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Burning down the... Mouse?

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Burning down the.... Mouse?

Look out there's something running 'round here
Cool baby there isn't any danger
It's an ordinary mouse
Running 'round the house

Oh no
I hope there's just the one
Oh no
I need an exterminator
I need to stop this mouse
Runnin 'round the house

Maybe I should get a cat
To chase all of the mice out
Next door there's a litter
They are asking for a lot
For just a single little cat
No thank you Sir

Oh no I think I see another
Oh no there might be a whole nest here
Three hundred sixty types of cheese
Eaten by this mouse

It was once upon a place
When I didn't care about rodents
Now there's mice in my house
I can't get anything to work
These mice just won't go away
Don't know what to say

Mice are in my house

These mice are extraordinary
That's right
Man I just want them gone
I tried to sweep them out the door
But mice are in my house

That mouse just ate all of my food
And you have not seen nothing yet
There are more in the basement
And I don't know what you expect
There's nothing I've not done yet
I fought fire with fire