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Hot Passionate Love

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Karamatsu burst into the living room talking excitedly. He was holding a DVD and showing it to his brothers who were relaxing peacefully until he came home.

"Karamatsu! Calm down! We can't understand you!" Choromatsu barked.

Karamatsu took a few deep breaths before repeating what he said. "I said look what (Y/N) and I made! The greatest piece of film to ever grace anyone's eyes! A plethora of love and devotion on one single disc!"

"Huh? Gimme that!" Osomatsu swiped the DVD from his brother's hands. It was one of those DVD-R discs and on the label it read 'Hot Passionate Love'.

"Is this a porno?" Osomatsu asked.

Karamatsu blushed, beaming excitedly. "Yes! It was made by (Y/N) and I, fueled by our desire for one another. Plus some editing on her part. She even burned it to a disc so I could show everyone!"

"I highly doubt (Y/N) would want you showing this to anyone. She probably burned it for you to watch." Choromatsu said, face turning pink.

Karamatsu looked at his younger brother quizzically. "Why wouldn't (Y/N) not want to show the world how in love we are?"

Choromatsu's face went completely red, burying it in his hands.

"Because it's a video of you two fucking." Ichimatsu said flatly. "No one wants to see that."

"Speak for yourself, Ichimatsu. I wanna see it." Osomatsu said, grabbing a box of tissues and some lotion. Choromatsu lifted his head up from his hands and gave Osomatsu an incredulous look.

"Yeah! Me too! I bet (Y/N) is really pretty without any clothes on!" Jyushimatsu shouted, grabbing the DVD from Osomatsu and putting in the player. Karamatsu beamed, taking a seat on the couch next to Todomatsu. "Don't fap next to me Karamatsu nii-san." Todomatsu said, scooting slightly away.

Karamatsu let out a 'heh' in response, seemingly ignoring Todomatsu's comment. Jyushimatsu pressed play on the remote and the porno started. Soft music began playing as it opened to a basic looking scene of you lying on your side seductively on your queen sized bed. You wore a (f/c) negligee and a pair of matching lacy panties. Just then, the camera panned over to Karamatsu who had entered the room wearing his suit and carrying a briefcase.

"Honey! I'm home!" He announced, posing dramatically.

"Welcome home darling. I've been waiting for you all day." You purred, sitting up. One of the straps on the negligee fell from your shoulder but you couldn't seem to be bothered with it.

Karamatsu sighed, feigning exhaustion. "Ah, mon cheri, you're such a beautiful sight for these tired eyes to behold." He sat down the briefcase and walked over to the bed, kicking off his shoes and flopping onto his back on it.

"Aw, you poor thing. Why don't you let me take care of you." You said, crawling towards him. You made quick work of unfastening the belt and the button and pulling the zipper down. He lifted his hips so you could pull his pants completely off along with his underwear. Scooting closer, you took a hold of your lover's erect cock, giving it several slow, firm strokes. Karamatsu groaned in response. Taking that as a sign to keep going, you stopped stroking and bent down to take his entire length into your mouth. The male above you let out a moan, gripping his fingers in your hair.

You continued to suck his cock for a few moments before you released your mouth with a wet plop, his dick now thoroughly coated in your saliva. Sitting up, you pulled him in close for a kiss. Upon separating, you looked into each others eyes.

"Why don't I repay the favor, my darling?" Karamatsu asked. You only nodded, helping him out of the rest of his clothes.

You lied back onto the bed and he helped you take off your panties. Karamatsu then dipped his head down between your legs. The action couldn't be seen due to the camera angle, but he was making you moan and buck your hips.

"F-Fuck, baby I-." You moaned, gripping the duvet beneath you.

Karamatsu stopped his ministrations and lifted his head up from between your legs. "Non, non, non, my honey. No cumming yet." He wagged his finger at you, making you groan in frustration.

Suddenly, there was a jump cut and the scene was closer up to the action. Karamatsu positioned his condom-covered cock at your entrance, sliding it in with ease making you cry out and wrap your legs around his waist.

"Heh, are you ready,my angel?"


"Okay, here we go." Karamatsu started fervently thrusting into you as the camera zoomed out a bit revealing you were now completely naked. Your breasts bounced with each thrust of your lover's hips and he leaned in closer to you to tenderly lick and suck at a nipple while he fondled the other. After a few minutes he switched breasts, making your breath hitch.

" you fuck me so good."

Karamatsu removed his mouth from your nipple leaving a string of drool. "Heh."

Since Karamatsu had stopped giving attention to your chest, he turned his attention to ramming into you harder. Your moans increased in volume and pitch as you neared completion.

"Ooh! Fuck, I'm gonna-!" You were unable to finish that statement as you came violently. Karamatsu came shortly after, groaning into your shoulder. He gave few quick short thrusts, finishing out his orgasm and collapsing on top of you. Once you both recovered a little, you shared a kiss that looking at it made Karamatsu's heart ache. The screen then faded to black and the movie was over.


Nobody in the room spoke for several moments. Until finally Karamatsu broke the tension. "So, my brothers, did you enjoy our little film?" He crossed his legs, hoping to hide the bulge in his skinny jeans.

Choromatsu said nothing, his face was a bright red and there was an obvious tent in his pants that he was failing to cover up. Ichimatsu's face was equally as red but with his legs curled up to his chest no one could see if he had a boner. Jyushimatsu rolled on the floor, laughing. He too sported a tent in his shorts but didn't seem to care.

"Wow, that was hot!" Osomatsu said, grinning and not even bothering to cover up his own erection.

"I can't believe I just watched my own brother fuck his girlfriend." Todomatsu said, covering his crotch.

Just then, the living room door opened, and you stepped in. The obviously turned on faces looking at you did not go unnoticed. "Uh, what's going on and why do you all have boners?" You asked, feeling your face heat up.

"Ah! My darling! I was just showing my brothers this lovely film we made together." Karamatsu pointed at the still blank TV screen. You looked at the TV and then your eyes drifted to the floor where the still empty DVD case lay. You picked it up, looking at it in horror. "YOU SHOWED YOUR BROTHERS OUR SPECIAL MOVIE?!! HOW COULD YOU?!"

Karamatsu winced as if you'd slapped him, which you'd certainly like to do right now. "M-my flower, I can explain! You see I thought our love making was so beautiful that I thought my brothers would appreciate it."

You stared at him incredulously. "Oh yeah they sure appreciate it alright! Karamatsu, that was supposed to be kept private! Now all your brothers have seen my goods!"

"Mmm, and what lovely goods they are." Osomatsu looked at you with bedroom eyes while licking his lips. A disgusted look graced your features and you put your face in your hands. "God, I'm so embarrassed."

Jyushimatsu stopped rolling on the floor and came up to you, pulling you into a hug. "Aw, don't be upset (Y/N)! We really enjoyed you and Karamatsu nii-san's movie! You're really pretty! We all think so, right?" The five other heads in the room simultaneously nodded. You could feel Jyushimatsu's erection pressing against your leg and you felt like you were going to catch on fire.

"(Y/N), I tried to convince him not to but he wouldn't listen!" Choromatsu blurted.

"Choromatsu, my quarrel is not with you it's with Karamatsu." You spat. With that, you pushed Jyushimatsu off of you and walked over to the offending blue clad Matsuno and dragged him out of the house for a few words. It would be a while before he came back.

Osomatsu clapped his hands. "Welp, who wants the bathroom first?"