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“God would you just stop already!” Jungkook screams over his shoulder at his younger sister, who’s been singing the same song for the past hour as she played with her dolls.

She was just six, Jungkook knew that, but why did she have to be so damn annoying all the time?! He had only managed to get two paragraphs done on his essay so far, and still had math homework to do. Taehyung was coming over in a bit, also, which meant he was going to have less time to work on all of it.

The headache definitely wasn’t helping.

Sana looked up at him with surprise in her eyes, and Jungkook immediately regretted what he had done. “Mom!!” Sana started to scream. Jungkook pounced, pushing aside her dolls and covering her mouth, his eyes pleading.

“Shh shh shh.” He tried to hold her throughout all her struggling. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry i yelled ok? Ok?” Sana pushed herself out of his grasp and gave him a well perfected look of disgust.

“You yelled at me!” She whined pointing an accusing finger at Jungkook. “I didn’t even do anything!”

Jungkook rolls his eyes, internally screaming. Where was his boyfriend when he needed him!? Taehyung was great with kids, always making them laugh and smile. Nothing ever went wrong for him. Why was it so hard for Jungkook?

“Yeah I know, I know, I’m sorry ok?” Jungkook repeats nervously glancing over toward his mother’s office door. “How ‘bout we stop screaming huh?” Jungkook tries for a smile, hoping it will work to calm the younger girl down.

It doesn’t. “You were screaming though!” Sana points both fingers at him, like a goal was just scored.

Jungkook goes to reply when he hears a ringing shot go off and ten seconds later feels the foam dart hit him in the back. Great.

Gotta love Nerf.

“ Hey!” Jungkook’s little brother Yugyeom shouts loudly. “Are you bullying my sister?!” Yugyeom has recently had a class about bullying in school, and had become almost obsessed with it, searching out the crime whenever he could. Jungkook was pretty sure the little boy would be a police officer when he grew up.

“I wasn-”

“He yelled at me!” Sana told her twin angrily.

“I was jus-”

“Yelling is a type of bullying!” Yugyeom stated with a finger in the air.

“Yeah!” Sana mocked sticking her tongue out at Jungkook. “I was just playing with my toy.” The girl fake sniffled.

“Yeah!” Yugyeom repeated. “She was just playing with her- Wait that my TOY!”
Wonderful, Jungkook thinks, letting his head fall between his knees with a sigh. Just wonderful.

“No it’s not!” Sana held the naruto doll to her closely.

“It is!”


Jungkook looks up at the clock. Taehyung was supposed to be there already, why was he running so late?

“Yeah that’s mine!”

“Well why was it in my room then?”

“I-uh- THAT’S MINE, NOW GIVE IT BACK!!” Yugyeom lunged himself down on to the ground after his precious toy. Sana squealed and raced across the room to the couch, searching out the pillows for protection. Jungkook took it the liberty to lie down on the floor completely, closing his eyes.

Naps were always welcomed. Just then he hears the front door open, silencing both the twins from their wrestling.

“Who wants popsicles?!” A voice squeals with glee, making it’s way into the house. Jungkook smiles, immediately feeling relived.

“Me!” Both Sana and Yugyeom cry, falling over each other on their way to the kitchen, Naruto was left neglected and alone on the couch.

Jungkook listens as Taehyung hands out the popsicles and sends the two ‘monkeys’, as he likes to call them, up stairs to watch T.V.

“This is an interesting place to take a nap.” Taehyung muses smiling down at his boyfriend. Jungkook giggles.


“Very weird indeed.” Taehyung nods as he sits down on the floor.
“Hey!” Jungkook whines childishly , rolling on his side and tossing his arm under his head. Taehyung’s still smiling at him like he’s the world, and it just makes Jungkook’s day. “Come here.”Jungkook giggles, slightly closing his eyes.

Taehyung complies, and swoops in to give his boyfriend a quick peck on the lips. Jungkook swears there’s not a better boyfriend in the universe.

“Want a popsicle?”

“I’d love one.”