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Casefile on the matter of Harry James Potter

Assembled by Draco Malfoy (2016)


Miss Granger, I am sending you this casefile as you requested. I'm afraid you and I may be the only people in all of Great Britain who care about locating Harry Potter. The file is incomplete so I've sent you what I have. Mr. Potter claimed to be a man from another world, searching for his parents. He came into our lives then vanished suddenly, leaving behind only a diary.

I regret that the diary is no condition to be mailed but I have instead transcribed it, all the way up until its final entry. I'm not sure what use you'll find of this file but I wish you luck. Perhaps, your people have more resources than I am aware of.

There is a great deal of information on the secret dealings of the Illustrious Council. How much of it is true, I cannot say.

Draco Malfoy.


(The following notes were recovered from ruins of the Great Tower by Her Majesty's historians. I found it filed under important documents related to the Illustrious council but I've chosen to move it into my own casefile as I continue to search for Mr. Potter - DM)



The foreman dropped a key and I picked it up. For some reason instead of returning it to him immediately, I've kept it. I waited for him to leave and I quickly tested it on the only locked item in the chamber of the Great Orb: that locked box on one of the high shelves.

I was nervous but I managed to unlock it then quickly lock it back without ever opening it. I know should've just dropped the key… but I didn't. I still have it.

Remus, I don't understand why but I need to know what is in that box. It's as if it's calling out to me. If you're interested, leave me a note under my door. I will need your help to get into the room while no one is looking. They trust you.

Waiting patiently for your reply, Lily.




I cannot fathom what possessed you to keep the key. It's funny though… I've often wondered about that same box. Late at night I've climbed the ladder just look at it. Even with the Great Orb's hum and glow that box is distracting. It is an ordinary lock box. Perhaps, a bit older than most in the tower, but nothing too extraordinary. And yet…

I once mentioned it to Emmeline Vance but she laughed at me. It was embarrassing.

Yes. I will help you. I'll say I need to reorganise the books. I'll request your help. As you say, they trust me.

With some trepidation, Remus.


(I'm including excerpts from the supposed memoir of Mr. Black for reference in this casefile. I think it's even more rubbish than the diaries, personally. Sirius Black was a known murderer and a scoundrel. It is a shame to say that I am related to the man. But the information contained therein may still be of some use in the search for Mr. Potter. If you're interested in a full copy of the book, I could arrange to have one sent to you - DM)

Excerpt from the Memoirs of Sirius Black (Chapter 3: The Great Orb)


As Remus later told it to me, he and Miss Evans had become friends several years before. Both had been chosen to work in the tower for reasons that weren't revealed to them. Remus was a quiet but handsome lad with honey brown hair. He was well read and had dreams of sailing around the world in a steamship of his own. He was well liked in the tower, having many admirers.

Lily Evans was orphaned at sixteen and abandoned by an older sister. She was a gifted young woman with dark-red hair and the most entrancing green eyes I had ever seen. She had grown up poor and never been given sufficient opportunities to make use of her considerable skills. When the tower offered her a job she took it up immediately.

Even still, it was Remus who quickly climbed the ladder and found himself working in the chamber of the Great Orb. I had already made my escape from that world at that point. How funny that if timing had been different our fates might've become intertwined sooner.

In any event, Lily remained working in the lower parts of the chambers mostly, only entering the chamber when she was needed to send messages or help with the cleaning. People at her level were forbidden from even gazing upon the orb, though as Remus has told me, that didn't stop them.

One night, Miss Evans noticed a foreman had dropped a key. It is an odd thing. One wonders why the foreman, Lucius Malfoy was his name, would've made such a mistake. I suppose I'll never know…

Lily discovered the key unlocked a certain lockbox in the chamber of the Great Orb. She convinced Remus to help her to unlock it. Remus agreed, being curious himself. So late at night in the middle of June, the two of them stayed behind in the chamber of the Great Orb and unlocked the box. Inside were of course, two diaries. Two diaries with the power to communicate and mirror each other. Diaries with the power to send words across worlds.

