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I promise you'll have nothing to say (nothing to say)

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The journey home is agonizing, if only because Taehyung would like nothing more than to get this thing out of his ass and his own dick inside Jeongguk's.



From the way the younger has been subtly fidgeting in his seat and throwing surreptitious glances at him the entire way back, he thinks he may share the sentiment.



His stomach is a cesspool of heat and his fingers quake in anticipation of what's to come- of what he's going to do to the other the moment they find reprieve in his room.



Fuck, they can't get back to the dorms fast enough.



Because as much as he loves Jeongguk's cock (he will never willingly surrender this piece of information), he loves his ass that much more.



And the sensation of the other's delectable heat constricting around him, that snug cavern fluttering sporadically around his length as he sinks further inside and nails him into the mattress-



It's an experience that fucking transcends tactility.



He notices Jeongguk eying him warily through his peripheral, antsy and seemingly on edge, and Taehyung tries not to roll his eyes at the way he noticeably shifts around.



The asshole wouldn't understand subtlety if it catapulted into his face.



Taehyung refuses to spare him a lick of his attention though because real talk-



He's still lowkey pissed with the younger's nefarious antics, consciously fiddling with the switch of the control throughout the remainder of the interview, as though he could derive no greater pleasure than from watching Taehyung squirm.



Scratch that. He knows the dipshit was basking in every lingering moment.



But that's alright.



Because Taehyung intends on extending the same courtesy later tonight. And when he does, he'll make sure Jeongguk feels every last inch of his wrath for days.








Jeongguk is honest enough with himself to admit that he's wholly unaccustomed to the breadth of Taehyung's indifference, hardly ever finding himself on the receiving end of the other's ire.



But for the first time in a really long time, the elder seems genuinely pissed off, silently stewing in his fury while regarding Jeongguk with nothing more than apathy and it causes a torrent of anxiety to flood his system.



Jeongguk loathes to admit, but he fucking hates when Taehyung is angry. Even more so when he's at the epicenter of his rage, because the elder doesn't truly get angry often. And most definitely not enough to treat him with blatant disregard, as though being around him is the last thing he wants.



Honestly, he feels utterly at a loss as he watches the other engage in casual conversation with Jimin and Hoseok, having completely bypassed him the moment they stepped foot in the dorms.



Taehyung ignores him proficiently, hardly sparing him a glance as he excuses himself to the bathroom and Jeongguk suspects his intentions for heading there, but is frankly too reluctant (trepidatious) to stop him.



Because right now, the last thing he wants is to give the other more of a reason to detest his presence.



The realization bulldozes its way to the center of his chest, stealing his breath away and making his stomach tighten painfully. He doesn't know why his eyes are prickling.



He doesn't usually allow the bitter taste of regret to impair his judgement, but this just may prove to be an exception.



He just wants Taehyung to look at him again.



Jeongguk's not used to the other's aloofness and he absolutely despises it.



Taehyung returns from the restroom, features visibly more lax and Jeongguk knows he didn't go in there just to relieve himself (well, he supposes in a way he did). He would feel regretful about the entire situation, but he's honestly more preoccupied with getting the other to look at him again.



Taehyung doesn't, and it causes the unpleasant sensation in his chest to flare.



The rejection throttles him with the force of a tank as he sits stiffly on the couch, gazing down uncertainly at his hands and attempting to overlook the slight burn manifesting around his irises.



Fuck, what the hell even is this.



Quit being so goddamn pathetic.



Taehyung's rambunctious laughter erupts somewhere from within the kitchen and it merely fuels his bitterness, nails sinking into his palms and forming crescents along soft flesh.



That should be him, he thinks.



He hates being petty but fuck, is it hard not to slightly loathe Jimin and Hoseok right now, because it's not fair that they're the ones bearing witness to the other's joviality while he's the one faced with the brunt of his scorn.



He didn't think Taehyung would be this upset.



If he had- if he had known his actions would have reaped consequences this unfavorable- there's no way he would have followed through with what he did.



Because this-



It makes him feel shittier than he's felt in years, and he doesn't want to be a contemptuous person but he can't help feeling resentful towards the other two (and maybe even Taehyung himself) for currently having what he doesn't.



He feels a dip in the couch beside him but pays it no need, far too focused on the cadence of the other's deep voice as he prattles on about some inconsequential incident and meanwhile the acerbity coats his tongue like honey gone rancid.



The blaze in his chest simmers.



"So what exactly did you do to piss him off?"



Jeongguk startles, so caught up in the quirk of Taehyung's lips and the expressions flitting across those attractive features as he recounts a story about some encounter involving some member from an outside group that he completely dismissed the fact that someone had situated themselves beside him. 



Yoongi is gazing at him expectantly- knowingly- and Jeongguk momentarily pushes thoughts of Taehyung aside to stare back at the other incredulously.






Well there goes his shot at collectedness and attempts at convincing the other nothing is amiss.



The deadpan expression that washes over the older's mien is almost impressive.



"I don't know which is more embarrassing." Yoongi drawls. "Your sad attempt at lying or the fact that you actually think your meme-spressions are even remotely humorous."



Way to go for the artery, hyung.



Jeongguk scowls because hey, his entire meme career is golden okay. 



(And he knows for a fact Yoongi has emulated his signature expression on more than one account. Who you trying to kid, fam?)



"There's nothing going on between Taehyung and I." He grouches because he's suddenly reminded of his entire predicament and the recollection leaves a sour taste in his mouth. He glances towards the kitchen where the other is still engaged in a conversation with the two dancers and his scowl deepens.



Yoongi watches the occurrence closely- notices the fleeting emotion within the youngest's marred expression- and scoffs softly. 



Who are these idiots trying to fool?



"I never said there was, did I?" His inquiry is loaded with something perceptive (almost smug) and Jeongguk knows he's outed himself. "I asked why Taehyung looks like the last place he currently wants to be is by your side?"



Jeongguk grimaces, the words hitting just a little too close to home.



Yoongi really does know how to fucking rub salt in a gaping wound.



"Thanks, hyung." He mutters tersely, gaze flittering towards his hands as he takes in the sound of Taehyung's low rasp in the background. The other has yet to even turn in his direction and suddenly, watching him seems like too much of a feat. 



Somewhere, it mildly aches.



Yoongi has the decency to appear somewhat contrite (well, as contrite as Min Yoongi can be).



"You know what I mean." He rectifies, tone softening and Jeongguk does but it doesn't make the discomfort in his chest lessen- doesn't make the knots in his stomach unfurl nor the sting in his eyes mitigate.



"I don't know either ok."



That's not entirely true. He does know, or at least he has an idea. He just didn't think a faulty estimation would have resulted in the other giving him the silent treatment completely.



It sucks, for lack of a better term.



He sounds strangely lost and he hates that because he thinks Taehyung may be one of the few people who has the ability to do that- to strip away his fortified confidence while leaving him so unbelievably bare, and it's terrifying. Spending so much of his career and time constructing an image and building upon the layers of defenses, only to have the elder come in and undermine them all with a single warm glance or a scorching touch against his skin.



God. What he wouldn't give to have the other look at him like that again- to have him touch him and set his entire being aflame.



Taehyung makes him feel warm (safe) in a world that can be so cold and unforgiving at times.



He doesn't know how he's only just realized this now.



"I don't know, hyung." He repeats quietly, voice wistful.



Yoongi stares silently, watching the other critically and Jeongguk would usually feel unnerved by this point, but thoughts of a beautiful male with a radiant smile and feline eyes invade his psyche and shoo all other prospects away.



Taehyung makes him feel alive.



He recognizes this, because in the midst of the other's impassivity, something inside feels barren and what he wouldn't do to tend to that withering bud within, showering it with a vitality that only Taehyung's presence seems to make possible.



Silence befalls them, the quiet chattering of three individuals aside.



Jeongguk resolves not to glance towards the direction he knows Taehyung lies, because it merely serves to make the disquietude intensify and he'd rather not dwell on the tumultuous flood of emotions it brings.



"I'll get the others out of the dorm for the night." Yoongi's gravelly voice resounds after a period of stillness. "Fucking Jimin's been pestering me about treating him out for samgyeopsal anyways."



Jeongguk glances up at the elder, eyes slightly damp around the corners but staring widely at him nonetheless.



Yoongi returns the gaze almost sympathetically.



"The two of you will sort out whatever issues you have during that time," He pauses, and there's an almost pained grimace that settles over his mien. "In whatever fashion you both deem appropriate." A slight wince, and Jeongguk flushes at the implications behind the other's words.



"That's not-"



"But you guys will sort it out by then." It doesn't sound like a question. "Because the last thing we need is discord between any of the members. It'll mess with our group dynamic and work ethic and I'm not going to let you two dipshits jeopardize what we've all worked so hard for, so fucking fix whatever shit's transpired between you two, got it?"



Jeongguk nods mechanically, finding it best not to argue.



"Good." Yoongi schools his expression back into one of casual indifference. "Then in that case I'll round everyone up. You and Taehyung can just say you don't feel up to the trip."



Jeongguk's pretty sure the others are going to find that relatively hard to believe, most especially because he never passes on an opportunity for food. And free food, absolutely not.



But as much as it kills him to say it-



Taehyung trumps food in his books.



(Just barely).



So he honestly doesn't really care what the others may think or know. The only individual's opinion who counts now is Taehyung's, and if Yoongi is giving him this opportunity to settle things between them then there's nothing that would stop him from taking it.



Taehyung means that much to him.



(Perhaps he always has).



"Thanks, hyung." The sincerity reverberates between them and the rapper glances at him pensively, eyeing him with a searching look before he nods acquiescently and rises from the couch.



Yoongi pats him lightly on the shoulder before heading towards the kitchen where the others currently are. He pauses mid-stride, glancing over his shoulder before his voice dips into something muted, but it resounds raucously through the space between them all the same.






Jeongguk listens with bated breath.



"I honestly don't think you have too much to worry about." Before he can ask the elder to clarify, he continues. "The kid looks at you as though you're the very epicenter of his universe and like you hung the fucking moon in his sky."



His breath catches.



Hope is an insidious thing.



"Okay hyung."



That doesn't stop it from suffusing in his chest, threatening to burst from the seams before wrapping carefully within every meter of his being.









As Taehyung rests lazily against the bed, he considers that he may have been somewhat harsh on the younger. Hypothetically speaking, of course.



Not that he thinks it's entirely unjustified, but he can relent that he was perhaps milking it a bit too much for what it was worth.



Besides, he knew it would make the night that much more unexpected if Jeongguk was under the assumption that he was actually furious with him.



He may or may not feel a slight twinge of remorse however when he thinks about the way the younger had looked a bit like a defeated puppy, for lack of a better description. Taehyung had inconspicuously snuck glances at the other while he was in the kitchen with Hoseok and Jimin, and had felt something like regret curl around his conscience when he noticed how out of place and uncomfortable the youngest looked, head cast as he sat tensely on the couch, hands folded against his lap.



Fuck, he may have wanted to make the other to stew in his misery a bit but he didn't want him to look like a goddamn downtrodden child.



Taehyung doesn't like seeing the other sad.



(Not that he'd readily admit that, but whatever).



But he promises he'll make it up to the younger later tonight. He'll make him feel so good, any doubts or second guesses will be wiped clean. He'll fuck the incertitude right out of him- make him come his brains out and have the despondency drip from him along with other things.



Christ, he honestly can't wait.



And he doesn't say this often, but God bless Min Yoongi for his perceptibility. He suspects the elder rapper knows more than he lets on, and the glint in his eyes as he had urged the others out of the dorm tells him that he certainly had a purpose for doing so.



(Plus, Yoongi had pulled him aside after informing everyone I'm treating you assholes so get your dumb asses ready and flat out told him he wasn't tagging along. Taehyung had been ready to protest, but then the elder gave him that look and he promptly shut the hell up.



