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So for the Yo

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Yosuke put his foot all the way up on the bathroom sink's edge. He pointed his phone at his reflection in the mirror, making sure the phone itself covered his face, and posed with the fingers of his free hand making a sign over his head.

He was pretty happy with the picture, though the Junes apron wasn't all that flattering. He added a caption and sent it to all his friends.

And then he went back to work because his break was over. He grabbed a cardboard box full of sunglasses from the storage room. The sunglasses were stock meant for the summer display he'd set up earlier. Anyone could tell they were cheaply-made and probably had no UV protection, but the idea was that if you were already buying sunscreen, you might be inclined to pick up a pair.

Yosuke began to set the sunglasses into their holders on the display rack, putting the more expensive ones in the front. Stores could be so dishonest with their displays sometimes... but he wasn't gonna let the shift manager have any complaints when she checked over his work later. He would just follow orders for now.

He was still pulling sunglasses out of the box when he had the feeling that he was being watched. Good customer service told him he couldn't ignore this. Swallowing a resentful sigh, he asked, "Can I help you?"

"Maybe," a soft and familiar voice answered. Yosuke grinned to himself upon hearing it. He turned around and found his friend Souji standing just a few feet away, all casual with his hand on his hip.

"Hey," Yosuke greeted. "What are you doing here? Shopping for Nanako-chan? I think I saw a pair of sunglasses that were perfect for her. They're pink."

"No," Souji said. "I'm here for an ass-kicking."

It took several moments for Yosuke to process that, because it wasn't in the realm of possible things he'd ever expected to come from his friend's mouth. "Wait, what?"

"An ass-kicking," Souji repeated.

Souji's face was completely serious, and it took Yosuke just another moment to recall that picture he'd sent to everyone earlier in the day.

"Dude," Yosuke said. "That was a joke!"


"Don't sound so disappointed!"

Souji looked disappointed, too. Yosuke began to shake his head. This guy was so silly sometimes. His deadpan sense of humor made it hard to tell when to take him seriously.

Yosuke was about to go back to stocking when he spied Souji turning away and hunching his back over slightly against the nearby shelves. "Are you sure?" Souji asked.

Yosuke's eyes were drawn to Souji's most prominent feature in this pose: his ass. "D-dude! What are you..."

"Are you sure?" Souji asked again, bending over further.

Yosuke continued to stare, because all things considered, his friend had a nice ass. Souji's school uniform pants today were quite tight, making it well-defined. Possibly they were a size or two too small for him.

Finally Yosuke shook his head with vigor until he came back to his senses. He glanced around, making sure there weren't any other customers around before hissing a sharp, "What is wrong with you!"

Souji straightened his posture with a sigh. "I'm just saying, you should be prepared to deliver on your promises."

"That wasn't a promise!"

Souji's soulful eyes watched him doubtfully, almost like Yosuke'd really disappointed him somehow. It was so unnerving that Yosuke had to break the silence.

"L-look," Yosuke said. "I'll kick your ass someday. Not today. Someday. You... you won't even see it coming."

"Good," Souji said with a determined little smile. "I'll look forward to it."

Good?! Yosuke frowned as Souji turned away from him. Unconsciously, Yosuke stared at his friend's ass as he walked down the aisle. He wondered what exactly he'd just promised.