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 It’s a Monday morning and Midoriya Izuku is finally done with his civilian work experience. To say that he didn’t like it would be like saying he was mildly fond of All Might or that he was kind of interested in being a hero. He got three hangers, a shoe and somebody’s cat thrown at him during the week.

And, yeah, it didn’t hurt or anything, but it was still rude.

So, anyway, it’s a Monday and Izuku is pretty glad to be back at UA instead of behind a desk listening to people complain about him.

“Oh no, you’re all back.” Aizawa sighs when he comes in.

The class just kinda stares at him.

He sighs again, heavier. “So what important lessons did you learn?”

“Not to wear polyester.” Says Todoroki.

“That my parents were not cool with us having fourteen dogs.” Kirishima says.

“Nice guys are never the targets of sudden and unexplainable twitter f-f-f-faaaads. Waaahhhh!” Mineta cries.

“Lemon cake is the best kind of cake.” Yaoyoruzu says.

“That convenience stores are fucking terrible.” Says Bakugou.

“Um, t-that you can return things without the t-tags on them if you yell loud enough!” Midoriya says. In his experience that was true. One time, he bought a guy a new shirt and also lunch. It was a weird day.

“That the Japanese Postal Service could use several improvements to run more efficiently!” Iiida says. “Here, I have them in my notebook...let me just get them out…”

“That sometimes tvs explode for no reason and it is no one's fault.” Says Kanimari.

“Right.” The expression on Aizawa-sensei’s face might be complete despair for the next generation of heroes. It might also be boredom. It’s always kinda tough to say with him. “Okay.”

For a little bit, they all just stare at him some more. He sighs yet again and sets his head on the desk.

“I want a report on why it’s important for heroes to understand civilian lives and concerns.” He says, face still on the desk.

It makes him kinda hard to understand.

“Sensei!” Yaoyoruzu raises a hand.


“When will it be due and how long would you like it?”

“Let’s say next Monday.” Aizawa finally looks up. “And, I don’t know, however long you think it needs to be. More than four pages? And no,” He glares at Kaminari, “You can’t write like two sentences in really big font.”

“Damn.” Kaminari says.

“Midoroya.” Izuku looks up from his notes and sees Todoroki standing there.

“Oh, h-h-hi!” He stammers. He and Todoroki haven’t really got to spend any time together since the whole confession thing at the train station. Izuku still sometimes thinks he might be imagining that.

This is Todoroki Shouto, son of a top hero and all-around cool guy. He even had his own hashtag about how, um, good-looking he was! Surely he can do better than Izuku.

“I was thinking…” Todoroki has pulled out his phone and is doing something on it. “We could get together this weekend and work on the report.”

“Oh! Y-yeah, of course!” Two of Izuku’s great loves, analyzing heroics and hero culture and Todoroki Shouto, will all be in the same room this weekend. He might actually pass out. If All Might were to show up, he would pass out. “We c-could meet at my house? This Sunday?”

“That sounds good.” Todoroki is still looking at his phone and is he blushing? Izuku stares at him with wide eyes.

“A group study session?” Iida, apparently overhearing leans over the desk next to him. “That’s an excellent idea, Midoriya, Todoroki!”

“What?” They both look at him at the same time.

“Uraraka!” Iida is already calling across the class. “We are having a group session at Midoriya’s to work on the essay this Sunday!”

“Oh, great!” Uraraka smiles at them. “It’s okay if I come too, right?”

“Of course!” Iida says. “The more the merrier! Isn’t that right, Midoriya?”

“I, ah…” Izuku just stares at him for a minute. “Sure? I guess?”

“Excellent.” Iida pulls out a planner. “I look forward to Sunday, then. Midoriya, would your mother like me to bring any refreshments? Tea? Cake, perhaps?”

“Oh, yeah bring cake!” Uraraka volunteers.

“W-wait…” Izuku tries.

Todoroki leans over to speak in Izuku’s ear. “It’s fine, Midoriya, just let them come.” His lips brush Izuku’s ear and he shivers. “You know Iida...he’ll tire himself out.”

“At least three cakes then! And, of course, paper plates and cups! And…”

Izuku feels Todoroki’s smile.



Hero Watch! @Official_Hero_Watch
WELCOME BACK HEROES! After two weeks in the workforce, the students of UA are back in class? I wonder what they’re learning! #UAsfinest #heroesintraining!

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Bakugou Katsuki @kingofexplodokills
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Kirishima Eijirou @redredriot
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Bakugou Katsuki @kingofexplodokills
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Bakugou Katsuki @kingofexplodokills
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Bakugou Katsuki @kingofexplodokills
@redredriot (but actually come over)

Kirishima Eijirou @redredriot
@kingofexplodokills on my way, dude


Izuku comes downstairs a couple minutes before his friends are due to arrive and finds his mom wailing into the rice cooker. Oh no, she’s cooking too...they’re gonna have so much food…

“Todoroki Shouto is coming to our house!” She’s says. “And one of the Iidas...oh no, oh no…and that pretty girl with the gravity control...oh no...”

“Mom, calm down.” Izuku pats his mom’s shoulder. “Todoroki has been here before, remember? And so have Iida and Uraraka! It isn’t a big deal!”

“I-i-i-izuuuukuuuuu….” She wails. “Todoroki is your boyfriend now. You’re dating Endeavor’s son and I just, I just...just…” She’s hyperventilating.

“Mom!” Izuku looks her in the eyes. “It’s gonna be okay!”

“What will happen when you get m-married!” She cries. “I’ll have to meet E-endeavor and I’ll probably pass out and oh no Izuuuukuuuuuu…”

“Mom!” His face is bright red. “We haven’t even been dating a week yet. We haven’t even k-k-k…” He can’t say kissed in front of his borderline panicking mother. Midoriyas tend to panic in packs and izuku doesn’t want that nonsense today, no thanks.

Even if Todoroki, who likes him, is coming to his house. And his room. And Todoroki likes him. And oh noooooooooo….

“What if he w-wants to kiss me…” Izuku mumbles. “I haven’t done that before. I wouldn’t know how and he probably would know how. Let’s face it, he’s very cool and very popular. He’s Endeavor's son and his quirk is so cool too and so he’s had plenty of opportunities and I haven’t ever done anything like that before…”

Five minutes later the doorbell rings.