Stop being an asshole, the older had muttered quietly. He looks like a fucking neglected beagle, and you know I hate that shit. If it was a Pomeranian maybe, because those little pests are the work of the devil but not beagles man.



Fix this shit.)



And that had been that.



Taehyung didn't need to think hard to deduce who he was referring to.



Jeongguk had told everyone he was too exhausted to head out for food (Taehyung had rolled his eyes at this) and he was still feeling a bit too 'unwell' to leave the dorms.



His stomach wails at the missed opportunity for japchae and samgyeopsal but well-



He supposes being buried to the hilt in Jeongguk's tight ass is an acceptable alternative.



He glances at the small, satin pouch to his right, devious smirk falling into place and he knows it's gonna be a real good ride tonight indeed. He feels the adrenaline course through his veins, chest simmering in anticipation and man, he really can't fucking wait to be 8 inches inside the other and encompassed in heavenly satin heat. 



Jeongguk always feels so fucking divine around his cock and it's like the first time all over again whenever he finds sanctity within the constraint of heated walls.



He gives it 5 minutes.



5 minutes before Jeongguk comes knocking at his door, because while the younger may be prideful and stubborn to a fault at times, he has never been terribly great at accepting Taehyung's indifference, and he knows sooner or later he'll come here in search of his approval again and when that happens he'll be waiting for him.



That, he will.








Jeongguk stands at the foot of Taehyung's shared room, knuckles poised against the closed door and he's pretty certain if any of the others were here they'd claim he looks like a fucking lunatic standing around as his hands dance around in a strange fashion while he debates between knocking or just entering before launching into his apology-cum-spiel.



He knocks.



Because he's skating on thin ice with the elder and he'd rather not jab a sledgehammer into the very small reprieve he's treading on.



"Come in."



It feels like he's walking straight into a scene from the Godfather and into the pits of his demise himself.



Ok, that's a bit melodramatic but Jesus Christ-



The way Taehyung is perched carelessly against the headboard of Jimin's bunk, skimming through his phone and directing nothing more than an arched brow and a casual look his way as he closes the door behind him-



He just really wants to wreck him.



(Or maybe get wrecked by him. Yeah, that wouldn't be too bad either).






Like that, his bravado just goes to shit and he's left shifting awkwardly against the doorframe because verbal diarrhea is something he has suffered from a number of times previously and this is probably not one of those times to fall victim to such misfortunes, he surmises. 



Taehyung levels his gaze upon him, dark and maybe just a bit intrusive and Jeongguk's knees honest to God quaver. He gulps, mouth parched and throat coarse as he thinks about the way those same probing eyes would look as he sinks his cock inside him.



Now is not the time to sport a semi, you Neanderthal.



Because like, Jeongguk's not gonna lie- he knows he's got a great dick. But Taehyung. He's got a great dick.



And he may or may not have made Jeongguk muffle his screams against the bedsheets once or twice as he rode his ass in a way that would put jockeys out of business.



"What is it?"



Shit. He forgets occasionally how much deeper that liquid voice dips when he's serious and he'd be lying if he said it didn't make him want to drop to his knees and plead with the other to pound him into the bed until he's fucking begging him to stop.



Not that he would. Beg him to stop, that is.



He never really has in the past. Why start now, when you could have a dick like Kim Taehyung's in your ass?



That's blasphemous.



But he forcibly pushes the thoughts aside (and tries not make his burgeoning lust too evident, because fuck me in the ass. But like really), reminding himself of the reason why he's really here.



(Because he misses him).



It's stupid, and it's only been a few hours but somehow that duration has extended itself to feel like months in Jeongguk's mind and he just-



He hates the mere thought of his best friend being upset with him. It leaves a sinking feeling in his gut and fills his chest with something far too distasteful for his liking.



"I'm sorry."



Fuck, was that hard to swallow his pride and edge out. Apologies are something he likes to avoid altogether, because boy, does it take a lot for him to get over his own ego and willingly admit that he may have possibly misstepped.



But it's either that or continuing to have Taehyung look right past him, like he's not worth even a speck of his time (attention), and the latter is perhaps one pill that's just a little too bitter to swallow.



As uncomfortable as the words feel on his tongue, he knows he'd rather give up his pride than Taehyung.



He honestly doesn't know what he'd do if Taehyung ceased being an integral part of his life. He doesn't like to think too deeply about it.



"I didn't-" He swallows, unable to meet the other's gaze fully because it's fucking hard admitting that he's done wrong and he doesn't want the other to know how much he's struggling just to get the words out. "Fuck, I didn't know it'd make you this mad. I didn't want to piss you off this much, I swear."



His eyes start to sting again as the acrid emotions burn inside him and he steadfastly looks down at his feet because he'll be damned if he allows the other to bear witness to how weak he is.



How fucking weak Taehyung makes him.



"But why the fuck won't you look at me you asshole?"



He's incredibly proud of himself for not choking on the last part, because his larynx feels like a goddamn topsy-turvy chaos if he's being frank.



"You know I fucking hate when you ignore me like this, so why the fuck would you-"



Jeongguk cuts himself off because he's starting to sound emotional and petulant, two things he loathes and it infuriates him that Taehyung is able to draw these qualities out from him. He inhales, dismissing the tremor in his frame and the persisting tingle in his eyes.



Fuck that.






Jeongguk blinks, and there's a dampness forming along the lower layer of his lids but he overlooks it to glance skeptically at the other.



The look that Taehyung bestows upon him is stern (impeccably controlled) but shadowed with penitence and something much softer blurring around the edges.



Jeongguk nearly stumbles against the bunk in his haste to reach the other, to get his arms around him- to touch him again because a few hours without Taehyung's fingers against his skin are a few hours too long.



He melts against the elder far too easily and he'd reprimand himself for being so ridiculously easy around the other but he doesn't think he really gives a shit right now. Taehyung is warm and comforting against him and he clings to that, wrapping his arms tightly around the other's waist as careful arms encircle his shoulders. He presses his face against the other's chest, nuzzling his sternum lightly and he hears the other chuckle softly before there are gentle fingers threading through his hair.



God, has he fucking missed this.



(Rational Jeon would keel over from laughter at how pathetic he's acting).



Again, he can't bother to give a shit.



Jeongguk's just relieved that everything is seemingly settling back in place, the tension seeping out of his frame and that constriction within his chest alleviating with every sift of those slim fingers against his tresses.



"You're really just an overgrown teddybear, aren't you?"



Jeongguk doesn't respond, merely curling into the other and pressing his face against the outline of his chest because the relief and contentment are so vivid it's almost overwhelming. His breath catches and he's just so overcome with emotion that he chokes on his reply.



His eyes pool with tears and he refuses to look up, lest the other discover the real reason as to why he can't seem to pull away.



Taehyung seems to sense his disquietude though and the uncharacteristic stillness- somehow he always does- because soon there are gentle fingers lifting his chin and when he reluctantly peers up at the other, he's met with a worried, abysmal gaze.



"Gukkie, are you crying?"



For some reason, the query seems to unleash the floodgates to the flurry of emotions making a mess out of his head and the dampness spreads in his eyes until his vision blurs heavily and he can feel liquid trailing down his cheeks.



Taehyung is alarmed but he doesn't hesitate to brush the cascading tears away with his thumb, cupping the younger male's face with a tenderness that surprises them both.






This merely contributes to the onslaught of emotions seizing his rationale and his eyes flood with more tears because-



He didn't realize how terrified he was of potentially fucking this up.



And it would have been horrible (excruciating), he knows, because a realm without Taehyung's ever present affection and care- his friendship- would have been more than he could stomach.



His features are twisted with his dolor, tears falling freely as he gnaws at his lower lip to keep the sobs contained.



Taehyung's presence is steady- grounding- and his touch remedying and Jeongguk finds himself inadvertently seeking the warmth of the other's palm. The elder continues to stroke his cheek with the pads of his thumbs gently, until most of the tears have been brushed away and he regards him with such a fragile expression inscribed within the curves of his irises that it makes Jeongguk all the more thankful that he has the other like this again. He inhales slowly before expelling a wavering sigh, but relief is sewn into the scurry of his breath and his lips leave imprints along the insides of Taehyung's wrists.



It all feels starkly more intimate than they're accustomed to and Taehyung stills, but his hands linger on his face and Jeongguk counts that as some variation of a victory, small as it may be.



He stares up at the other with wide, teary eyes and he's sure he looks quite the sight-



Tear tracks marring his face and wearing an entirely open expression because if there's one person he's always had a hard time hiding himself from, it's Taehyung.



(Jeongguk's never really been able to explain why he seems to light up within the other's presence).



"Damn." Taehyung's soothing inflection sifts through the quiet, cadence placating even as his words mirror his amusement. "I mean, I intended to make you cry tonight but not this way."



Jeongguk cracks a teary smile despite the tumultuous wave of emotions.



"Shut up." He sniffles, punching him lightly against the shoulder before he's graced with a mischievous smile, and he thinks he could easily get swept up in the subtle tilt of the other's lips and the crease along his eyes as he succumbs to his felicity. "God, you're a fucking asshole."



Taehyung laughs but doesn't express his dissent, because he admits that was his intention and he perhaps may have been a little too callous but hey. What can you do?



He runs his fingers along the slope of the other's cheeks, watching as those midnight eyes briefly fall shut and his lashes flutter against his touch.



Christ, he's fucking beautiful.



"You're such a piece of shit. Do you have any idea how much you fucking scared me?" His voice is laden with emotion as he stares up at him almost helplessly.



Taehyung doesn't answer, merely studying him with a perceptive gaze.



"I honestly thought you were furious with me, and that you didn't want anything to do with me."



Taehyung can't help the faint twitch of his lips, even while Jeongguk scowls fiercely at him.



"Just like you to jump to the most drastic conclusions, Guk." He smiles, fingertips still skimming lightly over the other's supple skin and it evokes a quiet sigh from blood red lips. "Did you really think I'd cut you off for good?"



That I would be able to?



Jeongguk gazes up at him, lips slightly parted and with a glint in his eyes as though he's in the midst of discerning something vital. It's makes Taehyung uncomfortable so he directs his line of vision elsewhere, schooling his features into casual passivity and injecting something more lighthearted into his tone.



"Not gonna lie, I'm still relatively pissed." Taehyung kisses his teeth, hands leaving the younger's face so he can lean comfortably against the headboard, but there's a threatening sheen varnishing his orbs and it makes something in Jeongguk's stomach flare with heat. "You were being such a miserable little shit and what's worse, you knew exactly what you were doing."



Jeongguk licks his lips nervously, by force of habit, but it draws the elder's attention anyways, that searing gaze pinpointed on the draw of slick muscle as it trails over soft, red flesh and it stirs something volatile within the pit of his belly.



"I'm sorry."



Taehyung peels his eyes away from the lure of those shiny cherry lips, dark eyes burning against Jeongguk's flesh and coaxing a shiver from the root of his spine.



He hums quietly, menacing gaze still fixed on him and he has to force himself not to shrink away. "Not now, you aren't." Obsidian eyes flit towards his own, wicked smirk furling into place. "But you will be."



It sounds like a promise.



Jeongguk can't wait for him to fulfill it.









Jeongguk should have foreseen that Taehyung would make him endure a rather brutal brand of repentance before bestowing his forgiveness upon him.



His knees ache from where he's been kneeling against the floor for at least 15 minutes now while the other casually types away on his phone.



That sadistic sack of shit.



He wants to fucking throttle him- pin him against the bed and make him writhe but a part of him recognizes that he probably deserves it and if this is what it takes to get back in Taehyung's good graces then he supposes he can justify it for now.



His kneecaps still ache like a motherfucker though.



The older suddenly perks up, and Jeongguk hears the telltale swooshing sound of a text being sent before the signature click of the lock screen sets in place and he chances a glance at the other. Taehyung's wearing a satisfied smile, tossing his phone carelessly against the open surface of Hoseok's bed before slowly moving towards where he's currently knelt.



