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Goblin-less team

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Falling. Its all I could remember after Nova saving White Tiger. I could smell this awful oder, it burned my nose,and it made me feel weightless as the waters got dangerously close. One minute I was in the air and the next I was drowning with the water suffocating all my air ways. Making it full to the brim with mucky river water.

The water around me started to darken as I sink lower and lower to the floor. Or at least I thought it was the river's floor. Closing my eyes, I accepted my fate. I accepted my slow suffocating death as the world around me began to fall upon deaf ears. Smiling to myself, we stopped the Goblin who was going to turn the whole Manhattan into Goblin's followers. Curing my friends from being Goblinated. That's a word right, Goblinated? You know like the Terminator. You know what, forget it.

Hope Aunt May will forgive me for giving up. But at least she is saved by the amazing SpiderMan. Or by Peter Parker. A boy who had no family except for his Uncle and Aunt. A boy who later got bitten by a spider which gave him his amazing skills. That is until that boy's uncle got shot, because the boy couldn't save him. The boy took it upon himself to be a hero, to save the people from criminals who dare harm them.

Drifting to unconscious. That's when I felt something dragging me. But I personally don't care.



I woke up burning, both physically and mentally. Aches all over, bones snapping and popping. Not only that but my spider senses pounded on my skull nonstop. Thus forming a headache. There was no place where I couldn't have felt pain. I wanted to curl up and nurse up my sanity as everything explode in multitude of pains.

That's when I opened my eyes to see my room being dark. I could sense my head spinning making me close my eyes again and hope the pain cease. But it didn't, because someone with metal legs walked in talking about something unimportant as my excruciating pain.

Apparently they noticed my shift in weight, swiftly I could feel and hear the air spilt into two and then hear metal hit skin. I noticed quickly my senses increased greatly, because I could smell at least three people besides myself, well maybe only three. Not only that, my hearing was aching about being abused from rushing waters, sharpening knives, deep rumbles of voices, some were even quiet.

Taste of horrible water hit my poor tastebuds. But one voice I could recognized, "You see SpiderMan, you either envole with us or not." This was the last I heard before I was out.