Izuku and his mother are still in the kitchen, contemplating worst-case scenarios. Izuku’s mom is already worrying after the hypothetical quirks of their hypothetical (and physically impossible) grandchildren. Izuku is still kinda stuck on the kiss thing.

Izuku shakes off the panic (kinda) and goes to the door. He breathes deep, once, twice, okay. He’s ready. He can do this. He read a wikipedia article about kissing on his phone.

“Welcome!” He says, smiling as he opens the door.

“Hey, Deku!” Uraraka says. “Sorry ‘bout the intrusion!”

“Thank you for having us!” Iida bows. He’s holding...oh no, are those all cakes? There’s so many…

“Midoriya.” Todoroki smiles. Izuku’s heart possibly stops for a minute. “Hi.”

“Uh,” He stares at Todoroki’s smile for a minute and then starts, remembering his manners. “Oh, come in! Thanks for coming!”

They come in, taking off shoes and setting down school bags. “I though we would have some cake first.” Iida says.

“I think we should save it.” Todoroki says. “We might run out.”

“Todoroki.” Iida pushes up his glasses with the corner of a cake box. Izuku is kinda impressed. “I assure you. We have more than enough cake.”

“Okay, then.” Todoroku looks entirely unbothered. “The table, then?”

“Uh, yes!” Izuku says. “This way!”

“We’ve all been here before.” Uraraka reminds him with a giggle.

“Oh, right.” Izuku shakes his head. “Sorry.”

They head over to the table. “I gotta head out a little early today.” Uraraka says. “Me and a friend are going out for coffee later.”

“That’s fine.” Izuku shrugs. “Which friend? Asui?”

“No, it’s actually…”

“Todoroki-san!” Izuku’s mom has burst into the room. “Iida-san! Uraraka-san!” She bows. “How nice of you to come to our humble home!”

“Hi again.” Todoroki waves.

“Thanks for having us.” Uraraka says.

“If you would like some cake, we have plenty.” Iida offers.

“Oh, no!” She waves a hand. “I couldn’t! I’ll just be...over the kitchen…”

“Bye Mom.” Izuku waves. He knows from experience that she will hide in the kitchen until company is gone. He gets it. He does the same thing but in his room when she has friends over.

“Mmmm…” Uraraka is looking at the cakes. “Can we have the lemon one now? Yaoyoruzu mentioning lemon cake in class the other day made me really want one.”

No one has any objections to the lemon cake so they cut it up and sit around eating it. Izuku turns on the tv and they watch some news reports about pro heroes. It’s nothing all that exciting. Just some petty thefts and a car chase or two. Izuku gets into it anyway, watching the different heroes and analyzing their quirks.

Something taps him in the shoulder.

He looks over to see Todoroki offering him a piece of cake. His cheeks are pink.

“Want a bite?”

Izuku just stares at him.

“Um, Todoroki we have the same kind of cake…”

Todoroki closes his eyes for a second, turns away and stuff the cake into his own mouth. “Right.” He says, but his mouth is full so it sounds like “flllgghtt.”

He swallows a minute later. “I’m going to the bathroom. I’ll be back in a bit.”

“You remember where it is?”

He nods and goes.

Izuku turns around and sees Uraraka staring at him with pity in her eyes. “Um, Deku…”

“What is it? Is s-something wrong?”

“Todoroki...he was trying to be romantic with you.” She takes another bite of her cake. “Feeding someone else...that’s something you’re supposed to do with the person you like.”

“Oh…” Izuku kind of wants to go hide in the kitchen with his mom. “Oh...oh no…” He folds his arms on the table and hides in them. Uraraka pats him on the head.

“Did you know, Iida?” He mumbles.

“Sorry?” Iida looks up. “I’m afraid I wasn’t listening to the conversation. I was rather distracted by the cake.”

“Right.” Izuku sighs and continues to hide in his arms.

He is the worst. Todoroki is trying to be romantic and he is ruining it. Todoroki has so many smooth moves and Izuku has none. No, Izuku has negative moves! He is somehow managing to negate Todoroki’s moves and so that makes him the worst oh my godddddd.

“I should call All Might.” He says. “All Might would know what to do.”

“No, Deku.” Uraraka cuffs him lightly over the head. “This is a Midoriya problem, not an All Might problem.”

“It could be an All Might problem if I called him.” Izuku mumbles mutinously.

They sit around, eating cake and watching the news and, in Izuku’s case, sighing both frequently and heavily.

“Todoroki has been in the bathroom a while.” Izuku says. “I think I’m going to check on him.”

“Midoriya!” Iida say. “What a man does in the bathroom is his business. I would not bother Todoroki if I were you.”

“I’m just gonna knock…” Izuku gets up. “If you two wanna head up to my room and start on the essay, I’ll meet you there.”

“Okay!” Uraraka says.

“I’ll put away the rest of the cake first.” Iida says.

Izuku nods to them and goes over to the bathroom. He knocks. “Um...Todoroki…” He says. “Are you, ah, okay in there?”


“Ah, okay.” Izuku rocks back on his heels. “We were gonna go up to my room and start on the essay…”

The door slides open. The bathroom smells like smoke and Todoroki’s collar looks distinctly charred. His cheeks are still very pink.

“Uh…” Izuku says. “Were you…” He makes a vague hand gesture to symbolize flames.

“It happens.” Todoroki says after a pause. “Sometimes.”


They stand there in the bathroom doorway awkwardly for what feels like a really long time.

“Come in here.” Todoroki grabs Izuku’s wrist. “I wanna talk to you.”

“In the bathroom?”

“Just come.” Todoroki tugs and Izuku follows. Todoroki closes the door behind him.

“So here we are.” Izuku says. “In the...bathroom.”

“I just wanna talk for a minute.” Todoroki isn’t meeting his eyes.

“We could have done that not in the bathroom.”

“Midoriya.” Todoroki says. “Just listen.”

“Okay.” Izuku goes over and sits on the edge of the empty bath. After a moment, Todoroki goes and sits beside him.

“I’m not…” He swallows, loudly enough that Izuku hears it. “Very good. At this.”

