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domestic bliss (is when i'm with you)

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Jimin blinks sleepily up at the ceiling, hearing the cars racing by on the street just under their bedroom window.  It’s a Monday and everyone outside is racing to where they need to be, beeping hurriedly at other cars not going fast enough or at pedestrians jaywalking.  It’s early, only about seven thirty in the morning, and the sunlight is streaming in through their open window, a nice breeze rolling in through the city. 

She’s nice and warm under the blankets, the two of them using a total of three because they love the feel and weight of blankets, the way they can burrow under them together, entangled in each other as they sleep.  Jimin runs her hand over the top of the blanket, feeling the softness under her palm as she licks her lips and turns her head to the side to see Yoongi laying on his stomach, head buried under his pillow in an attempt to ignore the sunlight, the blankets pulled tight around him.

She smiles, watching the slow rise and fall of his naked back as he breathes, dead to the morning.  Her alarm is going to go off soon and she reaches for her phone as she slowly gets out of bed, knowing even if she did make a lot of noise it wouldn’t wake him up.  Jimin wonders what time he finally came to bed, as she had fallen asleep alone, curled up in her cocoon of blankets.

She shuts the window and latches it, letting herself bask in the sunlight for a few seconds.  She loves the city; loves the beauty she finds in the gigantic buildings, the cacophony smell of side stalls selling food and the gross sewer and all the people mixing into one, the solace she finds being surrounded by people but knowing she’ll never see them again.

Jimin shuts their bedroom door behind her lightly, the wood floors of their small hallway biting into her feet as she makes her way to their equally small kitchen.  The apartment itself is just small, but she likes it.  There didn’t need to be too much space for the two of them and as long as Yoongi had enough room for his recording equipment he was content; Jimin was content having a place to rest her head at night that she could call home.

Their living room curtains are open, basking their apartment in the warm sunlight and she smiles as she loads the Keurig, phone alarm going off.  Jimin switches it off, pulling creamer out of their fridge and noting she would have to go to the store soon.  She wonders if she can convince Yoongi to go for her if she makes a list, pulling a small paper tablet out of one of their drawers and writing a few essentials: milk, meat, creamer, coffee.

As her coffee finishes brewing she thinks of what they should have for dinner for the week.  Yoongi normally eats whatever she makes for them, sometimes cooking for her when she’s had a particularly stressful day.  Jimin won’t have to worry about Saturday, as they’re going to go out to dinner with Namjoon and Seokjin, but she figures as the days start to get longer and hotter he’ll want a slight change in menu.  Yoongi’ll probably want jajangmyeon some point during the week.

Jimin hears her coffee finish brewing and turns away from the list, just as she hears the bedroom door creak open.  She raises an eyebrow as she puts the creamer back in the fridge, surprised when Yoongi appears in the doorway, eyes still half closed and face covered in sleep lines.

“Good morning,” Jimin laughs as he stumbles half-asleep to her, opening her arms for him.

Yoongi hums, the sound rumbling from deep within his chest as he presses a kiss to her hair, the smack of his lips a little exaggerated and she smiles.  He rests his cheek against the crown of her hair as his arms wrap loosely around hers and she returns the favor, hands resting on his bare lower back.

“Would you like a cup of coffee?” Jimin asks him in a low voice, nuzzling into his neck as he rubs a hand up and down her back.

It takes a second for Yoongi to nod and smiles as she spins in his arms, reloading the Keurig.  She feels him stumble away, probably to face plant on the couch, and she can’t keep the smile off her face as she takes a sip of her own coffee.  She expects to hear the TV turn on but it doesn’t and she lets the silence envelope them as the Keurig kicks off and his coffee is ready.

“Babe do you want sugar in your coffee?” she asks, though its rhetoric as she knows exactly how she takes his coffee.

Jimin shakes her head when she doesn’t get a response and carefully carries both cups into the living room.  Yoongi is lying down on the couch, curled up on his side, fast asleep.

“Honestly,” she mumbles as she perches by his feet, setting his cup down before reaching a hand out to shake him awake, “hey, wake up.  I can’t believe you fell asleep, I made this for you, you dick.”

Yoongi grumbles under her, swatting her hand away, “Go ‘way.”

“Yoongi,” Jimin calls, annoyed as she sets down her own cup before crawling up the couch, digging her fingers into his side, right under his ribs where he’s most ticklish.  The sound of surprise he makes gets caught in his throat as he throws his shoulder into the back of the couch, trying to catch her hands as her knees settle around his waist.

She laughs as her fingers fly over his sides and he twitches under her, trying not to laugh as he struggles to open his eyes.  He looks so cute, face scrunched up as she tickles him awake, sunlight beaming down on his face as the day wishes them good morning.

“Okay, okay!” he groans, letting out a huff of air when Jimin falls onto him, grin etched into her face, “God you are the worst.”

“What time did you go to sleep last night?” she asks as they shift, so Yoongi’s on his back and she’s lying on top of him instead of on his side.  She lays her arms on his chest and then lays her head on her arms so he has to look down his nose to actually look at her.

“It was like… two,” he yawns, raising a hand to cover his mouth and purposefully knocking her in the head, face morphing into a smug grin.

“Ass,” Jimin mutters and it brings a smile to his face as his eyes flutter shut, “Hey, no, drink your coffee.”

Yoongi groans as she pushes herself up, using his chest as her base, settling back comfortably on his legs so she can lean over and grab their drinks off the coffee table.  She startles when she feels light fingers ghost over her stomach, over the skin she had flashed as her shirt rode up when she stretched.  She turns to look at him as she settles back on his legs, far enough that he would have to sit up in order to reach her.

“No,” Jimin tells him sternly, “I can’t be late today.”

“I didn’t do anything,” Yoongi retorts, eying the coffee in her hand.

She rolls her eyes, sitting up on her haunches so he can shimmy up the couch into a reclined position, legs still stretched out.  Jimin hands him his cup before moving to the opposite end of the couch, laying her legs over his.  Yoongi finally seems to be awake, letting the steam waft over his face as he blinks the sleep out of his eyes.

“Normal hours today?” he finally asks, the sleep in his voice edging away and his voice returning to its normal timbre.

Jimin hums in affirmation, watching the city line through their window.  They fall into silence, sipping at their drinks as she times her morning.  She’ll finish this cup, get dressed, maybe fool around with Yoongi a little and get redressed, then do her bathroom routine before leaving for the bank.  Yoongi has his head tipped back against the couch arm and his eyes are closed, but she can tell from the way his eyelids are fluttering in the light and from the way his fingers are tapping against the side of his cup that he’s wide awake.

“The group you’re currently writing for is going to debut soon, right? How’s the song coming?”  she finally asks, as she comes close to the bottom of her cup.

Yoongi’s lips twitch and he lolls his head to the side, opening his eyes to look at her, “Almost done, pretty routine by now.  Write love lyrics, add a nice, soothing, but unique,” here Yoongi waves his fingers mockingly, “beat to it and voila.  Instant hit with the teens who go crazy over almost any song their idols come back with.”

Jimin laughs at him, “Okay, I get it, I get it: teens buy into the cookie cutter propaganda, society is run by pretty boys and capitalism, blah blah blah.  When do you perform next?”

Here, a real smile spreads across his face and Yoongi’s eyes brighten slightly, “Wednesday night.  The bar has half-priced drinks so it’s going to be packed.”

She can’t stop the fond smile that spreads across her face, “Are you performing solo or are you collabing?”

“Wednesday is solo, though Namjoon goes on after me, and Friday night Namjoon and I have a set together.”

Jimin nods, downing the rest of her drink and climbing to her feet, “That’s exciting!  I don’t think I’ll be able to make it Wednesday’s performance; it’s a late show right?”

“Yeah, I won’t go on until eleven,” Yoongi informs her and she nods, padding towards the kitchen, “Are you still coming to Friday’s?  I need my good luck charm.”

“Of course,” she calls from the kitchen as she rinses her cup out before heading towards their room, telling him as she passes by the couch, “I’m going to get dressed.”

Yoongi clears his throat, catching her attention as he places his half empty cup on the table before he slinks back down the couch on his back, “How about before that…”

Jimin pauses, stopping in the doorway and raising an eyebrow, urging him to continue.

“Blowjob?” he asks, sliding his hands down his chest to grip the elastic of his sweatpants, ready to slide them down.

She rolls her eyes, glancing over at the clock by their front door, eight twenty five.  She could spare some time.

“Are you going to go down on me?” she retaliates, turning on her heels.

Yoongi puffs some air into his cheeks, a little whine sounding out, “Babe, that’s a lot of work.”

She rolls her eyes, “Like sucking your dick isn’t, you picky fuck.  Just let me sit on your face, you’ll barely have to do anything.”

Yoongi already has his sweatpants and boxers pushed halfway down his thighs, palming himself, eyes falling shut at the sensation.

“Time?” he asks and Jimin parrots what she saw on the clock, tying her hair up into a bun before she takes him in her mouth.


Jimin wakes up late Tuesday morning, crying out as she saw she had turned her phone off in her sleep.  She rushed around to get ready, berating herself as she did so, Yoongi watching her with half open eyes.  She was throwing her hair up into a barely presentable bun as she leaned down to kiss him goodbye.

Fuck, I forgot to go to the store yesterday.  Could you go?  I started a list, it’s on the fridge, grab whatever else you think we need,” she babbled, slipping into her heels.

Yoongi nods, sitting up and letting the blankets pool around his waist.  She felt bad, knowing he had stayed up late the night before, trying to stay ahead of his deadline.

“Thank you, I love you,” Jimin kisses him quickly one last time before she’s out the door.

As soon as the door clicks shut Yoongi falls back asleep.


Jimin’s had a long, hard day at the bank that consisted of running every report known to man because the quarter had just ended and tomorrow they’re going to have a meeting to go over last quarter’s progress.  So when she goes home she just wants to take a nice, hot shower and make dinner for her and Yoongi and sleep like the dead.

What she does not want, however, is to walk into their apartment and be met with yelling as Yoongi, Hoseok, and Hoseok’s friend Jackson play some video game, which she thinks is Super Smash Bros.  Jimin observes their living room, at the pizza boxes stacked on their coffee table and empty cans of beer littering their floor.

She raises her eyes to Yoongi who’s already looking at her, a small smile on his face.

“Hey babe,” he gets up, tossing the controller onto the couch as he walks towards her, opening his arms as he does, “You look tired, long day?”

Jimin melts into him and nods, pressing her face into his shoulder and inhaling his cologne.  She’s a little annoyed at the noise and at the mess, but it’s only because she’s tired.

“Yeah,” she pulls away to look around him, leaning around him to call to the two sitting on her couch, “Hey guys.  Get your feet off my coffee table.”

Yoongi exhales hard through his nose in semblance of a laugh as two identical sounds of feet dropping onto their floor echo and she pulls fully away from him to hang her purse up before walking into the kitchen.

“What did you grab from the store?” Jimin asks, before she stops, seeing the list still hanging on the fridge.

“What?  Shit,” Yoongi runs a hand through his hair, mussing it up slightly, “The store, shit.  I forgot to go.”

She sighs and leans her forehead against the fridge handle and she can hear Yoongi pad towards her as yelling sounds from their living room.

“I’m sorry,” he murmurs, placing his hands on her shoulders to massage them lightly, “I just got caught up in work and-”

“And then what?  Hoseok and Jackson came over?” Jimin turns to him, shrugging his hands off and she doesn’t know where this hot flash of anger is coming from but she can feel it flooding every nerve in her body as she clenches her hands, “You’ve had all day to go and you couldn’t tear yourself away from work for half an hour at the most?”

Yoongi’s eyebrows furrow and Jimin can see the anger flash in his eyes, probably mirroring her own.  This has always been their biggest problem: they’re the biggest hot-heads on Earth.  They don’t have a lot of fights, but when they do it’s a drag out brawl full of screaming and cutting words.  Jimin loves him and Yoongi loves her, but they aren’t perfect.

But Yoongi seems to want to avoid a fight, if it’s because he knows she’s had a hard day or if it’s because his friends are in the next room, but he just says, “I’m sorry, Jimin, alright?  I just got caught up, you know the deadline- It doesn’t matter, I’ll go in the morning okay?  Calm down.”

Jimin clenches her jaw and storms past him, feet hitting the floor loudly and Hoseok and Jackson turn towards her as she slides back into her heels, angrily grabbing her purse.

“Where the fuck are you going?” Yoongi’s mad now, slamming his hand on the door when she grabs the handle so she can’t open it.

“Back the fuck up Yoongi,” Jimin snarls and honestly it’s not a big deal, him not going to the store, she doesn’t understand why she feels like this.  But she’s mad now, furious even as the anger licks at her insides like flames, and she’s not backing down, “I’m going to the store since you can’t seem to do the simplest things."

“Uh hyung maybe-” Jackson is tugging Hoseok to his feet, their eyes trained on the scene, and she and Yoongi both turn towards them.

Sit down,” Jimin hisses and the two gulp but do as she instructs.  She knocks Yoongi’s hand off the door, “You guys are already here and Yoongi seems to think us not having food for the week isn’t important so enjoy your game, its fine, throw your beer cans on my floor and put your dirty feet on my coffee table.  I’ll be back, don’t wait up."

She slams the door behind her and heads for the stairs.  The door wrenches open behind her and Yoongi is storming out after her, shouting for her to stop.

“Go away!” Jimin yells, pushing the stair door open with a bang but he’s hot on her heels, grabbing her wrist and turning her to face him.  Yoongi’s face is red, mouth twisted into a grimace and eyes narrowed into slits.

“What the fuck is your problem?  I’m sorry I forgot to go to the store but you don’t have to turn it into a thing.”

She snorts and twists her wrist out of his grasp, turning away from him and heading down the stairs.

“Goddammit, Jimin, stop!” Yoongi yells, rushing after her, “Why are you being like this?”

Jimin can feel hot tears pooling in her eyes and she rushes down the stairs, which is dangerous in her heels but she doesn’t care.  She doesn’t want to apologize, to Yoongi or his friends, and she definitely doesn’t want him to see her crying, not with the way the anger and shame are swirling in her chest.

Stop!” Yoongi grabs her arm again and spins her around.

But Jimin’s heel gets caught on the edge of the step and she loses her balance.  She tries to grab onto the handrail but she misses and she gasps, feeling that moment of weightlessness and she knows what’s going to happen next: she’s going to fall.  Except Yoongi is quick and he’s reaching for her, arm curling around her waist as he pulls her into his chest and somehow twisting in the air so when Jimin falls she’s falling on him.  It’s quick and it leaves her breathless and when they hit the bottom stair they bounce onto the platform below them.

Yoongi groans beneath her and she’s openly crying now, wiping angrily at her tears before placing a shaky hand on his cheek, “Oh my God are you okay?”

