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Chasing the Light

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Downtown Valkyrie Falls

Elain turned around in bed and grabbed the alarm clock on his nightstand seconds before it had a chance to go off. He swiftly turned it off and put it back before he gently tried to extricate himself from Tyra's embrace. The sire was still sleeping soundly, and since his first class wasn't before noon, Elain saw no reason for waking his lover up.

As Elain slowly picked up Tyra's arm and removed it from his waist, Tyra made a soft murmur in his sleep and then rolled over to his other side, leaving Elain with a perfect chance for escape.

Elain swung his legs over the side of the bed and got up. With a little frown, he picked up some clothes that were haphazardly strewn all over the room, reminders of their nightly activities, and put them in the hamper. Of course he was as enthusiastic as Tyra when it came to those little bursts of passion, but he still preferred his apartment to be spotless.

Elain silently went to over to the bathroom to get a quick shower. When he was finished, he returned to the bedroom in a bathrobe to find some appropriate clothes for the day. His wardrobe still consisted mostly of suits, but a few casual clothes like simple slacks, shirts, and sweaters had found their way in during the last months.

Today, however, a business meeting was scheduled, so it had to be a suit of course.

When Elain turned away from the closet with his suit of choice in his hands, he saw that Tyra was sitting up in bed, looking quite sleepy-eyed. His golden hair, normally spiked to perfection, was soft and rumpled from sleep, and his lean body was bare from his neck, down his nicely trimmed body, to his waist, where the sheets hid the rest of him.

Tyra rubbed at one eye. "Isn't it a little early? You shouldn't have to be up for another half an hour."

Elain smiled slightly. "Sorry, I was trying not to wake you. There are some additional things I have to go through before I have my meeting with my business associates. I had planned on reading them last night, but I guess I got distracted by a certain someone."

Tyra gave Elain a lopsided smile and let his eyes roam over Elain's form within the satiny bathrobe. "I'd really like to distract you again, actually. How long's the meeting going to take? Think you can sneak back up here before I have to leave for class?" He leaned back on his elbows, leaving his body nicely on display. Elain could clearly see that Tyra was partly hard, causing a tenting in the bedsheets.


This sight was indeed tempting, and for a moment Elain entertained some fantasies about just getting back into bed. But then his self-control took over again. First work, then pleasure.

"I guess I can manage that - if I leave now and get my work done," Elain answered. "Can you entertain yourself in the meantime?"

Tyra chuckled, and the sound was low and rich. "Entertain myself, huh? Not sure if I remember how to do that. Haven't really had to do that much these past couple months, but I can probably relearn it." Tyra slowly slid a hand down his chest, and it disappeared beneath the bedsheet into that area where the tent was lifting higher.

Elain swiftly turned away, feeling his body heating up even more. Now he needed another shower, and this time an ice cold one, if he didn't want to walk into his office with a tent of his own showing.

Tyra had learned the fine art of teasing very quickly indeed.

"Well, I guess then I don't have to show up later since you're having fun on your own," he finally replied, trying to sound rather disinterested.

Tyra, however, had known Elain long enough now to know that he was just pretending.

"That's no reason to stay away, is it?" Tyra asked with a purr in his voice. He lay back on the bed fully and let his other hand also wander under the sheet. He let out a soft sigh of pleasure. "I mean, I can stay back here and have a little time alone, and when you get back, I'll be nice and relaxed and I can be completely, entirely focused on you. Oh, hnn, I guess I do remember how to do this!" Tyra bit his lip and arched against the sheet, enjoying his own firm grip on his cock and balls, his eyes fixed on the curve of Elain's body wrapped in the thin bathrobe.

Although Elain couldn't see what Tyra was doing, the sounds the sire was making gave everything away. Elain's resolve was slipping away, rapidly, and if he didn't move now, he would surely give in.

The insistent beeping of the telephone rescued him. Elain managed to finally get his feet moving and exited the bedroom to answer the phone in the living room.

The little display showed the number of his own office. "Yes, Conroy?"

"Sir, I'm sorry to disturb you, but you wanted to be notified immediately if the director of Norden Group changed his mind and decided to attend the meeting today. His office just called that he'll be coming."

"Very good. I'll be in the office in a few minutes," Elain answered before he hung up and rushed back into the bedroom to finish dressing in record time. He even managed not to look at Tyra again until he was finished.

"Sorry, I have to go right now," Elain said, grabbing his glasses from the nightstand and leaning down to kiss his lover.