“At w-what?” Izuku says, staring at the floor. He and Todoroki are sitting close, but not touching. Izuku shifts in place, not sure to move closer or away.

“You know.” Todoroki sighs. “Dating. I haven’t,” Izuku looks up at him. His pink blush has darkened to scarlet. “I haven’t done this. Before now, I mean.”

“Y-yeah.” Izuku stammers. “Me e-either.”

“Yeah.” Todoroki says.

“Yeah.” Izuku agrees.

“So…” Todoroki glances at him. “Where do we go from here?”

“We f-figure it out, I guess.” Izuku shrugs. “Lots of people d-do.”

“Hmmm.” Todoroki smiles at him. “I’m pretty sure that step one is leaving the bathroom.”

“Yeah, probably.” Izuku says, but he doesn’t move. The fluorescent lights in here are terrible and they make Todoroki’s scar stand out harsh and craggy from his pale skin. Izuku still thinks he’s cute.

He’s leaning forward just a bit and, oh...oh my gosh are they going to kiss? They’re in a bathroom that smells vaguely like smoke and lemon cleaner and Izuku’s left foot is falling asleep, but Todoroki is still leaning and…



It’s Uraraka and Iida, calling for them.

“Ahahaha,” Izuku leans back, feeling equal parts disappointed and relieved. “We should probably go work on that essay.”

“Yeah.” Todoroki stands up and offers Izuku his hand. “Let’s go.”

Izuku takes it and smiles. “Right behind you.”


Midoriya Izuku @allmightiest
guys i think kaachan might be onto something...hero watch does talk about us alot…

Iida Tenya @IngeniumReborn
@allmightiest Hero Watch is trusted journalistic source! Their information is typically very accurate. Midoriya, we must trust the media...

Iida Tenya @IngeniumReborn
@allmightiest ...They and we, the heroes, are in a mutually beneficial relationship. They profit from our successes and we, in return gain our followings with their help!

Iida Tenya @IngeniumReborn
@allmightiest ...They are truly heroes themselves! #media #MutualRespect #HeroWatch

Midoriya Izuku @allmightiest
@IngeniumReborn well yeah but hero watch isnt all that official...they just have a lot of followers…

Uraraka Ochako @uravity
 im with deku on this one, iida! hero watch has always seemed kinda fishy to me…

Midoriya Izuku @allmightiest
@uravity yeah haha like the other day lol when they said haha you were dating kaachan haha

Midoriya Izuku @allmightiest
@uravity wasnt that so fuNNY AND UNTRUE

Midoriya Izuku @allmightiest

Uraraka Ochako @uravity
@allmightiest deku...are you okay?

Midoriya Izuku @allmightiest
@uravity uraraka there so many nice boys out there seriously ill find you one ill find you like five if you want just DONT DATE KAACHAN OKAY

Todoroki Shouto @todorokishouto
@allmightiest midoriya where are these five boys coming from i feel like i should know if you have five backup boys

Uraraka Ochako @uravity
 @allmightiest @todorokishouto im not dating bakugou!!! you can keep your boys, deku!

Midoriya Izuku @allmightiest
@uravity @todorokishouto i dont have backup boys okay

Midoriya Izuku @allmightiest
@uravity i was lying im sorry i just really think you could do better than kaachan

Uraraka Ochako @uravity
@allmightiest yeah i know i totally can

Bakugou Katsuki @kingofexplodokills
@allmightiest  @uravity @todorokishouto FUCK YOU PEOPLE


“So, like, I know this is supposed to be important and stuff...but I don’t really see the point.”

Uraraka is making pens float. Izuku and Todoroki are both absently watching as they get closer and closer to the ceiling.

“Uraraka!” Iida is diligently working on his essay, but he looks up to frown at Uraraka. “Surely you can see that it is important to connect with the people that we are trusted with protecting! If we don’t understand what is important to them, how can we look out for their best interests?”

“S’not like they’re a different species cause they’re not heroes.” She says with a shrug. “I bet the same stuff is important to all of’s kinda obvious, is all I mean.”

“W-well, I guess.” Izuku shrugs. At his work experience, he learned that civilians can be just as scary as supervillains when you tell them that something can’t be returned without a receipt. But he’s pretty sure that’s not the kind of answer Aizawa-sensei is looking for in their essays.

“To you that’s obvious.” Todoroki says, still watching the pens floating around like a bizarre little solar system. “But you have civilian parents and you’re not, like, condescending towards people who have less useful quirks.

“Ahaha, yeah.” Izuku fidgets. He wonders sometimes, a lot actually, if Todoroki would still like him and want to be around him if he knew that Izuku was born quirkless. Cause, the thing is, Todoroki has an amazing quirk and he’s from a family who hall have amazing quirks and if he knew that Izuku spent most of his life without a quirk at all, he might change his mind about wanting to date and there would be nothing Izuku could say to stop him and…

“Erm...Deku?” Uraraka’s voice breaks through his thoughts


“You’re mumbling.”

“O-oh, sorry.” He rubs the back of his neck.

“Did you have an idea?” Todoroki asks.

Izuku laughs nervously. “Ahaha...I was j-just thinking...that it would be h-hard to be someone without a quirk in this world.”

“Hmmm.” Todoroki looks down at his mostly empty paper. “I guess so.”

“I hadn’t thought of it, to be entirely honest.” Iida says. “An oversight, I admit, but it would be difficult to be powerless in a world such as ours.”

“So, I think that’s what I’ll write about.” Izuku mumbles. “There were quirkless people I worked with...I wanna write about how it would be hard. To be them.”

He flexes a hand and feels One For All come to him as easy as a thought. He’s got pretty good control over it now...he can do about seventy percent without breaking any bones. But he can still remember how it felt to flex his hand and feel nothing come to his aid, how it felt to be powerless in a world made up of heroes and villains.

“Deku…” Uraraka touches his shoulder. “Are you okay?”

“Yes, Midoriya. You look rather upset.” Iida says.

Todoroki stays silent, but touches the back of his hand.

“Ahaha, it’s nothing.” He smiles up at them and means it almost all the way. “Just thinking.”

Todoroki presses his fingers against Izuku’s then draws them back. Izuku misses the cool feeling of them against his skin.