He nods, though his face is scrunched up in pain and she can see the way his lower back is spasming.

“Goddammit Yoongi you have a show tomorrow,” Jimin cries, going to push herself off his chest but his arms are wrapped tight around her and he won’t let go.

“You didn’t twist your ankle did you?” he manages to hiss between his teeth, eyes closed and she feels guilty, so so guilty.

“No,” she whispers.

“Good,” Yoongi nods his head, “Just… give me a second to get up, okay?”

Jimin chews on her lip but doesn’t say anything as she lays against him, leaning her forehead against his chest.  What a sight this would be for someone to walk into, a girl laying on a guy and the guy obviously in pain; someone would probably think she pushed him.  The thought brings on a fresh wave of tears because Yoongi is lying hurt under her and it’s her fault.

Yoongi heaves a sigh and she takes that as her sign to carefully get off him and they’re quiet as she helps him off the ground.  Jimin wraps an arm around his waist and he leans into her with a grimace, hand going to his lower back and the guilt in her chest doubles tenfold.  They take the stairs slowly and when they make it back to their apartment Hoseok and Jackson are nowhere to be seen.

“Do you want a heat pack for your back?” she asks and Yoongi shakes his head as he flops himself down on the couch.

“C’mere,” he mutters, lifting an arm up in invitation and Jimin collapses onto the cushion next to him.

His arm curls around her shoulder and brings her closer to his side.  Jimin can’t stop the small intake of breath when Yoongi uses his thumb to rub under her puffy eye, wiping away a stray tear.  The anger in his eyes has dissipated and all that’s left is worry with a touch of sadness.

“What happened?  There’s no way you were that mad over me forgetting to go grocery shopping,” he asks and her lower lip trembles.

Jimin doesn’t know how to explain it: how sometimes she just get’s mad, anger curling tighter and tighter in her chest until it explodes, until she explodes, taking it out on whoever or whatever is nearby.  That whoever tends to be Yoongi, her sarcastic, endearingly sweet asshole boyfriend, the man she hopes to be with forever, and she knows he doesn’t deserve it.  Sometimes, when Jimin’s lying awake at night, watching stray lights sweep over their ceiling, she doesn’t think she deserves him; though she’ll never admit that to another living soul.

“I don’t know,” Jimin whimpers, fisting her hands in his loose shirt as she shakes, “I’m so sorry Yoongi I don’t know I shouldn’t have freaked out and then you wouldn’t have gotten hurt and I’m sor-

Yoongi sighs as he leans his forehead against hers, nuzzling their noses together.  Jimin closes her eyes and sobs and Yoongi lets her, lets her cry whatever she needs to out, even if he’s not one hundred percent sure why.

“I shouldn’t have gotten angry,” she murmurs and Yoongi kisses her forehead, “You’re right, I wasn’t mad about the grocery shopping I just… had a hard day and that’s no excuse to take it out on you and now your back-”

Yoongi hums as he kisses her forehead again and she can feel his lips curve up into a smile, “Since we’re apologizing, I’m sorry too.  I should have just gone to the store, you were right: I could have spared half an hour.”

Jimin knows he’s trying to put her at ease, to lighten the mood so they can start to move past this but she can’t until she’s sure he understands.

She shakes her head fiercely and Yoongi has to move his back so their heads won’t knock together, “No, you have nothing to apologize for.  You have a deadline and I know you need to stick to whatever schedule you’ve created for yourself and this is all my fault and I’m sorry."

Yoongi smiles as Jimin leans her forehead onto his collarbone.  They’re quiet for a minutes as they cuddle on the couch, coming down from their fighting high.  Their fights always leave her exhausted and paired with her work day, she can feel that exhaustion settling in her bones.

“What do you say we just order takeout for dinner?” he suggests, “and I’ll go to the store tomorrow, yeah?”  She gives a curt nod of her head.

Jimin’s hand slips around to Yoongi’s lower back to rub light fingers where he had hit it.  He makes small sounds as her fingers dig into his muscles, a mix of pain and relief that has the tightness in his back unraveling as he rubs at her shoulder.

“I’ll order, okay?” she doesn’t give him time to answer, kissing his neck before she slides off the couch to head to the kitchen to grab the Chinese takeout menu off their fridge.

But as she’s ending the call, she doesn’t return to the couch.  Jimin patters down the hallway to their bedroom.  She grabs their heating pad from the closet shelf and a smaller blanket off their bed she knows Yoongi likes best.

His eyes light up when he sees the objects she’s holding and makes grabby hands at her.  Jimin feels her heart squeeze at the cute sigh and plugs in the heating pad.  Yoongi arches his back away from the couch and she pulls his shirt up, letting the pad rest snugly against his lower back.  She frowns at the quickly forming bruise, but then Yoongi is pulling her back into his side, a low groan emanating from his chest as he closes his eyes.

“That feels so nice.”

Jimin laughs slightly, placing her hand on his stomach so she can rub at it, kissing his shoulder.  He turns his head and smiles at her, eyes fluttering as the heat spreads across his injury.  She watches Yoongi’s face for a few seconds, trying to decide if there’s any lingering anger or any kind of ill feelings from him but either she can’t read her boyfriend as well as she thought or he’s honestly not upset anymore.

Either way she leans forward to kiss him and he hums into the kiss, fingers ghosting over her jaw.  Their takeout arrives as they’re kissing and when Jimin gets up to get it she hopes Yoongi understands what she was trying to tell him.

I love you, I’m sorry.

But as she comes back with their food and catches what she hopes is adoration in his eyes as he watches her, she thinks he does.


As the night draws to a close, they’re lying in bed, Yoongi resting on his stomach as Jimin perches on his ass, knees on either side of his hips as her hands run soothingly across his upper back.  He has the heating pad on his lower back and she can see where the skin is starting to turn purple on the edges and yellowing from where he had hit the step hardest.

“I really am sorry,” Jimin murmurs as she leans forward to press firm hands into his shoulders to rub at tense muscles.

Yoongi moans from under her, letting his body completely relax as she works him over, “God I should let you hurt me more, you’re so attentive.”

She pinches his side in retaliation, though a frown settles on her face.  She feels so bad, watching Yoongi twitch under her as the bruise blossoms across his back.  She sighs as she drops a kiss on his shoulder and he turns his head so they’re eye to eye.

“You’re grinding your teeth again,” he observes and his words make her jaw ache when she realizes he’s right.  Her jaw screams with relief as she lets up, sitting upright.

Yoongi reaches down and taps at her hip, “Sit up.”

Jimin raises up on her knees and he turns around under her, face screwed up as he pulls the muscles in his back.  He settles the heating pad back under his back and she waits for him to get comfortable before sitting back down on his lap.  Yoongi reaches out for her, fingers held apart and she smiles lightly as she fits hers between his.

“I know you, Jimin, and I know you feel bad, but just… let it go.  I’m not seriously hurt,” she opens her mouth to retort but he cuts her off, “I’m not.  I’m a little bruised and a little sore, but you can stop blaming yourself.”

“I probably won’t, but okay.”

“I can’t believe we’re going to argue about this again,” Yoongi sighs, shaking his head, “You take on too much blame, too much responsibility.”

“But it is-”

“Okay yeah, maybe this time it is and maybe last time it was and maybe next time it will be but why do you have to stew in it?  Why do you have to antagonize over it for weeks, worrying yourself sick about how to fix it or get over it or move on from it when literally everyone else has?”

Jimin’s silent, feeling a little low as Yoongi lectures her.  He sighs again, a heavy sound that assaults her ears and she wants to slink off but their hands are still linked and his eyes are holding hers.

“Do you remember our first anniversary?  When you went to the wrong restaurant and I got mad because I thought you stood me up?  And when you explained what had happened it was fine?  Except you beat yourself up about it forever and granted the sex was pretty good because you were so will- anyway my point is, I got over it immediately and you held onto it for too long.  It’s unhealthy, how you fixate on bad things, but it’s also very worrying, you know?” Yoongi lets go of one of Jimin’s hands so he can place it on her jaw, pulling her face down to his, “You stress yourself out and make yourself unhappy and I just have to sit and watch and it sucks.  It fucking sucks and you’re grinding your teeth again.”

Jimin lets her jaw go as she stares down at Yoongi, lower lip trembling, “I’m sorry.  I-I-I didn’t realize-”

“Stop apologizing just… try and worry less, yeah?  Let the little shit go and talk to me about the big shit.”

She leans down to kiss him, hand grasping tightly at his bicep as she pushes into him, “I’ll work on it, I promise.”

His face twists when Jimin pushes on his arm to straighten herself up and she frowns when she catches the tail end of his discomfort, “Does it really hurt that bad?  It’s been a few hours, it shouldn’t-”

Yoongi shakes his head lightly, “Th-that wasn’t from my back.”

She’s confused for a moment before Jimin feels the smallest jerk of his hips and she cants forward as realization dawns on her, “Min Yoongi!  I can’t believe you, how are you getting hard?!”

Yoongi glares from under her, letting go of her hands so he can place his own on her thighs, “You are literally sitting on my dick right now, what did you expect?”

Jimin rolls her eyes before she falls down next to him, pointedly telling him, “We are not having sex.”

He gives a small whine but isn’t that bothered by it, raising his arm and inviting her to lay her head on his chest.  She places a quick kiss over Yoongi’s heart and then his neck and then his jaw, the farthest she could reach, before settling down on his shoulder.  His arm curls around her, fingers splaying against her hip as he rubs at the skin through her shirt.

“I’m sorry,” Jimin mutters even though she knows he’s tired of hearing it, “I really am and I love you.”

Yoongi turns his head slightly so he can press his lips to Jimin’s forehead, brushing some hair out of her eyes, “It’s alright.  I love you too.”


Jimin’s phone flashes and she sees another text from Yoongi, his usual play by play as he sits in the crowd at the bar, watching the other rappers perform.  It’s nine pm on Wednesday night and she’s still at work, the meeting to go over the bank’s previous quarter still going strong.  She can feel the beginning of a headache and Jimin hasn’t moved from this chair in two hours, her boss and the CFO harping at each other on the best way to improve for the next quarter.

“They’re hopeless,” her co-worker, Suzy, whispers from beside her, “Honestly the sexual tension between them is ridiculous.”

Jimin eyes her boss, Seulki, a woman just a few years older than her, who was in the process of training Jimin so Seulki could transfer to a new region.  Her CFO, Boa, is the same age as her boss and honestly, she can see what Suzy is saying: their words may be biting towards each other but the way they’re gazing at each other says something else.

Jimin giggles at Suzy to let her know she agrees, before clearing her throat to get Seulki’s attention.

“I hate to interrupt.  I know how important it is to analyze this quarter, but would it be okay if we pick it up tomorrow?  It is fairly late and I think our intern fell asleep in his coffee.”

Seulki and Boa turn their eyes towards the end of the table, where the young intern, Yugyeom, is seated, his head slumped forward as he snores lightly.  Boa sighs in agitation, tilting her head back slightly before nodding curtly.

Fine,” she cuts eyes at Seulki before standing up, the official signal that the meeting has ended.

Jimin lets out a breath, pushing her rolling chair back and gathering the notes she’s taken and stuffing them into her bag.

“So,” Suzy stands up with her, grabbing her travel mug and leaving the room with Jimin, “What are your plans for the rest of this fine evening?”

Suzy’s tone is sarcastic because all they both want to do for the rest of the night is take a shower and go to sleep.  Her phone vibrates in her hand and she glances down at it, to see that Yoongi has sent her a picture of him and Hoseok, their faces basked in the low lighting of the dingy bar.  She stares at Yoongi for a few moments, at the backwards snap back he’s wearing that he has his hair bundled under, at the way his eyes are curved with his smile, the way his cheek is pressed against Hoseok’s.  She might not be able to make out much in the dirty lighting, but the picture has her breathless, staring down at the picture of her boyfriend.  She’s so in love, even after four years with him.

“That’s your boyfriend right?” Suzy asks, crowding into Jimin’s side to stare down at the photo on her phone, “Damn he’s cute.  The boy he’s with is too, is he single?”

She laughs, a breathless chuckle because Jimins’s having trouble catching her breath as she thinks about Yoongi, hanging out with Hoseok in a booth, sipping on their drinks as they prepare to do their solo performances.

“Yeah, Hoseok is single.  Hey, I have an idea, want to meet him?”


After raiding her closet to find an appropriate bar-and-also-underground-rap-performance outfit, Jimin and Suzy are squeezing into the bar, packed wall to wall with people.  Her face is already flushed and Suzy is holding onto her arm so as to not get lost.  There’s an hour before Yoongi goes on stage and she knows she’s going to be tired as all hell tomorrow but she doesn’t care as she scans the bar, trying to catch a glimpse of his dyed hair or hear Hoseok’s loud laugh.

“Let’s get drinks yeah?  The bar is elevated, we might be able to see them better.”

Jimin nods distractedly, wanting to see her boyfriend, wanting to know if he has butterflies in his stomach and if her presence will calm him down even the slightest.  She gets a light drink from the bar, not wanting to have too bad of a headache for work the next day on top of the sleep deprivation she’s going to have.

“Is that… is that him?” Suzy yells in her ear, pointing to a booth in the back, where she sees a flash of a snapback and then Hoseok’s face is lit up under the light.

Jimin nods and holds tightly onto Suzy’s arm as she drags her to that corner, trying to keep eyes on Yoongi.  She can see that there are two other girls at the table, both of them leaning heavily into the boys.  She feels something flutter in her stomach but it’s not jealousy; through the thriving bodies Jimin can see that Yoongi has donned eyeliner and a liquid heat is coiling in her stomach as attraction spreads from the ends of her toes to the tips of her fingers.

“Yoongi!” she calls, pushing through the last barrier and his head snaps up, eyes widening and a grin splitting his face.

He all but pushes the girl out of his way, sliding past the disgruntled girl and pulling Jimin into a bone crushing hug, even though she catches a hint of a grimace on his face from the stretch of his back.

“I thought you wouldn’t be able to make it!” his tone is incredulous and he takes the drink from her hand, setting it on the table behind him.

The girl behind him is giving her the stink eye but Jimin doesn’t care, is to enraptured by the man in front of her, kissing her senseless as he holds her close to him.

“Change of plans!” Jimin giggles, “Oh, by the way, I brought someone to meet Hoseok.”

Yoongi keeps her close as they turn back to the table, the two girls gone as she and Suzy slide into the previously occupied seats.

“God, I’m so excited you’re here,” Yoongi keeps saying, pressing kisses all over Jimin’s face and she can’t keep her smile at bay, holding onto his shirt tightly.

