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"Well, well, Doctor, isn't this a pleasant surprise?" a familiar voice sneered as it stroked it's beard and looked at the young man in his grasp.

The Doctor had vowed that he wouldn't take a trip back in time but with Amy and Rory on honeymoon, he needed something to occupy his mind. Visiting the Master was the last thing he should've done.

"Mmmph," was the only response the Doctor could offer for the Master had used the finest of silk scarves to silence the chatty Doctor.

He had not been so generous with his choice of restraints as crude handcuffs had bound the Doctor's wrists tightly behind his back. The Doctor had been stripped down to his boxers and several ropes had looped around his waist tightly, destined to leave marks for weeks.

The ropes then hung from a ceiling and the Doctor found himself being swung from side to side for the Master's amusement. Each time he came near the Master, he was whipped for his sins with the crudest of whips, making him hiss through the gag and leaving impressive welts across his chest, legs and arms for good measure as the Master made sure to get everywhere.

The whipping continued for quite a bit, enough for the hisses to generate tears, tears which made the Master smile over and over again.

"I always knew you were lying when you said you didn't like to be tied down or even up," the Master smiled as he dropped the whip to the floor and caught the Doctor in his arms, steadying him still to examine him. "Didn't I?"

The Doctor looked at the Master, his eyes begging for mercy with a flush of anger, confusion and shame underneath them. He wanted this to stop and yet he didn't.

"Didn't I?" the Master asked again. When the Doctor didn't nod for confirmation, the Master delivered a punishing smack to his chest, making the Doctor really hiss in pain.

The Doctor shrieked, tears intensifying all over again as the Master then squeezed the younger looking Time Lord's cock, whilst ripping the Doctor's boxers off him. He was completely naked now.

The Doctor made some muffled gasps and squeals as the Master took the whip to his arse a couple of more times but still he wouldn't nod. Wouldn't give the Master the confirmation he needed and the whipping continued for the best part of a half hour, moving from the Doctor's arse to all over his body as the Master's patience decreased.

When the Master stopped and stared at the Doctor one more time, the Doctor's face was a state of sweat and tears. Annoyed, the Master yanked the gag out of the Doctor's mouth.

"Now will you admit it?" the Master's tone was sharp, warning.

"Please," the Doctor mumbled. "I just came, came to see you -"

The Master silenced the last bits of that sentence with a powerful kiss, tasting all of the young Doctor as he possibly could in that moment.

"Beautiful," the Master approved, stroking the young looking Doctor's face, fingering his hair. "But still insolent. Not to worry, that can be soon fixed."

"Master?" the Doctor gasped as the gag was tightened over his mouth again.

"I'll be back in an hour," the Master smirked at his captive. "By then, I hope you know what you have to say to me, Doctor."

The Doctor watched as the Master then left the room, turning off the light and leaving him in darkness. Whether he liked it or not, it was going to be a while before he got out of this bind.