“We should get started, though.” Izuku says. “This essay isn’t going to write itself.”


Hero Watch! @Official_Hero_Watch
FUN IN THE SUN! UA Students ASHIDO MINA and ASUI TSUYU were seen at the beach today. Stay cool, ladies! #UAsFinest #HeroSpotted

Monoma Neito @mistergonnastealyourquirk
@Official_Hero_Watch Isn’t it funny how hero watch always talks about the UA students in class 1A? Isn’t that so funny? Isn’t that just HILARIOUS????

Kendou Itsuka @giveyouahand
oh my god Monoma you’re embarassing our class STOP

Kendou Itsuka @giveyouahand
I apologize for @mistergonnastealyourquirk he’s awful.

Yaoyorozu Momo @creatie_official
@giveyouahand Don’t worry about it! We have Bakugou to apologize for so we get it.

Kirishima Eijirou @redredriot
@creatie_official hes not so bad once you get used to him!

Yaoyorozu Momo @creatie_official
@redredriot No offense, but you two are disgusting.

Kirishima Eijirou @redredriot
@creatie_official youre just jealous its cool i get it

Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu @letsgethard

Kaminari Denki @yaywhey
@redredriot @letsgethard not sure if anyone deserves bakugou…

Bakugou Katsuki @kingofexplodokills
@redredriot  @creatie_official @heywhey @Official_Hero_Watch DIE ALL OF YOU FUCKERS I HATE YOU

Kaminari Denki @yaywhey
@kingofexplodokills yeah except @redredriot cause you love him

Bakugou Katsuki @kingofexplodokills

Kirishima Eijirou @redredriot
 @kingofexplodokills uh bakugou…

Bakugou Katsuki @kingofexplodokills
@redredriot shut up

Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu @letsgethard
 @redredriot @kingofexplodokills I WISH YOU BOTH SO MUCH HAPPINESS


They’ve all finished the essay and are hanging around in Izuku’s room, talking about nothing and throwing wadded up balls of paper at the Uraraka’s floating pens, when the doorbell rings, high and anxious.

“Izuku!” His mother calls, equally as anxious.

“Oh!” Uraraka sits up and all of the pens drop to the ground. “That’s my friend!” She gets up and hurries out of the room. Iida follows her with shouts about how improper it is for her to answer the door instead of waiting for the host to do it.

“C’mon.” Izuku gets to his feet, brushing off his pants. “Let’s go say hi.”

“You have something…” Todoroki’s lips are quivering, like he’s trying not to smile.


“Here, let me…” He reaches up to Izuku’s hair and tugs for a second.

Izuku can smell him this close. It’s not smoke or anything crisp and cold like he expected. Todoroki smells clean, like just washed laundry and soap, tinged with the sweetness of the cake they ate earlier.

“Here.” Todoroki presents him with a pen. “It was in your hair.”

“O-oh…” Izuku’s very close to him now. Todoroki is a bit taller, so he has to tilt his head to look him in the eyes.

“So..maybe…” Todoroki’s fingers tap the back of his hand again.


“We could…”


“Izuuuuukuuuuuuuu!!!!!” His mother’s voice climbs from the kitchen. “Come down heeeere!”

Todoroki huffs and steps back, looking kinda sullen. Izuku would even say pouty if it was anyone besides Todoroki.

“Come on.” He says, sticking his hands into his pockets. “Let’s go.”

Izuku leads the way out of the room and down the stairs. Uraraka has already opened the door. And standing there wearing casual clothes and a sullen expression is,

Kaachan?” Izuku chokes out.

“Bakugou?” Todoroki says flatly.

“Oh, look.” Bakugou snorts. “It’s a nerd and a fat clown.”

Izuku continues to choke on nothing. This is Uraraka’s friend? Bakugou?

“Oh, look.” Todoroki says. “It’s a former barista.”

“Wow, aren’t you a clever lil shit?” Bakugou snorts.

“Twitter seems to think so.” Todoroki says icily. And Todoroki does icy really, really well.

“Fuck you half-n-half.” Bakugou mutters, clearly struggling from keeping his volume from rising.

“So, Bakugou…” Iida says, very obviously trying to change the subject. “How did you like you experience in the civilian workforce?”

“It blew.” Bakugou says. “Convenience stores are fucking terrible.”

“Burger places are worse.” Todoroki says. “The manager thought my name was Totomaki Suna. And the uniform was horrible.”

Bakugou snickers.

Todoroki glares at him.

Izumi fears for the soundness of his house.

“Well mine was a ton of fun!” Uraraka says brightly. “I got to work with my parents and everything.”

Izuku doesn’t look at Bakugou. He always gets shaky and kinda panicked when he does that. “Mine was, ah, not the best...I prefer being a hero!” He laughs awkwardly.

“What did you even fucking do?” Bakugou snaps in a way that could be construed as less argumentative than usual.

“C-customer complaints.” Izumi stammers. “I worked at a desk taking them.”

Bakugou snickers. “You were probably fucking terrible at that, weren't you?”

“Bakugou…” Todoroki says warningly.

“We should probably go!” Uraraka says. “You ready, Bakugou?”

“Sure.” Bakugou shoves his hands in his pockets and doesn’t look at any of them. Izuku sudden gets the strange feeling that Kaachan is just as uncomfortable here as he is having him here.

They leave quick, with Uraraka calling a thank you to Izuku’s mother in the kitchen before they go.

“That w-was…” Izuku says once the door closes.

“Quiet abnormal.” Iida says.

“Fucking bizarre.” Todoroki says.

“Yeah.” Izuku says, still staring at the closed door.


Uraraka Ochako @uravity
@allmightiest hey deku! come and meet me for ice cream tonight!

Midoriya Izuku @allmightiest
@uravity okay

Hero Watch! @Official_Hero_Watch
TEEN HERO DRAMA! What is brewing between URARAKA OCHAKO and MIDORIYA IZUKU??? Hero Watch can wait to find out!!! #heros #uasfinest

Uraraka Ochako @uravity
@Official_Hero_Watch what is even wrong with you?????

Hero Watch! @Official_Hero_Watch


“You said you wanted to see me?” Izuku holds up his phone.

“Yes!” She gets up. “I wanted to talk to you about Bakugou.”