To this very day, Remus doesn't know why he touched the Great Orb. Curiosity would be enough for most people. It was a glowing red orb taller than a man sitting on a stone platform. It swirled with clouds and lightning. It hummed and it sang.

Diary in his hand Remus touched the Great Orb and sent him hurtling across worlds. Sent him hurtling to me.


(Included in this file is my full transcription of the diary. I have formatted it for clarity, notating who each entry was written by and numbered them. It has not updated in many years. The contents are sometimes too fantastical to be believable but we should consider it semi-historical at the very least - DM)

The First Day (June 15, 1995)

Entry #1 (Lily):


Remus? Are you there? Are you safe? What happened? You just disappeared right in front of me! It was as if the Great Orb reached out and pulled you inside.

I am praying that you are safe and still possess your diary. The Orb is making terrible sounds. I must leave here and find somewhere to hide.


Entry #2 (Remus):


Lily, I am alive. I am safe. I am.. somewhere. I am not sure where I am but I am safe for the moment.

It's morning and I am in a wooded area. It's hot here. The sort of heat I've never experienced before. The air feels thick and even beneath the shade of tree I feel terribly uncomfortable. I'm thankful that I was able to locate a creek where I had a drink because the heat has left me very thirsty.

I'm afraid I can't recall what happened. It was like reality collapsed and I fell inside the hole left in its wake. I felt a pulling sensation. I am tired but things here are peaceful, at least. I am thankful that I still had a pen.


Entry #3 (Lily):


Oh, thank the stars, you are OK. I am hiding in a broom closet and trying to be very still, which means writing very slowly. There's been a lot of shuffling about. They surely know the Orb has been tampered with and that someone has stolen the diaries but I don't believe they will be able to find any evidence that could lead them back to us. I tossed the lockbox key on the floor beneath the box.

For now, I am safe but if I should be found… No, I mustn't think of that. I must pray that I am not found. The Illustrious Council are not known for their leniency.


Entry #4 (Lily):


Remus? It's been hours since I last heard from you. I've returned to my room now that it appears that they've finally stopped searching for whoever tampered with the orb.

I am going to try to rest. It's been a long couple of days. I hope you are all right.


Entry #5 (Remus):


After my last entry I began to explore. This world is like ours in many superficial ways. It is Earth but… it isn't our Earth. At first I thought I had, perhaps, traveled forward in time. The clothes, the houses, they are all so different. Of course, I am nowhere near Great Britain, either.

Upon discovering a shoppe, which was also a fueling station for motorcars, I found a newspaper and discovered that the year is 1995, same as on our world. In fact the exact date is June 15, 1995. This is a place called Texas in the United States of America.

While I was in the shoppe a motorcar pulled up! Can you believe it, Lily? An actual motorcar! It filled up on petrol while I stood there, awestruck. Motorcars have been banned for nearly a hundred years on our world!

I wanted to immediately report what I had discovered but since I lacked any local currency to pay for any goods the shopkeeper tossed me out. I decided to find somewhere quiet to write back to you but then it began to rain. I ran, looking desperately for some sort of shelter. My greatest fear has become losing or damaging the diary. If I am ever to return home I must maintain contact with you and it goes without saying that I fear for your safety as well.

As I was running I came upon a man who introduced himself as James Potter. He was with another man, his colleague, Peter Pettigrew out for a stroll. They were most bewildered by my dress, thinking that I was, perhaps, wearing some sort of costume. I decided to laugh and play along, insisting that I was an actor and that I was simply lost.

Mr. Potter offered to take me to his place of residence where he lived with Mr. Pettigrew and another man who was out of town and whose name I only half caught. Black something or the other.