Jeongguk spares a moment to wonder if Taehyung ever even sleeps on his own bed, since he seems to always be occupying the other two dancers' when he comes over.



The dark sweats that the elder had slipped into after returning to the dorms rides explicitly low on his hips, shifting to expose a sharp v-line as he slinks towards him with an air of sensuality that makes his mouth run dry.



Jeongguk stares, enraptured, as the elder stalks up to him with an infuriating quirk to his lips and a smug expression. The other grips him lightly by the chin then, tilting his head up so their eyes meet and a current of desire surges through his frame at the intensity of the other's gaze. His fingers shake from where they're pressed against his sides.



"Oh, Gukkie," The other drawls lazily and it makes Jeongguk's abdomen clench painfully, that deep-pitched voice wrapping around his cochlea and making him absolutely hazy with pleasure. "You make such a pretty sight on your knees."



Jeongguk swallows a moan, torn between the degradation and the appraisal, because he suddenly notices just how close the other's crotch is to his face and his mouth nearly waters just thinking about having his lips wrapped around Taehyung's thick cock.



God, he wants Taehyung's hot, dripping length in his mouth so bad- wants to taste his cum all over his tongue. Wants the other to maintain a bruising grip around his hair and hold his head in place as he brutally fucks into his mouth and makes him choke on it. He wants his throat to hurt for days.



His jeans suddenly feel far too restrictive and the pressure against his dick is excruciating. He can't help himself from emitting a soft whine as he glances up at the older pleadingly, a vast pool of requests written into his wide orbs and the other grins downs at him, looking far too pleased with the turn of events.



"What do you want, baby?" He murmurs roughly, a maleficent glimmer in his eyes and Jeongguk narrows his own defiantly because he knows the other knows exactly what he wants.



"You want my cock?" There's a teasing lilt to his tone and it makes the pleasure that much more mind-numbing. "Want me to stuff your mouth full of my dick and ram it down your throat? Make you gag on it?" His fingers tighten around his chin and it pulls a strangled noise from the base of his throat. His eyes prickle with oncoming tears, but this time, it's not a result of his rampant emotions. "I bet the others will be wondering why you can't hit those high notes for the rest of the week."



Jeongguk keens, shifting restlessly from where he's kneeled and his cock is hard now and he's so desperate- so fucking desperate to feel the other's tip prodding against the back of his throat as he desecrates his mouth.




"Tae-" He whines piteously but Taehyung pays him no heed, fingers merely flexing around his jaw as he stares down at him heatedly, pupils dark and swimming with something far too carnal.






Jeongguk's mouth snaps shut.



"You know whining doesn't get you anywhere, baby doll." There's a hint of a reprimand in his tone and Jeongguk has to refrain from emitting a soft whimper at his misstep. This, he does know.



But Taehyung makes it so hard sometimes, because everything about the other male makes him want to keen and simper (and maybe bend over). There's something inherently sensual- intense- about the older and it never fails to make him abandon his sense of reason when he gets like this.



"Tell me what you want, Jeonggukkie."



Jeongguk wets his lips instinctively, eyes flitting down to the outline of the other's girth through those thin sweats. His eyes flicker back up towards the other, meeting that penetrative stare and it punches a breathy sigh from his throat.



"I want you." He whispers coyly because he understands the kind of effect it tends to have on the other, and he's all for having the other wrapped around his fingers. "Want to feel your cock in my mouth, Tae. Want you to fuck my throat until it's raw and I can't breathe." He purposively glances up at the other through his eyelashes, running his tongue across his bottom lip and coating it thoroughly with saliva.



There's a sharp intake of air before the other swears hotly. "God, Guk." That grip around his face tightens and Jeongguk has to hold back a soft mewl. He loves when the other grips him so hard it leaves bruises against his skin. "The mouth on you, it's filthy."



Jeongguk steals a glance at him through dark lashes, playful glint suffused in his eyes as the corners of his mouth twitch upwards. "Not right now it isn't, but hopefully pretty soon it will be."



Taehyung lets out a choked laugh, fingers slithering into raven silken tresses and tugging lightly, enticing a quiet groan from Jeongguk's lips. "You're a fucking heathen."



The younger merely winks at him playfully, fingers aching to reach out and peel that obtrusive material away but refraining because he knows he has yet been granted the permission to do so.



"Please let me suck your cock, hyung."



Long fingers tighten painfully in his hair and Jeongguk moans shakily, lids falling shut as his back unwittingly arches, cock twitching at the slight twinge of pain against his scalp.



"Fuck, Guk."



"Please Tae. God, I want it so bad." He does everything in his power not to let the plea come out as a whine because he's still got some semblance of his dignity left. "Need your cock in my mouth, wanna taste you, please."



(Or not).



"Jesus Christ, you're fucking needy." The elder lets out a guttural groan, maintaining that excruciating grip around his locks and tugging intentionally to draw pained sounds from the younger. Fuck, he can't wait to be inside him.



"What are you waiting for then? Do the honors, babe." He whispers gruffly, a hint of a challenge in his voice and that's where he's erred, Jeongguk thinks, because there's next to no one who loves a challenge as much as he does.



Jeongguk smirks even amidst the pain, obsidian irises flickering open and eclipsed by a haze of lust, pupils blown wide from arousal as he already envisions the taste of the other's essence all over his tongue.



Taehyung's grip loosens and Jeongguk takes the opportunity to lean in, nuzzling gently against the other's clothed erection and pulling a strangled groan from the male above him. His fingers curl around the elastic of his sweats, rolling down the material painstakingly while running his hot tongue over the jut of the other's hipbones. He feels the other's muscles tense beneath his fingertips as he continues laving wet trails across a smooth abdomen and prominent v-line.



Christ. He forgets how fucking hot the other is sometimes.



(Okay, that's a stretch. He doesn't think he ever ceases to remember just how sexy Kim Taehyung can be).






The younger tattooes his smile against the hard ridges of the other's hipbone and tries not to feel too satisfied with the way he has the other like putty in his hands. He decides to take pity upon the brunet however, for his patience is rapidly wearing thin as well and he's never really had a penchant for holding off on his hedonistic inclinations.



Jeongguk presses a lingering kiss along the heated skin of the other's hip before yanking the offensive material down, making sure to run his fingers teasingly across the back of the other's thighs as he rolls those pants down the span of strong, muscled legs.



Fuck, does he have a thing for Taehyung's sun-kissed thighs. They're an entity separate from this world.



He makes out the outline of the other's hard cock through his briefs and grins, pleased. He hears the other let out a sharp hiss when he pulls down his undergarments, pressing a light kiss against the tip of his cock before smearing his lips with precum oozing from his hard length. Jeongguk runs his tongue across sullied flesh and moans lewdly at the muskiness which invades his tastebuds.



"God, I love the way you taste, Tae." He moans, cock aching and feeling like he's going to burst in his pants. He swirls his tongue carefully around the tip of Taehyung's dick, lapping everything up eagerly and curling his tongue sensually around the other's hot girth.



The fingers around his hair tighten and he hums contently, slipping the other's cock further inside his mouth and grasping the back of those strong thighs firmly. He moans when he feels the other's length pressed against his cheek and he bobs his head at a purposefully languid pace, enjoying the way the other stiffens against him as he swallows him with ease.






The coarse growl sends a shiver through his frame and he suctions his lips, enclosing his mouth snugly around that leaking length and forcing his head down so he feels the tip nudge the back of his throat. He relaxes the muscles in his larynx and keeps his head in place, thankful that his gag reflex tends not to flare up too easily. He moans desperately at the feel of the other rammed against the rear of his throat, keeping his lips tightly wrapped around that wide member and slowly sinking further down until his nose brushes against the other's skin.



Jeongguk hears a tortured groan from above as those fingers yank fiercely at his scalp, causing his dick to throb and a wanton moan to escape the caverns of his throat.



The subtle vibrations cause him to grip the younger's hair more fiercely, drawing his head close as he thrusts his hips lazily into that delectable heat and arching his neck at the wondrous sensation of those tight muscles constricting around him. He's glad he positioned himself the way he did, head reclining against the wall as the other deep throats him with fervor.



"Fuck, Guk. Your mouth." He murmurs senselessly, holding the other's head in place just as he snaps his hips forward, shoving his cock further down his throat and snarling at the snugness eclipsing and rendering him irrational.



Jeongguk hums contently around Taehyung's girth, choking slightly as the roughness of the other's actions jostle him against his throat. He slips his eyes shut and concentrates on expanding the muscles in his throat to accommodate the elder's sharp thrusts and the size of his cock. His pants tighten when he tastes faint traces of the other's precum leaking down his throat, a tremor wracking his frame as he presses his nose closer against a dark bed of curls and eases the other deeper inside.



He whines quietly, bobbing his head more voraciously and reaching a hand out to rest over the one residing in his tresses. A string of expletives are ejected from the other's mouth and Jeongguk feels his eyes prickle at the strain against his oropharynx as he continuously sinks his head down to swallow greedily around the other. His nails sink into the back of the other's thighs, earning a sharp hiss just as he takes all of him in, sliding his lips all the way down to the base of that hard shaft as he opens up his throat and feels him scrape roughly against his walls. He inhales deeply through his nose, moaning softly around the other's dick as he keeps his head situated, lips brushing against the other's skin as he holds Taehyung in his entirety within his mouth. His throat contracts as Taehyung shifts restlessly but he fastidiously remains in place, fingers brushing against the other's thighs and spit dripping filthily from the sides of his lips as he feels that hardness rammed all the way down his throat.




"Holy fuck," Taehyung grits deliriously, head knocking painfully against the wall as he writhes against the support. "Baby, oh Go-" He chokes, feeling that wet, decadent heat constricting impossibly tight around him as the other's nose remains flush against his skin and his eyes roll back as his fingers tremble violently within the other's soft bed of hair. "Fuck, fuck fu-"



Jeongguk somehow manages to take his cock even further, those pretty slick-coated lips caressing his flesh as restrictive muscles spasm around him and every tendon in his body is so overwrought with tension, he knows he's not going to last much longer.



"Shit, Jeongguk-ah," He slurs wildly, any remaining sense of logic escaping him as he grinds his hips shallowly, shoving his cock further inside the other's mouth and Jeongguk just fucking takes it all, larynx contracting around him and muffled sounds of the younger literally choking on his dick resounding between them. "Fuck baby, open up for me."



The other whines around a mouth full of his dick, throat feeling raw and properly abused and he loves it- wants the other to make him choke on his throbbing length each day until he's gasping for air.



He presses Taehyung's hand harshly against his head and the elder seems to pick up on his silent plea because his grip soon turns aggressive and it makes his chest swell with such a profound sense of satisfaction as he feels that familiar burn against his scalp. He whimpers around the other's hardness when he feels those long fingers hold his head firmly against him, making him gag violently as the tip of his cock nudges his throat and there's drool spilling from the corners of his mouth but he doesn't care because Taehyung is fucking his throat so damn well he knows it's going to be sore and absolutely aching by tomorrow.



It's so good Taehyung wants to pull his fucking hair out, but he settles for carefully thrusting into that tight cavern with as much self-control as he can muster, sharp jolts of pleasure spiking through him as he fists the other's dark locks callously.



"Fuck," He curses hotly, twisting his fingers around the length of the other's hair and tugging unforgivingly. "God Jeongguk, your mouth is so good."



Jeongguk's chest thrives at the approval before he relaxes his muscles and sucks harder, reveling in the sensation of the other's balls crammed in his orifice as he allows him to wreck his mouth. The force of the other's thrusts intensify and he struggles to keep his throat lax as Taehyung maintains a bruising grip around his head, repeatedly shoving the tip of his member against his aching throat and he chokes around it when the elder delivers a particularly brutal thrust, mouth held down against the base of his cock.




