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Dress!Master and The Bondage Chair

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"It smells like him..." he thought as he licked the Bondage Chair, "It even tastes like him!" He might not be able to have The Doctor, as the true Master had run off with him, but he had this. He rubbed up against the chair, leaning on it as if The Doctor was still there, moving himself in proper rhythm until he had a hard-on. He put his hand down.. down? There was no down in a dress. He lifted the dress up, his hand hit a nylon-like fabric. "Ah... pantyhose..." he mused, and he yanked them down. "Lace and silk underwear? Well.. that's a nice touch, but still.." and down they went.

He continued rutting against the chair. "Oh Doctor..." he moaned, lost in his fantasy, "lick me.. oh yes... YES..." he was just about to come when he heard a series of strange noises. Were those words? He concentrated.

"Eh.. Sorry to bother ya, its just.. The Doctor isn't here.. and I am.." the voice struggled with the right words. 'Could you.. maybe do that where I can't see?" asked Wilf.

The Master felt his erection fade. Damn cockblocker.