Mr. Potter and Mr. Pettigrew are both 19 years of age, just like you and I. James lives in a nice home that he inherited from his recently deceased parents. He has put his education on hold to handle his parents estate. I think that's rather noble of him. He's a handsome, friendly man. He tells a good joke. Oh, I know what you'll be thinking. No, I don't think he fancies blokes. Which is fine. I don't think I fancy him in particular. But he is a nice man.

For tonight, at least, I am safe, dry and in a bed. I had feared I would end up sleeping somewhere in the woods, rolling about in the mud.


The Second Day (June 16, 1995)

Entry #6 (Lily):


What a relief to wake up and find that you had written while I slept. I clutched the diary to my chest as tears filled my eyes.

I am fascinated by this world you have found yourself in. You say you are in Texas? I've done some reading and there used to be a Republic of Texas in America before Her Majesty dissolved it and re-annexed America into the monarchy, that is.

Perhaps, in that world Her Majesty somehow wasn't able to unify the world under her command. I can't decide if that is a comforting thought or a distressing one.

I'm going to steer clear of the chamber of the Great Orb for the time being. My nerves are rattled but I need to work. I should stay busy and try to look inconspicuous.


Entry #7 (Remus):


Mr. Potter's parents had a substantial library in their home. He and Mr. Pettigrew are gone for the day and I requested that I be allowed to explore it. I'm a bit surprised that Mr. Potter hasn't asked me more questions about myself. Perhaps, the story I have told him is good enough. Either way, he seems not to be bothered.

I am going to spend the day reading and taking notes so that I may better understand this world I've found myself on. I will update you before bed.


Entry #8 (Lily):


I am on a train, traveling north. They are going around making inquiries about the Orb back at the Great Tower. While I successfully played the fool during questioning I am afraid that they will become more aggressive. I do not know how they could tie me to directly to the tampering and the theft of the diaries but for now I must be cautious.

Part of me wonders if they even know what was in that box. All their questions were related to whether I had been in the room or seen anyone touch the Orb. If they are even searching for the diaries they said nothing to make that clear.

I am going to visit my dear friend Dorcas Meadowes for a few days, possibly longer. My sudden departure might look suspicious but it's better than sitting around waiting to see if they arrest me.

I look forward to your next entry.


Entry #9 (Lily): 


Remus? It's after midnight and I've still not heard from you. I'm worried.


The Third Day (June 17, 1995)

Entry #10 (Remus):


Sorry, Lily. I'm afraid I passed out in the library last night and James didn't want to bother me. I have learned more things than I can possibly process in a single day.

I can tell you that this is the United States of America and I am in the state of Texas and this world is definitely very different from our own. They have abandoned steam technology in favour of things that pollute the air and astounding rates. They are happy to destroy the environment if it makes their lives more comfortable. Oh, yes, our factories also pollute the air but they have motorcars everywhere! Though, I admit this probably makes this world more… kinetic.

James has something I've read about called a computer. He uses it to get on something called he calls the internet. I shall have to investigate further.

Today the third housemate will arrive. His name is Sirius Black. It's funny but his name is familiar somehow.


Entry #11 (Lily):


You must continue to tell me more about that world. I am most fascinated. I hope it is not dangerous there.

I too found the name Sirius Black to be a familiar one. I finally relented and told Dorcas everything has recently transpired… I told her about how we found the diaries in the lockbox and I told her about the Orb. She knew I was working for the Illustrious Council but no one outside of the Great Tower knows about the Orb. I don't know how. I could always hear it from anywhere in London.

I remember attending the theatre. It was a performance of Henry V. I turned to my companion to ask if you could hear that awful hum and she looked at me like I was a fool or possibly intoxicated. It was the Orb. There was no escaping it.

Anyhow, I eventually got far enough into the story to mention your most recent entry into the diaries and the name Sirius Black. Oh, Remus you should've seen the shock on Dorcas's face when I said his name. For you see, dearest Remus, Sirius Black is a wanted criminal and a murderer on our world. What's more is that he went missing two years ago in London and was last seen mere blocks away from the Great Tower!