"Ungh," The older male grunts, fucking into the younger's mouth with renewed ambition as he presses the back of his head against the surface of the cool wall, mind rippling with ecstasy as that wet mouth tightens around him with every push forward and he feels a familiar heat coil in his stomach. "Christ, gonna come Guk." He groans gutturally, subconsciously drawing the other's head nearer as he ruins his throat with relentless jabs and he can hear the other's soft gags as his tip rams against those fluttering muscles. 



Jeongguk's eyes burn, and he can feel tears trickling down his face as he attempts to breathe around the other with as much proficiency as possible. He senses the way the other's pace grows irregular, jagged movements marking his deteriorating control and pride scintillates from his core as he suctions his lips and takes in as much as he can. He's so fucking hard it hurts and he can feel his cock dripping from within his pants' confinements, precum leaking from his tip and soaking his underwear. He wants to touch himself so badly but he wants Taehyung's cum inside his mouth even more so he withholds his own gratification and continues bobbing his head efficiently, swirling his tongue around that hard length as he moves and evoking strangled groans from the other. He feels the elder tense beneath him just as he forces his head all the way down, feeling that dripping cock strike the base of his throat forcefully and his muscles reflexively constrict around the other.



Profanities are spewed and the elder's fingers tangle fiercely in his hair, abdomen clenching as the base of his cock throbs and his release dangles tantalizingly over the edge.



"Shit baby, I'm gonna come." His rough voice sounds positively wrecked and Jeongguk keeps his head lowered and his throat expanded, yanking the other closer when he feels vicious tugs against his locks, indicating for him to pull away. "Fuck, pull off."



This merely fuels the need to keep the other in his mouth while abusing his throat so he ignores the brutal hold against his tresses as the other approaches his climax, swallowing his member so fluidly that it causes him to gag and earns a carnal growl. He feels the other's frame quiver beneath his fingertips and it spurs him on, taking that flushed cock like his fucking life depends on it and blinking open tear-stained eyes to glance up at the older.



He notices the sweaty column of the other's neck, muscles straining along his throat as his head is thrown back in bliss and it's such a fucking beautiful sight he nearly comes right then and there.



He fastens his lips tightly around the other's balls as those slim fingers thread through his damp tresses and clench erratically, as though it's the only remaining thing which grounds him as he slowly loses all sense of rationale.



"Jesus fuck, Guk," He groans huskily, hips jerking violently as every muscle within him locks up and his back goes stiff. There are fireworks imploding behind his irises as his cock pulses right before he comes inside the other's tight cavern, fingers entangled messily within sweaty locks and hips bucking involuntarily as he surrenders to the debilitating rush of his climax. His back is molded closely against the wall, neck craned as he shivers intensely within the younger's hold, hips twitching as he rides out the apogee of his orgasm.



Jeongguk moans wantonly as he feels the other's hot seed coat his tongue thoroughly. He wraps his lips tightly around the base of the other's cock, feeling it twitch lightly as the other continues to spill his load inside his mouth. He grips the other firmly by the ass, mashing his face against the prominent lines of his hipbones as he takes everything the other gives, gagging in his attempts to swallow everything and feeling the excess dribble down the corners of his mouth as he chokes.



"Holy shit," The other rasps breathily, heart pounding violently in his chest as he shakes from the cresting pleasure. His mind is hazy and he emits a tortured groan when he looks down and sees the other with those enticing scarlet lips still wrapped around him as his cock pulses through the last waves of his release. "Fuckin' hell, sweetheart."



The younger's nose is pressed tightly against his slick flesh and the contractions around his length cause him to jerk instinctively, expelling harsh sounds as his cock twitches from the persisting sensations. He entwines his fingers around tufts of the other's hair, pulling lightly because the divine heat of the other's mouth is making him lightheaded.



Jeongguk relaxes the muscles around his throat one last time as he feels the remaining trails of the other's cum slide down his throat and he groans headily, a part of him wanting to protest because it wasn't nearly enough but feeling strangely sated all the same. He swallows with ease, tracing his tongue across the other's member and suckling softly as he pulls away to ensure he's lapped up all remnants of that dripping mess, loving the lingering tang of the other on his tongue. He pulls off with a lewd pop and the older groans at his ministrations.



"God, you're a fucking menace, Guk."



Said male grins, swiping his tongue deliberately against his spit and cum painted lips. This merely serves to extract another rough groan from the other as those fingers tug warningly at his hair.



"Goddamn tease."



Jeongguk's lips are swollen and tinted with a sanguine hue and it sends a surge of something carnal within his system, grip tightening as he yanks the other's head roughly before leaning down to crush their lips together. He shoves his tongue forcefully within the other's orifice and revels in the soft keen evoked from the base of the younger's throat. There's a lingering aftertaste in his mouth as he entwines their tongues and he grimaces slightly, but the younger is persistent in keeping his mouth against his, feeling strong fingers at the front of his shirt. He pulls away reluctantly after a moment before tracing his thumb almost reverently across the surface of the other's bruised lips, wiping away the traces of slick and cum that had dripped from his mouth as he was busy taking in all of his cock.



Jeongguk peeks up at him coquettishly, lashes still damp with his tears, before he curls his tongue sensuously around the width of the other's thumb, suctioning his lips around the digit and mimicking what he was doing just earlier with his cock.



"Christ," Taehyung breathes out harshly, fingers clenching around the other's jaw as he gazes deeply into those blown pupils. "Gonna fucking kill me."



Jeongguk grins- smug- around the other's thumb, giving a lasting suck before pulling off and leaving a string of spit in his wake. 



"Anything for you, baby." He returns playfully, voice hoarse and it sends a tide of lust crashing through him, knowing the other sounds as wrecked as he does because Taehyung was fucking the honeyed cadence out of his throat.



"Get up." He whispers (commands) quietly, and Jeongguk doesn't hesitate to comply, standing up on shaky knees and almost collapsing against the other's arms as the back of his legs wobble. 



Shit, do his knees hurt like a bitch. 



He wouldn't be surprised if they bruised tomorrow. Although, he supposes it wouldn't be the only thing that's bruised. His throat aches like a motherfucker and he absentmindedly soothes his fingers over it, actions stealing the elder's attention.



Taehyung eyes him intensely, something dark settling into the tendrils of his irises as he draws him closer and traces his thumb over the column of his neck with a peculiar brand of gentleness. It's unnerving in the most delicious way.



"Does it hurt?"



Jeongguk blinks, sable orbs steadily meeting another set challengingly.



"Yeah." His affirmation is breathed into the stifling air between them.



The elder's expression morphs into something almost pleased, those piercing eyes setting his blood ablaze and provoking a deep shiver from within. 






Jeongguk expels a quivery sigh, feeling those broad hands encase his hips before drawing him closer. He tamps down on a moan when the other's exposed thigh brushes against the outline of his erection and he's promptly reminded of just how badly he wants- needs- to come and it's just a clusterfuck of raging hormones and neediness circling within him.



"Hyung," He murmurs inaudibly, eyes enlarged and perhaps filled with a little too much longing as he silently pleads with the other to do something. Anything. He just might come all over himself otherwise and that would certainly be a bitch and a half to deal with.



Taehyung's eyes flit towards his own, private smile pulling at the sides of his mouth and something speculative sinking within the abyss of his gaze and Jeongguk just knows the other understands what he needs without having to say a word. The elder has always been particularly skilled at reading him, in more ways than one- inferring from expressions or body language alone what it is that he needs without him voicing his wants and it's always played in their favor.



"Don't worry, Jeonggukkie-ah." He coos gently, and it's terribly misleading but Jeongguk finds himself succumbing to the steady lull of the other's baritone all the same. "Hyung's gonna take real good care of you tonight."



Oh, that he doesn't doubt.



He feels the ghost of the other's full lips skim over his and he inhales sharply, refraining from reaching out and yanking the other close so he can properly ravish him. That teasing lilt caresses his ears and expressive eyes are branded with suggestive humor. "Get on the bed for me, doll."



Jeongguk's eyes flick towards the elder's bed, a shade of dubiety settling across his mien as he considers that it's right above Jimin's. Not that being on the top bunk would really get in the way of the other fucking him into it, but it looks like quite the inconvenience.



Taehyung follows his line of vision, chortling when he notices the way the other is eying his bunk almost offensively.



"Not there, you idiot."



Jeongguk scowls, feeling his temper flare at the insult as he smacks the other rather harshly against his abdomen, earning a soft oof and a pained grimace.



That's what you get, asshole.



"Well, where the fuck else are you gonna fuck me then?"



This earns him a quiet laugh, tiny smirk making its presence across a lopsided smile.



"Who said anything about fucking you?" The elder looks far too smug and Jeongguk would really like to pound the very arrogance out of his expression, but well. That's for a different time. "I mean, I came already. Maybe I'm good for the night and just wanna knock the fuck out."



"Tae-" He growls menacingly, gritting his teeth in his impatience.



The other barks out a laugh, nudging his head lightly and earning an irritated snarl in return.



God, the younger could be such a prickly little diva sometimes.



"Relax, you shit." The elder hums, running a hand through the other's soft tresses placatingly and hiding his amusement when he sees him visibly relax and melt into his touch, eyes slipping shut as he lets out a pleased sound. He could be a fucking Siamese for how easily he caves and comes short of purring. "I said I'd take of you, didn't I?"



Jeongguk peeks an eye open, and somehow the ingrate manages to layer all his asperity into that one look.



Insolent little shit.



"Do you think you could get to it then, maybe before tomorrow?" He drawls testily, expression deadpan. "It'd be nice to come sometime before I hit menopause."



Taehyung actually cackles at this, raucous sounds pouring from his mouth and Jeongguk would take the time to appreciate how nice it all sounds and how fucking pretty the other looks when he smiles-



But then he remembers that the douche canoe is laughing at him, and his sense of humor shrivels up like his dick surely will if he doesn't get to come soon.



"You dumb shit," The elder manages through his laughter, earning him another sharp jab to his stomach. "I'm pretty sure menopause is a phenomenon pertinent to women only."



Jeongguk flushes, the tips of his ears gathering with heat, but he'll never admit to it. 



"So you can't do math or make the distinction between individuals with single and double X-chromosomes. Good to know."



"Shut up."



Taehyung's giggles fill the air and Jeongguk has half a mind to pin him to the ground and make him eat shit but then there are soothing fingers brushing against his scalp and he acquiesces.



"It's ok, babe." The older placates, but there are still traces of humor embedded within his inflection. "You may not have the brains, but you certainly have the brawn. I can personally attest to that." He winks, and Jeongguk thinks the other is absolutely shameless but for some reason he still finds himself harboring an affinity for him all the same.



"God, you're fucking aggravating."



"And yet you still want my dick in your ass anyway."



Jeongguk rolls his eyes, attempting to disregard the way his cheeks flare at the brash comment (accurate as it may be).



"What can I say? A nice dick is hard to ignore."



"Why thank you."



Jeongguk huffs impatiently, pinching the other's exposed hip in spite because he's pretty sure his erection has softened somewhat as a result of the other's hogwash. Bastard.



"Ok, Gladys, it was nice chitchatting and all, but can you please get your dick inside me now?"



Taehyung tuts, pulling gently at the tufts of his hair and Jeongguk releases a hitched breath at the unanticipated sensation. 



"Patience, darling." Everything about that statement errs on the side of condescending but Jeongguk deigns to overlook it. "I have a slew of things planned out for you tonight. You were being such an impossible little bastard earlier, do you really think I'm not going to milk it for all its worth?"



Jeongguk wants to say you kinda did already but considers that just may be in poor taste.



"Tae," He hates sounding needy, God does he, but the other is seemingly intent on making things hard for him. In every sense of the word. "Just give me something, please."



Taehyung sifts his fingers placidly through damp locks, brushing the other's fringe away with care, expression withheld as he regards the other carefully.