Yoongi looks incredible, she thinks, wearing one of his favorite snapbacks paired with a baseball style t-shirt and tight pants and a pair of black converse.  She can feel that familiar giddy feeling in her chest, like the one she first had when she first laid eyes on him back in college before they were friends, her heart beating quick against her ribcage.

“You’re good luck charm has to be here,” Jimin smiles, feeling a little shy as he won’t quit looking at her.  She turns to Hoseok, who has made himself very comfortable with Suzy already, “And what are you doing here?  I thought Namjoon was supposed to perform tonight.”

“I’m filling in for Namjoon,” he tells her, arm settling around Suzy’s shoulder who’s grinning beside him.

Jimin rolls her eyes at the flirt and feels Yoongi’s fingers catch her chin, turning her face towards him so he can kiss her again.  She can’t kiss him for long because she can’t seem to get oxygen into her lungs and she ends up leaning into him, petting his face as he peppers kisses all over hers, ignoring the other couple.

“How’s your back?” Jimin asks, fingers slipping from his chest and down his stomach to around his back, ghosting over the material of his shirt and she can see the hair on the back of Yoongi’s neck stand up.

He shrugs as he nudges his nose against hers, holding onto her tightly, “’sfine.  I took a shit ton of pain meds before I came.”

“Should you be mixing medicine with alcohol?” she wants to cut her towards his drink to make a point but Yoongi’s fingers are still holding onto her chin and if she’s being honest she doesn’t want to look away from him.

“Who cares?  Are you going to stand in the front row?” he asks, voice dipping low and rumbling his chest under her.

Jimin licks her lips and his eyes follow the action and she can’t believe Yoongi can make her feel like this still after all these years, “Of course.  I have to make sure those girls know who you’re going home with.”

His smirk is positively possessive as he kisses her again, slower so he can savor the slide of their mouths against each other as his tongue laps at her lips, hand sliding down her back to land on her ass, pulling her into his lap.

“Yoongi,” Jimin laughs into his mouth, but she makes herself comfortable, legs on either side of him.  To accommodate any stretch in his back she leans over him, pressing him into the sticky leather of the booth and she’s rewarded with a blinding smile before he’s pulling her face back down.

Yoongi’s mouth is relentless, one hand kneading her ass as the other travels back up her back to Jimin’s neck, applying just enough pressure to have her dropping her mouth open into a moan.  His tongue takes advantage of the situation, dipping into her mouth and she can feel her head spinning.

“Don’t get too carried away hyung!” Hoseok laughs, “You go up in half an hour!”

“That’s enough time for me to get off twice, don’t you think?” Yoongi’s tone is teasing as he pulls back, Jimin’s lipstick smeared around the curvature of Yoongi’s mouth.

“Yeah, but what are we supposed to do for the remaining twenty five minutes?” she teases back.

Yoongi jokes but in fifteen minutes he’s throbbing under Jimin, holding her down by her ass so he can grind up into her.  Hoseok and Suzy have abandoned the booth for backstage so they can no doubt fool around before Hoseok goes on after Yoongi’s fifteen minute set and Yoongi takes advantage of their absence, being as loud as he wants under the blaring music.

“God damn,” he groans, lips swollen and wet with spit, “I have to go make sure my mic is working, shit.”

Jimin doesn’t ease up in her pressure, having long since disposed of Yoongi’s snapback so she can grip at his hair to give her some sort of foundation.  She can’t get enough of his blonde hair, musing it up with her fingers as she yanks it back to expose his neck, glistening with sweat as they work their hips together.  It’s Jimin’s favorite hair color on him; she had liked them all, the red, the mint green, the grey, and while she hates how fried his hair always feels, the blonde color has always done something to her.  A small voice in the back of Jimin’s head is telling her to get off his lap, to stop dry humping in the back corner of a crowded bar ten minutes before he’s supposed to be on stage, but a larger part of her is telling her to stay right where she is.

Fuck,” Yoongi moans, bucking up into her and Jimin’s eyes roll back.  She’s so glad she decided to wear a skirt, as the rough denim of his jeans rubs against the soaked cotton of her panties, just right against her clit.


It’s not her calling his name; it’s the stage manager, face red as he watches the two of them rut against each other.

Jimin gives him one last kiss, on his hairline so she can nose at his hair and smell his shampoo, “You better go, before I fuck you on this couch.”

Yoongi’s laugh is deep as she slides off him and out of the booth, pulling him after her.

“I’ll be right up front,” she smiles and he mirrors it, giving her a much slower kiss before he follows the seriously pissed off stage manager.

Jimin pushes past people once Yoongi goes back stage, finding a place near enough to the front that she can see the stage and he’ll be able to see her.  She waits the last ten minutes with a thumping heart, letting the energy of the crowd consume her as they get hyped up for Yoongi’s performance.

It’s exhilarating, watching her boyfriend perform, looking as natural on stage as a predator looks on the hunt though she honestly can’t tell the difference between the two in this moment.  His lyrics flow smoothly, the bass thumping underneath her feet as the crowd surges around her, reaching for him, and his eyes travel over the crowd before they ultimately land on her.  Yoongi’s voice is raw and expressive and Jimin can feel that familiar heat coiling in her stomach as she pushes her thighs together, never breaking eye contact with Yoongi.

Fifteen minutes fly by fast, a whirlwind of screaming from the crowd and such intense eye contact from Yoongi that she feels dizzy, and Hoseok is coming out to cheers, the crowd just as hyped for Hoseok as they had been for Yoongi.  She follows Yoongi with her eyes first, before he jerks his head towards back stage.  Jimin quickly catches up to him, her thighs damp, and he pushes her into a wall hidden in the shadows.

They make out like teenagers, Yoongi holding her up against the wall with his hands on the back of her thighs, sweat seeping through his shirt and onto her skin.  Jimin had tried to protest at first, wary of his back, but then he was rolling his hips into hers and she threw caution to the wind.  She holds him close and tight even though there are strangers constantly passing by, drunk and not so discreetly whispering about them behind their hands.

“You were so amazing,” Jimin gasps as Yoongi works his way down her neck, pressed flush against her, “So, so, so, so."

Her head thumps against the wall as he licks a hot stripe up her neck, biting at her earlobe as she writhes against the wall.  She can hear Hoseok’s voice loud and clear through the speaker and the bass of his song is thumping against Jimin’s back through the wall.  Yoongi’s eye liner is starting to smudge in the corners of his eyes, but he still looks so infinitely hot, panting into her ear and mumbling something that gets drowned out when Hoseok’s voice picks up, practically spitting into the mic.

“What?” Jimin gasps and he presses closer to her, mouth right against the shell of her ear.

“Marry me,” Yoongi’s breathless, pressing as many kisses against her skin as he can.

Her eyes are wide and she grabs his cheeks, bringing his eyes up to her.  Jimin’s silent for a few seconds and she can see Yoongi’s getting nervous in the way his nose is twitching, in the way a pink flush spreads across the bridge of his nose unlike the way a red flush spreads across his face after performing.

“I cannot believe that you are asking me to marry you in this shitty bar,” Jimin laughs, the sound incredulous as he lets her legs slip out of his grasp.  Her shoes hit the floor with a heavy smack.

Yoongi’s biting hard at his bottom lip, keeping her caged in his arms as she straightens out her clothes, shaking her head at him.  He only looks a little bit ashamed, pulling off his snapback to mess up the back of his hair, sweat flying off the strands.

“Your request has been denied, please try again later,” Jimin tells him, sliding her hand into his, voice slipping into a warm and reassuring tone as she smiles at him, “Let’s catch the end of Hoseok’s set and go home, okay?”


Jimin wakes up with a groan on Thursday morning, head throbbing as her alarm goes off, eyesight hazy and mouth dry.  Yoongi makes a wounded sound from her neck where his face is buried, arms wrapped tight around her waist.

“Turnitoff,” he mumbles, rolling away from Jimin to try and get away from the offending noise.

Her hand slaps the nightstand until she finds her phone, sliding her thumb across the shut off button and flooding their bedroom in silence.  She can feel Yoongi relax from his position beside her, melting back into the bed as he turns his head so he’s looking at Jimin through sleep laden eyes.

“Fuck, my head,” she groans.

“How much did you drink last night?”

“I only had the one,” Jimin throws her feet out of bed, shivering as they come in contact with the cold floor.  They had left their window open again and the morning are still cold even as the months slip into summer, the traffic outside angry as various beeps and honks float in their room.

“Is it your allergies?” he asks, “Or are you catching that bug that’s going around?”

“None of the above I hope,” she mutters, stumbling out of bed, trying to shake the sleep out of her limbs, “I can’t afford to miss work.”

Yoongi hums from the bed, watching her disappear into the bathroom so she can pee, blinking his eyes rapidly to try and stay awake.

“Are you gonna be okay to work today?” he calls, sentence interrupted by a yawn.

Jimin shrugs, even though she knows he can’t see it, flushing the toilet and turning on the faucet to wash her hands.  She examines herself in the mirror, her face peaked and pale from some impending illness and the redness in her eyes from lack of sleep.  She’s going to look like hell all day and she’s definitely going to feel like it.

“It’s probably just a 24 hour bug,” Jimin tells him, though she’s trying to convince herself more than she’s trying to convince Yoongi, “I should be right as rain tomorrow.”

“What does that expression even mean?” he question is muffled by the pillows as he’s buried his head in them again.

Jimin sighs, falling beside him as she stares up at the ceiling.  She’s trying to time her morning again; her alarm has just gone off, so if she skips coffee for cuddling some more, she’ll have plenty of time to get dressed and do her bathroom routine before leaving for work.  Nodding to herself, she rolls over, sticking her cold and still slightly wet hands on the back of Yoongi’s neck, the only part of him exposed.

The sound he makes is undignified and he rolls around, trying to dislodge her but Jimin holds on steadfastly, laughing with a slight croak.  Yoongi finally grabs the pillow over his head and smacks her with it, sending her into a spluttering mess as she settles down, sliding under the covers with him.

“Brat,” he hisses, though Yoongi’s smiling fondly at her.  Jimin sticks her tongue out in retaliation.

His palm is warm as he lays it across her forehead, tongue poking into his cheek slightly, “You feel a little warm to touch.”

She rolls her eyes, “Thanks Nurse Yoongi but I’m fine.”

Yoongi lets his fingers slide from her forehead to her cheek, warm and secure against her skin, “You look like shit.”

Jimin laughs incredulously, jabbing him in the side, “Thanks Romeo.  I’m so glad I’m going to go into work today with that comment on my mind.  ‘Gee, my boyfriend said I looked like shit this morning, today is going to be a great day!’”

She’s laughing but Yoongi’s frowning, propping himself up on his elbow as he stares down at her, worry evident in his face.

“I hate it when you act like this.”

“Act like what?” she retorts, anger flaring in her chest but she shies away from his intense gaze, reaching down for his hand.  He lets her tangle their fingers together, but his voice is tight.

“Like you’re invincible.  It’s okay to be sick and to take a day off from work you know, it’s not the end of the world.”

Jimin’s quiet, feeling that familiar tightening in her chest as she thinks of their upcoming rent and their phone bill and Yoongi’s birthday had just passed so she needs to replenish their savings and- there’s too much to worry about, too much riding on a steady income.  Yoongi’s job of writing songs for different companies and performing occasionally at various venues was good money and he was happy, but Jimin needed the security of knowing at least one of their paychecks was constant, was a given.  Missing a day of work meant next week would be tight and she didn’t like being tight, not when she could help it.

“I know it’s okay to be sick,” Jimin finally sighs, closing her eyes when she feels Yoongi press his lips to her forehead, “But I’m not sick.”

She opens her eyes to look up at him, still perched above her as he reads her face.  Yoongi can tell she’s feeling a little under the weather, but he’s also known her long enough that she would still probably go into work even if she was internally bleeding.

“Promise me you’ll come home if you start to feel worse,” Yoongi instructs, finally laying down beside her, meeting her on the same level instead of trying to rule above her.

“I promise,” Jimin smiles, soft and endearing because she loves him so much.

Yoongi holds his hand up and sticks his pinky out and she laughs at him, at the childish way they still keep promises, but she links her pinky with his.  This seems to appease him because once they let their pinkies go Yoongi throws his arm across her, pulling Jimin closer even as he says, “You better get dressed, you’re going to be late for work.”

She snuggles into him, littering his chest with kisses through the soft cotton of his t-shirt, “I can spare five more minutes.”

Yoongi hums as his fingers catch her chin and tilts her head back so he can kiss her slowly, tongue working into her mouth as his fingers lightly trace shapes across the expanse of her back.  Maybe Jimin could spare ten minutes.


Jimin’s morning starts out fine; she still has her headache, but her mouth no longer feels like a desert and her joints aren’t as achy as they were when she first woke up.  Suzy had looked like absolute hell when she sat at her desk, late, eyeliner from the previous night smudged and eyes bloodshot.  But she had been smiling widely, leaning over so she could whisper conspiratorially to Jimin:

“I went home with Hoseok last night.”

Jimin laughed at her friend, wincing a little as her headache flared up at the sound, “No wonder you look like shit.”

Suzy wrinkles her nose, “Way to be blunt.  I had enough time to get back to my place and put on appropriate clothes, but not enough time to clean my face.  How bad do I look?”

Jimin is silent for a few seconds, clicking around on the screen to run the daily report before turning to Suzy, “Honestly?”

“When has anything else ever come from your mouth?”

She sticks her tongue out, before answering, “You look like you got properly fucked last night.  Is that a hickey or four I see?”

Suzy’s hands fly to her neck as her eyes widen, making Jimin laugh.  She glances around the office to see that everyone else looks dead on their feet, except for Chanhee who is always awake and always excited to work.

“Come on, let’s go and try and get you cleaned up.  I know Minah carries her make up bag with her, maybe she’ll let us borrow it.”

Suzy nods obediently, stopping by Minah’s desk to ask for the make-up bag.  One look at Suzy has her handing it over.

Seulki stops them just before they can escape to the bathroom, Yugyeom close on her heels, two cups of coffee in his hands.

“Good morning you two,” when Seulki isn’t talking to Boa her voice is pleasant, almost reminding Jimin of her mother, “We’ve decided to continue talking about last quarter during lunch so we won’t have to be here as late as we were last night.  We’ll be in conference room B, on the third floor.”

Suzy hides behind Jimin slightly, in an attempt to conceal her appearance.  Seulki doesn’t seem to notice, or doesn’t care, nodding at them in goodbye as Yugyeom flounders after her.

“God she must be judging me so hard,” Suzy groans, rubbing at her eyes and smudging her eyeliner even more.

“Come on train wreck,” Jimin laughs, pulling Suzy in the direction of the bathroom, “let’s get that shame washed off your face.”

