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What She Didn't Know Then

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Author's note: I wrote about eight versions of this, and this is the shortest draft. <br />Brevity really is my thing.

It comes to her in a flash, months later.
She doesn’t know why she didn’t realise it until now.

And spend the rest of my life with you?

Jack knew. Her mum definitely had an idea.

We’re the only two left.

She just didn’t want to see it.
But she didn’t see it, and it was so obvious her face feels hot and…

Is he like your secret brother or something? she'd asked.

She runs a hand across her hair, places it over her mouth. Stupid. She’s so…

I guess you don’t know me so well.


All those things we did?

Of course.


Martha Jones sits back in her chair, rests her hands on her knees and sighs softly.
And she thought she had bad taste in men.