"Alright." He proffers after a moment, still with that frighteningly controlled yet intense look overshadowing his orbs. "Get on the bed for me then." He accompanies with a subtle nod in the direction of Hoseok's bed, and Jeongguk briefly wonders if the other has a death wish of some sort but decides not to question it. So long as he can get the other's cock inside him, he quite honestly doesn't care whose bed they fuck on.



Jeongguk follows, extinguishing his complaints when he feels those deft fingers slither from his hair. He nearly trips in his haste to get to the other's bed, kneeling immediately before situating himself on his hands and knees, stomach pooling with heady anticipation and head swimming with an influx of desire. He's tempted to position his frame so that he can rub against the bed but he knows that would incite the elder's disapproval and he really doesn't need to piss Taehyung off anymore than he has today.



His fingers curl around cotton bedsheets tightly, head bowed and frame alighting with nerves as he waits in anticipation for the other's ensuing course of actions. His heart palpitates unrestrictedly in his chest as he stares down anxiously, attempting to ignore the fluctuating intakes of breath. 



It feels like a millennium passes before he finally senses the other's presence settling in behind him, a firm chest pressed tightly against his back and the other's dick rubbing closely against his clothed ass, drawing an airy gasp from his throat when he feels the other's lips tracing over his lobe sensually.



"Mmm, you look good on your hands and knees baby." He nips lightly at the other's ear, running his tongue lewdly across his piercing while guiding his hands towards the front of the younger's jeans, making sure to brush his fingers tantalizingly across the protruding bulge in front. 



Jeongguk hisses at the contact, arms quaking at the feel of those large hands cupping and fondling him gently through the material of his pants.



"Tae." He keens, nails digging into the bedsheets and he hopes he doesn't actually tear through Hoseok's sheets with how viciously he's gripping the material. The other would surely have his head then.



"Shh," He feels the older whisper against his ear, evoking a shiver from the center of his spine and he bites his lip to keep from emitting further noises. "Settle down, sweetheart."



A caustic retort dangles on the tip of his tongue but he swallows it down forcefully, triceps trembling as the other undoes a button with finesse, dipping his hand inside his briefs and pulling a strangled groan from his chest. That rough hand palms his hard cock teasingly and he chokes on his spit, tensing when he feels those slim fingers caress his balls while continuously rubbing along his leaking length with increasing pressure.



"S-shit, hyung, more." He gasps, arching into the other's touch and inadvertently pressing his ass against the other's cock. He hears a deep rumble from behind, that calloused grip tightening around his member and he exhales unsteadily in response. 



"Lean against your arms for me." That husky timbre curls around his ears and renders him nearly incoherent with how intoxicating the lure of his pitch is. 



Jeongguk complies without a second thought, leaning forward and resting his weight against his arms as his back slopes and his ass remains perched in the air. His head is pressed against the dancer's pillow as he grasps onto it like a lifeline, shallow breaths expelled against the encasing.



Taehyung drags the zipper down with his free hand, tugging against the sides of his jeans skillfully and Jeongguk inhales sharply at the pricks of cool air against his heated skin. He senses the other pulling at his skin-tight jeans and is eager to assist the other in his efforts, shimmying his hips as leather material slides down his lower torso languidly. He lifts his legs when the other rolls it down the span of his thighs, soft fingers trailing across his flesh provocatively as he slowly (much too slowly for his liking) peels his jeans away. 



Jeongguk's back is stiff like a plank as the other disposes of the material, chucking it carelessly (impatiently) to a heap on the ground before tugging at his undergarments as well. His cock springs free when the other yanks his boxers down, not bothering to prolong the task before removing it from his strong thighs smoothly and shucking it off. His tee comes off just as easily by his own doing, feeling the impatience sinking in as he grips the hem with both hands and pulls it over his head, tossing it to the side.



He feels the other against him just as quickly, dragging his tongue libidinously along his spine and making him clench around the edges of the pillow harshly, thighs trembling slightly at the ministrations.



"Tae-" He utters in his distress, feeling his eyes sting with how tightly wound he is and needing more- needing the other to undo him in any way he can.



"Impatient, aren't you princess?"



"Maybe if you'd hurry the fuck up and put your dick in me." He snaps, clenching his teeth when the other dips lower and swirls his tongue across his tailbone with a certain level of eroticism unique to Taehyung only. He feels a rather harsh nip against his left cheek and jerks forward in surprise, cock throbbing and dripping with precum as he lets out a drawn out moan.



"God, Tae please, need you so bad." He whimpers, mashing his face harshly against the pillow and arching his spine like a feline, desperate to get the other closer to his ass.



"Fuck, you're such a desperate little shit." The elder growls hotly, gripping him brutally by the hips and yanking him backwards so his ass is level with his face. He feels the other spread his cheeks and it sends a sliver of lust through him, soft whimper escaping his lips as he trembles in anticipation. "God, your ass Gukkie. Could stay in between it all day."



Jeongguk has to hold back from saying please do.



When he finally- finally- feels the other lave his tongue across his perineum he nearly collapses against the mattress, arms wobbling and frame trembling so intensely at the abrupt sensation. He simpers, instinctively pushing his ass closer against the other's face and twisting a handful of sheets in between clenched fists.



Taehyung's grip around his hips turn bruising, spreading the other wider so he can run his tongue messily over his hole, coating it thoroughly with spit and leaving an absolute mess of him. He flicks his tongue repeatedly across his entrance, alternating between lathering it with his saliva and sucking at the rim harshly, making Jeongguk shiver at the euphoric sensation of the other's slick muscle teasing him incessantly.



"Keep going." He grunts, blood singeing beneath his veins when the other traces sloppy patterns against his puckered entrance, causing his walls to flutter erratically around heated muscle and brisk air. He feels Taehyung wrap his arms around his thighs strongly, wrenching him backwards just as he slips his tongue between his walls and Jeongguk chokes, back arching beautifully against the probing muscle breaching his entrance. "Oh God." He cries against the pillow, neck dripping with sweat and muscles straining with how on edge he is.



The older prods against restrictive heat, thrusting his tongue deep inside and reveling in the strangled curses which spill from the other's mouth. He smirks, holding the other's thighs closely against his face so he can continue fucking him with his tongue.



Jeongguk whines breathlessly against the pillow, biting down on the case to stifle his groans even though he knows there's no one home. But Taehyung is fucking him so good, turning his mind into a vacant mess and that slippery organ is relentless as it continues to slide against his walls fervidly. His cock is curved tightly against his abdomen, muscles tense, and every suckle and probe against his rim makes the fire spread in the pits of his belly.



"Fuck, Tae, your tongue." He groans wildly against the covers, digging his nails into the plush support and feeling his saliva dripping all over the sheets. His frame quivers with one particularly fervent graze, those plush lips pressed right up against him as that wondrous tongue paves circles along his entrance and just barely dips inside. "Holy shit."



Taehyung groans, the sound reverberating from the hollows of his chest as he eats the other out like its the last thing he could do. Fuck, does he love Jeongguk's ass.



His mouth is coated with spit as he continues to run his tongue eagerly across the other's hole, head bobbing aimlessly as he ensures every inch of the other's ass is slick with his saliva and the unreserved noises flowing from the younger's mouth tell him he's doing a sufficient enough job. He digs his fingers into the flesh of hard thighs, burying his face deeper against the other's ass and ramming his tongue back inside quickly, causing the other to jolt in his arms and he fucking loves it.



He loves when he can rile the other up like this, so accustomed to seeing the youngest concerned with preserving a dignified front on stage that he almost forgets how much of a mess he turns into when he gives it to him like this.



He wriggles his tongue avidly, licking along hot walls and feeling the other clench around him as he sinks further inside. He holds the younger firmly in place even as he feels him attempting to squirm out of his hold, intent on making him come with his tongue alone.




"Oh my Go-" Jeongguk breaks off on a loud whine, tears slipping from the corners of his eyes as the other shoves his tongue in and out of his ass, making his tissue flare with the heat of his actions. "Oh, baby, please."



Taehyung hums, transferring vibrations along constricted walls and making Jeongguk seize up, muscles tightening throughout as the other rims him absolutely stupid. He sinks his teeth into the sheets of Hoseok's pillowcase, muffling a scream as the elder curls his tongue just right, applying just enough pressure inside and he shakes violently with his impending release. He's so close to coming, he can sense it, and the other hasn't even touched his cock yet.



Fuck, does he feel slightly pathetic but he can't bring himself to care when the other is sucking at his rim like that and making his vision swim in a kaleidoscope of patterns.



"Don't stop, holy fuck please don't stop," He wails, tear tracks marring his cheeks as he reaches behind to sink his fingers into the other's silken tresses. His fingers wrap tightly around a bed of soft hair as he pulls the other's face closer against his ass, keeping him right there as he wrecks him completely with his tongue. A surge of heat courses through him and he feels beads of sweat trickling down his temple but he's on the brink of release and it's not enough.



"God, make me come. Please." He moans deliriously around a mouthful of cotton, thighs shaking as his body feels like it's consumed in flames. The other growls below him and he feels that stiff organ press deeper inside, sinking in before stroking fluttering muscle and his mind completely blanks out in that moment.




"Oh fuck yes," He rasps uncontrollably, fingers tightening painfully within the elder's hair as his joints lock up and he comes with a pained cry. His cock pulses, spurts of cum sullying his abdomen as well as the dancer's sheets and he bites down hard on the pillow to stifle his shouts. His frame quivers violently, the elder still trailing his tongue against his entrance and it's too much. He gasps loudly, attempting to wriggle out of the other's grip, that wet organ driving him inane with pleasure but Taehyung is persistent and keeps him in place as he continues laving at his hole with voracity, wrenching a sharp keen from his throat as he writhes in the elder's grasp. "Tae, can't-" His eyes burn with accumulating tears and he trembles from the unceasing ministrations. "Shit, baby, no more."



Taehyung delivers one final messy lap across his rim before pulling away with a deep groan, licking at his spit-slick lips and wiping the remaining traces with a hand. He pulls himself up so that he's hovering above the other, chest molded closely against the other's shivering frame and forehead pressed intimately against the other's sweaty nape. He presses light kisses against the other's neck, relishing the tremors coming off him in waves and he winds his fingers in the other's dripping locks before pulling him in for a heated lip-lock. He traces the roof of the other's mouth with his tongue, swallowing the younger's sounds as he returns his fervor.



Their tongues twine and he feels the other release a shuddery breath against his mouth as he traces a hand gently down his spine, the raven-haired male seemingly sensitive to his every caress. He rests his forehead gently against Jeongguk's as he breaks their kiss, grinning at the way the other whines against him, seeking more but he pulls away just in time.



He swears there's a pout lined somewhere along soft flesh but he knows Jeongguk would deny it to his very grave. He hides his amusement stealthily.



"Hi." He breathes softly against the other's lips, tiny smile gracing his own.



There's something almost demure about the grin that slowly creeps into the other's features, lighting up his onyx orbs and making him appear so goddamn beautiful in Taehyung's eyes it's almost surreal. He shakes the intrusive thoughts away.






It's strange, he thinks, how the youngest member works diligently each and every day to ensure he reaches the pinnacle of his potential but somehow allows himself to turn so soft around him, like he knows Taehyung is perhaps the one person he'd be willing to step out of that citadel for.



Taehyung knocks his forehead against the other's playfully, mouth quirking upwards as he hears the other grouse lightly.






The younger hums softly, tiny tremors wracking his frame but Taehyung holds him closely through his high. 



"Your tongue is a gift from the gods." He drawls tiredly, rubbing the tip of his nose against the juncture of Taehyung's neck. "Don't forget to say your prayers tonight."



This earns him a deep laugh as the older raps the side of his head with his knuckles. "You bozo."



Jeongguk blinks an eye open, regarding the other with a cheeky smile before he curls closer.


Such a fucking kitten, Taehyung thinks.



"Don't fall asleep on me just yet." He murmurs lazily into the other's ear, fingers absentmindedly trailing along the other's cum-slick abdomen, spreading that sticky mess all over his flesh and smiling when he hears the other's quiet groan of protest. "Nowhere near done with you."



