.

Grinning you stepped forward as he did the same then in a flash of smoke his arms were wrapped around your form.

Nuzzling your neck Hanzo took in your scent.


“スイートハート” {sweetheart}

Grinning you kept your arms wrapped around the mans neck and gave him a kiss then pulled back.

“Hmm warm me up Hanzo! I'm cold"Pouting your lips the man chuckled shaking his head.

"Anything for you"Lifting you up he carried you to the bed.

Humming he placed you on the bed and let you curl into his chest. He then let his multiple tails wrap them around your frame.

Letting your fingers trace a small pattern into his chest you noticed how peaceful he looked.

"I do not understand, how can you love a monster like me?”

Inhaling a deep breath you then shook your head then kissed his lips gently.

“Hanzo! You are not a monster.You are a good man, the one I love, my protector.”

Smiling you then placed a small kiss on his chin though he let out a playful growl. Pulling you closer to his chest Hanzo then place his lips against the mark on your neck giving it a lick.

Laughing you just buried your face into his chest to stifle a laugh he just continued to move his tails keeping you warm.

“Tell me about Kitsunes again”

Shifting his body Hanzo let his tails wrap around your form like a blanket as he let his fingers run down your arm gently.

“We can live for many centuries, we also have a number of supernatural abilities.”

Watching him, you kept the smile on your face. He looked so happy just letting you about his people. Biting back a yawn due to the warmth you then glanced up again to see those fuzzy ears appear on top of his head. That seem to only happen during sex, when he was embarrassed and when he was very happy.

Reaching your hands up your fingers brushed and ran over the soft fuzz of the ears. Though you had to stop after hearing the man's pleased groan, chuckling you quickly hid your face in his chest.

“hmm if I wasn’t so sleepy I might be up for a little fun…but hmm you're so warm.”

Hanzo sighed then shook his head as he looked down at you already falling asleep. Leaning down he then pressed his lips against your forehead, closing his eyes he slowly fell asleep himself.

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When the Reapers were taken down, Jack knew that Shepard did it. She actually fucking did it, after telling her students the the did a good but they still weren't gonna get off that easy she just knew she had to see the woman who just saved her ass and everyone else's asses. Though Jack was not expecting this, she was not ready to hear the news that she nearly died on the Citadel. That they just managed to find her and Anderson, the two barley clinging to life. But leave it to Shepard to give the man the last of her Medi-Gel for him.

Well that was Shepard for you, putting others before herself...thinking about someone else before she thought about her own safety. ,shaking her head the woman just clenched her hands into fists. She defiantly was not prepared to see her laying in a hospital bed covered in tub's to keep her alive.

Slowly stepping forward, Jack moved so she wouldn't wake the sleeping Turian

Snorting at the sight the woman held back the smile from her face, of course he'd be here. She knew how much the two cared for each other, she watched the relationship bloom and while she did not get it back she she understood the love they shared now.

Taking a few moments to calm her thoughts she slowly made her way to the comatose woman. God damn't she could feel the moister in the edge of her eyes. Fuck it! she could not cry, Jack did not cry. Letting out a shaky breath she placed her hand over the bandaged one.

"Fucking Christ Shepard! You really have a way of getting under my skin don't you. Making a mess out of everything, you" Gritting her teeth she tightened her grip glaring at her..half expecting for the commander to wake up and scold her for getting all mushy."

"Believe it or not Shepard I think of you as my friend, went out of your way to help me. To help me get over my past, then what do you do. Fucking show up again and save my ass along with those students...they look up to you" she whispered begging for a response.

"Look at what you're making me into...I" Swallowing she just shook her head though she gave the blonde woman a bitter smile still clutching her hand. " You need to do this for me because I'm not moving my ass until I do...You listing? Good cause you need to get better that for me. Do that for the crew of the Normandy, for Garrus..okay...just please wake up and don't leave us alone...hero...after all you owe me and my students a drink."

Jack hated feeling like this, hated that she was an emotional mess but seeing the woman she considered a friend, someone she respected....well she knew she could not help it and well it's not like Shepard would see her like this anyway.

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Sticking out your tongue you just glared at the robot that seemed to be oblivious to the whole situation. You wanted to kiss him but he just seemed content to holding your hand while watching the ducks swim around in the pond. You cared deeply for Connor, better than any human boyfriend you ever had, he was so kind and did his best to make you happy though it was rough some times since he tended to be awkward but that just added to why cared about him. You really had to thank Hank for even setting you both up.

It seemed that Connor spotted a picture of you on the wall of the detectives house and well he couldn’t take his eyes off of you. The man explained to the android that you were like another child to him and it was true, the man was like a second father. With your father being close to him, Hank had to take you in after the death of him. Once you were back in Detroit, Hank felt like Connor could do a better job of taking care of you than he could and boy was he right about that feeling.

And now a year later you were in a relationship with the android, though he was doing his best to understand, Hank seemed to spot that Connor seemed happier, brighter but right now that didn’t matter at the moment, what matter was that you wanted to kiss your robot boyfriend.

Blinking a few times Connor turned his attention to you then smiled though it faltered for a moment.

“You are upset? I am sorry I did not.”

“No no Connor it’s not that…I just want a kiss.” Pouting again he felt some pressure on your lips.

“Is that better?”

Sighing you then smiled standing up from the park bench as the android followed you though you just let out a chuckle standing on your tip toes. “Can I have one more?”

Grinning up at him you noticed a smile pulling at the edge of his lips as he bent over placing another kiss on your lips.

“Much better.”

Licking you lips, Connor returned to his full height fixing his tie rather pleased with your answer Connor weaved his fingers through yours you both continued you walk enjoying the rest of the day.