It is, perhaps, a coincidence but Remus for now I would encourage you to proceed with great caution. Great caution, indeed.


Excerpt from the Memoirs of Sirius Black (Chapter 4: Ache of the Heart)


The most significant moment of my life is the evening I met Remus Lupin. Of course, even the knowledge that someone from our world had crossed over was enough to excite me but I was quickly distracted by the man himself.

Golden-brown hair, dark eyes, a soft-sensual mouth, a deep yet soft voice. He was intelligent, kind and obviously attracted to me. It was as if the heaven's had sent me an angel. But upon closer inspection I found a man who was deeply afraid. He was in as much danger as I was. No, actually, as it would turn out: he was in far more danger than I was.


The Fourth Day (June 18, 1995)

Entry #12 (Lily):


Remus? It's morning. I haven't heard from you in nearly a day and I've barely slept. I'm trying not to fear the worst but I'm sitting here staring at the book, just waiting for your words to finally appear.

Do you suppose there's a delay across worlds? Perhaps, we should copy down the exact time when we sign off from now on if we are able? That the diaries even work across worlds is somewhat miraculous. It is 9:30 in the morning at the time of this writing.

I hope you are safe.


Entry #13 (Remus):


Deepest apologies, my dearest friend. It is 6:30 in the morning here in Texas. I am uncertain of the time difference between here and Great Britain but I believe it is something like 12:30 there. If there is a delay I don't believe it is significant.

A great deal has happened in the last twenty-four hours. I have discovered that Mr. Black is a most interesting man. He is aristocratic in a casual sort of way. He's sarcastic and charismatic. He is tall and rather handsome. There is something about his dark hair, grey eyes and sharp features that I find most appealing. I find I like him. Perhaps, I'm being naive but I can't picture the man for a murderer.

He also shares an accent with you and I. Not a similar one mind you… the very same. Mr. Potter and Mr. Pettigrew noticed this as well. Seeing Sirius and I interacting caused them to exchange what I can only describe as looks of wonder and surprise, as if they had shared a mutual revelation.

I pressed them on this and the truth came out:

Mr. Black is, as you've surmised, from our world, though he said nothing of being a criminal of any sort, least of all a murderer. He had been personally investigating what was going on in the Great Tower. He has relatives who work in the tower and even some who sit on the Illustrious Council!

Two years ago he broke into the tower in a final desperate attempt to find out what we have been working on. He was chased into the chamber of the Orb and with nowhere else to go he touched the Orb, much as I did and fell into this world at the very same spot that I did.

Sirius says that workers definitely saw him go through the orb. This means that they know what happened, Lily. They know it wasn't just tampered with. They know that someone else has gone through the Orb and once they discover that I'm unaccounted for they will suspect is me.

Lily, you must hide yourself better. You know the council's reach… you know what they are capable of. It is probably a miracle that they haven't found you already. You need to move and fast. Great Britain isn't safe.

When you see this, don't reply. Please, just go! I worry that you have told poor Dorcas more than you should have. This knowledge could prove to harm her.

Be safe, Lily. Be where they cannot find you.


The Fifth Day (June 19, 1995)

Entry #14 (Lily):


It is morning and I am in Paris. Dorcas suggested we flee to France. She has a friend in here who is keeping us for a time.

I can feel paranoia taking hold of me. I am afraid to leave the house. The trip over here was unnerving. I feel like everyone is watching me, their eyes roaming over me, judging me and wishing me harm.

Damn, the council. I feel as though at any moment they will capture me and toss me into a dungeon somewhere and throw away the key.

I am also considering the possibility that someone from the council may have figured out how to travel through the Orb. You and Mr. Black both did it by accident… Remus, I can't help but wonder if there could be more people from our side on that world, even near you now.