Jeongguk expels a content sigh, back arching amidst the other's careful strokes along his dirtied stomach. "Yeah?" He breathes lethargically, eyes slipping shut despite his best efforts to keep them open. He definitely does not let out an indulgent noise at the sensation. "Gonna make me come again?"



The elder's tone is adorned with something self-assured and it makes Jeongguk's nerves tingle in the most remarkable way.



"Until you're a pretty, sobbing mess." That gravelly baritone caresses his eardrums and causes a flicker of heat to culminate in the base of his stomach. His breath hitches when he feels a sharp tug against his ear, incisors tracing the outline of his lobe and he emits a nearly inaudible sigh.



Jeongguk can't wait.



"Get on your hands and knees for me again, baby."



Jeongguk should really be ashamed by how easily he accedes, bending over to rest on all fours as he suddenly senses the other's weight leave the mattress. He glances over his shoulder, a jab of anxiety assaulting his core as he considers that the other may actually leave him like this, but the brunet returns just as quickly as he disappeared, black satin pouch in hand and Jeongguk thinks he knows exactly what's inside.



His stomach pools with anticipation.



He's never used them on himself before, but he recalls testing it out on the other the night they received it in the mail (thank goodness for elusive packaging) and boy was it a pleasant surprise when he made the other come all over the bedsheets within a matter of minutes.



He licks his lips in expectation, exhaling as evenly as he can when he feels the mattress sink behind him once more and there are hot puffs of air against his ass. He utilizes every last bit of resolve within him to not look back when he hears the sound of a pouch slipping open and a soft clatter of material behind him. He instinctively curls his back, pressing his ass closer against the other. Soon enough, there's a rough hand palming the curve of his cheeks and he mewls softly, resting the side of his cheek gingerly against the pillow as he waits with bated breath for the other to proceed.




He hears the click of a lid popping open and this time he does steal a peek, only to see the other lathering a generous amount of lubricant over a succession of silver beads connected by a string and Jeongguk's cock twitches at the sight, because he vividly recalls how wrecked Taehyung had been after they had used them- the other shaking so hard in his arms that he had to hold him through it all for minutes.



His belly flares with newfound heat as the only thing he can think about is how those beads will feel inside his ass, rubbing delectably against his walls.



He watches the other fastidiously as he finishes spreading lube around each individual sphere, coating his hands in the process before intense, searching eyes meet his.






Jeongguk smirks, throwing a lascivious wink over his shoulder.



"Since yesterday, dollface."



There's a light smack against his ass as the elder chuckles breathily.



"Smarmy infant."



Jeongguk gnaws at his lip to keep from laughing, situating himself on his forearms so he's in a comfortable position. The warmth of the other's skin encompasses his own and he unintentionally arches into it. There's light shuffling from behind before suddenly a slick finger traces his hole and he intakes sharply, ass clenching on nothing as the sensitivity reignites within his veins. He lets out a muffled moan, allowing the other to run the pad of his fingers across his rim and emitting high pitched noises in return.



"God, you're so sensitive Guk-ah."



Whose fucking fault is that pinhead?



The elder presses a wet kiss against his shoulder blade before sliding back down and grasping the toy firmly in hand, lining the first one up along the other's entrance. 



Jeongguk chokes on his complaints when he suddenly feels a titillating pressure against his rim, his walls clenching tightly around the intrusion as the other eases the bead inside. 



"Oh shit."



His head bows as he feels himself constricting around the obtrusion, palms sweaty even while the other runs a soothing hand along his spine.



"You alright?"



God, more than alright. It feels foreign and different from the width of Taehyung's cock but still strangely inebriating all the same.



"Yeah, fuck." He pants against the sheets, fingers twisting around crinkled material tightly. "More, gimme more." He slurs, mind foggy and words bleeding into singular vowels. 



Taehyung doesn't hesitate to deliver, shoving the first bead deep inside his ass so that he can accommodate a second one. 



Jeongguk groans aloud at this, imprinting teeth marks against his fist to quell the noises and his back feels rigid and drenched in sweat, entire frame trembling at the burst of euphoria which sideswipes him. He feels the other squeeze his thigh gently- almost apologetically- as he awaits his permission to proceed. Those smooth hands brush against his cheeks soothingly, as though the elder senses his discomfort and is willing to do whatever is necessary to make the experience less grievous.



"Go." He breathes huskily, fingers clenching around whatever he can grasp and he urges himself to relax, sensing the way his walls clamp down unforgivingly around the intrusion. This merely heightens his desire, surges of pleasure overriding his system as every constriction causes the sphere to rub wondrously against his rim. His eyes burn from the vertiginous sensation.



Taehyung runs a hand along his side as he takes another ball in between his fingers and nudges it into the other's tight cavern, met with greater resistance this time and he has to suppress a groan at the way the other's ass visibly clenches around it.



"Christ, Guk, you look so fucking good like this."



Jeongguk's arms give out and his upper torso pitches forward, his pulse skyrocketing as the pleasure seeps into his veins and he breathes strenuously through his nose. "Fuck, Tae."



"You're doing so well, baby doll." The other murmurs reverently against his skin, imprinting reassuring kisses along scorching flesh. "So proud of you."



Jeongguk smothers his cries against Hoseok's pillow when the other's thumb brushes nimbly across his filled asshole and his insides flares like an inferno. The beads apply pressure in just the right places when he shifts and it pushes a hoarse shout from his lips as he shivers against the bed.



"Tae, do something please." He whines, the corners of his eyes dampening with impending tears and droplets of perspiration slipping across his forehead.



The other whispers assurances against his skin, molding his chest against his damp back just before his words wrap delightfully around his earlobe. "I got you, baby."



That's all the warning he gets before he feels the other pop the final bead within his crammed walls and he emits a strangled cry, wriggling restlessly against the mattress but Taehyung's steady hands forcibly pin him in place.



"Tae," He whines pitifully, every tendon in his body seemingly ready to snap with a single caress and he quakes with the effort of not shattering apart completely. His erection curls tightly against his stomach and he breathes raucously around damp pillow sheets, saliva dripping from the corners of his lips as he continues to whimper inanely. His mind is a vast ocean of irrationality and partially constructed thoughts and he can't seem to wrap his mind around how fucking strung out he is. "Baby."



He's not proud that he's been reduced to a simpering mess but the way his ass is filled to the brim makes him see fucking constellations amidst a galaxy of implausible ecstasy.



He hears an onslaught of profanities pour into his ears as rough fingers rub against his clenching rim unceasingly, only a handle connected by a line of string protruding from his ass. "So fucking needy, aren't you?" Sharp teeth latch onto the flesh of his ears and he sobs, every part of his body prickling with an undercurrent of sensitivity and he can't handle it.



"So good hyung, need you- Oh God." 



He isn't prepared for the finger that slips in all of a sudden beside the obtrusions and he keens wildly, bucking his hips in the other's hold as he jerks sharply at the abrupt sensation.



"Holy fu-" His choked moan tapers off, the other's finger stretching his unbearably restrictive walls while carefully prodding the silver spherical objects buried inside. The motion causes the beads to press against the sensitive bundle of nerves within him and he shudders violently beneath the elder's fingertips.



Taehyung grins, feeling a smidgen too pleased with himself as he slips another finger inside, digits sliding in with relative ease from the copious amount of lube applied over the toy. Libidinous noises spill from the younger's lips as he shakes in his arms. Taehyung finds himself riveted by the sight- with how fucking breathtaking the other looks with his ass stuffed with both his fingers and the beads, and how that sturdy frame quivers with every teasing stroke against his walls.



"God, m'gonna come again," He blubbers incomprehensibly, fingers tugging at cotton sheets so viciously it'd be a goddamn miracle if he didn't rip right through them. "Shit- so close."



"Fuck." Taehyung's deep timbre resounds so low and gruff and it sends another shiver through the younger's spine, because Christ, does he love when that throaty drawl seeps through, an indication of the other's depleting self-control. "You're taking my fingers so well, sweetheart." He murmurs just as he slips a third finger in and it completely destroys Jeongguk, body freezing up at the assailing stimulation and the acute sting, cheeks dripping with tears. "Can feel you fucking clenching around them, your pretty hole is sucking them in so good." He spits just as he crooks all three fingers sharply, nudging the beads harshly and Jeongguk fucking screams against the plush surface of the pillow.



Taehyung's cock throbs at the sight and he slowly- painstakingly- draws his fingers out, one by one, earning displeased wails from the other. His knuckles brush against that clenching rim as he pulls his slick digits out, provoking another series of frail cries and he can't believe how fucking needy the other gets when he's abandoned in the throes of passion.



Jeongguk's throat is completely sheathed in sweat, locks drenched and matted against his forehead as his face remains mashed against the bed and his balls tighten with the threat of his release. 



"Taehyung, please." He pleads, all sense of dignity thrown out the window and he doesn't fucking care. "Need to come so bad."



"Shit," The brunet's guttural pitch breaches the air. "Gonna be the death of me." He mutters roughly, wiping his lube soaked fingers across his thighs before pressing up closely behind the other. He curls a finger through the loop of the handle slipping out of Jeongguk's ass and tugs gently.



Jeongguk was in no way prepared for the mind-numbing sensation, keeling over when the other pulls at the string and he feels the crippling pleasure of the first bead sliding out of his ass, stretching his rim torturously as it pops out and making him cry out in surprise.




"Oh fuck-" He gasps, nails sinking into the bed as his spine curves upwards. "Shit, do that again."



Rhetoric is but a distant principle at this point.



Taehyung complies readily, applying just a tad more force as he works to get the second sphere out and it catches at the other's entrance just as he clenches down unwittingly and Jeongguk crushes a strangled noise in the base of his throat. He tugs at it persistently before it slides out with a lewd squelch, shiny and still coated with lube.



"Jesus." He grits harshly around a mouth full of spit-stained pillow sheets. His thighs tremble with exertion. "God baby, keep going."



Taehyung doesn't need to be told twice.



The thing about Jeongguk, he thinks, is that he clings so fiercely to illusions and the safety net of a constructed ideal, until he surpasses the threshold for such trivialities at which point his previous reservations fly straight out the window.



Those are always the most gratifying moments for Taehyung. He thrives on such transformations.



"God, you're loving this, aren't you princess?" He utters sedately into the stifled space between them. "Do you remember how crazy these drove me last time?"



Jeongguk whines, feeling the other coax the next one out teasingly, pulling with just enough pressure for it to stretch his hole but not enough for it to slide out entirely and the constant tug against his entrance is making him incoherent. His cock oozes with precum and he senses the familiar tightening around the pit of his belly that will surely begin to spread as he gets closer to toppling over the edge.



"I never told you, but it was so good Gukkie. And I came so hard that night." He purrs, tracing his tongue along the dip in the other's tailbone and he's graced with a quavering moan in return. "Filled me up so well, so damn well. Not as good as your cock- I don't think anything could ever feel as good as your cock Jeonggukkie," He utters his praises shamelessly and the younger would normally drink it all up, but he's far too dissociated from what's practical at this point to properly respond.



Taehyung yanks the third bead out with an intensity that leaves his bones rattling and his mind temporarily obliterated, ass constricting achingly at the sudden loss and it's enough to have him stiffening against the sheets, his stomach scintillating with heat and he's so close to the brink, he knows.



"You know," That guttural voice curls stealthily around his ears and his body subconsciously reacts to that raspy pitch. "As good as they felt going in-" A soft kiss is pressed against the arch of his spine. "They felt even more incredible coming out, and I never wanted it to stop. Wanted you to keep shoving them inside my ass and teasing me until I cried."






Taehyung's words coupled with the immobilizing sensation of that round invasion catching against his hole, spreading his walls delectably and stretching him so wide as it teases its way out, gives him that last jostle towards the cliff and he free-falls.



