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“I wish I could hate you.”

Startled, Polnareff looks up with bewilderment at the other man who straddled his lap, shirtless with a wistful look on his face. Polnareff's alarmed silence becomes too lengthy and to break the tension, Kakyoin grins a little. He reaches out and with slender fingers he pinches Polnareff's freckled cheek, growling teasingly, “Because you're insufferable. Needy, demanding.”

Sensing that Kakyoin is just being an ass, Polnareff blinks and then grins himself.

“Then you wouldn't have to put up with me, huh?” He muses with his delighted blue eyes drawn up to his partner's face, running broad hands up over Kakyoin's bare sides, across his narrow waist and ribcage. Kakyoin's pale skin comes to life with goosebumps at the touch, though the easy smile on the redhead's mouth doesn't falter.

“Exactly. But then that means I would be losing to Jotaro, and I can't have that,” he says (joking, of course) and then releases Polnareff's cheek to instead hold his strong jaw with both hands. He leans in with a curl of his back and an angled turn of his head to kiss the other man gently. Polnareff, eyes lidded, gazes up at Kakyoin's face as he kisses back lazily with slow overlaps of his lips. The wet sounds of their kissing is soon joined by the jingle of keys and the unlocking of the door of their apartment.

Lips still locked, amethyst and sapphire gazes glance to the door to see Jotaro striding in with a hand in his bedhead hair. Kicking off his untied boots and tossing his keys onto the kitchen counter, he then glances up to spot the pair on the couch.

“It seems I got back just in time,” he comments as he shrugs off his leather jacket.

“Just in time, indeed,” Kakyoin pulls from the kiss to verbally agree with an amused raise of a brow, hands sliding down over Polnareff's flushed neck, “I was about to kick Jean to the curb. Come, help me drag him to the door.”


“Okay,” Jotaro says, monotone, with a faint smile gracing his lips, “You get his legs, I'll get his arms.”

Kakyoin cackles as he's shoved off to the side, onto the couch. Polnareff huffs and crosses his muscular arms. It looks particularly cute with his face flushed and lips a shiny, puffy red. Jotaro steps up to the couch and plops down beside Polnareff with a heaved sigh.

“Long day, Jotaro?” Polnareff asks casually, hooking a leg over Jotaro's knee. Kakyoin moves to sit up and grabs the remote of the TV across from them before he leans against Polnareff. The TV starts with a soft buzz. Jotaro rubs at an eye with the heel of his hand. He drapes his arm over the back of the couch behind the Frenchman.

“Nnn,” he lets out a weak noise of confirmation.

“I know how to get you unwound,” Polnareff teases, raising his hand to walk his fingers up over Jotaro's chest, across the wrinkled fabric of his tight, black tee. He places one fingertip against Jotaro's jaw and turns his head to look at him. Jotaro's dark green eyes are noticeably tired and there's subtle bags under them. His thick eyebrows slowly furrow.

“By now I'm beginning to think your vocabulary only consists of cliches.”

“Is that a no?”


“No as in 'no, I don't want to'?”

“No as in fuck you.”

“Awesome!” Polnareff laughs and then leans in to kiss him, his disheveled gelled hair brushing against Jotaro's forehead as he boldly connected their mouths. Jotaro's kissing is lackluster but at least he's returning it, despite his exhaustion. Polnareff mashes his mouth mindlessly, eager to get right into it. He bites at Jotaro's plump bottom lip a few times in-between the overlapping of their mouths, and then leans away to grin at him with Jotaro's bottom lip caught between his teeth. Jotaro's face is flushed and his pupils are blown wide, his chest already shuddering with breaths. Polnareff considers that an accomplishment.

When he releases his lip from between his teeth, Jotaro licks his sore lips, which are now noticeably puffy and bitten. Polnareff continues to grin with wide, amorous eyes as he shifts closer to the other, running his broad hand down over Jotaro's chest and heaving belly.

Polnareff’s already hard, his erection pitching a prominent tent in his casual sweatpants. Boldly reaching down, Polnareff gropes at Jotaro through his jeans and confirms he is, too. It has Jotaro shivering and in return Polnareff grins even wider. Jotaro silently reaches over and does the same to his partner. With a broad, calloused hand he gropes firmly at the prominent bulge in his sweatpants and rubs at it, which has Polnareff rocking his hips into it and moaning aloud, shameless as always.

That's when Kakyoin brings himself into the picture by taking a seat on Jotaro's other side, resting a hand on Jotaro's shoulder, and directing his annoyance towards Polnareff, “You're not the only one eating meat tonight, Jean.”

“So we're having meat for dinner?” Jotaro flatly asks between the two, unhelpful, taking his hand from Polnareff's crotch. Polnareff sticks his tongue out at the redhead.

“Well, no. You can eat his ass, I can eat his dick.”

“Sounds like a plan to me,” Jotaro adds blankly—again, unhelpful. Kakyoin grins wickedly at Polnareff from across Jotaro.

“That will really get him noisy.”

“I'm right here.

Polnareff laughs aloud and then he and Kakyoin high five right in front of Jotaro's unamused face. Following the high five, Kakyoin reaches down to begin unbuckling Jotaro's belt while Polnareff leans back in to kiss Jotaro once again, his calloused hand lovingly cupping his strong jaw.