You should consider going further away. Though I am saddened by the idea of the two of us moving further and further apart, I'm afraid safety must be a priority for us both until we figure out a way out of this bloody mess.

I wish… I wish I could just go back to the tower and escape through the Orb. The thought torments my mind persistently. For now, that does not appear to be a possibility. Officially, the tower believes that I'm on a personal vacation. Once my vacation has ended I will have to decide my next move.

Remus, I am troubled by your blind spot for Sirius Black. Some of the most successful criminals of all time were good looking and seemed genteel on the surface. Don't let an infatuation get you killed. Please. Be cautious. I know there's a great value in having a friend who is from our world but make sure he is a friend.


Entry #15 (Remus):


I'm afraid I don't share your concerns about Mr. Black. I've been talking to him all day, learning about his values and beliefs. Yes, I certainly am infatuated with him, but I am no fool. I need you to trust me.

I am far more afraid for you that I am myself right now. I suppose it is possible there are people from the council on this world but if there are, why haven't they captured Sirius? He's been living almost continuously with James Potter for two years.

And that's another matter: James Potter seems an obvious man of integrity of strong morals and ethics. He has lived with Sirius Black for two years and trusts him implicitly. That says a great deal to me.

All fears aside, after talking with my new friends, it's been agreed that Sirius and I are going to leave this area of Texas. Even if there isn't anyone nearby the fact of the matter is that Orb leads straight to where we are. We would be ripe for the picking.

We are swiftly arranging plans.

The trouble is that, well, neither Mr. Black nor I exist on this world. The lack of things like identification or birth records is a problem for us. Sirius has produced facsimiles of those things with Mr. Potter's help but if any real scrutiny were to be paid to them he might find himself imprisoned.

Mr. Potter has been working on something better but for now we'll have to rely on that. Sirius has learned to drive a motorcar but his license is not genuine. With that in mind, Sirius and I will instead travel via bus and train or any other means available to us. Mr. Potter is convinced that if we keep a low profile we should be fine.

Mr. Black has done a small bit of traveling around Texas already. He went to a city called Dallas that he found impressive. I believe we may be going through there soon.

Mr. Potter is also working on fake identification for me as well. That may take a few days but we'll need time to prepare for and plan our journey in any event.


Entry 16 (Lily):


Remus, I remain somewhat uneasy about Sirius Black, though I admit you may have little choice but to remain near him. At the very least he may have useful information and at best he may be an invaluable ally. I want to trust your judgment. I've never known you to be a poor judge of character. I shall look into the charges against Mr. Black when I am able.

It's late and I am very tired. Dorcas has fallen asleep next to me.

Be careful. Be safe. I miss you.


The Sixth Day (June 20, 1995)

Entry #17 (Remus):


Waking up early. Some busy days are ahead. James is going to catch me up on more things about his world that I might need to know. I'm working on toning down my accent. Last night I tried to copy James's accent which James found very humourous.

I do take your concerns about Sirius… erm… seriously. I'll admit that I am afraid to even ask him about the accusations for fear I may not like the answer.

No, I quite like Mr. Black. I think you would like him too. Incidentally, tomorrow is his birthday. Fancy that?

There is much to be done.


Entry #18 (Remus):


I find myself in a similar position to yourself several days before. I am tired and longing to hear from you so that I can sleep knowing you are safe.

I… I hope you are well.


The Seventh Day (June 21, 1995)

Entry #19 (Remus):


Tomorrow Sirius and I are hitting the road. We plan to travel west first. We'll be living out of hotels. Our plan is to just keep moving. We can't know if anyone is tracking us but the longer we stay in any particular location, the easier we might be to find.

I am worried about you. It has been a day and a half since I last heard from you.


Entry #20 (Lily):


I am sorry for the lapse in my entries. Much has happened in the last two days. Someone alerted the council to our presence in Paris. The home where Dorcas and I was staying was raided while I was out at the market.