“Are you…” Izuku swallows and sits down on the bench. Uraraka sits beside him. “Dating him, then?”

“Deku, no!” She says, blinking. “I wouldn’t lie to you about that. And besides, haven’t you seen him and Kirishima? They’re so sweet!”

“Uh…” Izuku has seen Bakugou be vaguely less shouty around Kirishima and, last week, he saw them aggressively making out behind the lunch building. “Sure?”

She laughs. “Well, I think it’s sweet.” She looks over at him. “Bakugou and me are just friends.”


“Yeah.” She has her hands folded in her lap. “The store where he worked was near my construction site, so we got to talk a most days. We sorta...bonded, I guess.”

“Huh.” Izuku looks down at his shoes. “That’s...huh.”

“Sorry I didn’t tell you.” She sighs. “I told him that we couldn’t hang out unless he was nicer to you...and I do think he’s been trying.” She smiles ruefully. “I don’t think he’s too good at nice, though.”

That makes Izuku laugh. “Yeah, that was never one of Kaachan’s greatest strengths.”

“I know you probably think I’m being crazy, trying to be his friend…”

“No, Uraraka, I get it. Kaachan really is amazing!” He sighs. “But he'll always dislike me. You can be his friend, I don't mind that. But I'm not gonna be.”

“Deku, you're more important. If he’s gonna treat you bad then I won’t hang around with him, I won't.”

“It’s just...complicated, between him and me.” Izuku looks down at his hands. He’ll never be able to stop caring about Bakugou Katsuki, he accepted that a long time ago. But caring about someone doesn’t make them care about you. He looks up at Uraraka. “I want you to be his friend, though.” He smiles. “You’re probably a really good influence.”

“But Deku…”

“Things between me and Kaachan are probably as good as they’ll ever get.” He admits. When he was younger, when he first got to UA, he thought about winning Kaachan’s respect somehow and them becoming friends again. But Bakugou isn’t the kind of person who changes his mind that easy.

Izuku still cares about him and so he’s happy that Bakugou has people that he cares about. He is happy for him and Kirishima, is happy for him and Uraraka. He can be happy, even if he knows that Bakugou will never care about him like that.

“It’s okay, Uraraka.” Izuku says. “It’s okay. I’m okay with it.”

She’s quiet for a little bit and then looks over at him. “You’re still my best friend, you know? You always will be.”

“Yeah.” He smiles and reaches over to put an arm around her. She’s warm and she smells like flowers. She’s Izuku’s best friend and he loves her so much.

“C’mon.” He says after a couple of minutes. “I think you owe me some ice cream.”

She laughs. “You know what, I think I do.”


Hero Watch! @Official_Hero_Watch
HEROES AND HEARTBREAK?!? URARAKA OCHAKO and MIDORIYA IZUKU were spotted cudding and eating ice cream! Could this be an end to TODODEKU and KACHAKO?

Bakugou Katsuki @kingofexplodokills
@Official_Hero_Watch what the fuck is a kachako?

Ashido Mina @heroofridley
@kingofexplodokills Thats your couple name! You and Uraraka!

Kirishima Eijirou @redredriot
youre cheating on me so not manly @kingofexplodokills

Kirishima Eijirou @redredriot
@kingofexplodokills and you got dumped by her wow thats too bad

Bakugou Katsuki @kingofexplodokills
@redredriot fucking talk to me we are literally sitting on my bed together

Mineta Minoru @grapejuicedoesntgiveapluck
@redredriot  @kingofexplodokills Stop rubbing your successful relationship in all of our faces! Wahahaha!

Uraraka Ochako @uravity
@Official_Hero_Watch for the last time!! Im! not! dating! anyone! #UravityIsSingle #StalkerWatch

Todoroki Shouto @todorokishouto
@allmightiest tododeku

Todoroki Shouto @todorokishouto
@allmightiest wow thats terrible isnt it

Midoriya Izuku @allmightiest
@todorokishouto im not cheating on you todoroki! Uraraka and i are just friends!!!

Todoroki Shouto @todorokishouto
@allmightiest yeah i knew that

Midoriya Izuku @allmightiest
 @todorokishouto oh good

Midoriya Izuku @allmightiest
@todorokishouto wanna meet for ice cream? i have money left cause i made uraraka pay for mine

Todoroki Shouto @todorokishouto
@Official_Hero_Watch my boyfriend is frugal, doesnt cheat on me and together we have an amazingly horrible couplename

Todoroki Shouto @todorokishouto
@Official_Hero_Watch so...fuck you


“Seriously, though.” Izuku says. “Hero Watch is getting kinda...stalkery.”

“Mmmm.” Todoroki nods, looking up from his ice cream. It’s half chocolate and half vanilla and Izuku isn’t sure how to ask if he actually likes it or is he’s eating it because he thinks its funny.

“They weren’t this b-bad before.” He says, taking a bite of his own ice cream. It’s vanilla cause last night when he and Uraraka got ice cream he tried green tea flavor and it was disgusting. He’s gonna play it safe for now.

“Think we should do something?” Todoroki asks.

Izuku shrugs. “I don’t know what we can do. We depend on the media and stuff, Iida was right about that.”

“Yeah, but Hero Watch is straight-up stalking.” Todoroki says. “Which is not cool.”

“I’m pretty sure they’re a UA student.” Izuku says. He’s thought about this before, if only in passing. “Like, there have been reports from inside the school and our classroom and stuff and someone without a student ID wouldn’t be able to get in or know our schedules.

“Okay, I could see it.” Todoroki agrees. “How do we figure out who, though?”

“We could try expose them.” Izuku says. “Like, if we set up some really weird scenarios with only a few people and see if they get reported. If they do, then we know the hero watcher is one of them!”

Todoroki laughs. “Only you, Midoriya.” His eyes are warm. “That’s...unique idea. Let’s try it out.”

Izuku can’t help but smile. Todoroki looks warm and happy and, god, he’s so nice-looking and his laugh is so good too. Okay. Izuku is gonna flirt with him. He’s gonna do it. He’s gonna contribute some moves to this relationship.

“W-w-wanna b-bite?” Izuku profers his ice cream cone. He can hear his heart and he thinks he might pass out from nerves, but Todoroki is still smiling at him.

