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Pretty Pet Series

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"I was thinking," Bobby purred into his lover's ear as he wrapped his arms around his Remy's chest.

"Oui?" Remy snuggled into the grip and marked his place in his book.

"I want to mark you."


Bobby opened his hand to reveal a silver link choker. The disk at the front was an etched "R". Remy stroked the edge of it. He noticed the little padlock

"Y' collarin' m', cher?" Remy asked curiously.

"If you'll let me."

"Depends what it means," Remy said. He shifted so he could look over his shoulder. "Y' plannin' t' really collar m' or just claim m' f' a bit?"

"Collar you," Bobby replied firmly, the innocence leaving his eyes. "And claim you. And tame you."

Remy's breath caught in his throat. "Make m' y'rs den."

Bobby locked on the choker. "You're mine, kitten." Remy turned into the gentle touch along his cheek. "Show me you're mine." The thief slipped off the chair and knelt in front of his lover. He nuzzled at Bobby's palm, then his crotch. He lifted one long-fingered hand to stroke the hardness lurking there. "Hands behind you. Cross your wrists."

Remy jerked in surprise as the ice formed around his wrists. Bobby cradled his lover's head against his thigh. "Give me a stop word, Remy."

Remy licked his lips. "Foxglove."

Bobby nodded. "Open up, Kitten." He released his erection. Remy opened his mouth. Bobby buried his hand in Remy's long auburn bangs and proceeded to use that sweet mouth. He came hard and Gambit swallowed eagerly. "Good kitten." Bobby pulled the thief to his feet and kissed him. "When these melt off, come to bed."

"Oui, cher." Remy flexed his hands, testing the icy grip. They felt thick. He was tempted to help them along.

"No powers unless it's life threatening."

"Oui, cher."

He sulked as Bobby got ready for bed. Bobby ignored the pout and curled up in bed. Remy struggled against the hold on his wrists. It was the most effective binding he'd ever had to deal with. Thank goodness there was cloth between the ice and his skin. Cloth, he realized, that wasn't wet because the ice wasn't melting. It wouldn't melt until Bobby had either found Remy's limits or fallen asleep. Maybe not even then. Remy folded himself down and leaned his head against the mattress. Bobby smirked to himself. "You've got a choice, since you haven't been whining."


"You wear the ice and sleep where you are, or I tie you any way I like and you sleep next to me."

"Wit' y', cher, please." Bobby's smile widened. He stripped his lover's pants off. He left the ice in place. He caressed Remy's cock. Remy arched into Bobby's touch, begging sweetly. "Please, cher. Please. Remy'll be good, honest. Let y'r kitten come, cher."

"Soon, Baby. You've been very good. Open up."

Remy's eyes widened at the penis gag. He complied. The straps tightened and he discovered there was an air tube through the center of hit. Soft cotton rope around his ankles created an effective hobble. Bobby released the ice and rubbed warmth back into Remy's hands. The shirt was off next. "Hands." Remy held his hands out. More soft rope bound them together, knots neatly out of reach.

Bobby braided the long auburn hair to keep it out of the way. He laughed as Remy luxuriated in the stroked of the brush and the glide of his lover's hands. Bobby stroked the scars on the otherwise silky smooth back. "Tomorrow, you're going to tell me a story about these." Remy bowed his head, then nodded slowly. "Ass up, kitten."

Remy's stomach did a small flip of apprehension. He bent until his head touched the ground and his ass was up in the air.

"God, you are gorgeous." Bobby stroked his property. The touch of cold lube made Remy twitch. Bobby froze Remy's knees into place, slightly spread. Then, he immobalized Remy's hips. Remy whimpered behind his gag. He prepared his kitten gently. He fucked him slowly. "Come when you need to, Babe."

Unable to touch his cock behind the wall of ice that held his hips, Remy whined in frustration. He opened his mind to Bobby's pleasure and felt himself responding as he always did. He came with a muffled grunt. Bobby came hard in the spasming hole.

"My kitten. My sweet kitten." Bobby pulled free and Remy whined at the loss of contact. Bobby filled the stretched hole with a large butt plug. He removed the ice restraints. Remy trembled, but didn't move. Bobby smiled happily. He settled Remy on his back in the bed. He kissed Remy's forehead gently, then lifted his wrists to secure them to the headboard. He didn the same with Remy's ankles. Then, he turned out the lights and pulled the comforter up carefully. He rested his hand over Remy's heart. "My kitten. Mine," he reinforced. "No one else gets to touch you, Remy. No one else gets to fuck you. No flirting. No partying without your collar. Mine. Do you understand?"

Remy nodded. The declaration left him light-headed with a rush of affection, lust and love. Finally, someone cared enough to claim him the way he needed to be claimed. Who would've guessed it would be Bobby? Safe and snuggly held, Remy slept.