“I’m not ashamed,” Suzy retorts and the smile on her face suggests that she’s really not, “Hoseok is really nice and we had a good time, a great time really, and we’re going out again on Saturday.  On a date.”

“Oh shit,” Jimin can’t keep the astonishment out of her voice, pushing Suzy to stand by the sink under the light so she can see what she’s working with better, “Hoseok hasn’t been on an actual date in forever.”

Suzy nods, suddenly shy and letting her eyes wander up to the ceiling, biting at her lip, “Yeah he told me… which was nice of him but also slightly worrying.  Like, I don’t want to be his like, experiment you know?  To see if he’s ready or not for a serious relationship.”

Jimin’s quiet as she rubs a makeup removing wipe gently over and under Suzy’s eyes, rubbing off eyeliner and the faint traces of eyeshadow that haven’t disappeared yet.

“I mean… I’ve known Hoseok for a while,” she starts, grabbing a few of the itchy bathroom paper towels to pat at Suzy’s eyes to dry them, content with how much eyeliner she was able to get off, “and Hoseok hasn’t had a serious relationship since his final year of college and that was ugly.  So I’m thinking he’s ready to try again?  And I don’t think he’s just experimenting; if Hoseok’s asking you on a date it’s because he really likes you.”

Suzy is trying to reign in her smile but it isn’t working and she’s afraid the other girl’s face is going to split into two, “Thanks.”

“I’m just telling you the truth,” Jimin shrugs, but she has a smile on her own face, “and the truth is you two are super cute and I think you’ll be good for each other.”

She hands Suzy Minah’s eyeliner, “Here, so I don’t poke you in the eye.”

Ten minutes later and the two are returning to their desks; Suzy’s eye liner is impeccable, she has five hickeys hidden under concealer, and her smile is enough to instantly brighten up any one’s day.


Jimin’s headache has worsened by the time the time she gets home, numbers and estimations and goals for the next quarter floating around her head as she toes her shoes off at the door.  Their apartment is still, so Yoongi is either working very quietly in his recording studio or has gone down to one of the entertainment buildings to work there.

She walks into the kitchen, glancing at the fridge to see if he left a note.  Jimin sees the menu for the Chinese takeout place they frequent, and the greeting card Namjoon and Seokjin had sent them when they went on vacation over Christmas and the sticky note she put up to remind herself to call her dentist and schedule a cleaning and right there on the door handle is green post-it note, Yoongi’s childish scrawl adorning it.

‘had to go in, probably won’t be back till late, eat without me’ was what he had written, accompanied by the ugliest heart she had ever seen.  Jimin loves it.

She yawns as she opens the fridge, contemplating what she wants to make for dinner.  Something easy so she doesn’t have to stand at the stove forever, though she feels like at this point she’s going to throw up, so she settles for grabbing a banana from the counter and a bottle of water and flops down on the couch.

Jimin hates being sick.  She hates how she has to depend on Yoongi completely for a few days, hates how she doesn’t even have the energy to get out of bed and alternates between staring at the ceiling and dying.  She sniffles as she turns the TV on for background noise, taking small bites of the banana hoping it would help settle her queasy stomach.

Jimin’s eyes are heavy and she’s freezing even though she knows their apartment is the same temperature it always is.  She groans as she leans her head against the armrest, shuffling down until she’s curled into a ball and wrapping a blanket around herself.  She hates being sick.

She doesn’t remember falling asleep.


Jimin’s eyes are glued shut but she’s conscious, the sound of their front door opening slowly and shutting even slower startling her.  She can hear the other person toe their shoes off, the heavy thud thud ringing in her ears before socked feet make their way to her.  She wants to open her eyes to look at the intruder, but she’s so tired.


It’s Yoongi and his fingers push Jimin’s slightly sweaty bangs away before he places his palm against her forehead.

“Shit babe, you’re burning up,” he murmurs and she makes a small sound in the back of her throat that sounds like a dying cat, too tired to open her mouth and greet him properly.

Yoongi sighs before he’s sliding his arms under her, hoisting her off the couch.

“Back,” Jimin manages to mumble, feeling like deadweight in his arms.

“’sfine,” he grunts and she knows by the amount of steps he has to take that he’s taking her to the bedroom.

Yoongi places her softly on the bed, pressing a fleeting kiss to her forehead as she sinks into the mattress, ready to pass out again.  She wants to burrito herself under the blankets because she’s freezing but she also doesn’t want to move ever again, couldn’t even if she tried so Jimin lays on top of their comforter, shivering.

Yoongi comes back after a few minutes, trailing fingers under her work shirt, before he’s pulling it off.  He struggles a little to get a fresh shirt on her because she has a hard time helping him, but he manages.  Her pants are easier to take care of and soon enough she’s in a pair of shorts.

“Ate?” Jimin asks, a little incoherently, finally able to crack an eye open to look at the man currently taking care of her.

Yoongi nods, patting his tummy for added effect before he’s changing out of his jeans and into a pair of sweatpants.  And then finally, finally, Yoongi works the blanket out from under her to cover her up, pulling her and them in close so they’re a burrito, just like she wanted.  She makes a sound and hopes he understands that she appreciates it.

It takes a little maneuvering for them to get comfortable, but finally Jimin ends up on her side, Yoongi pressed into her back as his arms encase her.  He continuously presses kisses onto the nape of her neck, on top of her hair and she’s swimming for a few moments in a haze of sickness before she finally succumbs and falls back asleep, nice and warm.


What normally wakes Jimin in the morning is Yoongi somehow finding a way to burrow even deeper into the mattress; or maybe the traffic outside being louder than normal; or maybe even Hoseok or Namjoon banging on their door after having pulled an all-nighter to get Yoongi’s opinion on something.

Usually she’s up early enough that the sunlight has never been a problem, but Friday morning is not the start of one of those days.  The light is obnoxiously bright as it spills in their window, lighting up every corner with a warmth Jimin just can’t appreciate in her current dying state.  She realizes she’s conscious and then scrunches her eyes, trying to block out as much sunlight as possible.  She’s groggy and her eyes still feel heavy, even though her head doesn’t hurt nearly as bad as it did the day before.

Jimin’s hand flails around on the night stand, searching for her phone and huffing when she can’t find it.  She manages to push herself up onto one elbow and forces her eyes open, blearily observing her night stand until she sees that her phone had somehow fallen onto the floor.  She heaves herself over the edge of the bed, almost falling off in the process but she ends up triumphant, leaning back onto her pillows with her phone in hand.

Then Jimin sees the time and immediately panics, all feelings of triumph being thrown out the window.  In her rush to stand up, her legs get tangled in the sheets and she falls to the floor, letting out a shout as she does.  She knocks her knee pretty hard against their floor and she’s laying on the ground, legs wrapped up in the blankets and hissing through her teeth when their door swings open and Yoongi is looking down on her with an unimpressed look.

“What are you doing?” his tone is bored and he leans against the doorway, not offering to help as Jimin untangles herself.

“Why didn’t you wake me?” she asks instead, pushing herself up on unsteady legs.

That seems to catch Yoongi’s attention and he moves towards her, arms stretched out to make sure she doesn’t fall.

“You’re an idiot, you can’t possibly think I was going to let you go to work today,” he grumbles, pushing Jimin gently until her legs hit the bed and she sits down heavily on the edge.

“Yoongi!” she whines, “I can’t miss-”

“Shut up, you’re sick and you’re not going to work,” Yoongi tells her, “Besides, I already told Suzy you weren’t coming in.”

Jimin feels a mixture of anxiety from missing work but also relief because she doesn’t have to work and a small amount of happiness spreads through her to her finger tips when she realizes Yoongi’s taking care of her in his own weird way: trying to act like he doesn’t care when he’s probably in all actuality making her food and telling her mother she’s sick but okay.

“Now,” he moves away from her, heading towards their shared dresser, “go shower; you sweated all night and you stink.”

Jimin’s heart is still doing it’s weird palpitating thing as she thinks about all the work she’s missing, but before she can work herself too far in a worried state fresh clothes are hitting her in the face.

“And don’t take forever,” Yoongi’s voice is gruff as he avoids eye contact with her, “I made food and I don’t want it to go cold.”

She laughs at him and watches as his face colors a little, “Yes sir, I’ll be quick.”

Yoongi rolls his eyes at the mock salute she gives him and walks away from her.  Jimin watches the muscles in his back shift until he turns the corner at the end of the hallway and heads into the kitchen.

Her knees protest when she finally stands up, clothes in hand as she slowly enters the bathroom.  It takes a fraction of a second for her to decide that she is too tired to stand long enough to take a shower and Jimin kneels down on the cold linoleum to turn the water on and plug the drain.  She opens up the cabinet below the sink and pulls out the basket she keeps stocked with bath bombs.  She ends up picking one that smells like lavender, a scent she knows Yoongi likes, and makes a small whimpering noise as she stands back up.  She decides a bath just isn’t a bath without music and starts up her favorite playlist: the one she has dedicated to the songs Yoongi has written.

Her favorite part of a bath is the first initial slide in, when Jimin sinks into the tub and the water covers her like a warm blanket.  She sighs in contentment as she drops the bath bomb in and waits for it to dissolve, closing her eyes.

The door swings open and she blinks her eyes open to see Yoongi standing in the door, an exasperated expression on his face.

“See, this is why I told you to shower and not bathe, I can’t believe you fell asleep,” he gripes, “now the food is cold and I’ll have to reheat it and you’re so ungrateful I can’t fucking believe-”

Jimin just smiles at him, bringing a wet and pruney hand up to run it through her hair, “How long was I asleep?”

“Long enough for the food I worked so hard to make to get cold,” Yoongi complains, but she watches with surprise as he drops onto the floor beside her, “The water smells nice.”

Jimin flicks her fingers at him and Yoongi flinches back as the droplets land on his face, “Lavender.”

He tries to hide his smile as he wipes the water off his face but he can’t, “It’s probably lukewarm by now, yeah?”

She hums as she stirs the water by sitting up, reaching for the knobs and turning the hot water on.  She has to let some of the water out in order to not overfill the tub but after about three minutes the water is warm again and Jimin’s happy.  Yoongi shakes his head at her, getting comfortable on the floor as he grabs a washcloth.

“What are you doing?” she questions as he dips the washcloth in the water, wetting it.

He motions for her to sit straight, lathering the washcloth up, “The sooner you’re done with your bath the sooner we can eat and watch TV.

“You haven’t ate yet?” Jimin starts, turning to look at him, “You idiot why did you wait on me?"

Yoongi glares at her as he wets the cloth again and wrings it out over her head, “Shut up I was trying to be nice.  See if I ever do that again.”

She’s spluttering, a sound mixed from her laughing and coughing out water, “Ass.”

“Quit making this difficult and let me wash you.”

She quiets down, relishing in the feel of his hands sliding across her skin.  The steam of the water has opened her airways and she can breathe, though her chest is rattling a little.  She’s still a little tired but it’s more of an ‘I’m-sleepy-let’s-cuddle’ kind of tired and less ‘I-feel-like-death-let-me-actually-die’ kind of tired.  The music has changed to one of Yoongi’s earlier songs and she can’t help but smile, turning towards her boyfriend.

“I love you,” Jimin breathes, eyes crinkling up into a smile.

Yoongi stops his ministrations, raising his eyes to meet hers from where he had been focused on running his fingers up and down her thigh, “I love you too.”

She purses her lips over exaggeratedly and he leans forward to kiss her, raising his hand to grab onto the back of her neck.  She smiles, licking into his mouth before he groans and it’s not a good groan.

“I can’t believe you still have this song, let alone listen to,” he grimaces as the sweet, slightly too autotuned melody flows from her phone, “This song is so bad, delete it.”

“Don’t be so melodramatic, this is my favorite song you’ve ever made,” she tells him, as he dips his hand lazily in the purple water.

“This piece of shit?  Why?  It’s so bad, the lyrics are too generic, the melody is so overused and-”

Jimin grabs onto his hand, sinking lower into the water as she looks up at him, a small and sure smile on her face.

“It’s my favorite because it’s the first song you wrote for me,” she murmurs.

Yoongi reels back slightly in surprise, mouth dropping open.  She smiles at the dumb expression on his face, as his voice on her phone rings out.

“I have written such better songs since then,” he finally mutters, a light pink dusting his cheeks and she’s so in love.

“Well obviously,” Jimin rolls her eyes and he flicks her leg, “But I’ll always remember how nervous you were, making me come see you in the recording studio on campus.  We’d known each other for what… a little over a year but only been dating for six months?  I had never seen you so nervous to show me a song before.”

Yoongi’s quiet, head resting on the brim of the tub as he peeks up at her between his bangs.

“You made Namjoon leave as soon as I got there and he was so pissed,” she laughed, shaking her head, “and then you pulled me down into your lap and put your headphones on my head.  And I specifically remember that, because you never let me use your headphones, you always made me use my own.”

“Listen my headphones are fucking expensive and I didn’t-”

“Yeah I know, I fucking bought them for you for Christmas.  Let me finish my damn story.”

Yoongi purses his lips, eyebrows furrowing as he squeezes the sensitive skin on the inside of her thigh.  Jimin squeals, jerking her leg away and water rushes up the side of the tub before rushing to the other side.

“You dick!”

“Quit getting sassy with me.”

“Why do I put up with you I swear to God- let me finish this fucking story so I can get out of this water.”

“Why?  The longer you sit in the water the more like lavender you’ll smell and the more like lavender you smell the more I’ll want to go down-”

Anyway, so you pulled me on your lap and put your headphones on me and then… and then I was listening to you singing while you were staring up at me and that was the night I knew.  That was the night I knew I was in love with you, sitting in your lap listening to the song you wrote for me.”

Yoongi surges forward to kiss her and she lets out a little whimper, raising her hands to cup his face.  He doesn’t even care that her hands are dripping wet, water running down his cheeks and seeping into his shirt.

“Why did you wait so long to tell me then?” he gasps, mouth dropping open against hers and she pushes farther towards him, water spilling over the rim and onto the floor, “If you knew why-”

“I was so scared,” she whispers as she pulls away from him so they can breathe, “I had that bad breakup before and I had liked you for so long and then it hit me all at once and I just… couldn’t.  Not until you told me a few months later.  I cried and you started panicking because-”

“I thought you didn’t feel the same, I thought I freaked you out,” he breathes, kissing her again.

She shakes her head and the waters getting cold and she’s starting to get cold and if she doesn’t put some distance between them she’s going to strip him and fuck him in the lavender water.  Jimin tells him this and he laughs, the sound ricocheting off the walls.

“Let me wash my hair and I’ll be right out okay?” she murmurs against his lips, trailing slightly wet fingers across the sharp angle of his jaw.  Yoongi sucks in a breath and nods before he kisses her two more times.