He comes with a rattled cry, arms and thighs shaking from his second orgasm that night and his body is spent but he keeps traversing the rising crests of his climax. His dick jerks as he spills his seed all over Hoseok's sheets, some of it likely catching on his duvet as well and fuck, is the elder going to kick his ass later but right now that's the least of his concerns. He moans breathily against the covers of the pillow he's probably gnawed to death, shivers wracking his frame as he twists against the sheets while his cock continues to pulse and gush with his release.



His muscles clamp down on the last bead still inside him, securing it in a viselike grip and Taehyung has to wrench it harshly to remove it past the tight resistance and Jeongguk's breath catches at the sharp wave of pleasurepain wrought.



"F-fuck." He exhales heavily, thighs giving out from under him as he flops down exhaustedly against the bed, cock still twitching and mind swimming in the afterglow. He senses Taehyung settling in beside him, the elder's body heat culminating from somewhere behind as he slowly descends from his high. His entire being feels like it's been cast in flames as he rides out the aftershocks of his climax, trembling from the amassed pleasure and still clutching onto the bed securely as he lets the fuzzy nothingness encapsulate his awareness.



"Shit." His breath comes out in a puff as he mutters tiredly against the mattress, faint shivers coursing through him as he feels the elder place a feather kiss between his shoulder blades.



A deep laugh resounds from behind and Jeongguk mumbles contently against the pillow, lids heavy and ensconced in a euphoric haze from the aftereffects of his orgasm. He feels something hard brush against his entrance and he inhales shakily when he realizes the other has taken to rubbing his stiff cock against his ass.



"Baby," He pleads because just the thought of doing anything else tonight makes his body quake, nerves buzzing with sensitivity as the other nudges his nose lightly against the column of his drenched throat.



"C'mon," He utters sensuously against his lobe, slick muscle tracing the shell of his ear and making Jeongguk tremble against the bed. "One more for me, baby."




"Tae," He whimpers, hypersensitive and trying to shake off the quivers coming off his frame but Taehyung is making the task an impossible one. There are tears still seeping from the edges of his lids and he bites his lower lip to prevent a pitiful mewl from escaping. The elder seems to sense his mounting distress because he suddenly feels him still behind him, the sensation of soothing circles etched into his back ceasing.




"Hey," Taehyung whispers reassuringly, gripping his chin with such care and turning his face so he can press their foreheads together. "We don't have to do anything you don't want to baby. It's ok." He placates almost tenderly and for some reason, that makes his eyes burn for a separate reason altogether.



Jeongguk's chest bursts with a surge of something that feels a lot like affection and he swallows past the sudden lump in his throat. His eyes have yet to cease prickling.



"Guk, hey, talk to me."



"Keep going."



Taehyung pauses, worried frown carved into his mien.



"Jeongguk-ah, we don't have to-"



"I know." He murmurs adamantly, tears blurring his vision and he quickly blinks them away, because he knows Taehyung would never put his own desires above Jeongguk's personal comfort and sense of security. He's never been that kind of person and for that, he's so fortunate.



Taehyung is the most wonderful kind of human being.



His eyes burn with an added layer of heat.



I think I lo-



He crushes that thought quicker than it can establish itself, horrified when he soon registers the wet spots staining the sheets of the pillow. He hadn't even realized his cheeks were damp.



"Gukkie," The other's concern slips through the crevices of his pitch as he cups his face with both hands, staring at him so intently that it threatens to summon more tears to his eyes. He shakes it off.



"I'm fine, just feels so good. You make me feel so good," That part's not a lie. "Please keep going, I need you so bad."



Taehyung continues to peer at him scrutinizingly, worry slithering into the outline of his pupils and Jeongguk molds his forehead more intimately against the other's, channeling all the desperation into his inflection because despite how deprived of energy he may feel, there's currently nothing he wants more than to make Taehyung feel good. He knows he can make him feel so good.



"Please, Tae. Wanna feel your cock, didn't you say you'd take care of me?" His plea dies off on a high pitched whine as he rubs his nose against the other's, brushing their lips together ever so slightly. "Want you to fuck me 'til I cry."



"Fuck, Guk," The other groans hotly against his mouth, pressing a fierce kiss against his lips before his eyes slide shut and he inhales deeply, a tremor noticeably traveling through his frame as though he's doing everything physically possible to hold himself back. When he blinks his eyes open again, those dark orbs are dilated with lust.



"You'll tell me anytime you want to stop." It's sounds like less of a request than a demand and Jeongguk nods zealously, suddenly feeling much more receptive to the idea of the other burying his dick inside him.



"Promise." He curls his fingers into the material of Tae's shirt, slightly offended that such obstructive material is still present. He tugs at it meaningfully, hinting at his desire for it to disappear before he whispers licentiously against the other's lips. "Now get inside me and fuck me like you mean it."



Taehyung huffs, half disbelieving and half allayed that the other has reverted to his general crudity. He shakes his head in exasperation but it's softened by the mirth lavishing his ebony irises.



"Demanding brat."



Jeongguk's mouth curves and he buries his relief (happiness) against the valley of the other's lips. Taehyung returns his fervor with an intensity of his own, running his tongue over supple flesh before biting down gently and causing him to moan softly into the caverns of his orifice.



Taehyung breaks their kiss to peel his shirt off lazily, advancing on the other immediately after the article of clothing is another discarded heap on the floor. Jeongguk leans up halfway to meet him, crushing their lips together but Taehyung pushes at his sternum until his back hits the mattress and he's leaning over him.



The raven-haired male seeks the warmth of the other's mouth, latching his lips onto the column of the other's throat before stumbling upon that nectarous cavern once more. The other's arms are caging him in as he nips and licks and sucks, slowly driving the minute traces of coherency left completely away. Taehyung kisses just as fiercely as he fucks and it's absolutely beatific to Jeongguk, who can attest to how mind blowing both occurrences are.



Tae pulls away reluctantly, trailing his tongue along the side of a sharp jawline and Jeongguk exhales roughly, fingers digging into the other's side as he cranes his neck to allot greater access.



"Fuck, Tae. C'mon."



"Alright, alright." The brunet rasps tensely against his neck, planting a lingering kiss before he reaches over the bed for the pouch laying amidst the floor. He retrieves a small bottle and a foil wrapper with haste, fingers quavering with his impatience and he turns back towards the younger looking so fucking ethereal splayed out against the bed, skin flushed and a hand around his cock and Taehyung fucking chokes. 



Jeongguk is teasing his lower lip between his teeth, cheeks dusted pink and legs spread obscenely to accommodate him, granting the elder a view of his pretty  hole, pink and slightly swollen from his earlier ministrations, and a string of profanities slip from his mouth.



"Shit, baby, how are you so fucking gorgeous?"



Jeongguk keens, back arching unrestrainedly against the bed as he strokes his relatively flaccid cock and feeling a slight wetness gather in his eyes at how incredibly sensitive it feels.



"Hyung, need your cock please." 



"S-shit." Taehyung hurriedly rips the packet open with his teeth, pulling the latex out to roll it over his hard shaft but there's suddenly a firm grip around his wrist holding him back.



"No," Jeongguk gazes up at him with an intensity in those beautiful raven eyes, shaking his head firmly. "Want to feel you without it."



"Jeongguk-" Uncertainty plagues his features because they've only done it without a handful of times, even though he knows they're both clean and almost certainly fucking each other exclusively. But there's something that's almost too intimate about feeling each other without a barrier in between that's always made him hesitate.



That kind of closeness has never really sat too well with him.



"Please, Tae." He chokes, tears cascading down his cheeks because he wants it so, so bad and he doesn't want Taehyung to deny him this- this small form of intimacy that he can only ever share with him this way. "Want you to come inside me, fill me up and feel you dripping down my thighs. Please, please let me have it." He cries pitifully.



Taehyung groans at the sheer desperation coating the other's tone and he inhales shakily, feeling his resolve waver.



"God, Guk, driving me fucking insane."



Said male arches into him, staring up with teary eyes and pure need radiating from the pitch black shadows of his irises.



"Fuck, baby. Ok." He tosses the condom aside and Jeongguk nearly cries in relief, heavy weight lifting from his chest as he soaks in the other's steady presence above him, those much too gentle fingers carding through his sweaty fringe.



He hears the pop of a cap opening, watching as the other squeezes a generous amount of lube into his palm before slicking up his throbbing length throughly. The elder hisses at the cool contact as he slowly strokes himself, eyes never once leaving the panting male beneath him.



Taehyung bends down until he's hovering directly above him, one palm still wrapped around his stiff length as he breathes erotically against the other's parted mouth. 



"Ready, babe?"



"Just get the fuck inside me." Jeongguk wraps a hand around the back of the other's neck, pulling him close so he can slide their mouths together. "I've been waiting for your cock all night."



Taehyung smirks, emitting a breathy laugh before he lines his cock up along the other's entrance, rubbing his tip teasingly against that tight rim and extracting agitated whimpers from the other. He feels those fingers furling around his nape and he presses a wet kiss along the underside of his jaw before grasping those hips tightly and sliding all the way inside, burying himself to the hilt.



Jeongguk's eyes roll to the back of his head as his spine arches completely off the mattress. "Oh fuck."



Taehyung groans gutturally against his mouth, vision going white as he feels the other constricting around him painfully and he slowly loses himself within that incredible heat.



"Christ, so fucking tight Guk." He growls, feeling his control slipping fluidly between his very fingers. "Can feel you gripping me so fucking good."



Jeongguk moans when the other gyrates his hips languidly, pressing his hips flush against his ass as he rocks forward at a controlled pace and he claws the elder's back harshly in response.



Fuck, Taehyung doesn't play around.



He stutters vociferouslythighs clamping around the other's hips as he feels him begin to move, pulling out at a torturous speed before sinking all the way back inside, punching weak noises from his throat.



Sweat drips from his temple and his chest is sheathed with perspiration but he urges the other to continue, broken cries escaping him as Taehyung fucks him with a delicious kind of burn that makes his toes fucking curl.



"You feel so good, Tae." His choked cry reverberates throughout the damp, hot air between them, the other's forehead glued against his own as he continues to rotate his lower torso sinfully, the base of his shaft brushing against his entrance with each thrust and driving him into a frenzy. "God, I love your fucking cock."



"Your fucking mouth, Guk." He groans mindlessly in response, snapping his hips with slightly more force and drawing a mangled cry from the other. It sends a violent surge of lust through him and his fingers tighten around the other's flesh instinctually, his body sizzling with the culmination of his desire and setting his nerves into overdrive. "Shit, baby. You're squeezing so tight around me, fucking clenching so hard around my cock."



"Harder- Jesus Christ, fuck me harder." 



Jeongguk misses his cue to breathe when he feels the other slam into him fiercely, striking his sweet spot with a fluency honed by prior exposure and causing him to instinctively tighten around the other, muscles contracting around that thick length and pulling a strangled moan from the male above him.



"Jesus," He feels the brunet pant wetly into his mouth and he simpers, sinking his nails into that sweaty back as Taehyung picks up his pace, snapping his hips with an unrestricted sort of control and it incites violent shivers throughout his frame as the other continues to ram into his prostate each time.



"Holy shit." He writhes helplessly against the bed, hair drenched and clinging to his forehead as his body burns with excessive amounts of heat and he can barely handle it. Everything is too much and yet the perfect amount and he's torn between begging the other to stop and pleading with him to keep giving it to him deep. "You're fucking me so good, baby. Love it when you fuck me open like this, never want it to stop." He babbles nonsensically, frame twisting against the sheets in his abandonment. He lets out a cry of surprise when the other suddenly pins both wrists against the bed, slamming into him with a drive that knocks his head against the bed frame and he wails.



Taehyung snarls at the way the other males quakes below him, his rippling muscles clenching agonizingly around him and his hips stutter because the other's constricting walls make it almost difficult to push through. "Fuck."



