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The King and Her Demise

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Allie knew that she was different from other kids. It wasn't until it was pointed out that she began to hide herself behind a fortress of loneliness.

She was different. That was true, but not because of the fact that she was constantly on the move. (She wished it was just that.) No. Instead of growing up liking just boys, she found herself attracted to girls as well.

At 8 years old, Allie had been living in Rainborough for about 8 months. It had been the longest time she and her family had stayed in one place, since they became professors. During this time, Allie had allowed herself to place down some roots there. She was popular in her class and even took gymnastics.

Her best friend, Missy, was her next door neighbor. She had the most beautiful long blonde hair. It was usually pulled up into a ponytail that looked like it could go on forever. She reminded Allie of Rapunzel, and Allie was determined to be her princess in shining dress.

Allie would protect Missy from the monsters that her in a tower. When Billy, the biggest dragon at school, dared to cut Missy's hair, all Allie could see was red. She had tackled Billy to the ground, and started pounding his face till she was pulled off by a teacher.

She got in trouble for the incident, of course, but it was all worth it when Missy gave her a kiss on the cheek.

She didn't stop smiling for hours.

The happiness didn't last though. She had to move within a week's time after the incident. Her parents had accepted a new job somewhere in Arizona.

So she spent her last week in the sunny county of Rainborough joined to the hip with Missy. It was bittersweet week that consisted of movie marathons, loud singing, and hugs to last a lifetime. Allie would always remember the hair that shone brighter than the sun