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I'm No Girl, and I am Glad for It.

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I'm No Girl, and I am Glad for It.


A woman? He saw...

He thought she'd just suddenly give up all that made her herself, and become a woman instead? That she longed for that?

Her clear laughter resounded at that.

Her captain - her admirably strong and brave captain, whom she respected from the very depths of her heart - still didn't understand her as much as she thought he did.

Somehow, such a thought made her smile, too, even though it should've creased her brows and darken something in her heart instead, shouldn't it? She always longed for the captain's recognition - as his warrior, not as his woman, for she was not...

That is. As his warrior, not as a woman.

Why has she misspoken in her very own thoughts?

The warmth spreading through her heart could be the answer, but it was an ancient language that she had all but forgotten with her parents' death at her treacherous uncle's hands.

Still, the warmth, mysterious as it was... was not very unwelcome.

She could make place for it, in her heart.

As long as it did not demand that she would ever wear a kimono or the like, that is.