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The new life

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Hello fellow deviants, This is my first piece of one big harem adventure crossover . I want you to read and review ,please . I know the first chapters won't be long , but please ! The fourth chapter ( and the fifth and the sixth , ...) are longer than their previous chapters .

Piece 1 Chapter 1
My name is Julian . I'm a high schooler and 16 years . On first sight , I look like a normal teenager, just like anyone else ... But I can't tell a bigger lie . This story is about how I got to what I am now , how my harem grew through the times and how I was part of the most catalysmic event of all dimensions ...

It all began on a normal schoolday . Julian was running like a crazy ostrich , because he was already too late for school .

On his way to school , he came across a terrain wich was never used due to poluted ground . When he was running to the terrain , he noticed something shiny on his right . Well , you have to know , Juliaan is extremely curious about unknown things (He has a interest in magic and Chemistry ) .

So he cautiously aprroached the shiny ... thing . When he was coming closer , he saw that the shiny thing was a bracelet adorned with some inscriptions of some sort of dragon ..

When Julian was inspecting the bracelet, a Multi-colored shine shone over the bracelet . Julian watched closely but the shine didn't return . He decided to pick it up( who knows what it is good for ?? ).

When he did ,an abundance of voices sounded in his head . It sounded like a collection of screams and some sighs . Julian's heart skipped a beat and his vision went bloody red .

After ten seconds or so , the symptoms faded away . When Julian opened his eyes , he was still on the terrain. He looked at the ground and saw that the bracelet was lodged around his wrist . No matter he tried , Julian couldn't get it off. He decided to let it hang , and runned to school ...

End of piece 1

AN: I know it's short but bear with me for a little . The next piece will be much much longer !