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Run away

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Dipper had had enough, the English government had followed him all the way to Japan. The last time he had eaten was three days ago and today he would eat something. Japan had been good to him for the few weeks he resided there; the English soldiers were unable to enter the country due to a conflict and a few people were around to buy him whatever he needed.

Unfortunately, those few people were hospitalized and now he had no money. There was only one thing left to do, use his acquired skills to get as much food as he could before disappearing again.


As the evening set in Dipper sat on the roof of his hideout. He grabbed his bags and pulled his hood up. A thief had tried to break into the house he hid in since its occupants were gone. Dipper quickly knocked him out and stole his clothes to blend in. The poor kid had woken up outside the next morning in tattered clothes. Dipper left the weapons by his side. To stave off the guilt.

The market was packed with people tonight as the sounds from a festival filled the streets and he couldn't wait to just take everything he needed in the confusion. The biggest crowd made the easiest target. Walking down the isles he found food and other various goods and he stuffed most of them into his bags with a barely concealed smile. No one noticed anything missing.

Then something caught his eye, a jewellery stand with expensive gems and shining metals. Making his way over to the stand was a much harder task than he first thought. Many people pushed him around in different directions as they moved, making it harder for him to slide through the crowd. Finally, he made it over to the stand. No one was there to protect the goods and he stared at the jewels a little confused.

"What the hell?" he spoke more to himself than anybody around.

Shrugging he looked over the jewels in curiosity. He wouldn't need them for anything so grabbing them was pointless. Though a pair of earrings caught his attention and drew his eyes. They were deep blue sapphires cut into the shape of a pine tree surrounded in silver that was carved into a dream catcher. There were feathers hanging from small strings delicately attached to the silver. A rather unusual jewellery indeed.

He laughed a little at how ironic it was, he wasn't getting much sleep recently due to nightmares. They seemed to resurface every time he arrived at a new place.

He swiftly grabbed the earrings, pocketed them and started walking away. As if on cue a group of people made their way over to him. All carrying various weapons in their belts.

"Hi fellas, how can I help you?" He asked with a small smile.

The largest in the group pointed to the bags and frowned. They started to relax when Dipper grabbed his bags and opened them one by one revealing empty rooms. Of course, they really weren't and he was hiding the stolen goods in hidden pockets that were attached to the bags. You did what you could to survive out there.

After showing them the bags were empty, he reached down to empty his trouser pockets but stopped after remembering the earrings. The group noticed this and tensed again.

One stepped forward just a bit and Dipper started running. He weaved his way through the crowd while the group chased after him. He smiled, remembering the days he and Mabel used to steal from the wealthy families in England. That wouldn't be happening any time soon though... He shook his head and kept on running.


For hours the group kept coming. No matter where he hid he couldn't find any place to escape. The only other place he could go was the port and hope someone would help him out. He was currently hiding in a dark alley behind an inn he had stayed at. Watching the group pass the alleyway, Dipper rushed to the port taking the back roads. He jumped over crates and fences till the port appeared in his sight. Smiling he ran faster as the ships came into view. Though his happiness was short lived as he collided with another person and tumbled to the ground. The sound of air being knocked out of lungs was heard as the world spun around him. "Shit, what was that?" he asked himself.

"You a'ight lad?" The voice startled Dipper out of his dizziness and he looked underneath him. There, was a man with a grin on his face and a dangerous look in his eye that almost said 'get off before I smash your face in'. Quickly Dipper apologized and stood up offering his hand.

"S-Sorry! I was running and I didn't see you there." The man just smiled at him and took his hand. Dipper looked away in guilt as he pulled the other up.

"And what might you have been running from?" The man asked and Dipper froze. What should he say? He couldn't very well admit to being a thief, the man would only try to arrest him, especially since he still held Dipper's hand in a vice-like grip. He subconsciously loosened his own hand.

Dipper thought for a second before opening his mouth to speak. "I wasn't running 'from' anything. I was just running because I enjoy it." He spoke with confidence and the grin on the other quickly turned into a frown.

"I wouldn't lie if I was you lad." The man replied as if he knew what was happening and Dipper squirmed under his gaze. The single eye staring back seemed to see deeper than any human had the right to do.

"I have no idea what you're talking about," Dipper replied with a hint of irritation in his voice.

"Oh, I think you do and you just won't admit it." The grin was back and the man released his hand to slide his arm around Dipper's shoulders instead, effectively trapping him. "As a matter of fact, I bet you just stole a lot of stuff from the festival and are running from the law." The man had an almost crazy look in his eye now.

Dipper sighed in defeat.

"I could help ya if you want. Just gotta promise not to screw me over." The man offered his hand and Dipper looked at him like he was crazy. Which he probably was.

Dipper thought about his options before finally giving in. Better to be on a ship away from the law. He could always escape should they try something. He grabbed the man's hand and shook without a second glance. The man's smile grew wider and he dragged Dipper over to a ship.

"The name is Bill Cipher by the way. This-" he gestured to the ship "Is the Mindscape. She is your home and your lifeline. Treat her with respect and take care of her, if you don't, then you'll be swimming with the fish." Bill yanked Dipper onto the deck and looked at his crew. "This is your family now, get used to them because you'll be with them for a while."

Dipper looked over the group of people on the deck. They were staring at him as if he was a piece of fresh fruit ready for the picking. With a sigh, he looked at the captain with a look of utter defeat. What had he gotten himself into? They couldn't be normal merchants. It had to be a concealed pirate ship. Then, before he could say anything his eyes saw nothing but blackness. His body fell to the floor and he heard a laugh before passing out. Shit.