“Don’t fall asleep,” he warns as he pulls back and Jimin smiles at him.

She exits the bathroom ten minutes later in a pair of her sweatpants and in Yoongi’s thrasher hoodie.  She rubs at her eyes as she enters the living room, Yoongi poking his head out of the kitchen to give her a once over.

“You’re face isn’t as pale,” he nods, before ducking back into the kitchen only to fully emerge a few seconds later with two plates in his hands, “Can we eat now?  I’m fucking starving.”

She rolls her eyes, following him to their tiny dining room table.  The meal is simple, just enough that her stomach stops yelling at her but not so much that she upsets it.  Jimin’s eating slowly, trying not to overstuff and risk throwing up, so Yoongi finishes first and sits with her, head propped on hand as they talk lazily.

Jimin takes him in, the careful way he watches her for any change in her demeanor, the way he leans in and then catches himself and leans away only to repeat the process, the way his hand falls under the table to rest on her thigh like it’s the most natural thing in the world.  But with the way they sit at the table talking about the most mundane things like the weather and what Yoongi heard on the news in passing and maybe they should get a cat and the way her heart squeezes when his lips curve up in a smile and the way she loses her breathe when he laughs, Jimin thinks maybe their love is the most natural thing in the world.

“I love you,” she tells him, voice soft, almost muted as she places her chopsticks down and reaches a hand out for him.

The hand not rubbing small circles into her thigh meets her halfway and their fingers fit snugly together.  Yoongi can’t stop the sappy smile that spreads across his face or the red flush that takes over his cheeks, but despite that he presses a kiss onto the back of her hand.

“I love you too,” he tells her just as quietly, eyes flitting up to look at her from where he’s continuously pressing his lips to her skin, eventually flipping her hand around so he can smother her palm with kisses.

Jimin laughs at the ticklish feeling and he grins harder, if that’s possible, before pressing one last kiss to her palm, a loud smack of his lips that causes her to laugh harder.

“How about we marathon movies until you have to leave for your performance?” she suggests as he puts their dishes in the sink.

Yoongi raises an eyebrow as he wipes his hands off on a dish towel, before following her into the living room, “Are you just trying to get me to watch all the Captain Americas again so you can ogle over Chris Evans?”

“Maybe,” Jimin giggles, sitting criss-cross on the couch.

Yoongi grabs the remote before she can and she pouts, causing him to ruffle her hair somewhat obnoxiously.

“How about some thriller movies?” he grins wickedly, falling into place beside her.

She doesn’t hesitate to lean into him, nuzzling her nose in the junction where Yoongi’s neck meets his collarbone.  He inhales sharply as he pulls up Netflix, fingers pressing into her skin just a little bit harder.

“Thriller like Silence of the Lamb thriller or thriller like Nightmare on Elm Street?”

“Depends, which one is going to have you jumping into my arms?” he winks at her when Jimin looks up at him with her nose wrinkled

“I am literally already in your arms,” she deadpans.

“Fine, which one is going to have you jumping into my lap?”

She rolls her eyes and turns back towards the TV, “How about something funny?”

“Like spoof funny or stand-up comedy funny?”

She shrugs, “Whatever.  Something.”

Jimin’s not really interested in the TV, she’s more interested in seeing how far she can lean into Yoongi, how long it would take until there’s no distinction between her body and his, where she stops and he starts.  Yoongi doesn’t seem to be bothered by it, dropping the remote so that he can grasp at her thigh and pull her leg across his lap.

“You weren’t lying about me ending up in your lap,” she teases and she feels infinitely better at this point in the day, the sun beginning to set behind the skyscrapers and casting their apartment in a warm glow.

She’s so content, nuzzling into her boyfriend as he traces random patterns into the fabric on either her arm or her thigh.  Jimin can feel the sleepiness spread throughout her whole body, returning with a vengeance, and she must have made a sound to mirror how she felt because she can feel Yoongi’s chest rumbling beneath her in a laugh.

“Are you even watching?  You are literally the one who suggested a movie marathon,” he shakes his head at her and she glances up at him between her eyelashes, “You’re such a pain.”

Jimin just kisses his chest, snuggling back into him.

She doesn’t remember falling asleep, but she wakes up when her body is jostled and she’s laid down on the couch, the living room dark as the sun has long since set.  She makes a small noise as she curls up into a ball as the cold seeps through her clothes until a blanket is thrown over her.

“I have to go babe,” Yoongi whispers, pressing a kiss against her temple, “Are you going to be okay?”

Jimin nods slowly, yawning as she tries to make out his features through her haze of sleep in the crappy lighting of the TV, “I’m fine, go.  I’m sick of seeking your dumb face anyway.”

“Whatever, you love this dumb face.”

“I love to sit on that dumb face.”

The laugh shoots out of him and she smiles, watching as he slips his shoes on.

“Blow their minds,” Jimin tells him, waving at him slightly as he steps over their threshold.

“When do I not?” but Yoongi shoots her a gummy smile, throwing up a “v” sign before he shuts the door quietly behind him.


“Why are we meeting them for dinner again?” Yoongi wrinkles his nose Saturday night as Jimin fixes his tie, “I don’t even like Namjoon and Seokjin that much.”

“You liar,” she laughs, cinching his tie a little too tight and he makes a face at her for it, “You’re the one who wanted to go to dinner with them in the first place.”

“Yeah, well, now I don’t want to.”

“Too late, we’re meeting them in an hour.”

“But do I have to wear this suit?”

“You’re the one who got reservations at a fancy restaurant and told me we had to dress nice for tonight so really it’s your own fault,” Jimin shrugs, stepping away from him after she properly fixes his tie, “Besides, you look so handsome.”

“What are you trying to say?  I always look handsome.”

She rolls her eyes and turns away from Yoongi to look in the mirror as she puts her earrings in, “No, you’re ugly.”

“Wow, why are we together again?  I’m tired of dealing with your abuse.”

“Because the sex is good.  And sometimes your songs are okay.”

“Oh my god, I want a divorce.”

“We’re not married idiot.”

Jimin has a smile on her face from their banter but Yoongi grows silent and she turns to look at him with a raised eyebrow.  But his eyes are steadfastly fixed on her, a serious expression on her face as he shoves his hands in his pockets.

“Stop looking at me like that,” she frowns, reaching out to cover his eyes with a hand, “Are you ready?  We need to leave now.”

Yoongi snorts, eyes crinkling back up in a smile, “Now?  We’ll get there like 45 minutes early early.”

“And?  I like to be early.”

“Trust me, I fucking know.”

“Whatever, get your stuff, we’re leaving.”

Yoongi groans the entire time he gathers his things so they can leave and he’s honestly the most ridiculous person she knows.


“Seokjin!” Jimin greets as he and his husband make their way to the table.

She stands to hug him, kissing his cheek before doing the same to Namjoon.

“Have you guys been waiting long?” Seokjin asks, sliding into the booth beside Namjoon across from them

“Of course we have,” Yoongi grumbles, “You know Jimin would be everywhere like an hour early if she could be.”

She pinches his cheek, “Shut up.  You act like it was miserable to sit here and talk to me.”

“It was; you’re boring.”

“Okay wow, now I want a divorce.”

“We’re not married idiot,” Yoongi mocks her, voice high and shrill in over exaggeration.

“I do not sound like that!” Jimin pinches his cheek harder and he yelps, swatting at her arm.

Namjoon chuckling catches both their attention and they turn towards him, “Should we leave?  Let you work out your marital differences?”

“As if I want to marry this asshole,” Jimin snorts, crossing her arms and turning her nose up.

“Aw babe,” Yoongi coos, leaning over to kiss her cheek, “Don’t be like that.  You’d be so lucky to marry me.”

“You wish.”

“I do.”

She sharply turns to face him, eyes narrowing and he gives her an angelic smile.

“I hate you,” Jimin breathes, leaning in to kiss him.

“Do not,” Yoongi mutters as he kisses her back, raising a hand to cup her cheek.

“Okay seriously you two, do you actually want to have dinner with us or is this just weird foreplay you guys do before you have some super freaky sex?” Namjoon shakes his head but his smile is evident.

“Honestly?  I wish,” Yoongi sighs, but pulls away from her to lean back in his seat, arm thrown across the top of the booth behind her.

“God don’t be disgusting, we’re trying to have a nice dinner.”

“So!  How’s work been?” Seokjin asks in order to disrupt the impeding play argument.

Jimin instantly smiles, having always been absolutely enamored with Seokjin, “It’s been good.  The quarter just ended so the work has picked up but it’ll die down in about two weeks and then I’ll be bored again until this quarter ends.  How about you?  How’re your boys?”

Seokjin practically lights up at the mention of his and Namjoon’s sons, the eternally tiring four year old Taehyung and the cutest two year old toddler in the entire world Jungkook.  He brings out his phone to show Jimin every picture he’s ever taken of them and she smiles softly as she flicks through scenes ranging from standing on little step stools to peer into a pot on the stove with Namjoon smiling into the lenses to Namjoon chasing his boys around a tree in their backyard to the three of them conked out on the couch, Namjoon’s arms curled around the tots as they snore into his neck.  She and Seokjin spend most of the actual meal talking about Seokjin and Namjoon’s sons.

“My favorite boys in the whole world,” Seokjin smiles down at his phone, staring at the picture of the three of them sleeping and the look on his face has Jimin’s heart squeezing in her chest.

She leans back into her seat and Yoongi’s arm slides around her shoulders though he doesn’t break away from his conversation with Namjoon.

“How’s the restaurant been going?” she asks Seokjin, taking a sip of her water as she lets her hand fall onto Yoongi’s knee.  His fingers press into her arm as he turns his head to kiss her temple.

“It’s been a little rough.  We had a hard to please critic come in last month and she made a few comments on how sloppy the service had been, so I’ve really had to crack down,” Seokjin sighs, running a hand through his hair.  Namjoon’s hand comes up to rest on the nape of his neck, fingers rubbing soothing circles into the taunt muscles.

“Gotta do what you gotta do,” Jimin shrugs, “I’m sure your wait staff doesn’t hold anything against you for having to crack down.”

“I had to fire someone the other day,” he grimaces, “She was not happy.”

“Who can blame her?  Nobody wants to be fired from one of the most prestigious restaurants in the city,” she smiles at him and the compliment has his face flushing a pretty pink.

“Hey, stop flirting with my husband,” Namjoon smarts, leaning over to press a sloppy wet kiss on Seokjin’s cheek, who squeals and flails.

“Joonie!” he complains and his husband just laughs at them.

“They’re really cute, yeah?” Yoongi uses the leverage he has with his arm wrapped around her to pull Jimin closer to him in the booth, murmuring into her ear, “Can you believe they’ve been together almost ten years?”

“Jesus has it really been that long?” she’s taken aback, staring at the couple still obviously in love sitting across from her, “You guys have been together almost ten years?’

Seokjin turns his head towards her, dropping his hand from where he had brushed some of Namjoon’s hair out of his eyes, calculating the years in his head, “Well… we had already dating a year when I started college so… yeah almost ten years.”

Jimin lets out a low whistle, “How can you two still be so sickeningly cute?”

Seokjin laughs, a light tinkle and she watches as Namjoon practically melts at the sound.  Something stirs in Jimin’s chest as she watches Namjoon lean over to press a sweet kiss on Seokjin’s lips, who clutches as his husband’s collar in retaliation.  She hopes when she and Yoongi have been together as long as the couple across from them that they still look at each other like that, still affect each other like that.

“I guess that happens when you marry your best friend,” Namjoon shrugs, though happiness is radiating off his face.

“Sap,” Seokjin murmurs, but his lips are curved up in the sappiest smile she’s ever seen.

“Okay, do we need to leave now?  Is this some weird foreplay you guys do before you have the most vanilla sex ever?”

Seokjin blushes and she cackles, pushing at Yoongi’s thigh slightly, “Don’t be mean to them.  You’re just jealous no one loves you that much.”

“Hi No One, I’m Yoongi,” he grins and it’s Namjoon’s turn to cackle as he and Yoongi high five.

Jimin rolls her eyes, “Okay one, I hate you, and two, I’m really mad because that was actually good.”

Yoongi smiles at her as their waitress stops by and picks up their empty plates, asking if they want dessert.

“The food was so good I’m stuffed,” Jimin giggles, patting at her stomach for added effect and the waitress smiles at her.

“Do you want anything babe?” Namjoon asks Seokjin, who glances down at his watch and shakes his head, “No, we should probably head home; we told Sana we’d be back before ten and you know the boys have a hard time going to sleep when we’re not home.

Namjoon nods and the waitress hands them their checks.  They chit chat idly until she returns, a bright smile on her face as she wishes them a good night.

“Oh it will be, right hyung?” Namjoon snorts, turning to look at Yoongi.

Jimin looks at her boyfriend as he slides his wallet back into his pants, glaring at Namjoon, “Shut up.”

Seokjin looks just as confused as her but shrugs when they make eye contact and she turns back to her boyfriend.  Yoongi ignores the look she’s giving him, jaw a little tight as he places a hand on her back and leads her away from the table.

“What was that about?” she asks, but Yoongi gives a curt shake of his head so she drops it.

There are people milling about outside the restaurant and she hugs the other couple goodbye, squeezing them tight as she kisses their cheeks goodbye.

“We should do this more often,” Jimin tells them and means it, having missed two of her closest friends, “Let us know when you guys are free and Yoongi and I will stop by.”

“Taehyung would love that; he’d be so ecstatic to show you his big boy room,” Seokjin laughs and she smiles at the thought.

“Great!  Get home safe you guys!” Jimin tells them, as they head to the underground parking lot they had parked in.

She watches their backs until they turn a corner, and then she raises a hand to signal a cab to take them to their apartment.  She’s surprised when she feels a hand slide up her arm and fingers tangle with hers, but then Yoongi’s pulling her arm down by her side.

“Let’s take a walk yeah?” he doesn’t give Jimin time to answer, just pulls her along the sidewalk and waves along a cab that had started to slow down for them.

She’s definitely confused because Yoongi normally would want to go into a food coma after the delicious food they just had.

“The city lights the park up around this time of yeah don’t they?  Let’s go look.”

Jimin throws him a suspicious look but goes along with him unquestioningly.  The city hums around them as they walk quietly and she eventually ends up leaning into him when he drops her hand to wrap his arm around her waist.  The air is cool around them and she’s glad she grabbed a cardigan before they left home so the chill has a harder time nipping at her skin.

“Wow,” Jimin gasps when they near the park and the lights clear up.

Yoongi smiles as they take in the scene, the path that winds through the lush grass lined with trees that have lights wrapped around their trunks.  The gazebo that stands tall and proud in the middle of the park has lights littered across it and she can see other couples lingering on the sidewalk, pressed together as they whisper to each other.