When I returned, Dorcas and the diary were gone as were our hosts. I was devastated and nearly broken. My only hope was that they had not left the city. I desperately worked to figure out where they were keeping Dorcas.

Breaking into the council's Paris headquarters wasn't easy. I am grateful to be in good health and physically fit. In truth, I think I was lucky. Most of their people were probably still out searching for me. It is doubtful that they expected me to come to them. I climbed up to a third storey window around the back of the building where it was dark and there were no steamship patrols watching, for the moment at least.

Once inside I decided to remain calm and act like I was supposed to be there just in case someone spotted me, though I suppose being a young, attractive woman does tend to make me stand out no matter what I do.

Retrieving the diary was easy. The fools merely had it laying upon a desk! I don't know if they have read it but I believe for now that we should assume that they have in fact read it and that any information prior to this entry is known to them. I am, at least, confident that they didn't have the time to make produce a copy of the text and whatever information they now have probably has not been relayed to the council… yet.

Finding Dorcas was a more difficult task. I was spotted the very moment I saw her tied up to a chair. Dorcas shouted my name and I ran straight to her. Dorcas told me there was no time for me to save her. She begged me to leave without her. With tears streaming down my face I gave her a soft kiss on the cheek and broke a window with a lamp so that I could escape quickly.

Climbing back down was difficult. I had the diary clutched in one hand. I cut myself climbing out the window and I lost both of my shoes. I jumped down once I reached the second storey, twisting my ankle in the fall. I tried to locate my shoes but it was no use. I ran away from the place, barefoot and ankle hurting, as best I could. They were behind me and closing in. The bright light of a steamship patrol began to fill the dark street around me. But then… then something happened that I did not expect.

A man called out my name. "Miss Evans," he said from the shadows of a door half opened in a rather nice home painted in shades of red and gold. With nothing else I could do I ran through his gates, up the steps to his porch and ran inside.

He locked the door and I watched through a window as the dreadful, skulking villains in their dark suits and bowler hats approached the house then walked away in disgust. Whoever this man was, they dared not confront him. The light of the steamship patrol disappeared.

The man introduced himself as Albus Dumbledore. He was tall, bespectacled and rather old. Remus he knew… he knew everything. He runs an organization called the Phoenix Underground. He came to Paris to help protect me.

He says that it is only a matter of time before the council captures me. He insists my best course of action is to go deep into hiding and help his people develop a plan to stop the council's dark plots. But I want to go back to the tower. He says he will help me if that's what I choose to do but it's obvious he doesn't think it is wise.

I am tired. I need rest. Tomorrow Dumbledore will take me away from Paris. It pains me that the council has Dorcas and that I have endangered her. I will rescue her. And then I will reunite with you.

I am going to ask Mr. Dumbledore what he knows about Sirius Black when I have the chance. For now, I am in grave need of rest.


Observations by Hermione Jean Granger (2016):

Draco Malfoy is hiding something. I think he knows more about Harry's location than he is letting on. I want to ask him if I could see the diary if I travel to London. I think he will make some excuses.

Does he really doubt these events took place? Granted, he doesn't have the documentation we have in the Underground. No, there's no doubt that the account contained in the diary is accurate, though having so many details is illuminating. Poor Sirius Black, framed for the murder of his very own brother.

Perhaps, Draco does believe it but doesn't want me to think he believes it for some reason. Harry was last seen with Draco in London. He was with him for at least a month before vanishing. As far as any of us in the Underground knew, travel between worlds was no longer possible. But Harry found a way here and found a way off… somehow.

I'm enclosing this copy of a letter I've penned to Draco for the Underground's records:



I wonder if it would be possible for me to look at the diary if I should travel to London. I would like to see it with my own eyes.

And yes, I would like a copy of Sirius Black's memoirs. The Underground didn't think any copies existed on this world.

Thank you for all of your assistance.

Hermione Granger