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  • #DrunkenKissesChallenge (Hannibal_DrunkenKissesChallenge) by Llewcie

    21 Jun 2016


    Following on from the success of our previous #SugarDickChallenge, and in honour of Hugh Dancy’s Birthday (19th June) we at @hannibalcreative are excited to announce our latest challenge for you - Drunken Kisses!!

    What: Impromptu Mini challenge: Write a one shot (up to 1000 words*)/create art/gifs/photosets/edits/fanvids etc on the subject of Drunken Kisses! You have the rest of this week to work on them and then post on the weekend of 18/19 June. Hannigram, Spacedogs, Rarepair, Madancy - you decide!

    (* The 1k limit is meant to challenge you as a writer, however! If you end up going over the limit, that’s fine - we wouldn’t dream of stifling your muse!)

    Thank you to @@RobotTiger for her wonderful graphics! I keep forgetting to credit her, because i am a bad person, but she has contributed the icons and banners for Sugar Dick and Drunken Kisses. THANK YOU BB!

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