Tyra murmured contentedly and drew the kiss out as long as he could until Elain pulled away. "You should definitely come back up after the meeting. There's a blowjob in it for you."

"Why do I get the feeling that I've thoroughly corrupted your innocence in the last months?" Elain asked with a little sigh, but then he was smiling again and straightened out his suit. "And I won't pass up on that offer. See you later."

"Nah, you can still do some more corrupting, I think," Tyra teased. He reached over to the bedside table, where a box of tissues was conveniently placed, and he cleaned off his hands. "I'll see you later. Don't worry about Velvet. I'll feed her."

"Thank you. But don't let her steal too much cheese again from the fridge. It's not good for her, although she loves it," Elain warned him before he left.


The elevator had a mirror, so Elain used the time it took to get to the lower levels to check on his appearance again. As he had suspected, his hair was in slight disarray again. He smoothed it down and adjusted his glasses before he exited the lift.

His assistant, Conroy, was already waiting for him in the hallway. "Good morning, sir. Here are the requested papers." He gave Elain a bunch of documents. "Everything else is arranged already."

"Good. I'll be working through this now; tell me when our guests arrive, will you?"

Conroy hesitated. "I'm afraid Mr. Ashton is already here. He said that his plane landed earlier than expected. I brought him some breakfast and coffee and made him wait in the lounge so he doesn't disturb you."

Elain suppressed a sigh. "Thanks, Conroy. Now would you go and try to reach this new interior designer we wanted to book for redecorating the VIP lounge?"

"I've already did that, sir. He'll be coming over next week to have a look. I also gathered some alternative offers in case his work doesn't suit you."

Elain gave his assistant an appreciative smile. "Very good work, Conroy. It seems it was the right decision to give you more freedom to decide for yourself. Keep it up like this."

The young man simply nodded and then turned around to vanish back into his office.

At first it had been difficult to delegate work that Elain found so important that he absolutely had to do it himself all the time, but now it really paid off to have trust in his employees. Conroy, although the most unremarkable man he had ever met, had in fact a very keen eye and a sharp mind that was perfect for the club business. A month ago Elain had given him more autonomy in deciding things and had not regretted it so far. Together with Marithia and a few other chosen employees, Conroy had bit by bit taken a lot of strenuous work off Elain's shoulders, thus giving him more free time to share with Tyra.

Conroy and Marithia were the only people in Elain's vicinity who knew about the relationship. After the disaster with the tabloids, Tyra and Elain had kept their relationship a secret, and although the dust had settled months ago, Elain simply didn't want to risk anything.

The bigger problem had been the rumors about embezzling money from the charity event. Although an independent accountant had proved that the Velvet Shadow's finances were immaculate, the press had lingered a bit longer on that tasty piece of gossip. And so far Elain hadn't been able to find out who exactly had wanted to damage his reputation.

Elain's ruminations were interrupted when Davaric Ashton appeared in the hallway, looking at a sheet of paper.

"Conroy, could you possibly copy — oh. Good morning, Mr. Silvestri," the sire said.

"Good morning, Mr. Ashton. You're very early," Elain remarked dryly. "That eager for the meeting?"

The handsome sire gave a small shrug. "Conroy makes better coffee than my assistant does." Davaric gave Elain a thoughtful but somewhat cool look. "You seem well. You appear to be more... relaxed."

"Thank you. But I hope you're not trying to lure Conroy away."

Inwardly, Elain hoped that he didn't look too relaxed in Mr. Ashton's eyes and vowed to take another critical look at himself before he attended the meeting.

"By the way, do you know yet whether Victor Norden will be in attendance this morning?" Davaric asked.

"He just gave word that he'll be here. So we have another chance for a mutually beneficial arrangement. Please help yourself to more coffee, Mr. Ashton. I'll be in my office for the time being." He briefly knocked on one of the office doors, and a young woman with huge glasses appeared. "Diana, would please copy something for Mr. Ashton?" Elain asked her.

"Of course, Mr. Silvestri," Diana replied. "The copier is over this way, Mr. Ashton."

Elain took the opportunity to retreat into his office. He sighed in relief. Although Davaric had not flirted with him for the past several months, the sire's presence still put Elain on edge. Something about the sire was too... intense for Elain's liking.

