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Echoes of the Past

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Title: Echoes of the Past




Summary: Patrick Drake has never really understood what being a Scorpio means. He’s about to find out.





Disclaimer: I do not own General Hospital, One Life to Live, All My Children, Days of our Lives or any of their characters. All original characters are my own creations.








Port Charles, NY

St. Mark’s Cemetery

March 29, 2000





It was a cold morning in upstate New York. The cemetery sat alongside the picturesque Port Charles River. The early-morning fog hadn’t yet lifted and fresh snow crunched beneath the feet of the cemetery’s only visitor.


The young man knelt down before a memorial; it couldn’t really be called a grave since there were no bodies buried there. He placed a fresh bouquet of white roses against the granite memorial. Gently he reached out a gloved hand and traced the names.



Robert Xavier and Anna Marie

Beloved Parents and Friends

Gone, But Never Forgotten



“I miss you guys,” he said softly. “It’s been…eight years today that we all lost you. Sometimes it seems like yesterday and sometimes it…it feels like every one of the eight years it’s been. I’m sorry this is…I never meant for it to take eight years for me to come here. I’m sorry, Mom. Dad, I know you’ll understand why a lot better than you will, Mom. I just…you were gone and I didn’t see the point. I’ll be honest, I still don’t, but…I don’t know why but I was having a hard time this morning. I woke up thinking about you both and thought maybe coming here, finally, might do the trick.”


“Did it?” called a voice from behind him.


Robert Scorpio Jr. didn’t need to turn around to know it was his twin sister. He would know Robin’s voice anywhere.


He stood so as to give Robin room to place her flowers on the memorial. She knelt down to do just that, then kissed her fingers and rested them for a moment on their parents’ names.


“I miss you both and love you so much,” she whispered and Robert, RJ, knew she was crying. He reached down and helped her stand.


Robin wrapped her arms around her tall brother who so resembled their father. “Sometimes I still don’t believe this is all that’s left of them.”


RJ held her tightly against him. He could feel her shaking, both from the cold morning air as well as her grief. He missed their parents, but Robin still had such acute grief over their deaths that it staggered her at times. He’d long since passed the stage of paralyzing grief and had a hard time processing why Robin still held on so tightly.


“You gotta find a way to let this go, big sister,” RJ said softly. “It’s been eight years, Robin and you’re still…still paralyzed by grief.”


Robin pulled away a bit. This was the divide between her and her brother. She held on while he had let go from nearly the first moment. She remembered back when their father had first told them he was going after their mother and Faison. She’d believed her father when he said he was coming home and bringing their mother with him. But she remembered the look on RJ’s face when their dad had told him to hold down the fort until he returned. RJ had known then. Somehow he’d known they’d never see their parents again, and at not yet fourteen years old, he’d let them go. She’d watched as he hugged their father, accepted his kiss on the forehead and then sighed with the knowledge that he’d be the only Robert Scorpio left in the world. She knew he missed them and thought about them; this morning told her that even if she hadn’t already known. But he hadn’t lived the past eight years the way she had; grasping tightly to every might have been. He only lived for what was, and what would come.


“You haven’t lost as much,” she said softly.


RJ sighed. “Robin, I know losing them affected you in a different way. It affected everything you’ve done for eight years. I know you needed them when Stone…”


She pulled away completely then. “You don’t get to mention Stone. You didn’t…”


“I didn’t what?! RJ yelled loudly, now frustrated. “I didn’t love Stone, too? Maybe not like you did, but he was my brother in all but blood, Robin. I sat there with you and Sonny and watched him die, too. I watched him slip away from us. I watched him blame himself when you told him about being HIV positive. I listened when you cried for Mom and Dad every night. You don’t get to accuse me just because I dealt with it all differently.”


Tears were cascading down her cheeks. “I know.”


Hearing her broken whisper just about tore his heart in two. They had other siblings, but the bond between them was special. When she hurt, he hurt. When he needed someone, she was there.


“Look at me,” he said as he held her upper arms. “I understand that losing our parents and then losing Stone was so hard for you. I get it, I really do and you have no idea how much I wished then that they had been here for you. I didn’t know how to help you and neither did Mac. I’m just saying that you have a good life now, Robin. You’re gonna graduate from Yale and go to medical school. You’re a terrific mother to Justin. You have to let the past go. You have to keep it where it belongs; behind you. Coming here every year on this anniversary or on their birthdays or…none of it brings them back, Rob. They’re gone, but you’re still here.”


She sniffled and wiped her eyes. “I know. In my head, I know everything you’re saying is true, but in my heart it’s…a little more difficult.”


RJ nodded. “I know, but you’ll get there. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other and stop…stop looking back.”


She took a deep breath and took one last look at the memorial before nodding her head. She reached her fingers down and traced their names one last time.


“Goodbye,” she whispered as she grasped RJ’s hand and walked out of the cemetery with him.


As the two eldest Scorpio siblings left, neither noticed the pair of eyes that watched them, hidden from view in the dense fog.