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Gasoline Girl

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One fine fucking day, Bakugou Katsuki had gone out to go buy groceries for his mother because one, this kid fears no one and two, the collective of no one does not include his mother but no one knows that. And of course, his life, just as the future top hero’s life should be, is one full of surprises.

He just had to be involved with an incident that rocked the very identities of its victims. But not his, never his. He is Bakugou ‘fucking’ Katsuki and isn’t the least bit concerned about the change in him or what other people will think of it.

And so, the next morning, he goes to school as if nothing had happened to him and ignored the gasps, sneers and occasional whistles of the students at Yuuei because honestly, he doesn’t give a flying fuck about it.
But his friends certainly do.

“Bakugou! What happened to you, man? Although calling you man just feels wrong now.” Kaminari was the first to talk, was stupid enough to talk and to also let out a playful chuckle.

“Listen here, Kaminari. I ain’t taking any shit anymore. Some dipshits were jeering like babies on my way here and some even dared to fucking whistle. I won’t deal with this shit again, not from you or from anybody else.”

Instantly, flares lit up from Bakugou’s hands and that garnered not just the attention of his friends, although he still refuses to call them that (minions, minions is the proper word.) but also the entire class.

“Bakugou, that is against school policy. You cannot use your quirk for a fi- fig- figh-” Earnest Iida was the first to interfere but even he didn’t notice the change in Bakugou until now and that just left the poor boy speechless.

I mean, who wouldn’t be left speechless after seeing a hot girl, even though said hot girl is Bakugou Katsuki, in a baggy boy’s uniform that’s obviously too big for her? him? her? That just-! Just-!! Juuuusssstttt---!!! Too obscene especially for the eyes of Iida Tenya.This is all too much for him.

And since the class representative was down for the count, the vice rep, Momo Yaoyorozu had to take over. Did she want anything to do with this? Nope. Not one bit. Bakugou Katsuki is like spilt gasoline near a still lit cigarette butt. He is nothing but trouble. But she had to do something. Even Midoriya is keeping himself in check despite all the altruist stunts he’s been pulling here and there. He knew well enough that this Bakugou wasn’t one he could handle.

“Bakugou, why don’t you get new clothes?” Momo calmly suggests because somebody here needs to be the calm and collected one.

“What the fuck?! I ain’t wearing pantsy skirts!”Ah, the typical reply. Momo wasn’t even fazed with Bakugou’s response and so was everyone else.

“You don’t have to wear a girl’s uniform. Your current uniform is too big for you. If you are gonna walk, run or do whatever, you can’t do it properly in that.”

Bakugou didn’t want to admit it but Yao- ‘what’s her name?’ is right. His uniform feels uncomfortable plus his current smaller stature made it so that he had to fold the sleeves of his shirt. And let’s not talk about the sorry state of his pants because they have gone from worst to probably pants sent from hell to torture people.

And so he decides to go along with it for himself, because he actually needs a new one for better mobility.

“Okay. Okay. I’ll go get a fucking uniform that’s a tad bit smaller.”

If anything, Class 1-A has never appreciated Momo this much until today. Bless her and her wicked convincing skills. They have just avoided the worst train wreck in the history of all possible train wrecks that may have occurred inside this class.

And finally Bakugou was exiting the room, calmly. Let me repeat that. CALMLY. Most of them went back to their own affairs and Momo was finally able to take a breather because she was able to fix the situation with little to no causalities.

But fucking Uraraka Ochako just happen to taunt Bakugou at that specific moment. And holy fuck, does this girl know how to get him riled up?

“Bet your ass can’t pull off a skirt, sweet cheeks!”

And Bakugou just happen to not be one to run away from anything, even measly taunts to wear skirts.

And Mineta just happen to have some kind of epiphany because a girl in a skirt who is Bakugou Katsuki siting like Bakugou Katsuki does is a whole new definition of heaven for him.

“I bet your ass I can pull it better than you do, bitch!”
“Why don’t we try and see then?!”

Now, was this a bad idea? Of course, it fucking is. Considering the story Bakugou told earlier about some assholes catcalling him? her? him? would go way worse if this happens. Mineta drowning in a pool of blood from heavy nosebleeds was more than enough to convince Kirishima that this would be a really really bad idea. And he was not having any of that. Heck, if he could track down all the guys who catcalled his best friend, he would give them a piece of mind and probably much more.

“Bakugou, I don’t think this is a good idea. Uraraka is just trying to get to you. Don’t let her fool you.”

The saner side of the class suddenly felt like proud parents because even Kirishima, who they thought was crazy for wanting to be best friends with Bakugou Katsuki, is saying something that is not crazy and makes perfect sense. And for a second, Bakugou looked at Kirishima’s eyes because he, too, knew that Kirishima was right and logic plus human decency and rationality were totally siding with Kirishima. But hey, the two, as well as everyone, forgot that Uraraka still exists.