“You know mine is half-vanilla, right?” He says, but leans forward to take a bite anyway. Izuku is super proud of himself for not passing out.

“Mmmm.” He hums, lips still drawn into a smile. “That was tasty.” His eyes flick to Izuku’s.

Izuku looks away and takes a deep breath. He is not gonna pass out, he is not gonna start screaming, he is a hero, he’s fought dangerous villians and been trained by some of the best in the world. He’s cool, he’s fine, he’s got this.

“So…” Todoroki has scooched closer. “Would you wanna, uh, taste anything else?”

Nope, nope, nope, he is so not fine. Abort mission, everybody go home, this is a crisis! Defcon one or five or something, he can never remember which one is the worst. But things are bad! That is the point he is trying to make!

“I, ah, ha...ahahahah….” Izuku manages to choke on nothing and almost blacks out before Todoroki starts patting him on the back.

“Midoriya.” He says in his calm, low voice. “Calm down.”

“I am completely calm!” Izuku yells. But, like, calmly.

“Okay, I can see that.” Todoroki says. “You know we don’t have to do anything if you don’t want, right? I like you and I like being with you no matter what. Everything else is just a’s okay if you don’t want to do…” He shifts uncomfortably. “Stuff”

“But I do wanna do stuff.” Izuku says, looking at his ice cream and not Todoroki. “I wanna do all the stuff.”

Todoroki lets out a little choking noise.

“But you just make me nervous cause I like you so much and I’m so, y’know…” He trails off, making a vague hand gesture that is supposed to encapsulate what exactly he is.

“You’re the person I like.” Todoroki says, grabbing the hand Izuku is still vaguely waving around with the one of his that isn’t holding his ice cream. “And so I like everything about you.” He isn’t looking at Izuku, which is good because Izuku feels like his face is approaching the temperature of the sun. “Okay?”

“O-o-okay.” Izuku manages to get out. He takes a few more bites of his ice cream. “Y’know, you lied to me a little bit.” He says.

“Huh?” Todoroki looks up, frowning a bit. “When?”

Izuku smiles. “You said you weren’t good at this d-dating stuff. But I think you’re very good. Excellent in fact. Five stars. Would recommend to a friend.”

“You want me to date your friends?”

“Ah, no….ahah, I j-just wanted you to know. You’re, um, good. At this.”

Todoroki looks embarassed. “I had help.”

“Help?” Izuku narrows his eyes. “What kind of help?”

“Well, my confession was really bad.” Todoroki sighs. “And that time at your house with the bathroom was just...yeah, you know. So I just really wanted for things to go right today. So Fuyumi told me a couple of things I should do and I just…” He shakes his head. “I guess I’m still kind of an idiot.”

“You talked to your sister? About me?” For some reason, that feels big. Important.

Todoroki nods. “My dad knows too, by the way.” He sighs. “Fucking Hero Watch.”

“H-how did he take it?” Izuku is still mildly terrified of Todoroki’s dad. Also, he lowkey wants to punch Todoroki's dad in the throat. It's a confusing combination of emotions. 

“Scarily well.” Todoroki says.


“Yeah.” Todoroki smiles bitterly. “He thinks I’m dating you to get information on All Might and to surpass you as the strongest student in our year.”

“Oh.” Izuku glances at him. “That’s super rude of you Todoroki.”

“Yeah, I’m a dick.” Todoroki rests his head on Izuku’s shoulder. Izuku goes stock still. He feels like he does when a cat trusts him enough to sit on his lap. This is a rare and precious moment that should not be disturbed.

“Mmmm.” Izuku hums. “My mom is worried that she’ll have to meet him someday and then she’ll faint.”

“Heh,” Todoroki laughs quietly. “Your mom is so nice, Midoriya. You’re lucky.”

“Yeah.” He tightens his grip and squeezes Todoroki’s hand a little harder. It’s awkward, with his breaks and callouses and scars, but he makes it work. “I am.”

“So…” Todoroki is looking down at their locked hands. “You wanna start trying to catch our hero stalker tomorrow? I bet a lot of people would help us...maybe even Bakugou if Uraraka is the one to ask.”

That makes Izuku laugh.

“Yeah.” Izuku says. “Let’s do it.”

They sit there together until the sun goes all the way down.


Hero Watch! @Official_Hero_Watch
OH MY! Today at UA, it was reported that IIDA TENYA and TODOROKI SHOUTO were involved in a mock fight involving pool noodles and water guns outside UA today. Stay safe, boys!

Hero Watch! @Official_Hero_Watch
HEROES OF DANCE? BAKUGOU KATSUKI and URARAKA OCHAKO were seen doing an elaborately choreographed dance in the halls of UA. Could this be some sort of combat training?

Hero Watch! @Official_Hero_Watch
TO BE OR 1-A? SEVERAL STUDENTS were reported doing Shakespeare in an empty classroom today! MIDORIYA IZUKU made a lovely Lady Macbeth! #drama #heroantics

Hero Watch! @Official_Hero_Watch
IS THIS BECOMING A TREND? More dancing heroes! This time TODOROKI SHOUTO and IIDA TENYA performed a lively jig while MIDORIYA IZUKU cheered them on. #heroesdancing


“How is this happening?” Izuku moans, thumbing down the Hero Watch page. “Nobody has seen us do weird stuff twice and it’s still popping up every time we do it!”

“Could be a teacher.” Todoroki says. “They have camera access.”

“I doubt it’s a teacher.” Izuku mumbles. “They all have their own struggles with the media and besides, wouldn’t they be promoting themselves more? No, my bet is on a student and one in our class too, there aren’t any messages about 1-B or any of the support classes or…”



“You’re mumbling.”

“Oh, sorry.”

Todoroki sighs and leans back. They’re hanging out in a hallway after classes, trying to figure out how this Hero Watcher keeps, well, hero watching them.

“It’s like they’re a ghost.” Todoroki complains. “We can see them, can’t hear them and…” A looks comes over his face like someone just slapped him. “Oh. Oh no.”

“What? What is it?”

“Midoriya, I think we might be total idiots.”

“Why? Why are we being total idiots today?”

“Just think for, like, a second. Who would be able to see us no matter where we are or what we’re doing?”