“It’s beautiful,” she looks up at Yoongi and he’s already looking at her, a small smile on his face as he leans over to press a kiss to her cheek, “But why are we here?”

“I can’t just take a walk with my girlfriend at night?” he raises an eyebrow, trying to look offended but the look melts off his face as she laughs.

“Of course you can but-”

“Stop talking, you’re ruining the romantic atmosphere,” but there’s no heat behind Yoongi’s words as he attempts to pull her closer into his side as they start slowly down the pathway.

A thought has crossed Jimin’s mind multiple times during the night, from the way their conversations kept turning to the way it seemed like Yoongi was determined to end the night on a certain note and one that he and Namjoon both seem to know about.  But she doesn’t want to get her hopes up, in case he doesn’t ask because she’s ready and she hopes he knows that.

“I love gazebos,” Jimin smiles as they finally make their way to the middle of the park, their shoes hitting the wood with reverberating thumps, “When we eventually move out of the city I want one in our backyard.”

“Whatever you want babe,” Yoongi replies easily, letting go of as she turns to let her hands travel up the carvings in the wood, most of them actual decorations but some from juvenile couples and a couple of swear words.

“I want to be able to sit under the shade on a hot summer’s day as we watch our kids chase the dog around the yard and yell at them to not stay in the sun too long,” Jimin sighs, letting her eyes drift over her shoulder to see him standing dead center in the gazebo, eyes focused intently on hers, “I want a white picket fence and a tree so the kids can build a treehouse and cute neighbors; the whole nine yards."

“Kids huh?” the smile that overtakes Yoongi’s face sends a pleasant buzz to her stomach and she faces him, linking her hands behind her back as she starts walking towards him, “Yeah… that’d be nice.”

“Yoongi,” Jimin’s voice is soft as she watches herself walk, one foot in front of the other, slowly making her way to the man standing a few feet from her, “Why did you actually bring me out here?”

Yoongi’s quiet for a few seconds before he holds a hand out to her.  It’s such a routine action, placing her hand in his as she steps up to him, just a little bit shorter than him.

“Do you remember when we were first becoming friends and that douche you were dating cheated on you?  And you came to Namjoon and I’s apartment crying and begging us to get you drunk?”

Jimin frowns as she thinks about that horrible night of her freshman year, when the man she thought she was going to spend the rest of her life with had confessed to seeing another girl behind her back.  She used to think that people saying ‘it shattered my world’ must have been pretty unstable in the first place until she experienced it firsthand; when it felt like someone had pulled a rug out from under her and she was in freefall for weeks.

It had been at the beginning of her and Yoongi’s friendship, despite her having known Seokjin and Namjoon for a while and having known of Yoongi too.  Yoongi had opened the door to her insistent banging before she had practically collapsed against him.  She can’t remember now if Yoongi had night classes that semester, but she does remember him and Namjoon not leaving her side that night.

“Yeah, you guys wouldn’t let me though,” she mutters, wondering where he’s going with this.

“Of course not, we’re not idiots, there was no way we were letting you drink that night.  But do you remember what we talked about that night?”

It had been so long ago, during a time when Yoongi was still a background character in the plot that she thought was her life despite the small crush she had harbored on him, that Jimin honestly doesn’t.

“I do,” Yoongi supplies when she stays quiet, “You ranted to me for a good half hour how you were done with guys forever, how we guys were users and only stayed around for sex, you know, typical man hating comments.  You told me you never wanted to get married because guys couldn’t stay faithful.”

Yoongi grows quiet, watching an old lady walk slowly by with her dog walking calmly beside her.

“I had a crush on you, even then,” Yoongi admits, turning his eyes back towards her, “and I was so heartbroken to hear you talk like that.  I wanted you to break up with him, sure, but I didn’t want you to be so bitter about it.”

Jimin nods her head slowly, licking her lips and refusing to look away from him though she’s uncomfortable with her character analysis, “Is… is that why you took so long to ask me on a date?”

Yoongi nods, taking in a deep breath, “I wasn’t sure of your and I didn’t want things to be awkward because as much as you suck I like having you around, I liked having you around even back then.  And I didn’t want to- I was scared I would be invested and you wouldn’t.  I was scared I’d fall in love with you and you’d never love me.”

Jimin gasps loudly when he drops to one knee, pulling a box out of his inner coat pocket and opening it to a perfectly simple ring, a perfect sized diamond resting on a gold band.

“I didn’t want to get to the stage of wanting to marry you and you being too afraid to-”

“Yes,” she cries, raising her hands to cover her mouth as she sobs, “Yes, yes Yoongi, of course I’ll marry you.”

Yoongi lets out a shaky laugh and she drops to her knees in front of him, kissing him fiercely.

“W-Wait,” he breathes, “Let me-”

Her hands are shaking from a mix of elation and anticipation that has finally boiled over, not even trying to stop the fat tears that are rolling down her cheeks but he manages to slide the ring on her left ring finger.

“It’s beautiful,” Jimin cries, “Yoongi I-”

“I was so scared you’d you no,” he admits in a whisper, voice a little tight, “I- I know we’ve been together four years but… but I asked the other day and-”

“You asked me in the back of a bar while you dry humped me,” she reminds him, a little indignant that he took that as a sign of unwillingness.

“I know that,” Yoongi huffs, rolling his eyes a little, “It was definitely not how I wanted to ask.  But I was just… hyped up on adrenaline and I didn’t even think you were going to make it in the first place and- and I was just sc-”

“Oh my God stop talking we’re engaged,” Jimin lets out an incredulous laugh, as she throws her arms around his neck and squeezes, “We’re going to get married.”

Yoongi lets out a breath, letting himself lean into her and she realizes just how much anxiety he’s been having over the entire situation as she feels all the tension in his shoulders wash away as his arms wind around her.

“I love you so much Yoongi,” Jimin whispers into his ear, unsurprised when Yoongi’s head drops onto her shoulder and she can feel the wet flutter of his eyelashes, “I’m so lucky to get to marry you.”

He squeezes her tighter in response.


Jimin sighs into Yoongi’s mouth as he lays her gently back against the bed, nestling between her legs. Their fancy clothes have been traded for light pajamas and even though the window is open and the air is rolling in cool across their bedroom she’s warm, pressed under Yoongi as he settles his weight over her.  One of his hands is pressed against the nape of her neck, tilting her head back so he has better access to her mouth and the other is placed on her thigh, pulling it up so it rests snug against his hip.  Both of her hands are grasping onto the front of his shirt, fisting the material as she tries to pull him closer.

Jimin feels like she’s in a dream, floating in a hazy realm as Yoongi presses fevered kisses to her mouth, tongue heavy in her mouth as it caresses her own.

“Fuck,” he groans, “I love you so much, Jimin.”

She can’t breathe as Yoongi kisses the sensitive skin beneath her ear before he moves his way down her neck.  His tongue laves at the vein on Jimin’s neck, letting his teeth scrape along it slightly and she gasps, arching up into him and his mouth.

“Yoongi,” she whines and the hand on her thigh trails up and under her shirt, skittering lightly over her stomach as her muscles pull taunt, “stop teasing.”

She can feel his mouth morph into a smirk before he bites harder at her pulse point, holding the skin between his teeth as he drags the fabric maddeningly slow up over her heated skin.

Jimin whines again, though she can’t form any words as Yoongi releases the skin in his mouth to move lower and bite harder at her collarbone.  She ruts up against him and she can’t believe his sense of composure when she feels how hard he is, pressed roughly against the cloth of her shorts.

“Yoongi please,” Jimin tries again, letting go of his shirt so she can grasp at his hair, hoping she can spur him along, “please.”

“Please what?” Yoongi asks, voice deep and tainted with lust as he pulls back just enough to look her in the eyes, “What do you want me to do baby?”

Anything,” she gasps, tilting his head back, “please just… touch me I can’t take-”

Yoongi sits up and she follows him, automatically raising her arms so he can slide the shirt over her head before his hands fall to cup her breasts.  She’s pleased with the small appreciative sound he makes when he sees she doesn’t have a bra on and she pushes into his hands.  His thumbs roll over her nipples and she makes a pathetic sound, pulling lamely on the end of his shirt as she pants.


He chuckles, dropping his hands so he can shuck off his own shirt and Jimin immediately reaches out to touch as much skin as possible but he’s sliding down the bed, fingers trailing over her sides and making her squirm at the sensation.  He hums as he presses a kiss to her knee, placing a hand on her stomach to push her back ono her back before his fingers are skimming over the top of her shorts.  Jimin nudges at him with her foot as she lifts her hips off the bed.

“Eager are we?” he smirks, biting lightly at the inside of her knee and she jerks away from him, gasping loudly.

But she doesn’t have time to berate him before Yoongi’s pulling her shorts over the swell of her ass, dragging them down the expanse of her legs before flinging them haphazardly over his shoulder, eyes following her movements as she shamelessly spreads her legs for him.

Yoongi doesn’t move forward to lick her or kiss her, just stares at the trembling in her thighs as she tries to entice him, tries to get him to touch her where she needs him to touch her most.

“Jimin baby, you’re so pretty,” he murmurs, watching the muscles in her stomach clench as she wiggles her hips, fisting the sheets underneath her, “you look so good spread out for me.  Do you want me to touch you?  Do you want my tongue on you?”

She bites her lip to stop the most pathetic sounds from falling from them, furiously nodding her head as she cants her hips up.  Yoongi lets his hands run up from her calf to the inside of her thighs, massaging the muscles firmly and she gasps as his fingers ghost over her heat.

“You’re so wet,” he murmurs, hunching forward to press a kiss into the junction of her hip before he nips lightly at the bone and she can feel the sheen of sweat that coats her body, “you’re dripping for me.”

“I want you so bad,” she groans out, her fingers finding purchase in his hair, gripping tightly at his blonde locks, “Yoongi, please.”

She knows Yoongi likes her like this, pliant and soft, begging for him and only him.  She can feel the vibrations of a small laugh against her hip where he’s working on a sucking a mark into her skin before he’s moving to be eye to eye where she wants him most.  She sucks in a breath when she feels his hot breath fanning over her, clenching her muscles.

He watches the action with the eyes of a predator, before he sticks his tongue out and licks a slow strip from bottom to top, tongue flat and heavy.  Jimin’s mouth falls open as the pleasure radiates like a slow burn through every nerve of her body as he repeats the action, his hands sliding under her to grip at her ass.  Yoongi kneads her skin as he draws circles around her clit, never pressing fully against the nub and she whines, trying to press against his face but his hands hold her in place.

“You taste so good,” he groans, tonguing at her slit and she tosses her head back and forth on the pillow.

The first dip of his tongue has a shiver wracking Jimin’s entire body and he lets go of her ass so he can grip at her thighs instead, pulling her closer to him.  She’s appreciative because now she can shove herself down on his face and she does so, groaning when she feels the bridge of his nose rub against her clit.  Yoongi pops off with a lewd sounding suck and uncurls from his hunched up position so he can crawl up her torso, littering kisses until he kisses her full on the mouth.

She doesn’t really kiss him, though, so much as gasps into his mouth as he grinds against her and the fabric of his sweatpants is a nice friction, the feeling of his bulge even nicer.  Jimin can feel the outline of his cock as he grips at her hips and pulls her down as he grinds up.

Fuck,” Yoongi growls, biting hard enough at her lip that he breaks skin, “want you so bad, Jimin, want to hear that pretty mouth of yours moan my name as I fuck you.”

“T-Then fuck me,” she whines, “I can’t take the teasing anymore Yoongi, please.”

He lets out another growl, pushing away from her so he can shed himself of his sweatpants as he instructs her, “Get a condom.”

Jimin’s hand flies out blindly and she smacks it against the bed side table, but she ignores the pain as she yanks the drawer out and retrieves a condom from the hiding space.  She turns back to face him with a proud look on her face that promptly slides off when she sees him seated on the end of the bed, legs stretched out in front of him as he lazily fists his cock, eyes trained on her.

“Fuck,” Jimin curses, scrambling to follow his lead and sit in his lap.

Yoongi grins up at her, hands landing naturally on her hips as she rips the package open.

“Gonna ride you so hard,” she pants, watching as his eyelids flutter when she rolls the condom on, “Fuck Yoongi I’m so-”

“Are you going to keep talking a big game or are you going to ride me?” he mutters, pulling down on her hips and the head of his cock brushes against her opening.

Her mouth drops open as she grips him steady, leaning down to kiss him as he finally finally finally fills her up.

“Ahhh,” he hisses, “You always feel so good babe, you take my cock so well, goddammit.”

Jimin just whimpers, taking him in inch by tortuous inch until she’s fully seated on him, until the pleasure borders on the edge of painful.  His hands are tight on her hips and she knows he’s going to leave marks but she could honestly care less as she rocks forward and the pleasure explodes in every nerve of her body.

She lets her head drop to his shoulder as she rocks forward again, trying to stifle her moan in his shoulder.  With her forehead against the curve of his neck, she can feel the way he swallows, thick and heavy as she starts a slow rhythm, letting his hands help guide her.

Yoongi turns his head so he can bite at her earlobe, his voice dropping low and deep in his chest, “Feel good babe?  Like the way I fuck up into you?”

She whines in response, nodding frantically as she raises her head so she can place her hands on his cheeks and look him in the eye as she continues to bounce, his hips meeting hers, “I-It’s not enough-”

He raises an eyebrow and something heavy and hot curls in her lower stomach.  A hand travels slowly up her back, tapping against the ridges of her spine until the fingers tangle in her hair and jerk her head back.  Jimin gasps as a mouth licks at the exposed skin of her neck, before a heady voice tells her, “Not enough huh?  I’ll show you enough.”

Yoongi pushes her onto her back, somehow managing to stay seated deep within her as he settles between her legs so he can hover over her.  She doesn’t have time to make a sound or shift into a slightly more comfortable position because Yoongi picks up a brutal pace, his pelvis continuously meeting the back of her thighs roughly.  Jimin scrambles to find something to hold onto and ends up grasping desperately at Yoongi’s back, nails digging in harshly and unable to hold in any sounds and she wants to apologize to the neighbors beside her, across from, upstairs, and downstairs.  She knows she’s not quiet, especially because Yoongi loves dirty talk and he has a filthy mouth, always managing to find the words that have her coming undone.

“God look how wrecked you are,” he grunts, mouth settled against the shell of her ear and it’s almost too much, the feeling of Yoongi and his hands and his smell and his hot breath, but it also has that feeling curling in her stomach, ready to break loose, “Look how wet you are, it’s so easy to fuck you open-”

Jimin clamps down around him and he hisses between his teeth, squeezing his eyes shut as his hips stutter.  Yoongi drops his head down into the curve of her neck and his teeth are out again and between his words and his teeth she’s falling apart, shouting out his name as she cums.  He’s biting at her neck, the skin clamped tightly between his teeth as he pushes her through it, letting his fingers fall to rub at her clit as she squeezes tight around him.