“Oh, what’s this? Is Bakugou running away from a fight?”

Ah, so much for Kirishima’s rationality and basic decency. Fuck all of those. Now there is no turning back. Damn Uraraka and her intensive ability to pull Bakugou’s strings. How ever did she get this courage to annoy the fuck out of Bakugou?

And so, instead of a prim, proper and mature reply, Bakugou Katsuki just explodes. He ain’t running away from a fight. He’s in it to win it. All of it. Everything. Even petty things like this.

“I ain’t saying shit. If I said I’d do it, I will fucking do it. Just fucking watch me!” Bakugou hollers while storming out of the room, Kirishima following him, still holding on to dear hope that maybe he could stop Bakugou from getting into any further trouble.

But lady luck wasn’t siding with him and so was Yuuei’s insanely fast services in providing school uniforms. A still haughty Bakugou enters the room, and yes, in a fucking skirt that swished because that is what skirts do. Also, it was too short for Kirishima’s standards and still very long for Mineta’s. And well, Kirishima. The kid trailed after Bakugou and looked like he has seen hell but that is because he probably actually has. And everyone in class stared at them, specifically at Bakugou’s skirt, because basic human nature told them to, well, except for Todoroki Shouto, who has not been giving an ounce of care since the very beginning of this chaotic day. But that’s just Todoroki being himself.

Everything just grew worse when he sat on his seat and started arranging his things, bringing out books, notebooks and other needed paraphernalia because after that meant that he would sit like he usually does, arms crossed which would probably emphasize his breast in a way not good for virgin teenagers who have yet to know of the world and legs, oh god, legs spread apart that would probably show the area which must never be shown. Everyone began to ready themselves for another shit storm. Even Uraraka who made fun of Bakugou never thought it would get this far and was cowering in a corner. They all just waited for it to happen, all except Ashida Mina.

Normally, Mina would be one of the bad girls. All up for trouble and mayhem. Chaos. That is why she chose Kirishima’s group as her squad. And well, Bakugou was part of it too. The trip to the changing room probably drained Kirishima of all his wits. Denki and Hanta are also very far gone. Fixing things was left to her. This is gonna be a big image changer and they would probably regard her as a savior angel of some sort but that is better than losing his guys so the image she worked so hard to build can go screw itself. Damn. Was Bakugou beginning to rub off on her? She sighs, hoping that she may be able to rub off on him too.

The things she does for friendship.

“Bakugou, are you done fixing your things?” She asks coyly.

“Ah, Ashido. The fuck do you want?” Bakugou replies with another question before facing Mina. Thankfully, he hasn’t noticed everyone staring at him or rather his skirt. Or maybe he did notice but newsflash, he doesn’t give a fuck.

“Oh, I thought I might teach you how to sit with a skirt on. If you are wearing a skirt to kill it, then there is a perfect posture just made for it.” she suggests with her hands on her hips and a forced smiling face because, at the very least, she has to look good if everyone has their eyes on her.

“A better way to sit? Are you shitting me?!” Bakugou laughs it off and wouldn’t take the bait. Of course, he wouldn’t. He doesn’t care about these things, never has, never will.

Unless. UNLESS.

“Oh, so you’ admitting defeat.” Unless you know what to say. If Uraraka could get into Bakugou’s head then so could Mina. She doesn’t do it that often because well, this is Bakugou Katsuki we are talking about. A walking talking time bomb. But desperate times call for even more desperate measures.

“What did you just say, pinkie?! Fine, show it to me! I will do it better than any fucking one and you will all wet yourselves!”

And they did wet themselves. Well, tried desperately not wet themselves. Mina taught Bakugou to sit with his legs crossed, hands resting on top of the upper leg, basic classy way to sit, nothing special. Except it felt special. Because Bakugou suited it, those pissed off eyes and that probably dangerous silence while waiting for the teacher to come made him? her? him look hot, not the ‘usual burning hot rage’ hot, but the ‘burning passionate hot that get young boys who do not know where to channel the increase in their testosterone levels confused’ hot.

Unfortunately, for them, Aizawa-sensei enters the room, in his iconic sleeping bag, before anyone else tries to make Bakugou reconsider his life choices both in good or bad ways. He does not say anything about Bakugou in a skirt, or maybe he doesn’t want to say anything because he considers it a waste of time or just wants the world to burn. Classes go on like usual without any of the teachers mentioning anything about Bakugou in a fucking skirt. And it killed class 1-A.

Slowly sucked the sanity out of their souls until there was no more.