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It was such a delight to read this story again. Q inventing fantastic and extraordinary gadgets for Bond because Q has a massive crush on him and still the author managed to make Q being totally in-character! I cannot stop laughing my ass off no matter how many times I read this <3



I can’t honestly explain in detail how I utterly, utterly love Ordinary Numbers. This is the story of Mike Taylor who is working in Help Desk of MI6 before he is the Quartermaster. Almost the entire story, Mike and Bond never meet each other, not even a glimpse, but you can just feel it how they are totally head over heels for each other and the phone calls... guh THE PHONE CALL! I also love that the beginning of Skyfall is integrated into the story!



I am a huge fan of every Thorki fic by stereobone. They never fail to make my heart burns! And I was excited when I saw stereobone wrote 00Q fics. Crush is absolutely divine in every aspect and Bond’s characterization and the prose of his lust for Q is undeniably precious and beautiful albeit a touch of ominous.



I have a rule when I’m doing a book cover for a fanfic; make sure it is not work-in-progress. I broke my own rule which I know I won’t regret at all (hopefully). So in this story we have Q who is mute and deaf and Bond who is touch-screen-keypad illiterate very interested with the new Quartermaster. Bond learning a bit of sign language and design his own sign ways as he tries to ask Q out on a date is definitely amusing. I can’t wait for the next update!