Izuku just stares at him for a minute and then…

“Oh. Oh no….we are idiots, Todoroki.” Izuku moans. “We don’t deserves to be at UA, oh my god.”

Because, out of all the people they know at UA, there is only one who would have been able to see literally every stupid thing they’ve done. There’s only one person who be there without anyone realizing it.

“Hagakure Tooru.”

The answer is kinda obvious, in retrospect.

First, they round up Uraraka and Bakugou. Then It takes them about ten minutes to track her down and about five more to make her admit it.

“Fine, okay, it was me.” She finally says and, wow, it is hard to read someone you can’t see. Izuku doesn’t know if she’s mad or triumphant or scared or what. “But it wasn’t really doing any harm!”

“You said I was cheating on my boyfriend!” Izuku says.

“You said I had a boyfriend!” Uraraka says.

“You said I fucking licked mirrors in public bathrooms, shitstain!” Bakugou snarls.

That one makes Todoroki snicker.

“Fine, okay.” Hagakure shrugs. “I may have taken a little creative license.”

“A little?” Todoroki says flatly.

“Okay, a lot of creative license.” She says. “But it was good for us! People want to know about us and the more they learn, the more they care. They’ll definitely be cheering for us to be pro heroes someday!”

“Yeah, we get that Hagakure…” Izuku says. “B-but could you so...erm…”

“What Deku is trying and fucking failing to say is that you need to back the fuck off or we’ll make you back the fuck off.” Bakugou growls.

“Kaachan, no!”

“Fuck off Deku, she’s gonna pay if she keeps fucking messing with me…”

“Fine.” She huffs. “I guess I could take a step back.”

“Two steps, probably.” Uraraka offers.

“Maybe a couple dozen, to be safe.”

“This is so unfair!” Hagakure complains. “I was doing you all a favor!”

“Maybe, uh, do us less favors?” Izuku says. “M-maybe cover the 1-B class a bit...they seem kinda d-desperate for attention.”

“Ugh, fine.” She says. “But don’t come crying to me when you don’t have any sponsors this time next year!”

They all watch her, or her uniform, go.

“Well that was…” Uraraka says.

“Really fucking obvious.” Bakugou finishes.

“We shoulda asked Yaoyoruzu.” Uraraka laments. “She would have figured it out like the second she thought about it.”

“Fuck you, I’m just as smart as that bitch.”

“Sure thing, Bakugou.”

“Shut the hell up, I am…”

Izuku and Todoroki stand together, watching them go.

“I don't get that.” Todoroki says.

Izuku just shrugs. “Everybody needs a friend, I guess. Even Kaachan.”

“And you’re okay with that?”

“Yeah.” Izuku decides. “I’m okay with that.”


Hero Watch! @Official_Hero_Watch
We here at Hero Watch always strive to be accurate in our reporting. In the spirit of this, we would like to offer the following corrections to our past stories:

Hero Watch! @Official_Hero_Watch
We were wrong when we reported URARAKA OCHAKO and MIDORIYA IZUKU were in a relationship. The TODODEKU is still strong! #heroromance #corrections

Hero Watch! @Official_Hero_Watch
We were also wrong when we reported Uraraka Ochako and Bakugou Katsuki were in a relationship. #corrections #UAsFinest

Hero Watch! @Official_Hero_Watch
Bakugou Katsuki seems to be in a relationship with Kirishima Eijirou. God knows how that one happened. #corrections #heroromance #kirishimais2good4u

Bakugou Katsuki @kingofexplodokills
@Official_Hero_Watch fuck you i hope you die in a fire

Hero Watch! @Official_Hero_Watch
That’s all for now folks! We hope that Hero Watch will continue to be your number one source for accurate hero news!!! #herowatch


“Fucking move, Deku.”

“Oh, sorry Kaachan!”

Izuku ducks to the side to let Bakugou get in the lunch line before him.

Bakugou lets out an annoyed huff. “Oh my god, you fucking nerd don’t do that.”

“D-do wh-what?”

“Just get in the fucking line, Deku.” Bakugou says. “You complete waste of space.”

Usually, Bakugou would have shoved him and insulted him for like five minutes. This, Izuku thinks, is progress.

“Uraraka r-really is a g-g-good influence on you, huh?” He says, setting his tray down.

“Fuck off.” Bakugou says, selecting what he wants for lunch from the line.

They don’t talk as they head down the line, but Deku’s hands are shaking less than they usually do. Progress, he thinks, progress.


Midoriya Izuku @allmightiest
cant believe that we graduate in a few’ll be so weird not to be at UA anymore…


“Midoriya...can we talk?”

“Todoroki? What is it?”

Todoroki looks a bit sick, his scar standing out more starkly than usual against his pale skin. “It’s nothing important...just...would you come up to roof with me for a couple minutes?”

“Oh, yeah. Sure.” Izuku gets up from his desk and waves goodbye to Uraraka, who seems to be arguing with a somewhat steaming Bakugou. Kirishima is sitting on his boyfriend’s desk laughing at him and Iida is trying without a lot of success to get them in order. A typical day at UA.

It’s so strange to realize that in a few short months this won’t be what happens everyday. Izuku will go out and do his best to become and real pro hero and his classmates will do the same. Days like this one are quickly coming to an end.

“Midoriya?” Todoroki is waiting by the door.

“Oh, sorry!” Midoriya scrambles to his feet and jogs across the classroom. He grabs Todoroki’s hand. It’s the warm one this time.

They head through the hallways, waving at the people they know that pass by.

Izuku would be lying to say he wasn’t nervous. What if Todoroki wants to break up? What if he found out about One For All? What if he’s fallen in love with someone else what if…

“Midoriya.” Todoroki says. “We’re here.”

He opens the door with the hand that Izuku isn’t holding and they step out.

The roof at UA is technically off limits, but after more than two years here, Todoroki and Izuku both know their way in and out of most of the area that are supposedly off limits. The sky looks big way up here and unnaturally close. It’s flat blue and cloudless.

It makes Izuku’s breath catch a little.

“Wow.” He says, going to lean against the railing.

“Mmmhmm.” Todoroki agrees and leans beside him.

It’s a little windy up here, not enough to be uncomfortable but enough that Izuku pulls his jacket a little tighter.