He swallows the cacophonies emanating from the other, thrusting his tongue inside that slick cavern as he continues to bury himself deeper inside that sensational heat. He feels the other's wrists struggle within his hold and he applies more pressure, keeping him in place as he thrusts rigorously, balls slapping hard against the other's ass and filling the air with obscene sounds.



"Oh, Go-" His words stagger into a sharp whine, thighs brushing against the elder's sides as he delivers a particularly vigorous thrust, ramming into his prostate hard and he tosses his head back, locks fanning messily across the sheets. "Shit, right there, don't stop."



"So fucking good, Guk-ah," Taehyung grits against his neck, a sheen of sweat forming along his hairline and he groans torturously when the other's muscles spasm around him, making his arms weak. He fucks the other so hard, he's almost concerned they're in danger of destroying Hoseok's bed.



Jeongguk feels dampness all along the planes of his cheek but he disregards it, so lost in the feel of the other's girth stretching him open, nailing his prostate without reservations and rendering him a quivering, unintelligible mess. 



"Shit, I'm gonna fucking come." He gasps, walls tightening inexorably and his entire figure feeling like it's being consumed in flames as he thrashes in the other's arms. "Fuck Tae, please. Oh shit."



Taehyung pulls out all of a sudden, making Jeongguk want to rip his fucking locks out because he was so close. His eyes burn pathetically with tears and he squirms desperately, ass clenching around the abrupt loss of the other's thick cock inside him as he holds back a distressed sob.



"Tae-" His voice is choked with tears and Taehyung swears hotly, his aching cock curled up tight against his abdomen as he leans down to pepper gentle kisses against the other's neck.



"Hey, I got you." He shushes the other softly, nudging his frame to the side. "Turn around for me, baby."



Tears impede his vision but he listens, turning over onto his stomach when the other relinquishes his grip around his aching wrists. Fuck, are they going to be sore.



He emits a garbled sound of relief when the other immediately slides back in, balls pressed flush against his ass and he whimpers, gripping the sheets in an attempt to ground himself amidst the sudden jolt of ecstasy.



"Fuck, you're so deep." He cries, scrambling for purchase amidst tattered bed sheets.



Taehyung presses right up behind him, firm chest encompassing his back and he loses all sense of rationale when the other resumes with his brutal thrusts once more, the change in positioning providing the elder with the perfect angle to hit his prostate each and every time and Jeongguk muffles his blissful shouts against the pillow sheets.



"Taepleasepleaseplease," Jeongguk has sacrificed every last tidbit of his pride, solely focused on chasing his climax and embracing the wondrous sensation of the other's wide cock drilling into him like it was his God-given mission to do so. "God, faster please."



"Fuck, you're that desperate for my cock?" Slim fingers suddenly slither into his hair, yanking harshly as his pace quickens and Jeongguk's vision coruscates with splashes of ivory. "Tell me how bad you want it, baby. Wanna hear you cry for me." He accompanies it with a violent snap of his hips and Jeongguk has to stuff his mouth full of Hoseok's pillow to censor the noises.



Jeongguk's cock is pressed against the bed and he refrains from rolling his hips, desperate for any kind of friction against his leaking member but he knows he can come from Taehyung's dick alone and he wants to- holy fuck, does he.



"God, I want your cock so bad," He moans recklessly, unaware of the full implications behind his words. "Want you to fuck me so hard I can't walk without feeling you. Wanna feel you for days." He keens, tremors roiling off him incessantly as the other continues nailing that little bundle of nerves within. "Fuck, Tae."



That grip around his hair tightens and he freezes, knowing he's seconds away from spilling all over the sheets and doing everything he can to prolong the ecstatic feeling of the older pounding into him fiercely, husky groans ripped from the other's throat as he sinks deeper inside.



God, he just knows his ass is going to ache for days



His spine tingles with excitement.



"Shit, so fucking close. Please lemme come- ngh, can't hold it."



"Oh Christ," Taehyung moans huskily, throwing his head back at the absolute bliss encompassing him, those hot walls enclosing painfully around him and making his rhythm falter as he pulls the other flush against his cock. "Feel fucking incredible, Gukkie." He wraps his fingers firmly around the other's damp locks, wrenching his head back harshly just as he buries himself until he's balls deep. "Come for me, pretty baby."



"Hyung, oh fu-"



Jeongguk's stomach tightens painfully as he keels over and mashes his face roughly against the pillow, sobbing hysterically into the sheets as his orgasm hits him like a freight train, making everything seize up until he's suddenly convulsing against the bed, cum spurting messily from his cock and painting his abdomen white. Hoseok's sheets are soaked with his tears and cum as he writhes uncontrollably against the mattress, fingers scrambling for anything and everything to hold onto. There are meteor showers paving the inner layers of his sealed lids while he quivers fiercely beneath the other, the sensitivity crippling him and instigating a fresh wave of tears as the other continues slamming into him with robustness.



"Oh baby, fuck." He manages between his sobs, voice wrecked and hoarse from screaming as he shakes in the other's hold.



"Fucking Christ," Taehyung lets out a guttural sound, the other constricting around him and gripping his cock so fiercely it wipes his mind clean of all sensibility. His fingers create indents against the other's flesh with how forcefully he's digging into it and he rolls his hips just as he feels the base of his cock pulse. "Gonna come- oh fuck." He throws his head back in ecstasy just as his muscles tighten and he shoots his load inside the other's ass, pulling the other back flush against his hips as he rides out the waves of his orgasm.



"Shit," He swears gruffly, shuddering from the pleasure rushing through his veins and settling in pleasantly. His knees give out and he collapses above the other, making the other whine from the added weight and the feel of their scorching flesh molded together. He feels shivers rolling off the other and he wraps an arm securely around that trembling frame, pressing a tired kiss against the other's perspired skin.



Jeongguk lets out a shuddery gasp, mind detached from his body and swimming in the currents of his gratification as he pants heavily against the covers. His mouth feels arid and his throat still throbs with discomfort but he finds himself unwittingly succumbing to the inexplicable warmth of the other against his back, making him feel so safe and cared for.



Taehyung shifts and he hears the other expel a soft moan, fingers subconsciously clenching around the sheets in his sensitivity. The younger's spine is curved to press closely against his front and even through his feverish haze, he still finds his chest involuntarily suffusing with warmth (fondness).



He forces himself not dwell too deeply upon it.



Jeongguk's leaking cock is pressed along his stomach and he grimaces, feeling the stickiness permeating his skin and a part of him wants to slip in the shower with the other but the more pervasive side of him detests the idea because that would mean abandoning the warmth of the other this close to him and Jeongguk-



He doesn't want that.



Not when he rarely gets to hold a piece of Taehyung this closely to his heart.



He registers that comforting weight leave his back and his eyes flutter open in alarm when he senses the other attempting to pull away. His hand reaches out to grip the other's arm tensely, halting him in his movements.






"Babe, I'm only going to-"






He hates sounding petulant- it's a fucking infraction to his pride- but somehow the other has a penchant for drawing out the most unfavorable characteristics within him.



"Don't want you to go," He whispers faintly into the stagnant air between them but it somehow feels strangely like a confession. "Like the feeling of your cum inside my ass. Like when you fill me up and stay inside."



The other's breath audibly catches before there's a quiet curse against his ear.



"God, Guk. You drive me crazy." He ends on a tortured note, muttering throatily against his lobe. 



Jeongguk swallows.



"Good." He actively works to ensure that his voice remains level, lest the other uncover the truth behind his words. "Now you know how it feels."



"You're fucking diabolical, you know that?" But his tone resounds much gentler than the content of his words and those secure arms gradually return to wrap around his waist. 



Jeongguk releases a breath he didn't know he was holding, chest expanding once more with that familiar comfort and contentment that seems to surface most discernibly when he's around the other. 



Jeongguk didn't realize how nice hugs could feel until he found a haven within the other's arms.



"Less talking, more cuddling please."



Taehyung scoffs, in awe at the other's shamelessness but he complies with less resistance than he'd care to admit.



It doesn't help that the younger seems to melt easily into his touch, purring contently when he turns them on their sides and curls an arm around the other. The abrupt shift causes him to slip further inside the other however, stealing rugged groans from them both as the tip of his cock grazes the other's prostate and causes him to clench around his member unintentionally.



"Mmm," Jeongguk mewls, the last of the tremors receding from his frame as he settles in comfortably against the male behind him, arm finding its way directly above the other's as he feels slumber gradually seducing him.



"You're lucky I asked Yoongi to stall at dinner and to keep Jiminnie and Hoseok hyung out of the room for a while."



So that's what those texts were about.



Jeongguk hums sleepily, molding his back more closely against the other's chest and Taehyung softens despite his resolve not to, nuzzling gently (hesitantly) at the other's nape before brushing his lips fleetingly across sweat-slick skin.



"Hoseok hyung's gonna kill us when he finds out we defiled his bed."



Taehyung chuckles, that deep, scratchy sound reverberating tangibly against his back and Jeongguk shivers at the way it makes his stomach flare.



"Technically, you defiled his bed. I'll just throw you under the bus." The elder reasons, amusement permeating his lazy drawl and Jeongguk would sock him in the arm but he's feeling far too sated to even lift a finger.



"Whatever, dickwarmer."



Taehyung tuts, pinching his sides lightly and pulling a hint of a smile from plush, cherry flushed lips. "Look who's talking."



Jeongguk merely stretches out before curling in closer, complacent purrs reverberating from the hollows of his chest.



Like he said. Actual fucking kitten.



The brunet sighs in defeat, tracing the pads of his fingers absentmindedly across the younger's searing hip and making him sigh in satisfaction. He finds himself reflexively extending an arm so it rests just above the other's head from where they're sharing a pillow.



Because he knows that by the end of the night, Hoseok's pillow will either be pushed off to the side or discarded entirely, and the other's head will be resting gently against his arm and that soft bed of hair fanned out across his fingers.



He knows because the other always thinks he's being covert when he's not.



He had awoken one night, jostled by the other's slight shifting, likely thinking he was being subtle when he was far from it. Taehyung had gradually blinked sleepy eyes open only to witness the other carefully removing his pillow from underneath his head, tossing it gently over the side. He had quickly shut his eyes when he felt the other shifting to face him, reminding himself to continue breathing deeply through his nose while simulating deep slumber. 



He had been startled to feel nimble fingers against his skin, pulling at his pliant arm until it was splayed above his head. Taehyung admits he had been slightly disoriented in that moment.



But then he had felt a gentle weight against the insides of his wrist, silken tresses brushing lightly across his palm and when he finally peeked an eye open after an extended period of inactivity, the other was resting tranquilly against his arm, chest rising steadily and features softened with the caress of sleep and Taehyung-



He couldn't find it in his heart to push him away.



(Not the first time. Nor each and every time after that).



Not when the other had looked so incredibly soft- beautiful- and so void of his hesitancies and concerns. Taehyung had wanted the other to carry that small piece of serenity with him, in any way that he could.



He doesn't really know why the other still tries to be subtle about it- not when he's about as subtle as a frying pan to the face.



But he'll let the other hold onto that conceived notion of secrecy. 



Because the less he has to think about the implications behind the other's actions, the better off they'll both likely be. There are some lines that just aren't meant to be approached, let alone crossed.



Jeongguk feels the lull of sleep drift into his awareness, enticing him and casting a heaviness against his lids. Taehyung's arm remains solid around his waist and his cock still buried within him, filling him up so gratifyingly it makes his chest glow with something he doesn't currently have the energy to define.



He ignores the slight rift in his chest at the thought that come tomorrow, this will be nothing more than a memory he wishes he could continue to relive indefinitely. The discomfort flourishing inside is unsettling. He carefully stows all thoughts away- such dangerous thoughts they are.



He presses closer against the other's warmth- the only assurance he has left when sober thoughts turn a little too wayward. His head naturally gravitates towards the other's arm, inching slightly so that he feels the gentle caress of the other's fingertips against his scalp. 



Inhale, exhale. Repeat.



For now, this is enough.