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Waking up with his arms and legs bound to the bed, Experiment Twelve attempts to pull his arms together only to be held back. Tugging on the handcuffs he knits his brows together. Beside him an IV drips slowly into his arm, keeping his mind foggy. He isn’t quite sure how he knows his mind is being purposefully clouded but he knows that something isn’t right.

He doesn’t understand why he’s tied up. The last thing he remembers is feeling an overwhelming wave of confusion, frustration, and anger before putting a hole in the pristine white wall of the room he is usually kept it.

That alone causes him to pause, contemplative. Emotions and memories were mere concepts and not something he’s experienced before. Or at least that’s what he’s been lead to believe. He is suddenly taken back when a memory takes over. A memory filled with confusion as familiar face’s twist in pain and contort, crying, shouting, fighting-

“Experiment Twelve,” a voice interrupts his thoughts but they’re not talking to him. They’re talking over him to a couple other figures wearing red masks over their faces. The man continues, “Experiment Twelve here had a sudden burst of aggression accompanied by super human strength. Until we can establish what caused it, Experiment Twelve will be kept in containment.”

He watches silently as they leave. The door silently clicking shut behind them.

Tilting his neck to look down at his wrists he pulls on the handcuffs softly before thinking back to the man’s words about his strength and he starts tugging harder and harder on the handcuffs until he watches with wide eyes as the chain on his right wrist starts to pull apart and stretch open.