Sure, Davaric was far easier company ever since he had stopped making advances, but Elain's strong sense of competition was irked nevertheless. Or maybe it was just the stark contrast between people like Davaric Ashton and Tyrallin, who challenged Elain on a completely different level yet never threatened to show the typical and almost instinctual dominance every other sire or human man exuded around lifebearers and women. Elain had always hated such patronizing behavior, but in his business he had to deal with it on a daily basis. Luckily, his usual business partners were always civil around him.

Victor Norden, however, was still a blank page on that matter. Elain had never met him personally, but the information told him of a middle-aged, successful bon vivant who loved fast cars and very young women. This meeting would surely be interesting.

Elain took a deep breath and went to his private bathroom to check his appearance once more. He found it to be impeccable, and so he returned to his office and went to his desk to read until the meeting.

The remaining time before the meeting passed quickly — too quickly. Elain didn't quite finish reading the materials he needed to prepare.

But it had to suffice for the moment. Elain stacked the documents and took them with him when he went to the conference room. Davaric was already there, finishing his coffee, as well as the three other business associates. Elain briefly shook hands with them, but before he could sit down and make any announcements, the door opened and Victor Norden entered.

He was short and round, with a neat little beard and sharp dark eyes, smiling broadly and seemingly friendly.

Elain immediately disliked him. Nevertheless, he was the host and needed a good connection to this man. And years of experience had taught him to hide any antipathies very well. Elain went to greet him.

"Mr. Norden, welcome. We're glad that you could make it."

"Yes, well, I had to get your assistant to stop hounding me somehow, didn't I?" the man replied with a self-amused little laugh. "There's no use standing around, gentlemen. Why don't we get right to it?" Without waiting to be invited, Mr. Norden went to the large, plush chair at one end of the table, directly opposite from Elain's chair.

Elain had somehow expected this behavior, but it didn't make him any happier. He went to his own seat and sat down.

"Welcome, gentlemen, to our quarterly meeting. There's a lot on the agenda this time, but I'd like to start with introducing Mr. Victor Norden who was so kind to attend our meeting today. The Norden Group is one of the largest investments groups in the entertainment field, as you all know."

Mr. Norden held up a hand. "No need for the formalities, really. I have a limited amount of time here before I have to meet with Hybex on the other side of town. If we could get down to the numbers, please?"

Elain silently gritted his teeth. He hated to be interrupted like this, and from the looks the others at the table were giving him, he could tell that they did find this a bit strange as well.

He swiftly leafed through his stack of documents until he had found the right one. "If  you would take a look at page 18 of our meeting plan..."

The conference continued, and since Elain didn't waste any words, Mr. Norden thankfully stopped complaining. As they were near the end however, discussing the plans for joined events like charity balls and promotion parties, Mr. Norden got impatient again.

The man cleared his throat loudly and proceeded to speak. "I feel that you all have this well under control. Since I'm not particularly needed for these more minor details, I do hope you'll pardon me for leaving early." The short man shifted and rose from his seat.

"Of course. Thank you for attending this meeting, Mr. Norden. I'll be sending you all the additional details." Elain rose from his seat and forced himself to smile politely as he went over to Mr. Norden to see him off.

They exchanged pleasantries that didn't actually feel pleasant to Elain, but he kept his best business face on. After Mr. Norden had left, all those present for the meeting seemed to be more at ease, even Mr. Ashton. The rest of the meeting proceeded well.

They agreed on all the major points left to discuss, and after half an hour the meeting was over. Elain invited everyone to a little brunch in the VIP lounge afterwards, but excused himself as quickly as he could. He was even less in the mood for socialising than usual. Although the whole meeting had been a success, Mr. Norden's behavior still grated on his nerves.

He quickly told Conroy that he'd return after lunch, then he went upstairs to his apartment.

"Tyra?" he asked. "Are you still there?"

Tyra appeared in the bedroom doorway. He was dressed in a simple polo shirt and jeans, and he gave Elain a big smile. "Oh good, you're back. I made you a salad for lunch. It's in the fridge, keeping cool."

"Thanks, that's exactly what I need to cool down again," Elain said, taking off his glasses and rubbing the bridge of his nose.

Tyra gave Elain a curious look and then walked toward him. "Did something go wrong in the meeting?" he asked.

"Not exactly wrong, since we came to satisfying results, but the Director of Norden Group was ... difficult," Elain answered. "Well, he isn't the first and he won't be the last businessman whose behavior borders on impoliteness toward me."