“W-w-what did you want to talk to me about?” He says, trying and failing to keep the nerves out of his voice.

“It’s nothing bad.” Todoroki looks at him sidelong. He’s relaxed and so stupidly good-looking that Izuku’s mouth goes dry.

“W-what is it then?”

“I just thought you and me could use some time,” He turns so he’s facing Izuku, “Without everyone else barging in for once.”

“O...oh…” Izuku stammers. “T-that would b-be, um...yeah. That would be n-nice.”

Todoroki smiles and Izuku feels his heart start to beat in doubletime.

“I like you a lot, you know.” Todoroki says and his smile goes a bit nervous. “I-Izuku.”

Izuku lets out a mildly panicked giggle. “I l-like you too.” He swallows and literally every way this could go wrong flood his brain. No. Todoroki is not going to laugh and reveal it was joke the whole time. The school isn’t going to explode. Supervillians aren’t going to attack. Endeavor isn’t going to pop up from behind something and try to kill him. No. Everything is gonna be okay.

He hopes.


Todoroki’s smile gets bigger and he leans forward a little.

It’s going to be okay. It really, really is.

“Izuku, I…” He’s still leaning in.

Oh god, they’re gonna kiss. Izuku lied! It’s not gonna be okay at all. He’s gonna bite Todoroki’s lip or give him a bloody nose or pass out or….He closes his eyes. He can feel Todoroki’s lips just an inch from his...

“Young Midoriya!”

Izuku’s eyes fly open and he springs back. “A-a-a-a-a-a-a….” He stammers.

“All Might?” Todoroki says for him.

“Yes!” All Might smiles winningly at them. “I am here!”

He’s standing in front the door to the roof that Izuku apparently left open. Oh god. He puts his face in his hands. Everything is terrible.

“Um...why though?” Todoroki asks.

“You see, young Todoroki, I was on my way to the staff lounge when I noticed that the door to the roof happened to be left open! As this is a restricted area, I came to close the door and to make sure UA was safe from potential intruders.”

“It was just us, A-a-all Might.” Izuku’s face is still in his hands. Izuku is never coming out. He will die here, on this roof, with his face in his hands. “S-s-sorry.”

“I see.” He looks between them. “I seem to have interrupted something! I apologize, young Midoriya, young Todoroki!” Izuku continues to resolutely hide in his hands. “But I cannot let you stay up here. Perhaps you can continue this elsewhere?”

“Yeah.” Todoroki sounds truly dead inside. “Thanks All Might.”

Izuku lets out a couple of squeaks and doesn’t put his hands down until he’s sure All Might has gone back down the stairs. Even after over a year, it’s weird to Izuku that he doesn’t just muscle up and fly.

“You can come out now.” Todoroki says, still sounding completely done. “Your dad is gone.”

“He’s not my dad.” Izuku mumbles, dropping his hands.

Todoroki shrugs, like it doesn’t actually matter, and leads the way back to the stairs.

Izuku follows him into the cement, spider-infested stairwell.

He is so done with this. He’s done with waiting and being interrupted and letting Todoroki do everything.

He’s a hero. And its time for him to be brave.


“What is it M…” He looks back and Izuku grabs his tie and drags him forward into a kiss. The stairwell smells like mold and the lights aren’t kind to either of them and Todoroki is down a step so Izuku is taller for once and that’s weird and Izuku’s sure he’s doing this all wrong, but he’s finally kissing his boyfriend.

It’s short and pretty chaste because neither of them have done this before, just a quick press of lips, but it makes Izuku’s heart beat like crazy. He leans back and sees that Todoroki is blushing and literally smoking from his fire side.

“I, ah…” He coughs. And then he coughs again. And then a third time.

“S-sorry.” Izuku feels his cheeks get hot.

“No, it’s…” Todoroki looks up at him with a small smile. “It’s about time.”


Hero Watch! @Official_Hero_Watch
LOVE IS IN THE AIR! TODOROKI SHOUTO and MIDORIYA IZUKU were seen kissing at UA earlier this week. Hearts are breaking around the country! #FuckShouto

Todoroki Shouto @todorokishouto
@Official_Hero_Watch you said you would stop

Todoroki Shouto @todorokishouto
@Official_Hero_Watch also fuck that fucking hashtag

Uraraka Ochako @uravity
@todorokishouto its too late! you’ll never be free of it!! #fuckshouto

Mineta Minoru @grapejuicedoesntgiveapluck
@todorokishouto Nice guys like me deserves more hashtags!! #thatgrapetho #fuckmineta #please #somebody

Yaoyoruzu Momo @creatie_official
@grapejuicedoesntgiveapluck Uh, Mineta, I’m pretty sure you can’t start a hashtag for yourself. That’s just...kinda sad.

Todoroki Shouto @todorokishouto
seriously tho this needs to die #leaveshoutoalone #exceptMidoriya #hesOkay

Midoriya Izuku @allmightiest
@todorokishouto awwwwww

Bakugou Katsuki @kingofexplodokills
@allmightiest @todorokishouto you two are fucking disgusting oh my god

Kirishima Eijirou @redredriot
@allmightiest @todorokishouto its okay guys he doesn’t mean it!

Bakugou Katsuki @kingofexplodokills
@redredriot no i really fucking mean it

Kirishima Eijirou @redredriot
@allmightiest @todorokishouto hes so lying hes over here crying tears of joy

Uraraka Ochako @uravity
@redredriot @kingofexplodokills @allmightiest @todorokishouto “their relationship is so beautiful...wahhh,wahhh” -Bakugou, probably

Bakugou Katsuki @kingofexplodokills
@redredriot @uravity i hate both of you so fucking much oh my god

Kirishima Eijirou @redredriot
@kingofexplodokills so you dont wanna go to the movies with us later

Bakugou Katsuki @kingofexplodokills
@redredriot fuck you of course i wanna go to the movies

Uraraka Ochako @uravity
@redredriot (so tsundere)

Kirishima Eijirou @redredriot
@uravity (i know isnt he cute)

Hero Watch! @Official_Hero_Watch
Well that’s all for us today here at Hero Watch, but trust us we’ll always be here with the hero news you need to know! #herowatchforever