“Yoo-Yoongi,” she whines into his ear, body thrumming as his thumb continues to flick against her clit and she can feel the pressure building.  She’s always extra sensitive after her first orgasm and the second one is quick to follow.  Yoongi’s hips snap against hers and she can tell by the loss of control and four years previous history that he’s close.

“Cum for me again,” he pants into her neck, entire body pressed against hers, “You feel so good when you cum, please-”

Yoongi gives a particularly hard press of his thumb and, coupled with the bite against her jugular, Jimin’s cumming again and that sets off a chain reaction: the first being that he cums, pushing his pelvis into her sore thighs, and the second being that he bites too hard at her neck and breaks the skin.

But the feeling is euphoric, tumbling over the edge with Yoongi, hands holding her tight as he licks at the wound on her neck.  As Yoongi’s hips slow, he doesn’t pick his head up from her neck, letting his body go limp against hers.

Fuck,” Jimin whispers, body melting into the comforter as she stares up the ceiling.  She can feel the aftershocks in her thighs and she finally realizes that she’s still gripping tightly at Yoongi’s back, “Shit, sorry.”

Her hands are cramping and letting go is a little painful, but she can feel the little bumps her fingernails have left behind so she smooths her hands down his back in a pathetic attempt to rub her marks away.

“Feels nice,” Yoongi says into her neck and she smiles as she rubs at the indentations.

As their breathing returns and their heartrates slow, she realizes how sweaty she feels and she pokes at his side, “Get up.”

Yoongi makes a sound in her neck and goes more boneless, if that’s even possible.

“Yoongi,” Jimin whines and he kisses at her neck, but doesn’t move.

“Don’t make me tickle you,” she threatens and Yoongi tenses, raising his head warily.

“Why won’t you just let me sleep?”

“You are not sleeping with your dick in me,” she shakes her head, pushing at his shoulders.

“Why?” it’s his turn to whine and he wraps his arms around her to stop her from pushing him off her, “You feel nice.  All warm and wet.”

Jimin rolls her eyes at him and goes to push him again but stops with her hand on his shoulder when the ring on her hand catches the light and glints.  Her face must morph into something because Yoongi’s tilting his head at her.

“What?” he asks, turning to look at his shoulder, eyes falling on her engagement ring.

The smile that overtakes his face is bright and unhinged, uncharacteristically Yoongi.

“You’re stuck with me now, you know,” Jimin tells him seriously.  If he wanted to be rid of her he wouldn’t have stayed with her for four years, but she’ll never stop thinking about the ‘what ifs’.

“Good,” Yoongi says back, just as seriously, smile fading as he looks down at her, “I want to be stuck with you.  For the rest of my life."

“I think we just found your vows.”

“You’re crazy if you think I’m going to stand in front of a bunch of strangers and wax poetic about how ‘I don’t know where I’d be without her’ or ‘I found my other half’ or ‘blah blah blah’,” Yoongi rolls his eyes, before letting them fall to her neck, “You’re still bleeding.”

Jimin raises her hand to touch lightly at the throbbing area, fingers coming back slightly bloody.

“Let’s get cleaned up,” Yoongi finally pushes himself off her, making a face at the squelching sound that follows him pulling out of her.

After cleaning up and putting on clothes and her complaining for three minutes about the amount of hickeys she’ll have to cover, the two are curled together under the blankets, watching the ring twinkle in the moonlight.  His eyes seemed to be transfixed by the way the ring shifts slightly on her finger.

“I love you.”

Jimin smiles at him, pulling her bottom lip into her mouth to stop the dumbest smile from spreading across her face, “I love you too.”


Sundays are sleeping in days and Yoongi takes that to heart, wrapped around her as tightly as possible, one hand holding onto her left hand the entire night, the ring pressed tight into her skin.  Sundays are for not moving until past noon, letting the cool air of the morning transform into warm sunlight.  Sundays are for not leaving bed.

Sundays are not for Jimin’s phone to go off wildly at six in the morning, the sound loud and abrasive as it vibrates on the bedside table.

“I don’t want to marry you if your phone is going to wake me up every day,” Yoongi groans from beside her, eyes snapping open at the loud sound.

She saves a grumbled, “Hrmm?” into the phone when she finally answers it.

“Jimin?” it’s Seokjin and he sounds frazzled, “Shit I’m sorry to wake you-”

“’Sokay,” she yawns, pushing herself on her elbow as she holds the phone to her ear, “what’s up?”

“Who is it?” Yoongi grouses, “Tell them to fuck off.”

“I’m sorry I wouldn’t ask if- Can you watch Taehyung and Jungkook for us today?  We-we have to go to the hospital, Namjoon’s mom was in a car accident.”

“Fuck,” Jimin whispers, wiping her eyes as she sits up, “Fuck, yeah, we can watch them.”

Seokjin lets out a loud, relieved sigh, “Thank you!  Thank- you know how Namjoon gets about his mom, he’s panicking.  We just got the call and we’ll-we’ll be at your place soon.”

She nods, though he can’t see, and tells him, “See you soon.”

The line goes dead and she flops down, the blankets warm from where she had just been laying in them.

Yoongi’s quiet as he turns over, throwing his arm across her, nudging his nose against her shoulder.

“That was Seokjin,” Jimin tells him, turning onto her side so she can face him, “Namjoon’s mom… got in an accident.”

His eyes pop open, “Shit really?  Now I feel bad telling Seokjin to fuck off.”

She smiles, laying a hand on his cheek, “You’ll feel less bad in a few minutes: we have to watch the kids.”

Yoongi groans long and loud, reaching out and pushing her away from him, “I fucking- why?  Why do you hate me?  It’s Sunday.”

“It is and Namjoon’s mom is hurt, so we have to help them in whatever way we can.”

Yoongi’s still groaning and still pushing her out of the bed and she smacks his hand away, “You’re such a child.”

“It’s Sunday,” he repeats in a form of retaliation, “and it’s fucking… six thirty in the morning goddammit.”

Jimin rolls away from him and her feet land on the floor with a solid thump, “Get up and wake up, we have to entertain kids today.”

Yoongi’s resounding groan follows her out of the room and she shakes her head in mirth.


She bounds up to the door at the insistent knocking half an hour later, a pale Namjoon and frantic Seokjin standing on the other side, Taehyung and Jungkook in their arms still asleep.  The little boys are still in their pajamas, Taehyung in cute sleep pants with a duck print and a cute shirt with one giant duck face on the back and Jungkook is dressed in feetie pajamas with a cow print.  The youngest is sucking sleepily on a pacifier.

“Thank you,” Namjoon says immediately upon the opening of the door, “You don’t-”

“Hand them over,” she instructs as Yoongi finally emerges, still looking a little worse for wear as he rubs at his eyes, “Get to the hospital.  Text me when you get news.”

Namjoon nods and passes her a heavy four year old, his head lolling against her shoulder.  Seokjin hands Yoongi Jungkook and sets a diaper bag on the floor as he relays instructions.

“They woke up a little while ago but the car ride put them back to sleep, but they shouldn’t sleep past eight.  I packed them lunches and plenty of extra clothes and Taehyung insists he can go to the bathroom by himself but that’s a lie he needs someone to pick him up onto the toilet.  Jungkook needs to take a nap around twelve thirty and it’s okay if Taehyung naps with him.  We should be back by tonight but-”

“Seokjin we’ve got it under control,” Jimin tells him, giving him a reassuring smile, “Now get going.”

Seokjin pulls her in for a hug and Namjoon does the same, kissing her temple before they disappear down the hall.  She shuts the door with a resounding click and turns to find Yoongi already slipping through the door of their bedroom.

“Yoongi?” she calls, following after him, “What are you doing?”

“Seokjin said we could sleep for a little while longer,” he shrugs in response, laying the toddler gently down in the middle of the bed under the covers before he crawls in after him.  Jimin glances down at the heavy four year old in her arms and kisses his forehead before following Yoongi’s example and placing him by his brother, laying down behind him.

Yoongi’s eyes are already closed, breath evening out as he places an arm across both kids.  The sight makes her smile and though Jimin can feel sleep tugging on her eyelids, she doesn’t want to be asleep when one of them wakes up.  Instead she lays flat on her back, watching the three of them for a few seconds before she gets out her phone to scroll through her social media.


Jungkook is the first to stir awake, about half an hour later, the pacifier falling out of his mouth as he yawns and rubs at his eyes.  His eyes are big and brown as he stares sleepily at his surroundings, noticeably relaxing when the unfamiliar environment holds three unfamiliar people.

“Daddy?” he squeaks, letting out another little yawn.  Jimin can see that most of his teeth have come in and that his front teeth are slightly larger than the rest.

“Good morning Jungkookie,” she smiles, reaching out to brush some hair out of his eyes, “Your daddies had to go take care of an emergency, so Yoongi and I are going to watch you for a little while.”

Jungkook makes a small sound of affirmation, smacking his lips as he looks at his brother snuggled into her side, before looking at Yoongi behind him, seemingly searching for something.

“Bunny?” he finally asks, checking under the covers near his little feet.  He pops the pacifier in his mouth when he drops the covers, looking more alert now.

“Is Bunny a stuffed animal?” Jimin asks, slinking out of the bed quietly so as to not disturb the two sleeping boys.  Jungkook nods at her, “Let’s go see if your daddy left it in the living room.”

She hesitates for a minute, wondering how she’s going to get Jungkook out of the bed, until he raises his arms up.  She smiles, grabbing him under his arm pits and she intends to set him down on the ground but his little legs wrap around her torso and his arms wrap around her neck and he places his head sleepily in the curve of her neck.  Jimin’s a little overwhelmed because Jungkook is normally a little standoffish with her but she chalks it up to his sleepy state.

She makes for the diaper bag in the living room and places it on the table, unzipping it to rifle through various items before she finds a slightly raggedy bunny plushy.

“Bunny!” Jungkook smiles around his pacifier, hugging the plushy that’s half his size to his chest.

She kisses his forehead, rummaging around in the diaper bag to see what else was packed for the toddlers: plenty of diapers, a few little toys, some toddler meals, and Seokjin was not lying about packing plenty of clothes.  Jungkook seems content to lay against her, playing with the ears of his plushy as he sucks passively on the pacifier so she goes to sit on the couch with him in her lap.

“Would you like to watch Sunday morning cartoons?” Jimin murmurs, settling him more comfortably in her lap and he nods.

Jungkook is a quiet child, happy with affection and coddling and coloring and playing with simple colorful toys.  His favorite toys are ones that test his memory and motor skills and playing with Taehyung when he’s not too hyper.  Taehyung is the opposite of Jungkook, who likes affection and cuddling only when he’s not bouncing off the walls, which is usually only when he’s sleeping, and tries to get in as much trouble as possible.  She loves Taehyung as much as she loves Jungkook, but Taehyung definitely has a soft spot in her heart.

Speaking of Taehyung, she can hear rustling from down the hall and Yoongi’s sleep driven voice, a low drawl that curls over and around her.

“Go get Jimin then,” she can hear Yoongi say and imagines him burying his head under his pillow as he so often does.

She rolls her eyes and for a few seconds there’s silence and then she hears the little pitter pat of Taehyung’s feet.

“Jiminnie noona,” Taehyung whines, appearing in the living room with his lower lip out in a pout, “Yoongi hyung is being mean.”

Jimin clucks her tongue as Jungkook looks up at his brother, holding up Bunny.  Taehyung’s pout morphs into a smile and he pats at her thighs, “Can I sit?”

“Of course baby,” she smiles, shifting Jungkook a little so Taehyung has enough room so that when he crawls onto the couch he can crawl into the space she made for him.  Taehyung smiles when he settles in her lap beside Jungkook, who rubs Bunny against his face, making a small, “mwa,” sound as he does so that has her internally squealing.

“When is daddy coming back?” Taehyung asks, shaking his head when Jungkook offers him his pacifier who instantly pops it back into his mouth.

“I’m not sure sweetie, but they’ll be calling to check on you soon,” kids don’t have a good grasp on time yet, right?  There’s no way for them to understand that soon could range from anywhere from ten minutes to four hours, “In the meantime are you two hungry?  Do you want breakfast?"

Taehyung immediately perks up, fisting some of her sleep shirt in his tiny tiny hands, “Pancakes?!”

Jimin looks over towards Jungkook who has also brightened up at the prospect of buttery, syrupy pancakes, “Alright, pancakes it is.”

The two little boys cheer.


Yoongi walks into the kitchen, blinking sleep out of his eyes just as she’s plating the first two pancakes for the boys, Taehyung and Jungkook sitting in the middle of the floor and playing with a musical toy that sings the alphabet and words that start with the corresponding letter.  Jungkook is trying to imitate it and Taehyung is enthusiastically encouraging him.

“Good morning,” Jimin smiles over at him as he leans his shoulder against the doorway, watching the three of them, “Pancake?  I put chocolate chips in this one for Taehyung but I can put cinnamon in yours if you like.”

“That sounds good,” Yoongi smiles, a soft serene little upturn of his lips that has her heart skipping a beat.

“Yoongi hyung,” Jungkook smiles up at him around his pacifier, making grabby hands at him.

If Taehyung had a soft spot for her, Jungkook was in love with Yoongi.  And Yoongi was just as smitten.  Yoongi didn’t even grumble as he leant down to pick up the younger boy and Taehyung pouted, watching as Jungkook got comfortable in Yoongi’s arms, playing with the sole piercing in the man’s ear.  Bunny lays on the floor and Taehyung picks her up.

“I’ve almost finished this pancake, sit the boys down yeah?”

Yoongi nods and offers his hand to Taehyung, who frowns only a little as he takes it and is led to the dining room table.

“I wanna sit in Yoongi hyung’s lap too!” Taehyung whines and Jimin smiles as she plates Yoongi’s pancake, the cinnamon coloring it nicely, spreading butter across the pancakes and topping them off with syrup.

“You can sit on my lap Taehyungie,” she offers and that appeases the boy, who has enough manners to wait for her to set the plates down before he scrambles into her lap.

Jungkook immediately slaps a hand down on the syrupy pancake in front of him and Yoongi startles, grabbing at his small arm before he can touch anything else.

“There should be wipes in the diaper bag,” Jimin tells him, as she cuts a small piece of pancake, a chocolate chip smearing on the plate as she offers it to Taehyung.  He enthusiastically bites at the fork and she smiles, wiping a bit of syrup off the corner of his mouth.

Yoongi is watching Jungkook’s hand intently, to make sure he doesn’t get syrup everywhere, as he digs a wiper container out of the diaper bag.  Jungkook struggles a bit, wanting to lick at his hand, but finally relents and lets it be wiped.