"Too bad you can't kick rude people out of the board room the way you can kick them out of the club, huh?" Tyra said with a lopsided smile. "Did you get a headache? Need a Tyra-Special neck rub?"

Elain smiled back at him and shrugged out of his jacket to put it away on a coat hanger so it wouldn't get wrinkled. "Offering me a massage is like offering Velvet some cheese - I can't get enough if it." He came back to Tyra and gave him a thankful kiss.

"Well then, would you kindly step into my office, sir?" Tyra said, and he held out a hand, which Elain took. Tyra tugged Elain toward the couch, where he encouraged Elain to sit. He went around behind the couch and slid his hands under Elain's shoulder-length hair and began to use his thumbs to rub the lifebearer's neck in small, firm circles.

Elain closed his eyes and needed all his willpower not to start purring like a cat. Tyra had almost magical hands when it came to finding the tense spots.

"Yes, right there," Elain whispered.

Tyra felt the corners of his mouth twitch, and a warm and amorous feeling settled low in his belly. "I always love it when you say that to me," he said teasingly. But at the same time, he also pressed a little more firmly against the spot that Elain had indicated.

"If you ever decide that architecture is boring, you could make a fortune opening up a massage salon," Elain said, but his words were interrupted by a little, satisfied groan.

"Or you could just hire me as your private masseur," Tyra replied. "I'm pretty sure you could afford me." Tyra paused to run his fingers through Elain's fine hair a couple of times, and then he began to work on the lifebearer's shoulders. "And then I could say things to you like, 'I hope this meets with your satisfaction, Mr. Silvestri.' Or I could ask, 'Is there anything else you'd like me to... do for you, Mr. Silvestri?'" This last he leaned over and whispered in Elain's ear.

"I must admit that quite a few things come to mind - although I'm very content with what you're doing," Elain answered, turning his head to meet Tyra's eyes. "But if I remember correctly, you promised me something this morning?"

Tyra smiled. "Mmhm," he agreed. He gave Elain a quick kiss. He continued his massage, but he let one hand begin to wander over Elain's shoulder and down his chest and stomach to find its way between his legs. He rubbed his thumb teasingly through the fabric over the tender flesh he found there. "How about you take this out for me, lovely?"

Elain was quick to comply since he wanted his clothes to stay spotless for the rest of the day. But when Tyra started to stroke him in earnest, he felt the heat rise so quickly in his body that he was sure he would need a fresh set of clothes later. All the tension and frustration that had built inside him during the morning now found an outlet, leaving him panting and aching for more.

Tyra abruptly stopped what he was doing and took his hands away from Elain's member. He wrapped both arms around Elain's shoulders even as the lifebearer gasped and glared at him accusingly for stopping. "Shh, Elain, just breathe. There's no rush yet; just breathe and relax."

"It's all your fault for being too good at this," Elain joked with a slightly throaty voice, leaning into Tyra's embrace.

Tyra laughed softly and gave Elain's ear a playful nip. "You make that sound like a bad thing." He gave Elain's shoulders one last brief rub, and then he walked around the couch so that he was facing Elain, and he leaned forward to take Elain's face in his hands and give him a long and thorough kiss.

Elain practically melted into the kiss, feeling safe and comforted. Tyra always knew how to make him feel this way, and Elain was thankful beyond words for it.

"It's not a bad thing, on the contrary," he whispered as they parted for a moment.

Tyra's smile kicked up another notch higher. "Glad to hear it," he replied as he sank down to his knees. "Now, about that promise..." Tyra hooked his arms under Elain's knees and unceremoniously dragged his hips forward so that they were closer to the edge of the couch. He then put both hands on Elain's waist and carefully took just the very tip of his cock into his mouth.

Although Elain was already used to maneuvers like that, he had quickly grabbed a cushion to keep himself from sliding too far down. As Tyra's mouth met his cock, he couldn't suppress a moan. He put his free hand into his lover's hair, near one pointed ear.

Tyra swiftly caught Elain's wrist and pulled his hand away from the danger zone, his sensitive ear tip, and pinned that hand to the couch. He wanted Elain to come unravelled, and to accomplish his goal of a screaming orgasm for his lover he needed all of his attention focused.

Last night had been lots of slow and gentle lovemaking, full of soft touches and husky whispers of pleasure. This was all about seeing whether he could make Elain scream his name.

Toward that end, he viciously lavished attention all over Elain's member, licking from root to tip with long strokes of his tongue, and then giving quick teasing sucks at the tip.

