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We're All in This Together

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It’s been a long day of studying and drink mixing for Chanyeol, so when he collapsed face first into his bed, he thought he’d never wake up. Unfortunately, he’s always been a light sleeper.




The sound ricochetes throughout the entire house, causing Chanyeol’s eyes to snap open in fear. They’re being robbed! Chanyeol, self proclaimed manly man of the house, takes it upon himself to investigate the disturbing sound. He tumbles off his bed in such speed that he forgets to grab his glasses from the bedside table.


Chanyeol crouches on the ground in a way he assumes James Bond would do, picking up Kyungsoo’s baseball bat from the hallway floor. Chanyeol creeps down the stairs as quietly as someone his size can, gripping the baseball bat in a vice like grip. Due to the fact that he can’t see for shit, Chanyeol miscalculates the amount of stairs and nearly faceplants on the wooden floor. He hopes the robber hadn’t heard that, it would take away from his stealth.


Chanyeol hears footsteps approaching in front of him. The darkness coupled with his blatant inability to see farther than 6 inches in front of his face, has Chanyeol swinging the bat in front of him with all the force he could muster.




Only after the person crumples to the ground does Chanyeol realize his mistake. There was no thief, only Jongdae stuffing his face at three in the morning.




Jongdae doesn’t come to until the afternoon the following day.


“Chanyeol I hope he’s not in a coma, we don’t have enough money to pay for hospital bills!” Kyungsoo says poking a finger in his face.


“Look how swollen his face is, he’s gonna beat your ass,” Baekhyun cackles at Chanyeol’s sullen face. “Kkaebsong!”


“You are never allowed to take your glasses off again,” Kyungsoo says, trying and failing in his attempt to not join in on the Bash Chanyeol party.


“Both of you shut the hell up!” Chanyeol glares heatedly at both of his soon-to-be ex-bestfriends.


“Ooh look, he’s waking up!” Baekhyun says in between laughs, leaning over into Jongdae’s face.


Jongdae opens his eyes slowly, squinting at Baekhyun’s face too close to his. He sits up, peering at the three faces with their eyes boring into him.


“Do you have a concussion?” Kyungsoo speaks to him very slowly, as if he was half deaf and dumb. Jongdae just stares at him with a blank expression.


“Do you know who we are?” Baekhyun asks, his face still a little too close. Again, Jongdae does nothing but stare.


Baekhyun collapses dramatically on top of Jongdae, “You broke him!” Baekhyun takes Jongdae’s head in his hands, looking deep into his eyes. “Jongdae come back to us.”


“Chanyeol?” Jongdae crokes out. Kyungsoo gasps, “How could he remember you and not me?”


Baekhyun grabs Chanyeol by his collar. “Get down here.” Chanyeol brings himself closer to Jongdae until he’s right in front of his face. It’s only a second before he feels his right jaw stinging.


“You dumbass!” Jongdae says, all faux signs of amnesia gone. “You almost killed me, I saw the light!”


“You saw the light?” Baekhyun asks as he moves into Jongdae’s personal space again.


“No, you didn’t,” Kyungsoo deadpans, unimpressed. “I’ve got a paper to write.”


“But Jongdae,” Chanyeol is pouting at him in such a way that Jongdae feels guilty for being mad. He looks like a scolded puppy and yes, Jongdae is affected.


Jongdae sighs, pulling Chanyeol in for a hug, rubbing at the hair at the back of his neck. “I’m not mad.” Chanyeol wraps his long arms around Jongdae’s torso, “Are you sure?”


“Yes, he’s sure!” Baekhyun says draping himself across Jongdae’s back, “Give me love too!”