“Now Jungkook, be a good boy and let me feed you,” Yoongi tells him, voice taking on a soft tone as he looks down at the toddler, throwing the syrupy wet wipe on the corner of the table, “Can you take your pacifier out for me?”

Jungkook pops it out and offers up the spit coated end to Yoongi, a small smile on his face.

“Just… just set it on the table,” Yoongi stutters, trying not to hurt the boy’s feelings in rejecting the gift.

Jungkook furrows his little eyebrows, seemingly confused by what Yoongi is saying, and pushes the little pacifier out again in another offering.

“Yoongi,” Jimin warns, low in her throat.  She can see the confusion in Jungkook’s eyes, that he doesn’t understand why Yoongi won’t accept his gift, and tears are starting to film over his eyes.

With a slightly apprehensive face, Yoongi takes the pacifier between his teeth.  Jungkook immediately perks up, a smile taking over his face as he turns towards the plate, mouth opening as he waits for the first bite of pancake.

Taehyung giggles, as Jimin feeds him another bite, and honestly the whole scene is bringing a small smile to her face even though Yoongi looks pained to have the pacifier in his mouth.  She kisses the top of Taehyung’s head, taking a bite of breakfast for herself before Taehyung decides he’s a big boy and wants to feed himself.

Of course he stabs at the pancake a little too hard and the plate skitters across the table and the pancake slides off and onto the floor.  Of course the kids think it’s hilarious and giggle and clap their hands.  Of course Yoongi smiles a little around the pacifier, looking absolutely ridiculous, and of course Jimin cleans the mess up and makes a smaller pancake for Taehyung with a little less syrup and chocolate.  Of course, the whole situation has something domestic curling in her stomach, as Yoongi pops the pacifier out of his mouth and back into Jungkook’s, who wants to share a seat with his brother, finishing off his pancake and kissing her with syrupy lips.


Jimin’s sitting on the floor with Jungkook as Yoongi takes Taehyung to the bathroom, who had vehemently denied needing any help before pouting as Yoongi firmly took his hand and led him away.  They’re working on matching shaped pegs to the right holes, Jungkook staring intently at each one before he makes a decision and fits the peg in snugly.  He gets a proud little smile on his face every time, looking up at her for praise and Jimin always delivers, clapping her hands or ruffling his hair.  It takes a little while for Yoongi and Taehyung to come back but when they do Taehyung has no pants on and Yoongi looks a little sour.

“I think it’s time for big boy clothes huh?” she asks, as Taehyung comes over to sit by his brother, putting the last peg in for him.  Jungkook claps his hands, giggling, before he holds his pacifier out in celebration.  Taehyung is less reserved in taking it between his teeth, smiling happily down at his brother.

Yoongi runs a hand through his hair, turning to the diaper bag as her cell phone, sitting on the coffee table, starts to vibrate.  Jimin smiles a little when she sees that Seokjin is face timing her and she answers the call.

“Guys it’s your daddy,” she tells them and they both immediately push their way towards her, anticipation settling on their faces as they wait for the call to go through.

Seokjin looks tired, but he’s smiles when he sees his boys, “Hey guys.  Have you been good for Jimin and Yoongi?  I’m sorry we weren’t there when you woke up.”

“It’s okay daddy,” Taehyung pipes up around the pacifier, leaning into her shoulder to try and see better, “Jiminnie noona is nice.”

Seokjin’s eyes land on the pacifier and then travel down to Taehyung’s naked legs, but he doesn’t ask, instead turning eyes towards her, “I don’t trust them, have they been good?”

Taehyung makes a wounded sound, but Seokjin sticks his tongue out at him and Taehyung looks a little less hurt.

“Bunny wants to say hi,” Jungkook pipes up, shoving Taehyung away and sticking his plushy in front of the camera.

“Good morning Bunny!” Seokjin greets, waving his hand a little comically, “Did you sleep well?  Did you enjoy your breakfast?”

“Pancakes,” Jungkook says as an answer, pulling Bunny away so he can look at his dad, “Bunny wants to go to the park.”

“Bunny does love the park,” Seokjin hums and makes eye contact with her and Jimin nods.  Looks like the park is next on their list.

Yoongi comes in at that time, fresh clothes in his hands, “Come on you two, time to get dressed.”

“I don’t want to wear that,” Taehyung tells Yoongi.

Yoongi stops in his tracks, looking down at the robot t-shirt and little pants he has in his hands for Taehyung, “Why?”

“I want Jungkookie and I to wear our matching dinosaur shirts.”

“Your dad didn’t pack those,” Yoongi tells him, a little abrasively.

Taehyung stomps his foot, “But I want to match with Jungkookie!”

“Taehyung!” Seokjin snaps from his end of the phone and Taehyung looks up at his dad as tears start to tumble down his cheeks, “They don’t have the dinosaur shirts for you two to match, don’t make things difficult for Yoongi.”

Taehyung lets out a shrill cry, pacifier falling out of his mouth as he throws himself on the floor.  Yoongi looks shocked, frozen in place as the toddler cries and she scoops up Jungkook and passes him and her phone off to Yoongi, accidentally hanging up on Seokjin in the process.

“Go change Jungkook, let me deal with Taehyung,” Jimin tells him over Taehyung’s tantrum and Yoongi nods, eyes wide.  As he shuffles down to their bedroom, she turns to the toddler writhing on the floor as he cries.

“Taehyungie,” she coos, getting on all fours to be eye level with him, “Taehyungie it’s okay, don’t cry.”

She threads her fingers through his hair as he crawls his way to her though his crying doesn’t slow down.  She lets him wipe his snotty face in her shirt as he searches for some kind of comfort away from his dads, pressing himself as close to her as possible.  She wraps her arms securely around him, rocking them back and forth as she kisses at his hair.

“Taehyungie it’s alright, shh shh shh, it’s alright." 

“I-I-I just w-wanted to match w-with Jungk-kookie!” his little body is shaking as he cries and he’s having trouble catching his breath.  It’s a meltdown if she’s ever seen one.

“I know baby, but Yoongi and I don’t have clothes for you and Jungkookie to match with here,” Jimin murmurs, rubbing at his little back, heart breaking a little because he can’t calm down.

“A-And now dad-dy is mad at m-m-me,” he cries, “I-I don’t w-want dadd-y to be mad a-at me.  W-Who will give m-me kisses when I-I fall down?”

“Oh baby your daddy isn’t mad at you,” she assures him, pressing a soft kiss to his temple, “Your daddy will always give you kisses when you fall down, he’s never going to stop giving you kisses.”

“H-He’s never going to s-stop loving me?  H-Him or d-daddy?”

“No, your daddies love you baby,” Jimin tells him as he leans back to peer up at her, “They’ll never stop loving you.”

Taehyung is finally starting to quiet down, his eyes red and puffy as he rubs at them, seemingly thinking about something.

“So,” he asks, hiccupping, “so they w-won’t send me b-back?”

“Send you back-” Jimin cuts herself off, eyes widening in surprise.  The orphanage.  Taehyung was scared Seokjin and Namjoon were going to send him back to the orphanage, “Taehyung no, they would never send you ba- Taehyung.”

She places her hands on his cheeks so he has to look at her, “Taehyung listen to me.  Your dads love you and nothing you ever do or ever say will change that and they are never going to send you back, do you hear me?  Never.”

A fresh wave of tears start cascading from Taehyung’s tear ducts but he has a little smile on his face, “Promise?  I don’t want to leave daddy and daddy.”

“I promise.”

Jimin kisses him on the end of his nose and he giggles, kissing her back.

“Taehyungie?” Jungkook asks softly from the hallway, wrapped up in Yoongi’s arms.

“Jungkookie!  You look so cute,” Taehyung grins, wiping at the remaining tears on his cheeks.  Jungkook does look cute, wearing a pair of pinstripe overalls over a white t-shirt.

“Taehyungie okay?” Jungkook asks, wiggling in Yoongi’s hold until Yoongi sets him down.

“I’m fine,” Taehyung nods, picking the pacifier up and offering it to Jungkook.  Jungkook takes it and offers Taehyung Bunny in retaliation.  Taehyung takes her with a soft smile, playing with her ears before marching up to Yoongi and holding his arms up.

Yoongi picks him up warily, but Taehyung just kisses his nose, “I’m sorry Yoongi hyung.  Can you help me change now so we can go to the park?”

Yoongi smiles at him, ruffling his hair, “Sure, let’s go pick out your clothes.”

Jimin smiles at the two of them and Yoongi returns it as Jungkook crawls into the space Taehyung had previously occupied and asks, “Park?”

“Yeah, we’ll be leaving for the park soon.”


The park is fun and exhausting because Taehyung makes friends with literally everyone and Jungkook is shy around literally everyone and they have a hard time dealing with polar opposites.  At the park Taehyung falls multiple times, scraping his hands and his knees and Jimin’s glad she decided to bring band aids with her.  Even though Jungkook was the one who wanted to go to the park, it takes him a while to get comfortable enough to leave their side.  They finally leave when the boys come up to them, tiredly rubbing their eyes and with a start she realizes it’s their nap time.  The boys fall asleep in their arms on the way back home.

The afternoon passes quickly and Seokjin only checks in one more time, telling them that Namjoon’s mother is scheduled for surgery and Namjoon can’t leave.

“Can… Jesus I hate to ask, but can you keep them for the night?” Seokjin asks, sitting in a chair beside Namjoon and beside Namjoon’s mother’s bed.

“Seokjin of course,” Jimin tells him, standing in the doorway of Yoongi’s home studio as he lets them play with some of the less equipment, “It’s not a problem.”

“Can we talk to them?” he asks.

“Like I’d say no,” she chortles, turning the phone so he can see his boys, “Guys it’s your dad.”

They turn excitedly towards her and her phone and she hands it off.  They chatter excitedly to him as they plant themselves in the middle of the floor and she sees Namjoon squeeze his face into the frame and smiles.  As the family talks Jimin perches herself on Yoongi’s lap, his arms winding around her waist as he kisses her shoulder.

“I’m so tired,” he complains, “Taehyung never stops talking.”

She laughs at him, turning just slightly so she can wrap an arm around his neck, kissing his forehead, “How are you going to handle it when we have kids?”

“That’ll be our kid, one you and I create,” he murmurs, voice low as Taehyung and Jungkook fill up the background noise.

She’s silent for a few moments, brushing some of the hair out of his eyes and prompts him to ask her, “What are you thinking about?”

“What if… hypothetically, I told you I want to adopt?” Jimin asks quietly, glancing at the boys sitting a few feet away from them, listening to their dads tell them to be good for the night because they won’t be able to pick them up.

His eyes follow hers and Yoongi squeezes her waist, “If, hypothetically, you wanted to adopt a child or two I would say… that I’d do whatever it took to have a kid legally be ours, to move out to the suburbs and watch them grow up and chase them around the backyard and point out constellations and try and muddle my way through physics and trigonometry.  Hypothetically, I just want to raise a family with you, however we get one.”

Jimin lets out a slow breath, blinking away her tears and nods, “Hypothetically, that’s what I want too.”

“Yoongi hyung, daddy wants to talk to you,” Taehyung interrupts them and they turn back to the two boys as she takes the phone and holds it for Yoongi.

“Thank you guys,” Namjoon tells them, eyes looking red and sleep deprived, “I can’t tell you how much it means to me.”

“Of course, you need to be there for your mom,” Yoongi shrugs, “Besides, your kids are kind of okay.”

Namjoon laughs, rubbing at his eyes, “Thanks man.  Also, when were you going to tell us Jimin said yes?”

Seokjin makes a sound from beside him, “Said yes?  To what?  Yes as in like… to marriage?”

She turns the phone to the ring on her finger, “Yeah, we’re engaged.  It didn’t seem right to tell you with your situation.”

Seokjin is making a wounded sound, hand placed dramatically to his chest, “I am your best friend how could you not think to tell me you were engaged?!”

“Listen, I’ve got to go feed your children now, go away.”

Seokjin furrows his eyebrow and points a finger at the camera, “You’re telling me everything when I come to pick them up missy.”

“Yeah yeah, goodbye.”

She hangs up, turning to look at the boys patiently waiting for them.

“What do you say we eat dinner, take a bath, and then watch a movie until dinner?”

Jimin gets a cheer in response that brings a wide grin to her face.


Jungkook and Taehyung are passed out on the floor, curled up in a nest of blankets Yoongi had made for them and each other, Bunny pressed tightly between them.  Jimin and Yoongi are sitting on the couch, watching them with small smiles on their faces.

“That’s our future huh?” Yoongi asks, voice curling around her as he pulls her closer to him, “Making dinner for two brats and then giving them a pain in the ass bath and then watch them try to fight sleep as they watch the lamest cartoon.”

She chuckles, glancing up at the dancing bumblebee on screen and shaking her head at the absurdness of the premise.

“Yeah, that’s our future,” Jimin responds, voice soft as she stares down at the two munchkins on her floor, sleeping peacefully, “We should probably go to bed.”

Yoongi nods and scoops the two tots up, careful not to jostle them too much though she knows Taehyung sleeps like the dead.  She cleans up the living room, putting the blankets away and turning off the TV.  She follows after the three boys, seeing Yoongi tucking in Taehyung as he murmurs lowly to a blinking Jungkook who must have woken up during the move, his eyes drooping and heavy.  His voice is in that timbre he reserves for when he’s dealing with kids and Jungkook’s eyes slip shut as he holds Bunny closer.

Jimin smiles as she glances up at him, lips turning up into a slow curve as he kisses Jungkook’s forehead and then Taehyung’s.  They change in silence, slipping into their pajamas before sliding in behind the boys.

“This is our future,” she smiles at him over the boys, Jungkook moving closer to Yoongi’s heat subconsciously, “this is what we have to look forward to.”

“I’m glad it’s with you,” he tells her quietly.

Jimin can feel the tears prickling at the corner of her eyes again and she pushes herself up, quietly leaning over the boys so she can kiss Yoongi.  He returns the kiss with fervor, cupping her face as Taehyung sniffles in his sleep.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”


Jimin blinks sleepily up at the ceiling, hearing the cars racing by on the street just under their bedroom window.  It’s a Monday and everyone outside is racing to where they need to be.  Yoongi is snoring slightly, arm wrapped tightly around Jungkook who is twisted up in the sheets, mouth open and pacifier missing, Bunny lying halfway under him.  Taehyung has the covers pulled up over his and she can hear him snoring lightly.  Her alarm is going to go off soon.

She smiles, surveying the scene, chest tightening at the happiness she feels spread through her, fingers tingling at the sensation.  This is what her future looks like.

Jimin can’t wait.