His efforts were rewarded, when Elain suddenly started to tense up. He almost ripped the cushion to shreds as he screamed Tyra's name, his vision blackening for a moment.

Tyra moaned appreciatively as he tasted Elain's sweet release on his tongue and he swallowed quickly. He kept suckling at the tip determinedly even as Elain began to relax and melt into the couch beneath him. He stopped only when Elain began to push his head away to get him to cease tormenting the overly sensitized skin.

Elain was panting, his eyes half closed. He felt wonderfully relaxed and sated, almost sleepy. The nasty tension and anger had completely melted away.

"You're definitely hired for a life-long job," Elain said, smiling.

"Great, when's the..." he started, but he caught himself before he completed the statement.

He'd almost said in jest "when's the bonding ceremony?" but such words wouldn't feel like much of a jest at all, not when he fully intended to ask Elain to bond with him some day.

"Think you can get through the rest of the day without tensing back up now?" he asked as a cover. "I'm not going to be able to come back this evening and help you blow off steam. I have a test tomorrow, so I'm staying in the dorm tonight."

"I think I can manage", Elain answered. "Thanks. And you'd better concentrate and do some work for your classes. Next time I'll be the one to help you relieve some stress." He had noticed that Tyra had almost said something entirely different, but he couldn't begin to guess what it had been.

"I'm counting on it," Tyra replied with a wink. He rose to his feet and straightened out his clothes. He went and picked his messenger bag up from where it was waiting for him on one of the chairs. "Don't forget, lunch is in the fridge for you."

"Thanks. I love you," Elain called after him, still unable to move.

Tyra turned to look at Elain where he was still sprawled on the couch in a state of obvious debauchery with his fly open, his cheeks flushed, and his eyes closed.

A job well done, as far as Tyra was concerned.

He went back and gave Elain a quick kiss on the forehead. "Love you, too, Elain. See you this weekend."

Tyra exited the apartment with quite a bit of swagger in his walk. He wouldn't be able to see Elain again for a couple of days, but that last image of him lying on the couch would certainly sustain Tyra for a while.

He got into the VIP elevator to head down to the first floor. However, the elevator stopped a few floors down — to be precise, it stopped on the business floor of the Velvet Shadow. The elevator doors shushed open to reveal a familiar-looking sire in a formal business suit. It was one of Elain's business partners, the one that Tyra had met before.

What was his name again?

The other sire was clearly remembering Tyra, too, as he raised an eyebrow at him. "So you're still coming here?" he asked.

"Yep," Tyra drawled out the word. It was D-something. Daversham? Demerik?

"Very interesting - even more since nobody has ever been invited upstairs into Elain Silvestri's sanctuary," Davaric remarked. "And there I thought you were just a little fling. Interesting indeed."

Tyra narrowed his eyes and grit his teeth. He looked away from the other sire for a moment to regain his composure.

"What do you mean, 'nobody's ever been invited into Elain's sanctuary'? We had Marithia up for dinner just two nights ago," he shot back.

Of course, it occurred to him a moment too late that he was supposed to be keeping their relationship a secret from outsiders. But, damnit, this guy got on his nerves. Tyra suddenly remembered exactly how he'd met this sire for the first time. Damnit, this sire had always gotten on his nerves.

"Marithia doesn't count since she's a woman," Davaric dismissed Tyra's argument. "And now it's 'we' already? A live-in loverboy instead of a little fling? I guess the newspaper were a bit quick to dismiss you."

In that moment, Tyra wanted nothing so much as the chance to punch the arrogant sire in the mouth. He felt his ear tips flush with his anger. This pompous ass didn't have any right to look down on Tyra. "Loverboy," was he now?

But then Tyra recalled how he'd been playing that exact role only a short while ago, and all that it had led to. A smug, self-content smile eased its way across his face. He ran his tongue against the roof of his mouth.

He could still taste the faint traces from that elusive honey flavor of Elain's release on his tongue.

So Tyra decided he could be generous and not blame the bastard for being jealous.

"I guess they were," he replied with his smile still in place.

This reaction caught Davaric a bit off-guard, but he quickly regained his composure. The elevator stopped a second later, and the doors opened.

"Then let's hope Elain won't lose interest in you too soon, or it's back to the streets for you. Good luck." Davaric stepped out of the lift and gave Tyra a dismissing little wave.

Tyra waved in return. "See you around, Dashmeric," he replied as he headed for the parking lot.


To be continued...