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Author's note: These took me a very long time to write. 100 is a lot. blablabla. I hope you like them.

On good days, the Master will go through the Doctor's clothes room, and readily mock whatever he finds, to the Doctor's half-hearted protests. The Doctor will feign ignorance to any innuendo-laced comment of the Master's. The Master will pretend that he is not a prisoner in the Doctor's TARDIS, and the Doctor will too. They might play chess, or discuss something arbitrary, such as neuroscience. The Doctor will sometimes cook, and when he does, the Master will mock him mercilessly. The Master will not ask why he can't go out. When the Doctor receives phone calls from people like Martha or Jack, the Master will make loud, questionably obscene noises in the background, and the Doctor will frantically try to shush him. They will not always be happy, but they will be content.

On bad days, the Master will pace. He will grip the Doctor's skin hard enough to bruise, and the Doctor will not say anything. The Master will ask the Doctor why he keeps him here, and when the Doctor tells him that he knows why, the Master will stalk off angrily. The Master will call him names, and the Doctor will tell him the he forgives him. The Master will say that he doesn't. They will both get bad headaches; the Master's from the drums, and the Doctor's from being around the Master. Occasionally, the Doctor will snap, and when he does, the Master will revel in it, fueling the Doctor's anger with whatever he can, no matter how low it might be to bring up. Sometimes, the Master will disappear for days on end, and the Doctor will not bother looking for him.

The Doctor wishes that things would be better, and maybe the Master does too. He reminds himself that these things take time.

Next one is called Fantasies.